A Conversation that I’ve actually had

“I’m at work*

me: *mentions kpop*

coworker: “OMG I love kpop! I listen to it like every day!”

me: “Seriously?? Me too! That’s amazing!! What songs do you like??”

coworker: “Gangnam style!”

me: “That’s a good song… What else do you like??”

coworker: “It’s just so funny how they dance! I love that!”

me: “Haha, yeah, but what other songs do you like?”

coworker: “uh, I don’t know…are there any other songs by Gangnam?”


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So I was just talking to @tiredsaeyoung and SHIT!


T.O.P as Jumin Han 

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Ohhh shit..

Taeyong as Zen:

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P.O as 707

Jin as Yoosung:

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Junsu as V:

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Sehun as Unkown:

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Hyerin as Jaehee:

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Hot For Teacher

AU, Klaine, 17k.  A03. KHBB.

When dreamy new orchestra director Blaine Anderson shows up at Mountain High, an arts school near L.A., Kurt doesn’t plan on having much to do with him.  Kurt just wants to keep his head down and do his job, heading up the choral program and making sure Rachel doesn’t go overboard with her drama students.   It’s hard enough admitting that he needed a break from his acting career without adding failed romance to the equation. But when even Rachel succumbs to Blaine’s charms, Kurt decides to see for himself what Blaine is like.

Written for the 2016 Kurt Hummel Big Bang.  Many thanks to the talented @47mel47  for creating this amazing trailer - I want to watch it over and over.  Here’s the link so you can give her some love directly.   And thanks as always to my dear friend and wonderful beta @perryavenue without whom this fandom life would not be nearly as much fun.

Chapter 1

Kurt figures he must have missed the email in the flurry of back to school activity.  But as he files in to the first teacher orientation meeting of the year, shuffling around the circle of chairs to make space for several late arrivals, Rachel is quick to fill him in.

“There’s a new orchestra director.  Easy on the eyes, isn’t he?  Although apparently he hasn’t taught high school before.”

Kurt leans forward and looks down the row, but the athletic director is blocking his view.   All he can see is that the new teacher is wearing bright red pants and boat shoes.  “Did Mr. Cortez retire?”

Rachel nods.  “Sort of.  I think Sue kicked him out.  Something about not showing sufficient respect for her royal highness.”

“She’s not royalty, no matter what she says.  I checked.”

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K-Pop Kings BIG BANG teases their 2nd title track for [MADE] Series Full Album - “LAST DANCE”!

Are you ready for the last comeback of the Kings before T.O.P’s enlistment in February?

BIGBANG confirms attendance to Infinite Challenge, Radio Star & SBS Gayo Daejun!

According to a broadcast source, BIGBANG has decided to appear on MBC’s “Radio Star” as a whole group. “The five members will be able to have honest conversations with the four MCs, and will also be performing a live stage,” a source revealed.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG will be making their return with their full album “MADE” on December 12. The album is a conclusion to their “M.A.D.E” project, and will be their last album before T.O.P’s military enlistment date.

On December 5, YG Entertainment confirmed the news, saying, “BIGBANG has been confirmed to attend the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun (also known as SAF) on December 26. The group has been confirmed to attend the awards festival, which will be held on December 22 to 26 at COEX Mall.

They will be filming their Infinite Challenge episode sometime in December.

Source: IsPlus; Instiz

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Shamy Advent Calendar 2016 Day 7

WARNING: VERY VERY DIRTY SMUTTIES BELOW! I feel like I just had a “fuck it” attitude and just went with it!

Also, I feel like this may have been a little rushed because instead of writing this, I was trying to find spoilers so… it’s rushed and I’m sorry!

I hope you guys enjoy, regardless!

December 7th, 2016
Rating: M; VERY M. For smut.
Theme: Naughty

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