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The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

So Gulati has an issue with Pinoe kneeling because it’s a “political statement”…meanwhile the MNT skipped their traditional pregame photo and did a joint photo with Mexico 3 days after we elected Trump and that’s totally chill…

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But that’s just how it is, that’s how life works. You don’t get to have the best of both worlds. You have to determine what’s important. You have to choose what takes priority in your life, and if you don’t then the decision is made for you.
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marvel ladies meme: 5/6 Relationships
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Hoodie [BadBoy!Woozi]

Ah thank you all for 17 notes on my first scenario! I’m really glad you enjoyed it~ So, hopefully you guys enjoy this one as well. It wasn’t requested but I thought it was a pretty funny idea.

You wouldn’t call yourself a goody-two-shoes but you basically were. You had straight A’s, a good relationship with your teachers, was recommended to be valedictorian of your graduating class and a great role model and leader for students. 

So when your best friend found out you were the dating your high school’s bad boy, she was more than a little surprised.

What?!” she squawked, her books almost slipping from her hands. 

“Sshh!” you glared at her, pushing your finger onto her lips for her to quiet down. Both of you were in the library for a literature project, researching modern day poets. 

She shoke her head in shock. “Nope, nope, nope, Y/N, no. I don’t believe you. There is no way. That kid’s a douchebag!" 

You giggled as she continued to ramble on about Jihoon and how you should’ve been with the school’s jock or something. You pulled out his black hoodie from your bag and slipped it over you, smiling when his familiar scent washed over you. 

"I-is that-” she pointed at the hoodie, her eyes widening. 

You hummed in response. “Yeah. He gave it to me when he stayed over-" 

"He stayed over?!” your best friend exclaimed, earning a ‘shush’ from the librarian. He gave you look that read something along the lines of, 'Control you friend please’. “No. You’re innocent! You’re not supposed to be dating a bad boy like Woozi-" 

With a roll of your eyes, you correct her, "It’s Jihoon." 

"Whatever. Look, Y/N, are you sure about dating him?" 

You quirked an eyebrow at her in confusion. "Whaddya mean?" 

She pulled you further away from the students that were in hearing range. Her serious look made you even more confused. Seriousness was not a word in her vocabulary.  

"Look, I’m just looking after you, y'know that, right?” you nodded. “I just don’t think dating Woo- I mean Jihoon is a good idea. He might hurt you. Or those other boys that hate his guts might hurt you." 

You shoke your head. "No, he wouldn’t. Trust me Y/BF/N, I can take care of myself. If he ever does anything like that, I’ll put him in check." 

She chuckled. "You’ll be okay with him?" 


"He won’t hurt you, right?" 

"Absolutely positive." 

"And if he does, you know I won’t hesitate to take a pair of shears and chop off his-" 

You covered her mouth before she could finish her sentence. She raised her hands in defense, responding, "Just sayin’." 

You both continued with your project, taking notes and watching Poetry Slam contests on YouTube. Most of them were very interesting, especially the lyrical portion. 

When Jihoon had stayed over, without your parents knowing, he had left his backpack at your house. A notebook was sticking out of the pockets and you were curious of what it was. It was full and full of beautiful written lyrics that made your heart swell. Some were about fun things, like shouting hurray, and others were about a girl who he adored. 

"You found it, huh?” you jumped at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice who was sitting on your windowsill. You were going to question how he got in without anyone seeing him, but you were too flustered to come up with a response. 

He grinned with a chuckle, walking over to you. “You’re so cute when you blush.” he wrapped his arms around your waist from behind, resting his chin on your shoulder. “Do you know who it is about?" 

"Hmm,” you tapped your check in thought, “lemme think…" 

Jihoon kissed your neck. "It’s about you." 

"Really?” your fingertips traced along the words. “But these dates were before we even started dating." 

"I uh,” his face turned a bright red, “I kinda had a crush on you back in freshman year. We always had our classes together but I was too shy to talk to you." 

"Wait, you were too shy to talk to me?” you burst into a fit of laughter, his manly image slowly fading away in your mind. 

He playfully pushed you away. “Yah! It’s not funny!” he pouted, turning away from you. 

“Aw, Jihoonie,” you grabbed his hand, intertwining your fingers together, and making him face you. “I think it’s pretty cute." 

"But I’m not cute." 

"Yes you are~" 

"Jagiya, do you not realize who you’re dating? You’re kinda dating the bad boy of the school if you haven’t noticed." 

"I’ve noticed. I still think you’re cute though.” before your boyfriend could protest, you grasped his collar beneath your fingers and pulled his lips onto yours. His hands slid around your waist, tugging your closer where your body was pressed against his. 

“Yoohoo? Y/N?” you were brought out of your thoughts when your best friend started waving her hand in front of your face. “Your face is all red. You okay?”

“What?” you felt your checks and noticed their warmth. It must’ve been when you remembered kissing Jihoon. “I’m okay, just thinking about things." 

She wiggled her eyebrows. "Thinking about making out with your boyfriend?”

You shoved her shoulder, feeling your face heat up again. “No!" 

Your best friend continued to tease as you worked, despite how you kept telling her to stop. Once you finished, you left the library and started to walk home. If you texted Jihoon, he probably would’ve picked you up, but you didn’t want to bother him. 

"It’s getting dark,” you mumbled to yourself, looking up at the sky where the sun was fading away. Maybe you could take a short cut? You noticed one of the alleyways lead to one of the streets you took home. Taking that way could save you some time instead of walking all the way around the buildings. 

Zipping up Jihoon’s hoodie, you cautiously started to walk down the alleyway, taking in how much darker it was from the sidewalk. You jumped here and there at small sounds that were made by rats or boxes that fell unexpectedly. 

“Whoa Woozi, what are you doing in a place like this?” you froze at the voice, a shudder running down your spine. It belonged to one of the boys, Derek, that Jihoon didn’t appreciate too much. He always had some type of problem with your boyfriend and they even got into a fight. 

Jihoon always warned you that if you saw him and his flock of gang boy wanna-be’s to run as fast as you could away from them or call him. 

You first thought was to run. But once you looked down to the end of the alleyway, it was blocked by the boy’s posse. 

“You’re not Woozi,” Derek grabs you by your wrist and forces you to turn around. 

Don’t touch me.” you snapped, pulling your arm out of his grasp. You when to turn around but your elbow hit someone chest and bumped back in front of Derek. 

He flashed a devilish smile, showing his teeth. “Didn’t know he would go for the good girls.” his eyes scanned you from head to toe, making you feel uncomfortable. “You are pretty hot, though." 

A chorus of yeahs responded back with inappropriate comments. Sensing your disgust and discomfort, the boys moved closer, making a circle around you.

Your heart was thumping out of your chest as your eyes darted around the alleyway, trying to find a way out. 

Derek grabbed your waist, forcefully jerking you closer to him. You struggled against his grip, attempting to push him away, but his grip was strong.  

He shoke his head. "I wouldn’t do that babe." 

"Get off me!” you fist collided with his face, releasing you from his grip, as he staggered back into his group of gang wanna-be boys. The boys looked at you in surprise before helping their 'leader’ regain his balance. 

He reached up to grasp his nose where blood was now dripping out his nostril. Derek wiped it away, looking at the blood before his eyes locked with yours. They were full of anger, making you gulp. 

“I’m bleeding you little bitch!” you saw his hand getting ready to meet your check so you closed your eyes and leaned back, waiting for impact. Instead you heard the sound of someone groaning and falling onto the floor. 

“Y/N?” your eyes flashed open at the familiar voice. It was Seungcheol, a close friend of Jihoon’s who treated you like a younger sister, always looking after you and your boyfriend. “Are you alright?" 

Glancing down at the floor, you noticed Derek clutching his stomach as his boys retreated the alleyway, not looking back.  

Your savoir brought the groaning boy to his feet and grinned at him. "You might want to leave before Woozi gets here and finds out you’ve been harassing his girlfriend, if I were you." 

He nodded before Seungcheol let him go and he raced off, almost tripping in the process. 

"Thank you,” you told him as he hugged you, ruffling your hair. “How’d you know I was here?" 

"I was going to find the rest of the boys. We were supposed to met up in the studio but once I saw you and Derek’s posse, I had to make sure you were alright.” Seungcheol answers, pulling away. “Jihoon would’ve killed me if you weren’t safe." 

"Where is he?" 

"I called him right after I saw you. Nice punch by the way." 

You grinned. "Ah, well, it’s all in the wrist." 

"Y/N! Y/N!” at the sound of your boyfriend’s voice, you turned around to see his figure running towards you, a worried look across his face. 

Once he reached you, he enveloped you in his arms, his hands curling around your waist and burring his face into her neck. 

“Jihoon…” you murmured, smiling in content as you wrapped your arms around him. 

He pulled away and cupped your face, inspecting you for any scraps or bruises. “Are you okay? What did that bastard do? Do I have to kill him? Because you know I won’t hesitate to kill him for hurting you-" 

You cut off his rambling by kissing him, your fingers latching onto the fabric of his shirt, tugging him closer. "I’m fine.” you replied with a smile as you pulled away. “Seungcheol took care of Derek don’t worry." 

"So did you!” the older teen added. “You practically broke his nose!" 

Your boyfriend looked at you in surprise. "You did?" 

"Yup.” you beamed in satisfaction.  

He pecked your lips. “That’s my girl. Do you want me to take you home?”

You nodded. "Yes please." 

"How’d he know it was you anyway?” Seungcheol questions. “Last time I checked, both of you were keeping your relationship private." 

"Oh,” you looked down at the article of clothing that belonged to your boyfriend, “Jihoon’s hoodie." 

He shoke his head before waving a goodbye to both of you and walking down the sidewalk. Your boyfriend intertwined your fingers together, kissing your forehead. 

"Next time, call me so I can get you home safely.” he poked your nose, making you scrunch it up. “Can’t have you ruining my manly image now." 

You rolled your eyes before jumping on his back, his hands supporting your thighs. As he started to make his way to your house, you repeatedly kissed his check, causing the grin on his face to widen. "Hey jagiya?" 


"No matter how much I love seeing you in my clothes,” he tightened his grip on you, “when you steal my clothes, make sure not to wear them in public." 

"How about when we’re not in public?" 

"Oh,” he looked up at you, a mischievous grin spreading across his lips, “you won’t be wearing clothes if we’re alone." 



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Bonus because we’re already so sad about him as it is: