no your face is not perfect

Home - Karamel One Shot.

He opened up his eyes, his gaze fell immediately to the wonderful Kryptonian he got to call his “Girlfriend”.

“Good morning.”
“Good morning.” Kara smiled back at Mon-El.
“How long have you been staring at me?” He chuckled, turning around to have a better view of his girl.
“Long enough to realize that every detail of your face is beautiful.”
“Oh really?” He kissed her lips good morning, “So it hasn’t been too long, you can see all my perfection in less than a second.”
“Oh shut up, you cocky Daxamite.” They laughed together, until Kara put her head on his shirtless chest, their breaths were in sync.

“I was thinking,” he broke the silence, “that uh, you’re pretty much the closest thing to my home.”
Kara furrowed her eyebrows, not getting his point. “What do you mean?”
“Well, you have many things reminding you of your home planet, your cousin, your mom’s hologram- which I called a ‘babe’ and I’m still cringing at this memory- the Fortress of Solitude.. I arrived here alone, and..”
Kara looked up at him, listening carefully to what he had to say, waiting for him to continue; he had never shown his weaknesses and vulnerability, but most importantly, he had never mentioned his real feelings on the loss of his planet.

“You’re my home now. You know, when people called their significant others their home, I couldn’t really understand what they meant, but now I do. I don’t know what I would’ve done without you, Kara, or what kind of person I would’ve become..and I think I can’t thank you enough for letting me in your life. There are little things that, uhm, that make me feel at home when I’m with you, such as talking about the planets we visited or we wanted to visit, telling each other stories of who we were before we lost everything..”

“I feel at home with you too, Mon-El.” Kara interrupted involuntarily, she just had to speak her mind.
“You do?” He couldn’t comprehend how that could be possible.
“Yeah.” She got up from his chest to look in his dark blue eyes. “Being able to talk with you about who I was on Krypton, makes me feel like I didn’t really lost it.” She paused and sighed. “For the past thirteen years, I’ve been too busy becoming Kara Danvers, and in the last one, I was too busy jumping from Kara to Supergirl..and I’ve never realized, until you came here, that I was forgetting who I was in the first place, Kara Zor-El.”

Mon-El leaned closer to her lips, giving Kara a kiss that only the two of them could truly define, like a sweet kiss you give your lover to welcome them home after a long bad day, or in their case, journey.
“In case you’ll ever find yourself forgetting who you are again, just remember that Kara Zor-El is the one I love, not Supergirl, not Kara Danvers, but just a girl from Krypton.”
“I could say the same thing for you, Daxamite. I love you.”

Mon-El kissed her forehead and held Kara in his arms: he really felt powerless in that moment, as much as she did. But they were each other’s home now, and it was okay to be vulnerable.


I dont know what this is, it’s kinda short but yeah…I hope you liked it, let me know what you think. ❤❤

Tiny jerza baby: Sieg Scarlet, enjoying a nap curled up in his crip x3. Created by my dear @bellagill92 whose name was a very long awaited revelation in which i have a hand since I cheered her up to keep Sieg’s name for the little redhead <3 (I think is the perfect name!)

You can find stories about this cute baby over here, very recommendable if you want to put a smile in your face and lots of cute fluffy feels in your heart (it’s like watching kitten videos!)

Hope you like this dear! <3

Jeon Jungkook is absolutely ridiculous I can totally understand why he’s the most popular BTS member he’s just??? so??? perfect??? LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUNGKOOK WHAT IS THE SECRET TO YOUR PERFECTION HOW ARE YOU SO MULTI-TALENTED

I am so dangerously close to stanning him oh my lord THANK GOD JIMIN OWNS MY HEART… but JFC… JUNGKOOK


Astro reaction: to you seeing cute photos of them.

MJ (Myungjun) :

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You’d find them by accident when you were helping him clean his dorm. They’d fall out from a book and you’d find Polaroid pictures of him pouting and making cute faces. You’d decide to tease him throughout the day by making those faces at him to see if he would notice. Eventually he’d pull you into his arms asking why you were acting so adorable. You’d just pull out the pictures with a large grin on your face. You’d tease him asking if he was practicing in order to perfect his cute poses. His answer would leave you amused, ‘Yes, all for you.’


Jinjin (Jinwoo) :

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We all know he is confident in who he is as a person, inside and out. When you first came to him with all the photos, although he may be slightly taken aback as to how you got them, he’d agree with all your comments. ‘I know right I was so cute!’ ‘I am more handsome now though.’ You two would have a blast going through his photos; until you found this particular one that made you laugh really hard. You would laugh so hard you wouldn’t notice him staring at you. Not until he pinched your cheek and whispered in your ear ‘I think you’re cuter.’


Eunwoo (Dongmin) :

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You’d go to meet Dongmin excited and sporting a really big smile. You had gotten some adorable photos of him from his parents, sent to you on your phone. For a while you had gushed over them yourself but then you decided it was your time to win.  You never could tease him about anything he was always too prepared and perfect. When you arrived at the dorm you immediately jumped onto his back holding the phone out in front of his face, showing him the pictures. He would turn to smile at you pointing at the picture ‘Want to know the story behind that one?’ At least you tried.


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At first the photos were A-class blackmail material. You would use them against him whenever you could, teasing him all the time. You’d mention his squishy cheeks and adorable small stature. He’d just stare at you pouting – only helping you prove your point further. Then one day you’d wake up and find them gone and in their place baby pictures of you.  You’d walk out to the living room photos in hand, confused only to find Moonbin in the living room a smug smile on his face. ‘Who’s got squishy cheeks now?’


Rocky (Minhyuk) :

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You would have found pictures of him doing cute poses when visiting his parent’s house. The pictures seemed like such a rare find you would immediately ask if you could keep them. At first when you showed the pictures to him he would be so embarrassed, not at all okay with the knowledge that they existed. However eventually you would stop teasing and all would be forgotten. Then one day you would come home to find framed pictures of you acting cute on your dining room table. He’d hug you from the back kissing your cheek, ‘Truthfully you are so much cuter, then and now.’


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The photos to him were just that photos. You would gush over how cute and adorable he was and he would nod his head along agreeing with every word. Sometimes he would randomly get out his phone camera and take snap shots of him acting cute showing them to you with glee; ‘I am just as adorable now.’ Or he would make you join him the photos taking so many photos you would have lost count. Eventually one day you would wake up and realise he had made an album.

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if you could describe your perfect "me time routine" what would it be?

oo i actually have a “me time” routine that i do pretty regularly!! after a long day, i shower, exfoliate w/ my lush coffee scrub (if u guys haven’t tried cup o’ coffee i hIGHLY recommend u do!! it’s an exfoliator + face/body mask and it’s great), moisturise w/ coconut oil, put on some cute comfy pyjamas and then do a face mask. while i’m waiting for the face mask to do it’s thing, i drink some hot honey green tea, review my korean notes/start a new korean lesson and watch some tv (atm im rewatching weightlifting fairy kim bok joo for the 4th time). it’s my fave thing ever!! the only thing that is missing is a cat/my bunnies to pet but… that’s ok it’s still pretty lit

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

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Idk... maybe this is a dumb question but what is your opinion on how Sharon Carter is portrayed in the mcu?

the only thing wrong with mcu sharon is that there isnt enough of her….. she was literally perfect in the limited screentime she’s had which is………… a rarity in the mcu n i dont trust anyone that hates her because theyve probably got a closet full of steve/sharon photos w bucky’s face stuck over hers

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Do you have any tips for pictures to use on your profile? I know not to use some that you already have on your other social medias. But should you always try and hide your face?

On my profile,

My first photo is my cleavage under my nose with tanned skin and lots of boobs.

Second one is me blowing a kiss with perfect nails and knuckle rings and again, boobs. 

Third one is me with dog filter but it’s me sticking my tongue out like I’m gonna swipe it across my upper lip, boobs as well.

Fourth one is me putting my legs up near a fireplace wearing stockings, skirt and pointed toe heels.

Fifth one is me having a fancy drink at a St Regis  and my manicure is again perfect while holding the drink in my hand.

And Sixth one is a body shot with a mini dress on it B&W 

when you find the perfect fanfic

Is this the real life, is this just fantasy

when the chapter ends with a cliffhanger

Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia, let me go

when you join a new fandom

Goodbye everybody, I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth

when your favorite character dies

Nothing really matters, anyone can see
Nothing really matters, nothing really matters to me
Any way the wind blows

When you stay up all night reading fanfiction

If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, cos it doesn’t really matter

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I really cherished the friendship Shuu and Chie have together. Like she knows all his flaws and help Shuu relationship with Kaneki a butch of times put a smile on my face. I kind of want Chie to tell Kaneki of the stolen underwear was meant for Shuu and to make both of them embarrassed.

YESSS chie is so important and perfect ;o; i love her. such a good character. and such a good friend to tsukiyama, and to tsukiyamas group

LMAOOOO Christ what about them all at a cafe together and she’s like “oh! Did you ever get your underwear back, kaneki?”

and both kaneki and tsukiyama choke realizing what happened
(tsukiyama: holy fuck it was his underwear

kaneki: holy fuck they stole my underwear)

Picnic - Robbie Kay One-Shot

Request: Robbie Kay taking you for a walk on a gorgeous sunny but windy day. It be wherever you want but lots embraces. You are the best!!
Title: Picnic
Pairing: Robbie Kay x Reader

“Robbie where are you talking me?” (Y/N) asked with a small giggle. 
“Just be patient, darling, we’re almost here.” Robbie chuckled. His hands were covering (Y/N)’s eyes so that way she couldn’t see where they were going. 
“Alright, now step here, and perfect! Open your eyes.” Robbie said softly. (Y/N) opened her eyes the moment that his hands left her face. 
“Oh my god, Robbie.” She choked out. They were in front of a park, which as connected to a beach. And then just a little ways out, there was a stereotypical red and white checkered picnic blanket with some wine glasses and a woven basket. To put it simply, it was beautiful. “This is amazing!” She felt tears of joy prick at her eyes. 
“Happy Anniversary, love,” Robbie whispered softly and wrapped his arms around (Y/N), then kissed her gently on the lips. “I was thinking we could take a walk around the park, and then go eat.” 
“That sounds wonderful.” 

(Y/N) and Robbie spent a good amount of time walking around the park and talking about nonsense before she was finally led to the picnic blanket. The somewhat harsh wind kept blowing around her hair, so it was a bit of a struggle to keep her hair in one place as well. 
“Gah, why must there be wind?!” (Y/N), exclaimed and did her best to sit on the excess of her dress so it wouldn’t fly up either. Robbie couldn’t help but laugh. 
“Don’t worry about the wind, darling, you look amazing even when your hair is flying all over the place.” Robbie snickered and pushed some of it back into place, and the miraculously, it stayed. 

The two sat in a comfortable silence and ate and drank until the sunset began to set in. (Y/N) was sitting in front of Robbie, and his arms were wrapped around her waist, as the wind continued to blow, and the sun still set. 
“I love you so much, Robbie.”
“I love you too, (Y/N)

Hey, guys! Sorry, I haven’t posted the past two days, we’re getting a new puppy so things are kinda hectic at the moment! But hopefully by Monday things will be back for me! 

<3 Elizabeth

Priorities (Part 2)

Summary: You and Scott got back together, is it all good?

Part 1Masterlist

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Things were milk and honey after you and Scott gave yourselves another shot. He was truly what you looked for in a man and the fears you had regarding Cassie faded away once you met her. She was incredibly eager to meet you and she seemed to be as fond as you as you were of her. She even called her dad to talk to you exclusively.

You had never seen better days; he was the perfect boyfriend and for him and you were the perfect girlfriend. But it all changed the day you came back home from the drugstore with a pregnancy test in your bag.

“Uhh—Scott?” You asked, feeling your voice trembling and doubtful. It took him a few seconds to get to where you were, and his face was almost as pale as yours; the air was tense and so were you. You slowly closed the bathroom’s door behind you and sat on the bed. You heavily sighed and he crouched in front of you, reaching out his hands for you to hold them. “I just set the timer,” you bit your bottom lip, “it’ll be done in a few minutes.”

“Are we hoping for a particular answer, babe?” He asked back.

“Just an answer.” You shook your head and awaited in a dreadful silence the ticking of the timer.

You looked at Scott’s hands absentmindedly, trying to figure out what had led you to that moment, and it wasn’t hard to decipher. Making babies is easier than it looks, but bearing them is completely different and it’s not a job made for everyone. For Scott it could have been easier, but you were not fond of children (well, Cassie was the only exception) so if the test’s answer was a positive, you were going to be screwed.

“… (Y/N), babe?” Scott squeezed your hands lightly to take you out of your daydreaming, but as you weren’t answering, he turned off the phone and went to find the mighty test. Seconds later, you only heard a nervous laugh coming from the bathroom and an even more nervous Scott coming out of it. He held the test proudly in his hand, forgetting completely that just a few minutes ago you had pissed on it. His joy was nerve-wracking for you because you were not sure if it was positive or negative. “Baby, you’re gonna be a mommy!”

Your mouth hung open as you tried to sink in the news. “Oh, fuck…” you mumbled, “I’m—a what?”

Scott was jumping around the room like a little boy, and it took you a while to understand what it meant. Not only your body would change entirely, but also your habits and routine would suffer drastic changes before and after the baby is born. You took a deep breath, and then another one, and yet another one until you found words that actually made sense.

“Scott, are we really—?” You gulped a heavy lump in your throat. Your breath became uneasy and the tears didn’t have time to pool in your eyes. You pulled your hair back with your hands and sighed heavily. “Dear god, what are we gonna do now?”

“Be the best parents ever?” He asked back, with a confident voice and a shit-eating grin. “Come on, I already have some experience and you’ll be like the best mom ever.”

“I am beyond terrified, Scott. I swear to god.”

“Don’t be!” He sat next to you and tenderly held your hand. “I’ll be your guide through parenthood, besides… Cassie will love to be an older sister!” He squealed. “I’m gonna call her right now!” Before he took out his phone, he glanced in your direction and saw how devastating the news were in your side. He paced his hand under your chin and made you look up to him. “(Y/N)?”

“I’m terrified.” You admitted in a barely audible voice. “Scott I’m beyond terrified.”

“I know.” He smiled. “I’m happy and all that because being a parent is great but… I wasn’t an avenger back then, and now I am, and so are you… so… this is weird.” His confidence had lowered and now his true self was starting to come up. “You’ll be great, and I’ll be here to help you.”

“What if the baby hates me?”

“Don’t be dramatic, it won’t hate you ‘cause you’re un-hate-able – I mean, I know it’s gonna be hard as hell, but… We’ll do great.” He assured you.

“We need to set a doctor’s appointment and… a team meeting?”

“We’ll get to the last one when we’re sure things are alright, okay?”

“Thank you.” You bit your bottom lip, feeling how the weight upon your shoulders was lighter. With Scott by your side you were invincible. You leaned in for a kiss and your worries seemed to fade away.

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What if a stressed out doctoral student found your tin? He didn't have time for the working out like he should/wanted to. Could this tin help him out? What does he need to do in order to get this tin?

The institute frowns on theft quite heavily. You want a better body, and yes the stores of Jock Juice will help but you must understand it’s in test phases. We’ve had many, many men test Jock Juice for us and the results have been interesting…we’ve had furry transformations, men turning into objects and mindless drones. We can’t perfect this new instant steroids. I am starting to lose faith in my project. 

So when a young Doctoral Student, like your self, goes stray after an interview with my scientists and steals a vile, I can’t say I am too happy about it - especially when you tried to hide in my office.

The surprise on my face must have been funny, to see you stood there in my office. Bigger, yes. Buffer. Of course and drop dead gorgeous. Your clothes in tatters at your feet from the sudden growth of that body. But as I mentioned, the viles you stole from are untested. The results, are unpredictable. So now I have a statue in my office. A work of art. A big chunk of marble. Your body totally rigid. No one home upstairs…looks like you’ll never finish that Degree of yours. But you got a job for life….

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I would love to dominate you. Bending you over and smacking that ass of yours till it turns red and pulling those useless panties to the side. Pulling my thick hard cock out and smacking you in the face with it and forcing you down to your knees so you can taste it. I want you to look up at me as you choke on my cock deep in the back of your throat.

Sounds like the perfect situation for me! I’ll be a good girl and do everything master tells me, and more. ♡♡ Show me what an awful little slut I am~

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So I've been having to deal with a lot of transphobia/homophobia from my family lately. It's not directed to me, bc they don't know, but it still hurts and I don't know how to tell my mom that. I just needed to talk about this with someone...

Oh sweetheart, it’s perfectly understandable that this is upsetting you – of course it would! I am so, so, so sorry that you’re in such a toxic environment. You deserve to be validated and loved and you deserve to be able to safely and happily be open about the perfect person that you are. I am so proud of you for knowing who you are, even in the face of homophobia and transphobia from your family: you are strong and brave and powerful and real and valid and perfect. Don’t let anyone make you forget that, darling. I am sending you all my love <3 <3 <3

heavenly words

aliferous: (adj.) having wings

apricity: (n.) the warmth of the sun in the winter

aspectabund: (adj.) letting emotion show easily through the face or eyes

aurora: (n.) dawn

balter: (v.) to dance gracelessly, but with enjoyment

cafune: (n.) the act of running your fingers through the hair of someone you love

catharsis: (n.) release of emotional tension

charmolypi: (n.) a mixed feeling of happiness while being sad

diaphonous: (adj.) light, translucent, and delicate

dulcet: (adj.) sweet

ephemeral: (adj.) fleeting

ethereal: (adj.) extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world

eutony: (n.) the pleasantness of a word’s sound

halcyon: (adj.) a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful

illecebrous: (adj.) enticing

irenic: (adj.) promoting peace

kalon: (n.) beauty that is more than skin-deep

kalopsia: (n.) the seeing of things as more beautiful than they actually are

lacuna: (n.) a blank or missing part

lilt: (n.) a pleasant gentle accent

ludic: (adj.) full of fun and high spirits

meraki: (n.) to do something with love or soul

nefelibata: (n.) cloud-walker; one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination

nepenthe: (n.) something that makes one forget their sadness

nubivagant: (adj.) wandering in the clouds

numinous: (adj.) feeling fearful yet awed and inspired

orphic: (adj.) beyond ordinary understanding

pyrrhic: (adj.) won at too great a cost

pulchritudinous: (adj.) breathtaking, heartbreaking beauty

scintilla: (n.) a tiny trace or spark of a feeling

selcouth: (adj.) unfamiliar, strange, yet marvelous

sirimiri: (n.) a light drizzle of rain

susurrus: (n.)  whispering, murmuring, or rustling

sweven: (n.) a dream

temerate: (v.) to break a bond or promise

viridity: (n.) innocence

yonderly: (adj.) absent-minded

My reason of how I cannot draw Mark fuckin’ Fischbach’s facial Region.

I cannot draw guys for shit, no matter how damn hard I fuckin’ try. This guy’s got the face of what many would depict as a greek god, or like a roman statue. He’s got a very defined facehole, with a jaw that could cut the string of life like in Hercules. He has a chiseled jaw that could decapitate a stone statue’s head, and it’s just… 













Random person: A is cute

Person B: Excuse me? Ex-fucking-cuse me? Cute? C-u-t-e? God was in a good mood when he made this person. Look at him. Look at his face. Look at his everything. You call this “cute”? I’m sure you want to rephrase that because this “cute” person is actually someone that shouldn’t exist, he’s perfection, my dear.

Person A: *smiles* thanks