no one would miss me

I'm so tired of

- always being the one who cares more
- knowing i’ll always need them more than they need me
- feeling completely useless
- hating my reflection
- feeling painfully invisible
- having no idea what i’m going to do with my life
- people asking me what i want to do when i leave school
- being stressed, like all the time
- always looking at pretty people and feeling so angry and jealous because of how ugly i am
- feeling like if i died today, no one would notice… no one would care…


theme of the show today: you have to be happy even without me


Baku is like a ballerina.

More of this, cause you liked this.


That’s actually how they first meet/the first time they start talking and Angie always brings this up during arguments to shut Peggy up (insp)

‘Pathfinder’? Don’t you mean… 'Space Wayfinder’? OwO


when did we drift so far apart? (insp)

Just throwing it out there but like, sometimes I think about when Lance was blue paladin and how fundamentally perfect he was in that role? He’s this boy in love with the sea and the rain, who has dreams where he’s a mermaid and later saves a whole civilization underwater. Then he gets cool water and ice powers and him and blue love and support each other like that and they forge such a lovely bond! I just feel like after that putting him in red doesn’t make as much sense and its kinda sad he’s stayed there bc lance really loved blue

Defo appreciate the way he has matured being voltron’s right hand and all, and he’s been playing an incredible role in helping the team so it’s no shade to the show, it’s just I’ll always see lance as the blue paladin no matter how long he pilots red for. It makes too much sense and I still feel like it’s who he is, bc he’s Lance! Charming, dorky, compassionate and supportive, with a love of the ocean and his big blue lion mom and I think that was such a enjoyable thing to watch


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”


Reaction GIFs - Le Dessinateur / The Evillustrator

it’s been two years since the lynburn legacy ended and i’m still disappointed that the ya lit fandom never fell head over heels in love with it.

do you want a clever, mystery-solving protagonist? do you want a chubby protagonist? do you want a protagonist with japanese heritage who doesn’t shy from pointing out the racism her family receives in england? do you want cute boys? do you want cute girls? do you want to read the word ‘bisexual’ with your very own eyeballs? do you want your heroine to have a snarky lesbian sidekick? do you want a touch of humour with your angst? do you want ya where parents are actually present? do you want books that stress the importance of found families? do you want books that will make you laugh and cry and cheer?

read the lynburn legacy


Sketch dump realistic style part 2! They are getting more and more complicated. But I’ve learnt lots in those few days.

I post them on my twitter first and it’d be lovely if you’d tweet me what you think or who I should draw next (︶ω︶)


random phone screencaps of Lin in Do No Harm because I love this character a lot and he deserved so much better