no words to explain it

June 20, 2017 - the day that my dream came true.

I’ve been a fan of Johnny Depp since Public Enemies for his ability of acting and showing emotions through his eyes. I then become his fans for his kindness, his caring, his sense of humor, his skill to explain a deep feeling into words that no one can’t, the way he treat his fans with respect and love. He became my inspiration- he has been my biggest inspiration ever since.

I was saving my money in a hope that someday I can use it for a trip to encounter him.

I’ve heard he told his fans in Shanghai where the POTC5 world premiere was held, as well as his fans in Paris that he’s gonna promote it in Japan next month. Without any confirmation from the studio nor anyone else …. I booked my flight to Japan. (I live in Thailand) I booked my room to stay in Japan. I prepared everything as if I was sure he’s gonna be there.

I was waiting and waiting and waiting for the confirmation. Than around June 10-12, Japanese media confirmed that he will be there. But how could I be sure that i’m gonna meet him? Nothing can confirm that. Japan premiere is unlike other premieres. It’s very hard to attend it. You have to sign in an application and wish you could get the ticket.  And one more thing, people who have the right to take an application must have an address in Japan. I asked everyone I know who lives in Japan to apply it for me. But no one was lucky enough to get the ticket.

Desperately, I asked Johnny team, explained to them about everything, about how it’s my only chance, about how much effort I put into this… his team contacted Japanese staffs for me, Japanese staffs contacted me, and they gave me the ticket. I don’t know how can I thank them enough. It’s everything I ever needed.

June 19, we were informed that Johnny will arrived at Haneda airport around 9:30 PM - 10 PM, so we went to the airport since around 4 PM. We were standing waiting for him like many hours, the airport security didn’t let us sit! It was very exhausting. 10 PM…. he hadn’t arrived yet. 11 PM…. 12 AM… 1AM.

Johnny finally arrived at 1AM, he walked towards me, he was standing in front of me asking for Jerry’s permission if he could sign anything for his fans. ‘No’, Jerry said. The disappointed Johnny then walked away. I was very happy that I could get so near to him. But also sad that I couldn’t even say a word to him.


June 20, ‘this is the day’, I thought. I woke up earlier, very excited to go to the premiere. We were the first group that could go into the premiere after the press. I found the best position and waiting for him there. He was the last person to go on the stage. Then he walked down the stairs and walked the red carpet signing autograph to his fans. Luckily, it’s very limited and small premiere, so I knew for sure that I would finally get his autograph.

He walked along the line until he got near us, and then Jerry pulled him to the other side for an interview. I was like ‘wth!?!’. He went far and far away from us. So I was so worried he would never come back here. I asked Jerry if he would come back. Jerry promised that he would.

Finally, the time had come. He walked back and started signing an autograph again. He was like a few metres away from me. Then when he saw the painting (which I painted it myself and brought it for him to sign), He looked so stunned, starred at it and said ‘Wow!!!’. He asked me something like ‘ did you draw this?’. I said yes. He kept starring at it and signed it ( at the point, he held my hand and I didn’t know that at all until I saw the video. omg.) and then I said ‘Johnny, I come from Thailand, may I have a hug?’…. ‘REALLY????’, he said, looked at me in the eyes, he bend his head towards me, touched my shoulder and kept starring at me with his big brown eyes like asfdajdkgladjak;sfak;fjaksdJSKD;, can you just stop doing that i’m gonna die? lol…

but before he or I could say/do anything, Jerry pushed him away, and he was like pointing at Jerry and stumble like ‘But he… he…… he……’ 

But that was enough. I think being starred by him was even better than a hug. It’s like he really cared what I wanna say to him. He knew that I will cherish this moment forever and he made it to be the best moment for me as much as he could. It’s like the time was stopped and there was no one else but him and me.

And he liked my painting!!!! OMG. I always like painting and drawing, but my works are rarely get praised by anyone. I mean they were all like ‘you’re pretty good at drawing’, but no one ever acted like him when they saw my works.

And when he walked away, and I could finally remind myself that it really happened, that he liked my painting, that he looked at me like that. I was crying. I couldn’t hold back my tears. I really wish he know how much it means to me.

He is literally the best thing that ever happened to me.

would anyone happen to know off the top of their head which episode of the game grumps ocarina of time playthru is the one where Arin explains what he thinks the word “cisgender” means (with devastating inaccuracy) because i think it may have humorous sampling potential

lawful end: reigen spends approximately 200k words of a slow burn fic trying to explain to mob that he’s done twenty times more fatherly things to mob onscreen than his own father

neutral end: mob and reigen just naturally call each other dad and son one day and it sticks

chaotic end: reigen buys the boy his first lemon sour when he becomes of age and realizes, in the process of trying to figure out how to carry this boy home when his drunk ass is levitating small objects around him in a 10ft radius, that he cares for mob more than anyone hes ever known his entire life

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 6

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Get ready for some Tae action, because we can’t only have one BTS member as a part of the main plot! ;o
Also, extra long chapter since I’m posting later again!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 6,100+
Genre: flufffff and some angst squeezed in

Part 1 - Part 5 - Part 7

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Jungkook had been gone for about an hour, but she still couldn’t get any of his words out of her head.

She is my angel, and I couldn’t ask for someone better than her… words can’t even explain how I feel about her.

She shouldn’t be so fixated on what she overheard him tell Kiseung, but she couldn’t get it out of her head. She couldn’t stop thinking about it, and he didn’t even mean it! It was all an act!

“I am not falling in love with him!” she felt herself yell into her pillow so the others didn’t hear her.

As if on cue, Jungkook’s ringtone went off. He just sent her a short text about how tonight went, and Chaerin felt herself blushing all over again.


I think tonight was a success! I’m happy we pulled it off. Also, it was cute how you fell asleep, unless you were faking. Kiseung really bought it all.

She sighed and the reality once again was set. He was faking, and nothing that he said or did tonight was real.

None of it.

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Hello there, I'm so sorry to bother you. My name is Ella and I had a blog @Sprouseharts, for some reason I was reported and my blog terminated, I lost everything. I so so sad beyond words. I made a post explaining everything on this new blog I created, could you help me to spread it? I don't know what to do anymore, it would mean to world to me. Thank you for your attention.

Oh damn! It’s terrible when these things happen!

You’ve heard the girl, everyone! As a family. We should always stick together!

Hey guys so here’s a little announcement about this blog:

This has been sitting in my drafts for a few months now, and I kept writing and rewriting this because nothing seemed to come out right. I think I want to take a step back from Tumblr for a bit and refocus on my life.

Supercorp has done a lot for me the past few months, but now I feel like I’m at a really low point in my life. I’ve met a lot of good people Im really grateful for that. I don’t really have words to explain it, but I just feel really isolated and alone.

This blog will run off a queue for the next week or two. I might be back when the new season of Supergirl comes back in October, but I’ll have to see where my life is at that point. Until then, this blog would be put on hiatus when the posts run out.

sprouseheartss  asked:

Hello there, I'm so sorry to bother you. My name is Ella and I had a blog @Sprouseharts, for some reason I was reported and my blog terminated, I lost everything. I so so sad beyond words. I made a post explaining everything on this new blog I created, could you help me to spread it? I don't know what to do anymore, it would mean to world to me. Thank you for your attention.

Omigod I’m so sorry! I tried messaging you when your blog wasn’t loading but it didn’t go through :(

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sprouseheartss  asked:

Hello there, I'm so sorry to bother you. My name is Ella and I had a blog @Sprouseharts, for some reason I was reported and my blog terminated, I lost everything. I so so sad beyond words. I made a post explaining everything on this new blog I created, could you help me to spread it? I don't know what to do anymore, it would mean to world to me. Thank you for your attention.

OF COURSE! My blog (this one) accidentally deleted a while ago & I was so devastated! I’m so sorry this happened to you! This is so horrible, I hate that tumblr has been randomly deleting blogs and not restoring them.

Translating is hard work. Even with pretty simple translations there can be unexpected difficulties if one of the languages has some funny special rules that apply to everyday life like honorifics and proper address, or words with multiple meanings so instead of asking what time it is you’ll end up asking for a potato. A professional translator can deal with this, of course. But for someone who just knows two pretty different languages, translating even something simple suddenly takes time and ends up getting pretty confusing for everyone involved.

And that leads us to ALIENS!

I think we’ve all read one scifi story or another where an alien is explaining some kind of concept that their species has - it might be related to their Special Sense or something else, but they always conveniently manage to put it in words that the character (and the reader) understand. This makes sense from a storytelling viewpoint, because we’re telling the story to human readers/listeners/viewers who need to understand what’s going on and why.

But it might be fun if the character is teamed up with an alien who gets so confused and/or worked up about some trivial translation that it gets turned into this big whole mysterious deal.

Human: “So, what’s this word mean, ‘thnguwe’?”

Alien: “Thnguwe has… special meaning for our people. It refers to a person’s ability to… form a meaningful connection with another of our kind, and our… entire society is built according to the… concept of thnguwe.”

Human: “How profound! Your civilization has much to teach us!”

Alien #2: “It means ‘talking’. Thnguwe means talking.”

Alien #1: “Oh, talking! I forgot what that word was in human language!”

Seeing all this stuff about the Alex Tizon discourse is making me wanna throw up. 

Listen. What they did? It’s slavery. We know. We get it.  But it’s not your slavery, it is a product of the broken system which we have been mired in, one which America has been directly complicit in. It’s an unfortunate case, horrifying, not entirely unexpected, but not exactly the norm. The issue here is that foreigners are trying to put words in our mouth and making this discussion about them instead of letting Filipinos process this and have a proper conversation about it without them shutting us down and screaming BUT SLAVERY!!! APOLOGISTS!!! not only that but they’re deliberately misunderstanding our language and honorifics, they are making things out to be something they’re not.

The system is broken. Any Filipino can tell you that. Yelling at us isn’t going to fix it unless you can somehow fix an entire culture with a press of a button and magically remove 400 years of colonialism and oppression, both by foreigners and fellow Filipinos, which has directly contributed to how desperate and helpless our people have become. It just doesn’t work that way.

But what really pisses me off about this? It’s because we’ve already been silenced before. We have been colonized, mistreated, our culture erased and labeled as inferior, our country gutted for resources and labor and this is still happening, just now its happening on more socially acceptable terms. 

Context and the underlying culture does matter, especially when our culture has already been so abused and erased that we have no idea what kind of culture or history we would have had if it hadn’t been beaten out of us by colonizers for 400 years, even the name of our country, our very identity. To this day we still struggle with our identity as a people, with the colonial mentality and nation-wide inferiority complex instilled in us by colonizers.

Keep in mind that every time you yell at us about how culture doesn’t matter, you’re all slavery apologists, without taking into consideration our views, our culture and the system which contributes to this, and how people are still working to correct it despite the fact that progress will likely not come for another 20? 30? years maybe even longer. Progress is slow when you live in a country where every system is designed against you. We are seeing people from a country which oppressed us, attempting to once again erase our narrative and tell us they know better, perhaps then you can forgive us for being wary of foreigners dismissing our culture and views to propagate their own.

I wish you were still around.
I actually enjoyed speaking my mind when you were here to listen. I miss having someone close who genuinely wants to hear the words I have to say.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write, 48
“You were one of the few people who understood me”