no wonder she left you

JUNGKOOK calls you clingy part 3

Request: Hey!! can i request a fake text about a fight with jungkook where the jungkook is being snappy but they’re havinf a normal conversation but the reader catches on and like they have af ight and jungkook ends up saying something like “youre clingy” or anything else that really hurts her and then tries to make it up to her?? the ending is up to you happy/sad. i hope i made some sense!!! thank you 

Part 3 because I’m a nice person. 

Here’s a link to part 1 and part 2

“You what?!” 

 “I called her clingy.”

 Namjoon sat there shaking his head at what he was hearing. He knew that Jungkook was an ill tempered kid, so he hadn’t been too disturbed by the frantic call he had received from Jungkook an hour ago to ‘leave everything and come meet him’. Only, now that he was listening to Jungkook, he couldn’t help but look at him with disgust. 

 "I understand that you were not in the best of your moods…but who the fuck calls their own girlfriend clingy, you idiot?” 

 Jungkook groaned, letting his head fall in his hands while he listened to his elder brother chastise him for his actions. “That isn’t the only thing, hyung.” Jungkook said as he held out his phone for his elder brother to see. Namjoon raised an eyebrow and took the phone in his hands as he went over the messages that Jungkook had exchanged with you more than 15 days ago. 

“Holy fucking shit. You are a dick, Jeon Jungkook. No wonder she left you.” 

Jungkook cringed at the reiteration of the fact that he did not want to accept. He sighed. “I know, hyung. I am a huge idiot.”

 "Nope, you’re not an idiot. Being an idiot is a relatively forgivable sin. You, brother, were an absolute arse to her. Forget it, she isn’t coming back.” 

Namjoon shook his head, giving Jungkook’s phone back to him and standing up to leave. “Oh no no no, hyung please, help me out.” Jungkook got up and stood in front of Namjoon blocking is way. “You know how much I love her.” 

“Jeon Jungkook. ____ may have been your girlfriend, but don’t forget that she was my friend before you guys started going around together. You just hurt my friend, hm? What makes you think I’ll help you out with anything?” Namjoon said, his anger fianlly showing itself but Jungkook wasn’t in the position to back off. Namjoon was the only one who could help him. 

 "Because you are my brother and you know how much I love her. Please, hyung, don’t I deserve one chance?” Jungkook said as he desperately held on to the elder boy’s shoulders. 

Namjoon sighed. “Even if for a moment I consider helping you, and I’m not saying that I’m considering it at all, but let’s just say that I do- do you have anything in mind?” Jungkook frantically shook his head to express his affirmative. 

 "Yes, but I’ll need your help.” 

 You looked at the crowd of people bustling in for your friend’s mini concert and gave a half smile to yourself. Namjoon had always been very passionate about rapping but a year ago he had finally decided step out in the underground and let other people hear his rap. Needless to say, he had been a huge hit.

 As you entered the club, you saw people dressed in clothes screaming hip-hop, a huge contrast to your attire- a plain black hoodie, house shorts, converse and hair so messy, it would give Bellatrix Lestrange a run for her money. You didn’t mind, though. You were never the one to give too much thought to your appearance save for special dates with your ex-boyfriend. In all fairness, and not an ounce of boastfulness, you knew you could step out in nightwear and still look bomb. You just had that confidence about you. 

You pushed your way through the crowd and towards the bar, greeting the bartender with a nod. This was your favourite seat to view his performances. It was comfortable, in good distance, away from people and of course, you could drink peacefully and enjoy the performance. 

 "The regular, ___?” The bartender asked you, ready to pour in a 60 ML of Smirnoff-regular into your glass. 

 You shook your head, “I’ll have blue label today, Hoseok.” 

 “Whiskey? That’s new.” He said as he turned around and poured you your drink.

“I need new.” You shrugged.

 He hummed in response. “What will you have it with? Coke, soda?” 

 You scoffed. "On the rocks, boy.” 

 Hoseok chuckled as he fake saluted you, “Yes ma'am.” 

 You smiled and turned around as the lights dimmed and Namjoon or Rapmonster, as he was known in the underground, came on the stage and the crowd erupted into cheers, you being the loudest. He scanned the crowd and as soon as his eyes landed on you, he smirked and waved at you. You raised your drink and nodded at him in acknowledgement. Then, his demeanour completely changed and the crowd went silent. It was beginning. 

Rap monster continued firing curses at the speed of light. You could only keep up because you had heard this before. You turned in your seat to face the bar to ask for a refill from your friend only to find him missing. You frowned. 

That’s strange. 

You turned back round and realised the music had stopped and the crowd had gone silent again and on the stage were six men apart from Namjoon, all standing in front of their own mics. Hoseok was up there too. You recognised all of them, of course. They were all your friends. Part of the same group they liked to jokingly call ‘Bangtan Sonyeondan’.

 What unnerved you, however, was the man standing at the front mic. 

It was him. Jeon Jungkook. And he was looking directly at you. 

 You narrowed your eyes in anticipation of what was going to happen.

Namjoon wiped his sweat with his sleeves and came near his mic. “There is a new song, a bit different from my usual style, that we want a very special person to hear. It has been written by my younger brother Jungkook. You all have been with me since I began my journey and I know you came here for something else but would you mind giving me 5 minutes of your time? I swear it’ll be worth it.” 

 The crowd instantly burst into encouraging cheers. In midst of those cheers you noticed Jungkook coming closer to his mic, his eyes not leaving yours for a second. 

 “____, I’m so sorry. I love you.” 

 And then he began singing. 

Your eyes widened at the choice of his song. It was a song he had composed, you knew because he had shared a verse with you when you were together. It was called Butterfly. As the words poured out of his mouth and made their way to your ears, you found yourself wearing a sad expression. Here he was, singing about how he didn’t want you to disappear and yet, he was also the one who had called you clingy. That was one term you absolutely did not like. You always gave each other the space you both required and you were definitely not the kind of person who would try to invade his space. Seeing that word had made you, for the first time, question yourself. You felt bad about yourself. You felt humiliated. You were determined to stay the hell away from him for some time, if only to gain back your self respect. 

 Only, he was making it really difficult. 

You could practically feel the sadness from his voice seeping into you, begging you to not go and to stay with him. You could see it in his eyes, the guilt. You could see how sorry he was for what he had said and how scared he was to not have you with him. 

You sighed as you felt your resolve break into a million pieces and decided to give him a chance. Everyone deserves one chance to correct their mistakes and you were not about to take it away from him. 

So you looked up into his eyes, and you smiled. A reassuring and forgiving smile. He instantly understood and stopped singing as tears made their way down his face before he could hurriedly wipe them. He took in a large breath as he stepped away from his make and bolted down the stage towards you, wiping his tears with his hand the entire time.

You stood up, bracing yourself for the impact as Jungkook crashed into you, and burst into tears, not bothering to wipe them this time, and hugging you for dear life. 

“Oh god, I thought you’d left me for good.” He said, tears still falling out of his eyes and now, on the hoodie. He pulled away to stand with his hands in front of him and looked down at his feet. “I am so sorry for whatever I said, ___. I am so so sorry.” 

You smiled as you stepped forward and took his face in your hands before planting a kiss on his lips, to which he responded eagerly. You pulled away and hugged him, your head on his chest and his arms around your waist. “ I almost made up my mind to not come back, Jungkook. Only, you deserve one chance. I’ll forgive you this time, but please don’t ever hurt me like this again.” You said, your voice breaking. 

 Jungkook put his chin on your head and pulled you against him tighter. “I’m so sorry, ____. Never again. Thank you for coming back.” You smiled into his chest and were relishing the moment until you heard a random duo of teens shouting behind you.


You rolled your eyes as you pulled away to look at the drunken boys indifferently. 

 "Really? Gay? How the fuck is that even considered an insult?” You growled. 

Jungkook snickered above you knowing what was about to come. He looked at you fondly as you bullied the kids to the extent of making one almost cry and made a silent promise to himself. 

Never again am I doing anything to lose her.

gotta go now bYe



Heal Me // Doctor!Shawn (A Soulmate AU)

Your car jerks, wheels skidding on the ice beneath the freshly fallen snow. Driving on ice wasn’t something new to you. You drop your gear, slowing your engine and brake slowly. Just like your dad showed you. The bottom of the hill is approaching, slowly, steadily. There is no one driving along the cross street and you figure you’ll go ahead and coast through the intersection. It was only another couple blocks until you were home. Suddenly you jerk forward, head hitting the steering wheel, you car goes careening into the embankment that goes to a sewage run off canal. There’s a flash of red and you see a large truck skidding past your car as you slide into the canal sideways. Everything happens so fast you aren’t sure if you’re right side up or upside down. There’s a loud crunching, something hits you in the back of the head, glass shatters and you are jarred to a very sudden stop. The world is spinning, your head hurts and your leg feels like someone is sitting on it. You glance down and there is blood all over your jeans.

“Hello?! Are you awake?!” someone, a man, yells from far away.

You can’t see anything, vision spotty and snow covering your windshield. You look to your left and see your phone beside you…on the window. The car is on it’s side. “Help!” you yell but you can’t help but feel like it’s not quite loud enough. “Help! My leg!” your voice is weak and you start to cry, tears burning your eyes, pain and frustration getting the best of you.

“I’ve called for help!” the male voice shouts, still quite far away. “Are you hurt?!”

“My leg….my leg,” you sob, voice cracking. There’s a bitter sweet acrid smell permeating the air and suddenly you can’t breathe. It was suffocating, sickeningly sweet. You knew that smell. It was antifreeze leaking from your car. Your heart races, you’re scared that this is the end. This was how you died. In a flipped car, asphyxiated on chemical fumes and bleeding to death. You pass out, the smell and the pain in your leg overwhelming you.  

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“(Right) We went together to Europe for a month. It was amazing, but we fought every single day. Our biggest fight was when we went to the Louvre Museum in France. The museum is so big that you couldn’t see all of it in one day, so the source of our trouble was me being greedy. She was was too tired so she dropped behind. I was disappointed by that so I walked on by myself, but when I turned around, I had completely lost her. I burst into tears. I just stayed right where I was. After a long time, my girlfriend came.”

“How did you feel when you lost her?”
“(Left) Um…I wondered: where’d she go?”

“(오른쪽) 한달 동안 유럽에 같이 갔었어요. 너무 좋았는데, 사실 하루도 안 빼놓고 엄청 싸웠어요. 제일 크게 싸운 게 프랑스에서 루브르 박물관 갔을 때 였어요. 박물관이 워낙 커서 하루 안에 다 못보는 곳인데, 제가 욕심을 낸게 화근이었죠. 여자친구가 너무 지쳐서 뒤로 나가 떨어지고 저는 그게 서운해서 혼자 막 걷는데 뒤를 돌아보니 얘를 잃어버린 거예요. 그래서 막 울었어요. 그냥 그 자리에 가만히 서서요. 얘가 한참 뒤에야 오더라구요.”
“여자친구를 잃어버린 심정이 어땠어요?”
“(왼쪽) 음…어디 갔지?”


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Words: 2015

Archie Andrews x Reader

Requested by Anonymous: Can you do an imagine with Archie where the reader gets pregnant but with everything going on she decides to leave Riverdale, without telling Archie anything, and when things finally quiet down she comes back with the baby and Archie freaks out they make up and it’s cute?

Note: Whoever requested this, I’m so glad you did! Anytime I get to write happy Archie stuff, I will gladly take the opportunity. It’s a little sappy, but I  hope this is what you were looking for.

You had held the pregnancy test in your shaking hands, unable to breathe. Positive. No. It couldn’t be. You couldn’t be… pregnant. Riverdale wasn’t safe anymore, especially not for a baby. Archie’s dad was in the hospital, people were still recovering from Jason’s murder, Riverdale wasn’t the innocent town that you had grown to love. It was dark and full of secrets, and with Hiram getting out of prison, who knew what kind of mayhem they would have to face.

That’s why you made the decision to leave. As much as it hurt to say goodbye to everything you knew, it was the only option to keep your child safe. But there was one thing that hurt the most. Archie. How could you leave him now that his dad was in the hospital and he needed you more than ever. If you told him about the baby, he would tell you to stay, that you could figure it out together. How you wished that was true.

You knew that you wouldn’t be able to make it on your own. You had no family, no money, and nowhere to go. Taking a deep breath, you waited in a booth at Pop’s for the person you knew you could trust. Veronica slid into the seat in front of you.

“What’s going on? Are you okay? You said you needed my help.” She rambled, looking at you as if you were going to shatter at any second. It felt like you might.

“I have to leave Riverdale.” You blurted. Her eyes grew wide.

“What? Why?” She moved around the table so she was sitting next to year, holding your face in her hands. “Did something happen.” You looked down at your lap and nodded.

“Vee I’m…” You sucked in a breath. “I’m pregnant.” Her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth with her hand.

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Guardian (IXX)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jongdae / Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 6,211

Summary:  You keep seeing the same guy everywhere you go. In the coffee shop, on the streets, in your philosophy class. It’s getting to the point where you think he’s stalking you - only to realize that maybe there’s something much more mysterious at play here. 

Originally posted by baekhyunsama

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Beast Tamer


If there was a physical representation of an alpha male it would be the man sitting in front of you. Negan was everything a woman could ask for or even hope for in the apocalypse, he was strong, fearless and king of one of the largest communities you had ever seen.

He was brutal and practical.

Not to mention handsome as hell, he was like the devil himself.

Tempting and terrifying.

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What did she ever do to you?
Show you love?
Be there for you?
Pick you up when you fell?
Be there when everyone walked out?
Be your biggest fan?

And how did you repay her?
By shutting her out?
Leave her wondering?
Making her cry?
Making her feel like she’s not enough?
Breaking her?

You took her for granted
The one person who cared
More than anything
And you wonder why she left?

—  melindacarolinee
Stable Boy

Eric x Reader

“You can’t expect us to get along with them, they don’t want peace.” You hissed at Johanna who sighed.

“(Y/N), please, things are delicate enough as they are, just be polite to him.” She begged, greeting Max as she motioned for you to join Eric.

“We’ll try and be quick.” She promised before jerking your head towards Eric who was walking around the stables.

“You know they’re horses, the wont attack.” You tutted and pointed to his gun.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU) Part 5

Originally posted by sugaglos

Requests are open!

Also quick note, I’m linking videos for the dance scenes, in case my description is a little off. They’re not carbon copies of what I imagined, but it gives an idea of what they will look like. I’ll just mark it with an X

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Word Count: 4418

“To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love.” -Pride and Prejudice.

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

     Kiss me.

    Jaebum opened his eyes. It must have been two in the morning, the sky was dark, and heavy snow was blowing past his window.

    That dream had been strange, why would that, that, princess be asking him that? He hated you. Right?

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BTS Reactions | You Want To Breakup

requests open ♡


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His heart shattered more with each word you said, he felt his world collapse. Jin had come to your apartment late, because he was busy a work so you had to push back your dinner date AGAIN. “No y/n” he said, his eyes fixated on your and you could feel the pain he felt. “Jin- I’m sorry but we can’t keep seeing each other when it’s obviously getting in the way of your job, and you’re exhausted and you need rest instead of catching a late ride to my apartment” you justified. You hands gripped the sides of your shirt as you looked down, avoiding his eyes. “no baby, please don’t do this to me, I love you too much to let you go. Give me a chance to fix this, I’ll get better. I promise” he begged as he held your face in his hands, forcing you to look at him. “Jin-“ you tried but he wouldn’t have it. “I’m so sorry that i’ve made you feel neglected and I promise I’ll make it up to you. Just please give me another chance” he sighed, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Your eyes fell shut as you slowly nodded. “I love you Jin” you cried. “I love you too y/n. I’m sorry” he said and hugged you.

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Eat out/punishment smut

Delays with this I’m sorry I need to get my shit together requests will be open soon but I’m sorry I won’t be posting as much as I want to I’m near exam time and that’s priority, still looking for co-writer if anyone’s interested please message me!!💓 anyway hope you enjoy, thanksss!!x

There’s no doubting Ashley isn’t one to hold back on things and sex is no different, there’s also no doubting she loves to sing and there’s certainly no doubting between the two of you at least that she love eating you out, throw them all together and that’s one hell of a kink and not surprisingly Ashley was completely mesmerised by it.
You had been out with a couple of girl friends and since you and ash had outed as a couple there has been countless accusations and threats against your relationship especially on the loyalty side of things. You had got into your shared apartment with the blue haired wonder laying across the distressed leather couch engulfed in a magazine, you stood at the end up the couch “hey babe” you smiled she pulled down her magazine a little so all you saw were her big bright eyes, apart from this time they didn’t look so bright more dull her brows knitted “hi” she mumbled, completely different to your normal greeting of her. “Are you okay?” She ignored you, huffing and shuffling as you sat beside her, “Ash” you said a little more stern she looked over and suddenly snapped, pushing you up against the couch she was previously snuggled into, her sudden movements taking you by surprise, you were left wondering why she was acting like this but not for long when she smashed her lips onto yours trailing her wet kisses down to your neck, lifting your shirt from the hem at the bottom and over your head she kissed along the top of your boobs nudging you as a signal to arch your back so she could unclasp your bra, once she did she massaged your boob while sucking harshly on the other making you moan and mumble sweet nothings to her, she trailed her wet mouth down your soft stomach stopping at the rim of your panties looking down at the pink lace wrapped around your lower parts and looked back up to you, her eyes captured yours “now, sweetheart we are going to have a little fun” she purred, you looked at her in confusion, “I’m going to eat you out” you nodded in response muttering “please do” under your breathe, “and you are going to sing for me like nothing is happening” a huge smirk was plastered across her face, you taken back a little and nervous to sing for her, as comfortable as you where with her, singing In front of her was a little intimidating but never the less intriguing, so in reply you nodded letting her no you where going to.
Hooking her fingers round the hem of your panties she slowly pulled them down revealing your naked self to her, her hot breath making you shiver and squirm a little, she put her hands on your thighs holding you down “ready?” She hummed, giving you a huge grin, she like one stripe up your wet clit making you muffle a moan as you quietly started to sing “your little brother never told you but he loved you so” she carried on covering every inch of your wetness making you moan louder and stop singing, and then she stopped. You squirmed and thrusted your hips wanting the friction back, needy for her touch. “You stop, I stop” she said smugly, you groaned knowing this wasn’t going to be easy but you carried on “you said your mother only smiled on her TV show” the words leaving your mouth in stutters the pleasure she was giving you was hard to ignore but if you stopped she stopped and that was the last thing you wanted.
“You’re only happy when your sorry head is filled with-” you couldn’t help it your last words where cut off with a loud moan leaving your mouth the build up of pleasure was just begging to hit you but her words ran through your head “if you stop I stop” and of course she did, you couldn’t stop anymore the amount of pleasure she gave me made you want need more, you shuffled a little looking down to her eyes “I hope you make it to the day you’re 28 years old” she once again picked up the pace, adding a in a finger at a time pumping slowly while her tongue was flicking fast over your swollen clit, you sang louder and she picked up the pace giving you more and more pleasure your words where stuttered as your climax was building up, a knotted feeling in your stomach grew bigger and your legs began to shake “everything is blue, his pills, his hands, his jeans” your moans becoming clearer and harder to muffle but thankfully for once she wasn’t stopping, you let yourself go not being able to hold back any longer, your loud moans filled the room as she licked you clean, you lay breathless on the couch, your skin sticking to it from the sweat and heat from what just happened.

Enough (II)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/Baekhyun

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,200

Summary: You and Baekhyun have been married for two years. Somewhere during that time, things started to go wrong. Now you’re trying to leave. But can you?

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2am (ii)

Genre: Angst

Member: Yoongi

Summary: Time is everything

parts: i / iii

A/N: Its here! May or may not have stressed about this to the point where I almost pulled an all nighter, but I’m so glad its finished. I hope you guys like it!

When the sunlight finally peaked its way through the curtains, despite your lack of sleep, you were wide awake. Once you managed to wriggle out of the arms that tied you down against the sheets, you quickly made your way to the shower, desperate to claim some solitude before he awoke. Part of you wanted to believe last night’s events were merely a nightmare, tugging on pre-existing insecurities and fears of yours, but you were not that naïve. Your gaze trailed across the man intertwined in the light blue comforter, taking in how the streams of sun painted across his pale skin effortlessly and softly brushed over his eyelashes. For a moment, you let his appearance deceive you. He had looked so angelic and serene.

But it was a lie. Just like everything else. He was dipped in sin, and it rubbed off on you while you allowed someone you no longer knew to hold you so close. Desperate to feel clean, you dragged your eyes from Yoongi and continued to walk past, leaving the man behind you, a heavy feeling in your gut forming at the notion that soon you’d have to do so indefinitely.

In the shower, you turned the water on the hottest setting, the feeling of burning on your skin somehow comforting. He had touched you while she was still under his fingernails. He had kissed you when her makeup was still adorning his lips, and he held you while the strong scent of perfume threatened to suffocate you. If you had to burn your flesh and scrub your skin off just to feel clean again, then so be it. You shut your eyes and let the water cascade over you, wishing you never had to leave.

The slight glimpse you caught of the red stain on your shoulder while you were showering was enough for you to throw away every shade of scarlet lipstick you owned, never wanting to see the color again. The shade now belonged to her, and it always would.


Perhaps she had come here before. Perhaps Yoongi snuck her in while you were out with friends, or maybe you were out of town. You wondered if a sparkle of light brought her attention to the diamond earrings you always left on the dresser, and you wonder if she had questioned Yoongi about it as his lips trailed down her neck. But the man you loved was surely an expert with his tongue. You knew he had orchestrated the lie before she had even step foot in the house, so when it slipped off his tongue with ease, she accepted it, her mind too focused on the hands dragging down every inch of her body to pay mind to anything else. Or did she know about you? Was she one of those girls who was so infatuated with lust that she didn’t mind assisting a taken man in infidelity? You weren’t sure, and you certainly couldn’t judge the girl without knowing for sure. The only thing you knew now, while you tightly packed all your belongings into two duffle bags, that you hurt. God, you hurt so damn much. You were sat on the floor, quietly sobbing into your palms, desperate to wash out the ache residing within you, but with more tears came more memories, and with more memories came more agony.

Having wasted too much time, you regained your composure enough to pick yourself up off the plush carpet and tip toe out of the room, dialing a number on your phone as you quietly shut the door behind you. You gnawed at your bottom lip as the shrill ring filled your ear, praying anyone, someone would pick up.

“Y/N, it is so early,” Hoseok groaned, and you felt guilty for forgetting how early you had risen, but a sign of relief escaped you at the sound of his husky voice still laced with exhaustion.

“H-Hoseok?” you asked, voice fumbling as you swallowed down the lump in your throat. “Can I…Can I please stay with you for a while?”

You heard shifting in the background, and you assumed he was untucking himself from the covers, your tone of voice enough to alert anyone you could’ve called. “Did something happen wi-“

“Hobi…please. I’m sorry, I just don’t want to talk about it.”

A sigh emitted from the other side of his phone, and you worried he would decline, since he and Yoongi are basically attached at the hip.

“Okay, I’m sorry. Anyways, you are always welcome here.”

“Thank you so much,” you said quietly, almost as if he was right next to you. You began biting at your lip again, refusing to let your voice crack at the thought of vacating the place you loved so dearly.

“Let me know when you’re on your way over, okay?”

With that, you hung up the phone, thankful you at least had a place to stay. You tucked your phone into your back pocket and made your way back into the bedroom, mortified as soon as you saw that the mattress was now vacant. The sound of the shower was able to cover up the sounds of your hurried footsteps as you grabbed your bags, praying to make it out before he caught you.


When Yoongi opened the door from the bathroom, he hoped to see you on the bed; hoped he could be greeted by your smile so he could apologize to you, but the house seemed empty. Steam dispersed throughout the room as he treaded over to the closet, assuming you must be downstairs. He strode over to his dresser, throwing on clothes before skipping over to the closet to find a shirt, anxious to find you downstairs.

But then he pulls the closet doors open, and he feels his heart drop into his stomach. In a frantic state, he’s desperate to find even one article of clothing that belonged to you, but there’s nothing. He spun around, and that’s when he took notice of the perfume bottles missing from your bedside table, and the purse that was no longer hung at the end of the bed on the post. There were no earnings on the dresser, and you always put them in the exact same place. Then, his eyes fell on the mirror of the dresser, tears pricking the corners of his eyes as the word “CHEAT”, written in red lipstick, mocked him. That’s when he heard your car start in the driveway, and that’s when he started running.

Had he run down the stairs a little bit faster, he could’ve had the chance to tell you he regretted the decisions he had made.

Had you taken two trips to the car instead of hauling everything in one, you would’ve run into him, and you could’ve screamed at him until your lungs gave out.

But time is a fateful device, and it left both of you in a wake of unspoken words that said so much more.

Like Fire (Darth Maul x Reader)

Prompts:  “ If you like this idea, what about reader as one of Padmé’s assistants working in her Coruscant office, who somehow meets Maul. They either just do it once or start an affair (depending on how long you wanted to make it).” and “Is it possible to request some Darth Maul smut? I kinda need that in my life right now. :)”

Warning: NSFW smuttiness! You have been warned! Also, to make the smut a little…easier… I’ve written this Maul with his lower half still intact. Not that the story line is very important in this fic, but just so you know, it’s after Naboo. Let’s say that Obi-Wan didn’t cut him in half, just kinda…stabbed him. That work? Lol I hope so. Anyways, on with the show!

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Being one of Padme Amidala’s assistants was a full-time job, taking up most of your hours during the day and even stealing a large portion of your nights, leaving you sleep-deprived in your efforts to get her reports done on time and make the right appointments with the right people. But you did love your job; the senator was one of the few good politicians out there, fighting for the rights of people not only from her home planet, but all around the galaxy as well.

It didn’t change the fact that you wished there was something…else in your life, though. Something new and exciting, something just for yourself. You’d wanted to find someone to share a relationship with for a while, but it just seemed so impossible, what with how demanding your job was. As you dwelled more and more on your lack of a love life, you grew less and less passionate about your duties until, one day, your boss approached you about it.

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Perfect Match >> Suho, You (Part 5)

Parts  P| 1| 2| 3| 4

Sorry for being so late guys. I hope you like this part as well~

A few years ago

Junmyeon’s birthday.

“Aigo, it is the birthday boy.” You cheered as you walked over to Junmyeon and squeezed him in your arms.

Chuckling, Junmyeon coughed as a sign that you were suffocating him. “Thank you, Y/N.”

Letting go of him, you handed him his present which was a new pair of socks. Junmyeon’s mouth fell open as the words were lost on his tongue. He just let out a deep sigh. Chuckling, you slapped his shoulder and nudged him. “Just accept it. I will bring you something better next year.”

“You said that last year too.” He shook his head in disbelieve. Beholding something, Junmyeon froze, looking behind your shoulder.

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Genre: Smut, Slight Fluff, Slight Angst

Pairing: Jennie x Female Reader 

Word Count: 2,000

As usual, Like clockwork, your phone buzzed at 9:47PM. You already knew who wanted, no demanded your attention. You shuffled your hair and threw on a silk robe. There was a special way, your secret admirer knocked on the door. You opened it after hearing her. Jennie quickly scurried in. Her protective layers that concealed her “identity” came off piece by piece.

“You’re early today.” You placed a cup of tea and cake on the coffee table. Jennie soon accompanied you on the couch. Her body slipped in under the warm blanket. You felt her soft legs wrap intertwine with yours. Her body draped over yours as you played the rest of the movie you had been watching.

These special encounters were a routine. Jennie Kim. YG’s secret weapon. The triple threat would end up snuggled next to you. Her forbidden lover. You laughed as your mind reminisced on how the two of you came to be.

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Knock, Chapter 11

Simon has a surprise for you. 

Simon/You, Fluff, Pregnancy

Words: 1832

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The knock at the door made you jump. Daisy had left over an hour ago but it wasn’t too crazy to think she might return. Even though you’d told her she didn’t need to check on you anymore she still did and if you were honest you liked the company as much as you liked the snippets of information she had about Simon. You were almost sure she gave Simon the same kind of information about you and whenever she left you found yourself smiling, wondering what details she would share. Of course what you should have been doing was talking to Simon and sharing the details yourself.

You sighed, rolling from the bed. It had been almost a week since your sonogram and nothing had changed between you. You knew Simon had been busy taking a team out almost daily but you weren’t talking, you didn’t see him and despite that you were thinking about him more than ever. In fact, you’d done more than think about him, you’d dreamt about him too and the dreams had only left you wanting.

You opened the door, prepared for Daisy’s shy smile but finding Simon’s instead. You did a double take, cheeks heating at the memory of last nights dreams before you consoled yourself with the fact that he had no idea about your dreams.

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Here it is, after over a month, the final installment of “Thinking of You,” which had began as a simple Marichat one-shot. Thank you everyone who expressed wanting me to continue. It was a long push, but it’s finally done thanks to your encouragement. This conclusion turned into its own very long monstrosity, but please enjoy and let me know how you feel. Thank you again.
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Thinking of You Pt. 3 

She threw together a capelet. It was a deep blue-black with gold zippers and red lining inside. It was simple enough to make in a day, after a brief stop at the fabric store after school. Thank god Chat Noir did not pay her a visit or he’d admonish her cowardice. She’d promised she’d wear the dress, but she didn’t say anything about wearing something over it…

Ah, she knew he’d still throw a hissy fit over not having the courage to talk to Adrien about her mistake.

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