no words necessary tbh

in light of the slightly longer- by a whole 2 seconds- trailer I will reiterate:

the only malec fight I will accept is one about Alec getting upset about shadowhunters dying and Magnus dead ass pointing out that shadowhunters have been doing this to downworlders for years and years and years.

it’s the only fight worth having between them and it’s the most important one. thus far them being different races has only mattered in terms of how shadowhunters are not supposed to being dating downworlders. basically about Alec’s part in this. the far more important fight is Magnus as a downworlder loving Alec but still existing in this oppressive society where he can never be on equal ground with the man he loves. about Magnus existing between these two things. and how Alec has to learn to navigate that. yes worry about your family, don’t expect your downworlder boyfriend to go to war on behalf of your race against his own. this is something Alec really needs to see and learn and grow from.

any other fight is stupid and a cop out. so @ freeform/shadowhunters don’t fuck this up.

edit: Fucking fuck, some people. Dead ass is not a name I’m calling Magnus. Fucking shit. It means I want Magnus to straight up, flat out, DEAD ASS tell Alec these things. No kid gloves. Why the fuck would I name call Magnus when I’m a fucking Magnus stan? Can people calm the fuck down before you come at me?