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You know who was a cool Batman character that never got seen again because nobody liked the show she was in? Ellen Yin. Badass asian female detective who was sassy as fuck and fine as hell.

the only reason ellen hasn’t shown up in a fic yet is because so far ethan has only been in gotham high, and also i don’t actually write a whole lot of… batman solving mysteries and interacting with the police :V it’s a problem

I always forget just how tall Isak/Tarjei really is, bc when he’s interacting with another person on camera, usually either they’re around his height or it’s Even/Henrik - and the Height Difference™ there makes him seem almost short. And usually with Sana they’re sitting - they’re both sitting in Biology, she’s sitting on the windowsill, etc.

But yesterday’s clip reminded me. When Sana turned around, and straight ahead in her direct line of sight there was just a body/the blue of his jacket, until she looked UP UP UP and then FINALLY found his face (searching quickly in angst to confirm it was him even though she’d really known before she had even fully turned around).

Now, I think this was intentional, and the way they filmed it definitely lent itself to the presentation of him as intimidating to hold the tension until she found out he wasn’t actually mad, more just concerned about her and the situation. Plus, his height is a pretty trivial thing in hindsight.

But it still made me somehow both laugh hysterically and almost gasp in awe seeing for once how fucking tall he truly is.

tell us about yourself meme

So, like I wasn’t tagged. But I have 0% shame, so I’m doing it. (technically @barbaesparza *WHO MADE IT, BTW, AND SHALL GET ALL THE CREDIT* said anyone’s free to do it, so I’m taking that as have at it)   If y’all read my answers, I LOVE YOU, let’s be best friends. 

WARNING: These are gonna be real long, y’all. I’m wordy. 

1) When did you discover your love for Raúl Esparza? YouTube (GOD BLESS) recommended I watch him sing “Hallelujah” like 20 times, so finally, I clicked on it, and was like “prepare to be unimpressed Kayla,” but then (OBVIOUSLY) I was floored. LIKE I LISTENED TO THAT ON REPEAT FOR DAYS! SO I started to research him, discovered he was a Broadway actor, cheered, watched some of his performances, and realized I had finally found the true loml. Then stalked Tumblr for 10 months before getting one. 

2) What was the first thing you saw Raúl in? Honestly? SVU. It had to be SVU. I stumbled upon a Rollisi fic by @avenuepotter “Stolen Moments” (read it y’all and everything else) and fell DEEP into the shipper’s hole. So, Peter Scanavino became my child, and I had to start watching. There’s 100% chance I saw him in an episode I watched. Once he’d made an impact on me, though? That was Company. AND I SWOONED OVER THAT PERFORMANCE FOR MONTHS! Before Google disabled my last Gmail account, I had PowerPoint presentations analyzing it. When I fall, I fall hard.

3) Which is your favorite Raúl character face? like facial expression?

In that case, it’s this as of tonight. 

4) Would you die for Raúl Esparza or not? Yes. Yes, I would. To deprive the world of this gift to humanity would be a sin. Plus, I’m assuming he’d know who I was then, SO GOALS. Of course, I’d be dead, so… BUT SHH.. THAT’S NOT IMPORTANT!

5) What are your current top 3 favorite Raúl songs? *cries* I hate you. This question, man. I can’t. OKAY! I CAN DO THIS! Do they have to be songs I can buy off ITunes, or just songs he’s performed? Whatever, i’m going with just that he’s performed. NUMBER 1 IS HIM SINGING “TIL IT HAPPENS TO YOU” AT THE JOYFUL HEART GALA IN 2016. I would KILL for a full clip of this performance. I only have access to a minute and a half, and it still kills me more than ANY other song he’s performed. NUMBER 2 IS HIM SINGING “TIME WARP” FROM ROCKY HORROR. The YouTube video of this, IT’S ASOUNDING! My absolute 100% favorite YouTube video always! His voice, fuck! NUMBER 3 IS HIM SINGING “I DON’T BELIEVE IN HEROES ANYMORE” AT SETH’S BROADWAY CHATTERBOX. This actually after hearing it became my favorite song. It touched me rather deeply.  I LOVE IT! 

6) How many seconds can you go without thinking about Raúl Esparza? I can go approximately -10 seconds without thinking of Raúl. He’s always on my mind, 24/7. I have a theory I won’t be able to escape him, til I meet him, so I’m working on it. DECEMBER’S THE GOAL! 

7) Do you prefer beardy Raúl or clean-shaven Raúl (does this exist??) or stubbly Raúl? stubbly Raúl, 100% (HOT, HOT, HOT) 

8) Rafael Barba insults you in your workplace, what do you do? Hug him for acknowledging my existence. 

9) What is one of your favorite Raúl outfits pray tell?

Perhaps, it’s not the outfit…

10) What is one of your favorite Raúl character outfits? 

I present to you this sexy motherf*cker. 

11) What is your favorite Raúl character? *dies* Nope. I can’t. They’re all my children and I love them. You can’t choose a favorite child, that’s not how life works, man. *sighs* Probably, Johnny. I connect with Tick, tick.. BOOM! on a personal level, and UGH. Johnny, for sure. Otherwise, it’s Bobby. Love Bobby! (Honestly, It’s Riff Raff, let’s be real, Rocky Horror is secretly my favorite thing ever)

12) If you had to choose between never hearing Raúl’s voice again and never seeing his beautiful face (OR BODY OR ANY BODY PARTS) again which would you choose? What is this sin of a question? This is fucking messed up. 100%, never seeing his beautiful face/body again, though. I NEED HIS VOICE TO SURVIVE! He’s hot af, but if I couldn’t hear him sing ever again, I’m pretty sure I’d fall into a deep depression. I love his voice more than I love myself. Which, if you know me, is a big fucking deal. Excuse me, though, crying over never being able to see pictures the above. 


btw, I have no idea how these work, so I’ll reblog @barbaesparza ‘s original post, if anyone wants to do it

Among the Stars page!

HEY GUESS WHAT I made an Among the Stars page for my whole universe, with all of the character info, pictures and even extra new characters that haven’t been introduced yet (including the sons and daughters of all the Rulers, 25 years into the future! WHOA!!) So yeah, check it out? It took a long time to put together but it was worth it~

Whenever a new character or new art is introduced, I’ll be sure to update the page frequently!


And if you have any questions, any at all, don’t hesitate to ask! ^^


you stayed up waitin’, anticipatin’, and pacin’
but I was, chasing paper
caught up in the game

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I really love you're style, I'd look forward to anything original you make!

T-THANK YOU SO MUCH~! I’m happy to hear people are interested/looking forward to any original content I plan to make in the near future~ TT//w//TT

just wanted to take  a moment and say to everyone who has reblogged or replied to a post on my blog recently that I’ve had a blast interacting with you all over the past few days. even if I didn’t get a chance to respond to you in particular, it’s been really enjoyable to see what you all have to say and share

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Hi there Lowah! Y'know I found ur blog based on your VLD content but then you started posting about BHNA (especially my dear sweet child Kirishima) and I am now astounded!! Thank you for the content and the hardwork you put in creating such lovely pieces! You're the best! (Also thanks for creating the BHNA ocs.. I would love to hear more about the original versions of your ocs!) You're super cool and I really I can have the honor of meeting you one day! Have a lovely day :))

Ahhhh thank you so much anon!! Honestly anytime anyone sends a message to thank me i’m so astonished because like… why are you thanking me even?? I should be thanking you! 

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it’s honestly so inspiring and uplifting to hear such kind words euhrughgurg Thank you and i hope i can keep drawing stuff to the best of my ability TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT I hope you have a great day too! 

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The way ppl are coming @ you for pricing shows that they don't value creative labor. Going and selecting the pieces he want to recycle takes investing time, and an investment of money. Coming up with unique designs takes so much time and skill and trial and error. Plus the time taken 2 deconstruct products to recycle & the time to construct an original design on DENIM. You're really disrespecting him & his craft of you think he doesn't deserve to sustain himself from it. Don't h8 on talent.

i didn’t think someone would understand to this extent.

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I discovered your blog just yesterday and wow, you're really amazing. Your style is original, the way you do pjo characters is something I can't really tell you in a simple message! I love your drawings! I don't know if you take requests - as I said i found your blog recently - but I LOVE your Jason, and I'd like to see him in a drawing. I hope to see soon your new drawings in my dashboard! ❤️