You don’t have any bullshit drama.
You haven’t peaked too soon. And your peak won’t be in high school (thank the Lord)
You’re doing amazing in school.(I did anyway)
You’ve sharpened all your other qualities, so now you have an amazing personality.
No kids.
No issues.
You’ve formed a creative mindset.
Clear(for the most part) headspace.
Goals and motivation.
Everything is on point, so when the physical #gloup happens, and matches everything else,shit, you’ll be unstoppable.
Ps. And you’ll know that life is way more than looks.
(Speaking from experience.)
And ugly is a relative term.

I am this type of girlfriend. If a girl up on my man i will knock that bitch right out. No stopping me once i start. I will destroy her so bad she will never look at my man or any man again. These hoes and bitches better watch the fuck out. I dont put up with the just friends or ex’s bullshit. I will be all up on your shit. Im the crazy girlfriend

Black Tumblr, I believe that there is value in communicating with each other outside of just posting pictures. There are so many like-minded people that I see on tumblr everyday. I see the black pride, the black awareness and the ideas which leads to black power. Lets connect and talk to each other. Lets build something. Lets build us. Lets promote each other. No bullshittin. Message me. One

It's hard to stay mad

When you’re so fucking cute–
the way your smile gives me butterflies.
However, I stood my ground.
I’m not going to take any bullshit.
And I think you know that.
You said you can’t tell me, you have to show me. I’m trusting that. I’m trusting you.
Please don’t break my heart.