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You know when you feel like something’s missing all the time? When you walk into a room and you stop in the centre of it and look around because you already forgot why you went there in the first place? When you feel like there’s no purpose and no motivation in your life anymore and your heart stutters in your chest because there are difficult times ahead of you and you have no idea how to pull through? When all you feel like doing is giving up? But you don’t. You don’t because every mistake we make, every stroke of fate that tries to tear us down carries a hidden lesson to learn from. Why do you think it is that we have to climb a mountain to get the best view of the stars and why we only appreciate the light if our world’s been plunged into darkness? Isn’t it amazing that we’re still here and that it means we haven’t given up, not once?
—  we’re still here/ n.j.
We cannot escape every pain, heartbreak, and disappointment. No matter how hard we attempt to isolate ourselves, pain will still find you. Rather than fear it, embrace it. Let life teach you what you do not know and with its lessons, you will grow. It’s very easy to say, difficult to do, however I believe in you.
—  anthonycq 
Hit Me Like A Ray Of Sun

“Bitty. Holy fuck.”

Bitty’s eyes fly open.

Ransom is only an inch from his face.

“Wake up, Bits.”

Bitty groans and holds onto the blankets but Ransom gets a good grip on them and rips them all off at once.

“Justin Oluransi I swear if you don’t let me sleep I’m never making pie for you again. I mean it. I need my rest. I was up late studying.”

Ransom snorts.

“I was to studying.” He only talked to Jack for ten minutes. Fifteen tops. “And if you don’t let me sleep for the remaining 25 minutes that I am allowed I am taking every single piece of dessert that I make here and bringing it to the LAX house. You’re going to ruin it for everyone.”

“Jeeze,” Ransom says with a roll of his eyes. “So dramatic. Just like your boyfriend.”

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You have been here to try and keep me sane-
Whatever sanity I still have left, anyway.
Right when I want to go insane,
You tell me, save it, for better days.

You let me lose my crazy mind
Only so that I can find it, one more time.
You tell me to think things through
Before I let my emotions stick like glue.

You keep me with my feet on the ground
While helping me rise up higher than I thought.
You brush my doubts away with a blown kiss
Like they are leaves, lost in a breeze.

You tell me to breathe, making me feel at ease;
It’s like I can feel my mind- finally settling down.
You tell me to let out all that’s in my beating heart;
And you pick up my broken pieces, working to put them back.

This isn’t a love poem-
And yet, 
It is.


@teacup13…because a mere thank you, just would not do.

tell me how it feels
to be broken
because every scar
is different
and I want to know
how yours have healed.
—  Shelby Leigh