no words to explain it

Pyrrha and Yang laughing themselves out of breath from something stupid that happened- a case of laughing fits

And they like take a good 2 minutes to like catch their breath and recompose themselves

But they look at each other for not even 10 seconds before they start to crack and giggle and just fucking break out laughing again like two dumb dorksssssssssssss

And cue weiss/blake asking whats so funny and theyre both honestly just fucking dying from laughter at this point that pyrrhas snorting and yangs wheezing her lungs out

And Pyrrha tries to catch her breath for 3 seconds to explain- but she only manages to stutter a word out before she thinks about said funny thing again and the cycle starts over

Someone save these two dorks

I’m Ready To Breathe - Short Malec Fic

He couldn’t fathom. 

Alec couldn’t fathom the fact that he was lost. In space, in time, in his mind. He was gone. Dust. Air. He’s physically with it, but his mind is a desert island. It’s so unfilled.

He was scared. He didn’t know how to react to feeling and thinking nothing. What does one do when they’ve lost the ability to come to conclusions? When they’ve lost the ability to process their actions. When they feel mentally… powerless?

“I… have have to go.” Alec breathed out to Izzy as she watched his brain unscrew.

“Where to?”

“Magnus. I have to go to Magnus. I need to feel something.”

“Alec, you know that mother was just being the stern person she’s always been. Don’t take her words to heart, I’m still here.” Izzy explain with an emotion filled expression taking over her face. He knew she cared about him, he just had to get away from the place that participated in the scene that was just caused.

“I know. I know you are… I just can’t be here right now.”

Izzy held her breath and Alec could see through her straight expression that she wanted to deepen the topic of comfort. But she didn’t. She simply nodded her head.

Alec gave her a quick nod of appreciation for giving him space and he left the institute without another word spoken.


Magnus was sorting through his necklaces when he heard the knock on the door. It was subtle and light. The three knocks that were demonstrated possessed a simple pattern. Something Magnus could recognize every time.

It was Alec.

Magnus dropped what he was doing instantly and headed towards the door. He took a deep breath before he opened it, then did it with one swift motion.


Magnus knew right off the bat that something was wrong. Alec’s face was flushed and his eyes looked heavy. His cheeks shined with red and his posture was weak. Alec had been crying, and Magnus needed to know why.

“Hey. I-uh… want to talk.” Alec stuttered out, his face still as blank as his mind.

“Why of course, sit down dear.”

Alec dropped his jacket to the ground and walked to the couch knowing that Magnus wouldn’t mind, and he didn’t. He was far too concerned with what Alec was feeling rather than what he was doing.

“It’s my mother.”

“Figures, Maryse is insufferable.”

“I needed to get out of that place. I needed to be somewhere where I felt safe.” Alec mumbled, but he couldn’t be more clear.

“So you came here. You can talk to me. Always.” Magnus expressed as he sat down next to Alec, offering him a comforting hand on his thigh. He wanted to show his love without it being too much, knowing that the main focus was Alec and why he was hurting, not their relationship.

“She told me that I’m hurting the family name. I’m breaking honor and I’m stripping all aspects of loyalty.”

Magnus was about to chime in, until Alec turned to him with a face of… actually, Magnus couldn’t tell. Alec looked so lost. It scared him.

“I don’t understand why everything has to be so planned all the time. What on earth ever happened to plot twists?” Alec tried to joke, but both him and Magnus knew what the topic was at hand.

“Why did she say those things, if I may ask.” 

Alec paused. Magnus saw his walls tearing down through his beautiful hazel eyes. Alec was afraid.

“She… she was referring to you. To my interest in you.” Alec muttered with a single tear falling down his cheek. Magnus instantaneously reached out to whip the tear away. A tear that represented not only heartache, but fear.

“You listen to me loud and clear when I say this. Just because you chose to confide in someone your mother doesn’t approve of, doesn’t make you any less of a man you are. You’re outstanding. The qualities you obtain never fail to bring surprise to my everyday life.” Magnus couldn’t have shown anymore emotion than he was now. It was physically impossible. His love was never ending and when he talked to Alec, every inch of his soul was just as involved as he was.

“I didn’t just choose to confide in you, I chose to love you.” Alec paused. “… I don’t regret it, despite the hatred that’s being thrown at me.”

“Alexander, don’t misinterpret poor judgment as hate. As much as I loathe your mother, I know what kind of women she is. She’s all about family. Give her time.”

Alec held his stare with Magnus and never once broke contact. Everything in this world was just so damn confusing for him, but Magnus seemed to be the only thing that was clear.

“As for the first part of what you said… just know that when I put my love in you, it was all selfless. I didn’t know what you had to offer on your part and it didn’t matter, because I only wanted what was best for you. If you chose to stay in hiding, or go through with the wedding, I would’ve still loved you. Nothing can break what I feel for you. Not even all the magic in the world.” Magnus couldn’t be more vulnerable than he was within this moment. His admiration for Alec was burning through the walls that were built around his heart, and pouring out of mouth like a waterfall.

“Now I will admit… you loving me back is a fantastic feeling, and I’m really soaking it up.” Magnus chuckled and Alec let out a smirk, which made Magnus melt.

“How could I not love you?” Alec put his hand to Magnus’ face and let his thumb stroke his cheek. “You’re magical. Not just because your a warlock, that actually has nothing to do with what I’m saying. You’re just… you’re so out of this world. I’ve never met someone like you. Someone so powerful yet so graceful. You won me over the first time I met you, I just didn’t know how to let myself accept something for me.”

Magnus saw it. He finally saw a specific emotion spread across Alec’s face and it looked like his mind was finally working again. Like he wasn’t trapped in emptiness. Like he knew what to think again. It was all love. Every ounce of it.

“And I’m glad you did, Alexander. You deserve to let yourself feel and grow on your own terms. I’m just forever grateful that you chose to show yourself through me.”

With that, Alec’s other hand reached out to Magnus’ face and he leaned in to find his lips. Alec wanted the sentiment, and he craved to find it in Magnus.

As their lips connected, the kiss screamed passion. It wasn’t fast. It possessed meaning that no words could ever explain. No tongues dared to enter each others mouths, their lips just danced in a steady rhythm. It was almost choreographed, they way their lips knew what to do with one another’s.

Magnus gripped onto the small of Alec’s back, holding him for dear life. The kiss only lasted for a brief moment, but with that simple action, they felt as if their relationship was being described. All the desire, all the want, it was evident.

They both pulled apart slowly and together. Their foreheads leaned against one another’s as Alec’s mouth formed into a smile.

“Stay here with me.” Magnus breathed out, his voice almost getting caught up in his breath.

“I can’t say no to you.” Alec let out, finally understanding what he needed. He needed all that Magnus offered. No words from his mother or stereotypes that follow his family name could lead him away from knowing and desiring that. All he cared about was that he was with the one person he’ll love forever.

He was finally ready to breathe.


“I think you fail to grasp what I am telling you at every turn and I am beginning to wonder if you are daft or being willfully obtuse,” muttered Dragica resentfully, the rounded nature of modern speech beginning to fall off as she lost her composure, contractions disappearing and archaic words creeping into the phrasing. “I have explained why it is not that easy before. Just ANY human baby will not survive a week of the treatment. Are you willing to grow the execrable child in your womb and give it up to me that it can be the subject of my experiments?”

“LOATHSOME CRETIN!” Diamond near screeched, fangs fully extended and snapping with saliva flying. “How dare you suggest such a thing? I have a mind to drag you into silver chains and leave you for the harshest rays of the run to devour your skin!”

I love you!

Every time I say I love you.

I’m really trying to say so much more than those three little words.

I’m trying to say you mean more to me than anyone else in the world.

I’m trying to let you know that I adore you and that I cherish the time we spend together.

I’m trying to explain that I want you and that I need you and that I get lost in wonderful thoughts every time I think about you.

And each time I say “I love you”, I’m trying to remind you that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Translating is hard work. Even with pretty simple translations there can be unexpected difficulties if one of the languages has some funny special rules that apply to everyday life like honorifics and proper address, or words with multiple meanings so instead of asking what time it is you’ll end up asking for a potato. A professional translator can deal with this, of course. But for someone who just knows two pretty different languages, translating even something simple suddenly takes time and ends up getting pretty confusing for everyone involved.

And that leads us to ALIENS!

I think we’ve all read one scifi story or another where an alien is explaining some kind of concept that their species has - it might be related to their Special Sense or something else, but they always conveniently manage to put it in words that the character (and the reader) understand. This makes sense from a storytelling viewpoint, because we’re telling the story to human readers/listeners/viewers who need to understand what’s going on and why.

But it might be fun if the character is teamed up with an alien who gets so confused and/or worked up about some trivial translation that it gets turned into this big whole mysterious deal.

Human: “So, what’s this word mean, ‘thnguwe’?”

Alien: “Thnguwe has… special meaning for our people. It refers to a person’s ability to… form a meaningful connection with another of our kind, and our… entire society is built according to the… concept of thnguwe.”

Human: “How profound! Your civilization has much to teach us!”

Alien #2: “It means ‘talking’. Thnguwe means talking.”

Alien #1: “Oh, talking! I forgot what that word was in human language!”

I wish I could explain it. I wish I had the right words to express what it was that I felt for you. The best way to put it is that I loved you. I loved you with purpose. My love for you was brave and fearless. My love for you was embracing and kind. My love for you was unlike any other love i have ever known or experienced.
—  dittemia

Recently I made a post expressing my worries whether Yuri on Ice can fit its entire conclusion into a single 23 minute episode and I got quite a lot of responses basically saying that “that’s why we need a second season”.

And I just wanted to make this absolutely clear: my wanting to see a satisfying conclusion to the first season and my wanting to see a second season are two completely different things.

Because as much as I want to see a second season I want this season to tie up all of its loose strings and have an ending as wholesome as the previous 11 episodes have been.

Because if the anime doesn’t do that at this point then the show will suffer as a whole. Me (and many others) have been withholding my judgement on some aspects of the show based on the fact that it’s not complete yet and may still address certain issues as it goes on. But the time for that has run out.

If the anime fails to deliver a satisfying conclusion now then it will be a huge blow to the series, no matter what promises of second seasons we might get (and friendly reminder: a second season is, as yet, unconfirmed).

Right now, what I need is not a second season, I need a proper conclusion to this one.

Because there remain things in this arc that must be resolved and explained now. There are things that must be concluded at the Grand Prix Final in Barcelona for everything to be meaningful and impactful and relevant.

Yes, I would love a second season, but that is not my main concern right now. Because at the end of the day, a season must be self-contained and satisfying on its own. Should season one (assuming that there will be a season two) fail to deliver a finale as stunning as the rest of the series then I would be very very sad to say the least.

That is not to say that I don’t have faith in the creators, because I do. They have my utmost trust and support. But that doesn’t mean I don’t worry, I am only human after all, and as a fellow human I must wonder how it can be physically possible to pack to so much necessary content into 23 minutes of runtime.

At the end of the day, the end of a season should be handled like the end of a series. With the assumption that this is the end and nothing will follow. Of course, a second season is still possible after that, but the point is to deliver an emotional and narrative climax that will leave people thinking “This was a really good anime and I really liked that ending.”. The word ‘wholesome’ really is key here. The point is to make the viewer leave feeling satisfied. I only worry that the creators may have been too ambitious to cover everything they began previously in a single episode. A second season wouldn’t fix a weak finale - nothing would.

Here’s to hoping that the creators will prove me wrong and surprise all of us once more.

Anxiety is the most silently painful experience. It makes no sense and you sit there alone and suffer for a unknown reason. You can’t explain it. You can’t stop it. It is horrible.
—  A silent storm