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A mystery is also Sherlocks bedroom. Anything else in this flat is a little bit chaotic (or a big mess like in tld) except for his bedroom. It's always extremely tidy. I bet he makes his bed always after using it. And the fact that he was upset because John might be disorganized his socks index. And he has a strictly order in which he prefers his dressing gowns. Also he is in general a man who is very concerned about is personal appearance (and Johns). Sherlock Holmes is a huge fashionista.

Look at his fancy shirts and tailor-cut suits. He keeps even his dressing gowns in orders. Not just a fashionista. I think he also has sensitive skin and prefers soft fabric . Like the tshirt he was wearing in TGG when john left the flat after their argument. He was wearing it inside out. So the seams doesn’t hurt him. Bet his bedsheet is Egyptian cotton.

Not just a fashionista. He is also a soft boy and John’s posh boy  ;)