no bras allowed

Protect Yo Damn Brand!!!

Consider yourself a company.

Every company/organization has branding standards. (Working at Target requires you to wear red and khaki; police officers have to wear standard uniforms; corporate jobs require business attire; working in customer service requires patience and people skills; being a mechanic requires knowledge of cars and a willingness to get dirty, etc.)

In order to live for greatness, maximize happiness, attain the life that you TRULY deserve and become the FULLEST version of yourself, you must (1) CREATE and (2) ADHERE TO the standards of your own brand.

Like a large, multinational corporation, you must NEVER deviate from the standards of your brand after they have been established. EVER! (On-duty police officers are never allowed to wear jeans or leggings (LMAO!!); Target employees can never wear yellow shirts; customer service workers can never yell at their customers; lawyers don’t get to wear slippers in court; military personnel can nerve wear long, unkempt hair.) To do any of these things would be grossly against the brand of the corporations being represented, thus, strictly forbidden.

Imagine what YOUR life would look like if you followed the same standards for your OWN brand as seriously as you do for the brand of your employer!

For example, TheRebelWrites does NOT fancy artificial waking mechanisms (alarm clocks LOL), so when choosing a company to which she will contract her skills for monetary compensation (who Ima work for and with and possible around), as well as a subject/place to teach the world’s children, she runs the potential client’s request through her rigorous branding standards.

As luck would have it, unfortunately waking up early 5 days a week to work for someone else is NOT in line with TheRebelWrite’s brand.

So projects requiring this time commitment are summarily introduced to and rejected by my CEO (me! LMAO!), as they are against brand standards.

And no one gets to create, alter or edit my brand standards but yours truly, just as I would not be allowed to wear a black shirt while working for Target.

This also applies to relationships, friendships, living situations, travel destinations–everything in life. (Does being in an abusive relationship comply with your brand’s standards? Does hanging around people with no motivation to achieve something greater? Does wearing cheap underwear? Does witnessing societal injustice? Does NOT taking action to manifest your dreams? Does eating fake ass cheese? (Broke or not, I buy REAL cheese!) Does living on a noisy street? Does being subjected to random drug testing? Does working in a toxic environment? Does living in a place that has no natural lighting? Does living in a cold, rainy city? Does working for pennies? Does always having to cover your tattoos and remove your piercings? Does never being able to express your true thoughts? Does traveling to a place with no green space???)

You see, once you have created your brand, you will realize that YOUR desires and brand are infinitely more important than those of some corporation…and it’s all UP from there!!! xD