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The “imagine if Obama did this”  has become a cliche, but, Jesus Christ, it is 100% true. Called a famous porn star he had an affair with a “horse face.” Sided with Saudi Arabia in their murder of a journalist. Sided with child predator Roy Moore. Had a photo op with Kanye West as a hurricane wiped out a portion of Florida.

And Michelle was a bitch because she wanted the kiddies to eat more vegetables and cut down on the sugar. 

Sinclair is the largest owner of television stations in the United States, with a 192 stations in 89 markets. It reaches 39% of American viewers. The company’s executive chairman, David D. Smith, is a conservative whose views combine a suspicion of government, an aversion to political correctness, and strong libertarian leanings. An ardent supporter of Donald Trump, he has not been shy about using his stations to advance his political ideology. Sinclair employees say that the company orders them to air biased political segments produced by the corporate news division, and that it feeds interviewers questions intended to favor Republicans.

Last night I dreamt that Trump tweeted “As the President, I will fuck every man’s wife in America. If I do not fuck your wife, you are not a man. You are a boy and I do not respect you.”

and honestly, it didn’t even surprise me.

Celebrities aren’t allowed to voice their opinions unless their opinions are in support of Trump and the Republican Party, then it’s ok… like Kanye West, James Wood, or Scott Baio. They truly believe in double standards because they think they are absolutely right in regards to everything. There is no such idea as “relative” in their thinking. Everything is black or white, right or wrong, good or evil, and nothing in between. A very simplistic thought process. If you are not with us, you are against us, you have no rights. Trump absolutism.

“Let me get this straight. She calls him a Yeti with a mushroom dong and it’s hilarious. He calls her horseface and it’s attrocious.” “Yeah but he’s the president” “Oh NOOOW he’s the president.”

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New Study Shows Irritable Badger Would Be Better President Than Donald Trump

A new scientific study from The Duh Institute shows that despite many compromising factors, an irritable badger would make a better U.S. president than Donald Trump. Using sophisticated modeling, the scientists put the badger through several scenarios to test his presidential competency, and while none of his results were ideal, they were better than Trump in almost every case. For example, when confronted with a threat from a man dressed as Vladimir Putin, the badger bit him on the ankle and then urinated on the floor next to him. That response was deemed far more appropriate than Donald Trump’s cozy relationship to the Russian leader. Also, the badger showed far more restraint by not tweeting every little thought that came into its head. Instead of non-stop tweeting, the badger burrowed quietly in the corner of its habitat, which made it far more presidential than Trump.