This performance was hot. ‪Jussie Smollett‬ and ‪Yazz The Greatest‬ (Bryshere Y. Gray) perform “No Apologies” on Empire.

I am in no way racist. I have friends of all different racial backgrounds. I just hate feeling like I should feel guilty for being a white male. I don’t believe in racism or slavery. I don’t think that anyonee should be made to feel like they’ve done something wrong just by being born a color that’s different than the person next to them. I just honestly don’t see why everyone can’t just get along. Could you imagine that kind of peace? I believe that everyone should be proud of their heritage. Imagine the heritage be would be building for future generations if we all just got along.


No Apologies- Jamal and Hakeem Lyon

This song sounds like they made it a couple weeks after Bunkie is buried. I like their sibling relationship so much. I love that Hakeem accepts Jamal even though it seems Lucious tried to pity him against Jamal. They have a musical harmony that I hope is highlighted a lot during the show.