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alien human dynamic

honestly y’all after discovering the wonderful game that his mass effect I’ve been getting so into the whole human alien dynamic. like I have so many plot ideas. I just love the kinda dynamic with a big cultural difference because relationships like that requires so much respect and patients from both parts. like:

- showing the ways of each others people and world.
- language barriers, trying to explain how much they love but it’s difficult cause although they understand on a deep spiritual level, trying to express that connection with words is hard when you speak different languages. 
- which can result in expressing feelings in physical ways and boy that is a journey on it’s own.
- learning the anatomy of the other species and what to do to make them feel good.
- or when they’re short on words they just kinda hold each other y’know, just to feel the other is near and hope they share a fundamental understanding and passion for each other.
- staying strong together when others disapprove of their ties and believing in each other.
- smol soft human.
- also misunderstandings, so many cute and awkward misunderstandings

(please feel free to add, I love this dynamic)

Sam Winchester has inspired me so many times and in so many ways. He has made me strong the times I was weak. He has given me hope when everything in my life seemed to be wrong. And I will never love a fictional character as much as I love him. Because he has the biggest heart. He is the bravest boy. He always sees hope when no one else sees it. He believes people can change, he believes in doing what is right even if it hurts.

He is my hero.

I’ve felt alone, depressed and I’ve wanted to give up in my life for a long time, but when I see what he can do, I see hope. Sammy is hope for me.

I have no words to express how thankful I am with Jared Padalecki for bringing him to life. Thank you so much.

Ruth, from Mexico. (via wonderful-misadventures)

“You’re the girl who called me an asshole the first time we spoke. The girl who tried to pay for lunch even after you learned I have more money than God. You’re the girl who risked her ass to save a dying dog, who makes my chest ache whether you’re wearing green silk or ripped jeans. You’re the girl that I–” Noah stopped, then took a step closer to me. “You are my girl.”

This is really shitty and low quality but I love these books so much that I had to at least try to contribute with something.

Here we are, the big 500. I can’t really even find the words to express how thankful I am to have so much love and support in this community. I started this blog as a side blog to my Fate blog and moved it to a main blog as I discovered I was having a ton of fun with these boys. I’m no good at editing things, so I can’t really do a giveaway or anything…the most I can do is thank everyone and pass along my love. Let me talk about a few blogs that have been here for me and really supported me. 

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I can see your warm brown eyes
and feel your dark plumed lips
for a moment
You’re squeezing parts of Me I despise most.
Our hands find each another
your bronze body is against my sparkling skin.
Every touch
Every movement
The sparkles latch onto you
Expressing how much you’re attached to me.
—  Attached / Leyla Mahramnia

Could you do a text where you’re REALLY bad at expressing your love in words bc you get so flustered and hate being cheesy, but you spam them with mushy messages, and immediately tell them to stfu and that you hate them to hide the fact that you’re hardcore blushing? 

 Hi!! Can you do one of you as their girlfriend telling them randomly how proud you are of how much they’ve accomplished? 

Req by: anonymouses 🐭 

Hi!! So I kinda combined these and sorta didn’t idfk anyway I hope you guys enjoy XOXOX

anonymous asked:

Just wanted to hear you express how you feel about our baby boy Louis. 💕😊

Words cannot describe how I feel about him. Honestly speaking, I have never been more proud of anybody. He is good and kind and absolutely brilliant. He deserves everything good in this world. He has gone through so much bullshit. He has always been trampled, overshadowed and demeaned but he has never, ever given up. He is the bravest and the strongest person. The best person. And I am so fucking proud of him. He inspires me so much. And maybe (most likely) I will never meet him or even see him in real life but he is one of the most important people in my life.

junmie  asked:

It's gotten to the point where I simply can't explain it. I can't use words to create poetry or to just express to him how much my heart likes him. He makes me feel like I'm with the stars, watching them glitter beside me as my favorite melodies play. He gives my heart the biggest grin and, fuck, I yearn to give him every treasure this world could offer. I love the hell out of him and I don't want this boy to leave. I love us. I love how well we fit together as a couple, as friends. I love him.

I love you two so much! Serious couple goals. Your words are always so beautiful – I’m sure you do a wonderful job expressing your love to him! 

“And if that happens, I’ll make sure to land on top of you, brat.”
“Wow, princess, I’m flattered, but I don’t think of you that way~”
“… I’m letting go.”
“No, please! I’ll be quiet!”

There are no words in the language that can express how much I crave Akoryuu BROTP moments. But it seems that staying up until 3 am because of my ridiculous projects is my way of coping…


* 940114, Kim Jongin *

Happy birthday to the most precious boy on this Earth. I wanna keep this short, so I will only tell you that I’m so proud of you, and I will always support you no matter what, that you are always so wonderful and adorable and absolutely ideal in my eyes, don’t mind your imperfections, for me they are perfect too… I’m simply thankful for your whole existence …No words can express how much I love you and how much you mean to me…Enjoy this day, Jonginnie…Love You <3

this was my first ever lashton drabble, found on my laptop lol i submitted it to nessa but never posted it on my blog, so here ya go. slightly edited. (basically just fluffy smut and giggling boys)

Sex with Ashton is unique and always involved lots of giggling. Always. Whether it’s soft and slow on a lazy Sunday morning, or fast and desperate because they’ve gotta get a move on; even when it’s rough, after they haven’t been able to touch each other in so long due to their jam packed schedules and they just need to feel one another. Whatever kind of sex they’re having, giggling always ensues. After all, Ashton is a giggly type of person, if that makes any sense. Luke likes to think that it does.

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Baby don’t cry

Hey,this is to the person who asked for a Kai imagine sorry but i can’t find your user name or our conversation, tumblr must have deleted it. sorry that it took so long; I just had a lot of schoolwork to do. However, here you go.

Y/n= your name, y/bb/n = your baby boy’s name.

It is my first imagine but I hope you like it.


It has been two months since you gave birth to your and Kai’s baby boy. Sadly, Kai had been on a four-month tour, he really did not want to leave, since there weren’t a long time till you gave birth, but you reassured him that you would be okay. Was it hard, yes, did you miss kai, yes, but was it worth it, yes, cause he got to see his fans and do what he loves, meanwhile you spent time with your newborn child.

Fast forward to two months after the birth, there were a only a week till Kai came back from his tour, and you couldn’t be more excited, you were so happy that you were going to see your boyfriend again, and of course him meeting your baby boy. It was nighttime at your house, which meant sleep time, so you sat in your bed with y/bb/n in your arms, feeding him, meanwhile humming Exo’s ‘baby don’t cry’, it was your favorite song of them, it was kind of your and Kai’s song. When you were done feeding y/bb/n, you walked into the little nurse room, and stood by the crib, rocking y/b/n meanwhile starting to hum ‘don’t go’ instead. Luckily, for you, y/bb/n fell quickly asleep, so you carefully laid him softly in the crib, pulling the covers over his little body, and gave him a soft kiss on the top of his head. You left the nursery room and towards your bedroom, making sure the nursery and the bedroom doors were wide open, so you could hear y/bb/n, if he woke up.

You woke up startled as you heard y/bb/n cry, you rubbed your eyes and looked at the clock, when you got out of the bed, it was four am which meant you got 3 hours of sleep, well that were better than none. You started to walk towards the nursery room, when you heard a male voice, you thought of worst. However, when you came to the doorway, you completely froze. Right in front, stood none other than your boyfriend Kai, with y/bb/n in his arms and a soft smile playing on his lips. You could hear him signing softly  the last part of ‘Baby don’t cry’, meanwhile rocking y/bb/n in his arm, just like you had done for some hours ago. You could feel tears welling up in your eyes as you heard kai say to the sleepy boy in his arms “I’m sorry I weren’t here for you, or your ma, I really am. I heard you have been a little troublemaker for your ma, staying up all night crying, but your ma still loves you, just as I do. Your ma has really been the best for the past four months I left her alone, I love her and you so much, that words can express how I feel.” y/bb/n let out a cute yawn, kai chuckled “tired, of course you are, my little baby boy” he then put y/bb/n in the crib again. He turned around and saw you in the doorway, with tears streaming softly down your cheeks. Kai opened his arms, you walked fast into them kissing him, “I love you Kai” you whispered when you pulled away from the kiss, “I love you too y/n so much.” You two stood there hugging each other for some minutes before a cry made you two break away, you both laughed when you saw y/bb/n awake again. “He doesn’t like sleeping, like his father huh” Kai smiled at you as you took y/bb/n in your arms, you laughed softly and looked at Kai “nah he just doesn’t like sleeping alone, like his father.” Kai smiled big and walked over to press a kiss on the top of y/bb/n head ‘my baby boy’ he whispered before giving you a peck on the lips whispering again ‘my beautiful girl’. He then took y/bb/n out of your arms and grabbed you hand, pulling you towards you, your bedroom. You laid down on your side of the bed, as kai laid y/bb/n beside you, in the middle of the bed; he then left to get some water. You slowly fell asleep with y/bb/n by your side and a soft smile. Kai came back, and smiled at the cute sight of you and his baby boy sleeping soundly in the bed, he softly pulled the covers over the two o you before laying down beside y/bb/n careful not to wake him up. He looked at the two of you before whispering ‘my beautiful family, I am home and I do not plan to leave you two anytime soon’ before falling asleep, with his arm draped over you and y/bb/n and to the sound of his baby boy cute little snores.

Hey my lovely follerwors i hope you liked this iamgines, and don’t be shy to ask for an imagine i write one gladly :)

love you peps <3



[Master Tao] EXO TAO - The Future I Want

This video was liked by Tao on Weibo

I strongly urge you to watch this video. It is extremely well-made, passionate and shows a side of Tao you may not yet know about. I cried after watching. 


I don’t really post many photo’s with myself in them.. but I thought i’d share these.. I was lucky enough to meet my favourite band yesterday.. If I could only listen to one band for the rest of my life it would be HIM.. They’ve been apart of my life for the past 15 years..(FYI in case you’re wondering and or care i’m 33) I can never truly express into words how much I love their music.. I’ve loved watching their music evolve with in those years..  I almost sound like i’m talking about an old friend lol.. They so rarely tour Australia.. They are the sweetest and down to earth boys.. To those that are wondering Ville Valo is actually kind of shy.. They played such an amazing show last night.. If any of you are going to the  soundwave festival while they’re here in Australia please make sure you check them out..

No big words, no long paragraphs are needed to express how much you mean to me. I was never good with words, anyway.

Just a simple thank you for being the cause of most of my smiles, for giving me a reason to look forward to every day. Thank you for working so, so hard, and thank you for just being you.

“I love you” is extremely cliched, but you mean more than the universe to me and I hope you can celebrate every day regardless of the date because you deserve the world.

To me, you are the world.

Happy birthday, beautiful boy. ♡


25.05.2008 - 25.05.2015 happy 7th year anniversary, shinee!
my dear boys, words cannot truly express how proud I am of you for accomplishing what you have, for getting to be where you are, for doing what you love. i am so incredibly proud of the five of you and I love you so much. you’re so hard-working and so incredible, I want you to know that there will always be people who love you, support you and care about you. watching you smile and cry, and perform, all of that is an experience I can never thank you enough for. you’re so important to me and I wish you so many more good years together, and so much success and happiness, you deserve it all. “5 stars form the universe, the most shining name of the world, SHINee!” #7YearsWithSHINee


Cameron- Tattooed Heart

You don’t need to worry about making me crazy
‘Cause I’m way past that
And so just call me, if you want me
'Cause you got me, and I’ll show you how much I wanna be on your tattooed heart

Cameron swept you off your feet and you never wanted to be without him.

Nash- Only 1

Lookin’ in your eyes, makes me wonder how
I got so much time, with you and there’s more around
I know all the competition that’s after you
So I get to thinking, is this to good to be true

That we’re living
In a fairytale no malice and no lies
baby oh, it’s hard to believe
All the love you have inside is only mine
That’s how I know

I can’t, be your, only one
No I can’t, be your only one
Cause you look twice as good as anyone I ever met
And your love is three time better, how could anyone forget
No I can’t

You were always paranoid that Nash was with someone else because you thought that he was absolutely perfect and would rather be with someone else other than you but, that wasn’t true, not one bit.  He loved you so very much.

Jack G.- Love Me Harder

I know your motives and you know mine
The ones that love me, I tend to leave behind
If you know about me and choose to stay
Then take this pleasure and take away the pain

And if in the moment you bite your lip
When I get you moaning you know it’s real
Can you feel the pressure between your hips?
I’ll make it feel like the first time

'Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder (Imma love you harder)
And if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder (love me harder)
Love me, love me, love me
Harder, harder, harder
Love me, love me, love me
Harder, harder, harder

So what would I do if I can’t figure it out?
You got to try, try, try again
So what would I do if I can’t figure it out?
I’m gonna leave, leave, leave again

Jack really never showed his emotions towards you, which drove you crazy to the point where you might’ve left him but, he learned better.

Jack J.- My Everything

To think that I was wrong
I guess you don’t know what you got 'til it’s gone
Pain is just a consequence of love
I’m saying sorry for the sake of us

He wasn’t my everything till we were nothing
And it’s taking me a lot to say
But now that he’s gone, my heart is missing something
So it’s time I push my pride away

’Cause you are, you are, you are my everything
You are, you are, you are my everything

I know you’re not far
But I still can’t handle all the distance
You’re travelling with my heart
I hope this is a temporary feeling

Sadly Jack and your relationship ending bitterly.  Once he was gone you realized how big of a piece of your heart he had, and he took it with him not planning on returning it.

Carter- Be My Baby

If you know how to be my lover
Maybe you can be my baby
Hold me close under the covers
Kiss me boy and drive me crazy

Be my, be my, be my
Be my, be my baby
Be my, be my, be my
Baby, and drive me crazy

I’ll give you all of my trust
If you don’t mess this up
You ain’ tryna get no other girls
When you in the club
All you got is eyes for me
I’m the only girl you see

So if you treat me right just the way that I want you
Oh baby boy I promise that I’ll be on you
Oh oh oh oh oh on you
Night to the mo-oh-oh-oh-oh-orning

You wanted nothing more to be Carter’s lover but, if he didn’t respect and wasn’t honest you wanted nothing to do with you.

Matt- Baby I

(Baby I) all I’m tryna say is you’re my everything (baby)
But every time I try to say it
Words, they only complicate it
Baby, baby (oh, whoa, oh, whoa)
Baby, baby

Straight up you got me
All in, how could I not be,
I sure hope you know (I sure hope you know)
If it’s even possible, I love you more
Than the word love can say it (say it)

The moment you laid your eyes on Matt you couldn’t get him out of your mind.   Your words could never express how much you loved him.

Taylor- The Way

I got a bad boy, I must admit it (hey)
You got my heart, don’t know how you did it (hey)
And I don’t care who sees it, babe
I don’t wanna hide the way I feel when you’re next to me (hey)

The classic bad boy and good girl love story was true for you and Taylor.  One day you hated him the next day he had your heart.

Aaron- Right there

Boy you make me feel so lucky
Finally the stars align
Never has it been so easy
To be in love and to give you
This heart of mine

You know what I need (aye)
I know what you like, (aye)
Put it all together baby
We could be alright (hey)
How can this be wrong
When it feels so right?
Yeah, I really love you
I really love you (oh)
And I’ll never let you go…

You should know
I’m never gonna change
I’m always gonna stay
When you call for me
I’m right there (right there)
Right there (right there)

'Cause you listen and you care
You’re so different
No one compares
And if you never change
I’m gonna stay right there
I’ll always be right there

You got it, you got it babe
You got it, you got it babe

Aaron made you feel like the luckiest girl in the world and you could never ask for a better boyfriend.

Shawn- Lovin’ it

Hold up, wait, shut up and kiss me, babe
I just wanna get a little taste
I just wanna get a little taste before you go

See what you don’t understand is fallin’ in love wasn’t part of my plan
Started with a crush
I call you my man
Doubt that I’d ever fall in
Love, ever fall I love again

'Cause you give me chills every time we chill
I spend all of my days
Doin’, doin’

Nothin’ but lovin’ you,
Nothin’ but lovin’ you baby
(Boy you got all my time)
I’m lovin’ your lovin’
I’m lovin’ it, lovin’ it baby
(Boy you got all my, all my)
Love and affection
All my attention
You don’t gotta question
If I’m really
Lovin’ your lovin’
I’m lovin’ it, lovin’ it baby
(Boy you got all my, all my)

Falling in love with Shawn was never suppose to happen.  You just got out of brutal relationship and didn’t plan on dating for a long time but, that all changed when you met Shawn.

Dillon- Why Try

Oh baby, look at us
We been living like angels, living like devils
Oh baby, look at us
We been loving like angels, loving like devils
Oh baby, look at us
We been living like angels, living like devils
Oh baby, look at us
We been loving like angels, loving like devils, oh baby, look

I’m loving the pain
I never wanna live without it
So why do I try? (do I try)
You drive me insane
Now we’re screaming just to see who’s louder
So why do I try?

Dillon and you fought often in your relationship but, you made it work and you still loved him through everything that happened between you two.

Jacob- You’ll Never Know

Now you finally tell me how you feel
Guess your words just came a little too late
All the drama boy it’s overkill
Don’t be mad at me cause you’ve been replaced, know your place

But if you woulda manned up, put your hand up, stand up
Tell me how you really felt
Then maybe it’d be different
If you spoke I would’ve listened
But now I’m with somebody else
And he loves me, too much for me to mess this up
And it sucks to be all in your head, wondering
Where this thing could go, but

You will never know
What we could have been
If you would’ve shown (ha, whoa)
Your way back then
Boy you gotta (yep, yep)
Boy you shoulda (yep, yep)
Cause you didn’t know, so
Now you’ll never know
You’ll never know

You had the biggest and longest crush on Jacob and you had told him multiple times and he thought nothing of it, and when you were off the market he finally realized what he missed out on.

Sam- Daydreamin’

You walked in,
Caught my attention,
I’ve never seen,
A man with so much dimension.

It’s the way you walk,
The way you talk,
The way you make me feel inside,
It’s in your smile,
It’s in your eyes,
I don’t wanna wait for tonight.

So I’m daydreaming,
With my chin in the palm of my hands,
About you,
You and only you,
Got me daydreaming,
With my chin in the palm of my hands,
About you,
You and only you.

Once you laid eyes on Sam you were under his spell in every thinkable way.  He was all you thought about 24/7 and he was the same with you.


i can honestly imagine luke being such a good boyfriend. he would do anything for you because he’s so in love with you and since he does everything for you the boys would call him whipped. i think he would express his love with actions instead of words because when he’s around you he still gets nervous and shy. when you’re not around he would sit there and tell his friends and family about how much he loves you and how you’re his life but what he doesn’t know is you always hear every word he’s saying and it makes your heart melt so one day as he’s talking about his feelings you walk in and give him a kiss and whisper “you’re my life too luke, and you always will be.