no you're not allowed to be this attractive

  • me: i want her to fuck me
  • the Internalized Lesbophobia™: bad!!! you're gross!!! you're predatory!!! your attraction to women can never be sexual!! only talk abt soft kisses and hand holding allowed!!!!
  • me, louder, while banging pots and pans together: I WANT HER TO FUCK ME!!!

I allow calmness and peace to come to me in times of indecisiveness and doubt

I allow positivity to flow to me and to shine through me to others

Friends flow to me easily

I am grateful I always have what I need

I am thankful for the signs the universe/god shows me

I am so thankful for the compassion that fills me with each lesson I learn in my spiritual journey

I know my purpose will be shown to me. I trust the signs.

Peace of mind comes to me effortlessly

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If you don't want to medical transition, you're not transgender, you're a crossdresser. Leave real dysphoric trans women alone. Our medical accommodations aren't "forced sterilization" holy fuck. You shouldn't be allowed to legally change your gender or use the women's locker room if you want to stay male bodied bc you're not a woman, you're a crossdressing man. I bet you want to keep your dick to fuck lesbians who aren't attracted to males. You're just a terrible person.

Damn, good thing I’m on hrt and def medically transitioning or all that hyper ignorant hate speech may have at all applied to me! No for real tho, go fuck yourself you hate filled prick. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll keep dating my lovely trans gfs and not giving a fuck whether any cis woman wants to fuck me - just whether or not she views me and my trans sisters as “male” or having “male parts,” or any such horrid, bigoted nonsense

Cw transmisogyny

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So you identify as they/them. Why do you use a plural form if you're an individual, a singular person? Wouldn't it be better to coin a new term rather than change the rules of grammar. I've seen people saying this, but you're the first person I've been able to ask.

trust me, if there was a set of pronouns for those who currently use they/them or otherwise, i would be among the first to use them, but for now it’s the best we have.

sexuality is a broad spectrum and in my personal opinion (it’s okay to disagree just please don’t send hate asks) i feel that people part of the lgbt+ community who experience same gender attraction to some degree are allowed to coin the term “gay” when referring to themselves, if they would like. i’m pansexual and that’s my opinion :>

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Apparently you're not allowed to headcanon child characters as ace because "an adult has no business talking about a minor's sexual attraction", but any other orientation is okay because "gay and bi have nothing to do with sexual attraction" like wtf do they think "homoSexual" means?

They…….. they really don’t hear themselves……. my god…………

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hi hello it says you're an advice blog so here goes: because im homoromantic grey-asexual, am i allowed to say im gay/lesbian even though im not sexually attracted to girls? its just a bit of a mouthful to say... much love <3

You can call yourself what you want. I call myself a lesbian / gay too but sometimes I like to kiss boys. But I dont fall in love with them. People will say then you are not gay. But I see myself as gay. If you feel okay with that label then call yourself like that it is on you !

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I hope it's not rude to say that a lot of the questions I see on here almost make me sad, like that people are worried they're not "allowed" to identify as demisexual over things as simple as some of these. Your sexuality (esp. the ace spectrum) isn't about whether you've had sex or sometimes even if you want to at all, or your personal hesitations or...lots of other things, it's just about who you're sexually attracted to (or not), that's all that really dictates a label like these.

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Who is the best looking AH? I'm going with Ryan, that is a hunk of man if I have ever seen one, and I'm a straight dude.

that is a very fair and valid assessment but also please consisder this cinnamon bun

I rest my case

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You're Garcia's best friend. You know she works for the FBI. Your parents have been murdered and you seen the killer so you thought you might be next. Garcia offered you to stay with her , but you refused to put her in the situation. Hotch allows you to stay at the office , setting up a bed, he agrees that they will be taking shifts to protect you. You find yourself strangely attracted to Hotch. He has a drink with you in his office. You two make love in his office.

I can most certainly write this one-shot!  Here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

“…but I can’t help but think you’re going to be next, Y/N!” your best friend yelps as you continue to protest, tears streaming down your cheeks.  You had come home to your parents lying in their own pools of respective blood, and Garcia was concerned that the only reason you were still alive was because you weren’t in the house.

“Please, come stay with me…” she pleads, tugging at your hand.

Gazing off into the distance, you feel someone rub your back, a head slowly laying down onto your shoulder.

“Please let me take care of you,” she begs.

As you slowly shake your head no, you turn to your and give her a light kiss on her cheek.  “I will not let this insanity frighten me.”

“You’re still going to need somewhere to go,” a voice behind you resonates.

“Y/N, this is Hotch, my boss.”

Slowly turning around, your cheeks red and your eyes puffy, he gives you a weary grin as he holds out his hand.  Taking it within yours, you shake it lightly, flopping your hand back down to your side.

“…and he’s right.  Even if you don’t want to come with me, you cannot stay here,” she gestures to your house.

“But, Garcia is also right,” Hotch looks over at her, “Until we know otherwise, you are a target.”

Nodding slowly, their voices far into the background, you look at your best friend, her mascara running down your face.

Hugging her close, you mumble into her hair, “I’m sorry.  I didn’t even realize how their deaths would affect you as well.”

As you both cry in each other’s arms, you find your voice and continue to croak, “But I can’t stay with you.  It puts you in danger.”

“Then I believe I have a solution that will suit everyone,” Hotch says, stepping back into the conversation.


As you walk into the BAU office, Garcia and Hotch usher you up in to his office.

Walking in, you see a mattress and box spring on the floor, complete with a makeshift bedside table and a reading lamp.

“If you won’t stay with us, and you refuse to stay in a hotel, then you’ll stay here,” your best friend says, smiling big at you.

“You did this, didn’t you?” you say, playfully eyeing her out of the corner of your eye.

“With Hotch’s permission, yes.  And the team will take shifts watching over you until we know that the threat ‘has been contained,’“ she drops her voice mockingly.

As you chuckle lightly, she rubs your back again and smiles.  “It’s nice to finally see you smile a bit.”

As your smile gives way to your stoic expression once again, Garcia sighs and gives you a gigantic hug.

“I need to go back to my cave, but I will come up every so often to check on you.  And right now, Hotch has the first watch, so if you need someone immediately, he’s just right outside the door.”

Nodding slowly, you turn as she leaves, cringing when she shuts the door.


Laying on the bed, you toss and turn, trying to get to sleep, but finding it elusive.  Sighing, you roll out of bed, hitting the floor and picking yourself back up.  You were thirsty.

Incredibly thirsty.

Walking towards the door, you reach for the handle as it flies open.

“Are you alright?” the tall man asks.

“Uh…” you pause.  You hadn’t realized, until now, how beautiful his eyes were.

“Just thirsty,” you say, clearing your throat.

“I can go get you something from the vending machine,” he offers tentatively.

Furrowing your brow, you look down at your feet.  “Not quite strong enough.”

Nodding his head slowly, he puts his hand on your lower back and leads you back into the office.  As he goes to his desk, he opens up a drawer behind him, pulling out two glasses and a clear bottle of beautiful rustic goodness.

“I hope Scotch is alright,” he says, pouring two glasses.

“Perfect,” you sigh, taking the glass that he hands you.

As the two of you drink in silence, you two finish your first glasses, and you hold out your glass as he offers to pour you a second.

“No seconds for you?” you ask, cocking your eyebrow when you find yourself drinking alone.

“Still technically on the job,” he says, sitting his hip on his desk.

Jumping up, you sit on the opposite end, crossing your legs as you sip your second drink, willing yourself to savor it instead of chug it.

“How are you?” he asks, meeting your gaze.

Shrugging, you look down at your glass and swirl your drink around.  “As good as one can expect, I assume.”

As his brow furrows in…empathy?…you heart aches for whatever loss he has endured in his life.

Without thinking, you scoot your hand over to his, taking it and squeezing it.

Throwing back the rest of your drink, you cringe and let out an exasperated sigh, carefully setting your glass down.

“Thank you for the drink,” your voice hitches in your throat as he starts to lace his fingers with yours.

Looking down at both of your hands, your face flushes.  You know he’s beautiful, and you know he’s strong, and you know he’s…powerful.  But what drew you to him wasn’t his looks, or his power, or even his strength.

It was his innate understanding for your situation.

Lifting your gaze to meet his, you lean forward and pause, feeling his breath on your lips before he pushes his face into yours, pleading with his tongue against your lips to be inside.

Hopping off of the table, Hotch comes around and threads his arms around your waist.  Picking you up off of his desk, he slowly lays you onto the bed on the ground.

With your eyes wide and your mouth speechless, he kisses you on your cheeks, moves to your nose, and slowly slides down to your neck.  As your breath turns ragged and your pulse escalates, he stops abruptly, looking you in your eyes.

“Is this alright?” he asks.

Nodding your head vigorously, you lean your head up and whisper, “Help me forget.”

And with that, he lips connect back with yours.  Running it along your teeth and tracing the roof of your mouth, your core starts to contract as shivers run up and down your spine.  Kissing you down your neck, pulling your shirt back and nibbling on your collarbone, you slowly work his jacket and tie off as he slips your shirt over your head.

Fiddling with the buttons on his shirt, he untucks everything and rips it over his head, his strong chest bare as you run your fingertips along every line of his body.

Dipping back down, he creeps down your body, pulling your pants along with him as he licks you down, like a predator surveying his catch.

Finally getting your pants off, he fiddles with his belt buckle and zipper, kicking his bottoms off as you lay there, sprawled before him, panting and shimmering, waiting for his return.

As he kisses up your leg to your inner thigh, he slowly rubs his nose in between your growing wet lips, taking in your smell as you squirm underneath him.  Kissing you, ever so lightly, you buck against his mouth, feeling him smile at your want for what he can provide.

Slipping his tongue in between your folds, you let out a low murmur of approval as he teases your every crevice, flicking and sucking, deep and sensual, until you lose all sense of who you are and where you’re at, slinging strings of obscenities and dirty talk across the room as he burrows his hands into your hips.

Flicking his tongue across your sensitive mound, your legs begin to shake as you arch your back.  Feeling the tension build within you, you feel him slip two fingers inside of you, pumping as you writhe beneath him.

“Make me cum…ooooooh, good shit…make me cum…” and as your body contracts, he gives one deep lick of his tongue, and all at once tears rumble down your face as your levee gives way, washing over you absolute pleasure.

As Hotch slips his fingers out of you, he crawls back up, taking your nipple into his mouth as he slowly enters you.  “Oh, Y/N,” he groans, feeling your walls bulge and convulse against his hardened length.

Pumping slowly, he dips his forehead down into yours, rolling his hips as you wrap your legs and arms around him.

“Be close to me,” you breathlessly whisper, and as he lowers his body onto yours, he begins to buck.

Thrusting in rhythm, matching his every move, your bodies collide, sweating and needy, as the sound of skin against skin starts to slap.  You raise your hips to provide leverage as he cradles your head, holding his body up with his other hand as he throws your leg up over his shoulder.

“Oh, god!” you wail as he hits your sensitive area, slapping into you as he rolls his head back in ecstasy.  You run your hands along his abdomen, feeling it contract under your touch as his words and breaths become choppy and incoherent, and as you reach down in between your legs and flick your sensitive mound, you throw yourself over the edge once again, legs shaking and back arched, feeling his cum fill you to the brim as your name tumbles off of his lips.

Panting for breath, he collapses onto you, holding you close as your sweat intermingles.

“Thank you,” you whisper to him, and as he rolls of of you, holding you close, he kisses you in between your shoulder blades, nuzzling his nose against you as he says, “It’s going to be alright, Y/N.  You’re safe.”

“misha collins isn’t attractive!” oh shit oh well fuck i’ve been wrong all along better cross him off my “attracted to” list

  • Sherlock: Don't think you can win
  • Jim: I don't think i can win, i know I will
  • Sherlock: *glaring at the consulting criminal, arms folded standing up as straight as he can trying to be scary*
  • Jim: *smirking with his hands in his pockets, looking completely relaxed*
  • Sherlock: Molly knows better and will never go out with the likes of you
  • Jim: Molly knows better and will never go for the man who has already broken her heart so many times before. i have a better shot than you and as i'm more attractive you should just give up
  • *their fight is interrupted as Molly and Greg walk out of the hospital together, her arm linked with his and she's smiling at something he's saying and laughing*
  • Sherlock: ....
  • Jim: .....
  • Sherlock: You're not allowed to kill him
  • Jim: *glaring at the couple* i already have a sniper set up
  • Sherlock: we can break them up and break his heart and wouldn't that be a lot more interesting than just killing him
  • Jim: are you suggesting...
  • Sherlock: a truce until Graham is out of the way
  • Jim: only Molly Hooper could drive us to this (and i think it's Greg)
  • Sherlock: She's always the exception
  • *they shake hands as they both look at the couple and think of ways to break them apart*

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how would F.A.C.E react to their s/o being asexual (meaning they aren't sexually attracted but romantically attracted to people)

France (Francis Bonnefoy): You might think that he’d be upset or disappointed due to his rather sexual nature, but the moment he finds out, he’ll be completely okay with it. As long as you allow him to continue romancing you into a stupor, he’s A-OK with you feeling no sexual attraction to him. Just let him continue to kiss, cuddle, and woo you and he’s more than happy.

America (Alfred F. Jones): Wait, what? You're… What? What is asexual?
He’s got no clue what asexuality is, so you’re gonna have to sit him down and explain it to him. It might take a while to get through his head what exactly that entails, but rest assured, he’ll be completely understanding and loves you just as much regardless. Just don’t expect him to change himself for you; he’s going to keep making random sexual jokes and innuendos around you, that’s just the kind of guy he is.

Canada (Matthew Williams): He doesn’t even blink. It doesn’t phase him in the slightest. In fact, since he’s actually pretty good at reading people, he probably figured it out awhile back. He’s known for practically the entirety of your relationship.
“You’re asexual? Woah, I would have never guessed… So, do you want me to make you a celebratory ‘coming out meal’ or something? It would give me a reason to make pancakes for dinner.”

England (Arthur Kirkland): Like America, he has no clue what that means. You have to explain it to him, but he’ll come to understand the concept relatively quickly. If anything, he’s a bit of a panic-er. He’ll constantly ask you if he’s crossing any boundaries or making you uncomfortable. He doesn’t quite grasp the meaning of the word 100% so he’ll just be in a state of worrying whether or not he’s doing something or saying something that upsets you.

~Admin Sparkle

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Is it right for someone who's openly pansexual to call themselves gay? Because people who are homosexual are only attracted to the same gender and people who are pansexual are attracted to all genders, including the opposite gender? I was wondering because one of my friends is pan and they were like 'haha I'm so gay wow' and I was like no?? you're not??? But I'm not sure? If this question is too confusing or offensive you can just ignore it '^^

i’m pan and i say i’m gay all the time tbh. i mean, i do have a preference for male presenting people usually. but yeah why shouldn’t they be allowed to say it? it’s not a competition over who’s more gay than anyone else. the only time i can see this being a problem is if you’re straight and you say it?? but that’s mostly because it is commonly used as an insult and we’re trying to take back ownership of the word i guess.

Weekly Horoscope for April 11th–April 17th, 2016
  • Aries: Although it's always good to act on inspiration, don't immediately jump regarding an idea that concerns your finances. You could be misleading yourself on this occasion. With that said, however, romance is possible if you move outside your comfort zone. This weekend, keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity that could lead to a new and exciting career development. Finally, you might be forced to postpone some travel plans.
  • Taurus: You'll know exactly what a friend is thinking even if he or she stays silent. If your mind is set on a certain course of action, you might choose to ignore any subtle hints. This week actively encourages you to do what pleases you rather than what seems agreeable to others. You'll make more progress if you act on a deeply meaningful plan rather than get involved in other people's projects. Starting this weekend, you'll gain by saving rather than spending.
  • Gemini: This week, you'll find it easier to connect with your deeper feelings and forge a relationship with your inner self. If you take note of your dreams, they could be the driving force behind a career plan or project. Concerning romance, Tuesday's delightful blend of energies could coincide with an encounter that takes your breath away.
  • Cancer: Inviting a friend to join you on a short trip or vacation might be a good idea, particularly if you get along well. This week, you might find that your association grows deeper and becomes the kind of supportive friendship you've been seeking for some time. Tuesday could bring a career or work opportunity that shouldn't be missed. If you're offered a chance at a new position or contract, don't turn it down!
  • Leo: Could romance be in the air for you? Tuesday's alignment suggests it's possible. Take each day as it comes. Regarding a career decision, as of Thursday, you might get a second chance at an opportunity you thought you'd missed.
  • Virgo: The week ahead could bring a small windfall your way, when a very promising aspect hints that some money might fall into your lap. You might decide to take up a course of study or attend a workshop that will teach you a new skill. Just getting away for a break could lead to an exciting opportunity for romance if you want it.
  • Libra: An encounter could perk you up this week. While this might be the start of a romantic relationship, it could also be the start of a supportive friendship, one that you'll deeply appreciate. By the end of the week, your newfound pal seems to lose interest in you, but it isn't like that at all. Rather, they may have issues to attend to. If you can be patient, everything will come right in the end.
  • Scorpio: If you get a chance to earn some extra cash or a pay raise, take it. A promising alignment early in the week hints that if you're willing to put in some extra work, you can reap the rewards. There will be lovely aspects in the days ahead, and these could be perfect for discussing business, collaborating on a plan, or chatting up a special person.
  • Sagittarius: You should certainly think about taking time out and doing something that you enjoy. And if it seems that you're too busy for romance, you might need to reconsider. A very upbeat aspect on Tuesday could see you dazzled by a special encounter. Will it come to anything? That depends on you! However, it would be best not to rush into anything. Take each day as it comes and see how things go.
  • Capricorn: You're moving through a phase in which the cosmos is actively encouraging you to live to your full potential. In order to do so, you might benefit from the services of a life coach or even a good friend who could spur you on to aim higher and overcome your fears. There's no need to rush, though. You'll do best when you savor and learn from each moment.
  • Aquarius: Friends can be very supportive when it comes to encouraging you to move outside your comfort zone. One person in particular could succeed in getting you to take your first tentative step. The reason for this is likely that you're attracted to them and more than willing to pay attention to what they have to say. However, it would be unwise to expect too much of this relationship for now. Allow it to unfold organically for best results.
  • Pisces: If an opportunity comes your way early this week, do take it. It may not come around again. You might find that someone else will grab the chance if you don't commit as soon as possible. On another note, a close bond with a certain friend is now possible, particularly if you're going through an experience that's deeply personal to you both.
  • a cis: look I deserve to know if you're trans
  • me: no you don't
  • a cis: what if I was attracted to you and wanted to date you
  • me: there is zero risk of that ever being allowed to happen by me

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pearl has shown no attraction to garnet, amethyst, or peridot or anything like that. pearl can be bisexual. pearl did not like dewey but could like greg because hey, she has more interaction with greg. and you even said it, rose loved pearl. so why is rose allowed to be bisexual and pearl isn't? its because you're a shitty, close-minded person who thinks your way is law. i'm QUEER. im pansexual. i'm not putting straight feelings above myself, so fuck off.

“pearl has shown no attraction to garnet or amethyst” (idk where u got peridot from but)

oh! and let’s see how she acts around men now, shall we?

riiiiight. suuuure. definitely bisexual.

hey, how abbout we stop judging women’s worth based on whether they’re attracted to men or not, hm? and respect lesbian identities without doubting their validity and instead recognize canonical bisexual characters without erasing preexisting lesbian ones? thanks.