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what happened?

The likes on desktop Tumblr are acting weird. It happened to me and one other so far. When you go into your likes you see things that you didn’t like at all. Some of it is nsfw stuff, some are just random posts.

It isn’t doing that on mobile though.

“How to Make it in America” has gems

So I’m re-watching How to Make it in America which is an HBO series from like 2010. It’s such a good show!! Of course I watched it because of Kid Cudi lololol, but if you really watch it, you can catch the gems they throw at you.

Currently, I am trying to create content that will allow me to get an official science show in the future and have been searching anywhere to find advice. On How to Make It … they show you things like:

1. When one door closes, find another door

2. Never stop

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help

4. Use all of your resources, present and past

5. Take risks

and there are many more! Go watch the show, learn something, and make your dreams come true :) -Flyy Science  

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When you get anons like that one being sad that Harry hasn't seen Ruby yet it just strikes me again how this fandom always wants instant gratification and has no concept of time or object permanence. She is a brand new baby just like days old, the fact that Harry hasn't seen her yet means absolutely nothing, she has a whole life to live and I bet it will contain many many instances of Harry being an adorable loving uncle who spoils her completely. We've got time fam



you’re lucky i hadn’t started writing this yet lmao ;D

but let me start this as plainly as possible: I LOVE YOU. YOU’RE SO COOL. I CRY REAL TEARS.

i first started following your blog bc i was reading a fanfic you wrote and i ADORE it (i still do fam just chillin in the shadows silently waiting for updates lol) and then your blog was hella cool and i was shook - and then we had so much in common??? and screaming with you about 19 days and yuri on ice and random shit in general is my jam and i’m always sitting here whenever i get a message from you like *prayer hands emoji* *#blessed* like idk is it too forward to call you a friend?? i mean i think of you as one lol xD

also you’re hella pretty like wtf. i remember when you uploaded a selfie once and i was casually scrolling and i was like. snatched lol. how dare. (jkjk keep being fantabulous~)

this is suuuuuper messy and weird but like i love talking to you and you’re so cool and i’m like how did i get lucky enough that you would talk to me man, i have no clue but i’m hella glad that we do!! and you’re fab and great and yes.

(mutuals: send me a number and i’ll make a post about ya~)


I was tagged by @princess-onion-ring to post 6 selfies. I actually don’t have a lot of current pictures of me, so here are some of the different hair colors I’ve had over the years (I say years, but the only one not from this year was the blonde one).

I tag:
@stuff-and-star-wars-thangs, @niederjano, @cecilofdesertbluffs, @severed-mind-severed-heart, @just-a-fashion-geek-girl and anyone else who feels like doing this.

Also you totally don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. 😊

Anyone not really like hugs cause of the whole forced contact thing so many people do? Yet, even so, still have that one person that you really want hugs from? Like, when that one person hugs you, you just don’t want to let go and when you do let go it feels like you lost a piece of yourself?

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Sunrise, honeybees, rainbow, balloons

Sunrises: What is something you are looking forward to? Seeing you in a few weeks, fun plans that I have this weekend

Honeybees: What is something you have done recently that you are proud of? It can be anything at all, even just waking up every morning. Ate my last 3 meals all over 75%

Rainbows: What always makes you feel better when you’re sad? I answered this one, x

Balloons: When do you feel most like yourself? When I’m doing yoga or talking about science or harry potter

Being a person who has the emotional capacity of a rock and that is shit at all these feelings thing sucks.
But know what sucks more?
Trying to be more open and tell the person you’re going out with that she might be one of the few people who wouldn’t annoy you/that you’ll like to interact with when you’re in one of your moments of more acute misanthropy, and be told in response “oh no, it’s all or none! You can’t play favoritism!”.
Maybe it’s better to be alone.

Day 5 Keeping warm by the fire

No One likes to fight but when you have a fight with the one person you love more than anyone else it’s worse. Chibs and you have been fighting off and on for the last week. It all started when you two went out and some guy made a comment about him being older than you. You ignored it while he wanted to kick the guy’s ass. Ever since then it has been a battle between you two. Getting help from Lyla you rented a cabin away from everything and everyone.

“This has to work?” You said to Lyla as you two walked into the store to get last minute supplies.

“You worry too much Y/N. Chibs loves you.”

“He may love me but I’m not sure he wants to be with me anymore, but this weekend at the cabin I’m going to remind him how much he loves me.” You said putting some drinks into the cart.

“Once he sees you in that outfit you bought I think he will be very happy.” She said making you laugh

Getting everything you needed you dropped Lyla at home then headed up to the cabin. Chibs was going to meet you up there later tonight. You were okay with that because you would be able to get dressed and have everything ready for him. You were making him a romantic dinner and then sitting by the fire.

Pulling into the cabin you were already finally happier. This weekend was going to be perfect. The first thing you did was put the food and drinks up and preheated the stove to make dinner. Pouring you a drink you started getting busy. Once dinner was in the oven you hurried to take a bath and put on the dress you bought that was a white long sleeved with u shaped top that showed you the top of your breast and was tight fitting that came right to your knees. It was sure to knock Chibs right out of his pants. It wasn’t something you would usually wear but you wanted to be sexy for your man tonight. Looking at the clock on your phone when you heard the timer go off in the kitchen. Chibs should be here any moment.

Opie was meeting Lyla at the clubhouse after she got down for the day. While he was waiting for him and Chibs had a beer and just relaxed not having a care in the world. When Lyla walked in Opie and Chibs was in total surprise when she went off.

“What the hell are you doing here?” She said looking at Chibs

“Having a drink. Why are you so pissed off at us?” Opie asked putting his arm around her waist.

“I’m pissed because my girl Y/N is up in a cabin waiting on her old man, and I walk in and find him drinking with you.” As soon as she said that her cell phone beeped.


I told you he wasn’t in love with me anymore. I have made dinner put that stupid ass dress on. Which I am freezing in and it was all for nothing. I’m going to enjoy this meal ALONE! Drink these drinks ALONE! Then go to bed Alone! Guessing  I will be ALONE forever it seems. I hate being  right. Damn him and him not loving me anymore.

“Is she right?” Lyla said handing Chibs the phone

Opie and Lyla watched Chibs read the text and you could on his face it was hitting him that she really thought he didn’t love her.

“I know you two are fighting because someone said you look too old for her but who the hell cares. Y/N loves you and I know you love her so what else matters.”

Handing the phone back to Lyla he got up and headed out.

“That dress alone is worth going to that cabin,”Lyla said laughing as she made herself comfortable on Opie’s lap.

You had lost the heels somewhere in the living room and was know picking at your plate while you watched a movie. What a romantic weekend you thought to yourself. Picking out this dress you had figured it wouldn’t have been on long. Holding them in as long as you could the tears started to fall. Taking your plate into the kitchen since you couldn’t eat. You grabbed a blanket and curled up on the couch to cry yourself to sleep. You slept thru Chibs pulling up and him getting into the cabin. It was probably the four drinks you had waiting on him. Walking in and shutting the door. Looking around he didn’t see you at first, but it made him feel like shit when he did. Seeing you asleep and shivering on the couch. He went and started the fire. Taking off his boots and jacket he leaned down to kiss you.

“Y/N.” He said softly in your ear

Waking up you jumped a little.

“You made it, but you can go.” You said trying to get up

He was about to say something when you sit up and he saw you in the dress.

“Don’t look at me like that?”

“How’s that love?” He said pulling you close to him

“Like you could eat me up.”

“The thought is crossing my mind. You are so damn sexy in the dress.”

“You should have been here earlier. Do you not love me anymore?” You said between him kissing your neck.

“I’m sorry I forgot about the time and day but don’t ever let me hear you say I don’t love you.” He grabbing the blanket off the couch and putting it in front of the fireplace.  Pulling the dress over your head and leaving you totally nude.

“You are so beautiful.” He laid you on the floor to show you how much he loved you.

Dinner was forgotten that night, but as he made love to you then wrapped both of you in the blanket to stay warm in front of the fire. You never second guess again if he loved you and if it ever did cross your mind. You remember keeping warm in front of the fire and watching the first snowfall of the Christmas season. He was your old man and that’s all you needed.


This is what Tsuki would be wearing - and what his hair would look like - when his mother finds him. One thing you’ll notice about this outfit is that it shows a little more skin than Tsuki usually does, because this is a look where he’s trying to get more comfortable with his body (and also his upper arms would be tattooed).

I haven’t drawn any tattoos, but I have left the space free where they’d be, and I do know what they would be.

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I can’t even sleep because I keep thinking about you and how much I love you and it’s fuckin insane because I’ve never liked anyone so much and I can’t believe you love me too like how, how does this happen, no one I ever like likes me back and yet you do even when I don’t reply a lot of the time or I’m having a breakdown or even the fact that we live two hours away from each other you still love me and I just can’t fuckin believe it and I feel like I don’t appreciate you enough but I love you a lot
I just want to kiss you and hear you talk for hours even if it’s about your shitty math stuff. I feel like I’m being too clingy and needy most of the time but how else am I supposed to react when I’ve never dated someone this long and haven’t felt so much for someone before. And we haven’t even really been dating that long but to me it feels way longer. And I always miss you even though we haven’t even met physically yet, is that even a thing? Maybe I should calm down…
But I really do love you

Everyday helps me realize how over it is. i dont know why it bothers me so much or consumes me the way it does. youre just another person. there are millions and millions of people in this world. why am i hung up on one? why am i letting it affect me? no ones ever affected me like this.

but i guess you really cant get everything. as much as i want you and as much as i believe youre the one, i have to be prepared to not have you. its like when you go to qdoba and they run out of steak. i have to be prepared to eat chicken. yes i love steak so fucking much, but chicken is satisfying and will let me live.

but ill always dream of steak.

Dear you,
Whoever you are,
However you got here
This is exactly where you are supposed to be.
This moment has waited its whole life for you.
This moment is your lover and you are a soldier,
Come home baby, it’s over
You don’t need to suffer any more.

Dear you,
This moment is a surprise party,
You are both hiding in the dark and walking through the door,
This moment is a hallelujah.
This moment is your permission slip
To finally open that love letter
You’ve been hiding from yourself,
The one you wrote when you were little,
When you still danced like a sparkler at dusk,
Do you remember the moment you realised
They were watching?
When you became ashamed
Of how much light you were holding?
When you first learned how to un-love yourself?

Dear you,
The word ‘today’ means ‘amen’ in every language.
Today we made it,
Today I’m gonna love you,
Today the box cutter will rust in the garbage,
Today the noose will forget how to hold you,

Dear you - and I have always meant you,
Nothing would be the same if you did not exist.
You, who were once as small as a bouquet,
Who could sleep in the laps of strangers,
Nothing would be the same if you did not exist.
You, whose voice is someone’s favourite voice,
Someone’s favourite face to wake up to,
Nothing would be the same if you did not exist.

You, the teacher, the starter’s gun,
The lantern in the night who offers not a way home
But the courage to travel farther into the dark.
You, the lover who worships the taste of her body,
Who is the largest tree ring in his heart,
Who does not let fear ration your love.

You, the friend,
The sacred chorus of ‘how can I help?’.
You, who have felt more numb than holy,
More cracked than mosaic,
Who has known the tiles of a bathroom by heart,
Who has forgotten what makes you worth it.
You, the forgiven,
The forgiver,
Who belongs right here in this moment.

You, this clump of cells,
This happy explosion that happened to start breathing.
By the grace of whatever is up there,
You got here,
You made it this whole way.
Through the nights that swallowed you whole,
The mornings that arrived in pieces.
The scabs,
The gravel,
The doubt,
The hurt-
The hurt-
The hurt is over,
Today you made it-
You made it-
You made it

Today Means Amen - Sierra Demulder 

It’s a hard pill to swallow. But the truth is going to heal your heart a lot faster than simply letting it break over and over until you finally face what you knew all along anyway:

If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you.

There are a million possible scenarios here. It’s easier when he’s an asshole – selfish, only thinking of himself, using you to make someone else jealous, using you in general, treating you poorly, crushing you thoughtlessly, whatever. But it’s a lot harder when he’s a good guy, and you still have to let him go. When he tells you that you’re an incredible person, but he just doesn’t feel the same way that you do. Or when he really likes you, but doesn’t think you’re the one. Or when he just doesn’t feel as strongly as you do and he wants to be honest. Or when he can’t seem to make up his mind and feels confused, which he doesn’t yet realize just means that he’s afraid of hurting you, that feeling ‘confused’ just a softer way of eventually saying ‘no.’ If he wanted to be with you, he wouldn’t have had to make up his mind in the first place. It would just be an answer that he felt deeply in his gut.

But regardless, whether he’s a wonderful guy or an asshole or somewhere in between, this is about you, moving on. Because no matter what the situation was, no matter how well he treated you or how much fun you had together or how well you got along, he doesn’t want to be with you. And that’s the truth. And that’s going to be your life raft for the next several weeks or months, no matter how much you don’t want to grab onto it. It is what is going to eventually help you come to peace with the end of your relationship, or the fizzling out of your fling, or the ‘no more talking’ after you guys spent so much time ‘talking.’ It is the truth, and as ugly as it is, it will be the only thing that can help you move on:

If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you.

It’s easy to try to soften the blow. He needs time, or he just needs a little space, or he’s just afraid of commitment and I just need to reassure him, or he builds walls and it’s my job to kick through them.

But think about the way you feel about him. How easy and natural and obvious it feels. How you don’t even need to question whether or not you should be with him, because it just feels right in your veins. How, even if you were scared of committing to someone or getting hurt or opening yourself up, you were still willing to do it, because your heart had already made up your mind. You wanted to be with him, so you were. The decision was simple. It really wasn’t even a decision at all.

Now can you imagine feeling all those things but choosing not to be with him anyway?

That’s why your heart is broken. Because he didn’t feel those things. He didn’t feel that same certainty that you did, deep in your bones. And you can’t change that, and you can’t fix yourself, and there’s nothing you did wrong. It’s just the truth. His heart didn’t make the decision for his brain, because his heart is in a different place from yours. And that really, really sucks. And you just have to accept it. And that sucks even more.

Maybe you’ll get over this in weeks, maybe months. Maybe longer. It will hurt, some days will be horrible and some will be okay. But the smallest of silver linings is this: you can let your heart break once – instead of breaking it a million times by convincing yourself that he’s making a mistake or he probably misses you or you should call him. Love yourself enough to be hard on yourself:

If he wanted to be with you, he would be with you.

—  Kim Quindlen