no you havent is the correct answer

bevvie-darling  asked:

Ur probably asleep but HELLO First name: Ely
Nickname: I call you El mostly 
Age: sixteeennn
Gender: a female
Sexual Orientation: bisexy 
Nationality: American :((
Relationship status: single but like I'm here... when ur ready.. 
Likes: STRANGER THINGS AND IT and me even tho I'm annoying :))
Dislikes: missing stuff that happens on the gc and me :)

9.5 correct cuz ily babe and you don’t belong in the dislikes category also I MISS YOU TOO OMFG!!!!!

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what the hell do "gay male stereotypes" have to do with 24dol? please point to the 24dol post that has that.

i literally havent reblogged half the edits because they have those stereotypes i mentioned in the previous ask that i answered. i dont need to do your work for you especially bc it’ll take two seconds to find one. the only people putting “sassy and flamboyant” in their edits are larries. if im wrong, please feel free to correct me.

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Is there a download link for ios users cuzI can't seem to find it

Hello there Anon! I’m assuming you mean for the Collapse Gakuen game? If so, I think I have an answer to that. I’ve been research more into it and I found this:

And I’m pretty sure this is the Collapse Gakuen that is planning to do a collaboration with the DR3 characters mentioned in shirodebby’s post.

From the description of the video, there are links to where you can download the game (and it says there for the iOS that the game is in English, so there’s that. I haven’t checked it out yet though). Here is the description:

EDIT: Please read this one instead, it has updated information.

Android APK下載:

Now, as to why I believe this is the correct game:

Don’t they look a bit familiar?

ricky-whittle  asked:

hey guys ^_^ so clearly i've missed something out.. is this cody guy going to be in season 4 or what? i havent heard anything about it

Been getting this question a couple times, so I thought it might be good to answer it publicly so everyone knows what’s up! Ok so this is Cody Saintgnue:

There hasn’t been any official announcement about him being in season 4 of Teen Wolf (That I can recall - I trust you’ll correct me if I’m wrong) but it’s pretty clear that he’s going to be joining the show next season. April 1 he mentions he has BIG NEWS, and then this tweet was posted April 5 (and then deleted):

@CODYSAINTNEW Im coming for you #TeenWolf.

April 12 he’s hanging out with the new kids Mason Dye and Dylan Sprayberry; and yesterday he was with Khylin Rhambo (all three confirmed for next season). Then there’s stuff like this, and this, and this, and this. Plus on top of all that Mason, Sprayberry, Khylin, Orny Adams, Dylan O’Brien, and Teen Wolf casting director all follow him on Twitter

So, although there hasn’t been an official release, I think we can safely bet that he’ll be around in some fashion next year!!