1OO lifetimes -- 31. bargain

“She’s perfect,” Thor cooed, taking chubby little legs into his head and pressing soft kisses to the toes.

Loki joined him by the bassinet, resting his head on Thor’s shoulder. On principle, Loki liked to argue with his husband. But, even he couldn’t deny Thor was right. Their daughter was perfect in every way imaginable; pale blue skin, bright blue eyes, tufts of black hair sticking up in a million different directions. She lacked heritage marks or horns, but she was still perfect.

Loki hummed under his breath, playfully pinching one of her toes while she babbled happily.

“Yes, I suppose you finally did something right.”

There was no venom in the barb, and Thor smiled, knocking his elbow into Loki’s side.

They stood like that, staring down at the life they created together, lost in their own world until an out-of-breath guard burst through the door.

“Your Highness,” he panted, immediately straightening into a regal stance. There was a pained look on his face—worry, he recognized. On instinct, Loki scooped his daughter up, cradling her to his chest. “The witch Amora has arrived.”

Loki’s blood ran cold, heart freezing in his chest. Beside him, Thor went rigid, stepping closer to them both, an innate desire to protect emerging. Amora, the witch Loki bargained with for his ability to carry a child to term. She’d asked for repayment, never specifying what.

“Why?” Thor gritted out between clenched teeth.

The guard hesitated. They all knew why.

“She’s here for the babe.”

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I appreciate how… small? these past couple of episodes have felt. Ghost Monument contrasted some grand landscapes (and lighting mm) with a simple plot that let us build up characters, see how they react and interact, without getting distracting—this series has been balancing that well imo. Rosa was one of the ‘somebody is going to wreck the universe as we know it’ plots, but it didn’t feel that way, it was really quite intimate (even our villain makes only small changes!). having a bigger team, there’s so much character interaction—it’s nice, keep it up


Can you believe that this photo is discarded from the 7/27 photoshoot? And IT’S NOT  A MANIP asdfghjklalslflndldn 💞💞🦋🌹😏☺️🌺🌈🌙

What to do if your boy is down.

Was watching the new venture bros season and got a nice little surprise.

Curse your extra lung’s capacity!


I´m 99% convinced that something like this would happen if Eddie had a car^^