You know what is interesting? Fitblrs/bodybuilders on here are essentially being praised and idolized exclusively for their body fat percentage and ability to be unnaturally lean. They appear muscular and “fit” but I would be willing to bet that they are not nearly as strong or capable as they look. Do they even have the ability to lift very much weight? Can their bodies fight off illness? Are they deprived of essential nutrients? Can they have mental peace at a restaurant if they skipped a workout that day? 

So what are these women and men REALLY being praised for if they aren’t being praised for their strength? They are being praised for restricting their calories and micromanaging their macronutrients. They are being praised for over-training and beating themselves into the ground. They are being praised for forcing their poor bodies to be in unhealthy and unnatural states. 

Is that really what deserves devout praise? When did health become all about aesthetics? Let’s look beneath the physical exterior of the body and evaluate what is going on inside – physically and mentally.