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So I came across this post talking about dudebros mistaking the commentary in movies like A Clockwork Orange and Fight Club for messages invalidating their shitty beliefs. And at first I was like “aayyy”…

But then one person replied and said shit like “this is what happens when you expect to much from your audience!!!!1! This is why we need stuff to directly explain what’s right and wrong to us!!!!11! <3″

um how about fucking not

I swear to god all of y’all think that everything should give absolute clear right and wrong messages and simplify things all the time so that nothing is challenging. Sure, just fucking treat your audience like they need to have their hands held and disrespect their intelligence, they’ll fucking love that….

But then again this site has a post with thousands of notes saying that we should just get rid of any conflict in our stories and is currently going through a pissyfit because SU has moral greyness in it. Why the fucking am I even surprised.

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Xander looks like he's trying to hold in a fart in that Easter art. Like a bad one.

You should hear his voice when he says “SPRING IS HERE~”. The whole look for him is ridiculous imo. 😂

Dear man
It’s hard for me to understand how heartless and insensitive you can be.
How low you have gone.
You have no standards for yourself.
You are in for the pleasure and nothing else.
No effort made what so ever….
When I was a kid I watched the Disney Princess and I wanted to be one and treaded like one…
When you came along I expected you to be one.
Society tells me that my standards are to high.
That I shouldn’t expect a guy to rescue me from a dragon or to travel miles to find me or to go against the will of a whole kingdom to have me…
After so many deception and broken heart you start questioning your standards and adjusting them to society…
They say get yourself a bad boy cuz they are cooler…
Cooler in temperature, a stone cold heart, insensitive to human pain…
But you are good at pretending at being everything, we want you to be until you get what you came for.
Little girl don’t beat yourself up for heartless man.
So we readjusted our standards, because that’s what humanity does… We are no longer waiting to the prince to show up on his white horse to deliver us from the dragon…
We live life like there isn’t such a thing as a prince… We assume everyone is a vilan, not even waiting for someone to prove us wrong, we just assume no one ever will, we remove them from the picture cuz it’s easier that way.

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What does a crush feel like? How do you know when you have one? I'm having trouble finding this

Okay so from what I’ve experienced when you see the person you have a crush on your heart will beat really fast and you’ll want to spend all your time with them. I’m not really sure um this is a complicated subject and of course it’s different for everyone so i’m not really sure how to help you.

New Boyfriend (F)

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REQUESTED: a yugyeom scenario where he’s best friend with the reader and he likes her but she’s dating someone who treats her badly. He had enough of the reader’s boyfriend and confronts the bad boyfriend and confesses to the reader

Reader (you) x Yugyeom

Word Count: 1102

Warnings: none

none: here you go, anon! I really hope you like this one! i wasn’t feeling well when i wrote this so it may sound really weird but i’ll edit it once i feel better! btw, should I release the new teaser for a new series? thoughts? anyways, happy reading and take care! -admin

For as long as you could remember, Yugyeom and you were inseparable from the moment you started to become best friends. People referred you two as the dynamic duo since you did everything together with Yugyeom. They even predicted that you would end up married with Yugyeom. But that wasn’t the case. Ever since Yugyeom became an idol, he left you alone to deal with the world by yourself. Without your partner in crime, you had to admit you felt empty. Until you met someone in particular. David was the name of the guy you fell in love with. Everyone knew him as a strikingly handsome guy who had a bad boy look and they weren’t lying. As soon as Yugyeom heard you were dating David, he immediately felt jealous.

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Why are so many people so quick to attack you for just casually MENTIONING things?? First it was the comparison between the ways people react to Bush/Lord Dampnut, now it's people getting asshurt that your mind made a connection about hand placement?? Like, the Holocaust and gymnastics are two of the things you seem to be most knowledgeable about, so of course your brain will make connections to stuff like that. Some of these people are batshit.

YUP. Hahahaha. That viktoriakomova person has a hard-on for me and I literally don’t even know who he/she is. They’ve done this before, with taking what I say out of context and trying to turn it into me being SO AWFUL when like…what? If you’re the one reading something about Nazis on my tumblr and your brain reads it as a joke, that’s your problem, not mine. Also, literally half of my thesis was related to non-Jewish Polish victims of the Nazi regime and I’m visiting Auschwitz with my thesis professor in two weeks, excuse me for reading a book about POW torture and noticing that the arm position in a torture method and a bars skill is literally exactly the same.

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so I've been writing fic for a while but very few people read and how do you keep writing when no one seems to like it?

I think it’s like that for many (most?) of us; not that many people read what you write, and sometimes that makes you doubt both your ability and whether it’s just a waste of time to even attempt to write, but then I try to think about why I write. If the answer is not “because I enjoy it”, then I’m most likely setting myself up for disappointment, because a lot of the time, that’s all you get out of it; you’re own enjoyment. Sure, some people get lots and lots of readers and feedback, but most don’t. And some get quite a lot of feedback on a few things and then very little on the rest of their work. At times, it makes you wonder if there’s something you’re doing “wrong”. But in the end, that too comes down to your expectations on what your writing will lead to. If you hope for lots of feedback and readers, then it might feel like a rather disheartening outcome to get five kudos. If you write because you really want to write it, well… there’s probably a greater chance of getting what you want out of it, because you can only affect your own actions, not those of the potential readers.

I have no advice on how to get more readers, because I have never really dared to make an effort, because that could (and would most likely) lead to disappointment. I love comments and discussions as much as any writer, but whenever I feel that I might write in the hope of getting something back or someone liking it, I stop writing altogether and don’t won’t start again until I’ve ‘come to my senses’ and remember what it should be about (me, enjoying it), because any other reason feels like setting myself up for a feeling of having failed, and in the cases I have become ‘disappointed’, that stopped me writing go for quite some time, so stopping at the mere risk of it just seems a bit safer, albeit a tiny bit avoidant, when put into words like this…

I realise that this advice is probably not what anyone wants to hear, and it’s also quite possibly not entirely sound (in fact, my therapist claims we will have several more sessions talking about my extensive fear of expecting or hoping for most anything from anyone; she was rather fascinated by the true reason behind why I hate my birthday…), but it is what I have to offer. If anyone has any more functional advice, please feel free to offer this to anon.

I'm just being over dramatic again.

When I feel like a second option that you’d only pick as a last resort so you don’t end up alone, but I’m the one that makes you feel bad about yourself.
When I feel like a shit parent because you tell me that I’m raising our son wrong, but I’m obviously just misunderstanding what you’re saying.
When you make me feel useless and unimportant for not having a ‘real job’, but you wouldn’t be able to do everything that I do without my help after 40 minutes.
When you tell me to get over my pain, but would go to the ends of the earth for her when she’s in pain.
When I sleep past noon I’m lazy for sleeping all day, but when you do it it’s because you 'needed the rest’ and were 'having a hard time staying awake’.
When I try to tell you how I’m feeling…and you tell me that my feelings are wrong and that I’m being stupid.
When I get jealous, feel insecure, and want it to just be you and me and no one else.
When I want you to show me that you care…because when you say it, your voice sounds the same as when you’re telling me to get over myself.
But I’m just misunderstanding.
I’m just being over dramatic again.

Celibacy Blues: Mourning

Lately I have ben feeling a sense of sadness with an undertone and peace and resolve. It’s like when you watch a loved one suffer long, be in pain and then death finally comes and sets them free and puts them at peace. That is how I am looking at a piece of myself. 

Suffering. Then the pain. Then the process of decay to make room for something new to grow. 

Or like when you have had surgery and the aftermath in the recovery room is the pain. It can be intense. You’ve just been cut and your insides resected, but something had to be removed. 

Something had to no longer exist within myself whether through the process of cutting away or allowing it to die all together. 

As I am sitting here writing this, I am sitting in a restaurant that I dragged myself out of the house into. It is raining, heavily. Like the rain that reminds you of black clothes, gravesides and a preacher’s rendition of last rites. That’s the image that popped up as I was soaking in the tub this morning and listening to the beat of the heavy rain drops against the side of my building. So I wanted to write somewhere in an open space where I could watch the rain fall. 

Open space representative of what I am trying to do within myself. Allow myself to be open to the receiving of what needs to be and also be an open road for everything that needs to exit, to be able to freely travel and makes its way OUT.

So I listen to the rain and the women in me stands by the graveside of the girl I used to be. Part of me doesn’t want to allow her to be lowered into the ground. There were behaviors representative of her that were so…..comfortable. But damaging and DAMNING all at the same time. 

Oh those damaging ways. Oh that disregard for my body. Oh that ‘freedom’ that became a deeper bondage to the pain I was acting out.

The brother who I wanted to cuddle with after copulation, but just wanted to roll over and not be bothered with the ‘heavy’ stuff. Me thinking ‘well at least I got off and It’s accessible the next time I need to’.

The brother who wanted to cuddle but I just wanted to forget I knew and just get up and get on about my business. I had just gotten what my physical body desired to replace the spiritual connection I really needed and longed for deep inside.

The brother who would only call periodically. 

The phone call/ text/ conversation that goes like this ‘look it’s been fun but I am seeing somebody seriously now so we gone have to stop this thang we been doing’ and feeling like shit afterwards. 

Yeah, so I stand next to the graveside of the girl I used to be. She needed to be detached from my existence, peacefully placed under and buried. Deep. Six feet ain’t enough. She needs to be buried underneath material that cannot be undone. Like concrete. Something strong. SO my resolve needs to be that material. It needs to be my strength. And as I continue along that journey, that strength manifests more and more each day.

Saint Peter: I’m sorry gayasscommie, but you’re going to hell, because you didn’t spread that one post like wildfire, when you very well knew why no one was talking about it
Me as the floor drops out from under me: yeah that’s fair

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Hey i was wondering... do you have any main herb substitutes.. like one for all when you have a tight budget? Thanks in advance!!

ROSEMARY…ROSEMARY..ROSEMARY!!! that is the main herb you can use for all spells etc!!! you can get it at you local ASDA/WALMART whatever country for a pound or less!!!

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Do you happen to know what that gey bar (with the merch above it) is? Like the one you get on the pop up that appears when you've voting for someone. It somehow was up to 1 yesterday and now it's just empty I don't understand

the more votes the trainee gets from maboy, the more stages he will progress through. once one stage is cleared, as far as i’m aware, he will receive whatever the reward for that mission is ^^ in this picture it shows how kang dongho has cleared the first stage!