I want you to name me five straight movie or tv character off the top of your head. 

That was easy, right? You could probably name me 50 in under a minute. 

Now I want you to name me five gay characters. 

Okay, that was a bit harder maybe but chances are that went pretty smoothly as well.

Now I want you to name me five bisexual characters. 

Yeah. I can’t do it either. 

GROUND BREAKING NEWS (literally what i’ve been doing for the past couple years soo) :


Wish me luck :B


You don’t have any bullshit drama.
You haven’t peaked too soon. And your peak won’t be in high school (thank the Lord)
You’re doing amazing in school.(I did anyway)
You’ve sharpened all your other qualities, so now you have an amazing personality.
No kids.
No issues.
You’ve formed a creative mindset.
Clear(for the most part) headspace.
Goals and motivation.
Everything is on point, so when the physical #gloup happens, and matches everything else,shit, you’ll be unstoppable.
Ps. And you’ll know that life is way more than looks.
(Speaking from experience.)
And ugly is a relative term.