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Your instruction will be similar to the course on pureblood professionalism that I offer for Muggle-borns, although accelerated due to time constraint and modified to take your unique deficiencies into consideration.“

"My unique deficiencies? Do I even want to ask?”

“Probably not,” Draco smiled. “But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to tell you anyway.”

“Gods, Malfoy, you’re –” Harry cut himself off; he wasn’t sure this could work.

“Brilliant? Gorgeous? Your social superior in every respect?” Draco supplied with a smile that would have looked at home on Gilderoy Lockhart’s face.

“– an arsehole.
—  This Charming Man by thusspakekate

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Man, I wonder was there any significant scenes that were deleted due to time constraints. Like, what happened in the bedroom, for instance. What was Barry's reaction to sleeping in the same bed as E2 Iris, his "wife". Was he chill or was he internally screaming? I need to know!

Lmaooo! These are great questions. I’m not even sure they went to bed, though. It looked like Iris was getting ready to dress herself for their night out. But…I’m sure Iris pulled him into the bedroom. I mean did you see how she went at him at the precinct? Lol

ἀλλ᾽ οὔτε σιγᾶν οὔτε μὴ σιγᾶν τύχας
οἷόν τέ μοι τάσδ᾽ ἐστί. θνητοῖς γὰρ γέρα
πορὼν ἀνάγκαις ταῖσδ᾽ ἐνέζευγμαι τάλας.
ναρθηκοπλήρωτον δὲ θηρῶμαι πυρὸς
πηγὴν κλοπαίαν, ἣ διδάσκαλος τέχνης
πάσης βροτοῖς πέφηνε καὶ μέγας πόρος.
τοιῶνδε ποινὰς ἀμπλακημάτων τίνω
ὑπαιθρίοις δεσμοῖς πεπασσαλευμένος.
But I can neither be silent nor break silence
about my fate. For since I offered gifts to mortals,
I am yoked with these constraints, a wretch.
I hunted down the fennel-filling stolen
wellspring of fire, which became a teacher
of every craft to mortals and a mighty bridge.
For such offenses I pay the price,
pinned with chains in open air.
—  Aeschylus, Prometheus Bound 106-113
APH Estonia Week- Feb 21-27

You guys asked for it, so here it is!

I’m very excited to announce our fourth-ever APH Estonia Week for the month of February! This event happens to coincide with the Estonian Independence Day on the 24th, which also serves as his canon birthday. How fitting! Our last two events ran all month long but due to time constraints this time around, we are returning to our original week-long format.

For those not familiar, this is a fanwork event promoting this loveable character. Prompt lists will be posted daily however, you don’t need to follow them if you don’t want to. They are merely suggestions to help get the ideas flowing. All mediums are welcomed!

To keep things organized, we will use the same tag as always apheeweek. Updates, information, and prompts will be posted here so be sure to follow this blog. If you have any questions, don’t be shy to ask. Feel free to share this with your friends and I hope you’ll join in on the fun!


Hey y’all, I’m moving from coast to coast in May with my s/o and my beautiful furchild! I’ve been doing a lot of research and as I’m sure you can imagine, moving is CRAZY EXPENSIVE so I could really use some help!


  • With the exception of headshots, any full color commission will be charged per hour. This also applies to any full body shots–even sketches. This is only because I’m on a tight schedule right now.
  • I’m willing to draw pretty much anything except sexual content and backgrounds (again, this is due to time constraints). I’ll do anthro, your gemsona, gore, portraits, fanart, chibis, animals, etc–although if your request has anything with a lot of detail (certain types of gore, armor, hand drawn patterns) I will add a few dollars extra. 
  • Sketches can be in a requested line style– loose or cleaned up, soft or with strong brush strokes. You can see they vary slightly in the examples above.
  • If you see a piece on my blog and want your commission done in that style, let me know! For instance, something like this Zant.
  • Solid color backgrounds. Full color headshots get an extra circular frame with transparent bg, if you so desire.
  • I reserve the right to decline a commission.
  • Expect 1-2 weeks turnaround for a standard commission.
  • All prices are in USD
  • Payment is up front and PayPal only

To request, please email with the subject line “Commission” and include:

  1. Type of commission and style (ex: Flat color without lines, waist up)
  2. Content (ex: Your OC, their personality, what angle you want, preferred color palette, and what clothes they are wearing)
  3. Reference images! This one is really important; give me as many as you can! 
  4. Your PayPal email so I can send you the invoice

Questions? Email caralista@hotmail or message me here on tumblr!

Reblogs SUPER appreciated!! Seriously, they mean a lot!

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What would your dream Dragon Age game be like?

Take a hint of all three games, mush them into one and VOILA!!! I mean, I’m generally happier than I’ve seen a lot of people be with DA so I guess for me it comes down to the execution of it most of all. For instance, say if we keep the final battles in level of epicness to the Archdemon battle, the open world and exploration aspects of DAI and also the cutscene level and focused story of DA2.

Like DAI for me, felt like it was missing a lot of interactions that I would have liked to have seen. Granted, that is likely to do with constraints on making a game but as technology gets better and they get more practice with Frostbite 3, I’m certain that those things will improve.

Also, I WANT TO BE ABLE TO ROMANCE ISABELA AND LELIANA IN HIGH FUCKING DEFINITION!!! Like please give me that shit! Give me HD eye crinkling from Leli and winks from Isabela and I would be the happiest little nug you have ever seen. Remasters anyone? Anyone?!

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I keep feeling like I need to do something great. That affects other people. I'm so determined and motivated. But I'm still in the process of defining what passions of mine are worth pursuing and how to turn them into achievements. I'm terrified that I'm delusional about it though. I'm doing good things in the mean time, and I have accomplished things, but I'm terrified of unrealized potential.

Determination is such an admirable quality–but there is a breaking point. Constantly putting pressure on yourself and stressing about achievements and everything on your to-do list isn’t healthy. It’s a recipe for burnout and losing your passion and fire. 

Have some balance take some time to evaluate where you are, where you want to be, and take some steps to get there. But, remember to be realistic and take care of yourself, enjoy life, and stop and smell the roses. Unplugging and taking some time off often leads to huge breakthroughs–your mind can be incredibly creative and wander without any constraints or deadlines. 

There are loads of people who “achieve something great” until “late”–J.K. Rowling was 32 when the first Harry Potter book was published (after being rejected 12x), Julia Child didn’t cook until she was nearly 40. You’ll be fine–work hard, but stop with the immense pressure on yourself.x

…the problem with buildings is that they look desperately static. It seems almost impossible to grasp them as movement, as flight, as a series of transformations. Everybody knows—and especially architects, of course—that a building is not a static object but a moving project, and that even once it is has been built, it ages, it is transformed by its users, modified by all of what happens inside and outside, and that it will pass or be renovated, adulterated and transformed beyond recognition.

The static view of buildings is a professional hazard of drawing them too well.

This should not be the case, since the 3D-CAD rendering of a project is so utterly unrealistic. Where do you place the angry clients and their sometimes conflicting demands? Where do you insert the legal and city planning constraints? Where do you locate the budgeting and the different budget options? Where do you put the logistics of the many successive trades? Where do you situate the subtle evaluation of skilled versus unskilled practitioners? Where do you archive the many successive models that you had to modify so as to absorb the continuous demands of so many conflicting stakeholders—users, communities of neighbors, preservationists, clients, representatives of the government and city authorities?

What is a context in flight? It is made of the many dimensions that impinge at every stage on the development of a project: “context” is this little word that sums up all the various elements that have been bombarding the project from the beginning—fashions spread by critiques in architectural magazines, clichés that are burned into the minds of some clients, customs entrenched into zoning laws, types that have been taught in art and design schools by professors, visual habits that make neighbors rise against new visual habits in formation, etc. And of course, every new project modifies all the elements that try to contextualize it, and provokes contex- tual mutations, just like a Takamatsu machine. In this sense, a building project resembles much more a complex ecology than it does a static object in Euclidian space.

—  Latour, Bruno, and Albena Yaneva. “Give me a gun and I will make all buildings move: An ANT’s view of architecture.” Explorations in architecture: Teaching, design, research (2008): 80-89.

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So in Greek au how would the Finn and costia issue come to happen

costia is actually more of a Current issue because she’s dating lexa right now. they started dating a few months after clarke and lexa broke up. costia is in a business fraternity. her goals line up more with lexa’s than clarke’s complete lack of goals ever did. they’re basically a perfect match but lexa can’t quite make herself love her the way she loved clarke.

and finn hM. this is more difficult for me bc of the time constraint of the plot. lexa and clarke are together basically all of freshman year so it’s possible that he was the high school boyfriend. like clarke and raven were high school friends and raven was dating finn, her childhood sweetheart, but then clarke fell for him and things between her and raven got REALLY muddled and fucked up, and finn dumped raven for clarke, so clarke and raven stopped being friends. and then finn dies. how im not sure yet but it’s likely sometime between the middle of senior year and the end. it’s a huge catalyst for clarke’s change in mindset. the ‘don’t look at the future bc what’s the point when plans are fucked up by fate’.


Russian Artist Crafts Elaborate Baroque Paper Wigs

Asuya Kozvin is a Russian paper artist, who makes elaborate paper wigs in her latest art project. She explores a classical theme and brings it to life through the creative medium of paper. Her artwork does not strive to be a realistic impression of the historical accessory, but a fun way for people to renew their fascination for the styles of that era.

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Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures

Project from the Institute of Computational Design uses wall-climbing robots to create web-like structures:

The project Mobile Robotic Fabrication System for Filament Structures, demonstrates a new production process for filament structures. It proposes multiple semi-autonomous wall climbing robots to distribute fiber filament, using any horizontal or vertical surface, or even existing architecture, to support the new structures. Compared to larger scale industrial robots that are limited by position and reach, these robots are enabled with movement systems and a collection of sensors that allow them to travel and interact accurately along typical ground, walls, roofs, and ceilings. One can imagine a fabrication process where an operator arrives to the scene with a suitcase housing all the necessary robots and materials to create a large structure. These agile mobile robotic systems move robotic fabrication processes beyond the constraints of the production hall, exposing vast urban and interior environments as potential fabrication sites.

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2p!Nyo!America ~ @ask-second-rep-allie​ | Instagram

Photographer ~

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Do you have any advice for someone that just started their first webcomic? Like, if you could go back and tell your younger self what to watch out for and work on, what would you say? (Sorry if this is too broad I'm just still figuring things out...)

Hm! Hindsight is 20/20, as they say, so I’ll do my best to be thorough here. I don’t have rock solid advice, more like… a collection of things to be aware of:

• find your strengths and the constraints you’ll be working under, and run with them. If you are quick at drawing and can finish a stack of pages per week, create a buffer and update on a regular schedule. If you’re detail-oriented and want to run the comic as more of a hobby, relax and draw your pages at your own pace and update whenever (although if you’re trying to build a readership, it does help to keep to a schedule). don’t stress about anyone else’s workflow, output, audience, or style

• you don’t need to be friends with every single person who also draws a webcomic. it’s always ideal to be civil to your “coworkers”, but there’s no social expectation for every accountant to be friends with one another– so there should be no reason to attempt to ingratiate yourself with people you don’t like. I’ve tried, it’s not worth it. You’ll fall into your own friend group naturally, give it time

• if someone calls you out on writing/drawing something suspect, take the time to listen to them. you don’t need to bend over backwards to please everyone on the internet, but you do need to be aware and sensitive to all manner of criticism! you are a one-person publisher– you have the power to educate and correct yourself/your content, and to do better in the future.

• on a related note: don’t be afraid to edit your comic as you go! chances are, it will take years to finish, and by the time you’re done you almost certainly will have outgrown it. screw consistency, keep yourself happy

• draw the comic at print res, even if you don’t think you’ll ever make a book. you might change your mind. do yourself a favour

• sell books at 3x the printing cost and figure out your shipping prices before you list them



1. Alienation - creating emotional isolation
2. Betrayal - fading bonds of love
3. Birth - life after loss, life sustains tragedy
4. Coming of age - boy/girl becomes a man/woman
5. Conformity - industrialization and the conformity of man
6. Death - death as mystery, death as a new beginning
7. Deception - appearance versus reality
8. Discovery - conquering unknown, discovering strength
9. Duty - the ethics of killing for duty
10. Escape - escape from family pressures, escaping social constraints
11. Family - destruction of family
12. Fortune - a fall from grace and fortune
13. Generation gap - experience versus youthful strength
14. God and spirituality - inner struggle of faith
15. Good and evil - the coexistence of good and evil on earth
16. Heroism - false heroism, heroism and conflicting values
17. Home - security of a homestead
18. Hope - hope rebounds
19. Hopelessness - finding hope after tragedy
20. Individualism - choosing between security and individualism
21. Isolation - the isolation of a soul
22. Journey - most journeys lead back to home
23. Judgment - balance between justice and judgment
24. Loss - loss of innocence, loss of individualism
25. Love - love sustains/fades with a challenge
26. Patriotism - inner conflicts stemming from patriotism
27. Peace and war - war is tragic, peace is fleeting
28. Power - Lust for power
29. Race relations - learned racism
30. Sense of self - finding strength from within
31. Suffering - suffering as a natural part of human experience
32. Survival - man against nature


By No Constraint (chpt 16)

A holotape, an echo, a missing son; the Commonwealth awaits. Travelling a lonely path laced with blood and grief, Quinn finds herself thrust into a world of chaos, with only the kindness of a few to guide her. But when events unfold that brings a friend’s world crashing down, can Quinn find the strength to pull them both through the trials of steel to the other side?

SS x Danse

Chapter List

Thanks to Musashi1596 for the title! Thank you to @tasty-poptard, @sillynuggetarts, and waiting4morning for their invaluable beta help.

And thanks to those of you who leave comments. Yes, I do read all the tags. ;)

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WARNING: Massive spoilers for the main plot of Fallout 4. You have been warned.

The Father and the Son


“Everyone, keep a tight formation,” Danse said in a low voice, crouched down as he reeled off his orders to his squad. “Marguerie, watch the rear. Cooper, you take point with me. The rest of you, follow and stay sharp. You’ve all fought them before; you know how fast they are. But they don’t have our training. If you stay alert, you’ll be fine…even if we find the worst in there.”

He broke off. It would do no good to lose composure now. Not when they were so close. His team was counting on him. When Danse spoke again, his voice was blissfully steady.

“Look out for survivors, but don’t compromise your own safety or the safety of the squad. We’re not here for heroics. Shout out to the rest of us so we can secure them and keep them out of harm’s way. If you find anyone who didn’t make it, leave them and collect their tags after we have cleared the area. Understood?”

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