no you can't choose both

But that’s just how it is, that’s how life works. You don’t get to have the best of both worlds. You have to determine what’s important. You have to choose what takes priority in your life, and if you don’t then the decision is made for you.
—  Something I’m learning @amey-winehouse
Hermione vs Astoria
  • Blaise: You've got to choose mate. You can't keep them both!
  • Draco: But I fancy them both!
  • Blaise: You think you do but you don't. Don't think with your dick.
  • Draco: I do not!
  • Blaise: Come on then, just list down all the cons you have for the both of 'em. That way you'll see what you're getting into. Choose the one with the shorter list.
  • Draco: Alright... [scowls]
  • Blaise: Granger first. I'm sure you've got plenty of--
  • Draco: She's manipulative, she's an insufferable know-it-all, I was always behind her in class, she's a prude, a swot-- I hate how she bites her nail, when she thinks she can sing to save her life, when she squints her eyes when she insists that I'm wrong. That hair of hers she can't seem to tame, I mean sleekeazy's won't hurt once in a while! And thinking about my parents, I hate that she's a muggle-born.
  • Blaise: See? But take it easy now. Don't want to lose "insults" for Astoria now, do we? So, Greengrass then? I'm sure she's a lovely--
  • Draco: She's not Hermione Granger...
  • Blaise: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Blaise: Err, there you go?

The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

anonymous asked:

Would you rather have Darren casted as Froggy or Darren's version of Somewhere Only We Know as the soundtrack for TLOS? You can't choose both! ahaha

Anon. Of the choices presented. Froggy.

But to be honest. If Darren could only be involved in one aspect of the movies. I’d choose choice number 3. Original song. Because I know a creative collaboration between these gentlemen would be amazing. And a tease for the Colfer/Criss musical I fantasize about.

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Dilemma : between a very old woman, ugly scary and very rude BUT she has A+++ blood and a very beautiful young girl, cheerful, polite, sexy and clever but has very bad blood (feels like poison), which one do you choose? (No, you can't have both.)

Shuu:… I’d rather sleep than answer…





Subaru: {He secretly feels bad for both of them}




Azusa: Will the old woman hurt m- [MTK: *covers his mouth* Don’t say any more, please.]



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Congrats on the followers!!! can you write either #228 or #223? (I'm sorry I can't choose they're both so cute)😊💕


#228: robert is the type of person who has to sleep with at least a little light on so that he can get to sleep. aaron of course lives for complete darkness and always reaches over and turns off the amber glow, moving his body closer to robert and wrapping his arms around him whispering “i’ll protect ya from the dark if ya like” teasing and kissing his fiancé’s shoulder lightly before closing his eyes and relaxing as he feels robert finally sleep soundly against him.

Robert’s got into the habit of reading before bed, propped up against the pillows, head buried into some Stephen King book that Aaron’s never heard of.
Aaron comes through the door, has a towel through his hair as he attempts to dry it and then looks down towards the bed. 

“You reading that book, still.” Aaron makes a point of it, looks right at the cover and then shakes his head as he sits on the bed with a thud. Robert can’t take his eyes off the page and gives his Aaron a little hum which is supposed to be a sufficient form of reply. 

Aaron gets into the bed, does this annoying thing, leans right over and rests his head on Robert’s shoulder, nearly blocking the light. 

Aaron feels his eyes grow tired and then lets out this little yawn which makes Robert turn towards him.

“You go sleep, I’m just finishing this last chapter.” Robert mumbles out, keeps his attention on the book and then presses a little kiss to Aaron’s head. 

Aaron frowns, feels silly for not wanting to go to sleep without Robert laying down beside him, his body so close and warm.

Robert notices the way Aaron doesn’t move and tries to fight the smile on his face because he knows why the younger man won’t lay down properly yet. 

“S'alright.” Aaron whispers before fighting back a yawn. “’M'night tired.” He lies. 

Robert doesn’t believe him but chooses to just nod his head as if he does, feeling Aaron rub a hand up and down his arm lovingly and suddenly reading quicker. 

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