Nearly an entire foot apart in height, my blogger boo Ramona from Tall Tales and I wore the same outfit and wrote about being plus size AND dope at any height!

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Another Ristretto Cafe, based on a true story. So far this hasn’t been as popular as Mantis and Cicada, but I feel like things like this take time, I’m going to alternate between both but this has been so much fun to draw.







Hello! Everyone
Finally, I finished taking pictures of the MOCO & SIPO.
After finishing the editing for updating our dollpamm online shop, is scheduled to begin pre-order.

Pre-order Period : 2016.8.28 ~ 2016.9.25 (※Order for a specified period)
Zoo line dolls will be sold only in a specified period.(Except Nyan-Ko)

DOLL Height: about 17.5cm (excluding ear parts)

For more information and details,
after we have updated the website, please check our dollpamm website.

Thank you for your interest.

Sculptor Dr.Mes