no worries in the world

The older I get, the less I cry...

oh yes, we men do cry, we just don’t show it, we are bubbling, snotty nosed sniffling wailing babies when we want to be…

but as I get older, I can ‘not’ cry out loud anymore. No more grief stricken moments of helplessness and sadness, no more worrying or fretting about stuff now, the world is a cruel cunt and I feel I’ve finally managed to control my emotions…I hope.

I still shout though, I still get frustrated, but it passes quickly, I can still be a grouchy grumpy auld fucktit bawbag if I lose my stuff….

but the pain stuff? the trauma and shitty days stuff?

I’m more pragmatic and realistic now, I’m almost at peace with the cruel world…

I think I’m getting stronger, thicker skinned

and eventually I smile at the end of the day

because there’s always still some love and beauty out there.

Bts Reaction to Meeting Your Father Who Looks Intimidating:

Anonymous asked: Can I have a BTS gif reaction when they meet your parents for the first time and you father looks quite intimidating (my father is a rugbyman, bfs are always scared^^) thank you ~ :)

Author’s note: Well anon I hope your father isn’t as intimidating as he looks and I will do my best with this reaction.

Jin: This fella is a pure gentleman so he wouldn’t be worried because he knows he treats you right. Then he laid eyes on your father and all that confidence was channeled into making him and your mother believe and realize how good he treats you as well. For he thinks that if he doesn’t then he will be leaving the house in pieces.

Yoongi: Not a worry in the world because he’s Min fucking Yoongi and he has the confidence and persuading abilities of god himself. Confidence in his love for you and persuading your parents into seeing that as well.

J-hope: Don’t do it. Only introduce him to your mother. He will actually shit his pants at the sight of your father. Don’t put this poor baby up against your father. I’m begging you.

Namjoon: Charming, humble and fearless. He’s polite and treats your father with the respect he deserves. He even tells you not to brag about all of his accomplishments when you attempt to impress your father with his intelligence because he wants to show your father that he is humble and that he loves you more than anything else in the world, not that he was able to learn and entire language on his own by watching a TV show.

Jimin: He might just think that if he’s cute enough he’ll get your father to like him. He will be modestly affectionate, like holding your hand in his or loving looks in your direction at your mention, in front of your father in hopes that he can make your father realize his love for you.

Taehyung: Smiley and only looking at your father when he’s spoken to. He’d mostly just be talking to your mother because she’s less intimidating.

Jungkook: Nope.

Author’s note: This is really just a normal reaction but I don’t know gif reactions feel bare to me so I put exclamations. Sorry if this isn’t what you wanted, you are more than welcome to send in another ask if you’d liked and I’ll do it correctly. This is strictly and entirely my opinion so don’t think this is how they really are by all means. Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoyed it 😊😀💕

-Admin Leo


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anonymous asked:

prompt 44 with johnny?:)

I love this !!

44. “My parents asked about you.” w/ Johnny.

You see johnny walking on the sidewalk from your window. Naturally, you go run ver to him considering you haven’t seen him for three whole days, which is weird since you see him every day. “Johnny!” you yell. You then give him a big hug. “Hey,” he says. “Where in the world have you been? I’ve unbelievably worried about you!” 

He takes your hand and leads you to a bench to sit down on. He was so calm and you were so anxious. You both sit down. “I’ll tell you about it later,” he had cut all over his arms and legs. “Anyway… you seem the only one to be worried. Did my parents even ask about me?” Your heart felt like it’s been ripped in half. You hate that Johnny had to belong to that horrid family. “Uh, well no,” you say sadly. You both just kind of sit in silence for 10 seconds. 

“My parents asked about you,” you say truthfully to him. “Really?” he asks hopefully. “Yeah! They were concerned too. More people care about you then you know,” You put your head on his shoulder. He then puts his arm around you and rests his head. “Oh,” he says, smiling. 

Most things we worry about never happen.
Breathe. You’re never given anything in this world you can’t handle.
You are going to be okay.
Storms don’t last forever.
Don’t fill your head with worries.
No amount of anxiety can change the future.
Worried thoughts are notoriously inaccurate.


“I wish you’d never retire.” This actually made it for me, because that phrase alone just sums up how much this man loves Yuuri. We’ve all been talking about Victor’s future plans, what he might want to do after the Grand Prix is over, will he return to the world of skating? Is he planning on retiring? But the thing is Victor knows his time is up, HE KNOWS IT MAY BE TIME FOR HIM TO LET GO OF THIS WORLD, so he is not worried about himself. ALL THIS TIME, he has been thinking about Yuuri alone, AND THIS HERE, it’s him telling the boy, “I love watching you skate, and I wish you’d never stop doing it, I wish you’d never had to retire.” And the beautiful thing is that Victor’s seen from first seat what kind of skater Yuuri is, what he is capable of, he just wants the boy he loves to keep on doing what they both adore, skating. Even if they know it’s “almost time”, either if Yuuri continues skating for a few more years, we know their time in a competitive rink is comming to an end, but the difference is that now they know they’ll face that together. Yuuri asking Victor to be his coach until he retires, is just like saying, “please stand by me, until this journey ends”, and after it’s all over they’ll have each other, they will have another story to write, and they’ll remain together no matter what comes their way.

  • *some* people in the fandom: ugh, Yuri on Ice was actually terrible. They didn't explicitly state they were together enough, and the times they did, it could be brushed off as a joke. Not Good representation. They can still hold onto deniability.
  • every media/person who recommends Yuri on Ice: You should watch out this ice skating anime! It's a entertaining show, with beautiful animation, and there is a canonical gay couple which are adorable together! ^^

Look, everyone making Sherlock has said this series is the best one yet. The writers, the actors, the producers, the set crew. They say, with genuine enthusiasm, that this is the best. Benedict says to treat this series like one long episode. We have watched two very screwed-up acts in this “three-act play”, so to speak, and in order for this to be “the best series yet” and to “make television history”, these people have to seriously tie up the 100 loose threads still dangling free. I know Benedict says “Love conquers all” so I’m not worried about that, but all of us – literally everyone in the world watching – demands this madness come to an end. If they do not deal with Moriarty, if they do not deal with Sherlock and his ability to love, if they do not deal with these corrupted points of view then they will lose all of their audience in exactly one week. 

You asked me who I
am in my ideal world,
where I can create and
be whoever I want to be.

And I tell you, in another
life I’m bold, I tell the kid
in class to quit interrupting 
the lecture because we are so 
goddamn tired of him acting
like he knows everything.

I don’t text my mother telling
her that I am crying, I don’t sit
on the corner of her bed sobbing
at 3 am about someone that doesn’t
like me back or how much I wish
I could sleep,

I dye my hair pink and blue and
purple and I get a fringe and wear
dark lipstick and remember to file
my nails rather than let them break
and I dress in all black one day and
the next day in colors as vivid as my
dreams of you.

I travel wherever I want without a
worry in the world and I don’t think
twice about moving constantly and
I pack only a suitcase and I go to coffee
shops early in the morning and sit next
to someone in the sunlight and we talk
about politics or just good stories we
have heard.

I take some time off from school and
I work and I live in a small apartment
with a faucet that drips but I keep the
windows open constantly and my neighbors
are so unconventional but they are still so
beautiful and they have the greatest stories
and they drink during the weekends and
during my free time I fill my walls with
pictures and poems and posters and I am
so bloody passionate that it drips through
the windows,

I have many friends or I have absolutely
no one and I am content either way and
I go to parties and get to know everyone
but no one exactly knows me and they
try to describe me to others asking if
they’ve seen me too but they cannot
find any words that can describe the
way I held their hands.

And I tell you, in another life I’m crazy
and happy and weird and I talk a lot or
sometimes not at all and none of their
words ever hurt me because I am too
caught up in my own love, I am too 
busy creating myself. 

And I ask what would you be if you
could be anything?

And you tell me of all these divine things,
you’d ride the train and never get off and
see where it takes you, you would drive until
you ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere,
you would swim until your skin looks like
apple peels, and as you tell me of all these
wondrous adventures, where you are always
going somewhere, I realize you are just running

You have always just been running away
from me.

—  In another life I’m bold and you’re cold.

You’re so far from me and it isn’t supposed to hurt but it does. Sometimes I imagine the earth folding like a map so I can stride across it. Jump over the horizon and get to you. In another world we are neighbors but I worry that in another world I don’t value every word like I do here. Everything from you matters. In another world we are together. I picture the land folding like hands in prayer and you here. We could move the mountains themselves if only for love.

GATISS: I worry that we’re sort of getting into a world where people just want warm paste fed to them. Why can’t things be challenging?    
It’s not that difficult, I mean, it’s really not that difficult. [In TAB, Sherlock’s] imagining the whole Victorian world in his mind palace in order to solve the case of how Moriarty has apparently come back from the grave, and flicks back in time in his head.      
That’s all it is. I mean, if that’s challenging, God help us!      
INTERVIEWER: Is Series 4 going to be very very complicated, or a little bit of ‘warm paste’, as you put it?    
GATISS: No warm paste in Sherlock.      
It’ll be as challenging as it always is, and I hope as entertaining and thrilling and as much fun as it always is.

Mark Gatiss, when asked about the online complaints that TAB was “too complicated”, and the upcoming Series 4.

(BBC Radio In Short interview, January 2016 [x])

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