Holtzmann probably:

- never properly ties her shoelaces, or doesn’t tie them at all.
- doesn’t match a single pair of socks ever. Matching socks are an AFFRONT to her style
- has broken a bone at least once dancing in the shower
- has sensory processing issues and sometimes needs to sit underneath a blanket like it’s a sweet, dark, warm cocoon to properly think or park herself in a corner with her knees drawn up to her chest and just stare at the wall and *sigh* because the world is tiring sometimes.
- is a little bit(read:very) afraid of people who wear formal business attire on the daily. How do they BREATHE, Erin? how do they BREATHE?
- sometimes forgets how vibrant the world is when she takes her glasses off. Once saw a rainbow, then took off her glasses to look at it again and was so shocked she had to sit down. On the sidewalk. Just right there immediately to look up and admire it. She almost cried. Erin, Abby and Patty didn’t laugh. They just sat down next to her in an impromptu mid-city cuddle huddle.
- once wrote a 7 page fan letter to Bill Nye. It was more recently than any of the other ghostbusters would think. (It was last month. She’s super psyched for his new show, ok?).
- every time she tries to write in words not numbers and symbols and diagrams, it always ends up looking like abstract, broken, somehow beautiful poetry.
- had a stutter as a child.

BTS Reaction - Their child runs on stage

Anonymous said: Reaction when during concert their little child run up on star with tears and saying something like"daddy this song is beatiful,you sing perfect" and starts crying and hugging him and all ARMYS make one sound like “owwwh cute” and kid gets shy🙈

So I’ve decided to just come up with Korean names for each of their kids. I feel like that makes it a little more personalized, rather than just putting Y/K/N. Also, my name is Sarah. I’m American and only know a small amount of Korean, so if I screw up these names somehow…I am so sorry and please politely correct me lol. Enjoy!

I kind of wonder if Taehyung picked those names for his future children because Taekwon sounds like Tae Kwon Do…Taekwon literally means “kick hand”


You were having trouble controlling your three year old, Taekwon, as he toddled around backstage, huge red earphones covering his ears from the noise of the concert. You brought him with often to BTS concerts, because he enjoyed being able to watch his dad, his uncles, and look at all the bright lights. Although normally, he wasn’t this nuts. Jimin’s wife must’ve given Taekwon a Popsicle or something earlier that day, because your kid was bouncing off the walls.

Whenever they preformed Spring Day, it would get everyone onstage emotional. Taekwon knew his dad’s voice - and would always ask you to pick him up and point out Taehyung singing his part in Spring Day. This time was no different, because your baby tugged on your pant leg and threw his arms up.

“Where daddy?” Taekwon asks in his baby voice, his hands gesturing out and his shoulders shrugging. You smile and point at the figure across the stage. Taekwon looks, struggles in your arms before you put him down and turn to grab a water bottle from the cooler on the floor.

As you’re digging in the ice for a cold bottle, you hear a huge chorus of “aww”’s coming from the stage, and the boys laughing. Securing yourself a water bottle and turning around, you glance up and notice that your son is not where you left him - and has run out onto the stage into his dad’s arms. You watched with a hand covering your mouth as Taehyung crouches to catch his son and hoists him up on his hip.

“Your singing is nice!” You hear your son say loudly into Taehyung’s microphone, and laughter rumbles throughout the arena.

“Thanks, buddy. Can you sing a song for us?” Taehyung asks, expecting his son to blurt out the words to Spring Day, but Taekwon begins to sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star instead, which makes the entire arena resound with sounds of adoration.


Twins. You and Suga never expected them in the first place, and it’s been a wild four years with them. Their birthday was soon, and you still remember the day they were born - Min Yoon-Shik first then Min Gi-Dae second.

The twins became more like their dad everyday, and you’d find the sisters singing along to all of BTS’ songs, and would try their hardest to rap alongside their dad in each song. They’d even try to learn the choreography - and while Suga wasn’t all that bad, the girls seemed to have gotten your side of the family: because there wasn’t a dancing bone in your body.

It was BTS’ last concert before they ended their latest tour, and you had decided to take the girls to this one to watch their dad preform. To say the least, the twins were extremely excited and kept their eyes focused on Suga the entire time. They even began copying his lyrics as he rapped them.

At the end of the concert, the boys sang Spring Day and had rose petals raining down on them, and the twins thought it was hilarious. Yoongi looked over to the side of the stage and an instant smile grew on his face at the sight of his baby girls, and he ushered the twins to come out on stage. Yoon-Shik and Gi-Dae looked at each other, then back at you for permission, then ran off onto the bright stage towards their dad.

“Can you teach us the dances for the songs?” Gi-Dae asked as Yoongi hoisted both her and her sister up in each arm. The entire arena sighed in awe, the other boys laughing at how cute Yoongi’s twins were.

“Ask Uncle Hobi for that,” Suga laughed jokingly, then kissed his daughters cheeks before setting them down. “Run along, I’ll see you in a few minutes loves.” He said aloud, before gently giving them little pats on their backs before turning around and thanking ARMY.


Jihyun was just like his father.

It wasn’t even funny - you swear you had no part in making your son because Jihyun was a spitting image of Jimin. It’s as if someone put Jimin in the copier and spit out Jihyun - all the same features and personality, just a different name, and much younger.

Jimin would often times take Jihyun to the studio because the five-year old loved watching the dance practices. Towards the end, Jimin would grab his son and teach him the moves - and his son would execute them almost perfectly. He was gifted, just like Jimin, and everyone saw it.

“Jihyun, stay here.” You said to your son, who was standing in the middle of the exit to the stage, watching his dad and uncles jump around as they began I Need U. Jihyun didn’t acknowledge your words, but tried his hardest to keep up with the minimal choreography he knew. It was adorable watching him spin around and trip over his feet - but he was better than any other five year old dancer you’ve seen (okay, maybe you were a little biased).

You didn’t realize it until you looked over on the TV screen to see your son just off to the left of the stage, visible to ARMY but behind the boys. Jihyun didn’t notice that he had veered too far onto the stage, and was too busy twirling around and singing along to I Need U to hear the ARMYs cooing.

You watched Jimin spin around when the song was done and lock his eyes on his son, immediately bursting into laughter and walking briskly over to Jihyun. 

“Jihyun, you’re giving everyone a show!” Jimin laughed, scooping up his son and bringing him to the front. The five year old looked miraculously at his father but began to enjoy being on stage with his uncles, who all came over and ruffled his hair.

“I’m gonna be like you one day,” Jihyun said with a bright smile while looking up at his dad. Jimin threw his head back in laughter and appreciation while the ARMYs in the crowd continued to awe. 

“I’m sure you will be, bud.” 


Just like that - Hokyong was out of your sight and ran right into her dad’s arms. The two year old was the most excitable, energetic kid you had ever come to know, but you’d never trade that for the world. 

When Hokyong saw her dad, she would never hesitate to run over and hug him. It was just Hokyong’s thing - she’d laugh and toddle towards Hoseok with a big, toothy grin on her face. Your husband would just laugh right with her and cuddle his daughter in his arms.

“Look who has joined us today!” J-Hope said brightly into the microphone, glancing at his baby girl as she peered around with her hand stuck in her mouth. “Can you wave, Hokyong?” Her dad said, gently prying the hand out of the baby girl’s mouth.

Hokyong looked out into the crowd then shyly buried her face into her daddy’s shoulder, earning a huge, booming sound of adoration from the fans. The boys just laughed, Jimin coming over and patting your daughter’s back before looking back at you and shooting a thumbs up. You stood at the curtain watching, getting emotional at how perfect your little family was.

“Alright, baby. We have to finish the show, say bye-bye!” J-Hope said, putting the toddler down and grabbing her hand. Hokyong waved to the crowd before J-Hope walked her back to the side of the stage, kissing your lips before handing the baby back to you.

“My perfect girls,” he said, winking, before hoping back to his spot on stage and beginning BS&T.


Your’s and Jungkook’s daughter had just turned a year old. She’d just began walking as well, and you decided to bring her to the last concert of the tour to celebrate her birthday with all the boys afterwards.

Jungmee was extremely intelligent, but very quiet and reserved. The baby girl had been a daddy’s girl from the beginning - always reaching for Jungkook when she was upset or wanted to be held. It was no surprise that Jungkook was the best dad in the world: he admitted he was nervous at first but seeing him with your baby girl was heart melting.

You sat with your daughter in your lap`as she stared out onto the stage, and from time to time, Jungkook would glance over and wave at you and Jungmee - winking and making silly faces. Finally, towards the end of the concert, you could tell your baby was getting tired. She was crabby, crying and struggling to get out of your arms, but whining when you but her down. 

When you put her down on the floor for what must’ve been the 100th time, you hoped she would somehow fall asleep despite the music echoing around the arena. Jungmee was sobbing now, screaming incoherent words as she had a tantrum right then and there. You sighed and over the course of 15 minutes, you picked her up and rocked her, tried to console her with a bottle and then resorted to just swaying back and forth with her in your arms as she screamed.

Jungkook must’ve noticed, and had watched you struggle to keep Jungmee calm. With a smile playing on his lips, he jogs over and stands in front of you, placing his hands under the arms of your daughter before taking Jungmee into his arms. She stops screaming, of course, but still hiccups as leftover tears roll down her cheeks.

“W-what are you doing?” You stammered.

“I want everyone to sing her happy birthday. It was going to be at the end of the concert, but it looks as if you could use a break..” He said, giving you a little smile as he walked back off onto the stage, looking adorable as he held Jungmee in one arm.

“It’s Jeon Jungmee’s birthday…I think we should sing happy birthday, don’t you think?” Jungkook says, bouncing the now happy, tearless baby girl. The entire arena erupted, singing happy birthday to your little girl. By the time Jungkook came over and handed her back to you with a kiss on the cheek, Jungmee smiled as she drifted off as you held her against your shoulder.


Namsang was the sweetest baby girl on the earth - except when she threw The Tantrum. Your baby girl wasn’t spoiled - not by you at least, since Namjoon always decided to bring the three year old little presents and toys home - but when Namsang pulled The Tantrum, all hell broke loose.

So the little girl decided to pull The Tantrum at the worst time possible - just as Namjoon kissed both of you and ran out on stage with the boys. Namsang reached out after him as he hopped away, her lip curling into a pout as she began to cry. As the boys were jumping around and dancing to their opening song on stage, you turned your back and tried to bounce your daughter into calming down.

Namsang began to kick and try to pull away, and after 10 minutes of fighting her, you set her down. You sat down in the chair beside the stage and rubbed your hand over your face, already all of your energy spent. This is what was bad about bringing a three year old to a three hour long concert - you never knew what would set off another screaming-fest.

When you opened your eyes again, you didn’t even realize your daughter was gone from your sight. You were just relieved that the screaming stopped - and then noticed that something was missing. Frantically, you searched around, behind curtains, under tables and in the surrounding rooms, until you heard Namjoon talking on stage.

“Namsang! Come here,” Namjoon said, and you turned your attention to the CCTV streaming the concert. The camera was pointed at Namjoon with his arms wide open, crouching down to catch his daughter in his arms. Namsang ran into her dad’s arms, earning louds screams from the fans. 

“Aw, baby girl, what are you upset about?” Namjoon asks, wiping the tears from your daughter’s face with a small chuckle, picking her up and holding her close. 

“I didn’t w-want you to leave, daddy.” Namsang said, sniffling. The other boys covered their mouths to hide their laughter while Namjoon just turned his head and said, “Aw, I’m sorry. But you’re here now, right? You don’t have to worry, baby.”


There wasn’t a time in your house that nobody was singing. Someone always had a song stuck in their head, and your four year old, Jinhee, was no exception.

Seokjin was constantly teaching her the lyrics to various BTS songs, and she always begged to attend every concert her dad performed at. She loved singing along to I Need U, and Spring Day. Jinhee tried to dance to Not Today, but when she’d trip over her feet, Seokjin would tell her to keep trying her hardest.

Another thing Jinhee did was get emotional. At four years old, you would think she didn’t understand anything her dad and uncles were singing about, but oh man, she did. The little girl would ask what was wrong and why the people they were singing about were leaving in Spring Day.

You had left Jinhee standing at the entrance to the stage while you left to grab a snack from the waiting room. She was usually very obedient, and would listen to you when you told her to stay there. Although, when you walked back Jinhee was not where you had left her. You dropped the fruit snack you had snagged for her and immediately looked out on stage - and saw her running behind all the boys and heading straight for her dad.

“Daddy!” She hiccuped, and there were tears that ran down her cheeks. Seokjin turned around, eyes going wide at the sight of his daughter rushing towards him. He crouched down and held Jinhee in his arms, and you saw him wiping away her tears as he began to talk to her.

“Hey, what are you doing out here? Are you okay?” He asked, concern laced in his voice.

“I-I, the song is sad,” Jinhee cried, burying her face in her dad’s shoulder. Jin closed his eyes and laughed, picking her up and facing the crowd. The entire stadium was a mixture of laughing and cooing, and Jin waved before heading back to the side of the stage to put Jinhee down by you.

“Don’t cry, okay? I love you, stay with mommy.” Seokjin said, kissing his daughter’s forehead before looking at you with a small smile.

this killed me and I am so sorry it’s so late


Asoiaf meme (minor characters): (6/9) scenes ⟶ Wyman Manderly and his “the North Remembers”

Foes and false friends are all around me, Lord Davos. They infest my city like roaches, and at night I feel them crawling over me.” The fat man’s fingers coiled into a fist, and all his chins trembled. “My son Wendel came to the Twins a guest. He ate Lord Walder’s bread and salt, and hung his sword upon the wall to feast with friends. And they murdered him. Murdered, I say, and may the Freys choke upon their fables. I drink with Jared, jape with Symond, promise Rhaegar the hand of my own beloved granddaughter… but never think that means I have forgotten. The north remembers, Lord Davos. The north remembers, and the mummer’s farce is almost done. My son is home.”

Something about the way Lord Wyman said that chilled Davos to the bone. ― Davos IV, A Dance with Dragons.

In addition to my high school au, PROM NIGHT!!

Short fic under cut!

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i’m no holy ghost or spirit. i’m made up of flesh and bones. i dance through the air. like the plastic bag caught against your shin. i’m still learning to follow the wind.

anonymous asked:

If you haven't written about it before, a poetry prompt of stigmata? (If you have I'd love to be pointed in that direction, I love stigmata poetry and your poetry so, ideal combo)

you lead the riots with your hands.
under your touch the trouts peel
back their own skins, discard
their scales & bones, dance

themselves into loaves of wheat.
for you. i witness the miracle & ache
to become larger than myself.

standing on your blistered feet
to preach, sunlight dyeing your skin
amber & mythic, you say, love

came first. it lives here inside
the wounded flesh. & a river slowly
exhumes itself. & i wake.

held up to your ribs i must look small
as a sparrow drowning in the sea.
stars spill from you where blood

should. ghosts build cities of weep-
ing in your chest & you carry them all.

to walk in your shadow’s borders.
to whisper your shackle-melting songs.

to march until empires cinder & the pain
of you subsides. anything, anything.

your palms glow rose-
gold in the dark & oh how i press
my lips to them–

kirstjohnson  asked:

Please please please tell me either wolf courting, grumpy Derek or Alpha Stiles are due for an update!!! I'm begging 😭🙏🏼

grumpy derek it is!

Grumpy Cat & Hyper Pup by Nerdy_fangirl_57 (1/1 | 1,526 | G)

The pack have a little run in with a fairy. Derek is not amused.

Stiles on the other hand, is very amused.

Easy, Cheesy by crookedcig (6/? | 18,969 | PG13)

Derek sets his kitchen on fire (a little bit). Stiles is a firefighter called to the scene. Derek communicates his anger with eyebrows alone, and Stiles falls in lust. Slowly, they both fall in more than that.

aka what happens when I try to write how their lives would be different if Laura had refused to ever go back to California.

First 5 chapters are totally rated E for Everyone. Will get darker and they will bone.

Dirty dancing by moroo1234 (1/1 | 387 | G)

Let’s dance the night away

The Grumpy Hufflepuff by Nerdy_fangirl_57 (1/1 | 1,856 | G)

Laura hid Derek’s scarf. It’s snowing. Hogwarts has never seen such an angry Hufflepuff walk through it’s corridors.

Double candy canes by Nival_Vixen (1/1 | 3,829 | G)

Stiles has to take his little brothers Scott and Isaac to see Santa (it’s his punishment for missing Thanksgiving).

While waiting in line for Santa, they meet a grumpy elf who is wearing candy cane tights and a hat with an annoying bell.

Consequence | Confession Part 2

Originally posted by dylanobrienbaby

A/N: Well… I tried. There’s not much to say except I really don’t love this. I re-wrote the whole thing six times over and this is the reincarnation I hate the least and I can’t write it again or I’ll go insane. So, here it is, and I hope you like it more than I do. (M’srry)

Summary: Everything has a consequence, it all depends on what you do that determines whether it will be worth while, or a mistake.

Word count: 3,881

Warnings: Nothing really, you’re safe.

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McKirk and "That's my husband you're talking about"

  • “Don’t think I’ve ever seen Jim and Bones so stressed out,” Sulu says, and Uhura chuckles. “Yeah, can’t blame ‘em. It’s a big thing, after all,” she says, watching both Jim and Bones on the dance floor of the wedding venue. “Eh, Leonard’s been married before,” Sulu replies with a grin, sipping his champagne. “Hm, but Leonard is always stressed.” She smiles when Jim approaches the two of them with the biggest grin she’s ever seen. “Look at this,” he says, holding up his hand to show off the white gold ring around his finger. “Finally did it, huh?” Sulu says, “after nearly two years of calling him your fiance. Better late than never, huh?” He teases, and Uhura smiles. “How good does McCoy look in that suit, though?” She comments, and Jim smirks. “Careful, Uhura, that’s my husband you’re talking about. He’s definitely taken.”
  • York Town sees a lot of interns in the Medical Facilities. That’s fine, but perhaps a little less so when Bones has to spend hours upon hours teaching them how to dissect alien hearts. How to stitch patients back up when tools inevitably fail on them. What he doesn’t appreciate, though, is after a long day of trying to teach these morons to be decent doctors, he catches a whiff of office-gossip. “That Captain Kirk is really always getting hurt, huh?” “Yeah,” he hears another intern reply, “you’d think if someone had to be brought back from literally being dead, they’d be an unfit captain.” Bones grits his teeth at that. Normally, he doesn’t give a shit what people think about him - or others. But something about having been working here all day makes him more agitated than usual. He approaches the interns. “Doctor McCoy,” one says, “you worked with Captain Kirk for years-” “I still work with Captain Kirk,” Bones says, “every time I’m not here.” “Don’t you think the fact that the Enterprise suffers far more attacks and injuries than any other ship has anything to do with the leadership capabilities-” “First of all,” Bones says, “The Enterprise suffers more attacks because we venture our in deep space and actively look for trouble to keep your shiny lil snowglobe here safe. Second of all, that is my husband you’re talking about. I may be on duty now, but I’ve broken protocol before, and I will absolutely kick you out into the next galaxy if you even dare to think disrespectful of Captain Kirk again.”
  • “We’ve found a considerate amount of contraband aboard the Enterprise,” Admiral Williams tells Jim on their next visit. “Okay,” Jim replies. “Prohibited liquor, illegal foods. And you do understand the crew are not allowed more than one suitcase worth of personal belongings? The Enterprise is filled to the brim with personal items.” “That’s a bit of an exaggeration,” Jim says, “I allow my crew what they need without impacting performance. And if that means they take a pillow from home, or six blankets, I couldn’t care less.” “Breach of protocol aside,” the admiral continues, “that still leaves us with illegal foods and beverages aboard.” “It’s a three year trip,” Jim says. “Doctor McCoy had over 10 bottles of Whiskey in his locker, and at least a dozen of unregistered foods. If a doctor, of all people, can’t-” “Careful,” Jim interrupts, “that’s my husband you’re talking about. Doctor McCoy and I have one bottle of liquor each, all registered. All the other things in his locker are there because he goes around other people’s lockers. He takes them to his office for analysis, making sure there’s no harmful contraband aboard the Enterprise. McCoy is the best damn doctor in Starfleet, don’t you doubt him for a second.”
  • “You seem stressed today,” Jim says, sliding his arms around Bones’ shoulders, and leaning in to kiss his cheek. Bones is focused on his PADD instead, but Jim feels him lean back into his arms. “Long day at the office,” Bones says, and Jim smiles. “I can help you relax,” Jim says, kissing over Bones’ jaw and his neck softly, “how ‘bout we get to the bedroom, and I can massage your back and shoulders ‘til you feel better? I promise I come with happy endings.” “Hi, Uncle Jim,” Joanna’s voice rings from the PADD, “I can hear you.” “Oh, thanks for the heads up about you calling your daughter,” Jim huffs at Bones, only mildly embarrassed. He still leans in to kiss over Bones’ cheek. “Gross.” “Hey,” Bones says, “that’s my husband you’re talking about. Jim’s only slightly gross.”
  • Jim wakes up on Sunday morning on his side of the bed. He stirs and yawns loudly, as he always does, and he’s greeted by a soft groan of protest from Bones. Jim sits up straight slowly, just briefly, because in the end, he just shifts closer until he’s in Bones’ arms. That way, he can snooze for at least another hour or so. It’s their day off, they don’t really need to be anywhere any time soon. But pretty soon, he feels Bones shift, a hand slide around his waist and Jim hums softly. “Good morning,” he says, running his hands through Bones’ hair when the other leans in to kiss him. He pulls Bones in closer, arms around his shoulders and fingers brushing through his hair. “Morning,” Bones says, “good is still questionable.” “I think we can make it great,” Jim chuckles, smirk growing wider when the other climbs on top of him, and Jim enjoys the lazy kisses in his neck, unshaven cheeks against his own. “You’re the worst,” Bones says, though he smiles fondly at him, and Jim raises an eyebrow. “Careful, Bones, that’s your husband you’re talking about.”

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Do you have any resources you recommend for a follower of Hel?

I do! Actually, fun trivia, my first seidh mentors were a couple, one sworn to Odin, the other to Hel. It made for some fun Kindred fireside discourses. 

Some of these aren’t Viking/Norse/Heathen specific. But I think its important to be mindful of the fact religion and faith don’t exist in a vacuum and can be impacted or inspired by the most mundane things. Our ancestors would not recognise our technology, but many things in the human experience have remained unchanged, good and bad. Large pockets of the Western world have become separated from death and it has become idealised in a much different way than in the Viking Age. Or even from the early 20th century. 

A lot of death witchery resources are aesthetic. Filtered photos of scattered bones, black roses, dancing in graveyards, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But it carries the risk of sterilising and burying the other aspects of death and those who live and work with it. Death entities are in the flickering votives on headstones. But also in the buzzing, flickering fluorescent bulbs of a hospital or nursing home. Standing vigil over a psychopomp in scrubs who has but a few moments to grieve before paperwork or the summons of another call light. They’re in the aching back and sweat of a mortician who spent hours on a child’s body restoration for a brief open casket. And not the only one they will oversee that day. They’re in the rough-cut montages of war playing on muted TVs in a bar. 

Sorry for the beginnings of a tangent. I am drunk and have a lot of feelings about Loki’s family and a complicated relationship with death.

I hope this helps!


tol marries smol: some of my favourite shots from mine and @bonaventureblair‘s wedding on Saturday!

Thank you all for being so patient whilst my usual art-making time was taken up with wedding madness these past few months. But we had The Best Day, full of Tolkien references, animal bones and ceilidh dancing. I loved every second, almost as much as I love my moose of a husband.

Also, my beloved sister Lu, whose input regularly makes for posts and art inspo on this blog, is my bridesmaid with the grey dress. The beautiful @rumantajuice was also on bridesmaid duty, and @steakandgidney was a top-notch groomsman. Big shout out to @shadyanne as well for travelling all that way to party with us <33

Time now, I think, to get back to drawing.

Slow Dancin’

So basically @imoutofmyvulcanmind bugged me all afternoon to expand on my drabble. After much arguing back and forth, I relented (she is a bad influence)and I figured I would share it with you all as well. Nothing fancy, just short and sweet

Bones x reader 1,956 word(s) of so much fluff

I don’t even know who is interested in this so, apologies if you aren’t:

Tags: @bkwrm523 @arrowsshootyouforwards @fanscribbling @martinawalker @hellhoundsandunicorns @outside-the-government @yourtropegirl @8bit-arc-reactor @starmission

Happy Valentine’s Day once again :)

You sighed heavily and rubbed your face as you made your way down the quiet hospital hallway. You had just finished up a 12 hour surgery, you were exhausted to say the least. You changed out of your scrubs into your regular clothes and made your way out of the hospital.

Bones, your boyfriend, had the day off today, so he had insisted on taking you to work that morning and picking you up after your shift. Completely hating  driving through traffic, you gave no arguments. Feeling glad you took him up on the offer now, given how tired you felt. You made your way out to a bench outside after calling Bones to let him know to come pick you up.

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Dance Party Survival Kit Pt. 1 | Season 12 | BONES