no bras allowed

@snarp replied to your post“hi i’m here w/a bunch of old ghosts and by that i mean TELL ME ABOUT…”

No Feferi still has Life powers and it’s FINE

equius makes her a robot body!!

vriska still wears lots of inappropriate denim for her age and position and kanaya loathers her for it

BTS imagine: he is a fuck boy

Jin:  “I stubed my toe :( Suck my dick pls”

Suga:Come on, everybody knows a blowjob isn’t considerete cheating”

Rap Monster: “I’m good at relaxing at home, but I need a cuddle buddy!:D I only have one rule though - no bras allowed ;)”

J-Hope: “Wow… you would fit perfectly… On my face ;)”

Jimin:  “My girlfriend doesn’t have to be my girlfriend tonight.. ;)”

V: “I’d like to get my basilisk into your Chamber of Secrets”

Jungkook: “I’m sure you get this a lot, but I’m 9 inches and can prove it”

dress code is sexist and unnecessary. it makes adolescent girls feel like they have to hide their body and be ashamed of their shoulders. bra straps aren’t allowed?? whats so sinful about an elastic?? what about all the boys walking around with their pants sagging and wearing muscle tees? but girls can’t do that? from the moment they are put in school, girls are pushed to believe that showing their own shoulders and legs is inappropriate and sexy. the only thing we can do to change this is teach men not to sexualize the female body! but schools don’t want to do that. they don’t want to put time and effort into teaching boys something very important.