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turning me on | jeff atkins

anon request: can i request a jeff atkins imagine with #8 and #33? maybe jeff took his girlfriend (reader) to a party with him and you could take it from there. thank you!

8) “you’re turning me on.”

33) “come sit on my lap.”

warnings: fluff, almost smut

a/n: ok but that gif is so hot. FIRST IMAGINE OF MY BBY <3

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  • Sherlock: Can I borrow a pen?
  • Anderson: I don't know, can you?
  • Sherlock: Yes, and I might add that colloquial irregularities occur frequently in any language, and since you and the rest of our present company perfectly understood my intended meaning, being particular about the distinction between 'can' and 'may' is purely pedantic and arguably pretensious.

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RFA+V and Unknown and cooking? Hope that makes sense? I love your blog btw. You pick everything out perfectly <3

Thank you! And don’t worry, I understood you perfectly!


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V (he is freaking blind):

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+ Saeran and Seven:

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Jumin and Jaehee:

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Space Between Us | JAEHYUN

summary: being just classmates is not enough for him, but you only get to understand that after his lips had reached yours. 

Genre: frat boy!au | smut  | a wave of fluffiness at the end

⨯ Pairing: Jaehyun / Reader

Word count: 9 575

a/n: lowkey inspired—and enlightened—by study sessions from @honeytaeyong though mine is not as good as hers (god bless you and your writing). Special thanks to my pumpkin @suhsexual for  endure endless requests for help. There may be some grammatical mistakes left so I apologise in advance. Oh, yes, there may be a part 2 ;)

warnings: mature content, language (not actually dirty talking)

You’d been first, it was a relief. The number one exposed in that piece of sheet made your heart flutter little by little, and then you smiled. How sincere and truthful was it, the small grin drawn on your face, transforming your previous anxious expression in something completely lighted and amused. After broken hearts and desperate tears, being ranked as first place was one of the few things that could possibly turn out to be great in your eyes. You blinked. It was there, the one.

The elder woman in front of you—an old professor in the university; someone with an enviable knowledge—rested her hand on your shoulder. She had an odd aura around her; something completely comforting, which was not expectable from someone extremely rigorous. The professor took a deep breath and twinkled.

“You did great, again.” She said. Her voice tone was apathetic, but she managed to show some kind of happiness after a smirk. “If you keep doing like this, you may get in the rank of all courses.” Then she clapped her hands. “It’s something to think about.” And touched her own head with an index finger.

That hadn’t been your main focus, however. The ranks were just something to fulfil the emptiness you felt inside your being, as something really important was missing. At first you concluded it could be all about the end of you three-year relationship; you really had loved him, and that was something you didn’t doubt about. It was crystal clear you’d felt the most intense of all feelings, because you’d wished him well, you’d wished him to be close to you, and you’d wished—and deeply wished—for him to like you back in the same level. Although in the end of all, he didn’t. And that’s when you’d felt on the surface of a limitless ocean, slowly drifting away from the only land that held you—and your emotions—still. He had left you in the farthest blind spot possible, without a plausible reason. Were you supposed to be fine? In the very beginning you had even thought it could work out: you could deal with the situation. Oh, but you had been wrong.

And then you had cried for hours. An intense pain burning inside you for days—afterward days became weeks, and weeks became months. In the end of the third month, after the breakup, you’d realised he wasn’t what filled your soul. The guy whom you dated, and eventually developed feelings for, was just a part of a puzzle you hadn’t had the chance to complete yet. Something bigger was missing; finally you’d gotten to the point when your vision had become clear again and the monochromatic colours of life had turned out to be, actually, the colours of the rainbow. You were free of angst. You were mature enough to understand that the only person you needed was you—but you also knew that it did not mean you forgot your past experiences, it meant you could love yourself entirely. From that moment, what could possibly make you feel satisfied was your own success, so you’d looked for it. And you’d achieved your goals.

You looked down to the paper again. The #1 on the top made you feel ease. You folded the note and gathered the rest of your things, packed them up inside you backpack and calmly walked out of the enormous auditorium. The semester ended in the best way possible, and you were happy with what you obtained. The professor politely asked you to close the door behind you, but before you could do so, someone held it. The blond haired boy gave you a small smile and waited for you to exit the ambient so he could shut the entryway. You nodded, as an acknowledgement, and turned on your heels so you could finally go home, yet a hand touched your free shoulder obligating you to shift back and face the person.

“Congratulations.” The boy said. “You got first place again.”

“Thank you,” you’d begun, searching in your memory for the name of the guy in front of you. The information you had was his physical appearance and his voice, which didn’t sound so familiar. So it took you more effort, causing you to look deep inside his eyes and drive you gaze to his smile. You suddenly knew who he was and the sort of fame he had. You smirked at the thought that he was talking to you. “Hum, Jaehyun.”

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Bring It Back

A/N: So for some reason I’m super stocked about sharing this. I have an idea for a part two involving some smutty, smutty action, so let me know if you’re down for that. I would love feedback on this one. Also I know the year doesn’t match what happened in reality, but it’s fiction so I can change it. 

Word count: 1,920

March 1 st 2017
Pickering, Canada

From y/n: Your mom said you were back in town? Want to meet up for coffee?

You felt your heart race only half a second after you sent the message. Today was the day. Today was the day to tell Shawn how you really felt about him. He’d been gone for months and you’d spend those months debating whether or not come clean, but this was draining you to keep in and you weren’t sure how much longer you could bare it.

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Would bet all my money - Chris Evans

HELLO INTERNET! Did you miss me?? Well, I’m back with this one shot (that will probably become a series) which follows a prompt coming from a list of AUs that I can post if you’re interested. Btw, I hope you’re happy @supernatural-girl97   the moment you have been waiting has finally come! Enjoy :) xx

                                             CHRIS EVANS X READER

Prompt: We’re the last people in the cinema after a marvel movie because everyone else was weak and we payed to see the damned end credit scene, so who do you think is the hottest avenger ‘cause all my money is on Captain America.

Warnings: none


You were a huge Marvel fan, like “I’ve read the comic books, seen all the movies, have multiple gadgets and really want to meet the actors but have no money to go to conventions” type of fan. You were obsessed with the characters, the storyline and God, the movies were phenomenal from your point of view; they’ve always made goosebumps run all over your skin, they made you want to enter in that parallel universe and be a hero, feel powerful and loved. Perhaps it wasn’t the best to achieve considering the downs of the “hero career”, especially in these stories, but, you know, going to the cinema and enjoy two hours of hot men running around wasn’t that bad.

As soon as you heard that “Captain America: Civil War” had been released in theatres, you immediately freed your agenda and tried to go as many times as possible to see it. In this case, it was the last day the cinema you usually went to showed the film. You felt a little melancholy while buying the ticket for the last time but you shook that thought away by thinking that, one way or another, you would’ve bought the dvd as soon as it was released and would soon have the chance to watch it as many times as you wanted. It was late, you chose on purpose the ultimate show to feel less embarrassed for crying or criticizing loudly the characters’ bad choices for one more time; there were a couple of people spread around in the room, most of them in the front rows or the middle. You happily chose your usual seat in the back and sat down with your big bag of popcorn.

The movie started in about 5 minutes after you had arrived and you were immediately entranced by what was happening and quietly kept noticing details that had gotten out of your sight the first time. 20 minutes in the film, while dark surrounded everyone, someone came in and sat down a couple of seats away from you. You actually didn’t pay much attention, you were too astonished by the movie that you wouldn’t have the time to turn around and notice.

That was probably lucky for Chris because, little did you know, he had decided to go the cinema to see personally the reaction of his fans. He had chosen on purpose, just like you, the last show on the last day. If you had seen him, you would’ve probably started to squeal but still be “cool” because, come on, it’s Chris Evans! The movie ended faster than you thought and soon you were watching the credits roll down, a couple of people got up and left the cinema, not bothering to stay until the end. But you, oh you. You had paid to see that damned end credit scene and you were going to get it.

“Weak people..” you muttered as you saw the last person leave the theatre. A deep voice startled you, making you realize that you weren’t alone.

“Yeah, not everyone is strong enough to wait till the end of the line.” the person said out loud and you turned your head to see where the voice came from, though it was too dark to see the talker perfectly. You understood the reference and smiled to yourself. “Mind if I seat there?”

You looked at his pointing finger and noticed he meant to ask you if he could sit beside you. “Yeah, of course” the credits still scrolled down. He was very tall, wearing a baseball cap on the inside; you smelt his strong cologne as soon as he sat down, it was nice. “Want some?” You asked, offering the last pieces of popcorn that remained.

“Yes, please.” he said, grabbing some of them and starting to eat. It became quiet again and finally the scene you had been waiting arrived. “So, who do you think is the hottest avenger?”

You laughed out loud, choking a little on the popcorn “Um, I think Captain America” you answered, a slightly sarcastic tone in your voice “Yeah, I’d bet all my money on him.”

“Well, Thor isn’t kidding either”

“I’m more of a Loki type, let’s say that.” you giggled, smirking. This person was really enjoyable to be around. The lights flickered on, lighting up all the room, and you turned to the mysterious man beside you. Your breath immediately got knocked out of your lungs “Wait, you’re Chris Evans.”



Prove Me Wrong // Cha Eunwoo


the prompt: could you write a fluff + angst scenario of Eunwoo from Astro? Eunwoo could be fall in love with an international fan.

words: 1946

category: angst + fluff, soulmate!au

author note: I’ve turned this into another soulmate au bc i liked the idea. please enjoy!

- destinee

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Eye Of The Hurricane

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Characters- Dean x Reader

Warnings- fluffy sweetness

Word Count- 853

Summary- Your life was a whirlwind, yet you find a calm in the middle of your storm.

A/N- I wrote this at 2am and it just- it felt good. It was a practice in using no dialogue, and it’s really freeing not having to worry over that. A nice change of pace.

A hurricane. That’s what your life had always been. It was a whirlwind of people, places and monsters. A nomad all your life, you’d come to embrace the craziness of your life. It was the still, quiet moments that you never knew what to do with. Prior to Dean Winchester, you’d never had them.

The first time was after a bad hunt. Dean had thrown himself in front of you, taking the brunt of a werewolf attack. Sam shot it shortly afterward, but Dean was left bloody on the floor. There was so much blood. You knew how to handle this. Blood and pain you knew. The way Dean watched you though- you didn’t know what to do with that.

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Tease II

Jack Sparrow

Affection, mild tease, mild flirt

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hi!  Can I try for a continuation of the Pirates fic with Jack and mermaid reader where she brings him really, really, really, REALLY bizarre stuff from deep within the ocean for each of the twelve days of Christmas? “

Word count: 793

A/N: I know that this isn’t particularly what you requested, but I hope you like the way I wrote it! I just thought that it would be very long to write about these twelve things, so I created it this way. :)

gif is not mine.

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(Wonho fluff. Him being the best while you’re hella pregnant) 


Wonho called out as he closed the front door, returning home after a hard day of practise. Your heart leaped at the sound of his return, wanting to jump up and run to him like you used to do; it’s just that you were a bit stuck. 

“In here babe!” 

You replied, laying on the couch and binge watching your favourite TV show, two cartons of ice cream on the floor next to you. Your back ached so intensely that the pain spread all the way down to your swollen feet. Secretly, you’d been waiting all day for Hoseok to come home so rub your throbbing joints and reassure you that you didn’t look like a pig while you ate your weight in desserts. 

“There you are.” 

The handsome man appeared in to the room, beaming at you with his warm affectionate eyes and his cheeky, boyish smile. 

“How are my two favourite girls doing?” 

He asked before kissing your forehead romantically. Yes, he was talking to your agonisingly huge bump as well as you. Seven months down and two to go; well, that was the plan any way. The amount of love Hoseok already had for the little girl inside your stomach made your heart swell. He was obsessed with her; you knew he’d protect that little one until the day he died. 

“She’s good. Kicking mummy like crazy today. It’s killing me.” 

Though, you giggled through the pain. She was a surprise indeed. You thought Hoseok was going to go insane when you told him and though he was incredibly shocked, you’d never seen him so excited in his whole life. 

“I’m going to be a daddy?” 

You remembered him whisper with wide eyes, his hand slowly reaching out to your stomach which barely protruded back then. 

“Oh baby. I don’t know what to say…this is the best change of plans I’ve ever had. I didn’t know how much I wanted this little one until now.” 

Neither did you but now so were so close to being a mother, it suited you so well. You understood your little girl perfectly, even though she wasn’t here yet. You knew when she kicked, she wanted your attention. When she heard you talk, she would move her head closer as if to say ‘speak to me some more mummy!’ She was so smart, recognising daddy’s voice and touch as well. 

“You’re doing so well baby. I never thought I’d be so in love with a pregnant woman. We’re going to have to do this more often.” 

Wonho hummed, his hands lifting the material of your shirt to reveal your bump. You laughed softly at him; the man had baby fever apparently. 

“Let’s have this one first Hoseok.” 

You replied, playing with his recently dyed blue hair. His soft lips kissed your stomach, causing your little girl to reach up to him. Wonho’s eyes sparkled, his mouth forming an o as he felt her move around the more he talked to her. 

“She can hear me! Isn’t she so clever baby? She’s just like her mother.” 

He knew just what to say to make you feel better. You’d never felt so safe, so loved and happy. You couldn’t imagine anyone who would be a better father than your loving, funny and talented Hoseok. Kneeling down beside you, Hoseok moved closer to your bump and placed his hand gently over it. Sweetly, he started singing a couple of lines from Monsta X’s song ‘Beautiful’. His incredibly sweet gesture made you overwhelmed, bringing tears to your eyes as you watched him serenade your daughter with the most charming smile on his face. He was dying to meet her. After a moment of rubbing your bump and feeling her move, he got up to kiss you, claiming your lips surprisingly passionately. Perhaps he was feeling a little overwhelmed too. 

“Ah, I forgot jagi. I bought you some more ice cream and that candy bar you’ve been craving for weeks.” 

Oh, that man was your rock. 

late night studies.

1,912 words | fluff 
roommates au + lee jooheon

author’s note: this idea came to me when i was thinking of an old drabble i wrote for haikyuu!! heh, i hope this was ok!

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There’s only one rule to life: Never piss Yoo Kihyun off.

Let’s repeat that once more. Never piss Yoo Kihyun, the pink-haired bastard -ahem- hamster off. Especially if you want to get one measly thing like the desired roommate.

Rule #2: Always make sure there’s water in the ramen before you ever shove into the microwave.

Because somehow, unbeknownst to you, Jooheon managed to do both things though the former still remains to be the biggest mystery. You try not to ask why, not that it bothers you as much as you figured it would’ve in the first place. It’s been working out, living with him though he has his moments where you’re not sure what to say or even do. Not out of genuine, heart-clenching fear, but the kind of heart-clenching fear that leaves you in not only wonder but restlessness.

Lee Jooheon’s quite attractive, you’ll admit. He looks pretty terrifying when he has a set jaw and an unreadable expression washed over his features, but the majority of the time you’ve seen him donning a shower cap (he made you promise to say nothing of it), a smile curved on his lips, and dammit, his proximity a lot closer than you ever anticipate. You actually kind of miss the time when he avoided you for a day and a half straight after catching him with a loofah and a very familiar tune to “What Makes You Beautiful” playing in the background though (again) you’re sworn to secrecy that this event never makes it out of the apartment ever. Regardless, it’s all too undeniable that you enjoy your time with your newfound roommate, even find yourself awaiting a new day, wondering what sight you’ll see then.

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Grade || Jungkook

Request -  Anonymous said: hiii can i request a jungkook smut where the reader is upset about something and jungkook tries to cheer her up and it leads to them doing it?? sorry if i’m bothering you, and thank you so much! :^)            

Pairing - Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre - Smut

Summary - Maybe getting bad grades once in a while is awarding.

You couldn’t believe it. You weren’t going to believe it. It was just absurd!

‘A C? I got a C?’ You exclaimed louder, your classmate offering sympathies as she patted your back.

'But I worked my fucking ass off for this test!’ You strained your voice, tears pooling in your eyes. You dipped your head, your hands cupping it as you let a few of them slip.

You knew Math was always your weak subject, and you had to always work a tad harder for it. But now that you had worked harder, you were confident that you’d pass with flying colors. But no! You just had to mess it up.

You were called to meet the teacher who gave you such a disappointed look you swore you would’ve broken down in front of him if it weren’t for the other teachers in the room. He reprimanded you nicely, in a calm and not-so-disappointing voice, but his face spoke volumes.

'Yes, Mr. Kim, I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you. I promise I’ll work harder next time.’ And right then the bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. Right before you left his booth, you heard him mutter under his breath, 'That’s what you said the last two times.’

You walked into your flat, the one you’d decided to share with your boyfriend. And right now, you wished you hadn’t because you just wanted to be left alone.

'Y/N, is that you?’ Jungkook’s voice came from inside. You sighed deeply, and tried wiping away most of your tears, already dreading the questions that would leave his mouth once he’d see your puffy face.

'Yeah.’ Your voice came out broken and akin to a croak, and right then you wanted to slap yourself. Great.

'Y/N?’ You stood there in the hallway as you watched his shadow grow bigger and bigger as he walked towards the hall where you stood. It soon disappeared as he appeared from the corner of the hall and stood a few feet in front of you. The standard smile he usually wore to greet you was wiped away in an instant as he took in your face.

'Baby, what’s wrong?’ His chirpy voice dropped to a whisper as he strode towards you, his arms already spread to envelope your now shaking body.

You sobbed into his clothed shoulder as he held you tight, his hand running down the length of your hair, comforting you. You shifted your head, nuzzling into his neck and breathing in heavily before you let it out shakily, your tears already having soaked through his top entirely.

'Sweetheart,’ He began.

'I got a C in my Math test.’ You whispered, your breath hot as it fanned against his bare neck. Your arms remained at your sides, limp and frail.

'But you worked a lot for this!’  He said, pulling away with a frown, his hand reaching up to your face to pull away the strands of hair that was sticking to your cheeks. You nodded your head weakly, 'I know. And I was sure I’d done well. Even Mr. Kim looked disappointed. Extremely disappointed.’ Your lips quivered.

Jungkook repeatedly wiped your tears away, his fingers soft against your wet cheeks. 'Hey, it’s alright, hmm? Math isn’t my cup of tea either. And look at the bright side, my Math grades weren’t an issue for my profession at all.’ He smirked cockily, earning a playful punch to his chest and a giggle from you.

'You’re a professional dancer, you asshole. And shut up, you got like, 80 for your finals.’ You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. He pouted, his eyes twinkling devilishly.

'True, and maybe I can help you for your next test.’ He winked, your head now turning back to look at him.

'But that’s next month and you’ll probably be too busy with the new choreo-’

'No, I don’t think so,’ Jungkook said, as he bit down on is bottom lip, his hands at your waist pulling you closer to him. You widened your eyes, 'No way- you mean you’re actually going to be staying for longer?’ You couldn’t stop your lips from smiling too wide, his own lips mirroring your mirth.

'We’ve been granted a three month break, Y/N. So you have me,’ He pulled you much closer, his hands snaking behind your hips to cup your ass, making you squeal, 'all to yourself for three whole months.’ He whispered, his lips so close to yours they brushed as he spoke. Leaning in, he pressed his mouth to yours in a careful, loving kiss before moving his lips against yours to convey that you were his, and he was yours.

You understood the silent message perfectly - your hand was already kneading through his dark brown locks, tugging at its roots, making him produce a throaty groan.

'I love how you just take my mind off things so easily,’ You spoke seductively, teasing him with kisses on the corners of his lips and up his jaw to his ear lobe.

'What can I say,’ He bit a groan when you nibbled on his ear lobe, 'I’m full of charms.’

You brought your head back, and he wasted no time in picking you up and carrying you into the bedroom, his arms strong and toned as they dropped you and helped him prop himself over you while he kissed with ferocious fervor.

It was all open-mouthed kisses and pulling of clothes and grabbing of skin, you both couldn’t get enough of each other; you wanted him closer. You arched your back, letting your breasts meet his chest, your hips kissing in contact. Closer.

His hands grappled over your breasts, kneading them and playing with your already hardened nipples before he let one of his skilled hands move all the way south to meet your still clothed heat.

'Let’s get this off,’ He growled, deep and demanding, making your thighs tremble with anticipation, your teeth grabbing onto his lip. He hissed, his hand grabbing hold of your panty line and ripping it away from your body before depositing it somewhere in the room along with his own boxers. He palmed your core, and almost immediatley you yelped as you felt the initial stage of pleasure rise up from there until your face - making it turn into a rosy pink.

Jungkook’s eyes remained half lidded, his fingers working their charm on you as he watched you writhe with absolute ecstasy under him, his member twitching with excitement.

He let slip a finger inside you, making you arch your back as a silent cry left your mouth open, making you vulnerable to the beast inside your boyfriend.

He grabbed your nipple in between his lips, his tongue working with expertise at the same time as his finger, soon accompanied by another, pushed and pulled, moved in and out of you, making you see everything in a blurry state except him.

Jungkook’s face was crystal clear, and his lip caught in between his teeth made you feel even more pleasure before you held his face and crashed your lips onto his, his fingers stopping for a moment.

'I need you inside me, baby.’ You whined almost, him snickering at your desperate state before he leaned in to whisper in your ear, 'Say it, Y/N.’

It made your face flush brighter, and you knew he could feel you turn red as he pulled his fingers out of you, his hand pumping his member before he looked at you in the eye, daring you silently. You mustered up the most seductive look you’d ever given him before you complied to his dare, 'Fuck me, Jungkook.’

The standard cocky smirk found home, and he caught your mouth in a sloppy kiss and growled in a low voice: 'Gladly.’

Without another second of delay, he pushed into you, making you cry out in pure bliss as you felt him fill you completely, his hand gripping your hip, his fingers already beginning to dig into flesh. Your own arms circled around his neck, bringing him closer and closer until his forehead was practically glued to yours with sweat, his breath fanning your mouth and yours his as he pushed and thrusted into you like a maniac deprived of sex.

You moaned out his name, his growls and groans no match for your mewls and whimpers as he fucked you mercilessly, the headboard of the bed already beginning to bang against the wall with his hip movements. He lifted your hips up, making your lower body hit his at an angle that made white light flash in your eyes with every thrust of his hips. You felt the multiple knots in your stomach get tighter and tighter until you could hold it in no more.

'Jungkook-’ You bit your lip, clenching your eyes shut as he watched you, his own movements getting sloppier as he got closer to his climax.

'Let it go, baby girl. Let it all go.’ He purred, his hips bucking a few more times, your walls clenching around his girth that elicited a deep growl from him, before you felt yourself getting light headed from the wave of pleasure that washed over you. Jungkook’s breath came out heavily labored, and you pecked his lips to thank him, making him return it with a kiss, his tongue in your mouth conveying enough.

Pulling out of you, he fell beside you, his arms outstretched. You laid your head on his arm, making him turn his head to look at you. Jungkook smiled this time, before he brought over his other arm to circle your waist and pulled you closer.

'How about, every time you do well while I’m teaching you, I reward you with an additional pleasure of your choice?’ He mumbled, his finger running up your jaw and into your hair, trailing over your scalp, making your eyelids feel heavy.

Any pleasure?’ You asked, having enough energy to return his smirk.

'Don’t get your hopes too high up, pet. Only if you do well will I let you do whatever you want.’ He nipped your lip, making you giggle.

'Cool, deal.’


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Kozume Kenma did not dislike Bokuto Koutarou.

It was, in many ways, extremely difficult to dislike Bokuto Koutarou. He was loud and obnoxious and a pain to deal with on the court, which could be supremely annoying. But he was also cheery and kind and good at what he did, despite what could only be described as debilitating moodswings.

Kenma enjoyed watching him play, envied and respected his ease in talking to people, and had had more than one enjoyable conversation with him about volleyball strategies. And of course, Bokuto also had a penchant for getting Kuro to unwind and goof around a little, for which Kenma would go so far as to say he was deeply grateful.

That did not mean that he wanted to see Bokuto Koutarou in small café they were in while he and Kuro were (sort of) on a date.

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Harry writing prompt: you and Harry had been a short fling. But a very deep fling. You two were super connected and felt like you knew each other perfectly and understood each other. But you broke up and now he sees you around town. In a grocery store. Or at Starbucks. He always seems to notice when he's in the same area as you. And he can't handle not talking to you anymore. He needs you to see him, too. He needs your eyes to meet his again. What happens between them is up to you!

Harry never thought that it would be that hard to forget her. But that’s why it hurts him so damn much - because he wasn’t prepared. The pain is unstoppable but constantly changing. Even today, when he decided to take a day off of work and just do the laundry at home and then sit and watch TV for hours, when he looks at the pile of clothes on the floor, his heart starts beating fast and hurtful as if it’s going to rip off his chest. It is the memory, connected to his dirty clothes, that triggered it.

He remembers the last time Y/N was in his house. Back then they still used to fight a lot and never really listen to each other. It was a day or two before they actually broke up. And he hates these clothes because she used to do the laundry. He hates them because she loved when he kissed her after it and thanked her. Yes, he hates them because the last time he was able to really feel her, the chance was took from him by the sounds of the washing machine which reminded her how rare he did the laundry for both of them and that caused one of the last few fights they had. And no, they didn’t end up as in the beginning of their relationship.

He kicks one of his old socks, laying on the ground, and it flies to the bathroom. He curses the open door and the washing machine he hits his big toe in, the pain in his chest, even the fucking laundry basket. He wants to throw it away and to never see it again.

It’s shocking him what of an influence she has on him even after just two months of seeing each other. Her scent is haunting him, reminding him of lavender and jasmine. Images of her, doing domestic shit and looking like a Greek goddess, are burning his eyes from the inside out. When he closes his eyes, he forgets she’s not there with him and almost believe he’s seeing her right in front of him for real. When he lays naked in bed at night, cold and lonely, he wishes for her to come and warm him. He almost hears her voice from time to time, usually when he makes himself something for dinner or brushes his teeth in the bathroom. It’s driving him crazy to not have her next to him, he knows it. It’s true abstinence.

The last time he really did saw her, was in Starbucks. He went there to buy himself a coffee so he won’t fall asleep in the studio. He didn’t know why he kept coming back there and keeping the band busy when he hadn’t had inspiration from weeks. But the last thing he expected was to meet her at 8 a.m. when he couldn’t control even his eyes from shutting down. The thought from keeping himself from embarassing himself as he clinges onto her and begs her to come back to him, is crazy. How can he prevent his body from coming alive when all it waited for was exactly this moment?

And it came alive. His eyes opened wide, almost falling out of his lids. His mouth filled with spit, hungry to taste her lips or her skin, or everything she could give him. His hands felt empty and he had to dig them in the pockets of his jeans to prevent a sudden reflex. Even thought he didn’t want to admit it even more than anything else, even his cock throbbed in his pants.

Then the pain flushed through his whole body and almost made him collapse on the floor. It was so fucking hard not to hug her from behind, smell the scent of her hair and kiss her cheek.

All they did was to say rushed hi to each other. All they did was to avoid each other. All they did was fighting for survival after the storm on their own.

Sara, Mitch, Clare and Adam knew. Even the boys from his previous band knew. Of course all of them knew. They constantly called him a wanker for ruining the best relationship in his life. But in the same time they supported him too, took him to his favourite places and made him get outside of his house when he didn’t feel like getting out of bed and living this day.

The night he takes his phone from the drawer beside his bed, is cold and lonely. Tears run down on his cheeks, wetting his skin and reminding him once again how addicted he is to her. He needs her more than anything and nothing is making it up for him if she’s not there, laying on his chest. So this is the breaking point. The moment he doesn’t care anymore about egos and fights, sounding pathetic or embarrassing himself. All he cares is about the hole in his chest, growing with every second he’s not touching her.

“Yes?” she sounds confused and tired when she picks up the phone call.

Did he just wake her up? The image of how beautiful she is while sleeping almost burns his mind.

“I-I…” he stops, not sure where to start from. “Sorry for bothering you. I know that it’s midnight and you had a really long day at work but… I miss you. I miss you so fucking much, Y/N. You can hang up any moment you want but before you do it, i just have to ask you if i can drop by your house.”

“Wait, like right now?”

He nerviously runs his fingers trought his hair and tugs on it, not sure what to tell her. His eyes are red and puffy from crying when he looks himself in the mirror. And the morning is wiser than the night, but he misses her. And that’s what matters the most.

“Yes, I can be there in ten minutes.”

Then there is a long lasting silence between them. It drives him crazy to the point he feels like punching his head into the wall. But he doesn’t even think for a second to hang up because she doesn’t react to his plead. Even thought he knows how unhealthy for him is to stay on the phone and wait for her denial, for him to break his heart all over again.


And this is all he needs to just grab the car keys from the table in the living room and to rush out in the middle of the night, searching the street for his car. He used to like driving with the windows down and the radio on. But not anymore, their breakup took this away from him. But he isn’t complaining, not when he’s just ten minutes away from his maybe-a-second-chance-maybe-not.

After he knocks on the door and she opens it from him, the first thing that falls from his mouth is:“I’ll do the laundry”.

She bursts in laugh but after seeing him just nervously standing there with red eyes and tired face from not sleeping enough, she lets him in.

“Why do you tell me this?” She asks when he sits on the couch.

“I was just… Just” he shuts his mouth, watching her move to the kitchen counter and turning the coffee machine on. “You know that this is one of the reasons why we broke up. I wasn’t doing the fucking laundry. And I wasn’t helping you with the dishes every time after we ate at home. And I wasn’t paying enough attention to you because I was too preoccupied with work. But I’m here now, telling you I’ll do these things. Just tell me if you want me to.”

She gives him the mug of coffee and reaches to touch him, but then stops herself, letting her arm freeze in the air. She didn’t ask him how he wants his coffee. It wasn’t necessarily because she knows all too well, every detail of him.

“It wasn’t you the only one who was the reason why it didn’t work. I was scared from all the feelings you made me feel even after such a short period of dating. So I used to kind of fight them back, always finding why to start a fight. And I’m sorry for being a coward when you was nothing but fearless about what we had. I’m really sorry, Harry. But if we want to start something new, we should first make sure we won’t do the same mistakes.”

He almost starts crying when sees her sit on the couch next to him and grab his hand in her both. They’re so small and incomparable to his. So that’s why they fit so well.

“I miss you” he shrugs and fights the urge to kiss her with his mouth wide open - just like his heart. “I can’t do anything about it. And it hurts. So whatever you’ll want from me, it doesn’t matter. I’ll do it.”

She nods and gently wipes off the single tear that fell from his eyes.

“I don’t want you to shout from a roof top that you love me. I don’t want the stars from the sky. I just want you to be there for me when I need you and to help me with the domestic shit sometimes. That’s it, Harry. Nothing else. And I won’t run from you anymore, I promise. I had my lesson, sitting on this couch for two weeks and not being able to eat and sleep because of my love for you.”

“Wait” he scrunches his eyebrows and his whole face lits up. “What did you just say?”

“Umm, that I won’t run anymore?”

“No, no, after that!”

Her own face lits up now, the drained color from it coming back again.

“Is it true?” he asks, not knowing if he should take her in his arms and spin her around the room or if he should take her right there on the couch.

“Yes, I love you. I love you.”

She bursts out in tears the same time he wraps his arms around her waist and presses his lips on hers. It’s funny how they couldn’t even say hi to each other before a few days but now they’re both crying in each other’s arms, confessing their love for the other.

Scribble-Doodle: Not a Victorian Lady

Yay, Shadowhunters won the GLAAD award! And to celebrate that, here, have a sweet shorty-short something. Based on Magnus’ words, “I can take care of myself.”

“What part of ‘I can take care of myself’ didn’t you understand, Alexander?” Magnus chides with exasperated fondness.

Alec hisses when Magnus applies another layer of poultice on his burns to draw out the last remnants of the demon venom. “I understood you perfectly, it’s just that…” He huffs in frustration. “I protect what’s mine, I can’t help it!”

Magnus smiles softly. “So, I’m yours?” he asks tenderly.

“Yeah,” Alec whispers, and hugging Magnus around the waist, he buries his face in his lover’s stomach.

Magnus chuckles down at him, then he sighs and raps Alec’s head with his knuckles gently. “Can you at least promise me to remember that I’m the High Warlock of Brooklyn and not a Victorian lady prone to the vapors next time?”

Alec peeks at him with one eye. “I can promise I’ll try?”

Laughing, Magnus winds his arms around Alec’s head and pulls him closer, mindful of his lover’s injuries. “Oh, Alexander, what ever will I do with you?”

“Love me?”


Too Good (M)

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a/n: miss me?

warning (s): smut, dd/lg dynamic, slight sadism

theme: Jimin decides it’s time to teach you a lesson after you act out of turn in the club, and you get a little more than what you initially thought you would.

word count: 2.4k

“His dominance over you was enough to fuel an unprecedented euphoria that made you yearn for him“

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Unnecessary Tutoring

Request: Not requested

Pairing: (Andrew Garfield) Peter Parker x Reader

Summary: You really want to get to know Peter, but the only way you could think of was by faking ignorance and pretending to need to get tutored by him.

Warnings: Language

Word count: 1,977

A/N: I thought this would turn out better with Andrew’s Spiderman, but if you want to think it’s Tom Holland’s Spied you are more than welcome to.

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Unnecessary Tutoring

“Fuck…” You whispered to yourself, toying with the phone in your hands as you contemplated the lit screen in front of you.

The phone was open on a contact- Peter Parker’s contact to be exact. After having only one class with him, you’d foolishly fallen in love. You treasured the days when you’d walk into the Biology room, expecting to be bored to death with yet another lecture and instead getting to see Peter’s smile and his beautifully fluffy hair covering up your view of the professor’s board- not that you minded in the least. He gave off a warm and friendly vibe and had a kind personality, making your days that much easier to get through- well, that was when he attended the lectures, anyway. For being so smart, he had an outstandingly large amount of tardies and absences.

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