When You Argue and You Toddler Grabs Their Leg and Cries For Them To Stay (BIG BANG)

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Author: Taebaby

T.O.P: The both of you would stop fighting immediately and he would look down at his son latching on to his leg, tears streaming down his small cheeks. When he started crying for his daddy to stay, you’d both forget what the fight was even about would almost start crying yourselves at the fact that your child thought Seunghyun would ever leave

DAESUNG: If his little girl did this, I think he’d be close to busting into tears himself, but he’d keep it together, stopping the fight immediately. He’d smile at his daughter andswoop her up into his arms and promise that he wasn’t going anywhere, mommy and daddy were just talking loudly

TAEYANG: I don’y know if he’d know how to handle it right away. I think he’d hand you your crying daughter (and you’d be crying at this point too) and leave through the front door. He’d get halfway down the block before he couldn’t stand the sight of your crying faces stuck in his mind and he turned back

G.D.: He would stop yelling as soon as his daughter hugged his leg, crying for him not to leave. It would be silent in the room except for your child and he’d look over at you, almost as if asking if it was ok for him to stay or not

SEUNGRI: I think Seungri would have to leave regardless, to clear his thoughts. He’d feel bad for leaving his crying son and you alone, but he wouldn’t be gone long. He’d come back after the three of you calmed down, his little boy exhausted and napping. He’d find you napping with him as well and would gently wake you (careful not to wake his son) and tell you he’s sorry


The art piece to accompany this wonderful piece of work by my partner, Mei (@nolongerdazai).

She’s r patient and reliable–the only thing I’ve contributed to the story was just my fangirling (AND FOREVER HAUNTING HER TO MAKE MY FAVE CHARA A //////NG STAR…… WHICH SHE DID!) Ehehehe

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*REQUEST* TOP Scenario - ‘Forgotten birthdays Pt 2′

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Author: Taebaby

You had fallen asleep at some point in the bathroom, having continuously refusing to come out if Seunghyun didn’t leave, which he didn’t. You expected to wake up on the scratchy bathroom rug but instead you woke up under the plush blankets of your guys’ bed, an arm slug tightly around you. You had a moment of panic, not knowing how you got there, until you caught sight of the bathroom door, it’s knob removed. Of course, you thought bitterly, how did I not hear that?

               You felt the rhythmic rise and fall of a chest behind you and you realized you were wearing nothing but your underwear, your clothes lying in a pile next to the bed on the floor. You wanted to scream. How dare he invade your private space? You were in the bathroom for a reason. You didn’t want to wake up in bed next to him.

Or did you?

You couldn’t help the soft ache you felt in your chest as you felt the warm body behind you press closer. You loved him with all of your heart, with everything you had, but he hurt you a little too much this time. You were so used to forgiving him for the times he was late for a date or get together with friends because of work. The countless amount of nights he would come home late, after you were already asleep. When he’d forget to call or text back, you’d forgive him. But this time felt different, and it was. This time it was just too much. You started trying to detach the arm from around your waist, but it pulled you in tighter and heard the deep morning groan Seunghyun makes every time he wakes up. You tried getting out of his grip again but it too late, he was already sitting up on his elbow to look at you, his other arm still holding you firmly to him.

“(Y/n), I need to talk to you-“ He started before you cut him off.

“Get off me, Seunghyun.”


Let go of me!

He hit you with a broken look but let you go. You shot out of bed, snatching up whatever clothes were around and putting them on. You were so angry you didn’t even notice you took one of his shirts. You were so angry you couldn’t even look at him.

“And you really had to break the knob? Really?!” You shouted over your shoulder as you grabbed a bag from the closet and started packing. You weren’t entirely sure where you planned on going, but you certainly planned on leaving. The sadness and heartbreak you felt last night turned into anger and outrage overnight. Seunghyun could see it just in the way you were shoving thing into your bag and refusing to look at him.

“I didn’t break it,” He said quietly from the edge of the bed, watching you, “I just took it off. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

“Whatever.” You scoffed. He watched you for a few more seconds before the fact that you were packing a bag finally hit.

“Wait, what are doing? Where are you going?” He said, panic rising in his voice as he stumbled off the bed toward you.

“I’m leaving.” Those words were like a knife through his heart. He almost made the two of you fall by how hard and fast he pulled you into a hug.

“No! You can’t leave! Please, I was… I was going to…” He trailed off as hot tears slipped down his cheeks. Those tears melted you for a second before you tried to shake him off. You weren’t going to let him sweet talk you into forgiving him.

“Going to what?” You huffed out, still entrapped in his arms, “Apologize now and get me to forgive you so you can do it again? Like always? I’ve put up with a lot in the past, Seunghyun, but this is it. This is enough!”

Still he did not let you go and you started crying too, your frustration getting the better of you. Your anger was hard to keep as it morphed back into sadness and exhaustion. You leaned into him as you cried, giving up on hiding your weakness from him. You felt the hum of his voice vibrate through you, your cheek pressed to his bare chest.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry for all those times. I have no excuse and I didn’t deserve your forgiveness. But please believe me when I tell you I am sorry, and that I love you more than anything, even if it doesn’t seem like it. And if you still want to leave, I won’t stop you, but please let me do this first.”

“Do what…?” You sniffled before he let go of you, nearly stumbling because of how much you had been leaning on him, and went over to his night stand and bent over to reach something underneath it. He came back with a tiny dark blue box in his hand and a shy expression on his face. He’d never been shy with you.

I nearly let out a choked gasp as he knelt in front of you, opening the box to reveal a tear shaped, clear diamond ring. The band was silver because he remembered you thought gold was too gaudy. You blinked at him, absolutely speechless.

“I know you deserve better, but I’d be kicking myself for the rest of my life if I missed this chance. Will you marry me, (y/n)?” He rushed his words as if this was the last time he would ever speak to you. It almost was. But the way he looked up at you, his eyes honest and full of nothing but love, was more beautiful to you than any ring. You cracked a smile despite your tears and let out a breathy laugh.

“I’ve forgiven you a thousand times before and I’ll forgive you a thousand more. Yes. Yes, I will marry you.”

G dragon Scenario #30 “GD's girlfriend” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“Babe… what do you think?” you asked him, walking out of the room.

“You look so beautiful” he says, almost out of breath. 

“You like it?” you look down to your dress. “Is new one?” he asked and you stare at him with a crooked smile. “What?” he says laughing. “You bought it”

He got closer, and he pressed his chest into your back. His hands start to travel from your sides to your waist, wrapping his arms around it, and whispering in your ear “Is just that it looks very different on you” he smiles, kissing your neck.

“Ji…” you said, because the sweet kiss turned into one a lot more intense “Ji yong! It’s already late” you begged. “Screw the party… let’s just stay” he said with his lips glued in your neck. “What?! No!…” you give him a poke with your elbow “…it took me three hours to get ready”

He smiles biting his lower lip. You took your purse, and you walked to the door “Are you coming?” you said turning around. Ji yong was standing in the same spot where you had let him before.

“Are you ok?” you said containing a laugh. He approached to you, and grabbed your face kissing you in your lips…

“Let’s go before I change my mind” he fixed his tie. 

You arrived to the place where the party was, a couple of minutes later. 

The place was huge, really impressive, and full with people. Nobody you know, though.

You spend the first forty minutes just greeting everyone there. It’s always fascinating to see the different reactions that people have when they meet him. Some people would act weird and awkward, other people would be shy, while other ones would act like “Is he G Dragon? he is not that awesome in person”.

But the funniest ones, are the ones who kissed his ass all the time, acting like if they were his best friend, laughing even when he wasn’t funny, and trying to please him all the time.

Ji yong was dealing with someone like that right now. It was a man around your age, good looking, but too annoying. “I knew you were coming, nobody wouldn’t miss this party!!!” he says. 

Even his tone was annoying you.

“Well, I almost missed it” Ji yong says, taking a sip of his drink. “Really?! Why?”

Jiyong looked at you and then he says “Personal reasons”

“Oh! I get it, this can be so boring and annoying” he says, and you couldn’t hold a laugh “Yeah… tell me about it” you said sarcastically and Ji yong smiled. He couldn’t believe you had done that.

But the guy didn’t even notice that, or at least doesn’t seem like it, because he was still smiling with you.

“You guys make such a perfect couple” he says and you can tell he wasn’t honest. “You think so?” you asked looking around without even caring about his answer.

Ji yong started to notice your frustration, and he doesn’t want you to punch this guy so he intervened “It was a pleasure to see you again Seung ho” he says.

“I’m Seung woo” he corrects him. “Yeah Seung woo! Sorry …”

You two walked away. 

“That’s why some people think that you’re an asshole… you can’t even remember their names” you took a sip of your drink and he just laughed.

A couple hours later, you were so bored. Ji yong had been talking with a man for so long, leaving you alone. You not angry though.

This is why he was here in the first place. This man was big in the music industry, and it’s important for Ji yong to have good connections, so you completely understand.

“Hello” a girl was talking to you.

“Oh! Hello” she totally surprised you. 

She was taller than you, with beautiful hair and perfect skin. “Come with me, I’m sure you are as bored as me” she says, starting to walking, and you followed her.

“I didn’t know GD had a girlfriend” the way she says GD, is already upsetting. You didn’t answer, you just smiled. “You are really pretty…” she smiles “…he really likes foreign girls”

“Really?… good for me then” you said. “But it must be difficult”

“Difficult?” you asked. “Yeah!…” she was laughing.

“I don’t get it” you shook your head. “Exactly!…” she laughs even more “A foreign could never be able to understand our culture” she has a huge smile on her fake plastic face.

“But I’m sure you are not worried about it…” she says.

“You are right is difficult sometimes. But I learn every day thanks to him, and also he. And trust me, our cultures combine in a perfect mix” you smiled.

It was like a battle to see which one had the falsest smile.

“I actually admire you…” she smiled “… I wouldn’t be in a relationship without future. I mean… he is not going to marry you”

(This bitch!)

You had never wanted to hit someone so much in your life, like now.

And then Ji yong appears “Here you are! I been looking… Oh! Hi”

“Hi! Sorry, I took her for a while because she seemed really bored, but it’s ok, she is not familiar with this kind of events” she winks at you, and you smiled. 

Ji yong didn’t know what to say, but he could feel the tension between you two.

“Well… I better go” she says, and then she left.

As soon as she disappeared you started to laugh angrily. “I’m really scared to ask” Ji yong says. “Then don't” you took a long sip from your drink.

“Follow me” he says, taking your hand. But you hesitate. “What is it?” he asked you. “The last time that I followed someone didn’t end well”

He smiles and dragged you upstairs, he was taking you to the balcony. It was huge, too big to have his own sitting area. And the most important thing, it has a beautiful view of the city.

Ji yong hugs you from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder “Finally alone”

“You brought me here for this?” you laughed, and he sits, putting you on his lap “Downstairs, I can’t even hold your hand without people freaking out… imagine if they see me kissing you” he says before capturing your lips in an intense kiss…

Ji yong breaks the kiss, and stares at you “You are so gorgeous”. And you smiled, kissing him back.

Ji yong spent the next 5 minutes kissing you, and admiring the view.

“I know this is boring, but can we stay, just a little more” he asks. 

You sighed deeply, nodding. And he gives you a little kiss “That’s why I love you”

“Only for that?!” you said, and he laughs. “That’s just one of the thousands of reasons” and he kisses you again.

Actually after that, he only had another meeting with other man and it was pretty short, like fifteen minutes so you spend the rest of the night dancing with him, finally you were enjoying the party.

Two hours later, you were going home, and he asked you to stay with him.

You stayed at his house most of the days, anyways, even when you own your own.

When you arrived, he went directly to the bathroom while you were taking off your dress. When he came out he saw you in the bed, wearing one of his t shirts and he collapses beside you “Did you have fun?” he has his eyes closed, same as you. “Yes” you were lying on the bed, face to face, and one of his hands was resting on your waist.

He opens his eyes, staring at you for a while “Y/N…”

“Mmm…” you answered him half asleep.

“Marry me”

Continuation: “Love at first sight”


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