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Hey did you upload that 1986/1987 Jason fanfiction/smut I asked for? Its ok if you forgot lol. I just really love your fics. Thier so rad mate. Plus theres like no Jason fic online so Im a weensy bit excited haha dude. Take time its ok :D

Hey dear <3 I have not forgot you I promise. I just am very particular about my writing and every story I post has to be perfect. I promise to post yours next. Thank you for the ask cutie. I really appreciate your kind words about my writing. It makes me so happy to hear you love it. <3333 I hope you like your one shot when I post it. :) 

My Order Is A Date With You

I can’t believe that it’s already day 5. I hope you like this one.

prompt:  “When I asked you what you wanted to order, you said “you” and now I’m kinda blushing?? And you look mildly horrified?”

It was a slow day for Luna Valente. Normally, it’s a lot busier in Jam & Roller but today was an exception. It was a normal day, at least that’s what she thought because she had no idea that the next person who would walk in the cafeteria would make her day a little weird and also a little bit awkward.  

She has been working here for a few months now and she knew every regular customer of this place. Except for this attractive, brown-eyed guy that is just one year older than her. It wasn’t his first time here but she has never taken his order before which was actually really weird.

Matteo walked in the cafeteria to get his usual drink and go to the rink afterwards. Ever since the girl with the green eyes started to work here, he has asked numerous not to have taken his order by her. He tried to avoid her as much as possible. He found her attractive and has been admiring her from a distance. He thought that she was really cute and he loved that she always had a smile on her face, even when she felt a little down. He has heard a lot of stories from his friend about this girl. To him, she sounded amazing. He has seen her sing and skate and he loved the energy she had in her. It seemed like she never gets tired. Plus, she looks really cute. Whenever he observes her, he gets this feeling inside his stomach, he had no idea how he could feel this way. He has never felt this before and besides they have never officially met.  

The reason why he didn’t want her to be his waitress was that he had no idea how he would react when she would look in his eyes. Chances were that he was going to rant and he didn’t want that. But today, there was no one else to take his order at work. The manager sent a few people home because there was barely anyone today. He didn’t like this at all. But he had no way to escape so he hoped that everything would be okay.

At that moment, she approached him: “Can I take your order?” he asks with a smile that could light up the whole world.

“Sure.” He answered her as he looked at the menu, even though he knew what he wanted to drink. He was thinking about flirting with her but he was very hesitant about it.

“So what do you want an order?” She said after a few minutes of silence, she still had that blinding smile on her face.

“You.” He said it without thinking. He was slightly surprised by what he just said but decided to wait for her reaction. He tried to read her face but he all he could make out of her expression was her cheeks turning red. Now, she looked even more beautiful to him and that blush made her cuter as well, he thought by himself.

“When I asked you what you wanted to order, you said “you” and now I’m kinda blushing?? And you look mildly horrified?” she answered his comment.

He didn’t know what face he was making but what he could think of was that his staring at her looked like an expression of being horrified.

He had no idea what to say. It took him a few moments to think of something to say but once again his heart was faster than his head and he said: “Well, you look really cute with that apron you’re wearing and I’ve been observing from a distance for a while now and I would really like to take you on a date.” he had no idea what came over him, this wasn’t him. He couldn’t explain why he was taking the way he was around her. He was scared of this happening and he’s feeling a little ashamed now.

When he looked at her again to see what she might answer but the only thing he could see was that her cheeks got redder after his comment. He hoped this was a good sign but he didn’t count on it.

“I don’t really know you and you’re really forward and maybe a little creepy and I’m endeared so yes, I’ll go out on a date with you.” She said decisively she was smiling from ear to ear now.

“Really? You want to go out with me?” he definitely didn’t expect this answer.

“Sure, why not? I like a guy that is forward and you seem very interesting.” She told him casually.

“Okay, then. How about tomorrow, here, after your shift maybe?”  he got excited. He couldn’t wait to get to know this beautiful girl.

“Okay, at 8 then. My name is Luna by the way.” She smiled and reached out her hand for him to shake it.

“I’m Matteo.” He didn’t shake her hand. Instead he let his impulses take control over him and gave her a hug. He was really happy.

From then on, he knew he wanted more dates than just this one and he hoped that she wants the same. He was already impatient and waiting for tomorrow and he knew that tonight all he would think about is Luna and their date tomorrow night.

To all my followers,

Please please please message me if: 

1. You’re in the middle of a breakdown

2. You feel like you’re falling apart

3. You are crashing inside yourself and literally no one around you notices 

4. You feel like screaming.

5. Life is too much and you need to rant to someone or vent

6. You’re going through very very tough times and feel alone 

For whatever reason (even if you don’t have one), message me. Being alone when you feel like a black hole really sucks and I want to be here for you.

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When you like one person on tumblr and one person on youtube but then you find out they're the same person (this has happened twice in the past 3 days this is ridiculous)


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alessa & haldey bc these all seemed fitting af: [text] So at what point of the night are we going to decide everyone at this party sucks and we should just fuck each other? / [text] I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around / [text] I feel like I cold have been bitchier and missed an opportunity. / [text] I think after tonight I’m 85% lesbian

[text] So at what point of the night are we going to decide everyone at this party sucks and we should just fuck each other? 

[10:19pm] hmm good question!
[10:19pm] i’d say right about now because, honestly, i am Sick of that slimy dude charles coming up to me every 10 minutes asking if i want to ‘go somewhere quiet to chat’
[10:20pm] i’d rather go somewhere quiet with you and make you scream. meet me out the front in like 5 minutes! 😏

[text] I’ll eat brunch alone. No ones good enough when you’re not around 

[11:09am] i feel like laughing isn’t the appropriate response to this but ur too much
[11:09am] you’re so cute, i’ll make it up to you later, promise!

[text] I feel like I cold have been bitchier and missed an opportunity. 

[4:56pm] what happened?? tell me!! i don’t know what happened but you 100% could’ve been bitchier i agree!!
[4:56pm] did you slap a bitch?

[text] I think after tonight I’m 85% lesbian

[11:34pm] well, that’s a good thing for me then isn’t it? i knew i was talented with my tongue but i didn’t know i was /that/ talented 👅
[11:35pm] happy to be of service!

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Sehun, you're my favorite! As we know you're bi (me too, high5) have you already had a crush on one of the members? Like when you entered the group and didn't know that they were a bunch of idiots not good enough for your beauty

Hey there *high5*
Ive never crushed on any of them i guess, although I’ll say Jongin is very attractive.


Engraved chat time, come play!

Hold a book in your hands that you’ve been eager to read for the first time. Opening it, feel the whiteness of the new pages slide so smooth across your fingertips, bring it up to your nose and smell it, turn it over and over. Read the plot description, the author’s bio. Smell it again. You’ve been looking forward to this voyage ever since learning about the book. Maybe it’s by your favorite author and you’ve been waiting months for just this moment. But put it off a little while longer; savor the anticipation of that wonderful moment– like the one when you feel the plane lift off the ground and become airborne. Kindles are handy, but real books are alchemy.

Jonathan Carroll

I want to be the one who’s there to comfort you when you feel like the entire world is against you. The one who you think of whenever you want a hug or a kiss. I want to be the one who makes you smile and who you tell about the things that make you so excited. I love hearing you talk when you’re excited about something. You could be talking about a show or book I’ve never once been interested in. But once you start talking about it I’ll want to hear more; I can feel how much you glow when you’re excited. But I also want to be the one who you talk to when you’re sad, or angry, or upset.
I’d say I want you to be the one, but you already are. You already are the person who can calm me down from sobbing for six hours by just even being awake. You’re the person who actually makes me smile. The person who can stop me from always hating my appearance. You’re the one person who I actually feel happy and comfortable with.
And I wish for me to be that person for you.
But I’m still afraid that things could end between us like they did before. It already hurt to lose you once. But knowing that you actually love me, and not just to play a cruel game, I can’t stand the thought of possibly losing you again. No matter how bitter some of the past memories I have of you are. No matter how much I tried to get rid of the feelings I have for you by being with someone else and saying I loved her. You’re the one person I can say for once in my life that I actually love. And I don’t want to lose you again.
—  my love, can you promise me we won’t lose each other? // broken

When you sent me this I instantly had the biggest smile on my face. I was already smiling but somehow it got bigger. In this moment I really believed you. I got so excited. I felt like you were the one that finally came to sweep me away. When you sent me this you were lying. You didn’t keep me around. You didn’t even try to keep me around. You just let things end. You played me. And the night you did was the first time I had ever cried over a guy. Congrats.


Beat my heart live on

For your reasons of existence are strong

You are not a waste of space or breath

But rather the perfect reason

To not linger along with death

You are like the clouds that pull the morning sky

You are like the wind that escapes the wing of a butterfly

Perfectly imperfect

The epitome of a being

Who lives on to see all that is worth seeing

You are like the raindrops that drip off leaves with ease

You are like the exhale of a nighttime breeze

You are like the story how of two letters formed a word

You are like the humming of a bird

Who is often left in awe

You are like the colors who grace the leaves of fall

You are like the thumping of age along youthful skin

You are like the lines of a blissful grin

You are the warmth of a hug when sadness eats one alive

You are like the fruits of gardens that thrive

You are you

Because that’s is enough and more

For you are like the

Silence who lived to roar

The bird with broken wings

Who lived on to soar

Beyond the limits of the mind

For you are truly

One of a kind

Wanna One When Guanlin and Daehwi Like The Same Girl

IM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I hope you like it though! 


Jisung would totally find this as a thing to just talk about if there was nothing else. He would low key snoop when you’re hanging out with one of them at the dorm and just tease them about it later. Also when he would see them do something the extra mile he would probably scoff and just laugh a little. 

“So DAEHWI I sae-I mean HWARD that you put on a scary movie just so Y/N can jump into your arms but you ended up in her arms bc you were scared”

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Sungwoon might be the most supportive. No matter how embarrassing the situation is he might try to lift up their spirits (but lowkey make them even more nervous for the next time they attempt it). He might think he’s helping sometimes but in reality he’s just cracking them up because his advice is just too much. 

“Don’t worry guys! Just make sure to do it even better next time! With a little more organization too!”

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Minhyun, he wouldn’t really mind it because hey it’s their crush and eventually it’ll go away. But if they do something in front of Minhyun that he can’t help but comment on he’ll probably say a small tease and then leave the room because why not. 

“What are you guys doing right now..” *facepalms while leaving the room bc of the mess they have made for you.”

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Would be the type to psyche out Daehwi and Guanlin by occasionally telling them that he likes you. Or when you’re over he’ll just say really stupid cheesy stuff but ofc you know he’s kidding. Or like he’ll bring Daehwi and Guanlin aside and give them lessons on how to capture a girls heart which they will ultimately not use because little does Seongwoo know that they know he’s trying to embarrass them.

“Just listen to me and you’ll win all the girl’s hearts AND Y/N’s heart in like a millisecond.”

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Jaehwan would totally be the type to laugh out loud when he notices that Guanlin or Daehwi do something that he NEVER sees them do. But obviously they would give him death glares so he’ll keep it to himself until you leave. Then he’ll have a laughing fit and just tease the two to death. 

“You two are CRAZY over her! Did you guys see how Guanlin was making food for her? Did you see Daehwi offer to do her nails?!”

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Daniel would totally just be the one person that literally will give you a look if they are trying to do anything romantically wise with you. Like funny story one time when you guys had to split up into groups (12 ppl in a tiny store is a little too much) and since there were a lot of people walking Guanlin just casually takes your hand. Though when he looks to his other side Daniel is there. Giving him a teasing smile. 

“Smooth move there.” *wiggles eyebrows in hopes that you look over so that you can get the message Daniel is trying to send Guanlin*

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If you were close with Jihoon he would probably poke fun at the other two and just do skin ship with you just to see how they would react. “oh yeah LOL I have plans with her that she can’t back out on.” And after that you two would just walk to the park get ice cream and then walk back. He would also literally act like he also likes you but when they ask him he’ll just be like, 

“HAHA no I treasure Y/N like she’s a sister, I’m just poking fun at your guy’s rivalry. Or am I?”

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okay Woojin wouldn’t really SAY anything about it but if the rivalry was noticeable (like he saw Daehwi staring down Guanlin and you’re just in the middle trying to watch a korean drama or smthing) he would just walk past you all and mutter something under his breath. He would also probably save these moments to tease them later. 

“I can’t believe you guys right now.”

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If you and Jinyoung were close he would most definitely drop hints that the two boys were secretly crushing (and passive aggressively fighting over) on you. If Daehwi ever bought you stuff and Jinyoung saw it, he would totally take it out and be like, 

“Oh wow Daehwi bought you this? The most he’s ever bought me is a water bottle and I still had to pay for half of it.”

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Daehwi would try not to think about it but would probably end up making it sort of a competition accidentally. wouldn’t ask you to hang out ALL the time but when you do hang out he’ll be super clingy towards you, probably buys you what you want and makes sure to crop massive hints that he likes you. When he sees you and Guanlin hang out he will leave you guys alone for the most part, unless you both look like you’re about to do skin ship which Daehwi will TELEPORT in between you guys and give Guanlin a look, mouthing,

“Not on my watch Guanlin, not on my watch.”

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Honestly he wouldn’t want to have a rivalry with someone that he’s close to and also in a group with but he really likes you. Would totally try to invite you out 24/8 and when he sees you with Daehwi he WILL go up and just be the type to get in between if you guys are sitting together. When you and Daehwi are together and they both make eye contact he’ll just give a little look (on purpose or not we’ll never know) and just debate whether or not to sabotage you guys. 

“You win Daehwi, you win this time.”

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Hello, may I have a BTS ship please? I'm the supporter, listener and encourager. Said to be lowkey savage but i just think I"m honest heh. Have aegyo to those older than me, mature to those my age or younger, and is really calm ('97). Love being around people, not much for attention though. I laugh/smile a lot and blush easily. I like art museums, cafes/bakeries, walking in the city, exploring abandoned places and skinship. Dream is to travel and take photos of the world and people. Thank you!

Hi! I ship you with Hoseok! He seems to indeed be somewhat a supporter, listener and encourager, as well. Even though he seems to be joking and very extra MOST of the time, he can be calm, like you, when it is needed or wanted. He loves to be around his friends and meet new things, though, like you, he is not one for attention or much credit. When he IS awarded or congratulated for his positive goals he does shy away and could even get a little uncomfortable. He loves new things and places, and holds a special place for the outdoors, art and food. And, it is evident that he loves to travel, as he would love to do so even more with you. 🌞

I wanted to know the truth even if i already knew it.

I knew you were lying. Since when have you not?

But you were careful with me this time. You didn’t inundate me with commitment and sweet nothings. You are incapable of investing in one single person because you think everyone just leaves in the end anyway. So you lie to all of us to make us love you.

You refuse to be alone.

And one by one, you break our hearts. I reached out to one of them to seek closure and find out the truth i already knew.

Turns out that person is a selfish individual who is only concerned about their own self, but who does indeed like attention.

You’re the one i want.

When i try to be a nice friend to these other girls, all they think is i want to date them or fuck them.

But you’re the only one i want.

And i realize now, near or far, you’ve managed to keep me in your heart. You’ve always checked in on me even without my knowledge.

You might hate me now, but thank you.

I do petty shit when I’m tired but fuck my brother for having the audacity to ask me if he can use my phone charger to charge some dumb phone he bought off some dumb. First of all little nigga, you already got a phone that’s paid for (UNDER MY GODDAMN NAME). Second, you’re leaving for school in less than two weeks you need to save your money Three: your little side hustlin’ ass breaks shit that’s why you have a different phone from me too begin with like HELL im going to let you use my one fucking charger when you already stole and bike every damn pair of headphones in the house.

Plus your basic little ass knows don’t talk to me right before 10:00pm

It’s something you do to the air,
It makes it feel toxic,
My chest feels tight as though it’s rejecting every breath.
In my time with anxiety I have noticed that there are good chest pains and bad chest pains.
There’s the ones that you feel around ppl with strong energy, or when you’re on a rollercoaster, or the person you have a crush on brushes your hand.
Those are the good ones.
And then there are the sharp pains that come when you think about the bad things in your life. Like the loss of a loved one, or when you walk into a room full of strangers, or just your bad days in general when your chest feels empty.
You give me the latter feeling.
You make me feel like I can’t breathe and I’m just screaming from the inside out but I’m not making a sound.
It’s suffocating,
It’s insufferable.
You broke me.
You took my person.
You took my positivity and my fucking mental health.
Yet here I am, still handing you pieces of me.
But not willingly.
It’s like I am put on an automatic setting and I am being forced to continue to give myself to you.
Even though I don’t want to.
Even though I’ve told you that I don’t want to.
Instead of turning off the switch you just cranked it higher, getting every little bit while you can.
But what happens when I have nothing left?

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Baekhyun or Kai?


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This one was actually easy… like when Kai is a choice, you pick Kai, y’know what I mean?

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Don’t get me wrong, Baek is sexy in his own way. He’s so versatile, he can rock any look, any style, any mood and do an amazing job. Like… who else on earth can confidently rock a mullet and a lip ring at the same time???  What a challenge, right?  He does it!!!

But simply put, Baek is not as rude like Kai is.

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Y’all know this is my favorite gif in the entire world.

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Sorry Baek, but you were put up against an impossible opponent.

Please click here if you would like to read more about how rude and disrespectful and sexy Kai is.