no worrys

life is like a bakery

everyone has a bakery

your days are your cakes, and your experiences are your ingredients

when you have a good experience, you get good ingredients.

when you have a sad experience, you get sad ingredients.

some people like to put peoples’ sad ingredients into their cake when they’re not looking, and that brings their bakery down. stay away from these motherfuckers.

people like me like to put peoples’ happy ingredients into their cakes. maybe thats why i’m made fun of for always being happy and being called spongebob behind my back, because i cant stop smiling through my day. but that’s just how i make my make.

  1. dont ever tell someone their bakery sucks ass based on how many sad/happy ingredients they choose to put in their cake.

how i would explain why this is a rule is mainly based on the spongebob thing:

after my grandma died when i was eight, no one in my family told me for the sake of me being so young. when i was that age i was smart enough to realize one thing, and that was I hated being lied to about important things. I didn’t find out by my mom telling me, i found out by my walking into the hospital room and seeing my dad clutching her hand and telling her she’d lived a good life. it was after i confronted my mom about it that i asked for the truth to be told to me when it was major. she said she promised to do just that.

two months later, my mom was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. i was still too uninformed at that age to realize that you can die from it. i also wasn’t told about it.

four months after that, after my mom cut her hair and started taking medicine and started disappearing once every three weeks and i’d have to pretend i didn’t walk into the room after seeing my sister do what the nurse showed to her do to get the liquid from my mom’s lungs out. after every “mommy’s fine” from her when i saw her sitting on the couch, too weak to even stand, and when she did she needed a walker even though she was 38 years old. after all that, after the promise that she’d tell me the truth-

she died. and i only got mad because twice now, they’d lied to me about it, and it felt like i was being cheated out of my ingredients. it was my fucking cake, and they had no right to keep the ingredients away from me, whether or not they were sad or happy.

but even being nine, it didn’t make me upset.

because i chose to keep my sad ingredients out of my fucking cake. when people ask me how i stay so happy, i say it’s because i look at the positive in life all the time. meaning i store my sad ingredients in a cabinet, and i only open it when i think it should be opened. i only put happy fucking ingredients in my cakes, motherfucker. when i think its necessary, i’ll take a sad ingredient and put it in my cake. not enough to make the cake bitter, though,i have to stay happy to keep the bakery running. 

a lot of my friends do the opposite, unfortunately. they only want sad cakes. they don’t care if their bakery shuts down, as long as their happy ingredients are forgotten and their cakes are bitter. i don’t like to see my friends like this. i love my friends, and i want them to be happy. sometimes i’ll bring a cake to them, and they’ll smile a little bit, and they’ll get a new happy ingredient.

but they’ll just store that away too, with the rest.

so i’ll give them a happy ingredient of my own, like instead of asking a neighbor for sugar, i’m voluntarily going to their doorstep to give them sugar. i ask them to put it in their cake, and when they finally do, i smile as i see how they like the little ingredient. the smile fades as i see the effects wear off, and they don’t do it again for a long time. a really long time.

I like to sneak into their bakery at night and put their happy ingredients into their cake mix. when they bake it, they find that they like the outcome, and i hope that they start to use their happy ingredients more often. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn’t. i’ve lost friends by trying to make their cake happier. it’s how i learned to stay away from the people who purposely make their cakes bitter. especially the ones that try to put their sad ingredients into your cake. don’t let these bitter-cake-ass motherfuckers ruin your cake and/or your bakery. i will lay a bitch down if they try to ruin your cakes, because i’ll throw my happy spongebob cakes in their faces and make them taste happiness.

life is like a bakery…

your cakes are your days…

your experiences are your ingredients…

some people put only happy ingredients, with some sad ones too.

some people put only sad ingredients, with some happy ones too.

some put happy ingredients and nothing else. these are their cakes. these are their bakeries.

some put sad ingredients and nothing else. these are their cakes. these are their bakeries.

i want people to have a healthy amount of happy in their cakes, because i get scared when they’re too sad. i get scared that they’re going to shut down their bakery. no one’s bakery should get shut down just because other’s don’t like the taste of their cakes, that’s just not fair. so i make sure people have happy ingredients.

sometimes, when i do this, people sneak into my bakery and fill my cake batter with sad ingredients, and these aren’t the best of my cakes. they ruin my cakes. they ruin my days. something you should never do: never let this happen again by doing it to yourself.

if you can’t bring yourself to start a new cake and fill it with the happiest of ingredients, then go to someone’s bakery where you know they’ll let you have some of their cake and you can be happy.

don’t shut down your bakery. don’t let someone else shut down your bakery. my bakery was bumpy as it started, but that’s when people were robbing me of my ingredients. i learned to not take that shit, and learned how to keep my bakery running and welcome for people to come and get a happy cake when they needed it. keep your bakeries running, please, because i hate to see neighbors on the street go.

i can’t lose you (i know)

summary: 34. You almost got hit by a car and i pushed you away AU. send me a prompt from this list. requested by bisexual-killian-jones, and two other Anonymous users.

word count: ~ 1,500

rating: c crying woops

a/n: no one dies, calm your shit

She’s never panicked in her life so badly before. Between screaming, “Jones, watch out!” and jumping toward him to push him out of the car’s way, she’s also never felt so much pain in her life since joining the police academy.


She can’t help but just groan and roll around, realizing she’s definitely cracked a few ribs and probably has a concussion edging because damn does her head spin.

“Emma, fuck.” He kneels down next to her and he smiles up at him, wincing because her face hurts just as much from hitting the ground with a solid scrape. “Why the bloody hell did you think that was a good idea?” he mutters, carefully lifting her onto his lap, her promptly wincing at the pain coursing throughout her body.

“Can’t lose one of the best detectives now, can we?” she chokes out, swallowing.

He’s already got his hand pressing at a scratch which has opened up to begin bleeding on her shoulder. “Just stay with me, love, help is already on the way.”

“Just hold me,” she eventually says quietly, squeezing her eyes shut before cracking them open to see his set jaw and worried blue eyes, “please, Killian. Just hold me.”

“I am, Swan.” He laughs a little, more like forced laughter, she can tell even in her state. “Just stay with me in return, darling.”

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“大丈夫 Daijoubu.”

After watching the newest Boruto: The Movie Trailer, I felt like Boruto just needed a long, tight hug. So, who better to get it from by none other than his MamaHina? (x)

… And also because I rarely see fanart with just Boruto and his Mama Bear. 

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Hey guys! I just got 200+ followers and like I said so, I made a follow forever! In all honesty this is the first fandom that I’m in where I feel so comfortable in. All the fun sinners to the innocent little bby’s ((who’s innocent ha!)) Anyway I just wanted to tell everyone how much they mean to me and that I love every single one of my followers even If I have never talked to some of you! Honestly I probably stalk your blog because I either want to talk with you or roleplay. 

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If I was still an EXO-L, instead of accusing Kris of lying based off imaginations of what happened, I’d be worrying about EXO and the possibility of them getting the same type of unfair treatment right now. I don’t know about you, but I feel like some of those boys don’t look as cheerful as they used to be when they first debuted. It’s like something sucked the soul out of them.