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So let me get this straight, Damian grew up in the League of Assassins before he met his father Bruce for the first time, Jason spent a couple of years training with them before he met his ex-father Bruce for the first time after his resurrection and Cassandra has worked under the league before she met her future father Bruce for the first time.

Three of Bruce children/would-be-children worked in the same exact organization possibly at the same exact time before they even knew they were meant to be siblings, and no one bothered to write something about that?? I’m disappointed in this fandom right now.

Pangara Lavellan and Solas by @hansaera-art and @kawereen​, commission.

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I requested a moment from my short piece the future from a winter moon and the result is this absolutely stunning work - look at this gorgeous embrace, this tender holding. “It is a card of change.”

Small sketch of Ibunduur the plant zombie and a birb! Ibun used to be an Orrian wizard who lost his body while messing up with forbidden magic, then hundreds of years later Wooch found his soul, went full Frankenstein and made a sylvari-like body with a human skeleton base for the soul to accomodate.

Ibun actually has a terrible personality so Wooch got him a raven chick to make him a bit more compassionate. It only helped a little, if at all, and the raven is Ibun’s partner in crime now.

                SO I FOUND A NEW LEGEND SOURCE FOR DIARMUID BY ACCIDENT WHILE TRYING TO FIND STUFF ABOUT HIS SONS AND - it basically says …. verbatim … that diarmuid was the fianna’s best healer. he KNEW a lot about identifying and curing illnesses and wounds. and that only the god of healing dian cecht himself knew more than diarmuid did about that shit. WH  A T. THIS IS NEWS TO M E WHO TAUGHT HIM bc it implies that aengus was the one who taught him all there is to know abt healing SO I GUESS THE STUDENT BECAME THE MASTER ????