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And I Drove You Crazy (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot ❤

A/N: Hey y'all! This is most likely the most sinful thing I’ve ever written. I had to take some breaks while writing 😂 but this is dedicated to the lovely, super awesome @diving-down-to-wonderland for her birthday! (HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY HUN!) I hope you like it! ❤❤❤
- Delilah ❤

And I Drove You Crazy: Reader’s bike needs to be repaired asap, leading her to come across an insanely gorgeous mechanic whom she may or may not want to bang the second she lays eyes on him.

Warnings: SMUT! Semi-Public sex. Unprotected sex.

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Keeps His Word

“Well thanks for coming Harry! Good luck on your album!” That was the last thing Nick Grimshaw said, and frankly, you were relieved because it was 8 a.m, Friday morning, and you did not want to be up this early on you and Harry’s chill day.

You had been sitting in that chair for an hour or two, but you were unexplainibly tired and you back was starting to ache. When Harry rose from his chair behind the glass panel, you had to refrain from springing up. Sitting on the sidelines and not being able to giggle through the jokes by his side had you left in a state of boredom. Now that it was finally over, you couldn’t wait to get back in your pajamas and snuggle back into bed.

But, of course, there was always a draw back. When Harry approached you, the look of apprehension was clear. Coming closer to him, you furrowed your brows and asked him what was wrong.

“M’sorry. Gotta ‘nother meeting for my album love.” He spoke softly as his thumb rubbed nothings onto your hand.

A small sigh of drowsy frustration was bound to escape, but he was already expecting it and just kissed you temples, leading you out to the awaiting taxi hand in hand the whole time.

Your mind was wandering. Everywhere. What else was it supposed to do when he just told you that the next two hours were going to be spent sitting in another office chair discussing contracts and release dates?

You were trying though, and it was hard, because all of a sudden, his ass looked so good.
You were halfway to the taxi when you pulled back from his hold a bit, wanting to get a better view. Now that you spotted them closely, the crossed lines and alluring red that swirled along his delicious thighs, you realized that these were new.

He caught on to your slower trail of walking, confused and smiling with an eyebrow raised.

“Whatcha doin’ pet?’

You don’t even try to hide the newfound desperate and whiny lust that slurred your blunt words.

“You look hot in plaid.”

He stopped walking, blinking a couple of times before asking you to repeat yourself. He knew you to be good in bed, hell, he’d seen how riled up you got him, but this. This was new and Harry wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.
He’d play along, he supposed. There’s no harm in a little fun right?

The back of the taxi was small, so his hip bone only inches from your own was tempting and ignited a flame that almost ate you whole. Fire. A feeling that spread between your legs when you gazed at his ring-clad hand.

When he looked over, he couldn’t help but help chuckle with pride. A hot mess you were, with your fingers fidgeting harshly with the hem of your dress, head lolled back and your bottom lip being chewed on furiously. It was clear that he had you going.

“Partition please.” Harry’s request has you coming out of your tense state, a silent curiosity floating through the air as you watch the black screen roll up.

“Harr-” You are cut off when he pulls you onto his lap, his large hands resting too close to your heat for it to be unintentional.

“Jus’ listen pet.” You shivering when you feel his cold rings on your bare thigh. With one small touch, you are already melting.

A whisper of a whimper comes from you lips when his forefinger grazes on the edge of your panties, his lips hovering by your own, never staying in one place. They’re by your ear, and although your want for his round bum is putting a damper on your senses, his command is all but innocent.

“Gotta keep it quiet pet. Don’ want him to find yeh like this, all spread fo’ me n’ wet as yeh think bout’ my arse.”

If he kept taunting you like this, you’d be done for before the 20 minute drive to the meeting was even over.

It was true though. As you sit on his thighs now, with his hands teasing between your legs, the sheer picture of his ass wrapped in those plaid trousers has you practically begging to be fucked. They were hugging his legs in all the right places and he wanted nothing more than for you to have your way as you ride him into the night.

“Harr- What are you doing?” You breath out. You are clutching the back of his shirt and he was leaving wet marks. Harry didn’t answer, leaving your question vulnerable and hanging in the suddenly thick atmosphere.

The traffic began to clear up and the people and buildings become a blur. You and Harry don’t mind though, because his head is being buried into your neck and your grind against him is becoming more ad more sloppy by the minute. Your neck is straining with your arousal, and your thighs start to quiver as your wet panties drag along his thigh.

His hands are doing nothing but slowly rubbing your clit through the barrier. Oh the things Harry would do if he could just take you right here in the back of this run down taxi. The coldness of his jeweled and metal rings makes you jump and whimper into his scalp, hands on his face in search of stability. His reaction was incredible though.

The way his lustful eyes brightened at the affect he has on you. It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t on the bridge of insanity, watching you soak yourself as you moan into your hip’s movements. You were so wet, he could basically see the smear of dampness along his leg.

Hungry off of your own thirst, his hands grasp your swiveling thighs, rubbing and gripping and trailing deep impression onto the heated skin.
“Fuck! Baby..“He was too distracted to utter the warning that the destination was a block away and you were about to come on the spot, all over the leather seats. But still, he forced the words reluctantly from his lips, prying his mouth from behind your ear. He could spot the tender and slightly red blotch from the contact. I’ll finish that later, he thought while placing you next to him and back to your original seat.

“Wha?” You exasperatedly sighed in frustration, mad that he had pulled away and leaving you pitifully drenched.

Quickly, with his hands clasped around your neck for one final kiss. He whispered softly to you. “S’alright muppet. Be a good girl fo’ me and keep your knickers wet. Don’ get too worried. M’gonna make you feel good. Yeh know I always keep my word.”

You prayed to god he did.

There was only a few minutes till you arrived at the studio for another interview and you had little time to calm your breathing and wipe your liquids from his pants. It was and hurried, but he only smirked at your wet spot and took a second to fix each others hair. It wasn’t the best, but it will do.

“I was so happy to be here! Thanks fo’ having me.”

Those were the last words that came out of Harry Styles mouth before he dragged you just out of view and into a forgotten one-person bathroom at the back of the studio.

You didn’t even bother to say bye to Jim. Or Johnny. Whatever his name was, you couldn’t care to remember, because Harry had sat down for an hour and a half torturing you with those scrumptious thighs of his.

Wrapped in plaid and hugged along every curve of his legs, your eyes had grown wide when he slid on the counter and hoisted you with him. Immediately, like an old habit, your sex blooms under his watch. He motions for you to sit on his right thigh and you don’t hesitate to obey.
With one motion, your hands find his and press them harder in to the marble counter top, craning your neck upwards in a silent request for a kiss. It was a sweet little thing that made you both smile. Although there was tension and not a lot of room in a dingy bathroom for slow and sensual, he still made sure your were comfortable and loved.

“Go ‘head puppet. Make yeh feel good.” He let go of you hands, and settled for a strong hold on your lower back, adoring the way your hips curve and move along his skin. Your hands did wonders when you tugged at his plaid trousers, yanking away the tight and lined fabric. A heavy moan burst through the both of you when you felt your clit rub against his bare skin.

The flaming pit in your stomach ached for the friction, and Harry watched with a awestruck face of his own when you hips flicked a little quicker. Piece by piece, Harry was watching you become unraveled under him and the thought of making you come with his thigh along was enough to have his dick twitch.

“Ahh.. Harry” You spoke mumbles of good feelings and praises in his ear as he roamed you body with his fingertips.

Aroung your ears is were he finally attached his mouth once again. Knowing the sensitivity it would cause you, his words came quick and rushed.

“Yeh can scream if yeh wan’“ His lips matched with flesh of your neck again, but he kept on speaking. “We’re in the back love. Thick walls here an’ everybody is leavin’ fo’ break.”

And you did scream. Maybe a little too loud, but you couldn’t help it when his neck sucking had you barely able to hold yourself upright. With your brows creased, you lean towards him. The leverage and heat of hands as they tugged at your scalp lightly had you closer than ever. He was begging for you to splash on his thigh and moan his name.

There was a destination he was determined to reach, and this time, it wasn’t a studio down the street.

His cock was pulsating in his jeans but he had no room for it now that your were close. Your hands were traveling, snatching anything of his to make it come quicker and harder. They dug semi-circles into his forearm and bruises along his rib cage and spurts of hair mishandled but the look of you withering out shined it all. Everything in his mind screamed you, and eventually, you came screaming him.

“There yeh go fo’ me peaches. Nice an’ easy. Love yeh. Did so well fo’ me.” He chanted this tune of his while you rode him out, diving for the last bits of orgasm left in you. There wasn’t much though. you had spilled an ocean over his plain pants and he didn’t care one bit.

He was slow letting you down from him, holding you up and not bothering to try and hide his pride when you could barely murmur words. Your legs were shaking and your thighs still burned from the delectable pressure. A cream had smeared itself between your thighs, and Harry toyed with your wetness.

“Still wet fo’ me? Gonna have to clean yeh up princess.”

His digits roamed you sensitive center, and he chuckled when a jolt of pleasure claw led at you spine. You weren’t ashamed though. How couldn’t you feel so sensitive when Harry was blowing heat against your neck and grazing the liquid from you core? Teasingly, he raised two soaked fingers of his from your panties and lifted them to his plump pink lips. With your eyes fluttering from the sight, he loaned into his own licks against his skin, cleaning up the remains of your slickness.

“Ugh…Harry! I need-” You were still breathless when you continued you piece-meal sentence. “Need your kisses. Got me shaken down there.”

“S'alright love. Need yeh lips too.”

It was a halfhearted attempt to calm you down, but his kisses remained tight and slow with passion for a minute or two. Sweet, burning, and on the brink of hungry, just the way that had you molded into his arms as he pulled you closer.

The sweet mellow pace of his breath combined with yours slowed as he lead you It of the dingy area. Not long would he keep his love here, were he couldn’t hold her and praise her endearing moans.

He needed to show his girl some proper loving.

The car was waiting patiently when you two finally exited. You had to stifle a cackle by nuzzling into his neck, because his face was almost comical when he discovered it was the same taxi driver form before. This time, the partition was rolled up tight and the greetings were long gone.

“Gon’ be a good girl again? Let me really fuck yeh when we get home princess?” His words were silent to the ears of the driver, but hot and heavy as they floated through the ears of yours.

And all you can do is whimper and wait, because he always keeps his word.

Keeping Your End of the Bargain

I promised I’d give you all another Dark fic when we reached our next milestone, and I always keep my promises. 

Just a quick warning- this is not fluff. It’s not romance. It’s not a sympathetic portrayal. This man is a manipulator, a good one, and he does what he does to further his own interests. He enjoys control, not company. And, to use Mark’s own words:

He is not here to help you. He is here to use you.


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Burned Shortcakes

Peter Parker X Reader

Summary: Peter’s mind tends to wander a bit too much.

Warnings: None!

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What lead you two to being so close was a wonder, but he was so grateful.

Currently, you were attempting to make shortbread, which, so far, hadn’t been working. But it had all been your idea to cheer him up. And it was working amazingly. He always felt happier around you, let alone when you had flour smeared on your cheek and batter on your lips. Honestly - you looked adorably beautiful. As always, you had that smile on your face. The same one that brightened everyone’s day. A determined glint in your eye as you focused all of your energy on measuring ingredients perfectly, a step you normally didn’t do, but since you had gotten it wrong now three times, this one just had to work out. Even though by default he was happy, that wasn’t the goal anymore.

You were the most interesting person to watch. You were so unpredictable, but in a good way. As in he never thought you would be so nice, caring, and sweet. Each time you surprised him. In a world filled with people going out of their way to make others miserable, you were so refreshing - and exactly what he had always needed.

He remembered one day, he was crying, for a reason that was far past him now, and you forced him to sit on the rooftop with you. You basically dragged him up the stairs and into the cool night air of Queens. There was a place, hidden if anyone came up, but perfect for seeing the whole city. He remembered thinking how dull the stars looked with the sky being brightened by lights. You pulled him close, and told him how amazing he was, and from then on, you would do anything possible to never get him in that state again. He had no idea, but seeing him in such a state shattered you into bits and bits, and keeping yourself together that night was one of the hardest things you had ever had to do.

He guessed that was the day, actually. The day you had started something quite out of words. Something he hoped would never drift off.

“Peter, Pete? Did you check on the ones in the oven?” He looked over at you, then at the oven. He had completely forgotten there was already a batch in there. He hurried over to the oven, smelling a small amount of smoke already.

“Sorry, Y/n. I’m so sorry… they’re ruined…” He sighed, pulling out the almost black cakes.

“I’m pretty sure a few burned shortcakes never hurt anyone! They will be fine…” you said, your voice hiding disappointment. A flicker of a frown appeared on your face, before quickly being replaced by a smile. “If we put enough butter on, that is. No problem!”

He smiled slightly, gazing at you for a few seconds before looking away. Nothing ever phased you - you took him as he was.

He was so lucky to have you.

Try me

Pairing: Reader x Girl x Taehyung
Genre: Smut
Summary: Your girlfriend saw him staring at you, daring you to play a little game, to get him, to want the both of you. 
Words: 4k

There was a girl talking with someone in the kitchen at the opposite end of the house and she was beautiful, with rich, brunette hair flowing around her shoulders. You were unable to stop watching her until she caught you at it. You angled through the frat-party crowd, determined to reach her before anyone else did. She noticed you and smiled. Her face was even more beautiful the closer you got. When you got to her, she kissed you immediately and you smiled against her lips. “How about a refill on that wine?” She asked, leaving your lips aching for more, as she gestured towards the empty cup in your hands.

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A Hundred Lesser Faces: (Five)

Notes from Mod Bonnie

  • This story stems from the premise: what if Voyager!Claire had gone first to Lallybroch instead of directly to the print shop in Edinburgh?

My own Jamie,

Almost six months ago, I learned that you survived Culloden. You made history, my darling! Q.E.D.

As many nights as I’ve lain awake in those months cursing myself for not having looked soonerI know I shall thank God every day of my life for the series of events that led me at last to the right pages, to you. When I fully realized what it meant— that you had been spared the death you faced so bravely that April morning, the death that has haunted my thoughts and my nightmares for so long— It was like a wound, the oldest and deepest scar ripped back open, inch by inch. I was completely laid bare from it, from the storm of emotions warring within me: such joy, such anguish for the lost time (how many more years could we have had, Jamie, had I looked?), such fear—and then joy again, because the years of grief could now be ended, and *against all reason!* I could see you again.  

Likewise will I thank God every day for the small voice in my head that nudged me at the very last moment to go first to Lallybroch, rather than to your shop in Edinburgh. Please thank Jenny for me. She explained everything. 

It is for the best, that it happened this way; easier, I think, for all concerned. Perversely, despite the shock, I find myself smiling in this moment: for we promised there would be no lies between us, remember? It is a promise I make to you again, today. You can know, then, with absolute certainty, that it can be no lie when I tell you that I am glad glad and on-my-knees grateful to Heaven that you have found true happiness. 

After all the pain and the loss, the war and the hunger and the suffering you’ve endured, to know that you have a wife with whom you’ve found something new and wonderful; that you have had the joy of holding your own children in your arms, to have seen them be born and grow? It is a balm, Jamie, a comfort to know that despite all the cruelty fate has dealt you—dealt us— you have been blessed with such great and abundant joy. Never would I wish anything less for you, just as I know you would not for me. 

It is my deepest prayer that as you read these words, you will know the truth of them, will be able to feel my heart through the page, and KNOW that from its very depths, I wish you every happiness with your wife and your daughters. 

And yet I couldn’t leave, couldn’t go back from whence I came, without telling you about another little girl, who was born the 23rd of November the year of Culloden. 

I hope the contents of the brown packet, here enclosed, tell you more than any words could about your daughter—our daughter—Brianna Ellen.

Jamie was shaking—no, he was — crumbling

Every breath wrenched through him, agonizing, and the tears were falling, blurring his vision. He had to sit back on his haunches to keep them from dropping onto the page and blurring her precious words. 

Her words


His hands were quaking with



Jesus, GOD in 


He COULD NOT think

Thoughts, words, they were—

They failed him, simply abandoned him as he shook on the study rug. Only his body seemed to know the way, for he was snatching for the parcel, tearing at the string binding the paper. There was an oily, unidentifiable wrapping within, then a layer of soft flannel, and then —   

The sound that escaped him—He didn’t even know there existed such a sound within him. It was terrible and beautiful at once, and though it was in no language, what he felt, his lips over and over formed a word, the only word he could muster: “No….NO….” 

For as though a great knife had cut through those terrible, looming stones on the accursed hill, Jamie held his infant daughter, newly-born, sleeping there in the palms of his hands. The portrait—picture?—painting?—was all in shades of grey, and yet somehow lifelike as a true bairn in miniature before him, like peering through a spyglass straight into that distant life.

He had not a single thought to spare for how, or by what means…

He could only trace the bitty wee fists curled on the blanket, the sweet wisps of hair on the tiny skull.

“Oh, mo chridhe…” 

He couldn’t look away, could not even blink, though tears were coursing downward. 

God, the child —this very child — 

—delivered safely into the world and into the arms of her mother—her mother.

The babe had lived—LIVED.

The pad of his thumb caught slightly as he caressed her cheek, and the portrait slid upward just enough to reveal — “Ohh…Jesus…”

She was grown to a toddling child, eating a cake that was smeared all about her face. And damn him if he didn’t LAUGH amidst the weeping to see just how pleased with herself she looked for it, a cuddly toy raised in triumph like a sword, four wee teeth visible as she giggled out a victory cry.

There she was again, older, standing in a great snowfall, naught but wee cheeks and grinning eyes visible under the great padded suit she wore against the cold. 

Older, still. Three? Four? Sitting proper-like in a pretty frock with her hair combed smooth. 

Such a sweet face—

Older, still, standing with a wee box in her hand beside a giant something with wheels, proud and eager, eyes bright.

And then he was gasping as the spyglass world ignited into blazing, brilliant colors. He saw his daughter’s hair, red and victorious and shining against the black coat of the huge dog she hugged tight; saw the pink flush of her cheeks, spread down her neck as it always did his, when he was happy and exuberant.

On and on flashed the paintings, these captured moments of his daughter’s life.

Going fishing and doing a damn fine job of it. 

Playing uproariously in the sea-surf, splashing and laughing with complete abandon.

Absolutely lovely as as she grew out of girlhood, and God, how vividly he could see Claire in her, as she did—in the lines of her, the way she held her mouth, tilted her head—that broad, clear brow that begged to be kissed, reverently—

Laughing, carefree, safe

Braw and strong as she chopped wood. Good lass!

Gazing softly out a window, seeming not even to notice her image being captured. 


and on

and on 

until he was gasping and looking at the last portrait, of an achingly beautiful young woman sitting on a rock before a fire, making camp for the night, perhaps. Her face was cast in the same golds and red as her hair; the dreams of her heart seeming to dance across her eyes—as they always did her mother’s. His daughter…grown.  

The paintings were strewn all around him on the carpet, a tableau of her; her life. On his knees he bowed over them, overwhelmed and shuddering with great sobs as he looked, and looked, and looked.

She was—

She would be

…..she was well.  

The child HAD been safe.

It hadn’t been for naught. 

He fell, then, and sheltered her like a cloak, keeping his child, his daughter, safe and shielded from the world for just one moment; safe…his….


It was only sudden, ripping, screaming panic that yanked him out of the quiet calm, searching wildly, fumbling with desperate hands—

But relief tore from his throat just as suddenly as he found a second page: 

Not everything can be captured in a photograph, of course (that’s what they’re called. Did I ever tell you about them?), and there’s so much I long to tell you about this wonderful person.

Will you believe she’s been taller than me since the age of thirteen? She carries it like a queen, though, like I imagine your mother did. She doesn’t slouch or try to hide. Not Bree. 

Oh, yes: most people call her Bree, for short. 

She bites her nails, when she’s thinking hard. I don’t even think she notices when she’s doing it.

She’s absolutely brilliant, Jamie, studying at one of the top universities in the world to be a historian. You would be so very proud of her. 

She’s not perfect, of course. Perhaps her biggest flaw as half-Scottish is that she HATES whisky, haha. I’ll do my best to win her over, though, don’t you worry. 

She’s a spectacular artist, another way in which she takes after her grandmother. She captures you, completely. 

That statement, actually, is true in more ways than one. Our Brianna is captivating, in every way. 

She’s an absolute wonder with maths and figures —as natural to her as breathing, it seems, just like they are for you. 

She smiles in her sleep, just like her father. 

She’s so like you, Jamie, it breaks my heart. 

After Frank died—But Lord, I haven’t said anything of him. 

It was two years ago. He had a good, full life, and he loved Bree more than anything in the world. He could have been cruel, could have taken out his anger upon the child, the very breathing manifestation of the ways in which I’d betrayed him—but he didn’t. From the moment he first held her, Frank loved her as his own, and while things between he and I were tenuous, to say the least, I will always love him for the father he was to her, for the sacrifices he made for her. I hope that is a comfort to you, and not a blow. 

After he was gone, after giving her time to grieve, it felt important that Bree should know about you, about the stones. It took—well, it frankly took a bloody lot of luck and a jolly good miracle to get her to believe, *but she does.* She loved Frank with all her heart, but she knows now that Jamie Fraser was her father. IS her father. 

You should know that she was instrumental in finding you. She persisted when I would have faltered under the doubts and the fears. As ecstatic and overjoyed as I was at the news that you were alive, I was so afraid Jamie, for you, for me, for Bree. 

Even though I know she, too, was plagued with fears, she remained strong; and she kept ME strong. Even at the very stones, when I was so wracked with guilt over leaving her forever that I would have stayed, for her sake, she was there to strengthen me, to tell me not to look back. She said that she was giving me back to you, and that if I didn’t go, *she* would. ‘Someone has to find him and tell him I was born,’ she said, and she meant it. 

THAT is the kind of person your daughter is growing to be, Jamie: determined, and brilliant, and selfless for the sake of those she loves; *and that includes you.* She asked me to give you a kiss, just from her. I’ve left it here, on the page, for you to keep, always. 

Brianna has been the greatest joy of my life since we parted, a joy that would have been richer only if I had been granted the grace to raise her with you at my side. Thank you for her. THANK YOU for making me go on, for her sake. Despite everything, it has been a good life. Even in those long years of grief, I had the joy of seeing you every day, of seeing your spirit, there in the child of our love. And I’m so very grateful. 

I’ll keep telling her about you. There wasn’t enough time, before I left. She’ll be able hear everything, now. I promise. 

Jamie shook his head hard, fast, feeling for a third page that wasn’t there. “No…” 

Be happy, Jamie Fraser, and LIVE. 

“No,” he moaned. his eyes clinging to the fleeting words, even as he begged them not to stop. “Claire…”

Love, always

“Mo nighean donn, don’t —  


Those next seconds were everlasting, each terrible, catastrophic truth echoing in his soul like the toll of a great bell, over and over. 

She had been here

Claire had been here

She left

Claire left

Because Jenny—

She was sitting at the bottom of the staircase, crying hard into Ian’s shoulder. When the study door crashed open, her head shot up and she jumped to her feet, her face pure terror. “Jamie, mo ch—”

“When?” He snarled it, and Jenny convulsed with a deep sob like a swallowed scream, and covered her face with her hands. 

Jamie was thundering toward her, a veil of red over his vision as he demanded, “WHEN?” 

Ian—in a shockingly deft and smooth movement given the leg—shot to his feet, shielding Jenny from Jamie’s rage with his body. 

In all truth, the rational parts of Jamie’s mind were glad for Ian’s presence, for that was the only thing keeping the blood rage from taking control, from taking revenge. “WHEN was she here, woman?” he bellowed over Ian’s shoulder,  “How fucking long did ye see fit to keep—”

Ian shoved him, eyes blazing. “You’ll NOT talk that way to—” 

Mor—ning—”Jenny sobbed, her voice a strangled whisper, “—gone before—Jamie! Oh, JamieI ken I’ll—never for—give mys—for—” 

HOW MANY MONTHS?”  he roared, overtaken by despair, overtaken by rage, becoming a nameless beast under it. “HOW MANY YEARS, JENNY?” 

“This morning—” she wailed, “To—TO—DAY—” 



And then a great wave, tall as a mountain, rose up within Jamie, blasting out everything within him in a single cataclysmic moment of clarity. 



Then she was—

She could be no more than—

He vaulted up the stairs four at a time, paying no heed to Janet and Wee Ian and the others who were gathered at the top of the staircase, wide-eyed and pale and gaping.

Less than a minute later, he thundered back down past them all, breeks only half-laced under his boots, traveling bag on his back. 

“No,” Jenny moaned, grasping at his sleeve as he passed and trying to hold him back. “Jamie, ye canna—Ye CANNA catch her, she's—GONE—she’s—”

He shook her off, hard enough to knock her off-balance, and ran to the kitchen, shoving what food he could lay his hands on into his sack and moving straight to the door, so crazed with determination he could barely see what it was he took. Food didn’t matter. Fatigue, already tugging at him, didn’t matter. Claire was— 

“Jamie, she’s nearly a day ahead—” Jenny caught the handle just as he did, eyes absolutely wild. “Ye dinna even ken where she’s bound or—” 

He spared his sister one look, and let all the hate and contempt, the rage and the betrayal show there as he growled, “I ken precisely where she’s bound.” 

I was born on a child farm

by reddit user IamHowardMoxley

“There is no free will.”

Those are the first words I ever read. I woke to them every day for many years. They were written on a sign. The sign was hung above the opposite row of bunks in the Sleeping Barn. I have no memories from before the farm; I assumed I was born there.

None of the children there knew why we were here or where we came from…nobody even knew how long we had been at the farm. Some children aged. Some didn’t. I can’t remember much, but that’s what happens when you are not given too much to remember.

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» the boy at the boardwalk

vernon x reader

gif; mine

word count: 2,280

includes: skaterboarding!vernon who gets distracted by a cutie on the boardwalk + injuries that need tending to + fluffity fluff

✎ feel like i haven’t posted a scenario in forever :(( so have some fluffy vernita!! i’m working on a woozi x wonu x reader fic tht i’m rlly hyped 2 get out so i hope this sates you in the meantime!

Hansol liked to skateboard to work every morning. He took the same route each day, starting from the smooth tile outside his apartment and ending at the glass doors belonging to the town’s diner. He never had an answer as to why his skateboard came with him everywhere. Pictures taken from last year’s Halloween party presented Hansol lousily wrapped in toilet paper, his costume being the ever so original mummy that at least six other people at the party had certainly not been wearing. Hansol liked to claim his costume came out different. He was a skateboarding mummy.

On his best friend’s birthday he had one arm resting thoughtfully around his shoulders, tiny splotches of buttercream frosting across their noses and hardly sticking to their foreheads. Hansol’s skateboard must have also been treated as an equal member to the night for along the black surface were more frosting smears, the board held tightly in Hansol’s other hand. Even when his younger sister fell from the monkey bars and sprained her wrist, pictures taken of her recovery in the hospital room had snippets of Hansol smiling, skateboard sitting in his lap.

Seeing Hansol without his skateboard was like seeing butterflies without wings. A peculiar sight indeed if someone ever managed to glean across it. In fact, something Hansol liked to glean across more than his skateboard, was you.

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up on heaven’s boulevard

wordcount: 1965

summary: a meditation on nail polish, set march 2017.

genre: kind of thoughtful, mostly sweet.

warnings: nothing beyond mild language.

a/n: i wrote this a couple of weeks ago, and then my boy dan took a selfie and captioned it “post the nail polish fic. it’s time.” happy easter, too. (title from stars by grace potter & the nocturnals)

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Originally posted by nct-madness

Pairing: Reader x Yuta

Word Count: 3.7k+

Warnings: nothing for now!

Summary: Brother’s best friend au! with Taeyong as the reader’s brother and Yuta as the brother’s best friend! Most likely going to be a three-shot but maybe more!

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: It’s finally here guys! I’ve been working on this all week and I know it’s a bit short, but I really wanted to use this part to set the mood and give you guys a sense of the personalities! Don’t worry though, there’s definitely romance in this part too! Feedback is much appreciated and I really hope you all enjoy!

A shiver runs down your spine, your jacket doing nothing to keep the icy droplets from burning your skin. You had called your older brother about 30 times, none of which were answered, to come pick you up from your friends house. You dial his number once more, and yet again are met with his voicemail. You knew you should have taken the car, but you decided to be a nice sister and leave it with your brother since he asked you to. You would’ve never left it with him if you knew it was going to rain and he wouldn’t answer your phone calls. The streets are eery and dark because of the small storm. Not a bit of sun is shining through the clouds, and you’re legitimately the only person on the street. You speed up your pace, hoping to reach the comfort of your house as soon as possible. A sliver of the view of your house comes into sight as you turn the next corner, and before you know it you’re almost jogging to your house. Carefully walking up the wet driveway, you make your way to the front door. You notice another car in your normally one car driveway, but pay no attention to it just wanting to warm up inside. Creaking open the door, you look in to see no one in the living room.

“TAEYONG, I’M HOME!” You yell, slipping off your soaked jacket and almost ruined shoes. You cringe in disgust as you ring your hair out, the stench of rain all over it and the rest of your body. Footsteps echo throughout the hall, as your older brother makes his way from the kitchen to your voice.

“Hey sis- What the hell happened to you?” He says, stopping once he see’s your drenched form in the doorway.

“It’s pouring outside! I tried to call you, but you wouldn’t pick up your phone, so I had to walk home!” You reply.

“I’m sorry y/n, I-” Taeyong starts, before he is interrupted by the man of your dreams himself.

“Y/n! What a nice surprise!” He says, painting a playfully.

The beat of your heart starts speeding up as your gaze falls upon the dark haired male. Yuta is not only your brother’s best friend, but he is downright the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen in your entire life, and you’re not even exaggerating. The guy makes you so nervous, you can barely get out two words when you’re around him. It doesn’t help that he’s the biggest flirt there is. Nakamoto Yuta will flirt with anyone, including you. He knows how to use his looks to his advantage. How he became best friends with your idiot of an older brother, you have no idea. 

“So, what happened to you? Decided to run through a sprinkler or something?” He asks, cheekily. A blush paints over your cheeks as you take notice of what a mess you must look like right now. Your wet clothes are sticking to your body, your makeup is all smeared and your hair is dripping. Not to mention, Yuta’s clearly staring at your exposed body, making you even more anxious.

“She had to walk home from her friend’s house in the rain since I have the car and I wasn’t picking up my phone.” Taeyong says, deciding to stick up for you since he feels guilty.

“Sorry y/n it’s my fault. Taeyong and I were playing a video game so his phone was muted… but hey, it’s not too bad right?” Yuta replies with a smirk, eyes raking up and down your drenched body. Yuta’s flirtatious advantages are nothing new to you, but you can’t help but feel self conscious with your clothes being so see through.

“Not too bad? She’s completely drenched!” Taeyong says, giving his friend a “wtf man” look. 

“Yeah, but I personally don’t mind the view.” Yuta says, shooting you a wink, causing Taeyong to elbow him in the stomach.

“Hey man, be careful what you say, that’s my sister.” Taeyong says sternly. However, Yuta just rolls his eyes and keeps looking at you. Not wanting to stay there any longer because of the awkward atmosphere created by Yuta’s daring comment, you decide to bolt.

“Uh, I’m gonna go change!” You say, turning around without waiting for a decent response. You quickly head up to your room and shut the door, letting out a deep breath. Everything is silent until Yuta’s laugh is heard echoing throughout the house and you finally manage to calm down. The stench of rain is still heavy on your clothes as you look through your drawers for something comfy to change in to. Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you always borrow is the first thing you see that you deem suitable enough your comfort. You’re about to change when you finally see your own reflection in the mirror. Black streaks are all over your face from your makeup and your hair is absolutely destroyed. To put it curtly, you look like you’ve been hit by a bus. Deciding the best option here is to shower first, you lay the clothes you were going to put on on your bed and head into the shower. 

The hot water runs down your body making all of the tense muscles in your body start to relax. Yuta always flirts with you, whether the two of you are in front of Taeyong or not, but you can never tell if he’s being genuine or not. Taeyong tells you about Yuta’s pursuits with girls all of the time and they make you sort of iffy. Whether Yuta seriously feels something for you or not, it’s too late for you. Your feelings for Yuta are in full swing and every time he flirts with you or looks at you a certain way, they just get stronger. Finishing up in the shower, you wrap your towel around your body and open the door to the bathroom. A small scream escapes your mouth when you’re met with Yuta’s smirking face.

“Oh y/n, I’m so sorry! I didn’t know you were in the shower.” He says not so discreetly looking you up and down yet again.

Even more uncomfortable than last time, you adjust your towel slightly, as if that’d do anything, and reply, “Yeah, well I felt all dirty from the rain so, I just decided to hop in really fast… don’t worry, the bathroom’s all yours now!”

“Great, thanks!” He replies, walking past you to go into the bathroom. His shoulder brushes against yours since he didn’t wait for you to move. Completely flustered, you go to walk away, but then Yuta grabs your wrist, pulling you into him so closely that you can feel his breath on your face.

“By the way y/n,” he starts, “You should really be more cautious of who you decide to walk around in a towel in front of” he smirks, shutting the door before you can respond. The door is shut before you even think of anything to respond, and you literally just stand there in awe for a few seconds. Not wanting to be there when he comes out, you race back to your bedroom and shut the door with a little too much force, making you flinch. Your face is bright red as you take deep breaths and try to comprehend what just happened to you. Mentally scolding yourself for not bringing your clothes with you into the bathroom, you sigh and take a seat upon your bed. Your personal heavy breathing is the only thing that you can hear until the creaking of the bathroom door opening breaks the silence. You quickly hold your breath, praying that Yuta won’t approach you again. Luckily, you hear his footsteps walk right past your room and head straight down the stairs. Deciding sitting in a towel staring into space is not the most intelligent or effective way to cope with your feelings, you stand up and prepare to get dressed. However, before you get the chance, your door is pushed open, making you let out a scream identical to the one from before.

“Taeyong! Why didn’t you knock, I could’ve been changing!” You shriek without even glancing to see if it was actually him at the door and just assuming. 

“Well that would’ve been a lovely sight to see.” You freeze once you hear the velvety voice that responds and wonder what you possibly could’ve done to be this unlucky. Nerves start creeping up your spine as you try to muster up something, ANYTHING, to say in response to Yuta. Sensing that you’re flustered, Yuta decides to take things a bit further.

“I didn’t know you liked sitting around in a towel after you shower y/n! If I had known that, I would’ve invited you to come hang downstairs with us.” He says with a wink, leaving you even more breathless than you were before. 

You try to say something to explain yourself, but all that comes out is, “I don’t uh… this isn’t… I don’t normally-”

“Hey hey, it’s ok! Maybe you just like to feel free sometimes? I don’t judge. In fact I’m the same way! If it wasn’t for your brother’s rules I’d probably be walking around nude right now.” Yuta says, causing yet again, another blush on your face. You wonder how Yuta is able to have absolutely no shame. He’s always confident and smug whenever he flirts with you, making sure to always make eye contact and do the correct body gestures; but, for some reason you can’t seem to do the same. It’s as if he hypnotizes you every time his eyes meet yours. After not receiving an answer, Yuta steps further into your room. Every step closer he gets, the more quickly your heart starts beating. Time feels as if it’s in slow motion, though in reality it’s only a few seconds as he walks over and casually takes a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“So anyways, Tae asked me to come up and tell you that the two of us are going out tonight so we won’t be home until late.” He says. Your heart drops. It’s no shocker that Taeyong and Yuta are going out tonight, they’re two attractive teenage guys. But you can’t help but feel a little let down that Yuta was just harmlessly flirting with you. Determined not to let him win this little game you just made up, you try to keep your guard up and calmly ask, “Where are you two going?”

Yuta just laughs softly and looks into your eyes. “Just to our friends house. He’s having a party tonight and the two of us decided to go.” Yuta places his hands on your bed and leans forward so that he’s closer to you. “I asked if you could join, but your brother insisted it’s best if you stay home. It’s too bad really, I feel like the two of us could’ve had a lot of fun together.” He says, with a mischievous glint in his eye. Looking into his eyes just amplifies what he was making you feel already. 

“Yeah that’s really too bad… but I’m not ready for a party anyway… it’s not like I could show up in this towel right?”

When Yuta doesn’t respond, you look up at his face to see him staring at something. Turning around, you follow his gaze to Taeyong’s sweatshirt that you had laid on your bed.

“Whose sweatshirt is that?” Yuta asks, his voice void of emotion.

“Why?” You ask, your brow lifting up in confusion. 

“Just curious…” He says quietly. You didn’t catch on at first, but a little smirk slowly makes it’s way onto your face as you read the situation. It’s entirely possible that Yuta is jealous right now.

“Oh it’s just Taeyongs. I like guys sweatshirts better than girls, so I steal his all of the time.” You reply. An apparent wave of relief washes over his face.

“Cute.” He says with a small smile. “I guess I better get going.” 

“The two of you have fun. Tell Tae to keep me updated so I know he isn’t lost and shit faced on the sidewalk ok?” You reply with a new sense of confidence after learning about Yuta’s jealousy.

Yuta simply smiles as he gets up. “Will do y/n.” 

He starts walking towards the door, but turns around again before the exit. His eyes bore into yours with a matching sense of confidence. “By the way, you’re welcome to wear one of my sweatshirts anytime.” And with that, he shuts the door and leaves you to delve in your own thoughts.


After Taeyong and Yuta had left, you didn’t really know what to do with yourself. In an attempt to wait up for them, you get yourself comfortable on the couch in the living room and begin to binge watch one of your favorite dramas, hoping it’ll distract the images of Yuta from your mind. However, your plan fails when the drama actually has you thinking more about Yuta, like what’d it’d be like if he treated you like guys in dramas treat their girlfriends. You wonder if the two of you could ever be like that; cuddled up on the couch, looking at each other as if you two are the only things that matter in the world, saying cheesy declarations to one another, sharing soft kisses. You shake your head lightly, telling yourself not to get your hopes up. First of all, it’s a drama that you’re comparing this type of relationship to, AND it’s with Yuta of all people. You scoot around on the couch, adjusted the pillow you are laying on so that you could feel more comfortable. The voices of the actors eventually begin to fade out as you slowly fall asleep to the noise of the drama.

The sound of the front door pulls you out of your sleeping state. Blurriness clouds your vision as your eyes begin to adjust to the light. You grab your phone and take a quick glance at the time, seeing that it’s 3am. You stretch your arms above your head and look around to see where the noise came from, your stiff back aching as you slowly stand up from the couch. Walking out of the living room all disheveled, you’re met with the sight of your extremely drunk brother being held up a by an only slightly drunk Yuta. 

“Oh hey y/n!!!!” Your brother slurs, “What’s up sisssss?” 

You sigh and go to take Taeyong from Yuta’s hold, your body falling forward from the effect of holding up your brother’s weight. “Come on Tae, it’s 3am and you’re super drunk. Let’s get you to bed.” 

“No, I wanna stay here!” Taeyong says pouting like a 5 year old, pushing you away from him and plopping himself down on the couch. Having been in this situation before and knowing it’s best not to fight him when he’s drunk, you decide to just take a seat next to him, too tired to fight him anyway. You failed to realize that Yuta’s been watching you the entire time, and for the first time, he almost doesn’t know what to do with himself. He just showed up to your house with your drunk older brother. Does he flirt with you like he normally does? Does he leave? Does he stay over like he was supposed to? Lucky for him, you decide to initiate conversation this time.

“Are you staying over tonight?” You question quietly, having no idea where you got the confidence to ask him that.

“Well yeah I was supposed to… but I could go home if it makes you uncomfortable?” He says politely, almost shocking you.

“No it’s ok, you don’t make me uncomfortable. And you’ve been drinking, it’s probably best that you don’t drive and just stay here.” You say. A curt nod is the only response you get from the dark haired male. He then walks over and takes a gentle seat next to you on the couch. Taeyong is passed out by now and the atmosphere between you and Yuta is just awkward. Neither of you can find anything to say to one another. You wonder what could’ve happened at the party to rid him of his flirtatious persona, but you decide it’s best not to ask. You look over to your right and see Yuta carelessly scrolling through Instagram. Without realizing, you unintentionally end up staring at his side profile for a long time. His perfect nose, his long eyelashes, his smooth lips; every feature present on his face is able to appeal to you. Feeling your stare, Yuta looks up and meets your gaze. Too embarrassed that you were caught, you immediately look down towards your lap and reach behind you to take out your phone. However, Yuta eye’s don’t leave your face. He’s studying you just as you were him and you know it, but you can’t find the courage to look up.

“Y/n can I ask you something?” He asks, finally breaking the silence.

“Go for it.” You reply anxiously.

“What do you really think of me?”

Your eyes widen in response, not expecting such a question, you reply, “What do you mean?”

“How do you view me? Like when you hear my name, what comes to mind?” He asks, his eyes not leaving your face for a second. When you don’t answer, he decides to go further.

“Look, I like you Y/n. I’ve always thought you were gorgeous but the more I’ve come to hang with Taeyong and the more I’ve gotten to know you…” He stops, almost as if he’s trying to find the right words to say.

Having a feeling where he’s going with this, you interrupt, “Yuta, you’re my brothers best friend…” as you’re fighting an internal battle with yourself on what you should say, since he did almost basically just confess to you. 

“What? Is that ALL you see me as?” He asks, scooting closer to you. “I know what you think of me y/n.” He pauses, sighing. “I know that you think I’m insanely attractive, and I know that you like me. But, I also know that you think I’m a flirty fuckboy who only flirts with you for my own enjoyment.” He stops, making sure he’s looking in your eyes before he says, “Well I want you to know that none of that is true.”

“If you already know, then why did you ask?” You reply.

Yuta nods slowly and meets your gaze again. “I’m really not like that you know.” He says. “I don’t flirt just to flirt, I flirt because of you.” When you don’t respond, he decides to continue. “You aren’t just some girl y/n, i’ve known you for as long as I’ve known Taeyong. And everytime he invites me over, I get the pleasure of seeing you. I can’t even tell you how much I secretly love it when Tae tells you to chill with us and you say yes. I love watching the heat rush to your cheeks whenever I talk to you, and I love how nervous you get whenever I’m around.” Yuta finishes, leaning even closer towards your body.

“Yuta… you’re drunk.” You tell him, unable to come up with any other valid response. He definitely drank, but the both of you knew that he was no where near Taeyong’s level, and he knew that you knew. 

“I’m not drunk y/n, I’m just barely tipsy. You and I both know that. And even if I were drunk, they say alcohol is what causes the truth to come out.” He says, leaning in even more, which you didn’t even realize was possible, to a point where there’s barely any space left in between the two of you.

“B-but Taeyong?” You say, your breathing getting heavier, anticipating what’s about to happen.

“Just forget about Taeyong for a second.” He says, reaching his large hand up to cup the side of your face, the warm of his hand acting as a sense of comfort. “Let me just try something.” He says softly. His hand gently guides your head, pulling you closer to him. His breath is light on your face as the space between your lips slowly begins to disappear. Yuta’s lips softly graze your own for not even a second, before you’re suddenly hit in the back of the head by the Taeyong’s arm, signaling that he’s waking up from his little drunken nap. A grunt escapes Taeyong’s throat and you and Yuta quickly pull away from each other. Silently cursing Taeyong in your head, you turn around to check on him. 

“Hey guys! What happened to the partyyyyy?!” He asks, slur still clearly present in his voice. Yuta has yet to look away from you, it just not feeling right to remove his gaze after such an intense moment. He had been waiting for that for a very long time, it was about to happen, and Taeyong had managed to rip it from his fingers in a matter of seconds. But being the good best friend he is, Yuta puts his needs aside and goes to help Taeyong.

“Come on man, let’s get you to sleep.” Yuta says sighing.

“But it’s party time!!!!!” Taeyong slurs again, falling into Yuta as he tries to stand up from the couch.

“We really should monitor how much he drinks next time.” You joke, laughing slightly in hopes of lightening the atmosphere after such an intense moment.

Yuta gives you a genuine smile in return and says, “Well I guess I’ll get him into bed so that you could go to sleep.” 

Yuta leaves Taeyong on the couch for a second as he goes to approach you. He walks up to you, cradles your head in his large hands, and brings your forehead to his lips to place a gentle kiss upon it, causing your heart to flutter at the sweet act. “Goodnight y/n”. He says, shooting you a small smile and leading your brother up the stairs. And with that, the two of you are left to wander in your own thoughts. 


A/N: Well that’s the end of part one guys! Again feedback is really appreciated! It’d be awesome if you guys let me know what you liked about it and what you want to see in part 2! Thank you so much again for reading!

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever- Harry Hook

Request: Could you do a Harry Hook imagine based on “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever”? Thanks!

Warnings: Like one cuss word

A/N: This is based off this song. I really enjoyed writing this one so I hope you like it! Also, would you guys like me to start saying the word count for each imagine? Let me know.


Harry’s POV

Harry sat alone on his bed, his eyes bloodshot from another sleepless night. He’d been waiting for you. For some sign of you, a visit, a note, anything. He hadn’t left his room for almost two days and many called him over dramatic, but he didn’t care. He lost you. Which is something he never thought possible. Harry was losing hope quickly of you coming back to him, a part of him just wanted to forget about it. But he brushed that idea off as quick as it came, he needed you, and he wouldn’t be able to forget you.

“Pull yourself together, idiot.” Harry whispered to himself. “She’s not coming back.”

He let that realization sink in. He messed stuff up with you, it was his fault. Why should he act like the victim?

He stared into the dirty mirror mounted on his wall, “What is happening to me?”

The smeared eyeliner, bloodshot eyes, pale skin, ocean blue eyes now a darker color. It was so unlike him to be like this. He was the infamous Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook. He wore that name with pride and made sure he always looked the part too. He was one of the strongest and toughest people on the Isle. One of the most evil. So why was he acting like this?

Harry’s thoughts drifted to you, your smile, your eyes, your lips, all those memories you’ve made together. He couldn’t throw all that away just because of one mistake he’d made. He couldn’t live like this much longer, his life was shades of black and white with out you. But when you were there you brought color and meaning to this pointless life on the Isle. Suddenly the pointless life on the Isle wasn’t pointless anymore with you.

He was going to get you back.

Your POV

You brought your hand up to brush the tear rolling down your cheek. You wouldn’t shed any tears over him. He had let you down too many times.

You thought about Harry constantly. You would walk around the Isle and see him in every face that passes by. And you could’ve sworn your hear his voice calling your name. You saw Harry in all the empty faces.

You broke up with Harry last week because he never paid much attention to you. It was always Uma, Uma, Uma. Always about his pirate crew. You understood he knew them longer, they were family to him. But he constantly blew you off for them, he cancelled countless dates because, “Uma needed him to watch the ship” or “Gil needed help with something.” You were giving so much to the relationship, and he gave nothing. It was one sided and you didn’t want to be the only one putting effort into it anymore. So you broke it off.

You knew Harry loved you, though. He just had a hard time showing it, emotions weren’t a very common thing with him. And you needed a lot of love, he just couldn’t give you that. You thought of his messy hair, those blue eyes, that damn smirk of his. You thought of the time you and him snuck off in the middle of the night to the shore of the Isle, to watch the commotion of Auardon from across the sea. And how that night you two vowed you’d get to Auradon together.

You wondered if you just dodged a bullet or lost the love of your life. You were going crazy, but you weren’t going to let Harry back in so easily. He needed to prove to you that he was serious about you. It was gonna take more than ocean blue eyes and a smirk to lure you back into his spell again.

You would meet with Harry soon enough and you would get him back.

You sat with your back facing your door. You were twiddling with this pearl Harry found on the shore and gave to you. You kept it even after the two of you split.

A knock on your door suddenly sounded. And a weary looking Harry stepped through into your house. He looked terrible. He wasn’t looking like the shining pirate you were used to seeing. He looked drained.

Your mouth gaped open at the sight of this, “…Harry? What happened? You look-,” You stopped. You wanted to hold him in your arms and take him back right then and there, but you couldn’t. Not that easily.

“(Y/N), we need to talk.” Harry paused and he looked at you before sitting down on the bed next to you, scanning your figure.

He began again, “I’m sorry for everything. I treated you like crap sometimes I know, I-I just let being first mate get to my head. All those people on my crew look up to me, I felt like I was important for once. Like I wasn’t the screw up like my father thinks I am. I felt wanted.” He confessed.

You responded, “I wanted you Harry. You were important to me. You always had me, why couldn’t you just tell me all of this. We could’ve talked things out.”

“I- I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry (Y/N). I was an asshole to you and I deserved all the sorrow that came to me. But I’m going crazy without you love, you keep me sane. You’ll always be my love. Is this really the end of us?” His blue eyes held worry in them.

“I can’t just take you back that easily, Harry. I need to know I can trust you, that you won’t hurt me again.” Your tone was serious.

“(Y/N), I can’t change the past, but if there’s one thing I can change, it’s the future. And I promise that as long as we’re together, I’ll protect you. You have my word, love.” Harry was closer to you now, your bodies inches away from touching.

“Okay then, Hook. You have one more chance, don’t ruin it.” He promptly nodded.

You hadn’t noticed till now that you both had been leaning forward unconsciously. His lips were just barely grazing yours while his hands were wrapped up in your hair. It was like he was waiting for permission to kiss you.

You looked into those damn blue eyes and whispered, “Kiss me.”

And he did.

His lips were so soft, and almost had a taste of salt. From his tears you assumed. It was just like old times, his hands were up in your hair, as your hands gripped his muscular arms. The kiss was slow, and longing. He kissed you like you were the only thing that mattered, like you were his sanity. It was clear he needed you. His arms were desperate and needy as they trailed down to your waist. He gripped your figure tightly, like he was afraid to let go and lose you again. His lips parted from yours, and he pressed his forehead to yours.

He whispered, “I love you.”

You were taken aback, you two had never said that to each other before. He stared at you nervously, waiting for your response.

You knew in your heart you loved him too. “I love you more.” You smiled and looked at him. He was your sunlight. He pulled you into his arms and you both laid down on the bed, your head resting on his chest. Harry was running his hands through your hair and his hands started to grow lazy, and his breaths evened out. He was fast asleep. You looked at his soft sleeping figure, so vulnerable and sweet. Your entire world laid sleeping beneath you.

You closed your eyes and allowed yourself to succumb to sleep too. Just before you slept you decided you didn’t want to live forever if he wasn’t there beside you.

You’re the One (Kylo Ren x reader)

Word Count: 5246

Summary: After being stranded on a planet, Kylo Ren meets you. You let him stay in your house with you until he can find a way off the planet in the hopes he wouldn’t come back and kill everyone. You eventually fall in love with him, and he feels the same way. 

Author’s note: I wrote this about a year ago, and I just reread it recently. I honestly forgot about this one-shot, and I was inspired to finish it. I didn’t remember anything that I wrote so it was like reading someone else’s work lol how come my recent writing style has degraded in beauty

This is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, so I hope you like it as much as I do. Oh, and Han Solo isn’t dead, this is kind of an alternate universe. (Don’t worry about your requests not being written, I’m in the middle of writing them, some will be longer than others).

Warnings: None

Ben Solo’s dark brown eyes were filled with complete tender affection as he raised his hand to lightly caress your cheek. A small smile formed on your face as you milked the moment as it lasted. The both of you were peacefully resting underneath the starlight that illuminated the gorgeous meadow that surrounded you.

The stars shone bright but just so softly that you didn’t injure your eyes when you gazed upon their magnificence. The field was filled with little beautiful flowers.Their light pastel petals were withdrawn into small ovals, because of the lack of sunlight. The underside of the flowers were a tint lighter than the sun-kissed side, and they slightly glowed in the dark atmosphere.

The usually lit up village houses were now dead; silent and nothing but still shadows. The locals were having lovely dreams of what was to come, what had occurred in the past, or what could have happened. In their subconscious lives, they missed the calm warm breeze that ruffled the leaves of nearby trees. The peaceable stop in time.

You raised your hand to graze over the warm hand on your cheek. Your eyes were saturated with raw emotion for the man sitting adjacent to you. Kylo Ren was your one true soulmate. He wasn’t exactly sinless, but neither were you. You both could deal with his baggage, his fears, and his weaknesses together since the weight of the things he’s done were all too heavy for one person to carry around. You were the one who looked past it all; the one who gave him another chance. There hadn’t been a day that you regretted your decision.

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Don’t complain (Sehun)

Playful anon said: heyyyyy since requests are open now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I want to request a Sehun smut where he ties you to the bed(maybe a blindfold too?) and makes you cum in various ways(ex. with his fingers, with his tongue, with toys… stuff like that) please and thank you~

Word Count: 1267
Genre: smut
Warnings: Not for minors, move along, nothing to read here if you’re underage.

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Unknown King - Part VI

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Great Gatsby AU

Summary: After moving to New York, aspiring author Y/N gets more than what she bargained for when she befriends her mysterious neighbor. In a blur of riches and beauty, she finds herself falling for the man who remains unknown.

A/N: I definitely went overboard on this one, it’s really long! Sugar daddy bucky is about to emerge. If you want to be tagged just ask! I will most likely say yes

Word count: 3k +

Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V


Originally posted by flyngdream

You woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside. Your eyelids opened. The rays poured in from the open curtains. You grabbed a handful of your hair as you scratched your head. In the morning light, you were able to finally see the details in the room. A small chandelier hung above. There was a very comfortable looking sofa at the corner of the room with a coffee table in front of it. A grand balcony complete with a lounge chair. You stared in awe over the horizon. The houses across the lake at East Egg were mere specks but already looked grand.

You got off the bed and went into the adjoined bathroom. It was as big as your room in the cottage. The white marble floor gave the place a hue of brightness. The white bathtub sat on an elevated platform. The steam shower had glass walls and you just couldn’t wait to indulge in a hot shower. After some difficulty in trying to figure out how to turn on the water, you were successful and the warm water now drained down. You stripped yourself of your clothes and sighed in relief at the feeling of warm water.

There were towels that were neatly folded on a small shelf. You grabbed two and wrapped them around your hair and body. Without a second thought, you walked back into the room and nearly screamed when you saw a maid making the bed.

“Good morning Miss Y/N,” She smiled and continued.

Your cheeks burned and you quickly went to your luggage to grab some undergarments. The maid tucked a stray of blonde hair behind her ear before turning to you.

“Would you like me to unpack for you?” She asked.

You shook your head, “Oh, no. No thank you.”

She smiled and nodded, “Understood. Well, I’ll leave you be.” She went into the bathroom and retrieved your dirty clothes. “I’ll take these down to the laundry and Mister Barnes is waiting for you downstairs whenever you’re ready.”

“Thank you,” You said, no quite sure what to do in situations like these. “I’m Y/N, by the way.”

“I know,” She paused. “Mister Barnes talks a lot about you. I’m Shea.”

Before you said anything else she scampered out of the room. You sighed in relief. Then you remembered that Bucky was waiting for you and quickly began to get dressed. Not wanting to waste a minute.

Bucky was at the stove, flipping an omelet with a spatula. He was dressed very lazily in a pair of sweats and black shirt. His hair was not slicked back and his locks now curtained off his face.

He looked at you and smiled, “Morning, Y/N.”

“Good morning, Buck,” You went to wash your hands. “Need any help?”

He shook his head, “I think I’m fine. I’m almost done.”

You stood around for a second before grabbing two cups of glass. You filled one with water and awkwardly drank, trying to avoid small talk. Finally, you decided to break the ice.

“I didn’t know you cooked.” You said truthfully.

He laughed, “I had some spare time and took some lessons with Renaldo and Anthony. Didn’t hurt and I have expanded my cooking skills.”

You smiled, “Impressive.”

He set a plate with an omelet in front of you. He handed you a fork and you thanked him. You waited until he sat across from you to begin eating. The food was delicious and left you wanting more.

After breakfast, Bucky left claiming he had business to attend to. You spent the day unpacking and exploring parts of the house you did not see. Mainly, you just didn’t want to keep getting lost in the maze of halls and bedrooms. You came across several locked doors and rooms that were nearly empty. The room in which you first met Bucky was, in fact, his study. There was a window that had a view of the courtyard, where the parties took place. You wondered why he would simply watch his parties. What was the point? What prevented him from going downstairs and get roaring drunk?

You found yourself in the courtyard, gazing up at the window you were looking out of just minutes ago. You stood on the small platform in the middle of the pool. The staircase loomed over you as you crouched down to dip your fingers in the water. You walked towards the main pool. The large circular body of water that was crystal clear and bright blue at the same time. The floor of the pool had a custom design. A circle with the initials JB. James Barnes. You took your sandals off and sat on the edge. You let your feet dangle off the edge and into the warm water. You had a view of the lake and East Egg from where you sat.

How could Bucky live here all alone? You asked yourself. A house so big with only a few people that he pays to be here. Is that the reason for these parties? To keep the house full even if it’s for a few hours and one day a week. To let people enjoy the riches he has earned when he can’t because he has no time? You bit down on your lip in thought. You felt a headache beginning to blossom. The sun overhead was beating down on you and you had the urge to take a swim. But you didn’t feel comfortable.

“Would you like a towel Miss Y/N?”

You turned to see Ace holding a white towel in his hand. You took it and thanked him. You lay the towel on your lap and continued to gaze off into the distance.


“Yes, Miss Y/N?” He asked.

“How long have you been working for Bucky?”

“About 3 years, Miss, why?”

You shrugged, “Is he ever in any danger?”

“I’m afraid I cannot answer that question,” He said.

You pulled your lips in a thin line. “But,” You paused. “He’s a good person, right?”

“He is a good man,” Ace nodded. “He would never hurt you if that’s what you want to know. He finds your presence quite calming. I do believe your evening will be wonderful.”

You smiled, “Thanks, Ace.”

“I really appreciate you doing this Shea,” You smiled and felt the soft fabric of the robe she gave you. She had insisted you take a bath. She poured various scented products into the water and also smeared on a face mask. Your skin now felt clean and smooth.

She nodded, “It’s what I am here for. Mister Barnes doesn’t always have dates. It’s quite rare so I’m glad he’s found someone as beautiful as you.”

You smiled, “Thank you, Shea”

“Now let’s get you ready!” She exclaimed.

Bucky had returned a few minutes ago. You hadn’t seen him since the morning because you were far too busy sitting in neck deep bubbly water.

Shea made you sit on a chair in front of the vanity. She began to work on your hair and as she did, she went on and on.

“The last girl that I remember he was seeing was a girl named Carmen. That was two years ago and it ended badly. She was cheating on him,” Shea said. “She lost it all and let Mister Barnes heartbroken.”

You weren’t sure how to feel about this new information. It had been 2 years since his last relationship. 2 years until you crashed into his life. You had mix emotions. After Shea finished curling your hair, she began on makeup.

“Oh, you don’t need much,” She stated. “Just some mascara, some glow and a touch of lipstick.” Shea paused. “You are gonna wear the dress he got you right?”

You looked at her, a bit surprised that she knew about that. You nodded to answer her question.

“That dress is gorgeous, I know because I helped pick it out,” She winked. “You’ll look so good in it.”

You had ten more minutes to get ready. With Shea’s help, you got out of the robe and into the gown. It was the first time you wore it and to say the least, it looked absolutely stunning. The top hugged your body perfectly and the skirt flowed around your legs. Shea handed you your black heels and nodded.

“You look beautiful.”

You smile, “Thank you, Shea, I really couldn’t have gotten here without you. My hair looks amazing.”

She grinned, “I will leave you now. I’ll tell Mister Barnes you’re ready now.”

You nodded and she slipped out of the room. You sat on the edge of the bed and composed yourself. You wish you had someone to call, but your only friend was the one that was taking you on the date. You went into the bathroom and made sure you didn’t have anything between your teeth. After spraying yourself with perfume, you nodded at yourself and went towards the door.

You opened it and made your way towards the stairs. Bucky stood at the foot of the stairs, he saw you and smiled. He was dressed in an all black suit and he looked very handsome. He extended his hand and you took it as you reached the bottom.

“You look beautiful Y/N,” He said.

“So do you,” You mentally slapped yourself as you registered what you just said. “Fuck, I mean you look handsome.”

He smiled at your stuttering state, “Come on, not a moment to lose cause I have a fun night planned.”

He led you out of the house where a sleek black Lamborghini was already waiting in the driveway. The butler got out and Bucky thanked him. He opened the door for you and you got in. This was possibly one of the most expensive cars you’ve ever been in. Bucky got into the driver’s seat and sped away from the house. The gates were already open and he raced through.

“So what do you have in store for me, Bucky?” You asked.

“A night full of wonder,” He said. “You look very beautiful by the way, I know I already said that but I wanted to say it again.”

You blushed, “Thank you.”

“Y/N,” He said. “What’s your opinion on me? I don’t want to make it sound like it’s all about me but I know that there are bizarre rumors going around. I just don’t want you to think that I am someone who cannot be trusted.”

“I hardly know you,” You started. “But I do trust you.”

He looked at you and your eyes connected momentarily before he turned his attention back onto the road. The drive over the bridge was quiet. You fiddled with your fingers, wondering if you said something wrong.  You gazed at the city. Every building was illuminated with its glimmering light that came to life every time the sun fell across the horizon. Bucky raced down the busy streets of New York, he weaved in and out of the lanes, receiving various angry honks from drivers. He flew by patrol cars, but the officers did not chase after the car. Just how powerful was Bucky?

James stopped the car in front of a towering hotel. He got out and hurried to your side to open the door. You smiled and took his hand.

“Good evening, sir,” A young man approached you.

Bucky tossed him the keys to the car. “I don’t want to see a scratch, you hear?”

“Of course, sir,” He bowed his head and got into the car.

You hooked your hand through his arm as he led you into the hotel lobby. Your eyes nearly bugged out when they fell upon the giant crystal ball. Men and women of all shapes, color, and age were scattered throughout the lobby. Some carried bags that had prestigious logos such as Chanel, Gucci and other’s you only saw in magazines. Bucky gave you no time to register your surrounding, he was already pulling you in another direction.

“What are we doing here?” You asked.

“This place has an amazing restaurant,” He explained.

“Oh, I thought you booked a room, I was so confused for a minute,” You admitted.

“No!” He exclaimed. “Unless you want to of course.”

Your cheeks burned bright red, but before you could say anything else, you arrived at the hotel’s restaurant. The hostess smiled at us.

“Hello,” She greeted. “Name?”

“Barnes,” Bucky said. “I reserved the entire rooftop patio.”

The hostess looked at the computer and nodded, “Ah, here you are. Barnes and a guest.” She looked at you and smiled. “Your gown is lovely.”

“Thank you,” You beamed.

“Follow me,” She rounded the desk and you squeezed Bucky’s arm as followed the hostess. She stopped in front of an elevator, the doors opened and she motioned for you to step inside. She pressed a button on the number pad and turned to us, “The waiter that will be assisting you for the evening is already waiting. Enjoy your night.”

The doors closed and the elevator began moving up. You took a deep breath and chewed on your lip as you waited.

“Did you really rent out the entire patio?” You asked.

He nodded, “How could I not?”

The evlevator dinged and the doors slid open. Your mouth fell agape when you saw the patio. It was completely empty except for the single table that sat in the middle. A red carpet was extended from the entrance of the elevator to the table. Fairy lights decorated the short walls. The roof opened up to the night sky. The lit up skyscrapers towered over the patio. You were left breathless. A light wind began to pick up, but Bucky placed his hand on the small of your back and a sudden jolt of heat raced through your body.

“Wow.” Was all you could manage.

“Do you like it?” He whispered in your ear.

You turned to him and tilted your head up to meet his eyes, “I love it.”

Bucky pulled out the chair for you before you sat down. His eyes were locked with yours as he planted himself on the chair across you. The waiter approached the table. Two menus were in his hand.

“Good evening,” he began. “Welcome to Belassio, my name is Carson, I will be helping you this evening,  what can I get started for you today?”

“A bottle of your finest wine,” He said without breaking his gaze from you.

“Of course, sir,” Carson nodded and strolled off towards the elevator.

You admired the view around you. No doubt people who were in those tall buildings could see what was happening, but you didn’t care. Bucky cleared his throat, you turned to him.

“Y/N, I’m afraid I haven’t been honest with you,” he said.

“What do you mean?” You asked, your heart crawling in your throat.

He sighed, “I know a lot about you, but you hardly know anything about me. For starters, my name is James Buchanan Barnes, I was raised middle to lower class in Brooklyn. Steve Rogers is my close childhood friend. My father died when I was young and before she died, I’m happy to say that I bought my mother a beautiful house that she always dreamed of. She was able to live like the queen she was always meant to be.” He paused. “I started the business that I am in at the age of 19. Tony Stark, he helped me and shaped me into the man I am today. The line of work that I am in, it isn’t something that’s popular. I hit my climax moment 4 years ago, the money began rolling and I felt like a king.  I bought the house I am currently living in and immediately felt the bad vibes coming from East Eggers.”

Carson came back and poured the wine into two glasses. Bucky let you order your food first, though you weren’t sure about any of the dishes. Instead, Bucky ordered two chefs specials. Carson jotted it down on his notepad and went back down the elevator.

“Is that why you asked me about those rumors?” You asked.

He nodded, “I don’t want you to have the wrong impression of me. We’ve known each other for a few months but I want to tell you the truth so that you could hear it from me and not some ridiculous story told by some gossiping whim.” He paused. “Y/N, doll, I really like you. You’re this gorgeous, kind hearted person who is selfless and you’re just….perfect.”

He stood up and kneeled in front of you, his hands cupping your cheeks, “I want you in my life, Y/N, I do. I will make sure nothing happens to you. I just need you to want to be in my life. That’s terrible wording, but I think you get the point. I’m not going to force you to do anything.”

You were left shocked, you didn’t know what to say next. Bucky was in a sketchy ass business that only seemed to be real in movies. Was he a drug lord? Maybe. Mafia don? Possibly. He was in a line of business that could most likely get him killed. And you strangely knew that nothing would ever happen to you and hopefully him too. He continued to stare with hope clinging onto his eyes. You were speechless but your mind was going a mile a minute. He abruptly stood up and ran his fingers through his hair.

“Okay,” You said quietly. “I trust you, Buck.”

He turned, shock crossed his face but it quickly broke out into a smile. You expected him to do something else but instead, he sat back down on his chair. Your shoulders slumped, disappointed that he didn’t use this golden moment.

“What the hell am I doing?” he asked and suddenly stood up before capturing your lips in his. You held your breath during the breathtaking moment. Fireworks seemed to go off in the background as heat raced through your body. Your face began to grow warm. He pulled away shortly after and you smiled.

“I’m so glad you did that,” You whispered.

“Trust me, doll,” She said. “So am I.”

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Happily Ever After

Except an AU where Dean and Cas are both working for Disney for the summer, and have been cast as the very first gay princes. And at first they hate each other, but it’s hard to pretend you’re in love all day for sweet, shy kids, and then not makeout under the bridge of the magic kingdom castle.

You should all go and check out the amazing fanart thunderjellyfish made for my little prompt! Here is the fic to go with it :)

DISCLAIMER: I have been kindly informed that employees at Disney are NOT allowed to pick up kids for safety and legal reasons. Please suspend disbelief for this fic!

“Where’s the princess?”

If Castiel has to answer this question one more time, he will not be held responsible for his actions. He understands that having two princes star in an epic love story is not exactly Disney’s usual fare, but they obviously did well enough to hire character actors.

Or, nobody watched the movie but Castiel himself, and Disney hired him because they were tired of getting criticized for lack of representation.

Though the latter seems most likely, it’s actually why Cas applied for this job in the first place. He isn’t necessarily a huge fan of Disney movies, but as someone who grew up with zero gay role models in popular children’s media, Castiel can wholeheartedly understand and appreciate the importance of a homosexual Disney movie.

The problem, then, becomes not the job itself, but everything else about it.

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pegasusdragontiger  asked:

You/Seb are expecting twins and you told Seb to look for a box you'r mum sent of all you're preschool/primary/High School photos and pics of you as a kid and you wanted to go through the albums and sort them out. 15mins later he hasn't returned and you go to find him and he is sitting there going through them and he finds a funny photo ad you are like in shock going no no you're not meant to see them? something hilarious happens?

I’ve heard that being pregnant is either the best or the worst time of your life, but when having twins, I’m not sure it’s possible for it to be the best time. I’m nearing the end of my second trimester and I constantly feel ready to burst. Sebastian is incredibly helpful, almost to a fault. He wants to do everything for me, which is kind, but I’m more the kind of person who wants to do things for myself. This became even more unbearable when the doctor gave me a lifting restriction and told me I could only work from home. Without going to work I was stuck in the apartment all day, everyday.

As much as I love spending all my time with Sebastian, sometimes it’s nice to have a break. I may have minorly yelled at him for helping me this morning and I may now be hiding in the bedroom to avoid talking to him. He knows me well enough to know that I need time to cool down and when I’m ready I’ll go find him, but I’m still impressed that he hasn’t come in yet.

After a little longer I decide that I’m calm enough to go make up with him. I push myself up from the bed and start towards the living room when I hear a muffled laugh. I look suspiciously down the hall, waiting to hear it again before I make my presence known. He does laugh again, this time a little louder. I step around the corner, expecting him to look up, but he’s too interested in whatever he has that he doesn’t notice me. I walk as quietly as I can until I’m standing behind the couch and looking over his shoulders. He’s looking through a box and it doesn’t take me long to remember a conversation I had with my mom earlier in the week.

“Sebastian!” I squeal suddenly, causing him to jump and throw the pictures as he gets up from the couch. “What are you doing?”

“I just, um, there was a box and it was addressed to both of us so I thought I’d just open it and you were upset so I didn’t get you and I, um” he rambles on while talking with his hands and trying to explain himself.

I plant my hands on my hips and narrow my eyes at him. “So you thought, ‘(y/n)’s mad at me so I’m just going to open this mail without her even though it’s from her mom and addressed to both of us’?”

“It wasn’t exactly those words”

“Whatever” I stomp back to the bedroom and slam the door behind me. It doesn’t take long for him to come in this time. I’ve barely laid down on the bed when there’s a tentative knock on the door.

“(y/n)? Babe? Can I come in please?” I mumble a response that could be interpreted either way and he cracks the door open to look at me before entering completely. He has the box in his hands and I notice it’s now taped shut.

“What are you doing?” I squint at him.

“I just got the mail and there’s a package from your mom. I thought we could open it together” he smiles at me, hopeful that I’ll accept the offering. I sigh but accept it, sitting up on the bed and reaching for the box. He hands it over before crawling up to sit behind me and wrapping his arms around my ever growing tummy. He rests his chin on my shoulder and watches me open the box.

My mom told me earlier in the week that she was sending me a package of stuff from when I was a baby. Things like her favorite dresses, my cuddle blanket, and my first pair of shoes. I wasn’t expecting there to be much more than that, but clearly Sebastian found something in there to be quite amusing. I take out the dresses first, inspecting all of them and hold them up for Sebastian to coo at. The shoes are next, just a small pair of mary jane pink flats. I find them cuter than Sebastian does, but he pretends to make a big fuss for my sake. I pull out the blanket then, it’s nothing special, just a small square of fabric with an elephant pattern on it. I fold it next to the dresses before looking back in the box. In the bottom there’s an envelope that says ‘school photos’ on it. I cringe lightly before pulling it out to open it.

“Is this what you thought was so funny?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, you just opened the box, how could I know what was in it”

“You’re such an ass”

“Just open the envelope” he says with a squeeze and a kiss to the neck.

I comply and pull out the pictures. It doesn’t start out bad, pictures from elementary school aren’t much to be embarrassed about. It started to get worse once we hit the middle school photos. I cringe as we pass through the ‘goth’ stage that consisted of bad bangs, black nail polish, and eyeliner that was constantly smeared down my face. Sebastian only chuckles a little at my discomfort. We get through the rest of middle school with little to worry about, and I’m beginning to wonder what had him laughing so hard. I’m nearing the end of highschool and I’m beginning to think I over reacted when I finally see the last picture.

I didn’t remember it being taken let alone think it would be included since it was from college. Let me start from the beginning: I was in college when Captain America: The First Avenger came out. And, like most 20 something year olds, I was totally smitten over Captain America. This, combined with some alcohol, led to a series of pictures that include me kissing various part of the movie poster.

My whole body heats up as I take in the photo of myself making out with a movie poster that Sebastian is in. He starts laughing all over again, letting go of me and falling back on the bed as fits of giggles wash over him. I try to pout for a moment but his laugh is too infectious, before I know it I’m laughing along with him.

“I can’t believe you made out with a Chris Evans movie poster”

“Shut up, I was drunk, okay?” I roll my eyes sarcastically.

“I feel like I should be jealous. I was on the poster too”

“You were, but you didn’t come out of machine, shirtless and glistening now did you?”

“Did you just say ‘glistening’?”

“Yes! He was shiny and muscley, I couldn’t help myself”

“Right” he glares playfully at me.

“Don’t be mad, Seba, obviously I came around and realized who the right choice was”

“Damn right you did” he pulls me down to lay against him and kisses my head. We stay like that for a while before he breaks the silence. “But I’m still sending that picture to Chris”

A/N: I finally had time to do one of your requests! I decided to do this one first because I haven’t written Sebastian in a while and I was excited that you requested him. anywaysss, I hope you like this and I promise I’m still working on your other requests! 

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The Makeup Challenge | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description / Request: After not posting a video for a while on her Youtube channel, the reader decides to film a challenge with her newfound friend Cole Sprouse. Her very, attractive, famous, friend.

Word Count: 1593

“Yo hoes,” I greeted winking at the camera a few feet in front of me. “It’s been a while. What’s up?” I paused for moment pretending someone was answering back. “Nice. Anyways I’m here today with a very special guest and you’ll never guess who it is.”

I looked over at the other side of the room which was out of camera shot. “That’s your cue,” I said monotonously shaking Cole out of his reverie. He ran and jumped onto my bed which is what we decided to sit on for my video.

Cole grabbed my face and pressed our cheeks together flashing a heart stopping smile at the camera. “Hi everyone. I’m Dylan Sprouse and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

I pushed him away and giggled. “No but seriously, I’m here with Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Not Dylan as you can probably tell by the hair. And today we’re going to be doing to makeup challenge!”

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Look The Other Way

Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Beta: None. You have been warned. :P

Warnings: None that I’m aware of.

Word count: 1978

A/N: This is for @outside-the-government‘s Winter Blues Challenge (Rules Here | Challenge Masterlist Here). My prompt is in bold.

“Explain to me why you skipped coming to see me about this and went straight to this alternative horseshit?” Dr. Leonard McCoy asked you, pulling the curtain back from around the bio bed, the rings scraping against the bar as he flung it closed behind him.

“Don’t yell at me,” you said between clenched teeth from where you were sitting on the bio bed. Seriously, the day was bad enough. Yelling at this point was just unnecessary cruelty.

“I yell because I care, dammit,” he said, quieter than before but certainly nowhere near a regular speaking voice as he approached the bio bed.

“Well, care a little more quietly. I’ve gone blind, not deaf.”  

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Young!Remus Lupin x Female Reader: Night Intruder, Part 1

A/N : Never thought I’d gather enough courage to post something of my own. Yet here it is - that’s just how fucked up Andrew Garfield aka Remus Lupin got me these past days. This was originally conceived as a three-part imagine, so if you are interested in reading what follows, don’t hesitate to hit me up. Hope you enjoy it, lads xo

WARNINGS: Angst! Swear words, Blood… My hideous English.

Originally posted by nellaey

Through the heavy curtain of slumber, you thought you heard someone knocking violently on your dorm room’s door. With your eyes still shut, you silently begged for that stubborn someone to give up, when suddenly, you heard your name in a loud whisper.

“Y/N, please!”

You groaned, burying your head under the pillow, pressing its edges tightly to your ears. The banging on the door, however, never ceased.

“Oh for Godric’s sake, Y/N, just answer the bloody door!” Lily hissed, from the looks of it only one more bang away from hexing the night intruder. Muttering a mile-long curse under your breath, you swung your legs over the edge of your bed, searching for your home slippers in the dark with your feet.

“I’m coming!” you wheezed sleepily, trying to keep the irritation at bay, but failing miserably. “I swear to Merlin you better have a good excuse for waking me up at this hour!”

“Y/N, shut up!” you finally forced yourself to stand up, leaving slippers behind, and headed towards the door, when Marlene gave way to her annoyance. “And tell that bloody lunatic outside that if he doesn’t stop I’ll…”

You never heard what Marlene would do to the boy standing outside – quickly pushing the door, you stepped out in the darkness and shut it loud enough for girls inside to shower you with swear words. You were now standing at the top of the stairs, pitch blackness surrounding both you and the kamikaze who thought waking you up at two a.m. was a good idea.

“Who’s there?” you muttered under your breath, hugging your shoulders – someone must have opened the windows in the common room, and the wind was now waltzing frantically within the tower’s walls.

Instead of answering the question, the boy grabbed your hand, pulling you down the stairs with him. You gasped as you stumbled, missing two steps, mentally making estimations about how painful the landing would be, when another large yet elegant hand appeared from nowhere, scooping you in a tight embrace, keeping you from kissing the stairs.

As you felt your cheek brush against his shoulder, your savior suddenly moaned, and you felt something hot and stinky smear your face.

Blood. It smelled like blood.

Carefully releasing you, the boy stumbled back and leaned tiredly against the wall, the ever burning fireplace being close enough now to light up his features.

As you saw his face, you gasped again, this time in horror.

“Remus!” you exclaimed, “What the fuck has happened to you?”

The slumber, fogging your brain, was long gone as you stepped closer to your best friend, placing both hands on his chest. Biting your lip in concentration, you tore the blood stained shirt he wore apart, buttons falling at your feet. It took you a minute to examine his wounded shoulder, and you had seen enough of his injuries in the past to know that this time he had it bad.  Refusing to raise your glance to meet his eyes, you stretched out your bloody hand.

“Your wand, Lupin”.

Swallowing hard, Remus squirmed, his face reflecting the suffering even the slightest movement caused him to endure.

“I don’t have it,” his voice came out hoarse and pain stricken. “I lost it when I fell…”

“Shut it then, I’m trying to concentrate!” you scoffed at him, closing your eyes and trying to feel your best friend’s pain. When your breathing steadied, you began whispering healing charms, one stronger than the other, as relief soon became apparent on Lupin’s face. Once you’ve finished healing his nasty gash, you attended to all the bruises, decorating his face. Your fingertips danced around his scratches, making them fade out slowly. Remus kept his eyes closed, his face peaceful, as he surrendered to the mercy of your charms. After healing what seemed like a broken hand – no wonder he groaned when he prevented you from falling - you collapsed onto the cold steps by his side, completely out of breath. You felt a little dizzy after all that insane amount of magic you had just produced, and without a second thought, you buried your face in your hands, smearing Rem’s blood all over your cheekbones, trying to stop the world from spinning.

“Y/N, I’m… so sorry…” You heard from somewhere above your head, and the anger seemed to evaporate off you that very instant, leaving you feeling empty. You threw your head back to look at him, still leaning against the wall, his beautiful face covered with faded out marks. Disappointment stabbed you, like a thief in the night.

“You always are”, you said, tired to pretend like any of this was okay. You’ve had enough of patching your best friend up everytime he broke something after a particularly nasty full moon. You gave him three years of midnight and early morning healing sessions, three years of worrying whether he was alive and well everytime he and the other stupid-ass marauders disappeared, wondering whether all four of them were going to come back. Three years of unrequited love and care, which seemed to go completely unnoticed and frankly, today you felt like you simply had enough.

Before he could even open his mouth to try and justify the fact that he was all bloodstains and bruises even though a full moon was nowhere in sight, you rose back to your feet, eyeing him warningly.

“I don’t even want to know what happened, Rem”, you could swear you saw Remus flinch at the coldness of your voice, but in this dim light, you might have been mistaken. “Please, spare me whatever fuckery you pulled with your dumbass friends this time. I’m done, Lupin. So when you’re gonna come looking for someone to heal your broken bones next time, I don’t want to be found.”

You nearly choked on your own words, but you knew you had to lay it out there in the open. You couldn’t go on like this. You knew you’d probably hate yourself in the morning for every fucking word that escaped your mouth, but right now you couldn’t bring yourself to care. Just this once, you were going to put you first, and no matter what your heart was screaming at you, you knew you deserved to be selfish just this once.

Raising your eyes to meet Lupin’s stare, you suddenly realized how cold you were – wearing a silk sleeping gown, you shifted on your bare feet, the iciness of the stone steps biting at your heels. Remus was a pity sight to watch. The boy looked as if he were slapped right across his face, but he was taking the blow like a man – his fists clutched, his face pale and blank.

You stood there, hugging yourself, staring at him, waiting for him to say something. You kept internally screaming at him, begging him to whisper something – anything – to make you change your mind. To show you that he cared if you stayed or went. The silence became deafening. It felt like all the air was sucked out of the staircase you two were currently occupying.

When you thought your heart just wouldn’t take as much as a minute more and simply stop dead, Remus cleared his throat.

“I’m very sorry to have bothered you for this last time, Y/N”, he finally managed, looking straight into your eyes.

You just continued to stare at him, wide-eyed. After all you’d done for him, after everything you two had been through, this was the only thing he came up with when you told him you were leaving and you weren’t ever coming back.

Biting back bitter tears, burning at the back of your stare, you nodded slowly.

“Have a great life, Remus”, you barely exhaled, before turning on your heels and running back to your dorm room, making as much noise as a baby elephant probably would, but at this point giving zero fucks.

You kept telling yourself you wouldn’t cry, and you did not, lying awake in your bed till the morning sun painted the sky blush pink.