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What do I need for college that I wouldn't think I'd need

two lamps one for your bed one for your desk if you are the kind of person who works from their bed. 

obviously bring a first aid kit, but also bring like a whole medicine cupboard, like cough drops? do you really wanna run to the store when you need those? 

what makes something home to you? i brought a bunch of books i knew i wouldn’t read and then had to bring some more after Christmas because i felt too far away. 

for fucks sake please decorate your wall. i know you and i’m sure you will but my room mate didn’t and the white cinder block decor of her side of the room made it feel like a prison. 

use the command products to hang things on your wall. posters, paintings , surge protectors, what ever it is use the command products. (or what ever the off brand is but i don’t know how well those work) finally second semester my roommate tried to put things up on her wall, she tried tape, and duct tape nothing worked until she went out to buy the command things. 

i bought a printer. you don’t have to, the library will have one but I can’t read from a computer screen and it cost 5 cents a paper to print a black and white paper at the library. and it was just nice for me to have a printer in my room. 

we had to email ahead to loft our beds (you know make them really tall) so check to see if that’s something you want how you do it. and do it now. 

i know you’re digging in to the text book conundrum good luck. 

a laptop. i know students who don’t have laptops. I also know they hate that the library closes at 2 am. can you get by with out a laptop? sure but i wouldn’t want to try. but the more important part is, know how to use the computer. do you have a mac or PC do you know how to run the programs on your computer (there were kids in my English class that didn’t know how to use moviemaker or the mac version of movie maker) learn what your computer does. 

a surge protector. you’re probably thinking “but Sawyer i’ve never even heard of a surge protector” well no you’ve never heard it called that but you use one. i bet you have one in your house. they are those things you plug in to the wall that are like strips of outlets. should your dorm lose power or something bad electrically happen all your electronics will be saved from frying or what ever. it’s expensive to replace your fridge, microwave, printer, computer, lamps, phone, alarm clock. so protect them. 

 does your dorm have a kitchen? you’ll probably need your own bowls, plates cups ect. I can’t imagine you’ll need your own pots but you know those big spoons you serve things with, you might need one of your own of that. buy one just in case. 

on the same kitchen note if you do have a kitchen BRING YOUR OWN DISH SOAP, and uhhhhh, don’t accidentally leave it behind once….you’ll never see it again. 

Board games. i suggest Cards against humanity, Monopoly, and Risk, but that’s just what i bought. 

you’ll have a desk and chair, a bed, and a closet thing. the closet will be full of clothes and if you’re lucky it will have drawers but other than that you have to figure out where to put things. your cooking stuff where is it going to go? your board games, your books? what are you going to do with them? the sutff you accumulate over the year what are you going to do with it? I brought milk crates and stood them on their side with the top facing out and stacked them on top of each other to hold things. I’ve lofted my bed this year so i’m just buying like a small cuby thing. but think about it, because you’re going to have stuff and you won’t know where to put it. 

extension cords!!! my dorm room only had like one out lit with two plugs on each side of the room. depending on how your room is set up something is going to be too far away from the out lit to be plugged in. i don’t know if that’s standard but at least one extension cord is probably a good idea. 

I don’t know what the weater is like where you’re going but some people only bring like fall clothes and then when they come back from winter break they bring all their winter clothes and i guess they bring summer/spring clothes back from spring break??? that just seems hard to me. but listen, I brought WWAAAYYY to many clothes. don’t bring clothes you haven’t worn in a while but do bring your speech and debate outfit. 

bring a bag that you can use to spend the night some where like an extra back pack or a duffel bag. 

bring a sleeping bag. “but Sawyer i’m not going camping” 1. you don’t know that. 2. it’s not for camping, its for spending the night places. like in a friends room or idk out on the quad lawn. 

 one of those bed rest pillows might be handy???? I got along fine with out one lots of kids do but it would have been nice. not a nesssity but like, maybe you’ll want to ask for one for chirstmas or something. 

bring a flash light, and make sure you have batteries for things that need batteries like your flash light. 

the big question “do i need a white board on the outside of my dorm room?” 
my answer: no my room mate and I didn’t use it at all. I can’t Imagine that your RA wouldn’t have you and your roommates name on the door in some creative fashion. so you won’t use it for that. i don’t know why we do it. but talk to your room mate and see if you wanna do it. if you actually talk to your room mate it might be a good way of communicating but idk. 

fabreeze and a fly swatter. you never realize you don’t have them until you need them. like thy are just there at home, it turns out these are things you actualy have to buy. 

this got really long and i’m sure i forgot stuff but, this is a start

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