no you're never gonna get it

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They never went on a spontaneous road trip again

ACTUALLY now that i’m really thinking about it i think the thing about the secret history that makes it so brilliant and so terrible is that they aren’t teenagers. they’re young but they’re not young, if you know what i mean. richard is twenty-two; bunny was twenty-four. i’m twenty-four. i know i’m a spring chicken but i know how not to murder people, for christ’s sake.

of course the other thing is that the book makes you love bunny and also hate him; it makes you want him dead, just do it just do it just do it or he’ll ruin everything, and then rips that out from under you, reminds you that you wanted him dead because he wasn’t down with murder. bunny wasn’t a nice or particularly good person and maybe doesn’t deserve sympathy, certainly didn’t leave the world any colder for not being in it, but to be clear when you want him dead it isn’t because he’s a bad person. it’s because he’s got loose lips.

anyway the last brilliant and terrible thing is that this whole novel convinces you to treat the first dead man the way its character does: by the end, you have almost forgotten him. by the end, the only person who ever really cared about what happened to him was bunny corcoran.


I wonder whose birthday it is…. @jayctivist Naw’ I kid. Happy Birthday Fate! I have no idea if this posts on the right date, but it’s Wednesday here, so hbd!! You’re super sweet and lovely and thank you for talking to me even tho i’m kind of a sack of yarn. Have fun celebrating with your family and I hope you continue to love Jason Todd


                                             IS FOR YOU!! (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥

Hello Pau here! For a long time I’ve had in mind doing this, but I’m not sure if this is going to work out or not u_u.

The thing is that I just reached 5k followers!! and that is so so great, never thought this blog would grow this much!!. So I was thinking that every time I make a follow forever, there’s always mentions to a few blogs, but I never get to thank to every single one of my followers for supporting this blog ♥. So instead of picking some blogs for this follow forever, I decided that If you’re simply following this blog, you’re included in this ff. 

So PLEASE If you’re one of the 5K amazingly cute and pretty followers of this blog, REBLOG THIS because this is me trying to thank you for that ♥!! 

And that’s pretty much it tbh. There’s so many amazing people on here that sometimes, only because we’re not mutuals don’t get the appreciation they deserve. So yeah, you’re all amazing, thanks for following this dumb ass blog, and If you ever wanna chat or something I’m always up to meet you all. ♥ 

listen. i came into this fandom determined to never call anyone out unless they were being legitimately grotesque. so i’m not gonna put anybody on blast, because nobody learns when they’re embarrassed and angry.

but i would like to put it out there that, as a black woman who is ridiculously fond of tucker, the prevalence of him being drawn with blue eyes makes me uncomfortable.

now, i know that there are poc with blue and green eyes. michael ealy and jesse williams are some gorgeous men right off the top of my head. but they are also the only men off the top of my head. my whole family is made up of black people. i have lived in philadelphia, studied among other black students; i have walked the city streets and seen people who looked just like (shit, in many cases, better than) me. there are black actors, musicians, athletes, etc., that i adore

and none of them have blue eyes.

so i’m not gonna name any names, and i’m not gonna be rude. i will still continue to reblog artwork. i will continue to support y’all. but i would like to pose a challenge to our artists in the fandom: if your tucker currently has blue (or aqua!) eyes, the next time you draw him, try him out with a brown pair instead. kick around a couple of different shades. see how it feels, if you can get behind it. 

you might not like it. and if you don’t, i would ask that you really put some thought into why. no one is calling you racist; or at least, i definitely am not in this post. we all have learned shit we need to pitch overboard, but you can’t get rid of baggage you haven’t recognized first. that’s all i’m requesting: a little self-awareness.

i don’t think that’s asking too much.

One of my favorite scenes from that fic a lot of us love, “To Be Well”.

It’s never getting out of my head and never will because seeing big scary monster men getting proper therapy and doing cute things like this make life a lot better. 

(I’m gonna end up going on a little rant here, so I’ll keep it under the cut)

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you know you’re european when eurovision is only in may and you’re already hyped af about it

So remember that psychiatrist appointment? It’s time for me to roll off for that. It should be a real short one (seriously like. 20 minutes at that) and even though I have to pick up some stuff for my cat afterwards, I should be home around 3.30.

I was gonna do posts before, but I felt anxious for obvious reasons– so instead of sitting around feeling sorry for myself and doing nothing I did a bunch of shit I’ve been procrastinating on for, y’know, IRL shit. I feel super accomplished now and now I can rp without feeling guilty so honestly, win/win!

I’m not sweet, I’m not dewey-eyed; I thought I should say so because you seem to think I am. I am callous because I’ve been hurt. It took a lot of years to build up these walls, don’t think you can knock them down without a scratch.
—  think again (via fraagmented)
It’s so difficult to get over something you know was real, I know. But the experience taught you that sometimes incredible things do happen. It made you believe there’s still some good left in the world. C'mon baby, don’t be sad that it ended. Be hopeful, that if it can happen once, it can happen again, and maybe it will be even better.
Sometimes she's a pain, but I love her.
  • Me: Don't fall in
  • Me: while you're in the potty
  • Me: brush your teeth
  • Me: get some food
  • Me: Okay, princess?
  • Princess ♥: I'm too fat to fall in
  • Me: Stop
  • Princess ♥: XD
  • Me: You're beautiful
  • Princess ♥: Still too fat to fall in. :3 no toilet monster for me!
  • Me: And I will kiss every inch of you and never stop letting you know how beautiful you are. Because even that word alone, will always be a mere understatement. Stop putting yourself down.
  • Me: There will be none of that.
  • Me: Do you understand?
  • Princess ♥: Yes daddy. =3=
  • Me: Good girl. You are beautiful and don't you ever forget that. Daddy loves all of you forever and ever <3
  • Princess ♥: ^-^ I love you too daddy
  • Me: And all my love with always be yours, my little princess.
  • My little girl loves putting herself down so much, but there wont ever be any of that.
  • You're beautiful, princess. Inside and out. And you are not fat, you're gorgeous and I will spend every day of my life proving to you that you are. Caring for you and loving you unconditionally is my job, and it truly is a job I love more than anything.