no yoona


“I actually debuted in Japan first. Not a lot of people know but there was a popular Japanese audition program titled Asayan’s ‘Korea Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition’ similar to ’K-Pop Star’ and ’Superstar K’. During the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan, they were holding an audition for a South Korea/Japan idol group and I was selected. Out of the 15,000 contestants, I was the one to debut. I promoted for more than 3 years (as a member of Route θ).” - Sooyoung, Girls’ Generation


                                             “하루 한 달 일 년 그쯤이면
                                             웃으며 추억할 거라 했지만”

                             “After a day, a month, and a year, by then
                                I thought I could recall it with a smile”


SNSD & some more of their achievements (Part 1 / 2)

“The name ‘Girls Generation’ in itself contains dreams. And that dream of making the world a Girls’ Generation will never change.” - Seohyun