he’s been flat out ignoring all the tweets people have sent him about representation and yet he responds to a tweet about a fucking fan ship talking about how hard it is to do them justice.

And yet you can’t even give us the same response, or any sort of answer, as to where the LGBT characters you promised 9 months ago are.

I’m honestly really annoyed at this point.



it doesn’t matter whether or not you have neat or messy handwriting, photos with dim or bright lighting, notes that have beautifully written calligraphy headers or notes that have been ripped out of a cheap notebook, whether you have an organised bujo or a chaotic one, you’re a photoshop expert or you can’t even use the pen tool, you have expensive stationery shipped from japan or you have stationery from your local supermarket, whether you have a macbook or a netbook because you can’t afford anything else, you have an ikea desk or you bought your desk from a second hand shop because you’re a broke college student. the point is that your posts are valued and you shouldn’t feel disheartened if you don’t have the things that make a blog popular. your 2am library posts are appreciated and they show how determined you are. you should feel welcome in this community, not matter what circumstances you are currently under and all of your posts will be cherished with love and affection from my constant reblogs on both your messy and aesthetically pleasing posts. please don’t change anything about yourself just so that you can keep up with the studyblr trends. you are important, you are unique, and i love you. 

the hilarity (maybe its not that funny, it depends how you look at it) of todays popular fandom ships is that a fuckton of them are gay and for gays such as myself its the het ships that have become almost like a novelty

i can hardly imagine that many different sex relationships in ow, let alone any of the characters actually being straight

the most popular ships are gay cowboy/samurai, gay edgy dad/soldier dad, gay angel mom/rocket mom, gay fast girl/spiderwoman, gay australians, gay ninja cyborg/robot monk, gay ice bears, like .. yeah there are some diff sex pairings that are pretty popular like angel mom/ninja cyborg, but generally speaking

its Gay

everything is Gay

@ any epic douche-lord who thinks it’s totally cool and fun and a great idea to send insulting rude messages to people  telling them to kill themselves over their opinions about a fictional television show:

Originally posted by halliehero

Seriously. It’s not real. I know that works of fiction and ships and all of that can be incredibly meaningful to people. They’re very meaningful to me. I could write a dissertation about how meaningful some shows and ships and fandom are to me. But at the end of the day, they aren’t real. This is a Disney show. It’s scripted. None of the characters or relationships actually exist.

If you can’t disengage yourself enough from the show to realize that it’s not actually happening, and that who dates who on it has no actual impact on the real world, and that someone else being happy about what’s happening on it doesn’t affect your life at all, you need to calm the fuck down and take a step back. 

Take a few deep breaths. 

Go for a walk.

Think about it for a minute. 

And if that still doesn’t work, and you still want to send that message telling someone that you wish they were dead because they think the fictional boy belongs with fictional girl #1 instead of fictional girl #2:

So I looked at my history teachers website and he has on there what we’re leaning about and one of the subjects is The Federalist Papers and I’m so ready to be like “John Jay got sick after writing five, James Madison wrote twenty nine, and Hamilton wrote the other FIFTY ONE!” And then people will be like how u know this u bitch and I’ll be like ‘I listen to music’ little do they know it’s music about Alexander Hamilton

I just suddenly remembered that Rey beat Finn up with her staff when she first met him and held it to his face as bb-8 electrocuted him. Sorry guys, you can’t ship finnrey anymore, it’s abusive. Stop romanticizing that scene, can’t you see how clearly upset Finn is? Are you saying men can’t be abused? You must get some sick pleasure from watching Rey beat up Finn, so you’re a racist abuse-apologist.

Sorry, I don’t make the rules sweaty :)))

Phandom, you need chill.

I highly doubt that this is going to be read, but I just want to get this off my chest. I understand that basically the majority of the phandom ships Dan and Phil in some way, but seriously, phandom. Back off! I’m not saying that you can’t ship phan, because who am I kidding, they’re meant to be, but you can’t force it on them. You have to realize that they are real people living normal lives and you have no say, what so ever, of their love life. (Jesus. This is just reminding me of how I feel about homophobes… I’m not gonna go into that now!) If they want to come out as gay, then they will when they’re ready, but you can’t make them. How would you like if millions of people forced you in a relationship that you didn’t want to be in? More than likely, you would not appreciate that. I mean, it’s not cool. It just ticks me off to see the YouTube comments saying like, “OH MY GOD!! DID YOU SEE WHEN THEY LOOKED AT EACH OTHER?!?!? AFSJEYGSJWKDIR!!! PHAN COMFIRMED!!!!!1!!1” Like fuck off. They just looked at each other. That’s what people do when they have conversations. It would be a bit strange if, for instance, Phil was talking to Dan and Dan just looked straight forward at the camera or something like that.

I know no matter how many people rant about this problem, nothing will happen. We are just teenagers hiding behind a screen, frantically typing our feelings and thoughts on a website. We can’t do shit. There will always be that one person that won’t listen, because they don’t give a fuck. But hey, that’s the internet for ya’, sorry to tell you :/

Just all I’m trying to say is that Dan and Phil should live their lives the way they want to and you can’t do a damn thing about it. So stop fucking forcing them into a relationship and just keep the shipping to yourself. Ship phan for all I care because I do as well, but don’t rip their heads off because their not together. Just deal with it! All the rest of us have to! Seriously phandom! Just chill!

(Wow… I just wasted 20 minutes of my time, writing something that really no one will read… Oh well.)

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anonymous asked:

i'm going to laugh at you when jace and clary find out they're not siblings and get back together and fuck in the show And become canon. lmao but hey you can have your weird lesbian clizzy fetish headcanons!!!! lol yikes!!

go ahead and laugh, it doesnt bother me, I’m currently laughing at how much it hurts you that I headcanon two girls as not straight, and ship them together also no, i dont have a lesbian fetish as i myself am bi and simply want to see myself in two of my favourite characters, and write about two sapphic girls in a relationship, whether or not it is or ever will be canon makes no difference to me, im just having fun man 

assassin-dragon  asked:

I'm sorry, can you explain why IR is a paedophilic ship? There are several reasons why I don't ship them, but I never considered their age gap to be one of them. How is it any different than Isshin x Masaki?

Paedophilia cw

I apologise if this comes off as a bit confrontational but - I don’t see the correlation between you asking me how it’s paedophilic and how is it different to masshin. This sounds like people’s justification for shipping paedophilia in the bleach fandom: “if masshin is a canon couple then it’s okay to ship other paedophilic ships”

It’s paedophilia simply because ichigo is an underage teenage school boy and rukia is an adult woman many many years his senior. People are always arguing about what rukia’s age is, but regardless of that she is still an adult even by shinigami standards. And she is being shipped with a school boy. Ichigo was fifteen - FIFTEEN!! - when they met, and he was fifteen for the vast majority of their interactions, and he was fifteen when people started shipping him with an adult woman. That is paedophilia no matter how you look at it (or well maybe ephebophilia if you’re a paedo apologist)

It’s not any different to masshin. Afaik we don’t know masaki’s age for definite, but she was a teenager still in school and Isshin was an adult. Why is that okay? How is that considered acceptable??? Why do people justify shipping adults in bleach with underage teenagers because masshin exists?? Their relationship (as we saw it in the EBTR arc) was paedophilic too. I am honestly so sick of the argument that it’s okay to ship an adult with an underage teenager bc we have a canon couple like that

Kubo clearly doesn’t have a problem with relationships with large age gaps. There’s masshin obviously; there was all the ship tease with shunnao prior to revealing that they’re possibly related; there was the one-sided aizen/hinamori; there’s kenuno (kenpachi was a literal child when he and unohana met). 

Kubo clearly doesn’t have a problem with age gaps. He clearly doesn’t think it’s a problem to write or imply romance between adults and teenagers. Does that make it okay? “The author is okay with paedophilia, so it’s okay for us to ship peadophilic ships. There are canon ships in bleach which depict an adult man starting a relationship with an underage teenage girl. So that makes it okay for us to support relationships like that” is ? is that how this works ???

Again I’m sorry if this comes off as confrontational. But I find this defence of paedophilia absolutely sickening

I cant possibly be the only one who sees some people in the Buckynat tag shitting on other ships and TAGGING that hate right???

I’m gunna give a quick tip here: If people fill our tag with hate and want to bait us thats one thing– thats solved by talking ae, asking them to retag, blocking them (and occasionally vaguing).

Yes, it bothers the fuck out of me to see their shit in the tag but?? Stooping to that level and dragging their ships right back AND tagging your hate just like they’re tagging theirs? Not fucking cool. At all. Like you can understand how that will come across to others right?

Act better, please, before the ship gets a bad name? Thanks. We’ve already got a lot of attention on us thanks to CACW sooo??

lmao I find it so funny when people try to attack us for shipping scorbus saying “why can’t we have ONE strong male friendship without you guys turning them gay???!!!” when harry and ron has been best friends since ever and literally no one ships them


FINALLY I have these guys up for sale. Who of you love sassy skeletons? I know there are people like you out there. 

Making things have been so fun, I had to stop myself from making more. They were all printed here at my home and laminated and cut. Work, but fun work!


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Thanks guys! <3 


i. la vie en rose ; louis armstrong. everyday words seem to turn into love songs

ii. if i walk away ; josh groban. and if I walk away please follow me

iii. high ; lighthouse family. ‘cause even the impossible is easy when we got each other 

iv. gamble everything for love ; ben lee. tell me the truth and i’ll tell you the truth. if you gamble everything for love you’re gonna be alright

v. not a bad thing ; justin timberlake. don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me

vi. if i had a gun ; noel gallagher’s high flying birds. if i had a gun i’d shoot a hole into the sun and love would burn this city down for you

vii. amnesia ; guy sebastian. i wanna know how it feels not to need you

viii. love will come through ; travis. i can’t live alone in this lie

ix. my favourite faded fantasy ; damien rice. i’ve hung my happiness upon what it all could be

x. gorecki ; lamb. if i should die this very moment i wouldn’t fear for i’ve never known completeness like being here

xi. youth ; troye sivan. a truth so loud you can’t ignore

xii. ‘til him ; nathan lane & matthew broderick. he filled up my empty life, filled it to the brim


I’m so tempted to buy this McCree body pillow.



Btw here’s the link if anyone want to get it for their own too.
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This’s my way to celebrate IchiHime becoming canon and having an adorable son >////<
Can you imagine how happy they were when Kazui was born? When he looked at them with this cute face and eyes? The thought of it brings tears to my eyes AHHH ;O;

I’m just so HAPPY that the ship that I started shipping 11 years ago are finally together. IchiHime fans this is for you~~ THE KUROSAKI FAMILY  ^3^


Fandom Has Changed

I remember being a kid in the 90s. Back then, there was no Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any social media besides email, forums, and chatrooms. We’d get into arguments over ships, canons, OCs, everything.

It was hard to interact with creators and writers.

Of course, today with the internet and nearly every creator having an account. You would think this would be a good thing. As a kid? I would have LOVED to talk with the creator of a show, something I Had only DREAMED of doing.

And you kids are ruining that possibility. 

You’re chasing off writers and artists over fucking fictional ships that aren’t even problematic. Instead of discussing the show with them.

You’re all such spoiled children you can’t take no for an answer, and that disgusts me. 

You don’t know how lucky you are to interact with these amazing story tellers, something I only dreamed of as a kid.

You’re using social media the wrong way. 

You kids are wasting this amazing opportunity to learn more about a show and interact with the amazing creators. Something I would have KILLED for as a kid. 

Since all you fucking care is about your stupid “OTP”

You know what we did when our ship didn’t become canon?


But what can I do? I’m just another voice on the internet.