no idea what this guy's name is but I like him

Haha holy shit, I just had the funniest idea. Detective Conan but reversed.

Ran is at Tropical Land with little Edogawa Conan, he’s a neighbor kid who’s author/actress parents are often out of town so she agrees to keep an eye on him. Edogawa is already making a name for himself as an elementary school student with a knack for detection (though nothing on canon Shinichi’s level, think a bit above the Shonen Tanteidan). He spies some bad guys at Tropical Land and chases after, is bonked on the head and forced to swallow poison when, amazingly, he’s turned into a teenager.

He runs back to his primary guardian, Professor Agasa now as a 17 year old. He and Agasa are trying to figure out what happened when Ran shows up, scared out of her mind about where lil Conan went, and finds an absolute hottie. Conan panics and says his name is Kudo Shinichi (”’One Truth’, really Conan-kun” Agasa later says dryly). Ran is quickly smitten with the handsome, awkwardly and eerily familiar teen boy. Agasa says Conan has returned with his parents to America but his er cousin? yeah sure cousin is going to stay and watch the house for a while. 

Conan has always been mature for his age so he decides to continue hiding as Kudo while he investigates the Black Org but, on the inside, he’s still a 7 year old. He pretends to be homeschooled but stays at home and perfects the art of detection and how to be a semi-normal adult. He follows Kogoro around to learn about detection and quickly realizes the older man lacks insight, they work together and make a name for themselves getting bigger more public cases. 

Shinichi is overly simplistic and comparatively childish compared to an adult, he draws wild conclusions and doesn’t know basic adult facts but he’s cheery and has a passion for mysteries drawing people towards him. He’s very scared about people finding out who he is and does his best to act like an adult but still maintains his childlike optimism.

The series revolves around the strange Kudo guy stumbling through murders, learning bit by bit and slowly getting sharper and smarter and more efficient. He misses his old friends, the Shounen Tanteidan and hangs out with them as a ‘mentor’ as they work on cases together. Conan always had a puppy crush on Ran which is now more complicated by Ran falling in love with his fake identity of Shinichi. Heiji IDs Shinichi as a fake right away and soon learns the truth, feeling bad for nagging on a kid and recognizing burgeoning talent, he becomes a friend/guide and finds genuine friendship with a kid nearly half his age. I haven’t decided if its funnier for Ai to go from small to big like Conan or for Ai to be a shrunken adult and have towering Kudo Shinichi kneeling down deferring to her judgement. 

Basically its DC but a lot more wholesome and hilarious as little Conan tries to navigate a big world.

Sooo wanna share with you guys this DBH AU (mostly as a reed900 idea) that I’ve been constantly thinking about for like…ever XD

So what would you guys think of a Gargoyles AU? Like that super awesome 90s cartoon? I mean think about it!

  • Gavin Reed as Elisa Maza.
  • Nines(RK900) as Goliath (he is named Nines cause they were from the late 900s and Gavin sucks at naming things lol).
  • Connor is Nines brother (even though he is older he still lets Nines lead the clan as he feels more being an advisor, but still super protective of him).
  • Hank Anderson is Gavin’s superior officer but also confidant with the existence of Gargoyles and helps him out whenever he can (also not because he is interested in a certain leader’s older brother nuh uh no way ;P).
  • Markus, Josh and North as Lexington, Brooklyn, and Broadway 
  • Elijah Kamski as Xanatos and the Chloes as his robot clones (but only one a gargoyle clone).
  • Tina Chen as Gavin’s BFF and also confidant with the existence of the Gargoyles (has a run in with the Chloe gargoyle clone and was love at first sight! Aaaa love this pairing so much).
  • Simon and Daniel are twins but unknowningly they are magical beings (I guess like the Weird sisters). Simon was walking home from work one night, and suddenly he got jumped on! Markus was on his nightly patrol and saw this so swooped in to the rescue! Simon was absolutely smitten and didn’t care he was a gargoyle <3

Thats all I got for now but if you guys wanna throw some stuff in this AU feel free! Still exploring with this. Feel free to send me a message too! <3


-he’s the kind of guy that just gets swept off his feet by a woman

-the cutest first dates

-him finally convincing you to go for a ride on his motor bike

-pressing yourself against his back while he drives you over the hills looking at the water and he takes you to a place that looks over the whole city

-he’s just sweet

-like, buys you flowers

-first kiss would for sure include face cupping

-tender kisses at first

-hearing about all his stories of being a journalist

-talking for hours

-like this guy would just have a lot of interesting things to talk about

-and when you talk he just watches you with that smile of complete adoration

-he is big

-so he is big spoon

-just sleeping attached to each other

-waking up smiling every day cuddled to this bear

-he likes sleeping in and just groaning and pulling you back

-sexy morning voice

-he’s dtf all the time yo

-he’s so in love with you that he can be so tender

-but lets be serious, this boy had a dark side even before venom

-so he can be rough if you’re into it

-Eddie travels sometimes for his job and of course there would always be a plus one

-we have to talk about Eddie’s hands and that ring tho, like big hands cover big spaces yo, he likes touching, your back, your ass, your tits, your face, your hair… he likes touching

-then Venom happens

-Eddie initially trying to hide you from Venom but he can’t and Venom forces Eddie to let him meet you

-Venom sees you and is just like “we love her.” and Eddie is like “yeah, we do.”

-Venom vows then and there that he will protect you with just as much ferocity as he protects Eddie

-it would be weird getting used to

-i mean… there’s an alien. and he’s there with Eddie through everything

-Venom can be a bit of a dick

-so you could be making out with Eddie and Venom would cop a bit of a feel yo

-lets be serious, if you’re reading this you’re probably into monsters so imma assume you’re down with this shit yo

-Venom helping Eddie’s relationship with you.

-”we should buy her chocolate.” “good idea but why?” “because it makes her smile. we like her smile.” “yeah, we do.”

-no one can fuck with you

-you’d probably be compatible with Venom too so if you ever got hurt Venom would heal the shit out of you

-”wow, she’s really good at that.” “Venom, this is me time.” “no its not Y/N’s here.” “okay, this is me and her time.” “i can’t just not look.” “then be quiet.”

-my friend thought it necessary to include “self lubricating monster penis”… “it probably vibrates too.” “and it would be your exact favourite size… because he can change it.” only if you wanted to fuck venom and Eddie though. if not, that’s chill too

-having to explain to Venom the difference between good and bad people

-”what are we doing?” “we’re eating her out.” “but Y/N’s a good person, we can’t eat Y/N!” “no… i mean like… fuck. we have to give you The Talk.

-Eddie would hate it but Venom thinks the city is pretty from above so he just takes the two of you to the top of buildings for dates (Eddie crying internally) 

-yeah Venom is protective as shit and freaks out anytime any guy looks at you or flirts with you in public, even though Eddie is confident in your love for each other

-”can we eat him?” “no he seems like a good person.” “he checked out our girlfriend.” “my girlfriend.” “our girlfriend.”

-Venom helping Eddie win you things at carnivals 

-Venom likes horror movies

-Venom being huge ego, so on Halloween he goes out as himself and gets super complimented by his ‘costume’ 

-Venom and Eddie saying “we do” at your wedding

-So Eddie has cute pet names for you, like Beautiful, Baby, Honey. but Venom does not understand pet names, “why are you calling her Baby, is she not fully grown?” “okay i think i have this now, hello Perfectly Shaped Human.” 

-”why are you calling her sweetheart?” “because she’s sweet.” “HELLO JUICY LIVER!” “thats wrong. thats just… wrong.”

-you know what man, life’s too short to not at least be slightly interested in monster fucking, lol, don’t judge me, you looked this shit up. 

gif credit (x) original gifset (x) so i am actually in love with this tumblr account. like, this person is amazing and they are such a joy to see come up on my dash every day. they very kindly gave me permission to use their gifs and i’m so grateful because we’re both Tom Hardy fans and they create amazing gifs that can then inspire me to write <3 <3 <3

anonymous asked:

Sending you this cuz I know/love that you do Jewish MCU headcanons and I was thought of Jewish Peter Parker insisting that Spider-MAN was 100% accurate since he's had his bar mitzvah so technically it shouldn't matter that he still sounds like a child... Anyway I was wondering if you had other Jewish Peter Parker headcanons, you're always so good at them ❤


Because, like. On the one hand it’s just fun and funny and silly in the way we want Spidey to be- him being young and naive enough to take a command (like “You’re an adult in the Jewish community now” farther than it’s maybe intended.

But on the other hand, this is exactly what’s intended. Superheroes- at least, the best ones- are basically the living embodiment of “If not me, then who?” They’re trying to make the world a better place than it was. And that is the responsibility of any Jewish adult. Peter getting bit by a radioactive spider and saying “Well, shit, looks like my only option is tikkun olam” is SUCH A FUCKING RIDICULOUSLY JEWISH CHOICE.

Like- if Peter was already comfortably Spidey in Civil War, in the MCU he had to be pretty close to his Bar Mitzvah when he became Spider-man. Which means that it happened right in that time where you’re taking the idea of what b’nai mitzvot means super seriously. You’re suddenly expected to view the world as something you can fix. You’re considering what it means that you’re suddenly an adult, and that you have these new responsibilities, and how can you live up to them.

In that context, with great power comes great responsibility isn’t just about being a superhero, it’s also about being called to the bimah, and permission to read the Torah, and the ability to join a minyan. In that context, developing fucking spider powers must feel like a sign of how being a Jewish adult encompasses so much more than you could ever imagine, both in terms of pivilege and in terms of obligations.

Maybe “Spider-boy” could walk past someone who needs help, but “Spider-man” could not. In choosing that name, Peter is unequivocally embracing the  power and burden of Jewish adulthood.

something new (m)

➾ reader x college!jjk

➾ word count: 6k

➾ genre: dom!jungkook, virgin!kink, smut, fingering, dirty talk, oral (female receiving), degrading names, slight crack (?), 

➾ summary: jungkook has a thing for virgins. you just happen to be the one he has his eye on.

➾ a/n: this is for all my horny virgins out there! hopefully this quenches your thirst haha. and this has been such a relief to write??? i feel like so much unspoken tension was just released into this, prob bc i put all my kinks into words haha

﹍﹎ ﹍﹎ ﹍﹎ 

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this track presented a unique problem in that i didn’t want to write it at the time. I had written a really somber and melancholic track for the area outside the hive (the farm in the concept art) and changing it into something a little goofier and weird presented a unique difficulty for me. I just didn’t know what to do for the first time in like actual YEARS i had no idea where to even start. I kept at it for a very long time and eventually just muscled through it with sheer force of will. People often ask me the hardest track or my least favorite to work on. it was this one. silver lining: its also become one of my favorites. i love how it came out. thats the power of determination. did you know you can’t say determination anymore.

this was written for, yes, the fabled beekeeper troll that nobody will talk about. its become some sort of myth as to what happened to her but the truth isn’t that exciting. in early hiveswap days each member of the crew got to “pick” a character that they could choose one design element of. The person who picked beekeeper just had a fantroll based off of herself. they also just… drew micro/macro porn of themselves? a power move, honestly. I met them in person and they offered me weed within literal minutes of meeting so i mean i guess they seemed nice. when they no longer worked for the company it was just simpler to redesign the character than deal with literally any of that. mystewy sowved :)

at the point in production where they were figuring out names/personalities/traits they kinda thrust this one on me because it “would make the most people angry.” beekeeper troll was beloved by a very specific kind of horny dude. you know the kind that regularly says “lewds” or w/e. nothin wrong with that i guess. chase your bliss. but in an effort by my SO CALLED FRIENDS to antagonize me, they were like “heh h h e h he e e he h what if we make this cute girl character that hornyboys love into a dumpy little round dude and then say we based him off james who they already do not like.”

thanks guys.

anyway zebede’s bullet points and even his name are references to me but thats kinda where it ends. st. james son of zebedee is also known as santiago, which is my birthname. the tongva were “maybe” the indigenous people of long beach, where i live, which is “too far to visit” which is a joke about The Greater Los Angeles Area. I live 20 minutes away. cowards.

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I wish...

“What have you done to him?”

The glare Hermione was giving Pansy was so scary, the whole room went quiet.

“Relax, Granger,” Parkinson said, rolling her eyes. “It was just a prank.”

“You made him drink a potion!”

“Not a dangerous one.”

“You can’t prove that.”

“Guys—” Harry looked around the eighth year common room, at everyone staring at them, getting more uncomfortable by the second.

“I’m going to report you,” Hermione fumed.

“She’ll get kicked out,” Zabini interjected.

“Well, she should have thought about that before putting Harry in danger,” Hermione shot back.

“Guys,” Harry tried again. “I feel fine.”

Nobody seemed to be listening.

“It’s been fifteen minutes and nothing has happened yet,” Parkinson said in a bored tone. “Honestly, I thought it would be more entertaining.”

“You really should watch your pumpkin juice, mate,” Ron whispered into Harry’s ear. “It was far too easy for her to slip something into it.”

Harry let out a sigh and pressed a finger against his throbbing temple.

“We’ll go down to Slughorn’s quarters and—”

“Don’t get your knickers in a twist, Granger, he—”

“DON’T interrupt me when I’m talking!”

“I bloody well will when you’re talking nonsense like that!”

“Guys…” Harry closed his eyes.

“You’re walking on thin ice,” Hermione glowered.

“Oh yeah? Want me to show you how much I care?”


The two girls kept glaring at each other.

“You’re not a prefect anymore,” Parkinson snarled, “and Potter is not lying on the floor dying, so what do you even—”

“You can’t just go around, putting potions into people’s pumpkin juice,” Hermione yelled, her face glowing bright red.

“It was a harmless potion for Merlin’s sake!”

“You admitted you don’t even know its effects!”

Harry gritted his teeth as the pain in his head became almost unbearable. When Parkinson started shouting at Hermione, he balled his hands into fists and yelled, “Ugh, I wish you two would just SHUT UP!”

All eyes were suddenly on him. Some started whispering as Ron backed away and Zabini blinked at him. Hermione opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something, but she seemed to think better of it. Or… did she?

Her eyes widened and she suddenly looked panicked. Harry’s eyes wandered over to Parkinson, who had a similar expression.

“What?” Harry asked, throwing his hands up in the air.

Hermione made a choking sound and her hands flew up to her throat.

Ron darted over to her. “What is it?”

Hermione gestured to her throat and shook her head.

“You can’t breathe?” Ron asked, stunned.

Hermione shook her head and clamped a hand over her mouth.

“You can’t… speak?” Ron arched an eyebrow.

Hermione nodded. As did Parkinson.

“What just happened?” Seamus asked. He looked over at Harry. “Did you do that?”

“What? How would I—”

“Yeah, you said you wished they shut up,” Zabini said, giving Harry a speculative glance.


“Do it again,” Zabini suggested.

“Do what again?”

“Wish for them to speak.”

“That’s stupid, I won’t—”

“Just do it!”

Harry let out a sigh, feeling incredibly foolish. “I wish you two would speak again.”

The second these words left Harry’s mouth, Parkinson started screaming.


“I— I don’t—” Baffled, Harry took a step back.

“Oh my god, Harry, that was scary,” Hermione wheezed.

“But I didn’t—”

Again, everyone was staring at him. It reminded him of second year, when the school had found out he was a Parselmouth. Great.

“How did you do that?” Hermione asked.

“I have no idea,” Harry said, truthfully.

“Do you think…” Ron gulped. “Do you think it has anything to do with that potion?”

A murmur went through the room that made Harry feel even more edgy.

“Wish for something else,” Zabini said.

“Like what?” Harry almost stomped his foot. This was beyond ridiculous. Why in Merlin’s name was this happening? And why was it happening to him?

“Just…” Zabini looked over his shoulder. “Wish for that cushion or something.”

Harry rolled his eyes but held out his hand. “I wish I had that red cushion over there.” He almost toppled over when the cushion zoomed over and hit him in the face. A few people started laughing, others looked rather concerned.

“Bloody hell,” Ron murmured.

“This is bad,” Hermione whispered.

“What do you mean, bad? This is fantastic?” Ron roared. “Harry, the things you could do!”

“Like what?” Harry asked, skeptically.

“I don’t know. But you can wish for things! I wish I could do that.” For a moment, Ron was perfectly still, as though he was hoping the effect would somehow rub off on him after his declaration.

Over the next few days, Harry found that, unsurprisingly, Hermione was right. It was bad. After he went to Slughorn and told him he had ‘accidentally’ come across a weird potion that apparently made his wishes come true, the Potions Master had simply laughed while patting his own belly and told him, he should enjoy it while it lasts; the effect would wear off in a few days.

“I know you aren’t one to take advantage of that, my boy,” he had chortled. “Besides, you deserve some fun after… everything.”

Still, Harry was constantly on edge, trying to watch his words. But, of course, it slipped out once or twice. And, of course, it happened at the worst times possible.

Professor Flitwick had decided they should take a mock test to which the whole class had groaned. Harry had stared at the parchment and muttered, unthinkingly, “I wish I knew the answer to that.” Mere seconds later, several books had been floating towards him, but Professor Flitwick had flicked his wand before Harry could even touch one.

“Ten points from Gryffindor,” he had announced with a disapproving look on his face. “Mr Potter, I would have thought you wouldn’t need to cheat your way through this class. I’m very disappointed.”

Harry had groaned and buried his hands in his hair. When was this bloody potion going to wear off?

He was still feeling irritated when he headed to the Quidditch pitch after dinner. Being alone and clearing his head while flying seemed like the perfect thing to do. Except, he wasn’t alone. Of course. Harry mentally grumbled as he spotted white blond hair on the stands.

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casual clothes → pjm

Originally posted by gguk

↳ pairing: jimin/reader | fluff, smut

↳ au: therapist!au

↳ warnings: sex with your therapist, drunk sex, forced orgasm, dirty talk, praise kink, forced orgasm, dirty talk, praise kink, orgasm encouragement(?)

↳ word count: 4.2k

⁙ summary: seeing a therapist for your sexual troubles is one thing but to land yourself in bed with the very man who knows your problems is a whole other thing.

⁛ A/N: don’t have sex with ur therapists. 

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“I’ll see you guys on Monday!” You called, adjusting your bag on your shoulder as you walked out of the music shop you worked at. Jungkook and Taehyung, who were closing up and planning to go out like any young men would do on a Friday night, bid you goodbye as well.

“Be safe, dude!” Jungkook called from behind. You raised your hand up and waved to let him know you heard him.

It was 5:30 and you had to get home to prepare for your therapy appointment. You mentally cursed yourself for thinking it was a good idea to have your appointments on Friday evenings. Who really thought of that, honestly?

Still, however, you got ready and head to the office you’d grown used to being in over the course of 2 months.

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: In which Detective Right-All-The-Time confesses his feelings for Detective Terrible-Detective 

Word Count: 5604

Warnings: pure fluff y’all will get a toothache from all the sweetness 

Author’s Note: soooo i know i’d written a detc!bucky fic before but it was so vague and then i thought of this and i loved this idea and i had to write it down bc i knew if i didn’t then i’d probs forget it lol. this isn’t exactly a copy of any of the episodes i’ve just taken marvel characters and put them in b99 au with a lot of references here and there 

i hope you enjoy reading! as always feedback is greatly appreciated! :)

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“Don’t they have anything to do other than that?” Natasha, your fellow detective comments from her desk. Her eyes never left the computer screen and neither did yours, but you knew exactly what and about whom she was talking about.

Across the bullpen, two of your co-workers were playing a game of who can stuff the most tater tots in their mouths. Bucky Barnes and Scott Lang stood apart from each other in the kitchen area, aiming the food item at the other’s mouth.

Steve was sitting on Scott’s desk since it was closer to the kitchen - so that he could judge the challenge. The former two had come up with a silly set of rules and had the blonde detective to be the judge and place the ‘verdict’ of their ridiculous game.

“I know, right? And to think those two idiots dragged Steve into this too. They will never spare a chance to corrupt him.” You said in reply. “If they’re all out of work then they’re more than welcome to help me.” You joke, typing away on your computer.

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You Idiot - Sweet Pea x Reader

Summary: Fangs spends a night gossiping with y/n, Toni, and Cheryl at the Wyrm only to accidentally tell a secret about y/n without knowing it.

A/n: The italicized part is a flashback.

Word Count: 1706

Originally posted by all-about-that-fandoms

Y/n’s POV

I was sitting at a table at the Wyrm with Toni, Cheryl, and Fangs just hanging out and having a drink when Sweet Pea sauntered in with a tall, skinny blonde on his arm. He gave a wave in our general direction before settling in at his usual spot at the pool table. Toni and Cheryl rolled their eyes as she leaned up against him and whispered in his ear, giggling. 

“I really wish he would settle down,” Cheryl said. “He’s one hook up away from brining home a bulldog’s girl and ruining the sanctuary I’ve made here.”

“Calm down, babe,” Toni replied, “The last thing Pea would do is bring back a northsider.”

“He might be closer to settling down than you think, ladies,” Fangs chimed in, taking a sip of his beer.

“Sweets?” I asked, “No fucking way. Absolutely not.”

Fangs nodded, gulping down the rest of his drink and slamming it back down on the table as he went to get up. 

“Yes way,” he said, running his hand across my shoulders as he walked toward the bar, “Boy’s got it bad for someone. I’m just keeping it low key until he decides to make a move.”

Toni, Cheryl, and I exchanged glances before downing the rest of our own drinks and following Fangs to the bar.

“Spill,” Toni said.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave us ona  cliff hanger like that. Who’s the girl?” Cheryl added. 

Fangs held his hands up and shook his head before picking up his drink and heading back to the table. I reached my hand out and grabbed the collar of his leather jacket to pull him back. He spun around, only inches from my face. 

“Details,” I said. “Now.” 

Once I let go of Fangs, he stepped back toward the bar. He looked each of us in the eye and ducked his head down, so it looked like we were all in a huddle. He looked over his shoulder at Pea and the girl just to be sure they weren’t paying attention before he started talking.

“Okay, so I don’t know her name. He wouldn’t tell me,” he said looking around at each of us again. “All I know is that he had was hooking up with this girl a while back, pretty consistently for a couple of months, and he came over to my place in a fit. I’m talking running his hands through his hair and huffing and puffing. He was totally stressed out by this whole thing because it was supposed to be casual, right?”

Toni, Cheryl, and I were on the edge of our seats at this. Sweet Pea was never the serious type, never the one to catch any feelings. This was big news. Fangs took another sip of his beer and huddled back in. Before he started talking I saw Sweet Pea look over at us kind of confused. I kept my eyes on him as I listened to Fangs.

“So yeah, he was supposed to be casual with this chick,  but he ended up catching feelings. Heard,” Fangs said as Sweet Pea put his pool cue down and started making his way over to us. “He had no idea what to do. He was pacing around my living room ranting and-”

“Fangs, shh. He’s coming over here,” I interrupted. 

We all stood up straight and stiff while we all started sucking down our drinks, not wanting to make eye contact with Pea. He slipped into the little circle we had formed rigth between me and Fangs and looked around at us. 

“So,” he said, drawing it out, “what were you guys talking about over here?”

Cheryl choked on her drink and began stuttering before Toni put her hand on Cheryl’s thigh and took over.

“Fangs was just telling us some hot northsider gossip her heard from Kevin Keller,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” Fangs said, “Some stuff about some Vixen’s heartbreak of the week. Right, Cheryl?”

“Mmhm. Yep,” Cheryl said meeting Fangs’ “hold it together” gaze.

“Oh,” Pea said nodding. 

You all exchanged glances, and as he stepped away to get a drink, Cheryl let out a deep sigh. 

“That was close,” Fangs whispered as you all nodded and silently agreed not to talk about the subject any longer. 

After I got home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what Fangs had said. Something about it just didn’t seem right, mainly how he said that Sweet Pea had been hooking up with the same girl for a couple of months. That was so unlike him. His usual hookups were one night stands, a week or two if she was lucky. Then it hit me: Sweet Pea, and I had been hooking up like six months ago. I went back through the timeline in my head, positive there was no way our fling could’ve lasted that long. Could it have?

I shot out of bed and grabbed my phone, dialing Fangs. I waited as it rang a few times tapping my foot aggressively.

“Hey! What’s up?” Fangs answered.

I could tell he wasn’t at the Wyrm anymore because there wasn’t any music, but I could hear what sounded like pots and pans clanking around in the background. 

“Fangs, where are you?” I asked, praying that I didn’t already know the answer.

“I’m at Sweet Pea’s. Why? What’s up? You wanna come over?”

“No,” I said before letting out a groan, “I wanted to ask you something about what we were talking about earlier. I, um, I think I remember him saying something to me about this same girl, but I wasn’t sure how long ago this little incident was.”

“Oh, I think it was about six months ago,” he said, his voice quiter than before. “It might’ve been more recent than that, though. I think it took him a while to call it off since he was battling with actual feelings and all. You know how bad he is with those.”

“Yeah,” you laughed, “Tell me about it. Well, thanks. Bye.”

You hung up the phone as fast as you could then let out a big sigh. You sat there straing at the ground while you thought. You counted back on your fingers just to double check. One, two, three, four, five, six. It had been about six months since the last time you hooked up with Sweet Pea. I remembered:

“Pea, baby, come back to bed,” you whispered, patting the spot next to you as Pea roamed around the room in his boxers, drying his wet hair.

“Y/n, as much as I would love to, we have to go to school,” he said as he tossed his towel on my desk chair across the room.

“But school isn’t anywhere as fun as I am, Pea,” as said with a pout.

“Believe me. I know,” he groaned, sitting on the edge of the bed, “but we can have all the fun you want after school.”

“Uuuuuugh,” I said, rolling over onto my back as he got back up and gave me a wink. “Fine.”

“Good,” Sweet Pea said as he pulled on his dark skinny jeans.

I smiled for a second thinking about that morning. Little did I know, I wasn’t going to be getting anything I wanted that night. Sweet Pea came over later than usual that night. I had assumed that he was at the Wrym or out on Serpent’s business and forgot to tell me, But I’m thinking now that he had been at Fangs’ house. It was hard to remember exactly how it happened or exactly what he said, but I got the idea. He was calling our little arrangement off. I hadn’t really thought anythign of it until now.

Fangs’ POV

“Well, thanks. Bye,” y/n said before hanging up the phone so fast I couldn’t get another word in.

“Who was that?” Sweet Pea asked, coming into the living room with a couple bowls of mac and cheese.

“Y/n,” I said.

He looked at me with raised eyebrows.

“Yeah?” he asked, you guys were looking pretty cozy over there at the Wyrm tonight. I mean, you were looking pretty cozy with Toni and Cheryl too, but we all know they’ve got major heart eyes fro each other.”

Suddenly, I felt a pit form in the bottom of my stomach. It wasn’t from the alcohol, and I knew it wasn’t because I was full after two bites of food. It was because I totally broke a promise to my best friend.

“Look, Pea,” I said, turning to see him shovel a huge bite of macaroni in his face, “promise you won’t get mad at me?”

“About what?” he asked with his mouth full.

“I might’ve told the girls about your little FWB fiasco a few months ago,” I said, squinting my eyes at him as his brows furrowed together. “Cheryl had said something about you needing to settle down before you wound up bringing a northsider back and ruining her “sanctuary,” and I said it might be more possible than they thought. Since you’re still so hung up on that girl you were hooking up with and all.”

“And you said all this in front of y/n?” he asked, slowly setting down his fork and bowl on the coffee table.

“Yeah. That’s why she called actually.”

“What do you mean that’s why she called?” Sweet Pea asked, his hands clenching around his knees as he sat rigid on the end of the couch.

“Oh, um, she just asked me about how long ago it was because she thought you had said something to her about this girl, too.”

Sweet Pea sulked forward, his head falling into his palms as he sighed. I set my bowl down on the coffee table too and looked over at him. He drug his palms from his forehead down to his chin, clenching his jaw.

“Pea?” I asked, concerned.

“You idiot,” Pea huffed, throwing his arms up and slamming them down on the couch. “I was hooking up with y/n. You just told the girl I have feelings for that I have feelings for her.”

“You’re welcome?” I said, shrugging at Sweet Pea before picking up my bowl and continuing to eat.

The Chat Drawings

I have some hcs revolving around a one-shot I’m considering on writing to start off my writing in the ML fandom (before I move on to my huge amount of multi-chapter fic ideas.) In any case, this isn’t really how I assume the fans of Paris are like, but it’s an interesting idea to me.

  • Marinette doesn’t like how most fan art of Chat Noir is either just plain silly or literally making him out to look like some handsome, mysterious god of the night. There’s either shit comics featuring badly drawn pictures of him or detailed portraits of him looking all suave, no in-between.
  • It starts to really bother her the more she thinks about it, so she decides to contribute a different sort of illustration. She makes a sweet drawing of him just smiling really widely, wearing a flower crown and bathed in sunlight. He’s a dorky, lovable goof, and she feels like he should be portrayed as such. (AKA he’s not a flirt master nor is he just a meme.)
  • Obviously, Alya finds out, gushes about how great it looks, and begs to post it on the Ladyblog. Marinette reluctantly agrees, after hours of trying (and failing) to convince Alya that her work isn’t good enough.
  • Of course, Adrien, the boy who stalks that blog like a hawk, sees it immediately and he’s positively glowing in happiness. Then he sees the name of the artist, and he’s practically bouncing off the walls.
  • Most of the time, people who make detailed drawings of him either make everyday action scenes as seen from civilian eyes or draw him as this mysterious hero under the moonlight. He doesn’t know why— maybe it’s the black suit? The cat eyes? 
  • Who knows, but what he does know is that Marinette has a totally different view of him. Instead of cold white lighting, he’s in warm orange sunlight. Instead of smirking, he’s full-blown grinning. She even drew the setting sun behind his head, a little to the side, almost like a halo. It’s strangely personal, but very warming and flattering.
  • He’s a little surprised that she noticed that only one of his cheeks has a dimple, and he’s very surprised by the incredibly accurate depiction of his suit, honeycomb patterns and all.
  • Wait does Marinette maybe have a crush on Chat Noir?
  • (No, Adrien, you dumbass.)
  • (Okay maybe she does a little.)
  • Adrien confronts Marinette at school the next day and compliments her work, and asks her if she’s a fan of Chat Noir. Her answer is very honest, surprisingly, and she doesn’t even stutter this time. She’s more lost in thought.
  • “I think people don’t really wanna see how Chat really is, and it’s a little upsetting. I mean, I’ve only met him a handful of times, but he’s this goofy, dramatic, nice guy, and it’s a shame that everyone keeps trying to cover it up by either viewing him as this walking, talking shitpost or as some smooth Casanova, you know? So I’ve been… drawing some of my own interpretations. I, uh, I guess you could say I’m a fan. But I’m not a fan of how most people in his fanbase views him.”
  • Probably one of the first thoughts that comes to Adrien’s mind after hearing that is “I would die for Marinette, holy shit.”
  • The next thought is “wait did she just admit to having drawn more than just that one drawing?”
  • Adrien asks if he can see more and Alya being the best wingwoman in the world immediately takes over by yelling “LOOK AT THIS SHIT, CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE DOESN’T THINK IT’S GOOD ENOUGH TO BE POSTED ONLINE?!” The moment Adrien sees it he’s also yelling “HOLY CRAP MARINETTE THIS IS AMAZING?!
  • One of the pictures is of Chat Noir sitting down at a cafe table in broad daylight chatting with a group of three little old women over cups of tea. 
  • Another picture is of Chat Noir sitting at a public bench, a denim jacket over his suit, sunglasses over his mask, slid down the bridge of his nose so he’s looking over the lenses, puckered lips smiling around the straw of his red and black smoothie. 
  • Another picture, and this one’s his favourite, is Chat Noir dressed as the Dread Pirate Roberts, wielding a saber, battling a made-up akuma that looks an awful lot like Inigo Montoya. There’s speech bubbles, “Who are you?” “No one of consequence.” “I must know!” “Get used to disappointment.” It’s clever, definitely something he would say.
  • Now Adrien, Nino, and Alya combined are trying to convince Marinette that she needs to put her work online. Alya even mentions that since she’s posted the first one, Marinette got several thousand notes and comments on it. 
  • Marinette wants to fight it, but now that she has three determined heathens on her back, she really can’t do anything. Alya sets up an account for her and posts more of her work, and she very quickly gains a fanbase. In fact, her follower count explodes the moment the art is posted, and keeps climbing overnight. 
  • She’s now known as the Chat Noir illustrator. It’s strange, she knows that her work isn’t overly amazing or anything, but it’s ridiculously popular, moreso than most Chat Noir artists. She supposes it’s because of her unique take on him. Everyone seems to adore it, and it’s like she somehow started a movement or something.
  • She’s not really surprised when Chat Noir decides to make a little visit. She is surprised when he visited her in her school library during her studying time, but the actual act of him visiting isn’t too surprising. That doesn’t stop her from telling him to get lost, because they’re in public.
  • He doesn’t get lost, if you couldn’t tell. Instead he takes a selfie with her, posts it on his social media, and has a 3 hour long conversation with her about everything and nothing. She gets no studying done. By the end, he concludes that either Marinette has absolutely no interest in him at all or she’s just really good at handling a crush, which is more than he can say for himself.
  • (Yeah, he had the ulterior motive to see if she had a crush on him. So what? He’s a little shit, and if that grin is anything to go by, he knows it.)
  • Six new drawings are posted that night, and he comes to realise that Visiting Marinette = Art Inspiration. 
  • Marinette is deeply regretting the hole she dug herself into. Deeply, deeply regretting it. 
  • Chat starts bugging her about recreating those drawing she made in real life and quite frankly she’d rather die, but saying that isn’t going to stop him. So he buys a denim jacket, a huge pair of shades, and a dark red raspberry smoothie filled with boba. Marinette didn’t expect to be ridiculously pleased with the image. It suits him.
  • Now not only has she become the Chat Noir Illustrator, but she’s become the Chat Noir Photographer, the two of them going out and recreating all of her drawings. She regrets this idea a little less, she thinks, after she takes a picture of him having tea with a group of little old ladies.
  • She’s finally on board with everything when they convince the fencing instructor to dress up as Inigo Montoya. It was the best photo they had taken. She been sucked in, it’s too late for her, she’s emotionally invested in this now.
  • Adrien, Nino, and Alya don’t help they’re encouraging it. Adrien especially, weirdly enough, he seems particularly enthused. None of them attempt to talk her out of all this and she’s not sure whether to be happy or disappointed.
  • Shit hits the fan when everyone starts assuming that Marinette’s now Chat’s Best Friend. She may have gone too far, she thinks, dangling in the grip of an akuma, formed to look like an oversized lemur. Maybe she should… not do this anymore.

I got a little tired with this but I still love it, so I’m just gonna post it. Tell me your own HCs, additions, thoughts, etc! 

365 Days/365 Nicknames. ( Connor x Reader )

Originally posted by mr-connor

Request : I love the idea of the reader giving conner some sort of nickname like pretty boy, and him not knowing how to deal with it. Does that make sense? BTW your writing is AMAZING! - @glitchgamingirl ( not sure why it doesnt tag user ? ) 

Word Count : 1,122 eek sorry its so short 

Warnings : eeeh smut mention ? shitty writing cuz i wrote this at 5 in the morning

A/N : My first request !!! ahhhh writing for connor is too much fun u guys & amelia commented on my drawing !! todays been such a good day !! ( also not sure if this is completely gender neutral im too lazy to read through it again haha i am so sorry )


“ Y/N. “ A familiar voice chiming in from behind you.

“ What’s up, doll face? “ You asked curiously as you gently stirred cream and sugar into your coffee, a smile growing on your lips.

“ I- I can’t find Hank anywhere. Do you know where he might be? “ Connor managed to get his sentence out without stuttering more than once. Your nicknames for him never failed to throw him off guard, you seemed to have a different one for every day of the year! How much free time do you have on your hands and how much do you dedicate it to memorizing nicknames?


Gum Drop.

Caro Mio.

You had a whole arsenal of pet names at your disposal, ranging from generic to ones in a different language. Each name was an arrow to Connor’s heart, making his system go haywire whenever they flowed through his ears. His eyes averted to the concrete under his dress shoes, attempting to avoid your captivating gaze along with those devilish monikers.

“ Nope, haven’t seen him all day, sweetheart. He might be at his house, want me to drive you there? “ You offered happily as you took a few steps towards Connor, his eyes refusing to meet yours. You breathed out a chuckle, he was too cute! Despite him being so damn adorable, you weren’t going to let up on the pet names. You thrived off Connor’s shyness, it only made you want to whisper names in his ear forever. “ C’mon, Connor. I could use a break from all the paperwork. “

You grasped the android by the wrist and dragged him along to the parking lot. His stare was locked on the back of your head, his thoughts unable to process why you were calling him all these diminutives. What kind of game were you playing? What were your intentions? Connor couldn’t make sense of it, he was just an android. He didn’t understand why you took on an interest in him, Connor is unable to feel any emotions.

“ Y/N, can I ask you a personal question? “ Connor uttered his question quietly, his LED reflected yellow in the passenger window.

“ Of course, honey bear. “ You purred happily, your car roaring to life as you turned the key in the ignition. You peeled out of the complex, Connor’s hand instantly shooting for the roof handle. If it weren’t for your reckless driving distracting the android, he might’ve taken a small amount of pleasure in that particular pet name. Jesus, what were you doing to him? It was like Connor’s software wanted you to call him names more and more. He couldn’t even do anything to prevent it!

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Wilford ‘MOTHERLOVING’ Warfstache Livestream Breakdown Notes

For those who missed it

  • Took 2 weeks to make (3 days of shooting, 3 days of editing)
  • The first video was ever done in 4k 
  • The chalkboard was just random names made up by Mick
  • Took the job from Actor Mark. So Damn Handsome
  • There were too many clown jokes at first created by Mark
  • Knife trouble was not planned 
  • V A P E
  • Mark did not write in the toilet scene 
  • Sunday Night Heat was supposed to be the original title for the video. A parody of Saturday Night Fever
  • A deleted scene with Abe doing heroin
  • V A P E
  • There where different costumes for Wilford
  • The vid represents the exact middle from Colonel to Wilford
  • Wilford dancing and Abe first confronting Wilford was Mark’s favorite scene 
  • The Wilford in the background explains that everything is not what it seems (Along with the dodging bullets)
  • The martini was not there before; Let him sip; He only sip once
  • Wilford didn’t understand why he got from A to B but doesn’t think twice about it. “He’s done it before.”
  • Don’t look into the minutia of it
  • The viewer is the Character
  • Abe was surprised by the Winklehiemer name, like it was the first time he saw it
  • Wilford has no control of his “power”/ has no idea what’s happening
  • The glitch was intentional
  • The train was referencing the book Murder on the Orient 
  • The Colonel has a theme song
  • When Abe was yelling at Wilford about being the bad guy, it was the first time Wilford put down the martini
  • Wilford wanted to know when Abe is
  • The sweat was real cuz it was hot in the room
  • Mark’s favorite scene “I can’t remember”
  • Power shift from Wilford sitting in the chair to Abe sitting in the chair
  • The last scene with telling Abe he’s not crazy was William
  • The 44 Mag sound was the same sound when William shot Abe in WKM
  • V A P E
  • “No drifting off” Not meaning “Don’t die” But it means “Listen to me.”
  • Abe has no recollection of what year he’s in
  • Its been years after WKM for Wilford and immediate for Abe
  • The rewinding was “Let’s try that again”
  • 4 times Mark left his mic muted
  • Masks? What Masks???

I might of missed a few things probably but yeee @markired @lum1natrix


Translated a few excerpts from the Pash July 2018 edition Boku No Hero Academia magazine spread’s interview with Masuda Toshiki, the voice actor for Kirishima! The excerpts are about the Masuda’s thoughts on Kirishima and Bakugou’s friendship. Enjoy~

Bakugou & Kirishima’s Friendship!!

Despite Bakugou’s explosive attitude, Kirishima does not cower away from it and instead has built up a relationship with him as equals. They were also on the same team during the Sports Festival and study together on their days off. Their friendship has grown to the point where they can trust each other. Kirishima was also the first one to propose the idea that they go and rescue Bakugou. Just what exactly is in store for their relationship in this arc?

Picture 1: Kirishima is friendly to all types of people regardless of their background. His quirk is also just so compatible!?

What kind of relationship do you think Kirishima and Bakugou have?
I read the manga before it became adapted into the anime, and I was so surprised with this line in particular: “Kirishima is the key to successfully saving Bakugou.” 

We didn’t even notice that behind the scenes of the manga and anime, Kirishima and Bakugou’s relationship has truly grown to that of equals. It seems like they have really built up their relationship up to that point. Bakugou is not just someone who is special to Kirishima, but he’s also a classmate of his that makes him think “Wow, this guy is amazing” and respects him. However, he also probably thinks “even so, I won’t lost to him!” and somewhere in his heart, he has a competitive spirit too. Kirishima is different from other classmates when he approaches Bakugou.

Also in Season 2 during the Sports Festival, the two pair up in the Cavalry Battle and before the Finals test, Bakugou helps Kirishima study, right?
During the Cavalry Battle, Kirishima probably thought that because of his hardening quirk, it would be compatible with Bakugou’s, and they could both use it to the best of their abilities. If Bakugou is able to go all out, then it would also connect with his own assessment and strong points- that’s why he made that decision. During this, they didn’t utilize each other yet, but he just thought that they would make the best combination. However during the Cavalry Battle, Bakugou remembers Kirishima’s name for the first time, and I think that their relationship takes a big turn from here on out. Bakugou had a lot of lackeys when he was younger, and because of this, he probably wants to live up to people’s expectations. I think that might be another reason why he was able to build up this relationship with Kirishima.

My JIB9 Cockles Auto Story

So I’ve been promising to write this for two weeks and here I finally am. Apologies in advance - this will be long, there will be a lot of swearing, excessive punctuation, and gross fangirling. Also, for the record, I am NOT a Cockles shipper, before anyone wants to go there. I love Misha and Jensen together as friends and I am endlessly fascinated by their relationship. I do NOT think they’re secretly fucking.

So picture this - it’s Saturday at the con. At this point, I don’t think I had actually seen Misha up close and in person yet. So this was my first interaction with him. If you haven’t been to JIB, the autos take place in a big tent off the side of the hotel. It’s hot as hell in there and you’re waiting in line for ages, so there’s plenty of time for anxious sweating. It wasn’t that busy though and there were only a few people behind me. I noticed Jensen was there too, just finishing up.

I finally got up to Misha’s table and I had a piece of TFW art for him to sign, and a bar of Swiss chocolate to give him. The first thing I noticed is that his eyes are like freaking tractor beams. I couldn’t actually tear myself away from them (good to know my fics are accurate). And because of what happened next, I don’t really remember any of my interaction with him. Note to self for next year: pay attention when you’re talking to the handsome man!

I stammered my way through whatever I was saying (Probably: “No I didn’t draw this, I commissioned it from an amazing artist friend, useless blabbering etc”) when I felt a presence on my left. They’re pretty strict about who’s allowed at the auto table during the session so right away that was weird. Then I noticed that everyone around me (the handlers, people waiting behind me) had gotten really quiet, and Misha was no longer looking at me but at whoever was standing next to me, with a twinkle in his eye. So I turned my head to see who it was and stopped breathing.

It was Jensen Fucking Ackles. Standing right next to me. There may have been some other people with him (Cliff? Daniela?) but I was blinded by the absolute perfection of his profile. His face. It’s TOO MUCH. He was wearing a black button down shirt, and folks, he’s surprisingly small in person. Like he’s tall, but super lean. He was holding something out for Misha to sign. (At this point, if I had been able to function, I would’ve said something cheeky about him interrupting my auto, but alas, I didn’t speak the entire time this was happening.)

Each auto table has a piece of A4 paper taped to the front with the actor’s name on it. So Jensen had just finished his autos, apparently wanted to fuck with Misha, and decided to take the paper off his table and ask Misha to sign it. And Jensen also decided to pretend like this was an actual fan interaction, because who isn’t a fan of Misha (DON’T ANSWER THAT QUESTION I DON’T WANT TO KNOW). 

Jensen: “Hi Misha, can you sign this for me?”

Misha plays along, and takes the paper from Jensen. Jensen goes into full fangirl mode, says something like, “Oh wow, Misha”, and puts his hand over his heart while pretending to be super nervous and short of breath (I realize now that Jensen was possibly making fun of me - what a beautiful jerk).

Misha: “It’s great to see you again.” *signs paper*

Jensen: something like “OMG Misha, you’re so great” or “OMG thank you Misha” or something to that effect (If anyone who was there can confirm, please do!)

Jensen: *reaches out to hold Misha’s hand*

Misha: *takes it then remembers they’re role playing* “No I’m not - you’re not allowed to touch me. No touching!”

The handlers joined in at that point - “No touching! No touching!” - while Misha and Jensen were still sort of touching, and I think I giggled hysterically. Then someone, and I have no idea who this hero was, yelled, “No kissing!” Others joined in, “Yeah don’t kiss, you guys!” Everyone dissolved into laughter and Jensen took his paper back. And it was over. And I was somehow supposed to finish talking to Misha, get my stuff, and walk away without passing out. Obviously I had to record my reaction and post it on Twitter for posterity - I regret nothing.

As if that wasn’t enough awesomeness, fast forward to the next day. I was waiting in line for Jared’s auto. Once again, Jensen was finishing up his autos. I noticed the “Jensen” paper was back on his table, complete with Misha’s signature from the day before. I knew it was Jensen’s last auto session of the con. A crazy thought entered my head. What if I could get that piece of paper? (Side note: if you know me at all, this is not me. I am shy, reserved, cautious, hate to stick my neck out or draw attention to myself.) But what the hell. It was a con highlight for me and how cool would it be to have something to remind me of it.

The Jared line wasn’t long so I decided to risk it. I left my place in line and approached Daniela, not without a fair amount of trepidation, I might add. But I figured the worst thing she could do was say no. I went over to Jensen’s table, where Daniela was sitting next to him. Luckily he was talking to one of the other JIB people so I didn’t have the added pressure of having to talk to him. I told Daniela what happened and asked if I could have the paper. I’m surprised she even understood what I said, given how nervous I was and how quickly and quietly I was talking. (Even though Jensen had made the thing happen, for some reason I wasn’t sure I wanted him to know I was asking for it.)

At this point the other handlers figured out what I was asking, and Daniela very kindly said of course I could have it, so they got the paper off the table for me. They folded down the tape, smoothed it out, and gave it to me. I walked off, not quite believing I had gotten away with it. I went back to Jared’s line to wait to be attacked by yet another pair of beautiful eyes. (Edited to say that I thanked Daniela and the JIB staff so profusely that they for sure thought I was unhinged - and in case any of them read this - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INDULGING MY WEIRDNESS!!!!)

A few minutes later, Jensen got up to leave the auto room. As he was walking past our line, people were waving and screaming, and I held up the sign. He saw it and gave me the sweetest grin and a thumbs-up (maybe finger guns? I can’t remember). I like to think he remembered having broken me the day before, but let’s face it, he was probably just being a sweetheart to a deranged fan.

And that’s the story of how I got this:

When You're Ready | Shawn Mendes | Werewolf AU

Summary: Shawn owns the cafe next to the veterinary clinic where you work. He’s a werewolf and you have no idea, but you’re about to find out.

Word Count: 8.5k

The bell over the door to the tiny lobby of the vet’s office jingles and you look up to see Shawn walking in with a large hot chocolate for you. He gives you a grin and sets it on the elevated countertop. You stand from your office chair and grin at the steamy cup.

“Good morning kitten,” Shawn purrs and you roll your eyes at the pet name. “I brought your favorite, my special hot chocolate with extra whipped cream.”

“You know you aren’t going to win me over bringing me drinks everyday.”

Shawn leans on the counter and swipes a bit of whipped cream off the top and boops your nose. “Tell me what you want then and it’s yours.”

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Unconventional Night Out

Summary: The reader meets Bucky while they are both hiding inside a restaurant, one from a creepy guy at the bar, the other from a terrible blind date.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,982

A/N: Uh…idk how this is. Pls leave feedback ppl.

You leaned against the wall right next to the bathroom, pissed as fuck and scowling. People moved in and out of the bathrooms, mostly girls who wanted to touch up their makeup, and some to actually use the bathroom. A few spared you a glance when they entered or left, but most of them ignored you. You sighed, checking your phone for the time. Your stomach growled and you frowned. God, you hadn’t even got any food in you yet.

Your anger returned when you thought about the reason why that was so. You hadn’t had the chance to eat something before a guy slid onto the stool next to yours at the bar. He was as creepy as he looked, chatting you up in a disgusting, cringey way. And the worst part was, he just would not let you leave.

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apriljoy97  asked:

“A toddler broke your nose and I may or may not have snapped my thumb during a very intense game of Mario Kart and now we’re both sitting next to each other in the hospital waiting room” AU with Zimbits please!!!

Bitty could not believe he was sitting in the emergency room for something so stupid. After all his years of pee-wee football, serious figure skating competition, and now NCAA hockey, he found himself in a chair, cradling his hand to his chest and trying not to let anything touch his thumb, over a video game. Darn Holster and his “a Haus tournament will be fun!” like he didn’t know he lived with a group of hyper-competitive athletes. There was a reason so many games were banned from the Haus.

The worst part about the wait, in Bitty’s opinion, other than the potentially broken thumb and all that implied, was that he couldn’t scroll his phone comfortably. Did he really deserve to be stuck in the emergency room and deprived of comfortable access to Twitter? That really did seem like too much. He hoped the guys would come back with dinner soon.

He’d just managed to zone out watching the not-quite-prime time cable channel infotainment the waiting room TV in view was tuned to, entertaining himself by trying to figure out what the terrible closed captioning was actually meant to say, when someone settled hesitantly into the chair next to him. He looked over and immediately got caught in blue, blue eyes.

Sad blue eyes that were starting to be surrounded by bruising on both sides, from what Bitty could see around the compress the guy (the tall, dark-haired, well-built, annoyingly handsome even while injured guy) was holding to his nose. “Oh, honey, what happened to you?” slipped out before Bitty could stop himself.

And at that, the guy added to all the color on his face by attempting to turn red as well. “Uh, it was a babysitting accident.”

Bitty blinked at him for a second and then pulled one leg up so he could turn sideways in his chair and stare at the guy in amazement more fully. “A babysitting accident?”

“It wasn’t her fault! I was the dragon and Princess rightly defeated me with her sword-wand. She just… has more of an arm than I expected from a three-year-old.”

Bitty felt his eyes widen at the image this conjured up and he gave the guy a lingering once-over as he tried to imagine it in more detail… at which point he registered the Falconers cap, the Falconers’ rainbow logo shirt from last year’s Pride parade, and, yes, there they were, the atrocious yellow running shoes.

“Oh my god, you’re Jack Zimmermann.”

The guy, Jack, winced. He glanced down at Bitty’s hand and saw the phone. “Please don’t tell anyone?”

Bitty hastily tucked the phone in his pocket. “I swear. But why are you here? Don’t you have, like,” he waved his good hand vaguely before the other hand twinged and he brought its support back, “trainers or someone?”

“Sure, but they’ve got the night off like everyone else,” Jack pointed out reasonably. “The season hasn’t actually started yet.”

“I guess that’s true,” Bitty admitted. “My team’s trainers are gonna be pretty irked with me, too, come practice on Monday.”

Jack, as much as was possible around his ice pack, perked up at this. “Oh? What do you play?” Then he added belatedly, “And what did you do?”

“Hockey. At Samwell. And I think I broke my thumb. Video games. It was stupid.”

“Oh, my mother went there,” Jack said, and then, a little wistfully, “I almost did.”

“Really?” Bitty asked with interest. “What did you want to study?”

Jack looked so startled at the question, Bitty immediately tried to backtrack.

“I mean, not that that’s any of my business…”

“No, no,” Jack said hurriedly. “It’s just… no one ever asks me questions that aren’t about hockey.”

Bitty resolved there and then to fix that right away, and they spent the next hour talking about, of all things, the history of rationing during WWII. He had no idea so much time had passed until a nurse called his name for the second time and he startled so badly it jostled his hand, reminding him of why he was there.

“It was real nice talking to you, Jack!” he called over his shoulder with a wave.


It wasn’t until after he got back to the Haus that he realized he’d never given Jack his name. “Nooooo!” he moaned pathetically from where he’d flopped across his bed.

“No what?” Chowder asked, popping across the hall. “Do you need a painkiller? I can get you some water.”

Bitty waved his good hand dramatically. “A painkiller won’t be able to help with this! I met—” He stopped himself before he could break his promise to Jack about revealing his presence in the emergency room and restarted his sentence. “I met a cute boy at the hospital and I didn’t give him my number.” Which was rather understating the case, but he wasn’t going to admit that to Chowder. Or anyone else. He let his hand fall to the bed and let out a sigh of deep despair.

Chowder gave him an encouraging pat on the knee. “Don’t give up! Maybe you’ll see him again!”

Bitty reviewed his chances of ever running into a famous hockey star from a city almost an hour away again. “I really, really doubt it.”


“Bittle, can you come in here?” Coach Hall called from his office before Bitty could make it out to the stands, where he’d been sitting next to Lardo for the past week, waiting for his stupid thumb to heal.

“Yes, Coach?” Bitty said, and then stopped short.

Jack Zimmermann was in the coaches’ office. Jack. Zimmermann. Was in the Samwell hockey team’s office. At Samwell University. In Samwell. Where Bitty was. Right now.

“I was wondering if you might give Mr. Zimmermann here a tour of Faber. He’s making a donation to the hockey program—”

“In my mother’s name,” Jack broke in.

“—and since you’re not allowed back on the ice yet, I thought you could take him around.”

“Oh, well, yes, certainly, I’d be delighted,” Bitty managed, and mentally smacked himself for babbling.

“Great!” Coach Hall said, and picked up his clipboard. “Well, I’ve got to get out there, but I leave you in good hands, Mr. Zimmermann.”

Bitty and Jack just stared at each other as he left.

“Hi,” Jack managed. He sounded nervous, and it snapped Bitty out of his own stunned silence.

“Hi,” Bitty echoed. “I… I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. What’s all this about a donation?”

Jack shrugged self-consciously, looking down at his feet with his hands in his pockets. “I wanted to find you, and I knew you played at Samwell. I heard the nurse say your name, but you hadn’t ever actually introduced yourself, and I didn’t want to seem creepy.”

Bitty’s eyes widened in surprise at the revelation Jack had wanted to see him again just as much as Bitty had wanted to see Jack. He moved forward and took Jack’s elbow in his good hand. This boy. “Well, Jack, you certainly don’t do anything halfway, do you? C’mon and let me give you that tour.”

This time Bitty was pretty sure Jack’s blush was pleased. He grinned and didn’t let go of Jack’s arm for the entire tour. He made sure to show him the entire building, even the loading docks.

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The Accidental Mrs. Rogers Part 2

Summary:  (Modern Au) To celebrate your birthday, you and your friends go to Vegas. After a very drunk night, you discover that your life changed forever.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Words: 2290

Warnings:  A little bit of sexual themes, sexual tension and a very a confused reader. 

Thank you @unbetaedimagines for beta this for me, i know how busy you are and this means a lot.

Part 1 

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You sigh, getting in the shower. Letting the hot water relax your muscles, you clear your mind. You don’t have any idea what do right now; you hate this feeling of uncertainty. It makes you anxious and upsets your stomach.

Or maybe this is just the hangover talking; you did drink a lot last night.  You just hate not to know what do.

Usually, when you have a problem, Steve is the one who helps you, but you doubt that he is going to be very helpful right now. When you left him, he was sitting on the bed half naked, staring at the wallpaper.

As your body and mind relax, you start to get some flashes from the previous night.They don’t make a lot of sense, but they at least help you form a timeline in your brain; it’s almost like a puzzle.

Keep reading