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Subterranean Part Three

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Warnings: swearing, drinking, mentions of illegal activity

Word Count: 3,116

Notes: The plot thickens!! Thank you all for reading and hopefully you’ll enjoy the next parts as well! Will we find out what exactly Tommy did to keep Amy Grant out of prison? Stay tuned! xoxo Gif Creds

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Alfie Solomons rubbed his arms in the cold windowless room as he waited for his visitor. His thin oversized orange shirt rose up slightly as he pulled at the fabric, a nervous habit he still hasn’t shaken off, despite his time spent in this horrifying place. He wasn’t sure why he was asked to be here, for he had no family – at least none of them wanted to see him, in all his years spent in prison – and he had no friends. His lawyer stopped coming when he was sentenced, five years ago, and since then he was on his own, trying to learn how to deal and survive in a place where nobody was like him.

The truth is, Alfie Solomons wasn’t a murderer, or a thief, or an abuser of any sort. He was just an ordinary accountant that made the mistake of trusting his chief officer a little too much and let him slip numbers here and there – at least that’s what he told himself at night, because he had to continue to believe that his soul was innocent and this place was too rough of a punishment for a regular guy like him. When he tried to state his case in court, attorney Thomas Shelby shut it down before it even reached the jury the first time, but after the appeal, he crushed his state attorney in front of a full court room.

He had no vendetta against Tommy Shelby, for the guy was just doing his job, but he had a feeling there was more to that story then he initially thought. As he thought back to his days spent awaiting the trial, and the trial preparations itself, he remembered his attorney being particularly incompetent – and at the time he thought it was because he was overworked – and he remembered it somehow being a stretch, even Tommy Shelby’s worried face before the verdict. Alfie knew he was innocent – he was only hoping that Tommy Shelby actually thought he was guilty, and that it all wasn’t just a big setup.

“Inmate, against the wall!”, an officer came in the room and Alfie stood up, walking backwards until his back hit the wall. As he impatiently waited for the door to open again, the officer inside uncuffed him and he sat back down in his previous seat. Soon, a tall blonde woman walked in, her hair barely long enough to touch her chin and her eyes piercing blue, a smile she wore icy and it made Alfie want to go back to his cell.

“Mr. Solomons, I’m Tara Gibson. I’m your new attorney.”, Alfie narrowed his eyes at the unknown woman standing in front of him and he straightened his back.

“I never asked for a new attorney – or an attorney at all. My case is closed.”, he stated and she sat down across from him, a small smile on her face.

“What if I told you I could change that?”, she nodded her head at her and he furrowed his eyebrows.

“I would say you must be mistaken, for I have already been sentenced. I’m already doing my time, lady.”, Tara folded her hands in front of her chin and sighed.

“That might change. I’m a firm believer in corrupt lawyers, Mr. Solomons. And I am sure Tommy Shelby is one.”, Alfie leaned against the back of his chair and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Meaning?”, he pursed his lips.

Meaning – “, she smiled again, “ – I have reasons to belive Tommy Shelby tampered with evidence. I know he has a personal connection with Amy Grant – and I understand that doesn’t mean anything to you in this moment – but I need you to trust me.”

“Trust you?”, he rose his eyebrows and chuckled, “Trust you? Why are you here, miss Gibson? Because it sure as hell ain’t to help me. Guard – “

“Mr. Solomons, please.”, Tara Gibson rushed to say as she leaped forward, “I believe you’re innocent. I believe you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, I even believe the fact it’s you who is locked up in here is random, and it could have been anyone in your department instead. Mr. Solomons, this is bigger than you and me.”

“Miss Gibson, I have never heard of an Amy Grant in my life and I have no bad blood with Tommy Shelby, and I like my life that way. Please, leave.”, Alfie got up and outstretched his arms towards the guard standing in the corner, and he pulled the cuffs from his back pocket, cuffing Alfie.

“Think about my proposition – and if I am right, we might have an actual chance in court, Mr. Solomons. Give me a chance, the same way I’m willing to give you one.”, Tara Gibson also got up and Alfie laughed, the sarcastic sound ringing against the walls.

“Good bye, miss Gibson.”


Leaned over a folder on her desk, (Y/N) sighed and rolled her eyes slowly. Even if the only actual work she did with Tommy Shelby was going through boxes of cases he closed, it was more interesting and exciting than anything she’s done after that. There was a certain energy – an aura if you will – that surrounded him and everything he did. He was mysterious in an exhilarating way, even if he was stiff and sharp around the edges, and even if he didn’t perceive her. It was a thrill to work in his tempo and to meet his deadlines. Just thinking it makes her want to laugh at her own thoughts, but she can’t deny she secretly hoped there would be another opportunity soon.

Soon, her train of thought was interrupted by the incubus in the hallway – people heard silently commenting, trying not to be noticed as heavy footsteps approached.

He stopped outside her door, his body turned sideways as his eyes scanned the opened glass doors, reading her name and turning his head, a blue file in his hand.

“Good morning.”, Tommy Shelby leaned against the doorframe of her office and she rose her eyebrows, her mouth agape.

“Morning, Tommy.”, she looked behind him as people slowly passed, barely discreet as they listened in. Tommy looked at her a long moment before he inhaled, opening his mouth and shaking his head.

“What are you doing here?”, he looked around her office, his arms crossing in front of his chest, shoulder now supporting his body against the doorframe and his ankles crossed.

“I – I work…here?”, she furrowed her eyebrows. He nodded slowly.

“Funny, I thought you worked upstairs. With me.”, he tilted his head sideways with each point he made and she relaxed her shoulders.

“I – I do? Really?”, she smiled slightly and he watched, for the first time noticing the structure of her pretty face, before he rolled his eyes softly.

“Yes, you do. And we have a client.”, he lifted his right hand, the file in it shifting (Y/N)’s attention and he stepped inside the room.

“I told you, you were on my team now. And, if we’re on the same page finally, I need you to take care of this while I’m off fighting windmills.”, he said before he turned around and walked out, (Y/N) getting up again.

“What does that mean? Tommy?”, it was in vain, for he was already by the elevators by the time she stepped out of her office.

“Have a nice day, miss (Y/N)!”

Tommy put on his coat and started fixing his collar as Cassandra got up and followed next to him down the hallway outside of his office.

“Where are you going? Sabini will be here in no time!”

“He’s not coming to see me.”, Tommy tilted his head as Cassandra sped up and stood in front him.

“He’s your client.”, she said as she yanked at his tie slowly, fixing it as he looked at her.

“(Y/N) will see him.”, Tommy cleared his throat, looking forward to miss Cassandra’s smile.

“Oh, (Y/N) will see him? Will Tommy Shelby finally have an associate?”, Cassandra chuckled and Tommy rolled his eyes.

“She’s a paralegal so that answers your question. And no – I just have more pressing business and, thanks to your excellent choice of associates, I have to trust her to take over for me, even if she’s not even a lawyer.”, he rolled his shoulders and Cassandra pulled at the sleeves of his coat before slapping her hands against his chest.

“She won’t be a paralegal long, because she is in law school. And she has a lot to learn from you – and you from her. Don’t ever question my people skills, Tommy.”, he rose his eyebrows, but a small smile escaped him nevertheless.

“Thank you, Cassie, for all your talents. How can I ever repay you?”, she laughed as she stepped aside and he continued down his path.

“There is a beautiful Channel purse – “

“On my desk.”, he turned around after the lack of reply, “The rose gold one, right?”, Cassandra’s eyes wide, and Tommy’s right wrist flicked, “Right?”

“You didn’t have to do that, Tommy.”, she was still stiff and he turned back around and started walking.

“Yeah, too many things I didn’t have to do, Cassie.”, he fixed his collar again.

“Thank you, Tommy! Best boss ever!”, she yelled after him and he smiled.

Excitedly, she ran to his office, her heels clicking against the marble floor when she spotted (Y/N) on her way to Tommy’s door.

“Hey, have you seen – “

“Step aside, step aside!”, Cassandra pushed at (Y/N)’s shoulder lightly before she stepped in Tommy’s office, her face glowing when she saw the beautiful bag sitting on top of some papers on his desk, her hands intertwined under her chin, a grand smile on her face.

“Is – He bought you a bag?”, (Y/N) asked and Cassandra rose her eyebrow.

“A bag!”, Cassandra scoffed, “It’s a Channel, show some respect, honey!”, she said before she went to inspect it, carefully lifting it up by its handles and touching the leather, “Glorious.”

(Y/N) watched the scene unfold before her, not sure of her thoughts, for whose boss buys them luxurious items?

“Have you seen him? Darby Sabini is on his way.”, (Y/N) asked and Cassandra never took her eyes off of the purse in her hand.

“He’s out.”, she smiled and (Y/N) looked at her in wonder.

“He’s out? He – he can’t be out, I can’t talk to Sabini by myself!”

“Well, he thinks you can. Tommy does his homework, he probably already knows everything about your accomplishments, sweetie, and he needs you to show him you’re ready. I believe Sabini will be in conference room D. He likes that one.”, Cassandra was still in awe of her present when (Y/N) left Tommy’s office, in search of her client, nervous and anxious, knowing she was not ready for the meeting.

When she walked into the conference room, Darby Sabini was already pacing around, like a wild animal trapped in a cage, and when their eyes met, it was clear (Y/N) was not who he was hoping to see.

“Mr. Sabini, my name is – “

“Irrelevant.”, he interrupted her and she swallowed, a lump in her throat ever since she left Tommy’s office, “I only speak to Tommy Shelby.”

“He’s – he’s absent today, unfortunately, but he sent me – “

“Sweetheart.”, he interrupted again and rolled his eyes, “I only speak to Tommy Shelby.”

Sabini grabbed his coat from the back of a chair and it was clear she had to think fast before he exits this room and she has to tell Tommy he’s lost a client because of her – the repercussions of which should not even be thought of.

“I’m the closest thing to Tommy Shelby you can get right now, Mr. Sabini, and I think you should take a seat.”, Sabini looked up at her and nodded before he sat down.

“You know what, I’m gonna sit down just for the sake of that little speech.”, he pointed his finger at her and she sat across from him as well, “The closest thing to Tommy Shelby is a fucking prodigy if you ask me, and I’m curious really, more than anything else.”

“I promise, you won’t be disappointed, Mr. Sabini.”, she smiled and he narrowed his eyes.

“It’s my brother.”, he started, “My brother drinks too much and I need him out of my company. He’s a liability, and I can’t afford that at this moment, as you’ve probably noticed from my file.”, he nodded towards the folder in front of (Y/N) and she nodded.

“I think I might have a solution for you, Mr. Sabini.”

By the end of the day, Tommy sat in Amy Grant’s office, his face in his hands.

“Like I was ever going to pay him a million dollars!”, Amy spread her arms, standing in front of Tommy and he rose his head, his chin now resting against his interlocked fingers and he rose his eyebrows.

“Yeah.”, he mouthed, “And now Alfie Solomons will walk.”, he looked at her, fear taking over her features as she looked at Tommy, shaking her head.

“You can’t let that happen!”, she stated, tears in her eyes, “If that happens, we might go down for it.”, and something about the way she said it angered Tommy to his core.

“No, there is no we in this equation!”, he stood up, rigid eyes focused and bright, “There is only me. If he walks, I will go down for it. Because I was stupid enough to get you out of this mess in the first place.”, his voice cracking slightly as he waved his arm around, “You deserved to do time for what you did and I should have let you. Instead, here we are!”, the room was silent as Amy sat down, looking at Tommy, “And after all I’ve done for you, you couldn’t even pay a fucking bill to make sure I don’t go to fucking prison for it.”

“It was a million dollars.”, she tried to defend herself.

“Instead of our fucking lives!”, Tommy shouted again, and in his peripheral vision he noticed (Y/N) standing in the corner, “Shut up.”, he stated, and stopped next to her on his way out, “From this moment on, each man for himself. I have to protect myself, and Cassie, and (Y/N) first.”, he walked out and was soon met with (Y/N)’s curious gaze.

“Everything okay in there?”, she asked as they walked to his office.

“What do you think?”, he walked fast and she had some trouble catching up to him. Finally, in his office, he offered her a drink and they both sat down on a white couch. He rested his head against the headrest and sighed, and she looked at him.

“What did you do today? Did you find the report?”, she asked and he hummed.

“Today, I went on a hunt and I came back empty handed. Also, I found out I was betrayed by the person I trust the most in this world.”, he closed his eyes.

“That’s a little unfair to Cassie.”, (Y/N) added and he opened one eye, an amused glint in his eye, “I assume it’s Amy we’re talking about.”

“Why am I even telling you this?”, he shook his head and she straightened her back.

“Because.”, she said, “I am on your team now.”

Tommy laughed, a whole-hearted sound ringing in the empty room and (Y/N) swore it made her chest tight, not really expecting it to be so fluid, so golden in its warmth.

“How’d you do with Sabini. Did he drop me?”, he got up to pour himself another drink.

“No, actually he’s very pleased.”, she smiled at him and he nodded his head, bringing the bottle to the table in front of them.

“What did you propose, then?”, he sat back down and poured her another drink.

“Give his brother control of the warehouse, the shipping one. The one he barely uses, but his brother doesn’t know that. He’ll feel useful and powerful, and Darby will be able to proceed with his affairs.”

“Oh, Darby, ey?”, Tommy joked and (Y/N) chuckled, surprised at his openness and wittiness, never expecting him to have a warm side to him.

“I think we’re friends.”, she replied and he nodded again.

“Friends, interesting.”, he leaned back in his seat before his phone rang, Penelope flashing on his screen. He let it ring all the way through.

“You should’ve got that, I wouldn’t have minded.”

“It was a personal call.”, he said and (Y/N) hummed, surprise evident in her voice again.


“Fiancé.”, Tommy replied and (Y/N) didn’t say anything in return, “Thanks for handling Sabini today. I’m in way over my head.”

“I want in.”, she said and he looked at her again, “I want all the way in. I’m still a paralegal, but I’ll be an associate soon and I want you to mentor me – I want to be your associate.”

“I don’t take on associates, miss (Y/N).”, Tommy got up and she got up right behind him.

“I know that. I know you don’t. But I want you to take me on. I am loyal and fierce and I work good under pressure. Sabini is still here because I didn’t crack – I know why you let me handle him. You want me to show you I’m fit to be your associate – well, here I am.”, Tommy just stared for a moment.

She was unlike anyone he’s ever met. Full of contradictions – confident but shy, edgy but polite, always challenging him with fear in her eyes. Nobody has ever confronted Tommy as many times as she has and he has only known her a few days. From the moment she talked back to him in that conference room to this second right here, Tommy was certain she was different, and fresh, and ready, and he needed a good sidekick for the battle he’s about to step in.

“I don’t take associates because I haven’t found one I can trust yet, miss (Y/N). Can I trust you?”, he asked her without actually looking at her because he was certain she wouldn’t offer any replies, but instead he heard the click of glass against the surface of the table.

“I know the reason we’re still going through the boxes of closed cases is the fact that Alfie Solomons is innocent, and you know it – you’ve known it even when you prosecuted him all those years ago. For you were a prosecutor then, weren’t you?”, Tommy turned around, his gaze cold and (Y/N) felt small under his gaze again, the fear eating at her slowly.

“Sit down, miss (Y/N).”

Think about why it’s illegal to hire a hit man.

All you’re really doing is speaking and giving someone money.

It’s legal to speak.

It’s legal to give someone money.

Even if they actually complete the job, you’re not the one who committed the murder.

So why is it illegal to hire a hit man?

Could it be because inciting violence is not protected under free speech?

And if that’s the case, why should free speech protect Nazis advocating genocide?

IMPORTANT! ICE is planning a nationwide raid, Sept. 16 - 21. Alert your community members and defend your neighbors!

IMPORTANTE! ICE esta planeando una redada nacional, 16 al 21 de septiembre. Debemos avisar y defender a nuestra comunidad!

Reportes de una redada nacional
16 a 21 de septiembre

Lo que sabemos:
● ICE/La Migra esta planeando una redada nacional del 16 al 21 septiembre
● ICE/La Migra tiene como meta detener a más de 8,000 personas

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✔︎ Defiende a tu comunidad y a tus vecinxs
✔︎ Si ICE/La Migra llega a tu puerta:
✔︎ No abras la puerta
✔︎ Mantente calladx
✔︎ No firmes nada

I… can’t even begin to speak on the suffering of families worldwide just trying to find a safe place to live. The USA’s treatment of refugees has reached a new low, however. 

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