no you can not colonize my body too

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Okay so maybe weird question but I can't keyword this right: so the human body isn't symmetrical and has strict sides for certain things (unless my reading comp is super bad), like heart on the left and the direction of how the colon goes etc. Can someone be reversed? Like all reversed or even one thing flipped or would that be too complicated to occur at once and survive?

Nope you can totally get full reversals and they’re usually quite harmless! 

The condition itself is known as ‘situs inversus’.

Cardiac problems are a little more common in people with this, but generally this causes no issues at all and often goes undiagnosed until for some reason someone runs you through the CT or MRT(or ultrasound). However if you know that you have this, it would be good if you could wear some sort of notification in case of an emergency, since it can substantially impact the treatment speed if someone’s looking for liver and goes in on the wrong side.

The related and often more dangerous condition of ‘organs kinda in the midline and/or potentially missing entirely’ is called ‘situs ambiguus’. 

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