no you're not allowed to be this attractive

  • me: i want her to fuck me
  • the Internalized Lesbophobia™: bad!!! you're gross!!! you're predatory!!! your attraction to women can never be sexual!! only talk abt soft kisses and hand holding allowed!!!!
  • me, louder, while banging pots and pans together: I WANT HER TO FUCK ME!!!

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pan and bi are the exact same thing, and please don't use the split attraction model (saying panromantic bisexual or any variation thereof) unless you're ace or aro. :)

Haha. Hahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “The exact same thing”. You sure seem to know more about other people’s sexual/romantic orientation than themselves. I’m very impressed. Thanks very much for educating my ignorant ass. Hahaha. Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. 

Fact: The most commonly used and accepted definition of bisexuality is the attraction to 2 or more genders

Another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 are allowed to use that definition for themselves in terms of describing their own identity

Yet another fact: Bi people who think bi=2 can speak for themselves but they do not get to speak for the bi community as a whole

And yep here’s another fact: If you are not bi and you choose to ignore the majority of us about the definition of our identity because “I have a friend who’s bi and he said it means 2″ or “I know someone who’s pan and they told me bi people are only attracted to binary genders” or whatever then you are being biphobic. Full stop. No ifs ands or buts.


Why a few years ago during grad school did I drag a blade across my wrist? Why ever since then, when I start to get closer to friends and family and intimate partners, why do I run? And to that end, why did Matthew Shepard and Tyler Clementi, “Pulse” night club and thousands of other tragedies happen? All of this pain and trauma couldn’t have happened just because two dudes were attracted to each other. Was this really all because some people think that that’s wrong? THIS HAS TO CHANGE! We exist! LGBT people exist! And have existed forever and we have to be allowed to exist fully and openly in all areas of the world; from Russia to Los Angeles to the deep south!  

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You're just stupid because you're a guy and you don't know what women go through. Abusive relationships, catcalling, sexual abuse, being touched when we don't want to be, you don't get any of it. Men and especially male artists have no idea what it's like to be a woman and you don't know how it feels so shut up and stop thinking that because you're attracted to them you're allowed to fetishize them. Go fuck yourself and stop drawing.

I wasn’t going to respond to you because clearly you have a brain the size of a walnut and you don’t understand that the level of stupidity of what you’ve just written is absolutely astonishing, but in my opinion correcting people like you should be considered a public service.

First of all, if you’ve really been on my blog before and I’m not just some random person you picked out to send your bullshit to, you would know that I’m gay. Boobs really don’t appeal to me. I don’t have this ‘attraction’ you’re talking about, and although some people do and it’s horrible and it should be stopped, I’m not the person you should be accusing.

Newsflash: It’s not just women who go through that shit. I’m a guy, and I’ve been touched when I didn’t want to be. I’ve been catcalled. I’ve been in an abusive relationship and she fucked me up and I’m still hurting a year later. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

In short, you’re a twat. Good day.

I allow calmness and peace to come to me in times of indecisiveness and doubt

I allow positivity to flow to me and to shine through me to others

Friends flow to me easily

I am grateful I always have what I need

I am thankful for the signs the universe/god shows me

I am so thankful for the compassion that fills me with each lesson I learn in my spiritual journey

I know my purpose will be shown to me. I trust the signs.

Peace of mind comes to me effortlessly

In Praise of Mindy Kaling on The Mindy Project

Through all its ups and downs, the Mindy Project has been, first and foremost,  a shining example of just how much Mindy Kaling can do. Mindy Lahiri, her character on the show, was allowed to be sexy, selfish, funny, dirty, rude, clever, annoying. A mother, a doctor, sometimes single, sometimes not, sometimes married. Throughout, she was the hero of her own story, a beloved friend, a great doctor, and an attractive woman. I could write a whole 10-page essay on how her varied and sometimes hilarious dating life was a big fuck you to fatphobia, colorism, and racism.

Right now, the title of actor-writer-creator is most often reserved for white men, sometimes white women, and rarely for a MOC. Diversity in hiring actors is not matched by diversity in hiring creators. Mindy Kaling, an Indian-American ran an entire show through six straight seasons (117 episodes!) on her own hard work, acting talent, and writer’s wit. She was not just a brown face on white words, she controlled and created the entire show, and it would not be able to exist without her. 

In the later seasons of the show, as it moved to Hulu and she got more creative control, you began to see more LGBT actors and characters, more POC (and particularly MOC as love interests), and incredibly experimental storylines. Who could forget her “sliding doors” style episode, where she woke up in an alternative universe with a different husband, or her “Mindy Lahiri is a White Man” episode, where her character got to magically experience white male privilege firsthand to hilarious effect?

No show is perfect, and this one definitely had its flaws (cough cough season 1 so white, not giving Tamra enough screentime). But it has been a genuine pleasure to see Mindy Kaling grow as a writer and as an actor, and looking to the future, I know I’m not the only one who recognizes her skill–she’s paired with directors like Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle In Time) & actors like Emma Thompson (Late Night). Can’t wait to see what she’ll do next!

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a conversation with my inner SJW about: Atomic Blonde
  • SJW: people on tumblr said Atomic Blonde was queerbaiting and problematic so BE AWARE
  • me: sounds fake but ok
  • SJW: here we go this is the movie and Charlize Theron is the badass female protagonist. WHY does she have to wear sexy outfits??
  • me: because it's really cool.
  • SJW: But she's obviously sexualized for the male gaze!!11!
  • me: So is James Bond in tight as fuck suits that would never in a million years be comfortable to fight in. He's sexualized for the gay male gaze just as much as the female gaze. Maybe spies are just sexy.
  • me: Just normalise nudity already. Especially that of female breasts.
  • SJW: James McAvoy's character is a white straight male misogynist.
  • me: White male misogynist I will grant you, but after that interview where he said he meant to play the character gay, while watching the film I can tell that even though it wasn't in the dialogue, it was still in his mind and so I will read the character as gay.
  • SJW: But the filmmakers are homophobic for telling him no!
  • me: Maybe, but I doubt it. I think they didn't want a gay statement to become more important than the plot of the film, because as a purely representative film it would be competely out of place. So they left David Percival's relationship with James Gascoigne ambiguous. I disagree with them telling James McAvoy he couldn't do it, but I don't think this means they're "omg problematic".
  • me: Many people are. It's realistic. I like realism because it forces us to deal with real problems through fiction.
  • SJW: Lorraine Broughton's sex scene with Delphine is fIlMEd entirELY FOR THE MALE -
  • me: oh come on they're barely even undressed and the focus is on caresses and inbetween leg grabbing and neck grabbing and sensuality, all things wlw find attractive, rather than blatant tits and ass shots. If you're a wlw and you find this sexy, admit you found it sexy because it IS SEXY, and lesbian sex scenes are allowed to be sexy in their own right. Don't blame the "male gaze" because I'm not seeing it in this scene.
  • SJW: Delphine's death was SO BRUTAL I HAD A PANIC ATTACK
  • me: ok what are you doing watching an action movie set in 1980s Berlin I mean are you OK? Generally?
  • SJW: no but her death was the most violent thing in the whole film
  • me: did you actually watch the rest of the film?
  • me: what, because she wore a leotard? That's just her personal style. Other than that she went down hard and fighting dirty to save herself, Percival looked like a little bitch struggling to get the knife out of his back but he still seemed to even feel bad for killing Delphine, and no shot was particularly sexual. Are you talking about her crotch? How puritan are you? Beware, ladies, don't wear leotards in your private space just in case someone comes and murders you - your death COULD BE SEXUALIZED. Seriously...
  • SJW: She only died to further Lorraine's development!
  • me: I mean yeah she was bothered by it but I didn't see it further her development other than enjoying killing Percival more thoroughly than she would have anyway...
  • SJW: It was Bury Your Gays!! The lesbian always dies and it's not fair!
  • me: Is "the lesbian dies" the new "the dog dies"? Bit patronising isn't it? I mean surely Delphine was defined by more than her love for a woman. Anyway, the lover of the spy always dies. It is the rules. Same counts for violent deaths. Don't watch a spy movie if you don't like it.
  • Basically, SJW - fuck off.

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sugar babies are the exact opposite of feminism. if you guys were using your youth to make 6 figures cool. but you are all just being used as desposable aging sex objects. and you are all very accepting of the idea that men 3x your age will regard to you as an old woman if you are over 22. it's so toxic. you are the reason men are able to call a woman who s 30 years younger than him as an old woman because she hit 23 or 25. you're the reason future you will be considered an old desperate woman.

Sugar babies didn’t make old men prefer young women, we just capitalize off of it. I am 100% a feminist, and very progressive. I’ve gone to the marches and debated sexists on why I deserve to be paid as much as a man. But you know what? I can’t change the fact that 50 year old men find me more attractive than women their age. There’s literally nothing I can do to change that, so instead of allowing men to benefit from my attractiveness, youngness, and sexuality, I make money off of it. To me, gaining from a patriarchal institution is very feminist. Blaming sex workers for sexist men is the opposite of feminism. Real feminism is understanding that sex work is just like any other job. Maybe consider the fact that sugar babies are able to exist because men already prefer young women. We didn’t create this gap, we just decided to use it to our advantage. Honestly blaming women for men’s sexism is not constructive at all, and it detracts from the point of the matter. Sugar babies essential gain from the same concept as the modeling industry, acting industry, and any other industry where youth and beauty is valued. If you hate sugar babies so much, just unfollow me, just block my blog, just go live your life.

hey so uh i just wanna say that if you’re a gay woman who’s first experience in relation to gay women was with porn

it’s okay. there’s a lot of it. and even though it’s made by men for men if you enjoyed it, it’s okay. if it made you realize you’re gay, it’s okay. if you initially thought it was just a sexual attraction but now think it’s romantic, too, it’s okay. you’re not gross or wrong. sapphic sex is not gross or wrong.

your journey to your label and the things that led you to it aren’t wrong.

hey if you're seeing map positivity and starting to think being attracted to children is ok

it’s not. it’s fucking not. it’s fucking disgusting. any adults attracted to minors are fucking disgusting and the scum of the fucking earth who deserve to be culled and killed like the inhuman monsters that they are. no pedophile is non offending. all maps are pedophiles and all pedophiles are offending. by existing, especially if they outright say they are a pedophile and still allow themselves around children and/or get off to child porn, they are constantly harming all children around them. by sexualizing children or looking at cp, real or drawn, they are actively harming, sexualizing and victimizing children and also becoming more likely to sexually assault children. all pedophiles should die, and i’m not even joking if you’re a pedo you’re a danger to everyone around you and should be killed or at least jailed in a high security padded cell away from children. i am not exaggerating. i don’t care if killing all pedophiles means “people close to me will die” no they will not, because they know that all pedophiles are shitty fucking scum who deserve death. if they were pedophiles they would have hanged themselves. and i suggest that if you want to fuck actual CHILDREN then you should also hang yourself or at least turn yourself in to the police.

it is not ok to be a pedophile or apologist. all normal people hate them, and for good reason. stop defending child rapists and abusers, you pieces of human garbage.

Part of me feels bad, writing smut when I can see that a lot of you are 14-16 (seriously, you shouldn’t be putting your ages on blogs omg, it’s so dangerous).... But the other part of me also knows how overwhelmingly neglected Sex-Ed is in schools and... IDK, at least I’m showing you healthy relationships and realistic expectations... ... ... ...

That’s why I write everything from kinky to chaste sex (which you all keep thinking is kinky still- oral, basic fingering (max of 2), and missionary are still ‘vanilla’).

It’s all about safety, the importance of communication, that you are allowed to laugh and have fun, and how to safely explore what you’re comfortable with.

But still… you’re children… UGH.


Oh god, I just realized I’ve become the nagging mother of this fandom… … … … … I’M IN MY 20s, I JUST SOUND LIKE I’M 87.

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So you identify as they/them. Why do you use a plural form if you're an individual, a singular person? Wouldn't it be better to coin a new term rather than change the rules of grammar. I've seen people saying this, but you're the first person I've been able to ask.

trust me, if there was a set of pronouns for those who currently use they/them or otherwise, i would be among the first to use them, but for now it’s the best we have.

sexuality is a broad spectrum and in my personal opinion (it’s okay to disagree just please don’t send hate asks) i feel that people part of the lgbt+ community who experience same gender attraction to some degree are allowed to coin the term “gay” when referring to themselves, if they would like. i’m pansexual and that’s my opinion :>

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@ the anon who felt predatory: you're not alone, i relate so much, i struggled with that so bad coming out and still do. it's perfectly ok to be /really/ sexually attracted and it's not predatory as long as you don't do anything non-consensual! you're allowed to see women and think "wow she's really hot" and things like that. lesbian sterilization is a problem imo and there always needs to be reminder that being homo/bisexual does include "sexual"!! let yourself love women's bodies and sex!!


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Are aces allowed non-sexual kinks? I have a kitten play kink that i get no sexual pleasure from, but use it as an escape (kinda like when you play video games if you're upset) but im told bc im ace i can't have kinks or that im faking being ace? Do anyotger aces have kinks or is it just me?

You can have sexual kinks, non-sexual kinks, etc. The only thing that defines asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction.

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If you don't want to medical transition, you're not transgender, you're a crossdresser. Leave real dysphoric trans women alone. Our medical accommodations aren't "forced sterilization" holy fuck. You shouldn't be allowed to legally change your gender or use the women's locker room if you want to stay male bodied bc you're not a woman, you're a crossdressing man. I bet you want to keep your dick to fuck lesbians who aren't attracted to males. You're just a terrible person.

Damn, good thing I’m on hrt and def medically transitioning or all that hyper ignorant hate speech may have at all applied to me! No for real tho, go fuck yourself you hate filled prick. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll keep dating my lovely trans gfs and not giving a fuck whether any cis woman wants to fuck me - just whether or not she views me and my trans sisters as “male” or having “male parts,” or any such horrid, bigoted nonsense

Cw transmisogyny