The Best & The Shittiest Day.

A date seared into me as if had been set into my flesh by a branding iron; despite the fact that not one damned thing had gone wrong. From nightfall on, I’d been experiencing contractions. A baby decides its coming, when and how. At best, a mother gets a vote on who by and where she gives birth.

I’d had my shit packed for this a week ago. Some folks say giving birth is probably the same as shoving a sword between your legs; several times. But, they don’t know a fucking thing. Needles shooting along your guts and loins over and over again. Cramps. Pressure. Oh, and then there’s the pain. The kind that steals your breath and makes you wait to scream. That’s the shit right there. Surviving childbirth is a fucking accomplishment. I don’t give a single damn what men have to say on it.

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Dear White People Cast Says Blacks Can't Be Racist
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Anyone can be racist. Your skin color does not exempt you from being rascist.

Nowhere in this string of words does it say that any race of people are predispositioned to be rascist.

I am this type of girlfriend. If a girl up on my man i will knock that bitch right out. No stopping me once i start. I will destroy her so bad she will never look at my man or any man again. These hoes and bitches better watch the fuck out. I dont put up with the just friends or ex’s bullshit. I will be all up on your shit. Im the crazy girlfriend


DJ Screw - No Time For Bullshit