no you guys are right there's no character development in this show

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top 5 yuya moments in arc v. whatever you consider a 'yuya' moment.

hoooo boy ho boyyyyy this is the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do i think ugh like i love this entire show? so how do i choose just five???? uggggghhhh but here goes

note: so this list turned out to be top Yuya moments in his duels. I wouldn’t say his Top Duels. That would be some other list. also I wanted this list to be about true Yuya, not him being in berserk mode or possessed, so I avoided that. These are some of my faves, but not all. But even if I ever make another list or modify this one, I know for certain #1 stays #1 so…

5. ep 61 - His duel against Enjoy Chojiro. I feel like this is a moment that gets forgotten for some reason but it’s the exact kind of thing that Yuya lives for? His stubborn attitude and faith in himself and in his Entertainment dueling actually put a smile back on Chojiro’s face and basically ended up giving the guy his life back. Like. c’mon. It may not have been a significant duel but it’s a perfect display of what he’s capable as an Entertainment duelist.

4. ep 122 -  Oh shit. A controversial choice for this list maybe? Since apparently not a lot of people liked the BB arc (tho I actually enjoyed it wow). But anyway, I like this one because basically, despite all the messed up shit BB put them through, Yuya actually finds a way to relate to his enemy and in doing so finds a way to communicate his intentions to him in a way that his enemy can understand. The fact that he’s able to pull off such a nice Entame in such a bleak looking duel too… I really love that. It’s a light of hope in an atmosphere that has lost all of it. *cries* I really loved it.

3. ep 79 - His duel vs Shinji. I mean.

He’s not exactly trying to entertain anyone in this one but that doesn’t stop him from a) surprising the crowd and his opponent and b) teaching everyone a lesson in having a little more faith even in dire situations. Plus I just love that he made Shinji and everyone who called Tuning Magician “useless” eat their own words. Also, Enlightenment Paladin is really fucking rad. And it’s hist first Synchro Summon and he does it pretty much all on his own aaaaa.

Oh right. He also made Jack Atlas smile for the first time. So there’s that too.

2. eps 50/51 - Okay there are so many reasons why I love this moment. First off, the duel was fucking amazing. Like… the duel itself had a plot twist at the end, even after all those close calls Reiji seemed to have had and all those seemingly perfect moves Yuya was pulling. Secondly, the fruitshipping evidence in this is unreal. But lastly, why I’m placing it on this list as one of my favorite moments for Yuya… is because of his conviction.

Not to mention… the foreshadowing.

Just… throughout the show, it seems like he was getting none of this done. He didn’t get Yuzu back or keep his promise to Yuto to make everyone smile until the very end. And the desperation in his eyes and in his voice to not want to lose and to win on top of the irony that he doesn’t want to win to please anyone through violence… it’s just… sadly magnificent knowing what happens later on in the story and who he truly is (Zarc).

Reiji pushes him to the opposite of his entertainment persona, which later on we see develop in a much grander light, but this is basically the point we see clearly how flawed Yuya is and the fact that his character goes through a deconstruction throughout the entire story is honestly so good in a VERY refreshing way. Any other show would usually have the protagonist fulfilling his convictions at a much earlier point with lighter consequences in order to validate his feelings here but I’m glad they didn’t do that with Yuya.

I know my explanation for why I love this moment of his might seem odd but like… he’s far from a perfect protagonist and I absolutely love that so much about him.

1. My absolute favorite moment of his is episodes 31/32 aka his duel vs Shingo during MCS.

This is, of course, the very definition of what an Entertainment Duel is. Everything about it is true entertainment. But there’s a big difference in this duel than all other Entertainment duels Yuya participated in, I think. And that’s

… his own. True. Genuine. Smile.

Born out of his own excitement for the duel. For himself. Not for the crowd. Not for any of his friends.

For himself.

I know very well that it’s not true that to make others smile, you have to smile yourself first… but honestly, happiness translates so much better when you yourself truly are happy. It’s just so much easier to make others happy that way.

For that reason I LOVE this moment to death. This is why, imo, this was the best Entertainment duel he pulled off in the show. He wasn’t dueling to win or to win over the crowd (explicitly, at least). He was mainly dueling to push himself and to have fun with it, and the crowd’s excitement later arising from seeing him like that is incredibly realistic.

I can say so because… well, I was basically a part of that cheering crowd.

I loved all his duels up to this point but damn this one in particular… I was like… Entertainment Dueling. Is. Real.

Yeah believe it or not, I was still not convinced until this duel. My gods. What a life changer.

I love Yuya Sakaki.

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Your Voight post made me think, and I think CPD doesn't get enough appreciation re: how they seem to effortlessly go against a lot of toxic masculinity. Like, there's been any issues with the guys crying or expressing their love for each other, and it's never made into a joke or followed with a no homo reaction or smthn like that and idk I guess I really appreciate the male friendships in CPD. Even the rest of the franchise doesn't do so well as this imo (not counting justice bc it's still new)

You know I started replying to this and then I realised that I’ve never really thought about the male characters in that much depth…I’m the first to sing about how amazing Erin and Burgess are, as well as male characters individually, but when I really thought about how well the men have been created, I ended up with an entire essay so apologies it’s so long but I just love this show and these guys. Also since there’s been a lot of negativity in light of *cough* recent events, I thought it would be nice to show my appreciation, so here goes. Feel free to add examples/contradictions/points/other ideas etc!!

Something I need to say before beginning: I find it really, really difficult to empathise with male characters. It’s just harder for me to really relate to their issues. And I think a huge reason for this is just that being a female character in these shows and these professions is just harder. And therefore there are a certain amount of fundamental difficulties that each female character has to face, and since being a female in general involves a lot of these struggles, it’s much easier for other women to look at these characters and see themselves in them. Look at Erin and Burgess struggling to keep their hard work and intelligence a more valuable feature to their unit than their bodies. Look at April and Maggie trying not to be undermined by their male, more qualified co-workers - and Manning being a single, working mum. Look at Gabby beating the odds and becoming a firefighter even though no one thinks she can do it because she’s small and female.

And I love that this show can do that: take these vital professions and give them amazing, well developed, multifaceted female characters whose constant struggles are so relatable for any female watching because we’ve all been there.

But what PD does that I just don’t see so much in the others (Fire does it to an extent, but I can’t really think of any examples in Med - although it’s my least favourite and so I’m probably not the best person to make analyses based on it, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) is do the same with the males. And it’s something that I have never seen on a TV show before. There’s no “no-homo” bullshit, there’s no reservations around being friends. They hug each other when they’re worried about them, they do the friendly shoulder squeezes and arm-punches and fist-bumps. They go out for drinks together. They trust each other and look out for each other and they talk to each other about how they feel. And it’s really, really nice to see.

People go the extra mile when writing female characters (although admittedly, as a teenage girl I’m probably not using the widest sample range of TV shows) because they know that either a) their audience is mostly female, or b) they’re worried about sexist accusations. Women have always been victims of horrible media tropes, so I’m so, so glad that they do go this extra mile - I love seeing female friendships more than anything else in the world - but because people are so aware of the issue surrounding female characters, they’ve taken that into consideration, while assuming that there isn’t actually a problem with their male characters.

What Chicago PD does that I think is incredible from a characterisation point of view is they take these archetypal cop characters - the dirty cop (Voight), the by-the-book cop (Antonio), the shell-shocked veteran cop (Halstead), the old-cop young cop (Ruzek and Ollinsky) and the gentle giant (Attwater). **there are more, such as Attwater arguably being the “token minority” and Ruzek being the “fair cop” but you get the idea. They all seem to represent one of the main tropes that are almost always present in cop shows (at least all the ones I’ve watched).

And the show doesn’t subvert the tropes, not exactly - even though doing so would be so much easier - but they three-dimensialise (idk if that’s a word just roll with me here) all the characters on top of these fundamental archetypes. ie:

  • Voight is a dirty cop. He kills people in the name of justice, he’s used dirty money and lied under oath and done things that probably should have lost him his badge a million times. And yet, he works tirelessly for the protection of his city. He loves his son with everything he has, and his grandson, and his daughter-in-law. He took in a 13(?) year old who’d been hooked on heroin and arrested for solicitation and loves her like she’s his own daughter. He made amends with the guy who put his son in jail. He always, always fights for the underdog and doesn’t let the system take advantage of them. He treats his unit as if they are his “family” - literally his words - and he has formed relationships with every single one of them, bending the rules and putting his neck and badge on the line if they ever do anything wrong or against the rules. (Example: 3x05)
  • Antonio plays by the rules, that’s just who he is. He believes in the system more than Voight does, arguably because he’s always been on the right side of it. But that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to make compromises if those he really cares about are on the line - he is more than willing to turn a blind eye to other people’s ‘interpretations’ of the law, and he will do everything in his power to fight his way using the rules of the system before he breaks them. (1x02, 3x01)
  • Halstead’s military history I think is one of the most interesting aspects of this show because he had the potential to turn into a “cold sniper” as I think is the norm with ex-military characters, and yeah, he was affected in ways that we don’t even know - and may never fully understand - by what he saw and did in his tour(s). But he’s so selfless and sweet and supportive. His PTSD and general commitment issues mean that he can’t open up to everyone but he still lets them open up to him, being Erin’s #1 supporter, and he’s finally started to work on looking after his mental health properly and learning how to ask for help. He’s kind and caring and understands the importance of sacrifice and, like Voight, is willing to bend the rules a little bit - even if he’s always there to question Voight’s methods. (3x17, 4x18 - deleted scene)
  • Ruzek is the token rookie of the show, and the audience is placed in the same boat as him when initially learning the ropes of the unit and how everyone fits. He’s the young and attractive one (I mean….), and he does exhibit those typical rookie traits: he’s rash and reckless and cocky and definitely not as cynical as any of the others, but at the same time he has a huge heart, he’s sweet and caring, and he can be as tough as hell when someone he loves is in danger. He doesn’t have the “tortured romantic” side to him and he has a typical cop family tree, but he’s the person I feel like most people can probably relate to - someone who puts themselves in harm’s way every single day for no reason other than he wants to make a difference. (1x01, 1x11)
  • Ollinsky is the other dirty cop, although he functions more as an assistant to the dirty cop. He has the tough coldness about him that you would probably expect Jay to have instead, if following these tropes by the book, and he comes across as very sinister and quite scary. And yet he is an absolute darling around Lexi and Michelle and when Lexi died and Meredith was kidnapped, he totally lost control. Despite all the coldness and being closed-off he is perhaps the most emotional of them all, grieving and crying and not caring about how tough he is when someone he loves is threatened. (4x16)
  • Attwater is the gentle giant of the show and although this doesn’t need much more explaining, he, alongside Erin, is also the token minority of the unit (even more so now that Antonio’s left and Burgess has joined Erin in Intelligence) and although this trope is constantly seen as a bad thing, using a token character to avoid criticism of being racist in casting choices, in PD Attwater opens the door to addressing cases of police racism, corruption and brutality against ethnic minorities, and the episodes in which they do deal with this, Attwater is quick to express his opinion on the matter and challenge within seconds everything that’s wrong with the institution and their society. But on top of all that, he has relatives in prison, he’s expected to be a big tough “scary black man”, but in actuality he looks after his two younger siblings and does stand-up comedy and probably gives the best bear hugs ever.

And the support system that these six men have together (or five, now that Antonio’s left) is incredible to watch. They understand barriers, they know when to push and when to give each other space, they all work together so well in such a potentially toxic environment without even a hint at this hyper-masculinity that is so huge in other cop shows. They’re all just bros.

What’s also great is that even though there’s a lil bit of that bro-masculine culture especially when Erin goes undercover and dresses up all nice, they’re never anything but perfect gentlemen. There’s no teasing and no sexist remarks about her legs or whatever, they all just seem genuinely impressed by how pretty she looks and how well she does her job. Adam even says things like “there’s about a thousand things I could say right now but won’t” because they all respect Erin and Burgess and support them as much as each they do each other. They don’t care if the women do better jobs than them, or save them, or shoot more accurately than them, and they’d never dream of undermining their femininity while doing so.

Other examples of the bros being bros:

  • Antonio getting Jay into the unit in the first place as a thank you for helping out Gabby (Chicago Fire, season 2 sometime, mentioned later when Antonio leaves)
  • Voight literally crying on Alvin’s shoulder after Justin’s death
  • Every single one of Jay and Mouse’s interactions, especially when they talk about their time in the military and Jay realises how much he cares about his friend when Mouse wants to re-enlist and when Mouse is taken hostage (4x05, 3x03)
  • Antonio and Voight’s entire friendship and the fact that Voight would go to such measures to help Diego even after Antonio was the one to put the cuffs on and send him to jail
  • Attwater and Ruzek being bros until the end and *sniff* the whole best man thing 
  • They all buy Antonio a zimmer frame when he gets shot isn’t that just beautiful
  • Ruzek hugging Al after Lexi’s death and his little “I don’t know what to say” and “can I hug you?” - like he knows Al might just want space but he has to let him know he’s there for him
  • They all get so upset when Jay is taken. Just watch the scene where they see the video of his torture and their faces break me. They can’t handle the idea that someone so close to them - their brother - is in so much pain. (3x01)
  • Seriously tho just look at these bros

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So I was just gonna write a few paragraphs and sorry this is so long but feel free to add more!! I want to know what everyone else thinks!

Hunters Prey - Chapter 1


Theme: Action and Angst

Words Count: 1,562

Warnings- Mentions of Blood, Needles, Medication (Pills)

Kit- Omg this is such a mess XD Glad I got it out though! I’m surprised I was able to since I have college courses to finish >~< Evil Baekhyun is BEST Baekhyun lemme just say, I love making him sassy sweet yet mean. (If that even makes sense lol) Also yes the beginning doesn’t make sense rn but later on it will trust me.  But any way, thank you for reading. I hope to continue this fic, and develop both the plot and characters as I go. Have a wonderful week you guys~

PrologueChapter 2

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Other than Danny and Colleen what were things you really liked about Iron Fist?

Ah yes an ask that is going to force me to get my thoughts together. So here we go, and not in any particular order of how much I liked it. Probably won’t cover everything because I’ve only watched it once and it’s sort of a blur xD I’ll cover some main points though.

• this is gonna sound weird, but the colors. This show was a lot brighter/more vivid than the other shows (particularly dd/jj) and I just really love how they’ve used that in these shows because this really matches the show and idk I just love it

• Danny. Which I mean is obvious, but. It was just really refreshing to have a character who was more childlike and innocent and naive, who has a brighter look on things compared to the others, which I think was really needed. Danny was kind of an idiot sometimes and way too trusting but I really enjoyed watching him change from episode 1 to episode 13

• on a related note, I’m always so fascinated by the moral side of things, the arguments, the way people try to justify things and idk dude I think they did it really well here. Watching Danny, particularly as well struggle between thinking that he has to fulfill his duty as the Iron Fist but also really not wanting to be that??? Not the way he was taught, anyway, was great. And even just smaller things, like Colleen deciding to not kill Bakuto, even tho yeah in the moment she probably could have. I am v proud of her. And also on this note, Claire and that scene in the plane where she is just like “yeah you can never justify killing”. Loved that scene.

• finally getting more information about the Hand. Because in Daredevil s2, we honestly did not get a ton of information and in this show we got much more and saw a lot more of it and the different parts/groups of it and that was nice that it’s not just being left as some shadowy group that no one knows stuff about.

• might get yelled at for this, but the fight scenes?? I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about how they were unrealistic but guys, it’s a show about a character who has powers that make his fist light up. I think they get a little leniency here. I personally really enjoyed them.

• THE SOUNDTRACK. Cannot say enough good things about the soundtrack omg. I love how it’s vaguely like the daredevil ones but sort mashed with like. The Tron soundtrack I guess? But also with its own unique elements and almost a trippy quality sometimes and just guys I love this soundtrack. My favorite of all of them, now.

• The fact that, while I was not particularly fond of the Meachums, I couldn’t make myself hate them. Because that’s a problem I run into where the “villains” are always just not layered enough and just easy to hate. But while I didn’t love them, they’re absolutely fascinating. Their actions, their justifications, the way they work and think. I’m going to do a lot of analyzing when I watch the show again because I’m really impressed with them and how they were written.

• Colleen. Literally everything about her, but like. It wasn’t the Colleen I expected? Yeah she was tough and a colder (especially towards the beginning), but I really did not expect the sweeter and a lil softer Colleen that we got in the show. And I have exactly no complaints about it. Again, like with Danny, it was refreshing. I mean, she’s got issues but she’s not like a lot of the other female characters we’ve gotten so far in that she is kinder and softer and genuinely a good person at heart (again, she has issues, but) and I really loved that.

• this is kind of obvious, but Claire. She was a gem in this honestly. Probably my favorite appearance of her so far, since she’s been so developed now. She was hilarious but also knocked some sense into my stupid children. Also, Claire learning to fight gives me life okay.

• kind of said this earlier but want to say it again but just. How conflicted Danny is. How he’s torn between these two sides of himself, and choosing between what he was raised and taught to do and what he’s starting to believe is the actual right thing. and how he does not handle this super well, and it’s not easy for him. They wrote this really well in that he was honestly just a wreck. It got ugly sometimes. It wasn’t handled gracefully, it was messy and emotional and difficult and Danny could not have handled it on his own without Colleen and Claire. I really enjoy when they don’t try and force a character like this to deal with it and figure it out alone and I’m glad Claire was there to knock sense into him.

• Tiny note but like, all the references to characters. Daredevil, a couple times. Jessica. They even mentioned Karen and it was beautiful.

• Danny, Colleen, and Claire: the actual team up we all needed in life. Bless. All of their scenes together were great, and having Claire there to balance out the other two was wonderful. Would watch an entire show of these three working together, not gonna lie.

• Going sort of back up to what I said about the Meachums, I love that the people fighting against Danny in the show wasn’t just some creepy guy who out of the blue decided he had a problem with Danny. It was Harold, it was Ward and Joy, people he grew up with. It was Gao, it was Bakuto, it was even Davos and Colleen for a bit. Mostly people he trusted. Which made it more painful but idk I enjoyed it.

• How they handled all the stuff with Colleen. Personally think they did that well. And I’m so, so glad that they didn’t drag it out longer than necessary. It felt, pacing wise, like it worked really well. It didn’t drag it out, but it wasn’t too fast. The rain scene is always going to make me cry.

Nothing else directly comes to mind right now because I kind of just got up and my brain isn’t awake, but. To sum it up it’s a show I thoroughly enjoyed with characters that hit me pretty personally sometimes, so that was fun. Personally, I think it’s the best show I’ve seen since Daredevil, which is my favorite show. I need to watch iron fist a couple more times, but I’m positive I enjoyed it more than JJ/LC.

I just. Really love this show, guys.

*sees folk are complaining about Rocknaldo again...*

I wonder if most people who claim to hate the episode are rather fixated on the opening two minutes and the ridiculous, out of the blue “THEY HATE MEN?!” joke, the actual conflict itself (which yes - does get rather spiteful but that’s kind of the point…), or just decided to not watch or bother paying attention to any of it. The important development is in the last two minutes, because there is an important difference in behaviours and attitudes. The “conflict” some claim is missing from the show is very much apparent, albeit not the Monster of the Week type, and this conflict is resolved in a very Steveny way indeed. By befriending all he sees! Bless his cotton socks.. uh… plastic sandals…

Anyways, the last scene goes like this:

Ronaldo: Hey, but, uh… Ronalphlets aside, can I ask you something?

Steven: Yeah?

Ronaldo: Why don’t you use your Gem name?

Steven: Oh. My Gem name is my mom’s name. Actually, the only time Gems really call me that is if they’re about to kidnap me or beat me up.

Ronaldo: That’s rough, buddy. You want me to put that in the Ronalphlet?

Steven: Eh… maybe not.

Ronaldo: Got it.

The first thing is that Steven seems comfortable talking about Gem stuff, very personal Gem stuff to do with his mom that he himself is only just figuring out. This is raw shit, stuff that he’s not really been willing to talk about much (besides with his dad and Connie), and he’s OK telling Ronaldo this, the guy he just had an incredibly trying time with. Steven may have been pushed to his limits on accepting crappy behaviour from others and finally acted on it (and rightly so!), but he hasn’t compromised his core beliefs and still has the capacity to forgive.The kid is a champ, and the audience shouldn’t forget that. Plus, this is him showing that he is coming to terms with and is able to talk about his own troubled feelings about being part Gem and being Rose Quartz’s son, without ending up angry, confused, or crying - the whole overriding theme of season four. It’s baby steps but Steven’s getting there.

Then there’s that Ronaldo asks permission to ask a personal question, one which is very much relevant to the problems he caused Steven, that he is a Gem, at least partially. The guy learned something, and not just the bags of Gem lore and the correction of his previous “theories” on “Rock People” (which by the way, he did entirely on his own with no help or direction from a Gem or someone with knowledge of Gems - unless Greg or Connie have been helping out off-screen, haha).  Asking someone permission to ask further questions shows regard for someone else - do you really think that this had occurred to Ronaldo before being Steven Truthed?! I don’t think so - he has a habit of butting into people’s lives for this sake of his own interests, and it’s not just limited to Steven and Gem stuff:

Look at all this oblivious behaviour! Marching right into other people’s business and doing things without considering other peoples’ feelings… so those last few lines show Ronaldo learning and adjusting to new ways of approaching things. And if I am honest, while all the fandom bickers over what constitutes plot and what doesn’t, here’s me wondering when this adorkable doofus is gonna show up again so we can see just how much of Steven’s message he’s taken on board. This is development, guys - just because it’s not of the type you’re looking for or happening to characters you prefer, doesn’t mean it’s not there in the show. And that this is development occurring to a human character is still very relevant to the show and one of season four’s general themes - this is what Rose Quartz herself was obsessed with!

“But you, you’re supposed to change. You’re never the same even moment to moment – you’re allowed and expected to invent who you are. What an incredible power – the ability to grow up.“

So please, enough with the OMG WORST EPISODE/CHARACTER EVER! shit. At least watch the episode again without all the exogenous crap like the schedule, leaks, and CN putting out badly thought-through promotion material. The stuff that makes you feel bad is there for a reason - it’s the conflict you’re looking for! And the development/plot comes from Steven helping people to improve themselves.

y’all motherfuckers need Beesus

Bumbleby fandom (and neutral parties curious as to the evidence supporting the ship, for that matter), it’s time for us to sit down and have a talk. We’ve had a rough hiatus. Both the long, painful wait after the emotional orbital nuke that was late V3. And then, much more recently, the news that Sun actually will be part of Blake’s journey in V4. It doesn’t actually change much of anything, but I still know how it feels, and why the Bumbleby fandom was worried–some of you loudly, and some of us quietly (myself included in the latter). And even before that, I saw dispirited Bumbleby shippers who can’t see the OTP actually becoming canon, whether because of Bl*cks*n or some other reason, on a daily basis. And on the other end of things I see Bumbleby shippers who make weak-ass arguments as to why Bumbleby is already canon and shit like that. Put that subtext bullshit away; subtext is for 20-year-old network TV shows. No. It’s time for the lot of you to see Beesus.

But before you get ahead of yourselves, first I’ll tell you what this post is not. It’s not an argument that Bumbleby is already canon, as opposed to heavily foreshadowed. I actually plan to avoid a lot of the stuff other analysts focus on, like the general “but they’re so close” or “they complement each other really well,” because those aren’t specifically romantic, and the partner pairs in general were designed to play off of each other (like how Ruby and Weiss were designed as a clashing-opposites buddy comedy duo). Those things aren’t unimportant–they are key to a good relationship–but they’re not what I’m driving at here.

This post is about foreshadowing. (Not subtext, foreshadowing; the distinction is important here.) ‘Cause I dunno if you noticed, but the CRWBY loves their bloody foreshadowing. They also love their parallels and repeating themes. So we’re gonna be talking mostly about writing tricks we know the CRWBY uses, like the aforementioned foreshadowing and parallels and also stuff like foils. And some cinematic tricks. Before I continue, I’d like to thank brilliant minds like Chained-Prometheus and the crew I roll with on Discord, whom I’ve learned a great deal from. Also Anny Gomez and her sharp eye for parallels; y’all should check out her videos. @chained-prometheus @s-assy-girl

I’d also like to thank the CRWBY for making the show. And if anyone involved in the show actually ends up reading this by some miracle, keep reading, because I am actually going to say Good Things about M&K’s writing and directing instead of the flak I see them getting all the time.

Evidence-fest begins under the cut, because this’ll be running a bit long–about 4.6k words, or a mid-length one-shot fic. Also lots of pictures, as a warning for those of you using mobile data.

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If We Were A Movie (Seventeen Preference)
  • AN: this was probably one of the best requests of all time, I felt so so inspired by it and I hope you guys like it to. I'm seriously thinking about turning this into a whole serious, where each of these is a boy x reader oneshot so pls lemme know what you think of that idea? <3
  • S.Coups/Seungcheol: The Classic High School AU
  • We all know that our boy Coups would slay as the classic high school heart throb. Nobody would fit the part better than him. He is the meaning of after school football practices and making cheerleaders' panties drop with a wink and a smile. He also has the heart and the smarts underneath his muscles and good looks to bring dimension to his movie character that would surprise the protagonist in the best way and make you fall in love. (I mean, who wouldn't fall in love with him, anyway?) Not only does his character fit seamlessly into this AU/genre, but he embodies the genre itself. The cheesy romance bits of the plot, the corny jokes, and the underlying message to never give up on your dreams that always acts like a big brother to the viewing teens, just like Seungcheol does. He is the classic high school movie - a perfect way to settle into the movie marathon.
  • Jeonghan: Pre-Millennial Crime Thriller
  • That sounds like a very complicated title, but our Jeonghan is a very complicated and beautiful man. At first I wanted to call this one "1920's Mob Film", but I felt that was far too narrow. Mostly because crime dramas set in the 1960's and 70's are becoming very popular and Jeonghan fits that style very well along with the 1920's. So I believe this beauty would fit perfectly into any crime or mob movie set before the turn of the millennium. Mainly during the 1920's, 30's, or the 50's and 60's. His hair was just meant to be tucked neatly under a fedora and paired with a sharp suit that would have all his enemies shaking in their boots the moment they saw him coming. Because yes, he does have that beautiful, angelic face, but I feel that's what would make him the perfect crime boss. He would be the devil hiding in the angel's armour. Nobody would expect it from him until just a few moments before their tragic death. Slowly, over time, they would learn to fear this beautiful man, understand that this was his town and this angel was playing God not because he deserved it, but because he wanted it. I just feel like he's the human embodiment of soft music box music playing in the background of a murder scene during a movie like this, and I love it.
  • Joshua/Jisoo: Zombie Apocalypse
  • Joshua would be the Glenn of a Seventeen zombie apocalypse. (And because Glenn is my all time favourite character of everything I paired little Jisoo with the genre.) He'd be the good guy who survives strictly because he is good to others, and somehow manages to maintain his purity and morality even when the world goes to shit. That would be the best thing about him. He'd believe that others are still good and he'd high uphold the belief that no one should get left behind. He would be the guy who would often almost get killed trying to save other people. He wouldn't actually have many apocalypse survival skills, but his kind nature would find him with people to save his ass over and over again, no matter what trouble they had to go through doing so. Most would think that a badass type of person would embody the zombie genre, but I really think someone like Jisoo is it. He has the heart warming arch of the story, the loveable characters (you know, the ones you really, really don't want to die but probably get treated like shit anyway), and somewhere deep inside him he probably has the really dark parts that any good zombie movie has. But really he's probably more of a zombie comedy like Zombieland or Dead Before Dawn.
  • Jun: Vampire
  • Jun being the vampire genre is about as certain as the sun rising in the morning. He's a vampire through and through. But I believe he's his own breed of vampire. Not a classic, brooding dark creature of the night like Dracula, or a modern emotional sparkly lover like Edward, but a mix of sexual, adorable, funny, sassy, and something still very human that would make his vampire easily a romantic comedy or teen movie. He'd be the type to go around telling people he's a vampire, almost trying to scare them, and no one would believe him because he just doesn't seem like the type. And he'd drink blood out of those girly reusable athletic cups with straws in public, with no one actually knowing it's blood. He would be a lot like the vampires from My Babysitter's A Vampire, but with a twist of sexuality, and something a little more brooding. Because deep down he has realized his curse - being stuck between death and life for an eternity and having to kill to stay strong - and accepted it. He would just be the perfect main character, as well as the fact that he just embodies every aspect of every kind of vampire that has been portrayed on screen before.
  • Hoshi/Soonyoung: Summer Adventure/Feel Good Flick
  • Some of my all time favourite kinds of movies are the feel good summer movies about teens going on adventures and making some kind of growing leap or major character development over that summer. Like Now and Then, Whip It, The Sandlot, or the Goonies (which yes, I know that one was set in the fall). I feel like the spirit of these kind of movies also embodies a lot of music videos, like SHINee's View, which I really love. Hoshi himself is perfect for this kind of movie because he is a feel good summer adventure in human form. He's all the happiness and bright parts, all the interesting dips and turns in the plot that really keep the movie going. He's all the road trips, all the eating snacks out of crappy gas stations, sleepovers in rickety tree houses, bon fires on the beach, the best kind of montages to a great summer song (maybe Adore U?). Overall he's just a happy, bright little puppy that makes you feel really happy and bright like a great summer vacation and a great summer movie.
  • Wonwoo: Werewolf
  • As much as Wonwoo could be the ultimate emo vampire as well, I believe that his darkness can be channeled into hairy beast of the full moon. I was torn between him and Coups for this genre, but ultimately moody with a touch of puppy cuteness won out over heartthrob. I also feel that he has the mature side of a werewolf thriller or romance, and the silly side for when the genre is targeted toward a younger audience, like the show Teen Wolf (which I love, all time fav). And I mean he's just dreamy, and doesn't everybody have some weird werewolf kinky deep down?
  • Woozi/Jihoon: Magical Fantasy Land
  • My first thought with this one is Harry Potter. Woozi would be the perfect little pastel unicorn prince, slaying enemies with spells and making them bow down just with his cuteness alone. Even if it wasn't specifically Harry Potter, maybe it would be an Alice in Wonderland or Narnia, any magical fantasy would fit his personality and looks perfectly. The adorable shell with a serious, take charge and save the world undertone would belong there and make him the leader of the group or in any position of royalty if there was one - especially if there was some kind of magical "chosen one", he'd be it. Him just generally being ethereal, wise, and talented embodies this genre and if he was in a movie like this I'd watch it over and over again.
  • DK/Seokmin: Superhero Standby
  • There's nothing better than a good, classic superhero movie. Even the ones that are being made and coming out in 2015 seem to have all the classic elements to them, and that's what makes them so easy to love. Just like DK - he's a very classic kind of guy. Classic looks, classic humor, appears very easy going and easy to be around. That's why he would fit perfectly into the world of any classic DC or Marvel superhero (personally I'd go for DC, but that's just my preference). He could slip seamlessly into the role of ordinary citizen by day, and tall, handsome, muscled city saviour by night. His hero would be charismatic, loved by all, and not only treat the citizens as victims, but as everyday people that he loved and cared for. And if we really wanted to stir things up in this genre, DK wouldn't be the hero - he could be the shy, polite damsel in distress to our heroic female protagonist. Either way, Seokmin as a person has all the qualities of this genre - the humor, the drama, the energy, and the overall childish glamour that draws us all to loving superheroes and their adventures.
  • Mingyu: Low Budget Indie/Grunge Film
  • This is a very specific style of film-making, rather than a genre, that Mingyu (especially with his gorgeous silver hair) would fit into so brilliantly. There is a bit of cross-over between this and feel good summer movies, with movies like The Kings of Summer or Moonrise Kingdom, but the more unique thing I find about this genre is that the subject matter of these movies (mostly) is a lot darker. Usually of the nature of drug use and sex and abusive relationships. And what would our happy little Mingyu have to do with movies like this? It's really more about his aesthetic. Movies like this are all about aesthetic - there's entirely blogs dedicated to grunge, and a lot of movie screen caps end up on there - and his looks fit in perfectly. The sharply chiseled jaw, dark, smoky eyes, built form, and most of all, the silvery hair that really says grunge king. That and in my opinion, in the setting of one of these movies, he could turn on a dime from happy-go-lucky into the mystery, badass, soul punk that the story calls for. With an outfit change he could slip right into the world of a movie like How I Live Now, Hick, The Basketball Diaries, or a show like Freaks and Geeks.
  • The8/Minghao: Something Supernatural
  • One of the genres I definitely wanted to use was a supernatural one. Seemingly ordinary people having extraordinary powers (like the movie Push), demons and angels living in the suburbs, basically anything that would be the everyday plot of an anime. In this world, Minghao would be perfect in the role of the protagonist's best friend, the one who undoubtedly panics when he finds out what's really lurking in his world. But the protagonist would have nowhere else to go, no one else to turn to, possibly running from the government because of your abnormality, and you knew that Minghao would have your back. So you told him, disclosed to him all the freaky shit that goes on just under his nose, and at first he'd freak out. He'd deny it, he wouldn't really be able to cope. But then his heart would be right there in it. He would protect you no matter what, until his dying breath, doing anything to make sure you were safe. He would be the air of lightness, innocence, and maybe even comic relief that this genre needs.
  • Seungkwan and Vernon: Buddy Cop Movie
  • I know it might seem a little cheap to have two of them under the same genre, but you can't tell me these two wouldn't be the perfect pair of buddy cops. Just like Starsky and Hutch or the girls from The Heat, they'd have the perfect combination of bickering and die hard friendship to make their movie interesting and heartwarming. Seungkwan would be the paper work minded, rule driven, uptight cop that would be 100% about justice and putting the bad guy away, but doing it right. He would probably have some cheesy sap story from when he was a child about why he wanted to join the force in the first place that Vernon would brush off, but it would really get him in the gut. Vernon himself would be more of a dirty cop. He'd have more of a skewed idea of justice, but he'd get his bad guy no matter what it took. He would also be one to make jokes and ignore his paper work and this would bug the hell out of Seungkwan to no end. Together they would be the perfect cops, always get their man (or woman), and have a few laughs along the way. (Personally I would kill for this movie but that's just me.)
  • Dino/Chan: A Chosen One Story
  • This is the Divergent, Maze Runner, or maybe even Hunger Games type of story. Even though stories like this can vary drastically in their setting and details of plot, they usually do have a lot of aspects in common. Dino has all the traits of a protagonist in this kind of story; being young and uncertain, but having a great, strong heart and likely being able to overcome whatever is thrown at him with a smile. Even if he himself wasn't the Chosen One, he would make a great supporting character/best friend to the protagonist. I'm not really sure how else to go about explaining this, but Chan would be such a great character in a movie or even a series like this.
“Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing” – Swan Queen and why it’s endgame.

I have been watching Once Upon a Time for around a year and a half. Since starting it, I’ve rewatched it countless times and for one reason only, Swan Queen. To me, and many others, Emma and Regina’s development is the main core of the show. After the best hiatus swen have ever had, I thought it was fitting to create a masterpost and tell/show everyone why The Evil Queen and The Savior are endgame. Brave yourselves, it’s going to be a long one.

I knew we were witnessing something special between these two characters right from their first meeting in the pilot episode. For starters, every gay/bisexual woman knows that theres nothing better than shipping a blonde and brunette, so there’s that. But, all jokes aside, one thing that these women do constantly is talk with their eyes. As an actor myself, one of the first things you learn in training is how important eye communication is. Eyes are the window into a characters soul, eye contact with another character can determine the relationship between them. Half of the time, acting is all about the eyes. So to start off this post, heres our two favourite ladies speaking volumes with the way they look at each other in Season 1.

Ah the first time they meet. They haven’t even spoken two words to each other yet, but notice Emma licking her lips and Regina looking her up and down. The chemistry is undeniable. And so it starts.

Look how Regina never breaks eye contact with Emma. Acting 101 with Lana Parrilla.

Another moment from the pilot. Now I know we would all look like this if we saw Regina Mills approaching us, but Emma doesn’t do the best job of hiding her attrction. I mean just look at her face, it screams ‘holy shit she’s hot af’

Do you remember the whole ‘if you fancied someone in school, you’d push them over in the playground because you don’t know how to deal with your feelings’ analogy? Emma and Regina don’t know how to be nice to each other just yet (YET being the operative word), so cue the sexual tension, longing looks and angst.

One of my favourite early SQ moments just because of Emma’s eyebrow raise. ‘That’s all I’m getting? Oh really well time will tell my friend’. I LOVE SUBTEXT.

It’s all in the eyes, guys, seriously. Why else would Emma get so flustered and pour hot chocolate over herself? It’s cause of Regina Mills, thats why.

This moment is iconic. ICONIC. IT’S ALL IN THE EYES. Even now, when speaking with my fellow swen, this moment is something we all look forward to when we’re re-watching the show. To those who don’t even watch the show and look at this moment without context, it honestly looks like Regina is leaning in for a kiss. It’s even mentioned quite regularly in a lot of sq fanfics. The almost-mine-kiss is nothing short of super gay. And we also see the first time Regina ask for help and turn to someone else when she doesn’t know what to do. And of course, that would be Emma.

Regina is dreaming in this scene, but what does she dream about? Emma coming for her. Coincidence? I think not.

Ok so before I get to the most important exchanging of looks between these two, can I just point out that they really aren’t subtle, at all. Over the seasons, the looks between them escalate from angst and lust to the looks of two women who really do care a lot about each other. But more on that later. For now let’s talk about this.

Sometimes I remember this moment just as I go about my daily life and just think ‘If Emma Swan doesn’t want to bang Regina Mills on her kitchen worktop then I don’t know what the fuck Lana and Jen are playing at’. Seriously, that’s all I have to say about this look.

And that concludes the ‘way too much eye sex and tension in season one’ section of this post. Lets move on to something that is one of the main reasons as to why I think Emma and Regina belong together.


Funny you should say that, Daniel, dear. It could be argued against but magic is the main theme of this show. True love creates the purest magic, it can transcend realms, defeat the strongest of evil and save lives. Mix together light and dark magic and what do you get, Emma and Regina performing the strongest magic. SURPRISE SURPRISE.

We first witness the connection between their powers in the season two premiere. Regina’s struggling to create the portal to the Enchanted Forest until Emma’s touch finally opens it. Right then, I knew they would be making magic throughout the rest of the seasons. Was I wrong? Duh. 

Look at her face, man. You can see the realisation on her face, Emma can use magic, I can use magic, we can create magic together. Yes she’s surprised, but how would you react if you just found out the person you’re lusting after has powers just like you, eh?

Oh I’m so proud of how far these two have come. Even Henry notices it, he knows the potential of his two Moms creating magic together. Then Regina’s face. Again, I can’t stress it enough, it’s all in the eyes. Don’t forget that Regina has so much experience and knowledge about magic, she’ll know that true love is the strongest magic of all, she’ll know that her and Emma’s combined magic is special. SHE KNOWS. Which is why she doesn’t even bother protesting against it when Emma offers to help. Emma knows too, why else would she suggest it? Their magic destroys the trigger and saves the town. What else do I need to say?

Oh the Neverland arc was so important for the development of Swan Queen magic. Who is the biggest supporter of Emma’s magic? Who teaches her to embrace her powers and use them for good? Who can relate to her and show her that having magic makes you special and you should use it your advantage? REGINA MILLS.

There she goes again, believing in Emma Swan. Damn, Regina. You really do care for Emma don’t you, you little shit.

And then it becomes second nature to these two to work together and defeat evil. All it takes is a nod from the other to start up ‘operation lets make magic together’. Also notice the colours of their magic, look familiar? Well of course.


Swan Mills Family

Now we get on to probably the most important part of this post. Family is a huge theme in this show, HUGE. And what is the biggest connection between Emma and Regina? Henry Mills. Their son. All the way through the show, both Emma and Regina have tried to give Henry his best chance, they love their son more than anything else and thats pretty clear to see. Although, to me, the most important thing to notice is the development between this little trio. First we see Regina and Emma fighting over his affections, screaming at each other that he is ‘MY SON’ etc etc. But eventually we see them work together to do the best for their son. I mean, they share a child. How important is that? The answer is VERY. 

Emma and Regina put their differences aside and looked further than petty arguments to notice what they share. They’re both loving and caring mothers to the same boy. Emma backs up Regina in front of Henry, and Regina does the same. Look at how Emma and Regina look at each other whilst in the company of their son. ‘Look at her being a great Mother to our son’ I MEAN COME ON NOW. They’re a family. If that isn’t enough evidence to see Swan Queen as canon, then I don’t know what more you need. But, just keep on reading.

Remember when Adam Horowitz, the creator of this god damn show, tweeted this and then deleted it?

I wonder why he did that, was it to distract us away from the obvious colour choices worn by Emma, Regina and Henry? Well, it didn’t work. Costume is super important when portraying a character so it’s quite fitting that the Swan Mills Family seem to have colour co-ordinated wardrobe, that they share.

Look at the colour parallel(!!!)

I don’t own these gifs so credit to whoever created them, but holy hell doesn’t this speak for itself??? Also, we were treated to season five spoilers recently. One of which was a scene between Regina and Emma. Guess who was wearing a Red blazer – matching the colour of Emma’s infamous red leather jacket? That’s right.

They do enjoy sharing clothes too

Another important factor in all of this is the way Mary Margaret notices. I’m pretty sure she’s certain SOMETHING is happening between her daughter and Regina. Whether it’s scripted or an acting choice by Ginny herself, I don’t know, but it definitely adds fuel to the fire. Take a look for yourselves.

Every look exchanged in these gifs is when Emma is around Regina, talking about her, or wanting to help her. The last one is by far my favourite. Subtext orgy I’m telling ya. ‘Well, we didn’t want to come but your love sick lady wanted to check up on you’. Amazing.


Ok this is going to be a big section, because the entire show is FILLED with paralells left right and centre. Sometimes I lose faith in the writing of this show, but then parallels suckh me back in and I’m like GOD DAMN THIS SHOW IS GOOD. Here’s the key moments that are paralleled with Swan Queen directly. Enjoy.

I suppose having a knack for seeing through people’s barriers is something that runs in the family, am I right?

COLOURS ARE IMPORTANT. Guess what happens a few episodes later?

Can I just…

Anyway, moving on.

Wish for home, wish for family, and that’s what you get.

WOOP there it is

Save the one you love and fight for them. Also, notice the costume choice here as well. Like I said, no coincidence. At all.

I’m sorry to say that this won’t be the only mention of sacrifice between these two, but this is so super important I can’t stress that enough. They don’t want the other to risk their lives for them. They don’t feel worthy. But they do it anyway. I’m sure you know why by now.

Bringing each other back to reality and showing them they’re better than violence. So married.

Probably the most significant and important parallels of the entire show, never mind my otp. I remember watching the episode where we are first introduced to Lily. I was with my best friend, someone who has never seen an episode of Once before. After the episode had finished, I asked her what she thought about it and she said ‘Well it’s pretty obvious Emma is into both brunettes really, is she gay?’ And that was all I needed to hear to be honest. The links between Emma and Lily and Emma and Regina is so so SO obvious. Emma and Lily started off as best friends then turned into enemies, Emma and regina started of as enemies and are surely becoming best friends. But still, the lesbian subtext surrounding these characters is a big as my gay radar.

As well as the obvious growing relationship in the show, the interviews/tweets/conventions that the actors and crew take part in are just as important. No-one knows their character better than the actors, and I think we can all agree that Lana in particular knows her character so well. Jen does too. They speak on behalf of their characters, their show and they really are the best people to ask sometimes. So here’s a list of evidence that supports my argument that Swan Queen is endgame, but also shows the representation Swan Queen finally deserves.


Madame Mayor and Sherriff Swan, The Evil Queen and The Saviour, Emma Swan and Regina Mills. They were always the basis for this show, and they have the strongest development.

Granny is the co-captain of our ship.

Oh Josh.

Never ever forget that this tweet exists.

And now lets move onto interviews from the actors/creators … I consider these the most important, because Swan Queen.

Now why would you put this voiceover on the scene where Emma is happy to see Regina enter the Diner because she invited her there.

The conventions this year have been an absolute blessing for the Swan Queen fandom but this is by far my favourite moment from them all. Lana herself has said that helping Emma was an ACT OF LOVE I mean do I really need to elaborate on that? I shouldn’t have to.


I’m pretty sure that there will be some negative attention on this post, some of it relating to the fact that ‘EMMA AND REGINA ARE STRAIGHT THO!!11!!1!1’ Let me stop you right there.

It’s been confirmed at Dragon Con a few days ago that Regina is indeed bisexual, here’s the link to the interview where Kristin says so.

Heres some more evidence of Regina being hella bisexual, as if you even need it.

However explaining Emma’s bisexuality needs more detail but this post explains it perfectly.

Also, whilst we’re at it, read this theory on the Dreamcatchers. Just do it.


With both of them having such troubled pasts, it’s pretty obvious that trust is important to both of them. That’s why it makes it all the more iconic when they tell each other that they can trust in them to do the right thing.

Low key wanting to bang each other is something that these two are experts on. The amount of times their words can be mistaken for sex talk when taken out of context is actually laughable. Heres just a few examples.

I decided to be a bit mean and leave all the important, and most obvious, Swan Queen moments towards the end of this post. Enjoy it loves. 

Emma is the first thing that comes to Regina’s mind after she collapses, she’s the one that she wants.

For the first time in her life, someone is there for Regina and protecting her, hence why the surprised look on Regina’s face. Emma is her saviour.

LOOK AT HOW EMMA LOOKS AT REGINA WHEN SHE WALKS IN .. This whole episode is a gift from God. Emma notices Regina, Emma wants her there, Emma notices her leaving. Emma always notices her wife.

Emma is Regina’s biggest cheerleader, no doubt about it

The look that Regina gives Emma is so sincere and genuine, she’s super happy to have Emma back.

Nervous Emma is nervous to hold Reginas hand. She’s hesitating for a reason. She knows that her and Regina make magic together, she knows that. I’m surprised she didn’t rub her palm on her trousers because she doesn’t want her wife to feel about sweaty she makes her.

They care enough about each other, they want the other person to be safe.

Regina giving Emma a happy ending at the end of season 3a is super important. All the way through season one, Regina wanted to run Emma out of town and now she’s wanting to give her everything she’s ever dreamed of. And do you know why, because she fucking loves her. Look at how they’re looking at each other. It’s all in the EYES.

Cue romantic zoom

Regina sticking by her wife, because she knows she’s better than Golds plan to turn her dark. Choosing the saviour over everything else is something she’s good for.

Regina taught Emma magic, she knows she’s special, that she’s worthy. So when Regina finds out that Snow and Charming are allowing her to rid herself of her magic, this reaction speaks volumes. Amazing.

Frozen parallels with Swan Queen was the best thing about 4a. Despite the history between her and Regina, Emma still wants the best for Regina. And also, remember when Regina said ‘the next time a happy ending knocks on my I’ll be ready’. Look who does…

This scene is super important though. Emma is trying so hard for her wife’s affections and looks like a child on Christmas morning when she gets what she wants. No two characters relate to each other as much as Emma and Regina. That’s a fact.

What even is this, seriously. The more romantic zooms between these two, the more longing looks they share, the more I’m convinced they’re married.

Regina protecting Emma. Again.

I’m pretty sure Adam and Eddy wouldn’t have edited this moment like this unless they wanted us all to think that Emma Swan is super jealous of Robin touching her wife.

Helping each other, backing each other up, being each others cheerleaders. These two have to foundation for a great fucking relationship and nothing can tell me otherwise.

(And now they can get super drunk together and have sex)

Yin and Yang. Honestly.

Yes, fate does push us, it pushes to the people we belong to be with. That’s why you adopted the Savior’s son.

Emma needs Regina. Regina needs Emma. After so many times that Regina didn’t want Emma around. This is the biggest development of character and relationship in the entire show.

THIS is the moment what Lana was talking about. Regina brings Emma back from darkness and makes her realise the good inside her. It’s an act of love. Lana has spoken.

The first time Regina meets Emma in an alternate universe, she has no idea who she is. She has no clue and yet she understands her, she boinds with her, she listens to her. ENDGAME

Right. I’m so sorry that I’ve left the best/worst Swan Queen moment until the end of this post. But it is the most important development throughout the entire show. First, lets recap what happened in episode 1.08 where Emma saves Regina from the fire.

Emma: Seriously? You’re complaining about how I saved your life?
Regina: (fire engines approach the scene) The firemen are here. It’s not like we were really in danger. Emma: (starts walking away) Fine. Next time I’ll just… I’ll just… Ah, you know what? (turning to face Regina) Next time, I’ll do the same thing. And the time after that because that is what decent human beings do. That’s what good people do.

Next time, she did do the same thing. She sacrificed her happiness, her life, her light magic, for the sake of Regina. She put herself into danger, she put her life into the hands of others, she risked her mental health, she risked her relationships with other people. She gave her entire soul to the darkness just so Regina didn’t have to go through the horror and torment again. She gave everything. Her family didn’t want to, but she did it anyway. Her beared didn’t want to, she did it anyway. She didn’t have to, she did it. Regina didn’t wat to, but she sacrificed everything for the sake of the woman she evidently loves.

Emma and Regina have come such a long way since the start of the show. Their relationship is one of the most genuine, beautiful and legitimate I’ve ever seen on a TV show. They share a son, they are a family. They save each other, they back each other up, they make magic together, they see the best in each other, they want each other to be happy. They belong together.

This post is why Swan Queen is endgame. We will get there one day, we will get what we deserve, what the show deserves. What Emma and Regina deserve. Hang in there, Swen. It’s happening.

Disclaimer: All gifs and pictures aren’t mine, credit goes to the creators. Thanks to sarahpaulsonsfuckinglisp for finding things I couldn’t. All opinions are my own

How Julian Fellowes really writes Downton Abbey
  • Fellowes: Alright, lets put down a first draft for season 6!
  • Neame: Uhm, Julian...
  • Fellowes: Call me Baron.
  • Neame: Right. Right, uhm... it's just, there's a group of young, dynamic looking people banging on the front door and..
  • Fellowes: Oh, that would be my co-writers. Don't let them in!
  • Neame: But some of them looked pretty angry and weren't they hired to...
  • Fellowes: Alright, boring characters first!
  • Neame: *sigh* - Edith?
  • Fellowes: Yes, that one. So Marigold dies from-
  • Neame: I will not stand for this!
  • Fellowes: But that's all Edith is about! People she loves dying or leaving her! Alright, I'll pair her up with that dreary guy from the Christmas special and then I'll kill him off. Next!
  • Neame: So Robert and Cora...
  • Fellowers: Right, so Robert dies because the ulcer isn't just an ulcer and in a state of confusion he changes his will and Isis inherits the whole estate. The family ends up in destitute because when Isis dies she hasn't left a will and everything is confiscated by the evil labor party. All servants lose their jobs, everyone is unhappy, show ends and I finally get to move on to 'The Gilded Age' and write something I actually enjoy. Perfect!
  • Neame: Ooooo-kay, that's really lovely. Now, back to Robert and Cora, shall we?
  • Fellowes: If we must. *pouts* Alright, Isis dies, Robert has to undergo surgery and almost dies, Cora is a good supportive wife and Robert regains his will to live when the head surgeon flirts with Cora and he jumps out of the hospital bed and beats him up.
  • Neame: I guess at least that's better than...
  • Fellowes: Mary falls in love with Henry, they get engaged and he dies in a car accident.
  • Neame: I thiiink we already had that one. Don't you think that would be a bit-
  • Fellowes: Can't have them just be happy, can I? You can't have character developement through happiness!
  • Neame: If you say so... But at least kill him off in a different way.
  • Fellowes: Yes yes. Now Tom, he leaves for America with Sybbie and comes back to visit in episode 3 or 4 and spouts all those ideas about freedom and everyone having the same rights and worth and how there should be no class devide *snorts* and that makes Robert's ulcer worse and leads to him needing surgery. Tom is ordered to stay away from the house.
  • Neame: Whatever.
  • Fellowes: Which brings us to Violet. She dies or leaves for Russia to become the courtesan of the Prince.
  • Neame: I think I'm going to be...
  • Fellowes: Speaking of wrinkly sex, the Carson and Hughes wedding is cancelled.
  • Neame: WHAT?! Are you insane? The fans will not accept this! They'll boycott your next show! Oh my god what-
  • Fellowes: *dreamy* Elsie finds out that Carson has been married all those years. His wife is in an asylum for the insane and refuses to sign the divorce papers. Cue eternal woe.
  • Neame: Oh for heaven's sake, why can't you just let them be happy?!
  • Fellowes: Who would want to see that?
  • Neame: EVERYONE!!! *hyperventilates*
  • Fellowes: Man, you forget yourself!
  • Neame: I... *pants* ... I can't...
  • Fellowes: Alright, Molesey proposes to Baxter, she says yes, they get married and get their own little cottage.
  • Neame: What? Just like that?
  • Fellowes: Yes, why not? They deserve a bit of happiness, don't they?
  • Neame: o_O *stares blankly into space*
  • Fellowes: Now on to two of my favourite vict- ehm, characters. Anna and Bates.
  • Neame: Oh god...
  • Fellowes: Anna discoveres she is pregnant, Bates has to go into exile on the Isle of Man, Anna gets raped by the gardener-
  • Neame: *chokes*
  • Fellowes: - she stabs and kills him, is sentenced to death but they have to wait until the child is born which gives Bates the time to convince the judge to hang him instead because how could he live with himself if Anna were to be executed because obviously Bates's feelings are what matters here. Then it turns out Carson's insane wife broke out of the asylum and stabbed the gardener because she can't stand the sight of green aprons but it's too late and Bates is hanged and...
  • Neame: None of this makes any sense! *flails*
  • Fellowes: I don't see the problem. Now to my special little friend. Thomas... *rubs hands*
  • Neame: Dare I ask?
  • Fellowes: So Thomas and that doe-eyed lad Andy fall in love and he's a changed man and glows with happiness.
  • Neame: Now we are talking!
  • Fellowes: Then Thomas gets raped by a house guest-
  • Neame: What the?! What's with the rape thing? We already had a badly handled rape plot!
  • Fellowes: Yes, but we never had a MAN raped so- wait, what do you mean badly handled?
  • Neame: Nevermind, I.. look, no raping Thomas, okay?
  • Fellowes: Then the Andy lad?
  • Neame: NO ONE GETS RAPED!!!
  • Fellowes: Then at least some mild sexual harassment?
  • Neame: NO ONE- oh, well, actually that could be a really effective storyline. One could save the other and that could serve as a catalyst to admit their feelings to each other and-
  • Fellowes: You mean the audience would enjoy seeing that and it would be interesting psychologically and a nice challenge for the actors?
  • Neame: Oh yes!
  • Fellowes: We can't have that. I'll go for the love triangle instead. Thomas loves Andy, Andy loves Daisy, Daisy falls in love with Thomas again. That way they will all be unhappy. I'm a genius! What are you doing?
  • Neame: Oh. Nothing. *types away furiously to set up a Go Fund Me-campaign to buy the rights to Downton Abbey*
  • Fellowes: And Mrs Patmore expodes.

shiaxartistreblogs  asked:

Dash x Danny x Vlad? Yes? Maybe? Please? (There's far too little of them. I don't even care if it's sexy-time or friend-time, if it's written by you it'll be awesome~)

This wasn’t fair.

Danny sighed loudly in the car taking them to their destination. Across from him sat none other than the notorious Dash Baxter, who was currently wrestling with his seatbelt.

“AARGH! I hate this get-up… it feels like it’s… holding me back!” Dash said as he continued to struggle, “Plus this seatbelt is too tight, man… grrraAAGH I feel like punching something!”

“Hey, could you try to, oh I dunno, try to NOT punch something for once? It’s what got us here in the first place.” Danny said, turning away from his window briefly to face Dash. Both were wearing formal business attire, though Danny had refrained from wearing his jacket in the car. Dash had not been so thoughtful.

“Pssht. Whatever, Fentonio. If it weren’t for your sister we would’ve gotten off with detention…” Dash said, grumbling. Suddenly he perked up and snickered, “Well… YOU would have, anyways…”

Danny huffed and returned to looking out the window. Dash was right; after they were caught “disturbing the peace” yesterday after school by Lancer, Jazz had intervened and tried to reason a different punishment. After all, one more detention means one step closer to suspension, and Danny REALLY didn’t need to tell his parents that.

Mr. Lancer emphasized that they needed to develop some character, to have some respect and pride for their school and all the work they should be doing, and it just so happened that Jazz could pull a few strings to give them some real-life working experience.

However, Danny wasn’t so sure if this was actually the better deal. Spending a Friday – of a 3-day weekend – with Dash? Total torture. Spending a Friday with Dash at one of Vlad Masters’ satellite offices?

Total torment.

‘What was Jazz even thinking?!’ Danny thought to himself, ‘I should be going to the movies with Sam and Tucker, not on my way to Elmerton to be stuck between a jock and a fruitloop.’

“Don’t look so glum, Danny!” His dad had said, trying to comfort him, “Now I know how much you’d love to see your Uncle Vladdie but he said himself that he probably won’t be able to be in that office tomorrow!”

‘Fat chance.’ Danny thought, letting his eyes close for only a moment.

When he had finally stopped fidgeting, Dash quietly tried to take a stealthy look at Danny, wondering why there wasn’t any more conversation.

Oh. His eyes were closed.

‘What, is he tired? Already???’ Dash thought to himself, staring at the guy in front of him, ‘He always looks… tired…’ Dash found himself leaning forward slightly, as if to bear his weight on his knees to get a better look.

Suddenly Danny’s eyes snapped open, looking straight at Dash.

“Don’t watch me while I sleep, man. That’s creepy.” Danny said, annoyed. He already had a number of people to worry about doing that sort of thing; he didn’t want to add Dash to the list. Dash recoiled immediately and sat back in his seat, crossing his arms.

“I wasn’t watching you sleep! I was just staring off into space…!” Dash said quickly. Really, that was all it had been. Danny didn’t look entirely convinced but shrugged it off anyways.

“Whatever.” He mumbled, settling into a more comfortable position. Now he was really going to take a nap.

Dash clucked his tongue and settled in as well. They had a good 45 minutes or more of travelling left to go – time for some shut-eye…


“—ake up. Hey… hey!” Dash was jerked awake when Danny whacked his knee. “We’re here.”

Dash yawned and stretched as best he could. He was still a bit bleary, but reached over gather his belongings. He sighed.

“Let’s get this over with.”

The two of them made their way up large steps and into the building ahead. They stood in the grand lobby, each trying to fish out their directions.

“What floor was it again?” Danny asked aloud to no one in particular.

Dash could only manage an intelligent “Uh…” as he fumbled with his paperwork.

Suddenly, one of the 10 elevator doors opened, revealing a smug, silver-haired businessman. Even over the din, his voice rang in Danny’s ears loud and clear.

“Hello Daniel.”

Danny whipped his head around at the sound only to see that Vlad Masters had exited the elevator and was walking towards them.

“And Dash Baxter, so nice to meet you.” Vlad held out his hand, shaking Dash’s warmly. A huge smirk was plastered on his face; Danny wanted to tell him to wipe it off.

“Thank you for coming here today. I trust your travels went well?”

“Oh, yes sir, Mr. Masters!” Dash piped up, “And we left everything in perfect order, just the way we found it… thanks for sending one of your cars to get us!” Danny crossed his arms, unimpressed.

“Yeah, I hope it wasn’t too much trouble, Vlad.” he stared intently at the man before him as Dash shot him a look, unsure of what to do in the situation.

Vlad sniffed haughtily, staring back just has fiercely down the bridge of his nose.

“Why, it was no trouble at all, Daniel.” Suddenly he began to usher them towards the elevators. “But we mustn’t dawdle now, there is much I have to show you.”

“Couldn’t you just get one of your secretaries to show us around?” Danny said brazenly with a huff. Vlad chuckled softly.

“I could,” The doors closed behind them as Vlad punched in the 63rd floor. “…but I would much rather be the one to do the honors.”

“Oh wow… personally escorted by the big man himself?! Gosh, Mr. Masters… thanks!” Dash said, enthused. Vlad smiled at that.

“Glad to see someone’s impressed.” He said, letting his gaze flicker to Danny for a only second.

“But please, Dash. It’s casual Friday! You can call me Vlad…”

Listen to me. Listen. Listen. If you havent even played the game thats okay read this anyways, I have a point about straight culture
Okay here’s what i gotta tell you, straight people culture exists and here’s what it means.
Its straight people finding the one game where you’re borderline predetermined into a girl on girl relationship.
Seriously guys this is it. This is the ultimate example of straight people shit, straight people culture, lemme tell you.
There’s this game that is basically a linear story, minus a few smaller choices that you can switch up.
You can choose whether you want eggs or Belgian waffles but okay this is not the point.
Listen fellas. This entire game is pushing these two girls together, as i said its a linear story, it’s fated.
It’s fated. The chemistry is undeniable. Your character spends almost the entire game WITH this other character, this other girl. It’s very very very clear from the beginning that they are meant to be love interests.
Okay so here’s the thing guys.
There’s a random dude in the background you know? A dude. He’s not the worst dude ever considering. He’s pretty nice, and I kind of like him as a character. He has this crush on the main gal. And I mean a BIG OL crush. Guys I mean he’s texting her 20+ times a day whether she answers or not, he doesnt give a fuck he is texting and always going in for hugs and just being a loser who has this puppy crush.
The thing is, you know what. Random dude pops up on screen maybe once per chapter for a few minutes each. He is clingy and nerdy and he and this main girl have no chemistry together at all.
Let me tell you this girl doesn’t want that dickie unless you force her to interact with him via decisions.
Because this game is what i thought was revolutionary ive just been playing through totally business, looking for my lesbians. He does his weirdo puppy love thing and straight up stands up this other girl who likes him, who he had plans to go to the movies with, and asks the main girl to go with him instead. Are you hearing this? He had plans to go with a girl who really liked his ass and then he told her he was going with his puppy love instead. He ditched her.
She was stressed.
Let me specify again that Max shows no instinct reaction to his advances. She DOES NOT make any moves with Warren that the player doesn’t forcefully initiate. He shows up once per chapter at best. Look there is no TIME for them to show chemistry, she doesnt hang with him, she barely texts him back, this girl does not go outta her way to be around this dude. She aint trust him with her secrets until she has NO ONE else to tell, and she tells him outta desperation because she needs help. She told her girlfriend EVERYTHING immediately, she and her girlfriend are together almost 24/7 in this game im not even being dramatic.
You got straights in forums sayin that their first kiss was just gals being pals, I cant make this shit up. You got straights saying that its just friendly kissing and hand holding and flirting, theyre bffs theres no gay.
They have a passionte fucking kiss in the last chapter guys, she and her girlfriend, passionate, mouth on mouth, hands cupping face, love.
As I said, there are parts to this game that are linear story. THAT kiss is linear, you cant get away from that, nor the love confessions at the end. You dont have to force the main to kiss her, or profess love, you dont choose it, the characters do, that is linear. Their love is the endgame.
The dude? You gotta manually accept his date offers, the ones in which he stands up the other girl he had, if you do. If you accept all his offers and push your main girl into him in the few scenes they have together, okay lemme tell you, you do have an option to kiss him. You have the option. No i love yous or anything else, no main character feelings, just, you make her romance him.
Okay im not dragging him yet he’s okay as a person other than standing up that poor girl- but lets just say, this badass bitch main girl, little tiny pixie angel, she has this really brutal nightmare and in that nightmare she’s haunted by everyone that has caused her issues.
This shit is just a nightmare, this is going on in her head, so its not really anything you can hold against him personally.. But listen guys. Listen fellas, this part in the nightmare she’s running from people. Aka the school principal who was bullying her at the beginning, a janitor who you can have a minor conflict with, a security guard who harasses her, a fucked up guy who terrifies her, and a teacher who’s actually fucked up smh, you’ll know if you play. and this guy. This clingy-ass straight guy, who is inherently a good guy for the most part, but… Look he is super clingy and the game makers are SELF AWARE of him and his almost weird tendencies. Listen guys.
I mean to say. She has an actual nightmare about him where she’s hiding from him as he stalks her through rows of lockers sayin really self aware shit.
That says to me very clearly that on some level of consciousness, main girl is AWARE and fears his clinginess and his feelings for her.
She finds his locker in this fucked up locker okay? She finds his locker and opens it, and theres a fuckin doll of herself staring back, and a bunch of photos of her, including the words ‘MY MAX’ in red ink.
U know the shit he was sayin was like ‘You can run, but you can’t escape your white knight.’ and like making fun of her girlfriend like ‘who’s that blue haired freak? you need an alpha male to take care of you’.
Like shit man thats fucked up. They’re friends in her real life but yo when your subconscious is giving you nightmares about him tracking you down saying nasty shit you know he’s too clingy 4 you.
your brain doesnt give you that for no reason, and i mean this nightmare was lucid. This was very lucid. This nightmare was reflecting every single fear Max had back at her, this shit was very aware,
it wasnt some bizarre dream that had no relevance to her real problems. It WAS her problems.
oh also okay you know what?? literally another part of the nightmare was her seeing her girlfriend with multiple other people, kissing, posing, etc. Her nightmare was her losing her girl to some other girl or guy.
Bruh. Bruh. Come on, i mean the end of the nightmare was her reliving every good moment she’d ever had with her girlfriend 2, it was her on memory lane, unable to find Chloe while remembering every good moment they had.
Lemme tell you this game is so gay it doesnt know what to do with itself, look fellas.
What my point is here, this is straight culture. Straights play this game, the one game with canon girl action, and they direct the character to the lonely guy who texts Max 20 times a day. they take screenshots of those 20 texts and they post bout how cute it is some shit like
they go on forums and post that the ‘I love you’ was gal pals. They go on tumbls and highlight the few moments that the main even interacted with the desperate dude
They screencap that chemistry-less, dry shit and they go ‘awwwww’
like guys why do they gotta find the one game where the story is all about two girls falling in love and facing several issues together. why they gotta find that story, and go and ship the main with the ONE obligatory straight dude who spends the whole game crawlin up her ass
you know unless u shove main girl at him the few times you see him and accept all his advances it doesnt even give you the option to kiss him.
It only gives you that option defeatedly if you’ve spent the whole game tryna hide your lesbians because the makers are self aware that the straights are lurking in the fanbase
Okay this is a long ass story and rant fellas, let me summarize why I’m mad. I’m not mad because the writers caved and let these straights have their way with a ‘kiss him’ option in the last chapter. I could be pissed. Because of the hours of time spent developing this girl on girl relationship and showing them falling for each other. I could be mad because they just caved last minute. but im not. they gotta cater to the heteronormative side of the fanbase. If they didnt give that option we’d have a riot = to the riots caused by your fav sports team losing the superbowl where they flip cars and shit. you know the straights would be offended and say that straights are oppressed and all that weird, delusional whatsit. Boycott or demand their 15$ back. idc let them have their pity win
I’m not mad that the straights are going around saying that these two women making out are gal pals.
Im not even mad that the straights don’t acknowledge that this dudebro is bad for badass main bitch, to the point where her subconscious refers to him as a white knight who just wants her for her body to perverted, extreme lengths. I’m not mad about that. They put him on a pedestal and say he’s perfect for her while pointing out the girlfriend’s flaws (and yes she has some biggies). NBD. I’m not super mad they clearly have a straight bias, erasing all the negativity from the hetero-hell ship and boosting the negativity of the canon gay ship to make it look like hetero = healthier. (Im more bitterly disappointed about this onee)
I’m kinda mad because lemme tell you, friends, this is the one game i’ve played where the predetermined endgame love is between two girls automatically.
I’m kinda mad because of the fact that straights have found this one godsend, and then they all force the straight option.
I’m mad because i finished my game and the percentage of players who kissed the dudebro was 66% and rising. Over half of the fanbase ships her with this dude who appeared for less than 30-overall minutes in the game. This dude who just kind of.. has an awkward crush and gets touchy and clingy and irritating sometimes hot damn.
Half of my fandom ships this weird ass, fake, forced ship instead of the endgame.
Why? Lemme tell you. Because the canon is two girls.
The guy doesn’t need to have chemistry with the main girl, or on screen development, he doesn’t need to do anything special, he doesn’t need to fit any standards aside from being a cisdude who wants to dip dick with the main girl. Legit. That’s the only standard, he’s the obligatory male ‘option’.
And 66% of players, playing a game with canon girl on girl love, found the one straight dude and went out of their way to ship the main chick with him, ignoring her girl feels.
And that is straight culture. Taking over anything remotely lgbt in the most subtle way possible. Finding heteronormativity in the gayest of things and broadcasting it to drown out the gay.
Homophobia isnt just direct insults and physical abuse anymore. Its subtle efforts to draw attention away from lgbt media by making it straightwashed. It’s finding the straight option in anything without fail- and if there is no straight option, making a fuss about it. Homophobia has a lot of branches, this one just HIT MY FANDOM IN THE FACE. im ashamed of this fandom.


Derek Hale…the victimized victim

I have as much love for Derek as I have pity. I’ve never seen a character be so mistreated, so fucked over out of his own story. With Scott it doesn’t hit that hard because Scott never had a chance because they didn’t even create characterization for him…but with Derek…Derek is that story of giving a character the tools they need but not using them. It is the story of not reaching the full potential because the writers gloss over everything. Derek is the character manifestation of the show –  poorly written with many dropped threads. They’d been fucking up Derek’s character arc since the beginning, but it wasn’t until his arc reached an ex machina that it was over.

Oh it’s characterization…right?

The problem with Derek’s characterization is the same as the other characters…they all fall prey to the protagonist’s weakness. In their scramble to make Scott look good, to make him dominate, other characters have to fall out of their character loop for that to happen. That’s the problem with a flat protagonist…he doesn’t just effect himself but also the story and the other characters. I don’t wanna get to deep into the details until I get to their relationship article but basically it’s like this –  the show had to pull derek out of his character path multiple times so Scott would look like the good guy, the perfect hero, etc etc. Characters like Derek’s potential was put to the back burner, because reaching those points would make him better than the protagonist. Derek could have had his own show because he had the tools a protagonist is supposed to have…but even within Teen Wolf his story would have been able to flourish if they’d actually tried. Instead what we get is a bunch of manpain that covers up much of his story. 

Derek’s characterization is unstable because they undermined the things they did get right by having the things they got wrong be contradictions. They gave him backstory but none of it mattered because none of it was used as an effect to further his development. His past relationships with Paige and Kate had no precedent on his future relationships…he in fact jumped into relationships like it was nothing…he had no problem using sex appeal to manipulate a younger female (even though he’d been sexually manipulated by someone older). He kept saying he had trust issues (as he should) but he trusted just about everyone immediately. The only reason people even say Derek has trust issues is because it was a reoccurring theme between him and Stiles (“You don’t trust me, I don’t trust you” “You have to trust us…both of us!” “Will you just trust me?! - No”). They had him shoulder the weight of everything yet still treated him the villain / the negative element. They threw in that ‘power hungry’ storyline that made no sense giving how chill he is…too chill in fact – he doesn’t even do revenge treks…he forgives people who has fucked up people he loved…hell he forgives people who betray him like it ain’t nothing. That’s another thing, they’re always trying to add these dark aspects to him that contradicts everything else about him. This is the same fool who stalks people so he can jump out the shadows and save the fucking day when they do dumb shit. His stalking skills and his leather jacket is about as dark as he gets….well that and the fact that he was willing to kill but even that’s debatable because he doesn’t just go out trying to kill people – plus killing is seen as a negative here because Scott has deemed it so.

Will the real Derek Hale…please stand up?
Derek really could have been one of the better characters. He not only had one backstory…but two, one of which could have been used for his exterior growth and the other for his internal journey. It’s pretty obvious Derek fears being lonely, but he also has the thought that he doesn’t deserve love/friendship/happiness, because everyone around him dies and he’s at fault. He battles with it, trying to be both the recluse and find somewhere to fit. His wound is one that opens and reopens repeatedly as he continues to have no control over loss (Paige / Family / Laura / Erica / Boyd / even Peter (to power) & Kate (to manipulation)). He changed from that wild charming boy to a stoic man who keeps most of his emotions to himself, he keeps people around him at bay just like he does everything else – with pain, anger, and reserve. Like all characters who feel unworthy of love his true need is self-love, self-acceptance, and self-forgiveness.

Too bad they only hinted at these things and glossed over his internal growth. Instead of handling the storyline they pretended that Scott was enough to change Derek. The problem with that is that their relationship more times than not puts Derek in the negative spotlight (the place of being wrong) which would not have led to good feelings such as happiness, friendship and love. The Scott to Derek relationship is a negative transition – it states that Scott is right while Derek is wrong…They literally had to make Derek lose his voice and himself in the praise of Scott to even make that friendship work. The only affect Scott could have had on him was the killing aspect…and that’s because they pushed it so hard (and theres no one else to take that role for him). But Scott would have never been the one to help Derek through his internal arc. The big problem is we see Derek hit some of his arc points (and those some aren’t even the important ones)…but without the actual journey. On top of that they tried to pretend that they fixed issues that they didn’t or were already non grata.

Love for this character would have been important…and a journey they should have shown. A stoic character rarely shows emotions because mostly what they feel is negative (pain, anger, self-doubt, etc). The reason why love works with most stoic heroes is because that journey though love counteracts the negative sets. Instead of associating with pain they learn positive offsets to use. They learn to open up, to trust, to feel safe. The thing about love and stoic heroes is that love doesn’t change them it allows them to express who they already are…the person they locked away when they created the reserved version of themselves. Derek’s last two relationships did nothing for his character. The first two (Paige & Kate) were very important. Paige was Derek’s first lost and it was a life he took himself. The important elements of that relationship wasn’t just the killing though, it was also the fact that his belief that she couldn’t accept/love him for who/what he was and her fragile mortality led him to essentially betraying her by taking the choice out of her hands. With Kate, it was about betrayal from the lover instead of himself. Kate fucked his world up. She burned his house down, killed his family, forced him to leave town. These two relationships created change within him, they helped create the stoicism. They effected his character. The Jennifer relationship was beyond disrespect because unlike the Braeden relationship that just stopped at the unbelievable happiness, the Jennifer relationship was another one of those things that just went against his character. It was an instant relationship, an immediate frolic of supposed love, and then another tired ass betrayal. The only thing the relationship did was contradict his present characterization and solidify his victimization…without any further effects. Neither developed him, or added to his characterization. They were unimportant, and unmoving, but thats a constant in this show, someone forgot to tell them that romance in story comes with reason, effects, they develop both characters. Romance is not about having two pretty people make out.

All of Derek’s relationships could’ve been interest…
Derek/Peter: They have that family/enemy thing going on and it works. I feel like they could have delved deeper into their past and Peter’s effects on Derek because this is the person who taught him to use pain and anger to maintain control. Peter’s influence on Derek was strong because he was a teacher/mentor to him.                                                                         Derek/Cora: I wish they either hadn’t created her..or they would have had her be an ass-kicking tandem with her brother instead of blaming and hating him like everyone else. It would’ve been nice to see him have a family member alive he could bond and get along with.
Derek/Stiles: Derek and stiles seem to be so different but they’re actually quite alike in the sense of loneliness that makes them almost level 3 clingers to Scott, and their defense mechanisms - Derek built up a stoic persona (giving off the reserved, light emotional, slightly cold/harsh aura) while Stiles created the sarcastic clown. Theyir dynamic worked because the clown character is the best character to break stoicism.
Derek/Chris: The enemy to understanding aspect…they really could’ve stretch this relationship more and got some great scenes from it.
Derek/Issac: They really did not take advantage of this relationship. They put Issac in Scott’s pack and never looked back on what this relationship could’ve been. They could’ve built a beautiful brotherhood. A lot of positive actually could have come out of this relationship but they didn’t want Derek to have any positive come from his creation of the pack.
Derek/Boyd: They threw away so much possibility with Boyd’s death. Boyd was the perfect person to be Derek’s first real friend. They both had that lonely, silent aura about them that really made it seem like they were a good fit. Their dynamic would have been great, you imagine exactly how their relationship would’ve been if they hadn’t killed him off.
Derek/Sheriff: Their relationship was exactly as perfect as it was supposed to be. This relationship would have been essential because of what Derek’s storyline was supposed to be so he would have been partnering with the sheriff quite a bit.

Whose story was it anyway?

Derek’s story doesn’t make sense because they took his story. It started out with demeaning his character with things that weren’t even logical for example the whole ‘I’m power hungry’ story line….this is illogical because Derek showed no hints of being power-hungry Peter is a prime example of power hungry…but power hungry people don’t speak of partnerships. Derek showed no signs of this until they needed him to and once he had the power…he did nothing with it worthwhile but play with Scott. That was the first thing that messed up his characterization because it threw a wrench in the monkey jar…with that we have the Alpha storyline…where they pretend he’s so damn horrible and even kills his pack just so in comparison they can show that Scott is the Alpha everyone needs….They go ahead and end Derek’s Alpha-ship so Scott can step in. Derek goes and has a conversation with his dead mother and then comes back and literally they just have him hand his storyline to Scott this time. He tells Scott that his family used to be protector of the town, and his mom was a great alpha and Scott is what the town needs….

Backstory is very important because everything afterwards is motivated by it. The backstory is used to make the character grow. The problem is Scott has no backstory…and the show is built off the foundation of Derek’s. Derek’s backstory was his to fulfill. He should have been the one to learn to be a great alpha, fighting through the things he had been taught – pain and anger. Taking responsibility by standing in the shadow of his mother and becoming someone who not only saw the world as a victim. Someone who realized he couldn’t bring his family back, but he could keep their legacy alive. Him not going that route also leaves out the Hale family’s influence…they obviously were an interesting dynamic but the audience won’t get to see those aspects through Scott. Tyler H. left at the right time considering the fact his character no longer had anywhere to go but to be a sidekick for Scott. Even in the role of mentor a character has to have their own story (ex. Dumbledore from Harry Potter).

Derek’s story could have been one of great emotion. His journey could have been the story of the victim becoming the triumphant. Instead, even in the end they took that from him. They gave this grand sequence of him ‘losing his power’ then having his face Kate…and then they pull an ex machina by having him evolve right there within the moment instead because of the moment. Fate just happened to make this the time. Thats not real growth! They should have had him face her at his own state of ability. His evolving should have been a reward not something gained just so he can deal with her. There have been many mediums thats had a character evolve within battle but the evolve came with the will of their character - not as some out side Pokemon type of element. Once again they’ve created a situation where he has gained nothing. Derek had so much potential of what his story should’ve been.

The frustration is often what could’ve been…the disappointment is in what was.

Note(s): It is very difficult to articulate exactly what I mean when I speak on Derek because I didn’t want to add ‘how’ they could have gotten it right. It wasn’t about me putting my ideas in there instead its about focusing where they fell off. There were also a lot of stuff I wanted to say but couldn’t because they belong to other sections. Derek’s growth/development would have been interlocked with his relations with other characters because he is a stoic character. I love Derek so much. I love him despite the show and the horrible writers. I love him despite the over sexuality of his the man who played him, or the queerbaiting they used him for. I love him for what he could have been and what he secretly was. Derek was the Unsung Hero, he was smart, protective, always willing to place himself in harms way for someone else, and he didn’t get any credit. I’m pretty sure I missed some points but I’ll probably hit them if I do another part for derek himself. Stiles will be next but it probably won’t be for like a week or two cause I have a lot going on. I wanted to go ahead and get another one out of the way though so I did Derek’s first. I have no clue who I’m gonna do next probably peter…but I wanna do a chick so maybe Lydia. I don’t know.


Teen Wolf Articles - Character Analysis: Scott McCall

Romance in Star vs the Forces of Evil

Welp, here’s me opening up a can of worms…

Given the nature of Star vs the Forces of Evil, romance definately seems to be something heavily foreshadowed in the show, perhaps even more so than some other cartoons. Gravity Falls, for example, certainly has it as an aspect of the show, but most of shipping pretty much amounts to a few teases here and there. But Svtfoe starts the shipping from day one when Star and Marco first meet. Heck, the show in general seems to spoof the Magical Girlfriend genre of anime pretty heavily, so of course this is a conversation worth talking about.

This’ll pretty much be me examining what we’ve seen in the series so far and predicting which ships are likely to become canon and which ones aren’t. That being said, before anybody starts throwing knives at me, even if I have my own preferences, that doesn’t mean I’m automatically right. Fans of the show can ship who they want with whoever else they want. Even if I don’t agree with it, its not the end of the world.

Jackie and Marco

This…. isn’t a relationship I particularly care for. Jackie kind of serves the same role Trixie Tang does in Fairly Odd Parents; a faux love interest for the main character to fall for. Everything we know about Jackie comes from Marco’s point of view. We know she likes skateboarding. We know she’s “cool”, whatever that means. We know that she and Marco have been acquaintances for a really long time, but Marco never actually spoke more than a few words to her at a time. 

At the current moment, I don’t think she has enough of a character to be a legitimate ship. That being said, there has been another character in a popular show who kind of started in a similar position to Jackie.

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Wendy Curdoroy from Gravity Falls was kind of underdeveloped in the first season. A lot of people actually didn’t think to much of her when the show first started; I know I didn’t. Season two comes around and suddenly she’s awesome. She’s a big sister to most of the cast. She’s lazy, snarky, and butch. The best scenes we’ve seen with her as a character only occurred when the Wendip ship was officially sunk. Hopefully, we might be able to see something similar with Jackie.

It is kind of interesting that Star ships these two in universe.

Star and Oskar

I actually like Oskar a bit more than Jackie, despite the fact that he is to Star what Jackie is to Marco. Mostly, I like his character design, and I think he’s funny. (On a tangental note, he’d probably play the role of “loser best friend” to Marco a lot better than Marco’s actual loser best friends, but thats just a thing I would change if I were in charge of the series. I am not in charge of this series. I’m a loser in college.) 

Perhaps the biggest difference between Oskar and Jackie, though, is that Oskar doesn’t seem to have nearly as much room for character development. He’s a joke character. 

Star and Jackie, Star and Janna, Janna and Jackie

( @svtfoeheadcanons)

We could only hope for a genuine lesbian relationship in this cartoon, but at the moment it seems unlikely. With that said, I have an easier time believing a characters like Star and Janna to be bisexual much more than a character like, say, Mabel Pines, but that’s pretty much restricted to fanon. Wishful thinking mostly, though a fandom can dream.

Tom and Marco

This… is pretty dang unlikely, if only because the two pretty much hate each other at this point. I suppose there is some resemblance between this ship and Dippifica, but Pacifica had a few redeeming qualities. Tom doesn’t.

Tom and Star

Slightly more likely than the above, but I still wouldn’t put my bets on it. If it were to happen, in theory, then Tom would have to make a complete and unambiguous turn to the side of good, but given his controlling personality, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. And if Star and Tom were to go out in their current state of character development, well, the lesson isn’t exactly too savory.

Star and Marco

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This is the ship that has the most foreshadowing, with pretty much every single episode hinting towards it in one way of another. The episodes with the most evidence for a relationship between these two include The Other Exchange Student, Cheer Up Star, Storm the Castle, and of course, Blood Moon Ball.

The Other Exchange Student clearly shows Star jealous of another person taking up the Diaz’s attention, while Cheer Up Star features several flashbacks of Star and Marco being cute together, trying to cheer the other one up. Blood Moon Ball, of course, features Marco becoming incredibly protective over Star, and maybe just a bit jealous of Tom.

With that said, though, their relationship isn’t perfect. In Blood Moon ball, despite the two having the light of the blood moon shine upon them, binding their destinies together, the fact of the matter is that Star didn’t want Marco to tag along from them, going so far as to have her scold him at the end of the episode. That particular element could suggest that Star just doesn’t see Marco as anything more than a best friend. 

Storm the castle also features the two getting in a fight. Despite the fact that this show tends to be pretty gender neutral when it comes to the action scenes, Marco is still only human while Star is an alien princess with years of experience. There will be times when Marco is just too limited to go on adventures with the athletic Star Butterfly. 

And yet that episode also features some of the strongest Starco imagery presented by the entire series, including the hugging gif shown above. 

The relationship between Star and Marco is a very likely one indeed. Marco keeps Star in check, while Star takes Marco out of his shell. The issues that do occur between them, though, can either be interpreted as proof these two don’t belong together, or else obstacles the two must overcome to make their relationship stronger.

Now I could stop here and say that Marco and Star are going to be THE canon couple of the series, but I do see one more ship that might be just as likely:

Marco and Janna

( @gearholder  (blog I found this pic initially) ( @spatziline (Original Artist))

Here’s an underrated ship that nobody seems to talk about.

Of all of the human students featured in the show other than Marco, Janna might be the character with the most defined personality. She’s witchy and interested in the occult, and she’s also something of a tease to Marco, in more ways than one.

Her first appearance was in Monster Arm, where she and Jackie are clearly shown admiring Marco’s new found appendage. Janna even out right says she wants the monster arm to be her boyfriend

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(Yes, I am aware of the implications of this scene. So were the people behind the show.)

Janna makes a more prominent appearance in Mewberty, where she gets a hold of Star’s spellbook. Marco, of couse, needs the book pretty urgently. When he approaches Janna over the situation, the events that unfold are pretty dang flirty. Janna asks Marco if they can make some magic with it, and a few lines later says that he’ll need her soon enough. Granted, it’s because she took his house keys, but whatever.

The reason I believe this ship has some chance of becoming canon is because of what this means for the story and how it relates to the genre Svtfoe is directly spoofing.

If Svtfoe was a typical Magical Girlfriend story, then the introverted dorky main character would be Marco, the perfect girlfriend of fantastic origin would be Star, and Jackie and Janna would both be characters who Marco would of have had trouble with in the past.

Magical Girlfriend stories typically get criticized for a variety of reasons: It supports the typical Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope, it objectifies pretty much every female character involved, and it suggests that the best romances are the ones that suddenly come out of nowhere, and that romances between friends are doomed to end in heartbreak.

Svtfoe, though, isn’t a typical Magical Girlfriend show. Star herself is the point of view main character, and is far from a perfect person. She isn’t meant to be the perfect male fantasy. She’s meant to be her own character. Theres a reason why this show features her name in the main title.

Meanwhile Marco himself is also a main character. In a show like Svtfoe, where the tropes of these stories are thrown on its head, it makes plenty of sense for Marco to NOT enter the relationship with the “Magical Girlfriend” character, and to instead pursue the childhood friend character that is so often ignored in these kinds of stories. Janna and Marco have the same childhood friend angle he and Jackie have, while at the same time carrying a similar character dynamic as Star and Marco, where Marco keeps Jackie out of trouble, and Jackie takes Marco out of his shell.

Honestly though, with this kind of show, it could go either way. If the show ends with Star and Marco, well, that’s a sweet relationship between two character’s we’ve been following since the beginning. If its Marco and Janna, then its a subversive relationship going against the typical tropes of this genre. I’d honestly be happy with either happening.

And I suppose this is the part where I hand the question of to you. Which ship do you guys support? Did I miss anything. Did I get anything wrong? It’ll be a nice conversation. Now if only Tumblr let me allow responces.

Alone at sea thoughts

This was a very intense, and interesting episode. Just a heads up, this is more from a logical/ unbiased towards either character standpoint.

To start of, I never thought jaspis should be a thing, and this episode proved me right. I like both Jasper and Lapis but this episode proves they would be horrible for eachother. We have seen an example of toxic fusions, fusions for the wrong reasons etc in the show and this episode clearly states that Malachite is bad news.

That said, I think both gems are in the wrong in different ways here. Jasper is, as she had said herself, a brute, and desires strength and power over everything else, often with disregard for others. These lead to malachite, and to the events in this episode. Lapis as well has her problems, we have gotten many hints that she is a) extremely powerful, one of the most powerful gems in the show, and b) is not innocent herself, otherwise she wouldn’t have been poofed by bismuth, and Jasper wouldn’t be in such awe of her since even Jasper considers her a monster. And regardless of who you think is right, Lapis played a key part in keeping malachite together for so long.

The problem is, depending on which character you like more, both characters actions can be skewed into a good vs. bad narrative, when thats really not the case. Both characters have reasons for what they did, and both characters have done questionable things, but thats why i like them so much. Pure good vs pure evil is boring. Jasper and lapis are both turning out to be dynamic and interesting characters, and imo theres no clear answer as to who is wrong, who is worse or who ‘bad’. And I don’t think there should be either.

Steven Universe is a show that openly tackles characters flaws, and grows their characters through their flaws. And because of this, even after Alone at Sea, I still think Jasper will be redeemed. Pointing to a previous example, a lot of what pearl has done in earlier episodes can also be seen as manipulative, evil, wrong etc but because we know her as one of the ‘good’ guys we look at her in a different light vs Jasper. Its easy in a lot of shows to get caught up and a pure good vs pure evil fight but we know Steven Universe is so much more complex than that.

Im honestly really excited to see both Lapis and Jaspers development from here on out. 10/10 Great episode crewniverse

Ash vs. Emotions

Ive heard arguments for both for and against this and I felt the need to get this out now because Ash is a extremely important character to me and so when I feel his character is done dirty I need to talk about this.

One of my major problems with the Kalos League (besides the obvious) is how Ash, on a emotional level is given no attention whatsoever, even up till the climax theres no care in how he’s reacting to anything at all for me. I mentioned it before but yes it does bother me that Ash pretty much had no significant reaction to losing 

Ive heard folks bring up the Greninja Arc as an argument, saying how because Ash had developed and learned to not let losses effect him/not obsessed with power/winning he shouldnt have any negative reactions whatsoever to him losing. On the one hand, yeah I understand that fine and that is consistent characterization, but on the other hand emotions dont work like a light switch, you can’t just turn them on or off whenever it’s convient, and maturity doesnt mean you arent still prone to negative thoughts, emotions feelings, etc. Because that’s just simply being a human being, and ill get back to that in a sec.

Right from the beginning it was clear that the Kalos League put all the emotional focus on Alan because he’s basically the main character of XY now and so building up his character for the TF arc stuff made more sense to the writers, it’s his baggage with Sycamore, his strained relationship with Manon, his dynamic with Lysandre that’s put on the forefront, and in the case of Manon is what ultimately led him to victory. 

Ash though? He’s pretty generic and you dont feel like you’re really watching the League from his perspective most of the time, it’s weird to explain but it’s like your an outsider looking at Ash rather then seeing it through his eyes (this is weird to explain but watch the Sinnoh League and how everything led up to his confrontation with Paul and i think it would make more sense). The most we get is his relationship with Sawyer, because that actually has some emotional roots because it tied back to how he acted during the Greninja arc, and the consequences from there get resovled when they have their battle, Ash was determined to show Sawyer “the real him” that he deserved and I thought that was pretty cool, but like I said, that’s pretty much it. There’s also the fact that his battles at the League were mostly skipped because they dont matter (but lets make sure Alan’s first battle is shown) and there was no continuity references (an overall problem with XY) because honoring Ash’s history doesnt matter.

Even in the filler League episode that was about character depth and development, guess who the lion’s share of that went to? Alan and most TSME related characters (Lysandre, Manon, Sycamore, Malva). And what did Ash get?We got an explanation (but not really) for Ash-Greninja, and him making his usual “lets do this team!” speech, before having a talk with Lysandre (which at that point is basically more TF hype). The fact that he shows no amazement or even really mentions he’s going to the finals IS a big problem that I have honestly, because it makes light of Ash’s accomplishments and makes it unintentionally seem like he doesnt care that much and that brings me to the finals..

I don’t even feel like I have to to mention just how “nothing” Ash and Alan’s relationship is honestly, it certainly didnt have the emotional gravity to really feel like a bonafide final challenge for Ash besides the fact that Alan just being really strong and physical challenge for him to overcome. Alan is nothing more then a strong opponent to Ash, they havent interacted off the battlefield. Again though, emotionally Ash means a lot more to Alan then the other way around, from his narrations he sees Ash as some weird outlet to vent his frustrations by finding fun in battling him because everything else about his life sucks right now, and for Alan that makes sense but again, it’s not a interesting two-way dynamic.

And then finally there’s the loss, the loss that didnt really effect Ash in anyway. Like I said earlier just because he’s had his growth doesnt it mean it wouldve been completley ooc for him to be looking the least bit melancholic, not front of Alan of course but maybe in the locker room by himself, maybe wistfully starring at Greninja’s pokeball with Pikachu comforting him before getting back to his usual spirits. This is not a huge thing im asking for, I just want some validation that these constant League losses actually matter anymore, that Ash truly wants to do better and achieve his dreams because right now I dont get that feelings whatsoever, and that’s so weird to me considering how well he done, he was the runner up but I feel like the narrative doesnt want us to even care. I guess you could make the argument that there’s simply no time for emotional focus because, once again, Team Flare’s arc takes precedent (seeing the problem here)

Im not saying other characters arent allowed to take the forefront of the show over Ash from time to time but I still want the writers to care about having Ash’s role/goal not being totally disregarded for that focus.

All I can hope for now is for XY to do the BW thing and try and salvage Ash’s emotional investment in his dreams after straight up acting like they didnt matter and shove it all into its last episode(s).

Im glad Ash can walk away feeling satisfied by the battle Alan gave him and not harbor any negative feelings towards the guy, im not just not happy he gives no apparent fucks at how he failed again, how ‘broke’ the promise he gave to his mom, how he failed his Best Wishes self who made a solemn vow to achieve greatness and victory after a Saga of setbacks, none of that matters because Ash’s character right now doesnt matter, and to me that’s a huge injustice to him.

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Can I please have your opinion on this post (warning: stupidity): twelves-kidneys*dot*tumblr*dot*com/post/77503585593/things-that-make-me-want-to-set-myself-on-fire?

lol this is the post that kali was raging about earlier in my ask box like

if i could be bothered i could go down that list and argue each and every point with them, but i really don’t like confrontation lol, it’s not good for my mental health, especially when it is with someone who clearly isn’t going to have their mind changed, i do not see the point.

but like just cherry picking a few, i’ve already talked about how rose putting the doctor before the universe is a flat out lie, but to have that right after a point defending river song from the same accusation when she canonically held the universe HOSTAGE? oh my god. rose’s life doesn’t REVOLVE around him. it just doesn’t. wasn’t born to kill the doctor, she wasn’t brainwashed to be obsessed with him all her life, she didn’t die to save him, she didn’t stay in jail to protect him. she has a life outside of him in jackie, pete, mickey, mo, shareen, jimmy stone, howard, jericho street junior school etc. River’s life does revolve around him, she has no life outside of him.

‘glorifies ten and rose’ how can you glorify something which isn’t bad. that doesn’t make sense, the definition of glorify is ’represent as admirable, unjustifiably’. i think the word they are looking for is ‘like’.

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At least TTG isn't homophobic. There's an episode where Cupid makes the guys fall in love with each other and no one fucking questions how gay they're being.

What’s worse is PPG Original did a much better job joking and dealing with gender and orientation, even if it was respectfully rare because of Power Puff Girls being a show about powerful little girls who save the world, and do a better job advising equality than the Reboot.

Anyone who’s seen the original probably can remember various scenes of the Girls being facetious, but smart about social issues, like the episode, Equal Fights, with villain, “Femme Fatale.” The episode with the OVER-ZEALOUS “feminist” that was using sexism to get her way. She eventually got re-educated on the history of great female figures and what they did for the grand scheme of equality for all without making attempts to put one gender above the other.

Everyone knew Sara Bellum was meant to look attractive, but if the name didn’t make it obvious, she’s much more brain than body and people loved how she knew how to make an imperfect, sexist world work around her. When the girls weren’t saving the Mayor, she was running Townsville from behind him.

I can’t find the clip at the moment, but in this transcript, it showed how much respect there is behind the clever jokes:

Mayor: (from o.c., very dejected) It’s funny. I look back on a life of achievements. (Cut to behind him on one side.) Challenges met, opponents defeated, hurdles jumped. I have accomplished more than most men, without the use of my brain. Do you know what it is that makes a man, girls?

Girls: (uneasily) Uh… (Stay on them.)

Mayor: (from o.c.) Bellum.

Girls: What? (Behind him again.)

Mayor: Ms. Sara Bellum. The brains behind the man. (sniffling) Are you surprised by my tears? Strong men also cry. (softer) Strong men…also cry. (holding up a sheet) I just received this fax.(Blossom looks at it, the other girls reading over her shoulders. Her perspective; it is the one that came in earlier. The message is composed of letters and words cut from magazines.) 

Blossom: (reading) “I have Bellum. Bring one million in unmarked, non-consecutive bills to Ms. Bellum’s house. No funny stuff. Love, Sedusa.”

Sorry, I went off on a tangent about my respect for 90s writing. XD

I’m not saying that because I’m a 90s kid, but because the writing was actually more clever and did well for all audiences then when they found what worked for both children AND their parents.

Now, unless it can be obvious what’s going from just animation, it needs no more effort.

Getting to TTG, Jitty and I were in a sushi restaurant, and we caught a couple of episodes on the TV with no sound.

The fact we could predict the jokes and what was happening from moving images was depressing on how lazy and simple the writing is. It’s like they legitimately tried to write it for kids.

Of course, TTG has argued it’s not for everyone anymore in its own episodes, but I recall cartoons actually being for adults when first introduced in theaters, before opening up to families. They were another way of telling the news. Remember all those old Disney, WB, and MGM cartoon episodes having to do with World War 2 or something relatable to that era’s audience?

Here’s what pisses me and other artists off about audience segregation: WHO ARE THE PEOPLE WRITING AND ANIMATING THE SHOW?! Their children-only ideal can basically be as such in this made-up argument,

“Oh, writing and/or animation is your passion, and you say it’s something anyone can enjoy if made with enough love and effort?

Pfft, yeah right.

Write an episode about how Starfire becomes a successful villain with a cardboard fortress to make Robin less bored before realizing she went too far.

After that, make an episodes where the Titans argue over a sandwich!”

“You mean, make an 11 or 22-minute episode about simple lessons a parent could teach if they shared more than social media and spent time getting to know their kids?”

“See, kids are very under-educated and need things handed to them. That conflict to resolution thing? Make it obvious, and easy.”

“Isn’t that like saying you should tell them what to think, not how to think? If you give them solution in a very plain and simple manner, how will they remember?”

“We’re saving time by teaching them simple lessons using Flash!”

“You mean make a knock-off of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic without the character, continuity, and plot development they have? You know they add on to their previous lessons, and use what they learned in later episodes, right?”

“Huh? Were you still talking? I’m talking about a reboot that can bring us ratings and revenue!”

“What about respect to the audience’s interests and intelligence?”

“If they whine, call them out blatantly, and repeatedly by comparing their ‘love of entertainment’ to liking clowns. Also, keep it relative to social media, nothing scary from the real world.”

“Reality isn’t a reality show because there’s a show named after it!”

“Hey! We tell them what we think is right, and if we’re wrong, there’s no such thing as bad publicity! It will bring as more ratings and revenue while we make excuses for issues during our tenure as a trend!”

“You’re just riding the coattails of whatever your loose definition of success is without showing the interests shared between the creators and observers! I’d create even if I wasn’t making the income from a major studio! Of course, I’d seek to make money from what I do to keep it supported, but I’d create for content, not the money!”

“You know that thing you said about being relatable, memorable, or making everyone think? Well, I think if you can relate, make sure you remember to not let the door hit your butt on the way out.”

That’s the message you’re conveying to viewers, creators, and future creators, Cartoon Network. Everyone loves to be involved, so why cut and dumb down something because you THINK kids won’t like something WITHOUT KNOWING IF they don’t.


They’re people like us, just younger, and sometimes focused just as much or little as us (since you know, we older types are just older-looking kids pretending to know what being adult means).

Actually, children ARE us, people just think they can upgrade the age title and should never look back. 

(Kid, teen, adult, and the others are just labels with age restrictions if things are too sexual or violent. Although, it never hurts to explain to younger audiences why certain things are too much. Actually trust who you’re talking to, if you know them well enough.

Say something like, “I see this is as too violent/sexual because of how detailed the violence/sex is, and I don’t feel it’s something you’re prepared for yet. How do you feel about it?”

Keep an eye on your wording if you want to ease in and can’t be direct about information, but make a discussion, not a determination! Listen to each other, and explain the what and why of your feelings, you’re family!)

Don’t be a cover loving person, and give proper love and respect to everyone!

I shouldn’t need to treat “adults” like “children.”

Really? Why Cant Angry Turtles Get Some Love Too? Chill.

Okay, so you guys know about that instagram pic that i posted last night right?

this one: 

Well if you look at the comments everyone was excited, except for this one person who claimed she was just a fan and denied the fact that wasnt a fangirl, when clearly she isnt, instead shes one of those fangirls. Her username and picture says it all.

 But due to me being a private person and having respect for that kinda stuff i will black it out.

Sorry guys, Im just particular about that kinda stuff. But here is her first comment.:

Okay, I know Ciro already replied to her, which i will show in a moment, but after I break this comment down, and yes, i will do so because I literally am kinda upset about this.

  • “You guys shouldnt have brought that THING back”

Alright, its fine if you dont like Mona, but really? You have to be that immature about her coming? that THING? Maybe im being sensitive about this, but Mona wasnt even fully developed back in the 80s series, and she hasnt even freakin appeared in this series, this is just like Renet all over again I swear.

  • “This show needs action, not romance”

Besides a small bit of romance in season 1 and 2 this show hasnt really been all that “Romantic” actually its been written really well. As Ive said many times before the boys will have their crushes, and yeah they threw a slim bit of romance your way, but thats it. In season 3 after a foot to big there has hardly been Apriltello moments, hell theres hardly been Capril moments. And no them hugging is not romantic, its just friends being friendly with each other. Same with Donnie and April, they are being friends. Friends hug, and even hold hands, that doesnt mean its automatically romantic, it just shows they care. Guess what? It will probably be the same way with Mona and Raph too but wayyyyyy different. Haha.

  • “Shes gross”

How is she gross? Also your opinion is really invalid if you HAVENT EVEN SEEN HER IN THIS DANG SERIES!!!! EVEN IN THE 80S SERIES HOW CAN YOU FORM THAT OPINION WHEN SHES BEEN IN ONLY ONE EPISODE! *sighs* okay, sorry, just lets move on hm? ^^’

  • “Raph’s better off alone”

Im gonna just call you one of those Raph fangirls right now, no matter what you say. Raph can be better off alone sure but that doesnt mean he cant have a crush here and there. Why? CAUSE HE’S A TEENAGE BOY DAMMIT! Sorry, im trying to be calm, i promise…

  • “No, Im not a fangirl who wants Raph for herself.”

Really? Cause you sound like one of those fangirls. And trust me I know crazed fangirls. Your giving all the signs besides your username and profile picture. 

Signs of being an obsessive crazed Raph fangirl

  • Saying he’s better off alone
  • Denying your not a fangirl
  • Insulting Raphael’s supposed love interest Mona
  • Insulting a great character that hasnt even appeared because she is the crush of Raph
  • Being agressive

Did i forget anything? Im not sure, if you wish yall can add more signs.And Im not buying the whole 

“Im just a fan of the show”

because if that was the case you wouldnt be this upset about Mona coming, or about how Raph has a darn crush, or you wouldnt be acting like its the end of the world. Just saying, Ive seen this aggressive behavior before, with Donnie fans, Leo fans, heck even Mikey fans! Also the fangirls who deny that they are fangirls act exactly like this.

((Not saying all of you fangirls do this)) *shakes head*

Last point

  • “You’ll loose some viewers because of her.”

Considering that most of the fandom is made up of adults or older kids that are in their late teens and have been fans since the 80s or 90s im sure its okay if they loose some fans, why? Because they have a ton more. you know that saying, you loose some, you gain more. Sure they may loose some, but im very sure they will gain more, especially when Mona is being voiced by ZELDA WILLIAMS! ROBIN WILLIAMS DAUGHTER!

Unlike me Ciro kept his cool and told her what was up

he kept it short and simple, to the point, its his show after all.

Here is where Brandon comes in, with his comment, and guys just so you know these two WERE NOT serious, they were trolling this girl.

This was her reply

oh man thats a lot to break down. Lets get started!

  • “What the heck? Babies? -…- Im out”

Alright first off, they were trolling you, secondly who cares if your out, seriously obsessed fangirl.

And to those who actually took Brandon and Ciro’s instagram comments seriously……

my reaction:

Originally posted by booyakashellshocked

And for those who are still taking their comments seriously and wont shut up about it:

Originally posted by sushimanjuu

Really guys? Do I really need to go on a rant about this? Right now Raph is my spirit dude >…> 

  • “Dont do that guys seriously xD”

Okay, im about to defend these creators beacuse im getting really tired about how everyone is up their butts 24/7 telling them how to do their show.

  1.  Its not YOUR show
  2.  Its not your place to tell them what to do
  3.  I dont care if your using that “xD” face, i will say this, chill the shell out, they really can do whatever they want with this show. CIRO CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS WITH THIS SHOW.



*bites tongue* 

moving on….

  • “we’re here to see ninjas and fights not babies or romance.” 

Okay, stop talking for the whole fandom. Its YOU who dont want to see babies or romance, I am here to see turtles, no matter what, romance, babies, whatever, as long as turtles are in it, im in, and this is speaking for me, others may not want you to speak for them, I know others do not want ME to SPEAK FOR THEM.  why? Becacuse not everyone has the same views as you do you little —-

*bites tongue again*

Oh man i need to move on...*sighs*

  • “This made the show weird.”

Guys do you feel weird watching this show, a show that has hardly romance at all and when it does its very little? *asks in sarcasm tone*

Like really the romance on this show is so little that you actually gotta pay attention to actually see it, and even then it looks like they’re just being friendly to each other. In my eyes anyways…*shakes head*


  • “Im not a fangirl”

Your a fangirl, no matter what you say, people who say that kinda thing are either in denial or just to blind to see it. 

Actually scratch that, you are not a fangirl.

Theres differences between fangirls and over the top obsessive annoying fangirls who literally do nothing but overreact over every little thing that has to do with their favorite turtle.

you are the second.

  • “I’ve watched previous versions of the show. They didnt have romance and stuff.”

You want some s**t with that bull?



Comics- April and Casey, they even had a child, also the turtles had girlfriends if im not mistaken.
tmnt 80′s- This one hardly had any but i remember seeing a few moments here and there, correct me if im wrong about that
tmnt 90 movie 1- Casey and April, 
tmnt 2003- Casey and April, they got married in season 7 during the last episode. also it was implied that Raph had a slight crush on a friend named Jill or Jen ((Im pretty sure her name was Jill))
tmnt 2007- Casey and April, they were getting married, or was close to an engagement.
tmnt 2012- Leo and Karai, April and Donnie, Casey and April ((maybe))
tmnt 2014- April and Vernen ((IDK if i spelled his name right)) or April and Raph

I swear people like you forget that the other versions had a shit ton of romance ((excuse my language)) But when the nick series do it, its a like sin and you guys act like its a new thing that hasnt been done before.

Look the nick series actually goes by what actual teenagers do while in love or crushing on someone, they make it realistic as possible, is it annoying? Duh, but thats teens and life for you. Fans like you dont seem to get that in your heads, and seem to forget that in this version they are more immature, more teen like, also they relate more with todays generations of kids, maybe not to you, and thats okay, but remember the previous versions you CLAIMED to have watched before trying to make a point. 

Last one

  • “It was tmnt, thats what tmnt is for, ninjutsu”

So apparently tmnt is for ninjutsu, my dear, ninjutsu has a part to play in tmnt, but what is tmnt is the love for family and friends, the honor for your clan, the determination to protect the innocent no matter what, oh and pizza, mainly from what I get, TMNT is a family oriented show, which does include romance, but mainly its about the bond between four brothers thats so strong that nothing or noone can tare them apart. A bond between father and sons/ Sensei and students, And a bond between friends that are considered family.

If you just get ninjutsu from TMNT and nothing else, then you really havent gone in depth with this franchise, or grasped the concept of this show. It teaches about honor, respect, and how family is the most important thing in our lives along with friendships that last a lifetime.

THAT IS WHAT WE WANNA SEE…and Im sure the fandom will allow me to speak for them when i say that.

WE WANT TO SEE THAT. and guess what, most of us see it all the time when we watch any incarnation over and over again.

Its just YOU who only wants to see action, fighting, and ninjas. Dont get me wrong i like that stuff to, but if it was JUST that and nothing else, I’d probably wouldnt be in this fandom, nor like the franchise.

This show, franchise has balance, a best of all genres, Drama, Action, Adeventure, Fantasty, Romance, Family, and even Horror.

And thats what we like, different things that comes into one franchise, and honestly if I have to put up with teen drama BS thats fine. ((Not speaking for all of the fandom)) I will do it as many times, why? Because I love this show and franchise to death, nothing will ever stop me from watching.

And hey maybe some of the fandom feels the way I do, I dunno, but just know that we do not want you to speak for us, and we will defend the Creator of the nick series at any cost….

Okay well I will. ^^ cause I cant really speak for the fandom on that last part. haha.


((Sorry i had to, it was a perfect opportunity.))

Okay, i’ve done my damage here, long post this time, sorry for that.

I also wish to apologize if i sound rude, mean, disrespecful or hateful, this was not my intent, i do not mean to, just when someone does something like this i tend to get defensive over Ciro.

This show is his baby that he created, and honestly he and the crew shouldnt get this much s**t for this kinda thing. And we should know them by know that they werent serious, but Im sorry if i offended you, or my words hurt your feelings. 

Just tired of a great show, and its cast/crew members as well as the creator getting so much hate just because some people cant accept the fact that things will happen differently, So calm down and just have faith in them. Its better when you have fun and just let things go with the flow instead of taking it so seriously that you just stop all together. In my opinion that is…


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Concerning Wander Over Yonder

We need to get it back on the air. So here’s a bit of a rundown on why I like the show.

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The Characters

Wander, Sylvia, Lord Hater, and Peepers bounce off each other so well each episode. Sylvia plays the straight man to Wander’s energetic antics, but the two of them have about an equal chance of being right in the episode, and both are depicted as having a sweet mutual relationship without falling into the typical “Smart girl/ dumb guy” dynamic that often plagues shows like this.

Peepers and Lord Hater have a similar dynamic though theres is slightly more dysfunctional. Actually, Hater himself is the standout character in the show, with an awesome ego hiding a character an insecure manchild. Of all the characters, he has the most potential for character development, and what we’ve seen so far definitely shows that. Hater goes from rock-star-ish Darth Vader/ Skeletor parody to wannabe lover to a reluctant unintentional good guy.

And this to say nothing of the awesome villain Lord Dominator, whose character has only just been touched upon. She’s more powerful than hater, with intelligence and strength that rival Peepers and Sylvia, and a twisted sense of fun matching the title characters. At the same time, theres also a tragic element to her; a loneliness that she can’t even bring up to herself. One of my personal favorite episodes has her and Sylvia briefly befriend each other while she’s in disguise, suggesting that maybe she might be a redeemable figure.

The Design and Animation

Originally posted by rustyblust

This show is what happens when you give the creative mind behind Powerpuff Girls and Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends a Disney Budget. Everything is smooth, bouncy, and cartoony, and rounded… I mentioned previously that this cartoon is the closest thing to a Looney Tune currently airing, (and frankly, that include Wabbit)

The design of the show is also some of the most unique Ive ever seen. Though its clear that the show takes a lot of influence from the dark age of animation, it utilizes it in such a way that it surpasses many of the cartoons it takes inspiration from (not that its too hard, it was the dark age for a reason). Its colors are sharp and candy-like, but not in a way that makes the show uneasy on the eyes. Actually, the color scheme of the show seems to favor the darker tones, but there’s enough contrast and brightness to make this one of the most colorful shows on television. Combine that with geometric backgrounds that can at times resemble graphic design, and you have an interesting looking show.

The Pop-culture References

This show really knows how to pull off good pop culture pastiches without ever falling into the post-Shrek pop culture cesspools other animated works often do (for the record, pop-culture references can be either good or bad, and for different reasons, but thats another post entirely). The show has managed to tackle old school anime (twice).

He-Man and Similar Cartoons (as well as MST3)



Toy Commercials

And freakin Gravity Falls, Scooby Doo, and the Jetsons all at the same time!

And thats not even the half of it. And yet, unlike something like say Scary Movie, Wander’s parodies always seem fairly affectionate towards the source material, and really isn’t too over reliant on it.

Parellel Storytelling

Here’s something nobody seems to talk about. Shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are praised for its strong continuity, but nobody seems to bring up the fact that several episodes take place simultaneously. Take the Christmas episodes, for example:

The Gift is a hilarious episode where Wander and Sylvia take on the role of Santa Claus and give gifts to everyone they’ve met in the past season… of their lives, including Lord Hater and his watchdogs.

The Gift 2: The Giftening takes the same story, but with Lord Hater’s point of view. This episode is also a comically serious parody of outbreak films such as M. Night Shymalan’s The Happening.

Other examples also show up, The Black Cube takes place immediately after The Battle Royale, The Day and the Night take place one after the other, with both sharing parallel plots, and The Waste of Time featuring call backs to My Fair Hatey.

The Developing Story Arc

The End of the Galaxy gives Lord Hater a complete story arc and presents a bright but unknowable future for most of the cast. In many ways, it’s the perfect way to end the show. But So many questions are left unanswered… Why do Wander and Dominator share similar body shapes, are they the same species? Is she actually his sister (twist!)? Is it possible for Lord Dominator to ever be redeemed? What exactly is the connection between Lord Hater and the crashed Nasa Spaceship? Does the last story in the Legend hold any amount of Truth? How did Wander and Sylvia meet? 

The fact of the matter is that this series had a bigger story going on, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. I’m posting this editorial thing in an attempt to get @disneyxd, #savewoy, and #Wander Over Yonder trending. The petition is still going, and while the show is officially cancelled, theres nothing stopping us from bringing it back to the air. 

anonymous asked:

What's the point in shipping the same cliche teenager couple? Beautiful girl likes hot boys but there's this ugly boy who's a special snowflake and somehow magically gets the girl even though she has set her standards so much higher. But of course, she needs to lower them in order to be with ugly boy. Girls can never have high standards. If stiles was female, he would have to go through a whole appearance transformation to please Lydia aesthetically, but he's a guy, so this doesn't matter

Yeah, I actually think that this is really interesting because it provides a stark juxtaposition between the “cliche” and the couple that Stydia actually is in the context of Teen Wolf. This is a really good point! Because it serves to show how important the actual development of Stydia is, and how it doesn’t actually capture this type of relationship. 

I’m going to assume you’ve never seen Teen Wolf, so I’ll explain Stydia to you :) First off, one thing that you seem to have misinterpreted from the GIFs or whatever is this idea of Lydia lowering her standards to be with Stiles. That’s actually not what really happened in the context of their development. Lydia and Stiles became close friends, independent of his crush on her. It had nothing to do with Stiles’ looks or Lydia’s looks, and actually had to do with the fact that they were the only two characters on the show that could keep up with each other intellectually. Their friendship grew from here and became a pinnacle of mutual trust and respect. 

One of the reasons people ship Stydia so much is that Stiles offers Lydia kindness and respect when some other characters on the show (though not all) use her for sex. They do not behave kindly towards her because of the image that she chooses to project. Stiles helps her realize that she doesn’t have to pretend to be stupid, which is why Lydia is able to take ownership of her intellect, as seen in season three when she actually uses her brains to flirt with Aiden. 

Furthermore, none of the characters actually perceive Stiles to be unattractive after he grows his hair out. As a matter of fact, nobody ever says that Stiles is unattractive period. This idea that Stiles is unattractive is something that you appear to be projecting onto the show based upon your own personal opinion of Dylan, but the truth is, Stiles has now kissed four girls on the show, two of whom selected him randomly, not because of his personality, but because they thought he was cute. And that could arguably be how Malia perceived him as well. Dylan is actually the most popular actor from TW, and he has an enormous fan base. Most people view him as the most attractive actor on the show, so Lydia lowering her standards to want to be with him actually has nothing to do with the canon of TW :) 

There’s nothing at all on the show that would suggest that Lydia “lowered her standards” to be with Stiles, which is wonderful because it shows the way both characters have developed and grown together in friendship. Lydia appreciates Stiles for his mind, his tenderness, his sense of humor/wit. Stiles appreciates Lydia for her intelligence, her ruthlessness, the way she’s able to return his serves in their game of ping pong (and by that I mean banter.) A huge part of their relationship is based off of affection and support, which is why people ship them so hard! We really like seeing friendship, trust, and respect grow into a relationship between two people who mutually feel passionately about each other. 

Lydia doesn’t like Stiles because he’s a “special snowflake.” Tbh, he isn’t, Scott is. Stiles is inherently selfish and doesn’t have any powers like the other characters do. Lydia likes Stiles because she realizes that he’s the right person to make her happy, to fit with her, and that is why she wants to make him happy too. 

Thanks for letting me educate you!