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general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: his dedication and optimism, his need to help others

worst quality: not knowing when to give up and getting himself hurt

ship them with: Sasuke, Sakura, Garaa, Ino, Hinata (but only in fan fiction, not the bullshit I was given)

brotp them with: Shikamaru

needs to stay away from: barber

misc. thoughts: an actual living breathing ray of sunshine that deserves all the love in the world. I wish he learned the art of sealing from Jiraiya and gave up that toxic dream of being Hokage (since it made him miserable)

(send me a Naruto character!)

So … I watched the Sleepy Hollow episode where they arbitrarily and randomly killed Abbie Mills for no god damned reason. 

Wow, what a piece of shit. 

Like. If they’re gonna give Nicole Beharie a send-off, ok, this wasn’t terrible as those things go. People were appropriately sad or angry or whatever, but still.

There should have been no reason whatsoever that Abbie needed to die. None. The show abused Nicole Beharie and Abbie throughout, always sacrificing her needs and motivations for Ichabod’s as if Abbie wasn’t also the god damned lead.

So I have nothing but love for Nicole wanting to leave. Bless her, she deserves better. 

But now I’m a little torn. See, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, they left open this door for a new Witness to come in (”with Abbie’s eternal soul” … like … what happens to the soul that person’s already got? It doesn’t seem like a Slayer thing). So … Ichabod is going to have a new partner. Great. I hope that whoever it is has half the chemistry Nicole and Tom had. 

So this new person. If they hire anyone other than a black woman, there’s no excuse, but at the same time, the showrunners have shown how little they give a shit about black characters, or any people of color. RIP IN PEACE Orlando Jones and John Cho and everyone who isn’t Jenny Mills. On the other hand … I don’t want anyone else to have to suffer like Nicole did. 

Ideally, the show rides off into the sunset and catches fire until it’s nothing but ash. No season 4. thank  and goodbye. 

In either case, I won’t be watching Season 4 and it takes a lot to get me to abandon a show. I’m stupidly tenacious in hoping for shows to get better. I don’t think there’s any redeeming this show without Nicole Beharie in it. Sorry, Tom, you’re great and all, but no “Leftenant,” no show. 

And hey … white SH fandom. You know we don’t have to be racist right? Like, black fans are wildly justifiably upset and here’s some of us piping up with “get over it” and “it’s not about race” and NoTP and BroTP bullshit. If you don’t think there was a love story there, you can keep you wrong opinions to yourself, especially when the black fans, and the other fans of color, are bringing up legitmate points about the fridging of characters of color for white motivation and character arc. If you think killing off a black female lead of a television show and sparing the white man isn’t significant, you’re not qualified to have this conversation.

And lgbtqiap fans, we better start backing these fans who are feeling this hurt right now because their characters have been getting this treatment longer than ours have. Make some noise and be allies.

Anyone using the Savior Queen tag to attack SQ shippers as ‘rude and illogical’ are just revealing that this whole brotp bullshit is homophobia and heterosexism. Same as yesterday’s problem–you’re still a bigot. 

And telling people to 'stop the shipping wars’ in a fandom where SQ shippers are attacked by homophobic hate, is insulting. You’re using 'shipping’ to deny the impacts of homophobia on queer fans, and forced heteronormativity on the show itself and in fandom. You’re being a bigot. 

If you vehemently do not ship SQ, then shut up about it. Just shut up. Go talk about dick size and lobotomizing Emma Swan for the sake of hetero-sanitizing. (or don’t because ew and aaah no!) 

But if you’re THAT dedicated to undoing a femslash ship, then you’ve got problems and you need to go read Rubyfruit Jungle. 

Oh, one more thing. People using the 'savior queen’ tag to spread lies and misinformation about SQ shippers–stahp. CS shippers were smacked down by JMo yesterday for 1. being rude with the savior queen tag 2. being rude about an actor’s marriage. SQ shippers were NOT responsible for any of that crap, only heterosexist hetero-sanitizing shippers were. So cut out the misinformation campaigns. In other words stop the 'stop the hate, I’M LOOKING AT YOU SQ’ crap postings because you’re using a backchannel tag to defame people. 

“There’s a lot of people who basically their enjoyment comes out of the (romantic) relationships, and I agree with that. But for me, I had just as much love — I’ll use an example. Michele and I used to work on "The X-Files”; we were only assistants, we were never writers there. But my favorite years of that show were when Mulder and Scully were not romantically involved, but you absolutely believed they cared for each other. I felt like it was a really interesting, dynamic relationship, because we all have people in our lives that we care about but we may not be romantically linked to. So her relationship with Jarvis, I get a lot of tweets and response from fans like, “Does Mrs. Jarvis have to really exist?” And it’s like, isn’t that more real? Don’t we have people in our lives that we’re close to or even feel very connected to that are in other relationships?“

This is exactly what I want to see. First I grin crazily every time they compare Peggy and Jarvis to Mulder and Scully. But…this is an adult way to look at relationships, and I get the feeling that those of us shipping this are older.

Here’s the thing: once you have made your choice, so to speak, you still meet people that you come to realize COULD have been for you. It’s just that…they are not. Because you chose a path, and it was not them. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your husband or wife and it doesn’t mean they threaten the marriage. It’s part of adulthood, understanding that even being incredibly attracted to someone doesn’t mean something is wrong with your marriage. It just means that you’re still an interesting dynamic person engaging with the world, so you are going to meet other interesting dynamic people and some of them are going to be attractive, and attracted to you.

There is nothing shady or wrong or dishonorable about this feeling, and that is quite obviously what is going on here. So no, Peggy and Jarvis are not a platonic brotp like some of you may have made in hs and college. They are people who, had he been single when they met, would have clearly and obviously articulated their interest in each other. But they can’t, and won’t, which is as the showrunner said, incredibly real. This is FAR more interesting than some tired brotp bullshit, and people are free to see it that way if they want, but don’t come at anyone who gets what this really is like it’s an affront. This is the story that is going on.

Those of us shipping this expect this to be a realistic view of how these things evolve. Yes, the male romantic lead’s marital status will be dealt with. This isn’t IRL wishing somebody dead or IRL wanting friends to divorce. It’s a story. When Anna is killed or turns out to be sleeper agent or whatever, I don’t want to hear anyone complaining, okay? Because that is clearly the story they had in mind all along, which is why even from the premiere they make it clearly that JARVIS IS SEXUALLY ATTRACTED to her, and in the finale they make it clear that it’s mutual.

Mulder is married right now, and if they have years, they plan to handle that. This is the story they’ve planned from the start. This is why Anna is invisible. She does her job from offscreen and doesn’t need to be seen.