no bras allowed

dress code is sexist and unnecessary. it makes adolescent girls feel like they have to hide their body and be ashamed of their shoulders. bra straps aren’t allowed?? whats so sinful about an elastic?? what about all the boys walking around with their pants sagging and wearing muscle tees? but girls can’t do that? from the moment they are put in school, girls are pushed to believe that showing their own shoulders and legs is inappropriate and sexy. the only thing we can do to change this is teach men not to sexualize the female body! but schools don’t want to do that. they don’t want to put time and effort into teaching boys something very important.

School dresscode is ridiculous, now that I think of it.

Girls are forced to wear bras. We cannot not wear bras to school.

Our bras are not allowed to be visible while we are at school. At all.

If someone can see the straps of your bra, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If someone sees the outline of your bra through your shirt, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If your shirt in thin enough to see the pattern/color of your bra underneath, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a jacket/sweater/coat.

If your sleeves are wide enough that people can see your bra through them, you’re told to go change your shirt, or put on a sweater/jacket/coat.

And yet.

Most shirts for girls insist upon having a wide collar, or a deep V neck.

Most shirts for girls insist upon being paper thin so that we have to wear double layers just to be ‘school appropriate’.

Girls cannot wear tanktops at school unless the 'sleeves’ are wide enough to hide the straps of their bra. And then, if the strap of their bra managed to move out from beneath the sleeve, we’re once again in violation of the school dress code.

Bras are expensive. We cannot just go out and buy a strapless bra anything the temperature starts to rise enough that we can’t wear long sleeves.

We are forced to wear bras. But we are forced to pretend that we’re not. We’re forced to pretend that boobs don’t actually frakking exist outside of sexual situations. We have to pretend that they’re something to be ashamed of, or gross, and only exist for the pleasure of men.

Do you realize how much having to pretend that bras don’t exists limits our choices of shirts? The collars cannot be wide, the V-necks cannot be wide, the sleeves must be tight to our skin, the fabric must be thick enough not to be transparent, and loose enough that it doesn’t conform to the shape of our body.

And wow this started out as a single sentence whoops.

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Startup ThirdLove wants to revolutionize bra shopping. Its app allows women to calculate their bra size by taking two iPhone mirror selfies. 

The technology analyzes body size in relation to the iPhone’s size with accuracy down to an eighth of an inch. In addition to developing this sizing tech, ThirdLove has designed a line of customizable bras and underwear. 

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The Bullet Bra - Following the Second World War, material availability, production and marketing, and demand for a greater variety of consumer goods, including bras. The baby boom specifically created a demand for maternity and nursing bras, and television provided new promotional opportunities. Manufacturers responded with new fabrics, colours, patterns, styles, padding and elasticity. Hollywood fashion and glamour influenced women’s fashion choices including bras like the cone-shaped, spiral-stitched bullet bra popularized by actresses like Patti Page, Marilyn Monroe, and Lana Turner, who was nicknamed the “Sweater Girl”. Bullet bras allowed women to add a cup size to their bust.