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weird movie masterpost pt. 1

House (1977) - a girl brings her friends to visit her aunt and it doesn’t go well with really beautiful special effects

Fantastic Planet (1973) - a human enslaved by aliens sets forth a revolution in this strange animated film

An Optical Poem (1938) - no plot? no problem! just some super trippy circles to classical music

Begotten (1991) - not for the faint of heart or the strong of heart proceed with caution 

Un Chien Andalou (1929) - a classic surrealist film written by one the kings of weird salvador dalì  

Les Escargots (1965) - starts out with a pretty basic plot but then takes a weird turn

Les Dents du Singe (1960) - this animated feature follows a man who sells his teeth to a corrupt dentist

Suspiria (1977) - an american at a prestigious german ballet school notices strange behavior in its staff with an awesome soundtrack

*movies with links are available on youtube

**send me recs for pt. 2 please!!!

***pt. 2 // pt. 3 // pt. 4

Songs To Numb Your Mind With (PLAYLIST)

Because it is so good to be half-conscious and half-confused on a Sunday evening. Here’s my list of extraordinarily brain-stoning music pieces - sort of.

(unfortunately embedded video is only available to first five songs. This nevertheless means the rest are inferior to my view. Youtube links are still available to click on the title.)

Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb

No questions, no surprises.

Hyukoh - Mer

Nobody cares what in the world Oh Hyuk is singing because it’s sounds just sooo good.

Jeff Buckley - Opened Once

Not to mention that his voice is always silky and captivating.

The Black Skirts - Everything

This almost makes you wish you were in love.

Copeland - Kite

Don’t we all wish we were a child?

Porcupine Tree - Lazarus

Simply haunting.

Beck - Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometime

Just the right consistency to follow you wandering aimlessly in town

Between the Buried and Me - Mirrors

There’s a reason why I ship them for 10 years. Their jazzy pieces are always effective. And this is only the beginning.

Copeland - Hold Nothing Back

Yes, I already mentioned the band. However I can’t just simply pass this on.

Steven Wilson - Deform to Form a Star

8 minutes, and not a single second to waste.

Donny Hathaway - Sack Full of Dreams

Not his original song, but I cannot imagine any version better than this.

Maxwell - This Woman’s Work

Get prepared.

Damien Rice - Amie

Does it come from an ethereal otherly world?

Between the Buried and Me - Laser Speed

Mentioned them twice because they deserve it.

Kate Bush - The Man With The Child In His Eyes

The original soundtrack of pitch-dark bedroom filled with nostalgia.

Radiohead - No Surprises

Because I cannot finish the list without mentioning any song from Radiohead.


Raspberry And Chocolate Mousse! 👉 Recipe available on link @tipbuzzfood
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#tipbuzz #tipbuzzfood

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anonymous asked:

There's almost 1billion views on Zayn's vevo channel everyone should go and watch some of his videos

Hi!! I went to take a look on YouTube and anon, YOU ARE RIGHT!!!  

I only counted* his official music videos (which is why I blocked out the Like I Would audio), and the tally* comes to 938,391,459. *clenches fists* That’s so close! (Even Pillowtalk alone is nearing 1 billion views! ALONE.) (Alone!)

SO LET’S DO THIS, ANON. Everyone can go to his YouTube or Vevo channels and listen to/watch the videos of their choice (i.e. all of them). And we can give Zayn another billion number milestone!!!! 

Thanks so much for the info, anon! xxx 

*Let the record show the only man I’d do math for is Zayn Malik.


Here’s a snippet of California Dreams. The full 13 min video can be seen on my @youtube . Link is in my profile and here
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Update On The Paperhat Dating Sim

// Currently editing the sprites for the Paperhat Dating Sim I’m editing!

Once the game is finished me and the BF (Who voiced Black Hat in my english Fandub series) will be streaming the game to my youtube SenpaiCipher and will also have a link available to download the game!

If you have any ideas or want me to add anything let me know!

So here it is! As promised! I know it might look a little overwhelming if you are still new to this, reason why I made the titles I consider essential in bold for each category. I added all the links of the ones that are available on youtube! 

I’ll be updating this page constantly to stay tuned for my new posts and updates! Also if you have any suggestions please just /ask

🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿  LET’S SPREAD THE WORD! 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿


- Earthlings (youtube)

- 101 to go Vegan (youtube)

- Vegucated (youtube)

- Live and let live

- Peaceable Kingdom (youtube)

- Speciesism: The Movie

- Blackfish (youtube)

- Food INC (youtube)

- Food Chains (not specifically about animals but treatment of humans working for the sector)

- Tyke: Elephant Outlaw

- The Cove (youtube)

- Beyond the Myth: A film about breed discrimination

- More than honey


- Forks over knives (avalable on netflix,etc.)

- 101 to go Vegan (youtube)

- Plant Pure Nation (from the writers of ‘The China Study’)

- The food we were born to eat: John McDougall - TED TALKS (youtube)

- Fat, sick and nearly dead (youtube)

- Fat, sick and nearly dead 2 (available on netflix, etc.)

- PlanEat

- Making Heart Attacks History: Caldwell Esselstyn (youtube)

- The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue

- Plant-strong & healthy living: Rip Esselstyn - TED TALKS (youtube)

- Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar - Physically Addictive - Talk (youtube)

- Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days (youtube)

- Food Matters

- Fast Food Nation

- Take Out (youtube)

- Super size me (youtube)

- Crazy Sexy Cancer (youtube)


- Cowspiracy (youtube)

- Meat the truth (youtube)

- Plastic Paradise (youtube)


Ice Cube Tray Chocolate Covered Edible Cookie Dough .
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im not here

songs with a spacey feeling

Night Time, My Time Sky Ferreira / Stranger People Doprah / Paranoid Android Radiohead / CHRisTmas in the SiLenT ForeSt Ilaria Graziano / Key ft. Hatsune Miku HMO / Fantasy DyE / Tower Of Sunz ft. Hatsune Miku Sunriver-P / go lolrust

listen (includes a YouTube link if 8tracks isn’t available in your country)

Thoughts on YouTube Red.

Since YouTube recently announced their new payed service “YouTube Red”. Everyone has been up to arms about it, for mainly good reasons! 

YouTube doesn’t exactly have the greatest reputation when it comes to new updates.

YouTube Red’s main selling points being: You can watch YouTube without ads, watch original shows, download videos, access to music library, etc. All for $10 a month. (Source)

It’s worth noting right away that my show “Scary PewDiePie” will be available via YouTube Red. (Link)

So how come YouTube, an ad revenue website decided to switch to include payed services? This might seem insane, especially since YouTube comes from the ad giant Google.

Well, despite YouTube being a huge website, YouTube still isn’t profiting. Daily Mail posted earlier this year:

If you read through all those bullet points, the answer behind YouTube Red’s existence becomes a lot more clear.

Either way, it still seems that most people aren’t sold about YouTube Red yet:

Why? Well the answer is simple, people’s main argument being: “Why would I pay $10 a month for a service that I can get for free with Adblock”? 

So out of curiosity, I asked via Twitter how many people actually use adblock:

I can also confirm with my own Google statistics that, that 40% is a correct estimate.

It’s a number that has grown a lot over the years, from roughly 15-20% when I started. And it’s not unlikely that it will keep growing.

What this means is that YouTubers lose about 40% of their ad income.

Personally, I’m ok with if you use adblock on my videos. Ads are annoying, I get it, I’m not here to complain about that.

But for smaller channels, this number can be devastating.

Despite this, it seems that many people’s general attitude towards Adblock is very open loose:

I think what many people still don’t realize is that:

# YouTube Red exist largely as an effort to counter Adblock. 

# Using Adblock doesn’t mean you’re clever and above the system. 

# YouTube Red exist because using Adblock has actual consequences. 

Now, there are questions remained to be answered about YouTube Red. Like: How much of YouTube Red’s $10 actually goes to it’s creators? How come YouTubers don’t get payed for Novembers free trial period? This was changed recently, (Source). Will YouTube Red actually be beneficial for smaller channels? Is the $10 price actually justified?

These are all important questions about YouTube Red. But right now, it’s more important that we understand what the actual problem here is.

weird movie masterpost pt. 3

Tenshi no Tamago (1985) - an anime movie that focuses more on the artistry of animation instead of a story (via @primaveren)

Collective: Unconscious (2016) - five directors interpreted each other’s hypnotic dreams to make this movie

Blancanieves (2009) - a silent bnw film about a bullfighting snow white

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) - a cult rock n roll musical parodying b-horror movies to say the least (via @dad-en-grey)

Tma, světlo, tma (1989) - a claymation about one man’s growth and evolution

Les Triplettes de Belleville (2003) - her grandson is kidnapped and she will stop at nothing to get him back (via anon)

Zaniklý svet rukavic (1982) - a construction worker uncovers a film showing the world of gloves

Metropolis (1927) - in a divided city, a rich man falls in love with a poor prophet

At Land (1944) - a woman washes up on a beach and encounters a strange journey

*movies with links are available on youtube

**send me recs for pt.4

***pt. 1 // pt. 2 // pt. 4

dork-with-a-uke  asked:

also (about the DIY-state of idk) if we want them to play more shows in more places, we should buy the album when it comes out n not just download it!! i know it might seem obvious but just thought i'd mention it (im just too excited & not living in the us so im just prayin)

Oh absolutely! This is also why I’m already 100% sure that I won’t be uploading the songs here (because of copyright AND because I know how easy it is to simply download audio off tumblr). I will link you guys to every platform where it’s gonna be available and link youtube or whatever there may be.
But please everyone, buy the singles/album once it’s available and show your ongoing support!

Music Series: No Sound But The Wind by Editors

Okay…honey, baby, love, sweetheart, pumpkin, babydoll, walk with me on this one…

Unfamiliar, I looked this request up. Love the song, by the way. Living in America I am under-exposed to British music but completely fascinated and entranced by it. (I really need to move to England. It’s like my fairytale.) Being a pianist myself, I loved the acoustic sound of the piano. But geez, Anon…ha! Very post-apocalyptic between a father and son. Way to make me work for no money!

As I hate AU’s *cringing*, this will not be that, even though it screams it. So I ask my readers to have an open mind with my interpretation of the lyrics. I love Daddy Harry, so on the tail of Watermark, I would like to attempt to pull this one out m’ass.

Dear Anon, please forgive me if you hate it, but it’s what came to me and I thank you for requesting. As I’ve said before, these stories tend to write themselves. I just put them out for you all to read.

This story is inspired from my love of Daddy Harry (someone please give that man a child when he’s ready for one…totally volunteering for that), and “No Sound But The Wind” by Editors.

Here is a link to the Youtube video, the song not being available on Spotify.

p.s. To the Anon who asked me to make a ‘keep reading’ line on my posts to shorten them, I promise I will at some point when I have time to sit and figure it out. Sorry!

Kisses! xo



We can never go home. We no longer have one

I’ll help you carry the load. I’ll carry you in my arms

We walk through the ash and the charred remains of our country

Keep an eye on my back, I’ll keep an eye on the road

“Doin’ alright back there?” Harry looked back at you nervously through the rearview mirror.

“We’re just fine, aren’t we, bug?” you asked of your sobbing, young son, cradling him in your arms.

“There in about 5 more minutes, love,” Harry informed you, as you nodded.

When your 4-year-old asked for his first ‘big boy’ bike, you were nervous. You thought he was too little for a bike that size, but Harry insisted he would be fine.

‘Gotta learn sometime, doesn’t he?’ Harry said with a smile.

Now, as you held your teary child on your lap, his pained arm lying on a pillow, you wished you had put your foot down on the subject. Your child would never ride a bike…ever again…in his life! But who were you kidding? Someday he would want a motorcycle like the one in Daddy’s car garage, you just knew it. You were doomed to a life of mumbling safety prayers over the two men in your life.

Harry pulled the car into the entrance of the emergency department and quickly got out, opening your door.

Help me to carry the fire, To keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire. This road won’t go on forever

“Let me have him, babe,” Harry insisted. “Come see Daddy, little man.”

You carefully passed him to Harry, holding the pillow in place to keep your child’s little arm immobile.

“That’s my boy,” Harry told him, kissing his forehead.

The two of you walked together into the hospital, nervous but trying to remain calm to keep each other and your child from worrying too much.

“Excuse me?” Harry addressed a nurse. “We think our son may have broken his arm.” You heard Harry’s voice clinch slightly at his words, but you were proud of how well he was handling the situation, keeping you calm in the process.

Seeing who he was and that it wouldn’t be good for him to be left around the public in the hospital waiting room, the three of you were shown back to a room immediately. Harry started to set his son down on the bed, but the little boy clutched onto his daddy, not wanting to be put down.

“What? You want Daddy to hang on to you?” he asked his son as the little boy nodded. “Alright then.”

Harry sat on the exam table, holding his son carefully and loving on him. You stood next to them, kissing the top of your son’s head and looking at Harry, seeing the sadness in his eyes that his child was injured.

“What are they going to do to me, Daddy?” the little boy finally asked.

“They’re goin’ to take a photo of your arm, bug,” Harry informed him. “Special camera that sees the bones inside your body. It’s super cool, you wait and see.”

The little boy sat upright on his father’s lap, careful not to move his arm from the pillow.

“Have you seen your arm bones photos, Daddy?” the little boy asked innocently.

Harry smiled and looked at you, then back at his child.

“Not my arm, but my foot, yeah,” Harry said. “Broke my foot once and they took bone photos of it, just like they’re going to do with your arm.”

“Does it hurt?” the boy asked with a frown.

“It doesn’t, son,” Harry assured him. “But your mumma and I will be right here with you anyway.”

If I say shut your eyes. If I say look away

Bury your face in my shoulder, think of a birthday

The things you put in your head, they will stay here forever

I’m trying hard to hide your soul, son, from things it’s not meant to see

Once the x-ray showed the arm was indeed broken and that he would need surgery to repair it, you were both very nervous. Your child had never had surgery before, never broken a bone.

“The bone needs to be reset before we plaster it, I’m afraid,” the doctor had told you.

As the medication given to your child slowly made him drowsy, you teared up, hating to see your son in such a way. Harry held your hand as he bent over his child and kissed his forehead, rubbing his head.

“Just going to take a little nap, bub,” Harry said, “and when you wake up, Mummy and Daddy will be right here and you’ll have a very cool plaster cast on your arm that we can color on with your markers.”

The little boy nodded, as Harry kissed him, letting you closer to love on him as well, then allowing the surgical techs to wheel the sleeping boy away. Harry heard you sniff and saw you wipe a tear from your face.

“He’ll be fine, love,” Harry said lovingly, holding you closely, as you heard him sniff, too. “He’s our son, isn’t he? He’ll be fine.”

The entire time your child was in surgery, you were both nervous, but Harry made you more nervous as he paced the small private room, or sat tapping his leg quickly, spinning his rings on his fingers, and sighing loudly. You reached over and placed your hand on top of his and he looked at you with a grin, holding your hand securely, lifting it to his mouth to kiss it.

“Shouldn’t have insisted he have the big boy bike,” Harry shook his head, feeling guilty. “You were right, he wasn’t ready for it yet.”

“Gotta learn sometime, doesn’t he?” you repeated his words back to him with a grin.

Help me to carry the fire, to keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire, this road won’t go on forever

Harry chuckled lightly, kissing you sweetly, then waiting again as patiently as he could manage. In a short time, the doctor walked into the room.

“Everything went fine and he’s on his way back in,” the doctor smiled at you both. Relief spread over both of your faces as Harry hugged you tightly, then standing to watch from the doorway as the bed his son was in was wheeled back inside the room.

“There’s our big boy!” Harry boomed.

The little boy looked up at his father and grinned slightly, bringing a smile to Harry’s face, assuming he was still a bit high off the medication and feeling no pain.

“Look at that amazin’ plaster on your arm, bug!” Harry exclaimed. “We’re going to be working for hours coverin’ all that white with colors, aren’t we?”

The little boy nodded, looking at you as you walked beside them both and leaned over, planting a sweet kiss on your son’s cheek.

“Mumma’s baby doing okay?” you asked him sweetly.

He nodded again as you felt Harry’s arm around you waist. Another new co-parenting experience down, and you both survived.

If I say shut your eyes. If I say shut your eyes

Bury me in surprise, when I say shut your eyes

And I…

Help me to carry the fire, to keep it alight together

Help me to carry the fire. This road won’t go on forever

Lyss’ Supernatural/Undertale Challenge

So I hit 300 followers, wow, thank you all so much for whatever reason it is you follow me. I have been a part of so many challenges and I want to host my own so here goes.

I am a fan of the RPG game Undertale, if you have never played or even heard of the game that is totally fine. So for the challenge, you can pick one of the 100 original songs to use as a theme setter for your fic. 

And some rules: 

  • You have until Thursday June 22nd  to post your fic. You can enter anywhere between now and then just need your fic before  June 22nd.
  • If you need an extension just ask.
  • To enter, send me an ask with the number of the song on the list you would like to write. Only one person per song.
  • You can write about any character from the Supernatural universe or you can write an RPF, but it must be reader insert.
  • You can write angst, fluff, crack, AU, just please no smut. Smut makes me uncomfortable and I won’t read it. Implied, however, is fine.
  • There is NO minimum or maximum word count. Only got inspired for 200 words? Cool. Got a little carried away and now you are faced with 10,000 words? I will read it all.
  • Never written before? Make this your first. No need to follow me to enter, it would just be nice. :)
  • When posting your fic, TAG ME and tag your fic with #Lyss’ Supernatural Undertale Challenge (Long I know, sorry)
  • Remember warnings.
  • If I don’t like it within a day or so, send me an ask with the link or a link through messages as tumblr likes to screw with people.
  • After I get all the fics, I will put them into a masterlist, on my masterlist.

All song titles under the cut and how to listen them if you don;’t know where to find them.

Keep reading


🔁 via @theofficialamorphous “‘AALIYAH - The Inside Look’ is now available to watch on YouTube, & (link in bio) #AaliyahTheInsideLook #Aaliyah” | If you haven’t already be sure to watch this heartfelt Aaliyah documentary, showcasing her many talents and the reasons why she was, and still is adored by many today. Link is also in my bio where you can read my review as well as watching the full video. This particular scene with her in the windscreen literally gave me goosebumps 😩😭 Thank you so much for all your hard work and effort you put into making this film. I know damn well it must not of been easy putting this together, as there are moments which just wanna make your eyes bawl out. Of truth…I have not cried this hard in ages, so you truly touched my heart in ways I never thought possible. I felt like some of those repressed feelings from all those years ago finally coming out of my system and it was like taking a trip down memory lane to the 11 year old little girl in me, on hearing her unfortunate passing. So deep and tastefully put together! Aaliyah and her family would be so proud of you! 🙏💚 A MUST watch for all Aaliyah fans! #Aaliyah #AaliyahArchives #AaliyahDanaHaughton #AaliyahHaughton #Babygirl #Lili #Liyah #TeamAaliyah #Documentary #Video

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I love making fan characters and this one was a BLAST to design. Her name is Amelia, and she was a US Air Force pilot before joining Overwatch! 

(I’m not actually associated with Blizzard but I’m looking for jobs right now @ blizzard so if you need any character designers…)

The speedpaint for this drawing is available on my YouTube channel! (Link on my blog, since putting it here will hide my post in the tags)

Amazarashi Masterpost

We’ve gotten a few asks about this so here are videos and songs by amazarashi that can be found on legal streaming websites. All are available internationally.


Audio Only: