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Anyone else think RebelCaptain would make a beautiful Aladdin AU? Cassian as Aladdin, Jyn as Jasmine, Krennic as Jafar…

I’m definitely not thinking this because K-2SO would make the world’s most perfect Abu

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love can you help me? do you know where i can find the full video for New Yang Nam Show? please please please, ily.

hello! it’s here

what exactly is this 1st 3rd term thing? I know you have to pay to be in the fanclub but is that like a seasional thing? 4th term in spring till summer or somehing and you have to pay again? monthly? and cant 1st term members access the 3rd term? do the members not post in the other terms? sorry im asking so much but i’ve read tutorials etx and i still dont really get the meaning behind it ;;

it’s a yearly thing! they’re almost on their 4th year since debut and usually around this time of the year they’d start doing fanclub membership stuff but i guess since 봄날 era just started they’ll wait until it ends??? not sure tho… but nope, you get leveled down after each term ;;; members do post on other boards but there’s the whole “exclusive” stuff for fanclub members and stuff like that… yeah it’s pretty confusing lol but you can level up by answering questions instead of paying but it’s hard ;;;

  • Therapist: I literally knew you were aspergers like 5 minutes into our conversation and are you seriously telling me that you told other psychs that you would spin and stack things and cant maintain eye contact and have special interests and they all insisted you werent autistic because that really makes me hate my profession
  • Me: It's Sam E, Mario

whoa guys…. but what if………this extremely violent homophobe? wait for it. what if he was just another Gay in the closet. actually holding straight people accountable for their actions? pffft WHAT i cant hear you over my MASSIVE ally hardon i have right now. fuck i’m such a smart and clever ally

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this is embarrassing but i think i might have a crush on u

this is not embarrassing .this is lovely and a rare thing. thank you very much i cant believe people would have  acrush on me. meet me and lets go for a smiley walk and talk about all the things we feel we want to discuss then afterwards we can go back to my house and you can show me your favourite songs and i will show you mine

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mom i need help, my father is the most toxic and manipulative person i've ever met, and i cant get him out of my life cause my mom needs the money he sends to survive, and i swear to god im losing my mind, he thinks he OWNS people, including me, and that i should respect him because as he says "as long as you use my money to live, you have to do as i say" and I CANT LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!!!!! i hate him so fucking much i literally want to murder him

Oh sweetheart, no! I am so, so, so, so sorry he is so controlling and abusive and that yall relationship is so toxic. You deserve so much better than that. But, I am proud of you for knowing that: a lot of times in situations like these, people don’t. But you do, and that is amazing, and huge, and I am so proud of you for it. You’re not alone in your situation and you’re not alone in your (very justified) anger – I am sending you so much love and support, darling <3 <3 <3  


• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •

casual Johnny sketches


give these to ur special someone and u have a 99.99999% chance of courting them I swear @penguinz-can-fly