For the first OC Roundup, I figured it was high time I did a complete post on what console-tan designs I was responsible for!  When I made XBone-tan in the /co/ doodlechat back in 2013, I never figured it’d become as popular as it did (I mean the only place I ever posted the doodles was here, and back then I probably had something like 25 followers).  It’s sort of crazy how the whole thing took on a life of it’s own.  My intention was merely to play off the old Windows ME-tan comics from 2chan that were popular back in the day, focusing on giving the characters a good deal of personality based off the flaws or quirks in their products.  Here are the relevant tags for the -tans I created, listing them off from left to right in this picture:

#V. Flash-tan
#GameBoy SP-tan
#DS tan
#GameBoy Color-tan
#GameBoy Advance-tan

Admittedly, there’s other takes by other artists in those tags (after all, there’s no possible way for me to say my -tan design is the “official” one for the system, and many people come up with really excellent designs for the systems too), but that’s why I decided to include the above picture as a reference for which designs were mine under each of those tags.  Hope it helps!