no one likes you when

do you ever have those nights where it’s like after being happy for a while, you just kinda remember everything you used to be miserable over and weeks worth of subtle sadness have compacted into one giant pile of depression & it all hits you at once & you want to fucking die again, & you realize how alone you are and how even if you were abt to do something it’s not like you have anyone to talk you down or reassure you. you’re just alone, struggling to stay alive and not do anything impulsive over a couple bad days or just a moment of overwhelming sadness, but it’s literally so fucking hard when you feel like no one would even notice or care.

Books are just the bestfriends
You can always go for
When you feel like no one can
Understand your loneliness
Some of their words will
Hit you more than
the words spoken by many
You can relate yourself so much
And you will realize you are not
The only one, feeling a certain way
That’s the beauty I see about them.

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  • Me:If that guy's not careful he's gonna crash and someone gonna get hurt
  • Work:Stop being pessimistic
  • Me:Alright, if that guy's careful, he's gonna crash and no one is gonna get hurt(!)
  • Work:I liked you when you were pessimistic.

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i reaaaaaally love your gifs! it's pretty especially live perfs one! :))))

yaaaaaaaaayyyyyy thank you!!!! i always get so happy when people like the things i do :(( it makes me really happy

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I don't feel comfortable in my own skin and I have no idea how to deal with it

The second you accept that you are a fantastic human, no one else’s opinions about you will matter. Becoming comfortable with yourself takes time but ultimately you’re the one who decides when to feel like a bad ass bitch :)

My mum’s planning on making me a doctors appointment because I’m not really getting better. I mean, I’m not getting back & chest pain with my coughing so that’s a plus! But apart from that, nothing’s changed. Oh wait, I also have a head cold now. My breathing isn’t 100% since my throat is a lil messed up, and my nose is really plugged up. My ears feel terrible, like they’re all plugged up. I actually had one pop the other day, kind of like when you get off a plane..I’ve also had a two day long headache that doesn’t seem like it’s going away any time soon.

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Is the boutique in Eldarya like the one in MCL where more clothes are accessible when you advance in the episodes?

That’s actually a great question but I not sure if I know the answer ahahah I guess not because most of the itens are from events or exploration, and if you enter the store on the fr server you’ll see the same itens as the other stores (eua, br, etc) so I guess the store have the “basic” itens that are always the same. But I could be wrong, I’m only playing on the br server :))) Thank you for the question, I’m really sorry if didn’t help much 

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Bones, blue hair dye, and felines

  • Bones: Name one strength and one weakness.
    Strength: People call me smart
    Weakness: I’m paranoid so I plan out conversations that could be had, but when it comes down to it I never even have the conversation because of anxiety
  • Blue Hair Dye: One thing you like about your appearance?
    I like it when I can actually control my hair and make it look nice
  • Felines: Something that makes you feel better after a hard day?
    Soft blanket and a nap

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What is one unique thing you’re afraid of? I don’t like when objects fall off of tables…it scares me whether the object breaks or not. Idk I’m weird.

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How would present mic handle having a s/o with a controlling and stalkerish ex trying to get back into her life.

Admin Speaks: I feel this on a spiritual level, tell that ex to leave yo alone! Don’t let them back into your life, they do not deserve you!

Hizashi was never worried for you, well almost never. You could take care of yourself pretty well, but recently he felt as if everywhere you two would go you would have eyes watching you. Now Present Mic was used to attention, he thrived when he was the center of attention, but this feeling was creepy and he didn’t like it one bit. He would always scan areas when you were on date to see if anything was amiss but he could never find anything. “Hizashi?” you asked, snapping him out of his thoughts. He looked at you and smiled down at you, “Something on your mind?” you asked and tilted your head. “Nope! All I can think about is making you happy! Do you want anything? There’s a crepe cart across the way, would you like one?” he smiled brightly down at you adn you smiled, “Sure dear?” he smiled and sat you down on a bench, “I’ll  be right back. stay here and stay beautiful.” he kissed your forehead and went to the cart.

He turned around to go back to you with a crepe in his hand, you  always complained that you would never finish a whole one so he got you one to share. Then he saw a man sitting next to you on the bench. He would have been okay with that but this man had is arm slung around your shoulder and was leaning in closer to you as you struggled to move away from him. Hizashi sped up as he walked over to you and and reached out to pull you out of the stranger’s grasp. You relaxed as soon as you were pulled closer to Hizashi’s chest. “Who are you?!” he shouted and his quirk stayed out of it, he was already loud enough to grab the attention of the people nearby, you didn’t need to whole park watching. “I’m (Y/n) boyfriend.” he smirked and you shook your head quickly, “Ex-boyfriend.” you mumbled into Hizashi’s chest and he nodded once to you. “That can’t be right, for you see, I am (Y/n)’s boyfriend.” Hizashi said politely and tried to walk away. “Like hell you are.” the man growled and glared at you and Hizashi, “She left me a couple months ago and I was worried about her when she never came back.” he smirked and his eyes traced over your body. Hizashi hugged you closer to him and shook his head, “Sorry to tell you, but you’re wrong.” “We broke up over a year ago, it ended when I caught you with somebody else and you started screaming at me. I told you I was leaving. If you’re stuck in a fantasy world where I’m still yours you are wrong.” you spoke quietly and shrank into Hizashi’s chest. “You’re only joking babe, come on let’s go home.” he reached out and yanked you away from Hizashi. In a flash HIzashi had dumped the crepe over the man’s head and grabbed you away from him, “Don’t touch her!” he frowned and glared at the man. “Now if you will excuse us we will be leaving.” Hizashi took you hand and quickly lead you away.

“Why did you ever date him?” he asked you as you walked home together. “I-I don’t really know. I was in a hard place and he was the only stable thing in my life at the time. Then I fixed my life and left him when I learned he was a lying cheater.” you spoke and looked up at HIzashi, “I’m sorry, I didn’t know he would try to hard to get back in my life.” you sighed and he shrugged, “Not your fault dear, but if he ever puts his hands on you again I”m making him deaf and breaking his hands.” Hizashi looked down at you and you blushed and nodded. “I don’t think he;ll come around any more.” you smiled and jumped up to place a soft kiss on HIzashi’s cheek. He smiled and turned to you, lifting you and kissing you as he spun you around. “I’m a pro hero, so don’t hesitate to ask for saving.”