no wonder she left you

JUNGKOOK calls you clingy part 3

Request: Hey!! can i request a fake text about a fight with jungkook where the jungkook is being snappy but they’re havinf a normal conversation but the reader catches on and like they have af ight and jungkook ends up saying something like “youre clingy” or anything else that really hurts her and then tries to make it up to her?? the ending is up to you happy/sad. i hope i made some sense!!! thank you 

Part 3 because I’m a nice person. 

Here’s a link to part 1 and part 2

“You what?!” 

 “I called her clingy.”

 Namjoon sat there shaking his head at what he was hearing. He knew that Jungkook was an ill tempered kid, so he hadn’t been too disturbed by the frantic call he had received from Jungkook an hour ago to ‘leave everything and come meet him’. Only, now that he was listening to Jungkook, he couldn’t help but look at him with disgust. 

 "I understand that you were not in the best of your moods…but who the fuck calls their own girlfriend clingy, you idiot?” 

 Jungkook groaned, letting his head fall in his hands while he listened to his elder brother chastise him for his actions. “That isn’t the only thing, hyung.” Jungkook said as he held out his phone for his elder brother to see. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and took the phone in his hands as he went over the messages that Jungkook had exchanged with you more than 15 days ago. 

“Holy fucking shit. You are a dick, Jeon Jungkook. No wonder she left you.” 

Jungkook cringed at the reiteration of the fact that he did not want to accept. He sighed. “I know, hyung. I am a huge idiot.”

 "Nope, you’re not an idiot. Being an idiot is a relatively forgivable sin. You, brother, were an absolute arse to her. Forget it, she isn’t coming back.” 

Namjoon shook his head, giving Jungkook’s phone back to him and standing up to leave. “Oh no no no, hyung please, help me out.” Jungkook got up and stood in front of Namjoon blocking is way. “You know how much I love her.” 

“Jeon Jungkook. ____ may have been your girlfriend, but don’t forget that she was my friend before you guys started going around together. You just hurt my friend, hm? What makes you think I’ll help you out with anything?” Namjoon said, his anger fianlly showing itself but Jungkook wasn’t in the position to back off. Namjoon was the only one who could help him. 

 "Because you are my brother and you know how much I love her. Please, hyung, don’t I deserve one chance?” Jungkook said as he desperately held on to the elder boy’s shoulders. 

Namjoon sighed. “Even if for a moment I consider helping you, and I’m not saying that I’m considering it at all, but let’s just say that I do- do you have anything in mind?” Jungkook frantically shook his head to express his affirmative. 

 "Yes, but I’ll need your help.” 

 You looked at the crowd of people bustling in for your friend’s mini concert and gave a half smile to yourself. Namjoon had always been very passionate about rapping but a year ago he had finally decided step out in the underground and let other people hear his rap. Needless to say, he had been a huge hit.

 As you entered the club, you saw people dressed in clothes screaming hip-hop, a huge contrast to your attire- a plain black hoodie, house shorts, converse and hair so messy, it would give Bellatrix Lestrange a run for her money. You didn’t mind, though. You were never the one to give too much thought to your appearance save for special dates with your ex-boyfriend. In all fairness, and not an ounce of boastfulness, you knew you could step out in nightwear and still look bomb. You just had that confidence about you. 

You pushed your way through the crowd and towards the bar, greeting the bartender with a nod. This was your favourite seat to view his performances. It was comfortable, in good distance, away from people and of course, you could drink peacefully and enjoy the performance. 

 "The regular, ___?” The bartender asked you, ready to pour in a 60 ML of Smirnoff-regular into your glass. 

 You shook your head, “I’ll have blue label today, Hoseok.” 

 “Whiskey? That’s new.” He said as he turned around and poured you your drink.

“I need new.” You shrugged.

 He hummed in response. “What will you have it with? Coke, soda?” 

 You scoffed. "On the rocks, boy.” 

 Hoseok chuckled as he fake saluted you, “Yes ma'am.” 

 You smiled and turned around as the lights dimmed and Namjoon or Rapmonster, as he was known in the underground, came on the stage and the crowd erupted into cheers, you being the loudest. He scanned the crowd and as soon as his eyes landed on you, he smirked and waved at you. You raised your drink and nodded at him in acknowledgement. Then, his demeanour completely changed and the crowd went silent. It was beginning. 

Rap monster continued firing curses at the speed of light. You could only keep up because you had heard this before. You turned in your seat to face the bar to ask for a refill from your friend only to find him missing. You frowned. 

That’s strange. 

You turned back round and realised the music had stopped and the crowd had gone silent again and on the stage were six men apart from Namjoon, all standing in front of their own mics. Hoseok was up there too. You recognised all of them, of course. They were all your friends. Part of the same group they liked to jokingly call ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’.

 What unnerved you, however, was the man standing at the front mic. 

It was him. Jeon Jungkook. And he was looking directly at you. 

 You narrowed your eyes in anticipation of what was going to happen.

Namjoon wiped his sweat with his sleeves and came near his mic. “There is a new song, a bit different from my usual style, that we want a very special person to hear. It has been written by my younger brother Jungkook. You all have been with me since I began my journey and I know you came here for something else but would you mind giving me 5 minutes of your time? I swear it’ll be worth it.” 

 The crowd instantly burst into encouraging cheers. In midst of those cheers you noticed Jungkook coming closer to his mic, his eyes not leaving yours for a second. 

 “____, I’m so sorry. I love you.” 

 And then he began singing. 

Your eyes widened at the choice of his song. It was a song he had composed, you knew because he had shared a verse with you when you were together. It was called Butterfly. As the words poured out of his mouth and made their way to your ears, you found yourself wearing a sad expression. Here he was, singing about how he didn’t want you to disappear and yet, he was also the one who had called you clingy. That was one term you absolutely did not like. You always gave each other the space you both required and you were definitely not the kind of person who would try to invade his space. Seeing that word had made you, for the first time, question yourself. You felt bad about yourself. You felt humiliated. You were determined to stay the hell away from him for some time, if only to gain back your self respect. 

 Only, he was making it really difficult. 

You could practically feel the sadness from his voice seeping into you, begging you to not go and to stay with him. You could see it in his eyes, the guilt. You could see how sorry he was for what he had said and how scared he was to not have you with him. 

You sighed as you felt your resolve break into a million pieces and decided to give him a chance. Everyone deserves one chance to correct their mistakes and you were not about to take it away from him. 

So you looked up into his eyes, and you smiled. A reassuring and forgiving smile. He instantly understood and stopped singing as tears made their way down his face before he could hurriedly wipe them. He took in a large breath as he stepped away from his make and bolted down the stage towards you, wiping his tears with his hand the entire time.

You stood up, bracing yourself for the impact as Jungkook crashed into you, and burst into tears, not bothering to wipe them this time, and hugging you for dear life. 

“Oh god, I thought you’d left me for good.” He said, tears still falling out of his eyes and now, on the hoodie. He pulled away to stand with his hands in front of him and looked down at his feet. “I am so sorry for whatever I said, ___. I am so so sorry.” 

You smiled as you stepped forward and took his face in your hands before planting a kiss on his lips, to which he responded eagerly. You pulled away and hugged him, your head on his chest and his arms around your waist. “ I almost made up my mind to not come back, Jungkook. Only, you deserve one chance. I’ll forgive you this time, but please don’t ever hurt me like this again.” You said, your voice breaking. 

 Jungkook put his chin on your head and pulled you against him tighter. “I’m so sorry, ____. Never again. Thank you for coming back.” You smiled into his chest and were relishing the moment until you heard a random duo of teens shouting behind you.


You rolled your eyes as you pulled away to look at the drunken boys indifferently. 

 "Really? Gay? How the fuck is that even considered an insult?” You growled. 

Jungkook snickered above you knowing what was about to come. He looked at you fondly as you bullied the kids to the extent of making one almost cry and made a silent promise to himself. 

Never again am I doing anything to lose her.

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“(Right) We went together to Europe for a month. It was amazing, but we fought every single day. Our biggest fight was when we went to the Louvre Museum in France. The museum is so big that you couldn’t see all of it in one day, so the source of our trouble was me being greedy. She was was too tired so she dropped behind. I was disappointed by that so I walked on by myself, but when I turned around, I had completely lost her. I burst into tears. I just stayed right where I was. After a long time, my girlfriend came.”

“How did you feel when you lost her?”
“(Left) Um…I wondered: where’d she go?”

“(오른쪽) 한달 동안 유럽에 같이 갔었어요. 너무 좋았는데, 사실 하루도 안 빼놓고 엄청 싸웠어요. 제일 크게 싸운 게 프랑스에서 루브르 박물관 갔을 때 였어요. 박물관이 워낙 커서 하루 안에 다 못보는 곳인데, 제가 욕심을 낸게 화근이었죠. 여자친구가 너무 지쳐서 뒤로 나가 떨어지고 저는 그게 서운해서 혼자 막 걷는데 뒤를 돌아보니 얘를 잃어버린 거예요. 그래서 막 울었어요. 그냥 그 자리에 가만히 서서요. 얘가 한참 뒤에야 오더라구요.”
“여자친구를 잃어버린 심정이 어땠어요?”
“(왼쪽) 음…어디 갔지?”

What did she ever do to you?
Show you love?
Be there for you?
Pick you up when you fell?
Be there when everyone walked out?
Be your biggest fan?

And how did you repay her?
By shutting her out?
Leave her wondering?
Making her cry?
Making her feel like she’s not enough?
Breaking her?

You took her for granted
The one person who cared
More than anything
And you wonder why she left?

—  melindacarolinee
Stable Boy

Eric x Reader

“You can’t expect us to get along with them, they don’t want peace.” You hissed at Johanna who sighed.

“(Y/N), please, things are delicate enough as they are, just be polite to him.” She begged, greeting Max as she motioned for you to join Eric.

“We’ll try and be quick.” She promised before jerking your head towards Eric who was walking around the stables.

“You know they’re horses, the wont attack.” You tutted and pointed to his gun.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 5

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Also quick note, I’m linking videos for the dance scenes, in case my description is a little off. They’re not carbon copies of what I imagined, but it gives an idea of what they will look like. I’ll just mark it with an X

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Word Count: 4418

“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” -Pride and Prejudice.

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

     Kiss me.

    Jaebum opened his eyes. It must have been two in the morning, the sky was dark, and heavy snow was blowing past his window.

    That dream had been strange, why would that, that, princess be asking him that? He hated you. Right?

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Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 5)

Parts  P| 1| 2| 3| 4

Sorry for being so late guys. I hope you like this part as well~

A few years ago

Junmyeon’s birthday.

“Aigo, it is the birthday boy.” You cheered as you walked over to Junmyeon and squeezed him in your arms.

Chuckling, Junmyeon coughed as a sign that you were suffocating him. “Thank you, Y/N.”

Letting go of him, you handed him his present which was a new pair of socks. Junmyeon’s mouth fell open as the words were lost on his tongue. He just let out a deep sigh. Chuckling, you slapped his shoulder and nudged him. “Just accept it. I will bring you something better next year.”

“You said that last year too.” He shook his head in disbelieve. Beholding something, Junmyeon froze, looking behind your shoulder.

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Mother Knows Best

If there’s one thing Lillian Luthor admires about herself, it’s her determination. 

She’s one of the best surgeons in the country, a businesswoman, a philanthropist, the perfect supporting wife… and above it all, she’s a proud mother. 

She wishes nothing but the best for her children.

So what if her ways a little… harsh?

She’s a determined woman, and since the birth of her first child Lillian had been determined to give only the best for her kids.

If only Lena would stop being so stubborn, she would see that.

If there’s one thing Lena Luthor admires about herself, it’s her stubbornness. 

And yes, sometimes the board members don’t always agree with her unorthodox ways, but maybe that’s because they’re all probably over a hundred years old and refuse to see that this is the 21st century, and that changes don’t always mean bad things, quite the opposite. 

She’s trying to make LuthorCorp a force for good.

And if that means rebranding the company, so be it.

Lena sighs as she walks inside her office, sitting on the couch with a tired groan after a long and boring meeting.

The board it’s the least of her problems right now, though.

Lena has to get rid of her mother. 

Just as she thinks about calling it a day and finally going home, Lena feels her phone vibrating inside the pocket of her tailored blazer.

“What?” She grumbled, after taking the call.

“You're not getting rid of mother.”

Fuck. Her. Life.

“Dammit, Lex! I just got out of a boring meeting with the board. I really don’t need this right now.”

Lena heard her brother laughing on the other side, and she wished she could throw her shoe right on his bald head just as she did when they were kids.

“And you wonder why I left LuthorCorp to open my own company.” He said and she could almost see his smile. 

“You threw me right to the wolves.” Lena mumbled, scratching her forehead. “And it’s L-Corp now.”

“Oh, yeah. L-Corp… L for Lesb-" 

Before Lex could finish his sentence, though, Lena heard a muffled ‘ouch’ and some fumbling, then a 'leave your sister alone’.

"Hello, Lena.”

Lena froze.


“Well, yes, since you’ve been pretending to be too busy to take my calls I had to ask for your brother’s help.”

Lena sighed, closing her eyes for a moment, “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. Just be at your father’s party this weekend and everything’s gonna be fine." 

"I already said I can’t go.”

“Your father is a Senator now, Lena. It will be a shame if his own family it’s not there. Plus…” Lena could already hear the joy in her mother’s voice. “Eliza told me Kara will be there. You girls haven’t seen each other in such a long time, honey." 

"But, mom…" 

"No buts. I’ll see you this weekend.” Before Lena could protest again, Lillian was gone and Lex was back on the line, giggling like a school girl. 

“You’re being set up with Kara again.”

“Shut up, you traitor!" 

"C'mon! She’s your best friend, right?”

“Yes! My best friend and I don’t want mom to ruin it! Especially since I haven’t seen her since last year!” Lena said, getting up and grabbing her things.

“Look, lez be honest…” Lex chuckled at his own joke and Lena only rolled her eyes. “So yes, mother is always trying to set you up with some snob rich lady from high society, but at least now she’s trying to set you up with her old college best friend’s daughter again. And if I remember correctly, you did have a huge lesbian crush on her.”

Lena felt her cheeks burning at that.

Eliza Danvers was Lillian’s old college best friend, and they never lost contact even with Eliza’s husband’s job in the Army, which made the family move frequently all over the country, sometimes all over the world. 

Lena met Kara in one of her parents anual gala fundraiser parties, when they were still 15. Kara still had that lost puppy look after being with the Danvers for only two years, while Lena had the confidence of someone who took piano and cello lessons and already knew five different languages. 

But still, Kara was the first girl who made her heart race like that. 

They’ve been best friends all through high school, and even when Kara moved away, they kept in contact via latters, emails, phone and Skype calls. They reconnected in college for a few years, where Lena would drop every girl she’d been seeing only to spend some more time with Kara. 

It was only a shame Lena moved to National City to take care of her family’s business in the new LuthorCorp subsidiary right after her graduation. 

“That was a long time ago, Lex.” Lena mumbled, cheeks still slightly warm.

“It doesn’t matter. Just go to this damn party and get it over with. At least pretend you’re trying to seduce Kara and mother will leave you alone and then she’ll also leave me alone. I have to go now, see you later." 

Lena ended the call and looked down at her phone with a frown. 

Well, at least she was good at pretending. 

Kara huffed as she felt her mother moving a lock of her hair behind her ear for the fifth time in less than five minutes. 

"Mom, please, stop!” She whispered loudly, noticing Alex was biting her lip to prevent herself from laughing at the scene. 

Eliza pouted but moved away, deciding to rearrange her husband’s lapels once again, but Jeremiah didn’t seem to mind as he looked around the room full of important people. “I just want to make sure you to look good, that’s all.”

“For Lena.” Alex said with a smirk.

“Yes. I-I mean, no!” Eliza cleared her throat, avoiding looking at Kara’s direction. “For the party. It’s Lionel’s inauguration party, and I want us all to look good. It’s been such a long time since we all have been in the same city, let alone the same room… I’m excited. And I missed my best friend.”

Alex quickly grabbed a glass of champagne from of the waiters passing by, taking a sip and humming with pleasure. “And I missed their expensive drinks.”

Kara smiled at her sister’s words, before noticing someone approaching them. 

He was a little bit taller than she remembered, but she could recognize that bald head anywhere. And when Lex stepped aside, Kara saw her. And she could recognize those beautiful green eyes anywhere, really. Kara didn’t even notice Mr. and Mrs. Luthor joining them right after.

Lex was the first to say something, hands inside his pockets.

“Alexandra.” Lex said bitterly.

“Alexander.” Alex said back flatly. 

Lex’s lips turned upwards slowly, before wrapping his arms around Alex’s body in a hug.

Lionel and Jeremiah shared a playful eye roll at their son and daughter’s childish behavior, shaking each other’s hands and immediately talking about politics as their wives hugged and giggled as if they were back in college.

“Looks like nothing’s changed.”

Kara turned her head to the side and gave Lena a quick once over. Lena was wearing a beautiful long dark green dress that left the soft looking skin of her back exposed, golden earrings and necklace shinning with the light of the room, hair up in an elegant bun. Her eyes seemed even greener with the dark eyeliner, jawline even more defined by the make up and red lips stretched in a smirk.

Kara though not for the first time that only the Greek gods could have esculpted that perfect woman next to her.

“Seems like it.” Kara agreed, looking away towards where her sister and Lex were now catching up through their scientific talk.

When she turned back at Lena, green eyes were watching her carefully. Kara felt her cheeks turning pink.

“And seems like our moms will never stop trying to set us up.” Lena smirked again.

Kara chuckled to hide how nervous she suddenly felt. “I’m blushing, right?”

Lena laughed, “But it’s still cute, though.” She shrugged, before opening her arms and inviting Kara to a hug, that the blonde gladly accepted.

Kara closed her eyes when she felt Lena’s arms around her, and Kara hugged her friend even tighter. God, she had forgotten how good Lena’s hugs were.

“I’ve missed you.”

“Me too, Kara." 

Lena kept her arms around Kara’s body, and the blonde felt her friend’s face turning just so, the tip of her nose brushing softly against the side of Kara’s neck and lips pressed against her neck’s tendons. Just as the blonde thought about asking Lena what she was doing, she felt her friend’s lips moving against her skin.

"They’re staring.” Lena whispered, moving her hand to the small of Kara’s back.

Kara couldn’t help but smile at that. She didn’t have to turn to know Lena was talking about their mothers. 

Lillian and Eliza together always have been this calmness before the storm duo. They had high standards to archive from a very young age and luckily they found each other in college. They met their husbands at the same party, traded informations to aprove each other’s dates, coordinated their wedding days, and right after having children, they started to wonder 'wouldn’t it be great if we were in the same family?’

Of course when they first had this amazing idea, Alex had just came out after turning sixteen and Lex was on his senior year, wondering which of the nine colleges he had been accepted in would be the best for him. So Lillian and Eliza just brushed off their silly dreams with a laugh and some drinks, deciding only to support their children, no matter what.

A few months later Lillian received a very enthusiastic call from Eliza, telling her about Kara and gushing out about how quiet but beautiful, smart and strong her new daughter was. Lillian felt nothing but happiness for her best friend, who had the dream to adopt a kid since before they met. 

Lillian had to wait two years to finally meet Kara in person, since the Danvers were living in Australia. But once she did, she fell in love with the girl immediately.

Kara was indeed quiet, and Eliza told her she had been adjusting to the family slowly in her own time, but she was so polite, smart and sounded so certain when Lillian asked her what she wanted for her future, saying almost right away 'I wanna be a reporter!’, blue eyes shining and blonde ponytail bouncing as she nodded. Lillian shared a proud look with Eliza then, before saying, “Well, well, such decided young woman we have here. You talk like a Danvers." 

Kara had smiled brightly at Lillian, hugging Eliza tightly before walking quickly towards the table of appetizers, bumping into Lena and mumbling apologies for being so clumsy. 

That’s when Karlena Operation began. Especially after Lena came out and Kara’s shrug when Eliza asked her if she liked boys or girls.

"Do you think they’ll ever give up?” Kara asked, circling her arms around Lena’s neck.

Lena shook her head, “Luthors never give up." 

The blonde smiled, "Right. The Luthors rules.”

“The Luthors rules.” Lena pulled away then, and Kara resisted the urge to pout. 

“I told you you should just bang each other already.” Lex said, sliding beside them with Alex in tow. Kara noticed they had a bottle of champagne all for themselves. 

“Or maybe tell mom you’re back with Mike and preparing a very big heterosexual wedding.” Alex suggested, giving a big gulp of her drink. 

Kara winced. “Can’t we forget about Mike? I’m not getting a heterosexual wedding.” She turned to Lex, placing a hand on his arm. “Not that there’s anything wrong with bring straight, of course.”

“Kara, please stop reminding me I’m the straight black sheep of the family.”

“Yeah, because who would like a black sheep, let alone a straight one?”

They all laughed at Lena’s joke.

“But, really. They won’t ever leave you guys alone. Especially now that Kara’s moving to National City.” Lex said with a shrug, and Kara felt like punching his defined jawline. 

“You’re moving here?” Lena asked, expression torn between surprised, happy and angry.

“It was supposed to be a surprise!” She glared at Lex. “But yes. I am. I’m not a junior reporter anymore. I’m a reporter now! I’ll start at Catco the next week.”

Lena smiled and hugged her tightly again, and this time Kara saw her mom and Lillian looking at them with hope in their eyes, before they quickly went back to their completely interesting talk about the benefits of spin classes. 

They hated spinning. 

“If you keep hugging each other like that, they’ll probably start to prepare a very lesbian wedding.” Alex mumbled behind her glass.

“It wouldn’t be so bad.” Lex agreed. 

Then they shared that look. 

“Don’t even start, Lex!” Lena said quickly, also noticing the very same look that got them all kicked out of a five star hotel years back, when Alex and Lex had the brilliant idea to test a project in their room. Kara still hates the sound of fire alarms to this day.

“Alexander.” She smirked. 

“Alexandra.” He smirked back. 

Kara and Lena groaned. 

Apparently Alex and Lex came up with a brilliant idea to get their mothers to stop trying to set them up once and for all: Kara and Lena had to start dating each other.

Not for real, of course.

But according to her brother, if Lena and Kara started pretending to be in love only to realize later they worked better off as friends, it would be much easier to convince Lillian and Eliza their friendship wasn’t worth that extra drama, and thus jeopardizing the Danvers-Luthor family’s dinamic.

Alex had been texting her non-stop since the party, and Lena was getting tired to avoid Lex’s calls.

They really were worst than Eliza and Lillian together.

Lena’s phone beeped and she almost threw it against the wall, but she calmed herself after reading Kara’s nickname on the screen.

Supergirl [14:23 pm]: Are they still bothering you? Because I’m almost blocking my own sister’s number.

Lee [14:23 pm]: I may or may not have already blocked Lex on Skype.

Supergirl [14:25 pm]: HAHAHA! Brilliant!

Supergirl  [14:26 pm]: I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner at my place tonight? If you’re free, of course. I’m still getting used to you being the CEO now, BTW.

Lee [14:28 pm]: I’m still getting used to it myself. But I’d love to have dinner.

Supergirl [14:28 pm]: Great! I’ll text you the adress to my completely new and messy apartment. Maybe you could help me get some unboxing done.

Lee [14:30 pm]: That was your plan all along, right, Danvers? Get me to do all your work for you?

Supergirl [14:31 pm]: Oh no, you got me xD See you tonight? Around six?

Lee [14:31 pm]: I’ll be there.

Later that night, Lena found herself knocking on Kara’s door already with Chinese take outs and an unhealthy amount of potstickers, Kara’s favourite since they were young.

A few seconds later Kara opened the door, hair still damp from the shower, wearing sweatpants and a simple white shirt, barefeet touching the floor.

Lena ignored the butterflies in her stomach.

“I smell potstickers.”

“Good evening, Kara! Yes, I would love to walk inside your new and messy apartment, thank you!”

Kara blushed and steped aside to let Lena in.

Lena walked inside and was indeed met with a complete mess of boxes scattered all around the floor of Kara’s new apartment. Only the couch and a pair of high chairs by the kitchen island had been set.

Lena raised her eyebrow at Kara, before placing the take outs on the kitchen island, sitting on one of the high chairs. 

“You should be ashamed of yourself." 

Kara quickly joined her, already digging into the bag of potstickers. "I know! I’m a shame!” She said with her mouthful of food.

Lena also started to eat, maneuvering the hashis with ease, almost in an elegant way. “So, how was your first week as a reporter?”

Kara groaned, pouting. “My boss hates me!”

“Nobody can hate you, Kara." 

"But he does! And I thought being a junior reporter for the Daily Planet was hard. At least Perry had the decency to wait for me to get out of his office before throwing my articles in the trash can.”

“He didn’t…”

“But he did!” Kara rested her cheek on her hand, “I honestly don’t know what I can do to impress him and show him I’m ready to be a good reporter.”

“Maybe you could do me?” Lena suggested. 

Only after noticing Kara’s bright red cheeks did Lena realized what she had said.

“Not like that, you perv!”

Kara giggled, biting her lip. “Well… enlighten me then.” She said playfully. 

“Since dad decided to take the political rout and Lex stepped down to open his own company, I haven’t really had the time to do any interviews. I didn’t want to, actually. Forbes tried once, but their reporter was a dick.” Lena rolled her eyes, trying to forget how the guy kept hitting on her in less than five minutes of interview. 

“You’d do that for me?” Kara smiled brightly at Lena, and the CEO melted. 

“Of course.”

They continued catching up through dinner, before Lena actually decided to help Kara do some unboxing. By the time they finished, at least Kara’s bedroom really did look like a decent place to sleep in.

Lena laid down on Kara’s bed with a tired groan, and she felt the matress dipping next to her.

When she looked at Kara, blue eyes were already watching her. 

“I really did miss you.” Kara whispered, small smile on her lips.

Lena opened her arms and Kara quickly snuggled against her best friend.

“I really missed you too.” Lena said. “Even the messy parts.”

Kara chuckled, and they heard her phone ringing. When the reporter reached for the phone, they both could read Alex’s name on the screen. Kara rolled her eyes and took the call, putting it on the speaker. 

“Hey, Alex.”

“Hey, so, you’re having a romantic dinner with the girlfriend?”

Kara frowned. 

“How do you even…? Forget it, I don’t want to know!”

“Hey, sis!” They shared a shocked look when they heard Lex’s voice. “Mom is very happy you’re finally making a move.”

“LEX! I swear to God…”

“I thought you were an atheist…”

“We just want you guys to think about it. Because our moms are already planning another party just so they can get you both in the same room again. And they’ll do it over and over and over until you guys look into each other’s beautiful eyes and realize how you can’t spend another minute away from each other. They’re persistent.” Alex said.

“And they’re pestering us, too. So just do us all a favour and put the plan in motion. I have a company to run instead of being used as a cupid by my own mother.” Lex mumbled.

“And I have bad guys to catch! The FBI kind of bad guys.”

“We’ll think about it, okay? Bye!” Kara hang up before Alex could protest. 

Lena saw Kara close her eyes and take a breath breath to calm herself, then the blonde opened her eyes and looked back at her friend.

“Would you think I’m crazy if I told you I’m considering going through with their crazy plan?”

Lena looked at Kara the widen eyes. Did she really just ask that?

“Really, Kara?”

The blonde sat up and crossed her legs Indian style, adjusting her glasses.

“Listen, my mom and Lillian will never give up. They’ve been pranking us with those blind dates since forever! Maybe it’s time for them to be pranked instead.” Kara said excitedly. 

“By really dating each other?” Lena asked,  raising an eyebrow. 

“Yes!” Kara leaned in closer to Lena with mischief in error eyes, and before she knew it, Lena was trapped against the matress with Kara on top of her, fingers tickling her sides. “C'mon, fake date me, Lee! Please, please, please?"  

Lena laughed hard as she tried to get away from her friend’s fingers, but she knew Kara was insanely strong even though she had a skinny body. Damn all those years of cross-fitting. 

"Okay! I’ll fake date you! Just stop!" 

Kara fist pumped the air and leaned down to press a wet kiss against Lena’s cheek. 

"Thank you, baby!”

Lena was so, so screwed. 

Kara was very screwed. 

Of course, being friends with Lena was kind of a self torture, but since they rarely were in the same city, she could live with it. Phone calls, texts, emails, silly letters and gifts, she could do that. 

Moving to National City and getting trapped by their mothers silly schemes in another blind date? She also could do that. She was used to it since they turned sixteen. It was funny to let them try, actually.

Somehow finding herself wedding planning with Lena and their mothers?

Kara wasn’t prepared for that at all.

She was the opposite of prepared.

She was so unprepared. 

She was probably having a panic attack. 

Kara didn’t know how they get themselves into this, but it probably started when she convinced Lena to go along with Lex and Alex’s crazy plan two months ago. 

Kara just wanted to get back at her mother for trying to set her up with her best friend! So, they decided to take baby steps, or Lillian and Eliza would notice they were lying.

Lena would nonchalantly mention to her mother she would take Kara out to dinner, or meet her for lunch, or even visit her at Catco. Kara sent Eliza a few pictures of her walks with Lena around National City and so on. Those little acts kept going for two weeks, before Kara received a text from Alex:

Alex [19:35 pm]: Mom just asked me what’s going on between you and Lena!!! She’s thrilled!!! I’m pretty sure she was crying over the phone!!!!

Supergirl [19:37 pm]: Wow, that was fast! Actually, I’m not surprised. 

Alex [19:37 pm]: I told you I’m a genius.

Supergirl [19:38 pm]: Right… what’s the next step, genius?

Alex [19:40 pm]: Make it OFFICIAL!

Kara had felt her heart racing then. 

Make it official. 

With Lena. 

Make her fake relationship with her best friend, who she had a crush on - okay, maybe more than just a crush - for years, official. She could do that. Right?

Lena had been acting very professionally about everything. She made a step by step list, like what they were doing was just another work project she had been planning, and she decided one of their family dinners would be the best place to make it official.

That’s how after dessert one night at Lionel and Lillian’s penthouse, Kara felt Lena’s hand covering her own on top of the dinner table. If she had been paying attention to anything other than how soft Lena’s skin was (so so soft, she definitely moisturizes, no wonder her skin looks and feels flawless), she would see Lillian’s eyes widening or hear Eliza’s loud gasp, even Jeremiah and Lionel ceased their talk about their earlier golf game to look at their joined hands, the room going completely silent.

Lena cleared her throat, “I think Kara and I have an announcement to make.”

“You got her pregnant!?” Lex feigned a gasp.

“Be quiet, Alexander!” Lillian very unlady like threw her napkin at her son, eyes never leaving Kara and Lena’s hands. “Go on, dear!”

Lena quickly glanced towards Kara, lips turning upwards slowly in a lopsided grin, then she looked back at her mother. “I didn’t get her pregnant, yet. But we are together, yes.”

Then she brought Kara’s hand up to her red lips, kissing the back of it softly as she looked right into blue eyes, and Kara was pretty sure she almost came right then and there, with that simple innocent kiss at the back of her hand. 

Then all hell broke loose.

“Oh my God, yes! Yes! That’s all I’ve ever wanted!” Lillian said loudly, her hands joined in front of her as she looked up in a silent prayer.

“I can’t even… I can’t… oh my God, Jerry…” Jeremiah quickly stood up to fan a crying Eliza, looking just as lost as Lionel, still in shock on his chair.

“What do I do? You’re the doctor, honey!” He said.

“Champagne! Lex, go get the best champagne we have downstairs! Hurry up, now!” Lillian yelled like a mad woman, before getting up and wrapping her arms around Lena and Kara so tightly it and most hurt. Then Eliza joined them and Kara saw her sister taking a picture with a smirk in her lips.

She could kill Alex later.

Lex came back with a bottle of champagne and soon they were all celebrating the joint of their family.

Kara glanced at Lena and she saw how surprised and scared she looked.

That was probably the first sign they should stop with that act immediately.

The second sign came with neon capital letters. 


Kara couldn’t believe her eyes. She quickly threw her coffee in the nearest trash can she could find, before running towards Ms. Grant’s office, bursting inside before her assistant could stop her.

“You have to get me off that front page!" 

Cat pushed her breakfast aside to give Kara a better look.

"Oh. I suppose Lena could do a better lady arm candy, but now that I’m seeing you from up close I guess you’re kind of alright.”

Kara frowned, then shook her head, “Please, Ms. Grant. Lena hates getting exposed! You have to get those magazines out of the street!" 

Cat took a deep breath. "Listen, Kiera…”


“The Luthors are almost the royal family of America. Lena Luthor has been a public figure since she was born. Surely, she must have known walking around the park taking selfies hand in hand with her new girlfriend would get some attention. Don’t you think?”

“We weren’t thinking, actually.” Kara whispered, looking down at her feet. “We aren’t even dating.”

“What did you say?”

Kara blushed, “I-I… I said… we weren’t even dating, then. W-We were just… sending a few pictures to my mother… but we are dating now. We're so dating!” Kara laughed nervously.

Cat smirked. “Do you want to make this an exclusive? How did you and Lena ended up together? I’ve heard you girls were best friends since childhood. Did you always know you were in love? Planning a wedding already?”

Kara felt her cheeks burning. She shook her head quickly again, walking backwards. “You know what? Forget it. Keep the front page.”

After work, Kara would pay a visit to Lena at L-Corp. She ignored how Lena’s employees treated her with extreme politeness, taking a deep breath before walking inside her friend’s office.

Lena wasn’t working. She had been outside in the balcony, looking at the night sky, but Kara saw the Catco magazine on top of her desk.

“Hey, Lee…” she said quietly, and Lena looked over her shoulder with a sad smile, motioning with her hand for Kara to join her.

“You know…” Lena started after a few minutes in silence. “I’ve been CEO for almost six months now, and I just decided to close down our weaponry department to open medical and biochemical labs, but still my dating life seems more interesting than the work I’m trying to do here. That’s funny.”

“I’m sorry, Lena.” Kara said with a sigh.

“No, it wasn’t your fault. We simply forgot that we wouldn’t just be pranking our mothers in the process. I forgot.”

“Look, we can just tell them the truth and-”

“No! My mom loved the picture in the front page. She called twice to ask me how we’re doing! I can’t… I can't turn her down like this. Not now." 

"I’m really sorry, Lena.”

“Stop saying you’re sorry.” Kara saw Lena clenching her jaw, before taking a deep breath and looking at Kara. “We did look good, though. In those pictures.”

Kara smiled. “You always look good.”

“Come here.” Lena pulled her into hug them, kissing her cheek softly and saying everything would be fine.

But a few weeks later Lillian would stumble with Cat Grant in some event and they would talk about the wedding planning. 

And that was when things got out of hands. 

“We’ve only been dating for a month, mom!” Kara said to Eliza while they were grocery shopping. 

“I thought lesbians moved fast.” Eliza said nonchalantly. “I don’t know how much time I’ll have in National City. It could be years or maybe a few months. You and Lena are so happy, I see the way you look at each other, and you know for how long I’ve wanted you girls to be together! You’ve known each other since you were kids, for God’s sake. What’s there to wait?”


“Lillian told me Lena already agreed.”

Kara gasped. “What!? Lena agreed to have some afternoon tea to talk about wedding planning? Our wedding planning?!”

Eliza turned to look at Kara with concern in her eyes. “Are you… are you not sure about Lena, honey? I mean… I’ve always dreamed about joining our families, but if there's anything wrong…" 

If Kara had been smart, she would’ve taken that chance to scape the mess she got herself into, but she shook her head. "Of course not! I'm very sure of Lena. Very sure.”

Eliza smiled softly at that, “Then let’s get to this afternoon tea.”

When they arrived in the club Lena and Lillian were waiting, Kara immediately attached herself to Lena’s side, wrapping an arm around her waist and placing a soft kiss against her fake girlfriend’s slightly red cheek.

“C'mon. You girls don’t need to be shy. You can kiss each other. We certainly won’t mind.” Lillian smiled, sharing a look with Eliza. “Actually, I want a picture of it.”

Kara started to panic. Kiss Lena? Kiss those amazing and inviting lips? 


“Lena! It’s just a kiss. I want to rub my daughter’s perfect relationship in everyone’s faces, specially the homofobic ones.” Lillian took her phone out of her purse and pointed at them. “Now, kiss!”

Kara knew it was wrong but she smiled, anyway. “It’s just a little kiss, Lee. We do much worse when they’re not looking.”

“Oh my God, Kara!” Eliza hid her face behind her hands.

Lena rolled her eyes, but nodded. 

Kara unconsciously licked her lips and she could almost swear she saw Lena following the action with her eyes, before the blonde leaned in and pressed their lips together.

It was only supposed to be a quick kiss, for their mothers cameras. But somehow their lips started to move in sync against each other’s, and Lena’s hands found a comfortable place on Kara’s hips, and the young reporter started thinking we could be doing this the entire time we know each other and oh my god was that Lena’s tongue? And then-

“I think Lillian has a full gallery now, girls.”

- they broke apart.

Breathing heavily and with red cheeks, they sat down, intertwining their hands as they listened to their mothers talk about wedding ideas, and dates, and venues and flowers. 

As she listened to all that, still with the kiss in mind and Lena’s hand in hers, Kara thought: I can’t do this.

I can’t do this!’ Lena thought to herself.

She had to stop that now. They had to stop.

She couldn’t pretend to be okay after almost a month planning a fake wedding. She couldn’t pretend seeing Kara going along with their mothers crazy ideas like it was the most natural thing in the world wasn’t hurting her.

Because it was.

It was tearing her apart.

“Hey!” Kara snapped her fingers in front of Lena’s eyes. “Earth to Lena!”

Lena shook her head, blushing. “Sorry… what were you saying?”

“I was saying I don’t want red roses. They’re cliché. And they’re not our flowers.” Kara pouted, smelling a few lillies that were close by. 

Lena saw Eliza and Alex talking with the flower shop owner in the back. “And what are our flowers, exactly?”

“Plumerias!” Kara said happily.

Lena frowned, “They're my favorite flowers.”

“Exactly!” Kara agreed, taking Lena’s hand and dragging her along to check the bridal bouquet session. “They’re your favorites, so they’re my favorites and I want them! Remember when you sent me that corsage? For prom?”

Lena did. She spent the whole night designing Kara’s corsage herself. 

“Yes. I remember." 

"Hey, lovebirds.” Alex approached the couple, glancing at her mother over her shoulder every now and then, “Have you decided those flower arrangements already? Mom’s going crazy over there.”

Eliza waved at them from the other side of the shop, and Lena quickly wrapped her arm around Kara’s shoulders, waving backwith her free hand. “I can see that.” Lena said through clenched teeth, faking a smile. “I'm so gonna kill you and Lex when this is over.”

“Lena!” Kara elbowed her on the ribs. “No one’s killing anyone.”

“Yes, Lena. Plus, who would be the maid of honor? Lex?” Alex smirked. “Oh, Kara, look at this bouquet! It’s beautiful!”

“I know, right?!’

And that went on.

Kara acted like they were planning their actual wedding! 

She would meet Lillian and Eliza over her lunch breaks to talk about flowers, and guest lists, and how she wanted to marry Lena in the same place they first met. She did everything so naturally, like she had all that planned for a very long time.

And Lena didn’t have the willpower to not follow Kara’s lead.

Until Lena too started to believe they were really getting married in three months. And in the back of her mind she knew she would end up devastatingly heart broken, but a girl could dream, right?

"Jess, can you please clear my schedule after lunch? I have to meet Kara later.”

Jess nodded and smiled at her boss.

“I already did it earlier, Ms. Luthor!” Jess blushed when Lena raised an eyebrow in question. “I-I… Ms. Danvers texted me this morning. Cake tasting, right?”

Lena smiled, looking back down at her tablet. “Yes. I didn’t know the cake was such a big part of the wedding. Kara actually threatened me if I’ll show up late!”

Jess bit her lip, trying to hide her smile. “You guys make such a cute couple, Ms. Luthor!”

Lena blushed and mumbled a 'thank you’, walking back inside her office.

When Lena arrived at the bakey that afternoon Kara, their mothers and surprisingly Lex were already there.

“Lenaaaa!” Lena almost didn’t have time to prepare for the impact when Kara threw herself in the CEO’s arms, kissing her right on the mouth before pulling away with a big smile.

“Wow,” Lena wrapped both arms around Kara’s waist and held her close to her body, giving a good look at the reporter’s face. “You’re cake drunk already, aren’t you? I can taste it.”

Kara had the decency to look guilty, at least. “Your brother, too, to be honest. Everything’s so delicious!”

Lena brushed her nose against Kara’s cheek with a lovingly smile, kissing her fiancé - or fake fiancé - again, slower this time, trying to pretend she was doing it just for show. “So delicious.”

“Hey! Show some respect and stop making out in front of our mothers!” Lex yelled, mouth full of cupcake. 

Lena rolled her eyes at her brother, before letting herself be dragged to taste a few more cakes with Kara. They chose a white chocolate raspberry flavor, even thought Lex said a lemon one would be more fitting. 

Lena was ready to invite Kara to go to the movies when her mother stopped her.

“We’re not done yet, darling.”

Lena frowned, confused as she looked from her mother, to Eliza, to Lex and finally to Kara. “What? I thought it was just cake tasting for the day.”

“We have one more gift for the two of you.”

That’s how Lena found herself outside of the most expensive jewelry store in the city. Once they walked inside, they were lead by the owner to a private room. 

“Kara…” she whispered desperately to the blonde.

“They made me do it!” Kara said back, just as desperate. 

“Here’s the best of Harry Winston collection, ma'am.” The owner said, presenting them with a very large set of wedding bands on top of his desk. 

“Harry Winston?” Lena shook her head so quickly she almost got dizzy. “Mom, these must cost a fortune!”

“Lex is paying, honey.” Lillian brushed it off, taking a pair of wedding bands and placing them on Kara’s palm. “Let’s try those first.”

Lena tried her best to stop her hands from shaking too much as Kara slid the wedding band on her finger. The blonde did it carefully, smiling, before kissing Lena’s finger softly. 

“It looks beautiful on you.” Kara whispered.

Lena closed her eyes, holding back a sigh as she started to test wedding bands with Kara. The blonde looked so happy as they tried ring after ring, kissing the CEO’s hand every time she slid a new band on Lena’s finger. 

They left the store a couple of hours later, a pair of platinum wedding bands adorned with micropavé diamonds around it left in Lex’s possession until the big day. Simple but elegant and classy, Eliza said. 

A few days later, it was time for the wedding dresses shopping. Even though she was dragged out of her office but a excited Kara, she kept working on her tablet, sending emails and orders to her employees as she sat with Eliza and Lillian at the back of the store, waiting for the blonde reporter to come out of the dressing room. 

Kara had been taking too long, trying dress after dress and not letting anyone see her until she could find the one.

“This one’s perfect!” Lena heard Kara yelling behind the curtains.

“Then get the hell out of there, Kara!” Eliza said with a huff.

Lena laughed at Mrs. Danvers impatient tone, but as soon as Kara stepped out of the dressing room, she was left speechless. 

Lena didn’t think it was possible for Kara to get any more beautiful than she already was.

Until she saw her in a wedding dress.

“Wow! It’s perfect, Kara! You look beautiful!” Lillian was standing in front of Kara, wide smile on her lips.

“What do you think?” Kara asked Lena expectantly.

“I… it’s… you’re beautiful.” Lena stuttered, trying to cease her racing heartbeat. 

Kara was beautiful. But what for? For a lie. They weren’t getting married. It was only a big prank her brother and Kara’s sister planned. Kara wasn’t in love with her. She would be laughing at Lena in the end, just like everyone else. 

It suddenly became clear to Lena that was so wrong. She couldn’t do this. So she stood up and grabbed her things, walking quickly out the room towards the street.

She had to breath.

Lena didn’t notice Kara running after her.

“Lena?” Kara touched her arm, but Lena flinched away. 

“Leave me alone, Kara.”

She would’ve felt bad for how hurt Kara looked, but she was too busy trying to prevent the tears from falling, clenching and unclenching her jaw several times as she looked up and down the street. 

“L-Lena… what’s wrong?" 

Lena huffed, a incredulous laugh coming out of her mouth. "Are you serious, right now?”

The tip of Kara’s nose suddenly turned bright pink, her cheeks blushing slightly, and Lena knew her best friend long enough to notice she too wanted to cry.


“This is a fucking lie, Kara! They’re spending a fortune in a wedding that's not gonna happen! Can’t you see it?”

Kara blinked, looking down, “I was just going along with Alex and Lex’s plan… they just-”

“Just what? Expected us to marry and pretend to be in love forever?” Lena said loudly. “We got wedding rings for Christ’s sake, Kara! I won't ruin my life over a stupid joke and you’re just going along with and doing nothing to stop this!”

“Then tell me to stop!”

“Then stop!” Lena finally yelled.

Kara looked at Lena as if the CEO had slapped her. She saw tears streaming down her friend’s face, but still, Lena didn’t move or took the words back.

“Then it’s done. There was never an actual wedding, anyway.”

Kara turned her back at Lena and walked inside the store, body still shaking as she cried. 

Lena locked herself in her apartment for two whole days.

She refused to receive any calls.

She didn’t want to see anyone.

She just ruined the best part of her life.

Kara was her everything. 

But she couldn’t pretend to not be in love with her anymore.

Lena sniffed as she got out of her bed, still in her pajamas even if it was five in the afternoon, and walked towards her kitchen to get some water, when she saw someone sitting on her couch in the living room.

“Mom? Shit!” She jumped, hands on her chest.

“Honey… I thought you were never going to get up.”

Lena approached her mother, sitting next to her in the couch. “How did you get in here?”

“I have a spare key, remember?” Lillian said, placing a comforting hand on her daughter’s thigh. “I wanted to talk.”

“I don’t want to talk.”

Lillian sighed, then she wrapped her arm around Lena’s shoulder, and the brunette couldn’t help but rest her head on her mother’s shoulder.

“Kara and I, we… we broke up.” Lena finally said.

“I noticed.”

“I’m sorry, mom. I knew how much you wanted us to work… but…” Lena sniffed and started crying again.

“Oh, baby. Don’t cry.” Lillian hugged Lena close, kissing the top of her head.

“I just… couldn’t… it was all a lie, mom.”

Lillian took a deep breath. “I know, baby.”

Lena raised her head. “You… you knew?!”

Lillian brushed away a lock of Lena’s hair away from her face. 

“You’re right when you say I’ve always wanted you and Kara to be together. Together, the both of you look so… meant to be. I know you think it’s insane, but it’s clear to anyone with eyes that you both are so in love with each other, but at the same time so afraid to ruin your friendship.” Lillian smiled. “Kara broke up with Mike as soon as she knew she would be coming back to National City. Eliza told me she was excited to surprise you. We had a plan to help you realize how in love you girls are with each other. We just didn’t expect it to go this badly.”

“So… Alex and Lex…”

“We convinced them to be a part of the plan.”

“I can’t believe it…" 

"I realize it now we went too far this time. I just wanted you to be happy, and you’re the happiest when you’re with Kara…” Lillian looked right into Lena’s green eyes. “When your father told me about you… I felt devastated. I felt betrayed in the worst way possible. We tried to work things out despite how angry I was at the time, because I didn’t want Lex to suffer the possible divorce process. And then Lionel took you home.” Lillian caressed Lena’s cheek lovingly, “I prepared myself to feel anger. But when I saw you hugging that teddy bear, when I saw your beautiful eyes, and how you smiled at your brother’s jokes… I loved you right away. I was your mother and you were my daughter, and I promised myself I would only give you and your brother the best of this world. Kara is the best for you, Lena.”

Lena dried her wet cheeks.

“But the wedding planning… it was all a lie.”

“Did it feel like a lie to you?” Lillian asked. 

Lena thought about it for a moment. “No.”

“It don’t think it was for Kara either. She’s heart broken.”

“I hurt her, mom.”

“Then make it up to her.”


Lillian smiled and reached for a small velvet box inside her purse, placing it on her daughter’s hand.

Kara heard then doorbell ringing, but she refused to get up of the couch and leave her beloved Netflix behind.

She was tired of Alex or Lex or even her parents calls and visits. She wasn’t sick, she just had her heart torned into pieces.

The doorbell rang again and Kara groaned, standing up and walking angrily towards the door, opening it only to come face to face with Lena.


The CEO looked like she hadn’t slept in a few days, her hair up in a messy bun and she was wearing an oversized sweater as she stood there nervously.

"Can we talk?”

Kara bit her lip, looking down as she nodded and stepped aside to ler her best friend in.

Lena stood in the middle of Kara’s living room, hands inside the pockets of her jeans. The reporter couldn’t help but find her beautiful, despite everything.

“I’m so sorry I yelled at you, Kara.” Lena finally said.

Kara shook her head. “It’s okay.”

“No, its not!” Lena took a step closer, but stopped herself after making a move to touch Kara. “I was a complete ass.”

Kara nodded, “You were." 

They stood there in silence for a few more moments, before it suddenly became too much and they ran to hug the shit out of each other.

"I’m sorry!”

“No, I'm sorry! I got us into this mess! I’m so sorry, Lena." 

Lena shook her head, cupping Kara’s cheeks, their foreheads touching. 

Kara closed her eyes and reveled in that moment. They never had a fight before and it was killing her inside. She couldn’t lose Lena. Not after finally moving back to National City where she could see that beautiful face everyday. 

She had been in love with Lena for so long now. She spent their college years seeing Lena go from one girl to another, but the brunette always came back to her. Kara let herself believe she could plan the perfect wedding, but at the end of the day it was still a lie.

"Kara…” Lena whispered. “My mom… she came to see me…”

“I know. My mother visited yesterday. She told me everything about their crazy plan. I can’t believe they made us plan a freaking wedding!” Kara chuckled. 

Lena didn’t smile, she bit her bottom lip nervously instead. 

“And we did.”

Kara frowned, “What?”

“We did plan a wedding.”

“Oh.” Kara felt herself blushing. “Yeah, we kind of did.”

“I specially liked the cake’s flavor.” Lena said, arms still loosely wrapped around Kara’s waist.

Kara hummed, “So delicious, right?”

“Totally! And my dad did schedule a shipment of plumerias for the wedding.”

“Oh… he’ll probably have to cancel, huh?”

Lena shrugged. “Maybe. Maybe not.”

She reached inside her pocket, showing Kara the velvet box that was supposed to be with Lex. 

“We planned a wedding, Kara. We really did. We have a date, and a guest list, and the flowers, the cake, your perfect dress, the wedding rings…”

Kara’s heart was racing now.

“Maybe it started as lie, but it wasn’t… for me. And I think it wasn’t for you, either. Just tell me what you want to do, and we’ll do it, Kara.”

The blonde blinked back a few tears, “I wanna marry you, Lena. I love you so much!”

Lena smiled incredulously, “You do? For real?”

Kara nodded quickly, “Yes! For real!”

“I love you, too.”

They kissed, giggling in between kisses as they whispered how much they loved each other over and over.

“Wait!” Lena pulled back, getting down on one knee, Kara’s hand in between hers, smiling like a fool. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” Kara responded, before tackling Lena to the floor in a hug.


“I can’t believe their plan actually worked!” Alex said, glass of champagne already in hands as she spoke to the newlyweds. 

Lena smiled at Kara, pecking her beautiful wife’s lips, pulling away and looking at the mass of people on the dance floor of the reception.

“It really did. I’m glad for my mom’s stubbornness for once.”

“What you call stubbornness I call determination, honey." 

They turned their heads to see Lillian and Eliza approaching them, wide accomplished smiles on their faces. 

Lena hugged her mother one more time, kissing her cheek lovingly. 

"How’s everything? The wedding planner is doing an excellent job. Of course I didn’t expect any less, since I hired her after doing most of the hard work.”

They laughed and Kara nodded at her mother-in-law’s words. “Everything’s perfect, Mrs. Luthor! Thank you, really!”

“Own, you girls are so beautiful together! I feel like crying!” Eliza said.

“You mean again?” Alex said with an eye roll.

“Hello, ladies!” They heard a few moments later, Lex joined them with a friend in tow. “So, this is Maggie Sawyer, my detective friend I told you about. These are mom, the bride’s mother Eliza, the bride Kara, my dear sister Lena, and the FBI un-special agent Alexandra." 

"I hate you, Alexander.” Alex said bitterly.

“Oh, a detective, such an honorable work!” Lillian gushed. 

“Maybe not as honorable as being a doctor, but thank you, ma'am.” Maggie smiled, showing off her dimples. 

“A very polite and gorgeous detective, too. This one’s a keeper, Lex." 

Lex laughed, "Oh, no, Eliza! Apparently I only find myself surrounded by lesbian friends.”

Lena shared a look with Kara, and they knew without saying anything their mothers minds were already moving to the next targets.

“Oh…” Lillian and Eliza said together, glancing briefly at each other, their eyes glinting and lips turning into little smirks. 



Anyway, enjoy :)

Enough (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,200

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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“She use to be my Queen.”  A Bellamy Blake/ Roan imagine series part 10

Bellamy watched as your face contorted from shock to pain in a matter of seconds as your knees buckled. You yelled at the unbearable pain and screamed for somebody, anybody to make it stop. Bellamy caught you as you fell, shouting orders for people to help. Kane watched and was almost over to you before you even had time to hit the ground. Your eyes blurred with tears as people around you huddled and made a makeshift gurney for you to be carried on. Bellamy squeezed your hand as you cried out.

You don’t remember entering the MedBay at all but you remember opening your eyes to see people around you pacing worriedly as you winced at a contraction. You felt your hand shaking slightly and looked to see Bellamy who was nervously tapping his foot.

“She’s awake!” A voice rang as your eyes blinked, adjusting and trying to get rid of the blurriness.

“How are you feeling?!”
“How far apart are the contractions?”

“Can you feel anything at all?!”

You merely looked at everyone with a blank expression. There was too much happening at once and it was affecting you. Bellamy could read this as you started to shake with anxiety.

“Everybody back the hell off!” He barked as you clutched your stomach. “Can’t you all see you’re stressing her out?! The woman is about to give birth! Show some respect!” He growled protectively placing his hand on your bump. You looked at Niylah who was giving you a look as people looked at each other. Niylah gave you a small smile as you looked at her.

“How far apart would you say you are?” She wondered as a few people left the room. You just wanted Bellamy and your dad to be there. And Roan.

Sadly you could only have two of the three.

You knew Roan would beat himself up over missing the birth of his first and maybe only child, but you knew he wanted what was best for his people. For you.

“Maybe about six minutes apart.” You whispered as Bellamy turned around briefly letting go of your hand.  

You didn’t know how sweaty you were till Bellamy turned back around and dabbed on your head with a cloth. You looked at him with pleading eyes. You pleaded that he take the pain away as another contraction rippled through you like a rock hitting the surface of water. You laid back again as your vision blurred with tears. A person grabbed your hand but before you could jerk it away you heard the soothing voice you heard as a little girl.

“It’s okay. It’s me.”

“Oh dad.” You cried as he moved your sweaty hair from your forehead. You closed your eyes as your dad tried to talk to you. You couldn’t hear a word come from his mouth as a scream ripped through you body.

“The baby is coming now.”
“I want everybody that isn’t a nurse, healer, or family out now.” Kane shouted as he couldn’t tear his eyes away from his weeping child. Bellamy swallowed hard as he turned. Kane lunged for his arm. Bellamy knew that he was all you had left at the moment and was quite possibly the only person that would give you the encouragement you needed.

“You know…” Bellamy nodded knowingly. Niylah slowly took off your pants as you looked at her with pained eyes.

“This baby is coming now.” She whispered to Kane as she felt how dilated you were. You were looking at your dad as you shook your head.

“Dad I can’t do this.” You cried as Niylah spread your legs up on the table.

“Honey, you have to. You know you have to.” Kane tried as you squeezed both men’s hands in order to relieve the pain. It was enough to make Bellamy winced as you heard Niylah’s voice.

“(Y/n) you have to push when I say okay?” She said as you nodded with tears streaming down your face.

“Push!” You gave it all  you got as you screamed in pain as you sat up on your arms. Bellamy’s face contorted into one of shock as he remembered how his mom was in a similar position. He let you near break his hand as he watched your face. Niylah kept telling to push as you did. You were losing energy and fast. You didn’t know how much you had left in you.

“One more big push for me (Y/n).” You shook your head in protest.
“I can’t Niylah.” You cried. Bellamy knew how close you were, he looked to see the progress and although he nearly passed out, you were so close. Bellamy leaned close to you and before Kane could talk he raised a hand.

“(Y/n)…baby girl…you have to do this. I know you can do it. You’re this strongest girl I know. I know I’m not this baby’s father…but I know for a fact that you can do it. This baby…this baby is waiting to meet you. It’s waiting to meet their mom, the most beautiful woman and strongest to ever roam. You’ve been waiting for this moment…now it’s finally here. Let’s meet your baby.” He whispered. You looked at him with pained eyes. You took a deep breath as you mustered enough energy to give your most powerful push yet as your vision turned white. It seemed the world stopped the minute you heard the cry of your baby. You felt as though you couldn’t move. Kane watched as Niylah held your baby with tears in his eyes. Niylah carried your baby over to the adjacent bed and started to wipe off the baby as Bellamy gave you a small smile. Resting his head on your sweaty forehead. You laid back as you panted. Your body ached with pain as you laid there feeling like you had just died. Niylah came back over after making sure the baby was okay before bringing the bundle over to your weak form. Your eyes opened as you looked at her with wondering eyes.

“Congratulations on the Princess of Azgeda, Queen (Y/n).” Se smiled as your heart swelled. You always wanted a little girl. Bellamy helped you sit up as you took your baby. Placing the crying child on your chest with tears welling in your eyes. You couldn’t believe after all this time….all this waiting…your baby was finally here. You sat back as you ran your finger up and down her plump cheeks. Her eyes opened up to reveal the most breathtaking blue eyes. Her father’s eyes.

“Calliope…” You muttered as you trailed off. You couldn’t finish before you fell asleep from being so exhausted. Bellamy watched as the little girl yawn before looking at him. Bellamy noticed you were asleep as the little girl started to fuss. Bellamy looked around at the empty room before walking around to the little bundle. He took a shaky breath as he slowly picked up the girl. The little one reminded him of his sister when she was born. The big eyes full of innocence looked up at him. She was the perfect mixture of you and Roan and Bellamy winced at the fact.

“She reminds you of O…doesn’t she?” You whispered weakly as he nodded.
“She’s so tiny…” He whispered. You nodded. Kane walked through the door with a worried expression on his face.

“There’s a war brewing. A final conclave for the bunker…” Your chest felt heavy as you realized what your father was about to say. You took your baby back as you looked at her with sad eyes.

“We need to go. Roan is fighting.”

Eat out/punishment smut

Delays with this I’m sorry I need to get my shit together requests will be open soon but I’m sorry I won’t be posting as much as I want to I’m near exam time and that’s priority, still looking for co-writer if anyone’s interested please message me!!💓 anyway hope you enjoy, thanksss!!x

There’s no doubting Ashley isn’t one to hold back on things and sex is no different, there’s also no doubting she loves to sing and there’s certainly no doubting between the two of you at least that she love eating you out, throw them all together and that’s one hell of a kink and not surprisingly Ashley was completely mesmerised by it.
You had been out with a couple of girl friends and since you and ash had outed as a couple there has been countless accusations and threats against your relationship especially on the loyalty side of things. You had got into your shared apartment with the blue haired wonder laying across the distressed leather couch engulfed in a magazine, you stood at the end up the couch “hey babe” you smiled she pulled down her magazine a little so all you saw were her big bright eyes, apart from this time they didn’t look so bright more dull her brows knitted “hi” she mumbled, completely different to your normal greeting of her. “Are you okay?” She ignored you, huffing and shuffling as you sat beside her, “Ash” you said a little more stern she looked over and suddenly snapped, pushing you up against the couch she was previously snuggled into, her sudden movements taking you by surprise, you were left wondering why she was acting like this but not for long when she smashed her lips onto yours trailing her wet kisses down to your neck, lifting your shirt from the hem at the bottom and over your head she kissed along the top of your boobs nudging you as a signal to arch your back so she could unclasp your bra, once she did she massaged your boob while sucking harshly on the other making you moan and mumble sweet nothings to her, she trailed her wet mouth down your soft stomach stopping at the rim of your panties looking down at the pink lace wrapped around your lower parts and looked back up to you, her eyes captured yours “now, sweetheart we are going to have a little fun” she purred, you looked at her in confusion, “I’m going to eat you out” you nodded in response muttering “please do” under your breathe, “and you are going to sing for me like nothing is happening” a huge smirk was plastered across her face, you taken back a little and nervous to sing for her, as comfortable as you where with her, singing In front of her was a little intimidating but never the less intriguing, so in reply you nodded letting her no you where going to.
Hooking her fingers round the hem of your panties she slowly pulled them down revealing your naked self to her, her hot breath making you shiver and squirm a little, she put her hands on your thighs holding you down “ready?” She hummed, giving you a huge grin, she like one stripe up your wet clit making you muffle a moan as you quietly started to sing “your little brother never told you but he loved you so” she carried on covering every inch of your wetness making you moan louder and stop singing, and then she stopped. You squirmed and thrusted your hips wanting the friction back, needy for her touch. “You stop, I stop” she said smugly, you groaned knowing this wasn’t going to be easy but you carried on “you said your mother only smiled on her TV show” the words leaving your mouth in stutters the pleasure she was giving you was hard to ignore but if you stopped she stopped and that was the last thing you wanted.
“You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with-” you couldn’t help it your last words where cut off with a loud moan leaving your mouth the build up of pleasure was just begging to hit you but her words ran through your head “if you stop I stop” and of course she did, you couldn’t stop anymore the amount of pleasure she gave me made you want need more, you shuffled a little looking down to her eyes “I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old” she once again picked up the pace, adding a in a finger at a time pumping slowly while her tongue was flicking fast over your swollen clit, you sang louder and she picked up the pace giving you more and more pleasure your words where stuttered as your climax was building up, a knotted feeling in your stomach grew bigger and your legs began to shake “everything is blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans” your moans becoming clearer and harder to muffle but thankfully for once she wasn’t stopping, you let yourself go not being able to hold back any longer, your loud moans filled the room as she licked you clean, you lay breathless on the couch, your skin sticking to it from the sweat and heat from what just happened.

karaszorelsdanvers  asked:

The worst thing about Eileen's death for me was the fact that I didn't think she was really dead. I thought it was a fake-out for some reason? IDK. It was just framed really weirdly and I honestly could not believe they'd honestly kill her off this early. It just sucks to think that she's dead now for real and it wasn't fake. =(

Eileen’s death was very abrupt. It was totally wrong for a recurring character that is clearly a fan favorite to be thrown away like that in the first minute of an episode. And in near complete silence as well. My friend Christy wrote a really great analysis of why this was on Twitter.

I think the suddenness of it is what made her death feel “fake.” They didn’t give us time to absorb it. It was hard to really tell it was even Eileen at first. I was left wondering, “Wait, is she? Is she dead?” It’s only when you see her body in the morgue later in the episode that you’re like, “Oh. Shit. So that happened.”

I’m really pissed off and really sad about it. I loved Eileen and she deserved a better death than that at least, if she had to die at all. A better reaction from the people that knew her too. Jared did the best he could with a shitty script. That letter scene was :(((

And she’s left wondering what she said, what she did to possibly make you completely forget that she existed. Did she reveal too much of her heart to you? Did she say too much? Too little? She wanted nothing more than to believe that you were real, that you cared, that you might have loved her. Now she’ll never know….
—  Greystreetgirl

Here it is, after over a month, the final installment of “Thinking of You,” which had began as a simple Marichat one-shot. Thank you everyone who expressed wanting me to continue. It was a long push, but it’s finally done thanks to your encouragement. This conclusion turned into its own very long monstrosity, but please enjoy and let me know how you feel. Thank you again.
Read part 1, and part 2

Thinking of You Pt. 3 

She threw together a capelet. It was a deep blue-black with gold zippers and red lining inside. It was simple enough to make in a day, after a brief stop at the fabric store after school. Thank god Chat Noir did not pay her a visit or he’d admonish her cowardice. She’d promised she’d wear the dress, but she didn’t say anything about wearing something over it…

Ah, she knew he’d still throw a hissy fit over not having the courage to talk to Adrien about her mistake.

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Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 9

Hi, hello, bonjour :) 

 Part 9 

 Please, note that I am French so there might me some mistakes here and there. 

 Please, let me know what you think :) Enjoy ! 

 (Taking place in 2x19) 

Originally posted by psychoticblood

Elijah is back, Bonnie is still alive.

 You woke up feeling terrible. You stayed in bed for a while, thinking about Bonnie. You’d been struggling with everything lately but this time you knew what you had to do. You weren’t confused anymore. You got out of your bed, took a shower and left for Elena’s house without even eating breakfast. 

You pulled over in front of the house and that’s when you saw him at the front door. You got out of your car and rushed over the entry. 

“Elijah?” The vampire turns around, surprised to see you. He looks terrible. His suit looked like it had been set on fire and he was covered in dirt. 

“What are you doing here Y/N?” Elena ask in a whisper. 

 You frown. She signs to make very little noise, you figure it’s because nor Stefan nor Damon knew what she had done. 

 "I’ve been struggling about the fact that Elijah was laying dead in your basement for a while but now that Bonnie is dead, and I am pretty sure that if you hadn’t killed Elijah that wouldn’t have happened, I came to take the dagger out but, it looks like you beat me to it.“ You say looking at her. You weren’t angry. You were just determined. You see the dagger in Elijah’s hand. 

"Are you okay?” You look up at him with a worried look “You look awful… What did you do to him?” The last question was meant for Elena, though you were pretty sure she wasn’t the one who had tried to set him on fire. 

“Not here.” Elena says before stepping out. She closes the door without making any noise. 

“Can you drive us?” She asks you. You nod yes. 

You looked up at Elijah who was looking at you. You give a look that showed him you were worried and sorry. You all get in your car, Elijah in the passenger seat. You start the car and start driving away. 

Elena gives blood bags to Elijah who was still looking at you. You tried not to blush but you failed. Elijah starts drinking the blood and when you pull over 10 minutes later he looked a little better. 

“You look better.” You tell him after stopping the car. 

He looks at you for a moment before turning towards Elena. “Where did you get the dagger?” He asks. 

“I’ll tell you everything, but we have to work together, Elijah, I need your word” At this point you didn’t really cared what would happen. 

 "Your ability to make demands has long passed" 

“No demands” she says. “I’m offering you my help, and in return I want yours.”

 "And why should I even consider this?“

 "The same reason that you haven’t killed me. You need my help to kill Klaus and I need you.” Elena’s phone starts buzzing. She picks up, you figure it’s Stefan. “Yes, I’m fine" 

 Elijah has turn his attention back to you. 

 "I’m really sorry” you apologize 

“What are you sorry about?” He asks “Were you part of the plan to kill me?” You shake your head no but you were feeling ashamed you didn’t help him earlier. 

“Then you have nothing to be sorry about” he says. You look up at him but his attention was back on Elena. “No, Stefan. Elijah and I need some time alone. And Y/N is with me.” - “Elijah is a noble man, Stefan” she says, looking at the Original vampire but he was looking at you once again. You were looking at Elena and you were pretty sure you were blushing again. "I can trust him. He knows that I’d be incredibly stupid to betray him again. By removing the dagger I have proven myself. Make sure that Damon doesn’t do anything stupid. I’ll be in touch" 

Elijah takes Elena’s phone from her. 

“He’s here” Elena says. 

“Klaus is here? Is he the one who killed you witch friend?” He asks looking at you. 

 You opened your mouth to answer when Elena spoke up. 

“Bonnie’s alive” she says 

“What?!” You say very loudly 

 "We had to convince Klaus that she was dead.“ You don’t say a thing, trying to let go of the anger that was taking over you. You take a deep breath, trying to stay calm. 

"He’s taken over Alaric’s body.” She continues like your feelings don’t matter.

 "Of course he has. One of his favorite tricks.“ 

"Well, what are his other tricks ?” Elena asks next. “What is he gonna do next? You’re the only one who knows him." 

"Yes, I do” he says, staring at nothing. He sighs “I need a change of clothing” he states. 

“My stepfather has some fancy suits you can borrow” you say. “If it isn’t too much trouble.” You don’t answer, feeling numb. Bonnie was alive. This was such a relief. You start the car and drive away. 

The three of you sat down in your living room after Elijah had changed his clothes. The suit wasn’t fitting perfectly but it would do fine. 

“You have a lovely home” Elijah says, looking around. You’re home was much like the Gilbert’s. It was a bit, too big for just your stepfather and yourself but you weren’t complaining. 

“Thank you” you answer timidly. 

“So I assume that the Martin witches are no longer with us?" 

"No, I’m sorry” Elena says 

“And Katerina? She would have been released from my compulsion when I died" 

"She was” you say.

“Klaus took her” Elena completes your answer. That was news to you. 

“We think that she might be dead” Elijah grins “I doubt that. Not Klaus’s style. Death would be too easy for her after what she did." 

"I don’t understand. You say that you want Klaus dead but you still made Katherine pay for betraying him." 

"I have my own reasons for wanting Katerina to pay… There was a time, I would’ve done anything for Klaus. Klaus is my brother" 

You were shocked. As was Elena. 


 "Klaus is my brother" 

"Yes I heard I’m… Processing” she says 

“Yes, I’m a little behind on the times but I believe the term you’re searching for is OMG" 

This makes you laugh. Yes, that was definitely the term. 

Elijah moves his head to look at you, hearing you laugh. "There’s a whole family of Originals?” Elena asks. Elijah turns his attention back to the Gilbert girl 

“My father was a wealthy landowner in a village in Eastern Europe, our mother bore seven children.” You listen to him closely. 

“So your parents were human?” Elena asks 

“Our whole family was. Our origins as vampires is a very long story. Just know, we’re the oldest vampires in the world. We are the Originals family and from us, all vampire were created." 

Elena is confused  and so are you "Right, but Klaus is your brother. And you want him dead?" 

 "I need some air, I’m still feeling a tad… Dead. Come." 

You appreciate his sense of humor and smile at his comment. You follow him outside. 

"So as you’ve seen, nothing can kill an Original. Not sun, not fire, not even a werewolf bite. Only the wood from one tree. A tree my family made sure burned." 

"That’s where the white ash for the dagger comes from” you say. 

“Yes. The witches won’t allow anything truly immortal to walk the Earth. Every creature needs to have a weakness in order to maintain balance." 

"So if the sun can’t kill an Original… Why is Klaus so obsessed with breaking the Sun and the Moon curse." 

"Right. The Curse of the Sun and the Moon." 

You stop and Elijah notices it, stopping to look at you. 

"It’s fake.” You say. 

Elijah raises an eyebrow. 

“Just the name of the curse sounds… Ridiculous… It’s a fake, isn’t it?” You ask him 

He grins “Alaric was right. You are one brilliant young woman." 

 You shrug and smile "I try" 

"It does sound a bit… Biblical doesn’t it?" 

"But why?” Elena ask 

“The easiest way to discover the existence of a doppelgänger or to get your hands on some long-lost moonstone is to have every single member of two warring species on the lookout for it." 

"That’s really smart” you say, you didn’t realize you were saying it out loud.

 "Klaus and I faked the Sun and the Moon Curse dating back over a thousand years.“ 

"But if there is no curse…” Elena starts to say but he cuts her off 

“There is a curse. Just not that one. The real one is much worse. It’s a curse placed on Klaus." 

"What are you talking about” Elena was getting impatient. 

“Klaus has been trying to break it the last thousand years and you are his only hope." 

"Well… What is this curse?” She finally asks. 

Elijah gets annoyed “Your phone will not stop its incessant buzzing. Answer it please.” He hands her phone back to her. It was Stefan. Something bad had happened. 

“What’s going on?” You ask her

“Klaus went after Jenna. I have to go to her.”

“I’m afraid that wasn’t part of today’s arrangement." 

"She’s my family, Elijah, I have to ! I’ll be back” he stares at her “you have my word" 

"That does mean anything to me until you live up to it” She thanks him and goes away. 

“Looks like it’s just you and I now” he smiles down at you. 

 "She’ll be back" you assure him. 

“We’ll see…” “It seems you have find a friend in Elena after all…" 

You look away and sigh. "Not really… Bonnie kept involving me and I had to meet Elena at some point. They’re best friends…” You take a deep breath. Bonnie was alive and no one told you. If you had feelings, you would be angry right now. You would be feeling left out. You wondered where she was and if she was safe. 

“What are you thinking about?” He asks, looking at the sky. 

You sigh. “Bonnie…" 

"I see…” He sits down on a bench near the water. You’re hesitant at first but you finally decide to go sit next to him. 

“Did it hurt?” You ask 

“Excuse me?” He doesn’t understand the question. 

“The dagger… Dying… Did it hurt?” He looks at you, curious. Then he looks up at the sky. What was so interesting about today’s sky?

“Yes” You stay silent for a while.

“Can you feel anything? When you’re… Dead” you shake your head and feel really stupid at this moment. 

“No. It only hurts when I get stabbed and when I come back.” He says 

You sigh. “I’m sorry…” You say 

“I told you had nothing to be sorry about." 

You sigh. "When I heard you were dead I didn’t know what to think. My life is so confusing since the day I met you, I can’t figure out what’s right and what’s wrong.” You don’t know why you’re telling him all this. You feel his eyes on you. You both stay quiet for a while before he breaks the silence. 

“Where are you parents?” The question surprises you. 

“My parents? Why?” “It’s pure curiosity. You are very interesting for a human, no offense" 

You laugh and shake your head. "Are you kidding? You’re over a thousand years old! Compare to you I’m nothing, my life is not interesting at all, I’m afraid I’ll just bore you" 

"I doubt that is true.” He says. You lock your eyes with his for you don’t know how long before you start staring down at your feet again. 

“My mother died 2 years ago. Cancer” you say. He stays silent for a minute. “And your father?” You look up at him. 

“My father is in jail” you say. This surprises him. 

 "What did he do to end up there, may I ask" 

You look up at him again before deciding that the grass was more interesting than his eyes, 

“My stepfather’s a business man. He married my mother when I was 13" 

He doesn’t push, doesn’t ask again. "Is Elena gonna die?” You ask him.

 "Probably, yes.“ "Does that bother you?" 

You frown. Of course it does! 

 "Doesn’t it bother you?” You ask him. He looks at you with wild eyes, dazzled.

 "You are not afraid of me…“ That’s more of a statement than a question.

 "Should I be?” He shakes his head no. 

“You said you came to resurrect me. What were you expecting me to do?" 

You frown. 

"I wasn’t expecting anything. I told you I have been confused for a while. I considered pulling the dagger out everyday since I had learnt of your condition but I don’t think I would’ve been able to snick in a house where two vampires with super hearing lived without being discovered. Bonnie was dead and I didn’t think she was coming back. It wasn’t fair for you to stay dead. It was rather selfish really, you never did me any wrong but Damon would have been really pissed at me… Elena wants your help. If she didn’t need it you’d still be dead. I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted you to live…" 

He’s astonished by your statement. You just wanted to help him out of the goodness of your heart. 

 "You are a very interesting person Miss Y/LN” he says before standing up. “Let’s go back inside shall we?" 

It was getting dark when Elena joined you back at your home. "Tell me” is the first thing she says, “what is Klaus’s curse” She looked angry and impatient.

 "Please" he ask her to seat with a movement of hand. 

“You know my family was quite close. But Klaus and my father did not get on too well. When we became vampires, we discovered the truth. Klaus was not my father’s son. My mother had been unfaithful many years before. This was her darkest secret. Klaus was from a different bloodline. Of course when my father discovered this he hunted down and he killed my mother’s lover and his entire family." 

Your eyes grew bigger, that was a horror story! 

"Not realizing, of course, that he was igniting a war between species that rages until this day" 

That’s when you understand "Klaus biological’ father was a werewolf…” You say 


"What does that make Klaus? A werewolf or a vampire ?” Elena asks. 

“He’s both. A hybrid will be deadlier than any werewolf or vampire. Nature would not stand for such an imbalance of power. Therefore the witches, the servants of nature, saw to it that my brother’s werewolf side would become dormant." 

You were astounded by this statement. 

"That’s the curse Klaus wants to break?" 

"He wants to trigger that part of him that’s werewolf. If allowed, Klaus would side his own bloodline. He’d build his own race, endangering not just vampires but everyone." 

"But you helped him" 

"I helped him because I loved him. That’s change now. He must die" 

You look up at him with sad eyes.

 "We have the dagger now, we can stop him. 

"When a werewolf is wounded by silver it heals. An Original can’t be killed by anything but white oak ash on a silver dagger. The dagger does not work." 

"What are you saying, that Klaus can’t be killed?" 

"There’s one way to kill any supernatural species. At the hands of the servants of the nature themselves." 

"A witch. If they can channel that much power.” Elena sighs. “But it would kill them" 

"The curse must be broken during the full moon when Klaus is in transition. That’s when he’ll be at his most vulnerable. A witch with enough power can kill Klaus." 

"Bonnie can channel that much power” Elena informs Elijah. 

“Then I must tell you something. I know a way you can survive the ritual.” “You found a way?" 

"Yes, Elena, I did. Unfortunately, Katerina took matter into her own hands but you know that already…" 

"You cared about her, didn’t you?” You say, standing up. He turns towards you and his eyes fall into yours 

“It’s a common mistake, I’m told”, he keeps silent, looking down at you, but then he looks away, “it’s one I won’t make again” and then he leaves your house followed by Elena. 

She texts you an hour later, telling you that she and Elijah had renewed their deal. Bonnie and she would be safe. You only reply to tell Bonnie you’re glad she’s alive. Today had been interesting and very intense. Bonnie wasn’t dead, Elijah was back, you know the truth about the curse and a very good plan had been set in motion to kill Klaus without killing Elena and Bonnie. This day was ending better than the last.

Your words dig into me like a nail in a wall and your smell seeps into every crevice of my body keeping me paralyzed on the floor left with nothing but the lies you spit out. Every part of me weeps to have your fingers intertwined in mine again and every bone aches with the memory of you hidden in every crack in the pavement and every vacant space. The girl you once showered with kisses and kind words now lays on the ground wondering where she went wrong and why you left.
—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #1154 // i just wanted to be loved by you 
you left me.
i’m sitting on my bed and my tears are falling on the keys as i type this.
you left me.
i’m wondering what she has that i don’t.
you left me.
i go to my friends houses but all i wanna do is drink.
you left me.
the blood pounding in my head echoes your name.
you left me.
i cant fucking breathe.
you left me.
i think i’m losing it.
you left me.
i’m not okay.
you left me.
you left me.
—  You left me.
A Very Malfoy Christmas

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Requested by anonymous:

“Hi! Could you please do a daddy!Draco imagine where him and the reader have a couple kids and the reader and him met at Hogwarts and then just family fluff. Thank you!! ❤❤❤❤”

Warnings: None, pure fluff - slight AU where the mini malfoy’s actually have normal names lol - also made it christmas themed cause why not

The sound of birds chirping was the first noise that entered *yn*’s ears as she stirred. Her eyes fluttered as sunlight streamed through a small gap in the window beside the bed and warmed her face. She twisted around in the sheets and peaked one eye open as she slowly became accustomed to the light.

6:13 am, the red digits glared back at her from her small alarm clock. She couldn’t remember the last time she had woken up naturally, or this early for that matter. So with that she closed her eyes once again hoping to enjoy the quiet. She shifted back around in the bed and blindly felt around until her body came into contact with another. 

She scooted over and snuggled into the warm body that occupied the other side of the king bed. She peaked her eyes open once again to look up at her still sleeping husband, Draco. 

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Astray -Part 19-

*Dedicated to the original ashtray anon* 

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He sat on the couch, the stench of sex and its fabric ripping off itself was his bed for the past two weeks. His sketchbook and guitar are his only comfort when his hyung came home with whatever random chick he brought home from drinking. Hyung and his professor must have broken up but he doesn’t look like he missed her with the amount of girls that came home with him.

“Hey, Gukkie.”

“The last you go do is silence your fuck buddy, my ears picked up every filth moans that left her mouth.”

“Listen well with your two sets of ears, just go to school Jeongguk and keep out of Hyung’s business.”

“Is your sex drive really that high?”

“Jeon Jeongguk.”

“I’m just teasing, hyung.”

“It’s not my fault that the girls can’t keep their hands off me.”

“Whatever you say, hyung.” His morning coffee walked in, wearing one of his shirts and meekly bowed to them. She went back to pour a cup, quietly drinking it while Jeongguk looked at his hyung in annoyance.

“Go to school, Jeongguk.”


“I mean it.” He turned back to the chick, smiling at her while standing next to her, ignoring him  as always when he was with a girl. Jeongguk went to the bathroom with clothes to change into, taking a brisk shower and praying the fling would be gone. Not standing in front of him when he opened the door to leave.

“Oh my, you’re his little brother. I’m–”

“Not important. I’ve got to go.” He brushed past her coldly, not in the mood for her small talk and attempt to be remembered unlike the other flings that came over.

“Wait, Jeongguk. That’s your name, right?”

“You’re more persistent than the other girls, huh?”

“He’s worried about you, you know. He talks so brightly about you and I just wanted to say– maybe I shouldn’t, I mean I just met you this morning and I’m pretty hungover– okay, Jeongguk. Go to school for him, he cares about you even though he had a crude way of showing it. I don’t have any–”

“You remind of this girl I know.”

“Oh. Do you like her?”

“Of course.” He loves you, always has and always will.

“Oh.. Does she go to your school?”

“What do you think?”

“I guess that’s a yes. Have you talked to her?” He didn’t know why he found it easy to spill all his secrets out to a complete stranger that was shamelessly moaning his hyung’s name last night. Maybe it was because she reminded him of you. He could tell you anything, he wanted to tell you everything but you couldn’t do the same.

“I kinda dated her until she kissed her best friend, didn’t tell me about it and now, she’s hooked up with him.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I just thought–” He just thought he could be your everything and anything, the only one that could hold you close at night, kiss your nose when you wake up because you didn’t want to kiss him until you brushed your teeth. The one that saw you dancing in a shirt and short to your favourite songs and cover your face when you catch him staring at you. The man that could make you laugh whenever you were sad. He’s fallen into the deep sea that is you, surrounded by you but he only wanted to sink further. Now, it was dark. Pitch black and he couldn’t get out. He didn’t know how.


“I need to get out of here. Nice talk, though. Maybe he’ll keep you around.” He got out the apartment and went job hunting. He wasn’t ready to go back to school where he could see you, the thought of seeing you and Jimin making him sick to his stomach, his fists ready to punch anything in sight and his eyes red with anger. He needs to learn to live without you, that way he could see you with that squid inked hair bastard and not scream on the top of his lungs.

Maybe he wouldn’t ball his fists, ready to push and shove him away from you. Perhaps, he wouldn’t feel like crying at the sight of you two together. He was robbed of his mind, his thoughts slaved to you and he wanted desperately to be free from you. Free from this stupid triangle. Free from the chains of love. Why do you have the key if you won’t set him free?

“Hello. I’m here to drop off my resume, your sign said you were hiring.”

“You can drive a bike?” The man at the cashier looked at him up and down, scanning his body as if he was a robot doing a screening check. He looked away and just wanted the man to take his resume without the unnecessary staring.


“How are your reflexes?” Was this an on the spot interview? What are with these questions?

“I think they’re good.”

“How about balance and speed?”

“I think those are good as well.” What a strange dude, maybe he shouldn’t have–

“You’re my new pizza boy, then. Come back at 9 for training.”

“Thank you, sir.” A part time job as a pizza delivery guy, it’s better than nothing. He’ll learn his way around the city, make money and his hyung will  be off his back.

“Are you crazy?”

“I’m pretty sure I’m sane, hyung.” He went to the fridge to refill his glass of water, chugging down the glass as his hyung glared at him. Maybe he was wrong about the last bit about his hyung being off his back.

“Say you can’t make it.”

“What the hell? No. You always say if you can’t study, make money.”

“You can study. You have artistic talents and you rather work as a fucking pizza boy.”

“I could be that pizza delivery guy in–”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Jeongguk.”

“You get what I mean, anyways I could pay you a bit for rent too along with the–”

“I’m going to make Hyun pick you up and take you to school.”

“You’re going to involve my professor? Hyung, that’s low.”

“And getting a part time job when I specifically told you to go to school isn’t?”

“At least I told you..”

“I’m telling you right now. You’re going to school.”

“My mom’s dead. Did she get reincarnated as you, hyung?”

“Go to sleep, kid.”

“Night, mom.”

“This kid.” He smiled at his hyung who scoffed at him but smiled back anyway.


He wasn’t ready. He wasn’t ready for you.


“I’ll take the bus home.”

“Oh, Good morning Ms. Kang! Oh and look who’s back from the dead, Mr. Jeon.”


“What happened to our little prodigy?”

“Mr Han.”

“It’s none of your business.”

“It is as soon as you step foot on my university, now tell me.”

Do I have to repeat myself, sir?” Ever since Jeongguk showed him up in his class, it was like Professor Han was looking for a way to get him expelled. If he didn’t see that, he would have punched him like he was the drunk guy picking anyone and just begging to get beaten up. He bowed quicker before walking past him, going to a random class with a forgiving professor that let him work in there. If he hadn’t, he would eventually cross paths with either you or Professor Han, two possibilities with outcomes that he couldn’t predict. He was working, taking photos and testing out different shots until he saw you out the window.

You looked the same, only being two weeks since he last saw you but he couldn’t reach out to you. He saw Squid ink running up to you and your face broke out into a grin, that jerk’s arm slinging around your shoulders to pull you closer to him. He slammed his fist on his desk, scaring a few students around him and the pain shot to his fist.

“Ow, ow..”

“Are you alright?” A female voice distracted him from watching the two of you and he answered her instead.

“I’m fine.”

“Give me your hand.” He looked at the girl, her short umber hair, her green contacted eyes and bubblegum pink lips. She had a black bow on her hair with cat eyes on her head, it was as if she was like him but he doubt there were more freaks like him.

“Why should I?”

“Trust me.” He did so, strangely believing her in her words and she pushed in a point of his arm, the pain vanishing and he looked at her.

“How did you…”

“I know the pressure points of the body. Aren’t you glad you trust me?”


“I helped you and you repay me like this.”

“What, there was a catch?”

“Of course. Make me lunch and we’ll call it even.”


He didn’t know why he agreed to meet her here. Or how she even know about a place like this but she sat in front of him.

“I think I’m in the mood for meat.”

“Do I look like a cash cow to you?”

“You owe me, buddy. Now, pipe down and let me think of what I want. Wait, I know exactly what I want! Ma’am! Can I have the Set B?” He didn’t know what a set looked like but after all the food that arrived at his table, it was synonymous to ‘dinner for 8’.

“Are you going to eat all of this?”

“We are going to eat all of this, dig in. You’re paying, remember?”

“It’s like you never forgot.”

“I’m kind enough to cook your meat for you, now hush and eat.” He broke his chopsticks and tried to pick up tofu, hearing her make a sound of annoyance.

“You’re really sad, you know?”

“Shut u–” She put a piece of tofu in his mouth and chewed, feeding him all the food he struggled to pick up with his chopsticks.

“I could have used a spoon.”

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s not like this is a date.”

“You’re too much of a stuck up bit–” She kicked his shin, making him bite his tongue and he shot a glare at her.

“You’re a jerk, Jeongguk.”

“How do you know my name?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, I have this reputation of being close to no one.”

“Except Y/N, right?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“An observer that wants to be a part of this narrative.”

“If you think my life is some fan fiction, then you’re short a moon, you lunatic.”

“No wonder she left you for Jimin.”

“You don’t even know the facts.”

“I know you’re still in love with her, that you want to get ride of Jimin and that you miss her but you can’t reach out to her because you did something.”

“You guessed.”

“I can read you like an open book, Jeongguk. Your eyes say it all. Now, can I get finish my meal that you are so generously paying for?” She didn’t expect an answer, simply cooking meat for herself and him and eating until she was full. He called for the bill, seeing the total was less than he thought he was. When did meat get cheaper?

“This is my grandma’s place.”

“You could have gotten this for free, why the fuck did you need me?”

“Grandma always says to bring new customers.”

“You little.”

“Temper, temper. This is your chance.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Just follow my lead.” She got on her tip toes, her lips brushing against his cheek before pressing them softly against his skin. He could hear someone stop dead in their tracks and she looked over his shoulder.

“Oh, Y/N. I didn’t see you there? How have you been?” She was joking, right. She’s been playing with him all night, this had to be part of her jokes. He turned around and there you were, standing there with Jimin next to you. He looked to his left, the mystery girl linked arms with him as you two stared at each other. You were looking at Jeongguk, your eyes unreadable and he gulped.

“Hey, Jeongguk.”

This is a possibility that he hadn’t planned for.

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