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El diario de Leni 17 / Leni’s Diary 17

Anuncio importante / Important announcement

Voy a retirarme de internet por tiempo indefinido.

I’m going to retire from the internet indefinitely.

Desde hace meses he estado acarreando varios problemas económicos, emocionales y ahora también físicos. No es algo muy serio, pero en estos momentos no puedo hablar o comer, mucho menos dibujar.

For months I have been carrying several economic, emotional and now also physical problems. It isn’t very serious, but at this moment I can’t talk or eat. Much less draw.

Varios de ustedes ya habrán notado como pase de 3 dibujos por semana a 1 por mes. Así que he decidido retirarme de momento.

A lot of you have already noticed how I used to do 3 drawings per week and now 1 per month. So I’ve decided to retire for now.

Podría volver en algunos días, semanas o meses. Pero esta vez no puedo prometer una fecha.

I could go back in a few days, weeks or months. But this time I can’t promise a date.

Nunca me ha gustado decir “Adiós” pues suena como una despedida definitiva. Así que, si nos volvemos a ver o no. Buenos días, buenas tardes y buenas noches. :3

I never liked to say “Goodbye” because it sounds like something definitive. So, if we see each other again or not. Good morning, good evening and good night. :3

What is with all the nasty phil hate today? Like?? Dan would not like you. How do you not get that?? It’s bewildering. you people are saying mean and insulting and belittling things about the most important person in his life. Like Dan would not like you. He would think you’re a bad, mean-spirited bully. It’s pathetic.

prompted by one of finn’s last tweets, today i wanna spend some time talking about how important it is to advocate for mental illness. especially when you have a huge platform to do so. especially in wrestling.

this is an environment (and also a fandom) where feelings and struggles are seen as weaknesses. we have, sadly, many examples of it in wrestling. and we don’t talk about it enough. we have people admitting to struggle with mental illness casted away or labeled with epitomes im not going to report here. we have people succumbing to mental illness because the whole wrestling environment prompts you to bottle up all your feelings as if it’s the best way to make them all go away. until you can’t take it anymore.

and yet wrestling, followed by kids from all over the world, could be the best platform to actually talk about issues and teach a lesson. to go against that toxic masculinity that still make people roll their eyes when a guy cries or when a guy shows the world his weaknesses and wears his heart on his sleeves.

wrestling has the power to tell in a simple way incredible stories. of friendship, and betrayal, and redemption. wwe and any other promotion could do so much for their audience. could tell young male fans that is okay to cry. it’s okay to feel sad and ask for help.

finn has always been an advocate for mental illness awareness. he’s always spoke about how the government and the society invest so little in it. he used his platforms times and times again to speak about it. and speak loudly. he has never shied away from issues like bullying and suicide and depression.

and today, with his tweet that linked to a speech made by the actor John Connors who talks about how “creativity can definitely be a component to heal people”, he proved again how even a small gesture can be important for others.

deep down, every heartfelt tweet he does, you get the feeling that he knows what he’s talking about. and this kinship, this little red thread that connects his fans to him, is truly something i personally cherish a lot.

sorry for this long rambling, but i feel like i had to address this especially today. especially now that i feel sad and hopeless.

because that single tweet, in more than one way, is helping me to get through the night.

so thank you finn. and thank you to all the other wrestlers who use their platforms for the right thing.

you have no idea how much this helps.

18th century Discourse: Women, especially young ones, are ruled by affect and lack critical thinking. Their minds are so soft and their sense of self so permeable that they identify with any fictional characters they come across, and must be shielded from sexual and morally ambiguous tales. The fictional stories they consume will effect the way they view the world (in particular their ideals of romantic relationships), which will effect the way they raise their offspring, which will in the long run poison the minds of our children and destroy our nation. We must socially regulate women’s tastes, making sure that all women are shamed into consuming only what we deem pure and morally didactic fiction.

Tumblr antis 2018: same

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Who is insulting Phil? Who needs to get punched? No for real: Did I miss something? Why would somebody dislike Phil?

People sending out anons today about how Phil isn’t attractive enough for Dan.

It’s like yes I’m sure Dan, who these ppl obviously stan, who works for a cyberbullying campaign, would love to know these so called fans of his are out here bullying Phil about his looks. It’s not okay behavior and it needs to stop.

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Dustin told Mike that he and Lucas were best friends and Mike refuted it adamantly - because the party were all best friends equally - and then backed it up by literally stepping off a cliff knowing full well he was gonna die just so the bullies wouldn’t hurt Dustin. He chose to die for Dustin. Not only is that part of the scene entirely underrated by the fandom and overshadowed by El saving him and the cute Group Hug, it’s so critical in showing how far Mike is willing to go to keep his friends safe.