no wonder you can't sleep


This must have been quite the adventure.

Don’t mess with this power couple haha, they’re ready to fight!

Do you ever get the feeling like you don’t have a valid reason to express that you’re feeling sad? Or perhaps anxious? Depressed?

Like you feel these things but it’s just never valid enough. For you? That it’s ok to brush them off.

Imagine Woozi teasing you when he finds out that you read fan fictions about him.

BONUS: Even though, in secret, he’s slightly embarrassed about that fact, he makes fun of your hobby by saying “Why do you need read about dating me when you already have me ?”

Text: Luccio
  • Mina: [unsent]i realized i left without saying bye
  • Mina: [unsent] it's like two am here and can't sleep so wondering if you were up to talk?
  • Mina: [unsent] hey!
  • Mina: hey