I find it impressive how some songs or most of BigBang’s songs were produced years ago, like GD produced Untitled 2014 in 2014 but the song still sounds modern and recent, Sober was made like in 2012/2013, you can even hear it as an intro for one of GD’s performances in MAMA before being released in 2015, they are always thinking about the future and on how to improve themselves, they take their time producing and perfecting each song.

Wow, hate to say it. But BIGBANG are always going to be relevant, known and wanted. They’re adored by Korea, Japan (the second biggest industry for music in the world) U.S loves them too. Koop will be so empty without them for the next two years. They’re the most famous and known band in Asia. They’ll still be hitting charts and grabbing awards when they comeback as OT5. They’ll still sell out concerts worldwide. VIPs waited 3 years for a comeback and MADE broke so many records and gained even more fame and popularity. I’ve seen so many new dedicated VIPs from MADE era. They’re unstoppable. I’m sorry if you want them gone and at the bottom but yeah that’s not going to happen. But Lee mentioning BIGBANG and hating them. You’re still keeping them relevant by mentioning them :).

Fellow Kpop fans…

DID YALL NOT HEAR ME EARLIER?! IF WE DONT FIND A WAY TO SOLVE THIS NET NEUTRALITY PROBLEM, WE CAN SAY GOODBYE TO WATCHING OUR FAVORITE GROUPS!!! Limited access to MVs, fanfiction, performances!!! Go look up Net Neutrality and learn more about it NOOOOOOOWWW!!! Spread the word too, cuz I’ve hardly seen any Kpop fans talking about this and it’s making me mad!!!


I am literally the most predictable person on this website, probably, anyways here’s my art submission for the RVB Reverse Big Bang, with a lovely and wonderful accompanying 2-part fic,  When I Let The Water Take Me (click title for the link, part one is up, part 2 is on its way) from my partner, @gkingoffez!!! GO SHOWER THEM AND THEIR FIC WITH LOVE AND PRAISE!

Polavoid by DirtyInfluences

Art by Kiwi.

Title: Polavoid

Rating: E

Characters: Prompto Argentium, Ignis Scientia, Gentiana, Ardyn Izunia, Noctis Lucis Caelum, Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Nyx Ulric, Astrals

Pairings: Ignis Scientia/Prompto Argentum

Word Count: 30,384

Tags: Alternate Universe, Demon Summoning, Demon Deals, Soul Selling, Realm Hopping, Dreamscapes, Photography, Slow Burn, Revenge, Manipulation, Secret Plans, Emotional Sex, Rimming, Temporary Character Death, Happy Ending

Summary: Prompto, lonely and overlooked, was willing to do almost anything to be noticed and have friends. It wasn’t until he stumbled across an ancient grimoire that his luck changed.  Following the summoning instructions within the pages, he conjures up an otherworldly daemon by the name of Ignis who offers him an exchange. In return for granting him the ability to traverse realms to find a place to call his own, Prompto must agree to be a part-time photographer to the daemons of Astraeus. For Prompto, the deal is more than enough. He navigates how to best control his powers and meets daemonic families and finds himself growing closer to Ignis. Yet, despite the positive turn his life seems to have taken, dark things hover in the background. Prompto starts seeing a mysterious man in his dreams at the same time Ignis and his compatriots whisper about a dangerous being by the name of Ardyn.


Runaway Boy

Originally posted by thekoreanbigbang

Pairing: JiyongxReader
Rating: G, Fluff
Summary: RoyaltyAU, When you were just a small girl, you found a runaway boy tapping at the window. 

Notes: I’m sad so I decided to write some fluff Ji to cheer myself up. Not too happy with how this came out but I hope you enjoy it if you give it a read. For the @vipnetwork

Every little girl in the kingdom dreamed about being born into the royal family, dreamed about being born a princess. Every little girl except for you, the princess of the Kingdom of the Fields. If you could grant their wish and switch places with them, you’d do so in a heartbeat. Maybe then they’d understand that being a “princess” is more of a sentence than a title. Maybe then they’d understand how it feels to grow up as the second born but first forgotten child of the king.

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