no wonder i was never able to enjoy it

Aah I’m so excited to finally be able to share my piece for @logdatezine2016!! It was submitted late but I was able to add in the little details with the extra time so generously given to me :’) 

This was dedicated to my IGCSE’s tutor years ago who agreed to give me private lessons to boost my grades, I would never have achieved A’s and A*’s without her <3 Peridot bonding with Connie through knowledge and helping her with her studies was just such a wonderful idea and I hope you enjoy it too! 

P.s. if you zoom in to the maths textbooks you’ll spot familiar names ;D

Why Mila starts to be into Otabek?

During an Interview Kubo-sensei said that Mila in season 2 “kinda starts to be into Otabek”

And I was wondering… 

what If Mila is interested in Otabek because He was THE ONLY ONE able to get close to Yurio?

We know that she always teases the little russian in anyway.

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How she enjoy provoke him…

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And for sure Mila has noticed how Yurio is affected by Otabek… how maybe he is changed because of the Kazakistan boy.

Thinking about this… She has spent years by Yurio’s side but  wasn’t able to let the young boy opens to her.

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And how would you react if one day a stunning boy on a motorbike reaches what you was never able to?

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Otayuri relationship is something of special: in their bond there was not a climax…they just, suddenly “fall” for each other (friendship or not).

Probably both of them have never experimented this kind of attraction, physically and mentally…

And now They could grow together,

they could experiment the two L, life and love.

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(remember that yurio and Otabek are Young and  were concentrated on skating for the most part of their life).

Maybe Mila is really interested in Otabek’s figure… maybe she was fascinated by his skating, his “character”, maybe is even infatuated… but

 I think the main reason Mila is into Otabek is Yurio…

In fact Otabek was the only one who captured his attention in this way, 

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The only one who really looked in the Eyes of the soldier.

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when I look at you, you’re beautiful, and everything you do has such gentle intentions & you’re brilliant with people and understanding others and I’ll never be able to understand how you hate yourself because of how I see you. I look at you and I see this wonderful person who does their best to make everyone happy & gets excited over everything & maybe messes up a little on things in endearing, dorky ways, & really enjoys simple things in life and I think everything you do makes you you & I love you.
and you being hard on yourself kills me because I can’t comprehend your perspective and how you can hate yourself when you are who you are and I guess what I’m trying to say is that you’re wonderful and I’m hoping you see that that what you’re seeing isn’t what anyone else is seeing & that you’re a lovely person.


…of course John Lloyd Young 😉

To the ‘Friends’

In just these few short months, I am grateful to be able to say I have meet some wonderful individuals. I have never laid eyes on any of you but the warmth and kindness that radiates from each of you is truly felt. Here’s hoping you fully enjoy the time with your loved ones this Christmas. 

Best wishes to you and yours. Love you all 😘

wow this turned out long

I’m shocked and honored at some of the wonderful messages I’ve received from people. I’m glad I’ve been able to influence others to leave some of the toxicity of tumblr behind and learn to enjoy themselves through blogging in a positive space. Over time I’ve heard from people who were more inspired to be themselves, encourage others, or just not be afraid. In a million years I would have never expected my voice to resonant with such a large community. I’m glad my journey of self acceptance has inspired others to examine their own lives. A lot of the amazing things that have happened through this blog haven’t even been publicized. I can’t express the gratitude I feel in my heart, from knowing that somehow blogging aesthetics and what I love has opened up connections to so many people. I don’t think there will ever come a day where I’m not thankful for this experience. Even on the rough days, tumblr has shown me I have a voice. I hope to continue to grow and use my influence wisely. I wish to never take the people I love for granted. Thank-you for everything everyone has given me the past year ½. May we continue to grow and experience life together.
- Melody

I commissioned the incredibly talented @kisu-no-hi a few weeks back and she managed to turn a twisted idea of mine into an amazing piece of art. Seriously, go check her works, follow her, commission her and shower her in money. She deserves it as a great artist and a really cool person to talk to.

Having romanced Merrill in DA2 and left Hawke in the Fade in Inquisition, I was wondering what could happen next, how their story could end (or not). The idea of Merrill being able to see Hawke through her Eluvian seemed like a neat concept to me. But is it really Hawke? Or a demon taking this form to torment her? We’ll never know!

(I’m so sorry Daisy I love you but I’m a piece of shiet who enjoy tragedy)

When I tell people that I’m polyamorous, their reaction is often the same from when I say that I’m a math student.

“Wow,” they whisper, looking at me with wonder, “I’m so envious! I could never do it, you know? I just don’t work that way.”

It’s like in their eyes I’m an otherwordly being, endowed with magical powers that make me able to do things that a “normal” person never, never could.

The truth is, I’m pretty ordinary.

Polyamory, like Mathematics, is something that I enjoy. I don’t have innate superior qualities that make me “better” at it than the average person.

Do difficult problems scare or frustrate me? Sure! But I’m also willing to put the necessary effort to solve them, because I know that in the end it will be rewarding for me. It’s really as simple as that.


Happy 10th anniversary to Avatar! my friends and I organized a themed party to celebrate this event. We called it AVATAR DAY! We got themed food and decorations that we somehow managed to do in a week.

Avatar  the Last airbender is for me a master piece! I could and have watched over and over again and never once liked it less. It’s brilliant and wonderful and I am so glad that I’m able to enjoy it with my loved ones.
Thanks to Bryan and Mike and everyone who made this show so amazing. 



Decided to go with a GIF response with this, hope that’s alright :)

GIF Request: Reacting to Their Abridged Counterparts - Hellsing + Anderson


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Would be rather entertained by him, and if he knew that this was someone making fun of him, he would probably laugh along with them


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Her and her counterpart are actually pretty similar I find, and she would really enjoy the quips she gave out, especially when confronting Enrico


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Again, pretty similar, though she would appreciate her counterpart being able to voice all of things that was probably thinking but never said


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Would laugh hysterically at the whole thing, not just himself and just find the idea of his life being parodied the greatest thing since cup holders


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Would wonder if that is how he really is and would crack a smile at the humor


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He wouldn’t be sure whether to be mad or just take it as a joke, but would be kind of embarrassed, wondering if that was how he as actually perceived by people

Not sure how great these were, but I hope it was enough

Relocated [8/10]

Pairing: Modern!Steve Rogers x Reader AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,799

Author’s Note: Damn, this was supposed to be uploaded in time for Stevie’s birthday, but I was out the whole day, so I wasn’t able to finish in time. Better late than never, right? There’s a time jump in this, hope it isn’t too confusing. Enjoy & HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STEEB! 

Read chapters [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

A week had passed and neither one of them brought up that night outside Y/N’s apartment. They thought about that night often, wondering, but they kept their thoughts to themselves. In fact, neither one spoke to the other for five days, not even a text, until the sixth day.

Y/N’s phone vibrated somewhere around her and she blindly patted the empty area next to her on the couch as she kept her eyes glued to her television screen. Finally locating her phone, she tore her eyes away from her show to check the message. It was from Steve.

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The reason I could never become a fic writer is because I'm way too scared of the bad reviews I might get. It's why I respect you so much. I still remember the grief you got for that watersports fic, but you didn't let it stop you!

OMG I forgot about that!

Which says a lot tbh…

The truth is, I’ve never been a brave person - I just get on with stuff and don’t let other people stop me from doing what I enjoy.

Someone will always disagree with you in some way. And there’s some people you’ll never be able to reason with.

So its pointless living your life, and limiting yourself because of what others MAY say or do.

That review is just one bad one in a sea of wonderful, kind, and beautiful comments.

And those are the ones that stick in my mind. I still remember the first positive review I ever got.

And please don’t hide your light under a bushel, anon. If you want to write fics, you do it! Life is too short not to do what you want. *hugs*

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What has been the most rewarding thing for you about running this blog??

Honestly, the most rewarding things about running this blog have been being able to perfect kinda my writing and meeting so many wonderful people on here. Even though I hardly get feedback on anything I write, I’m still able to expand and work on my talents. And the people here are just too sweet and too precious for me to handle. 

It’s never about the notes here. I couldn’t give two shits about it. But knowing that there are at least some people who enjoy the things that I create puts a smile on my face and love in my heart.

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Hello Mister Tintin. I just wanted to stop by to tell you that I have been following up on your adventures and travels for five years today and I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me ( which sounds a little odd since we never talked up until now) and I hope for more adventures about you and your friends in the near future. Hope you having a wonderful day like me today as well :)

“Five years… that is a long time. I should be thanking you for being supportive. I enjoy my work but I’d never be able to continue if it wasn’t for those who read my stories. I hope you have your own adventures too, maybe I’ll have the pleasure of hearing your stories someday.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @thebunnyofevil !!!!!

Floating here
Like this with you
Underneath the stars
For 13 billion years
The view
It’s beautiful
And ours alone tonight
Underneath the stars

       ~The Cure


I know you ADORE any Diana x Saero fanart, so this was made within a two day span just for you, darling! Happy birthday! May you enjoy your day, surrounded by loved ones, and plenty of cake! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it for you ^^
And thank you for creating one of my all time favorite games, and because of that, I would have never been able to
get to know you, Kaggy and Chris. You’re all wonderful people <33
Love ya always, Michaela~

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**Please do not post and claim as your own ^^’ I worked hard on this!**

midlink week continues…… tuesday’s theme was Journey!

i imagine that for Link, a simple farmer boy who’s never (or rarely) left his native village, and for Midna, who’s lived in the twilight realm her whole life, being able to explore the immensity of Hyrule must have been a very exciting and humbling experience. their shared wonder for the world and all these new experiences they shared was probably part of how they bonded, and i like to imagine that sometimes, despite the urgency and despite their task of saving the world, they would take it slow and just enjoy the view.

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Thank you so much for making this blog. I'm 24 and I've just recently fell in love with the ice. It brings me a lot of joy which is a rarity with my depression. I understand that I'll never be able to compete but just learning more about the (1/2)

Sport and finding new ways to enjoy it and helpful hints on classes to take and the likes is amazing and you’re amazing for doing this for so many new fans. You’re wonderful. Thanks. This turned into a really long thank you post. Hahahaha <3 (2/2)

I’m so glad people are enjoying this. I want to share my love for the ice with as many people as possible.

When i was in my first few years of high school, some really bad stuff happened, I lost people and depression caused me to actually give up a lot of the things I’d done previously but I just couldn’t bring myself to give up skating (and music). 

When I was small I started skating (first because of Disney on ice) because it felt like the closest I could get to flying. I’ve never lost that feeling so I know how much joy it can bring and I’m so glad it’s doing that for you.

There are definitely competitions that you could enter when you get confidant e.g. adult competitions and adult artistic competitions. So never say never :)

I hope I can share the joy of figure skating with as many people as possible and thank you for liking this blog and taking the time to say that, it means a lot.

Good luck on your skating and thank you :) 

How I feel when people send me things!! All the love and hugs.

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My time in #denver is winding down. Glad I could make it to @copperkettlebrewing I’ve been able to check out a bunch of new breweries, but I’m happy I found time to visit a few of my favorite spots to enjoy #craftbeer too. #copperkettle always has great #beer on tap and they are a #brewery I always try to visit Have to get some Mexican Chocolate #Stout when I’m in town. I also got to try This wonderful Apricot Sour Blonde👌🏻My #coloradobeer journey never disappoints🍻

With all this talking about renewing and contracts I can’t help but wonder what will happen. If we’re going to see Ouat’s ending this year in May or if we’ll have another year of torture. From thinking about it came out a long post. (sorry about that.)
More than anything I was wondering about what I’ll do, If I’ll watch the remaining of this serie wether there’s going to be a season 7 or not.

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Hi there! I'm a curious bean just wondering: are you exclusive with any blogs?

I am not actually exclusive to any particular blog. I am ship exclusive to @amanandhisbat and @imnxtscared , simply meaning I’m not going to ship Carl with any other Negan or Enid. I am super biased towards them and @dcntopen . While I understand why people make their blogs and characters exclusive to other blogs, I quite enjoy being able to rp with multiples of other muses, because no one will play them exactly the same. I will probably never be exclusive, but I might end up making a biased list.

TLDR;; Rae rambles out a long answer for no. This blog is not exclusive to any other blog.

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Umm hi! I wanted to thank you for the HC that Lucio is deaf/hoh! I'm hoh and losing my hearing, and for a while I was scared that is never be able go enjoy music again! But I've been communicating with a lot of people who are deaf or in my position and they daughter I've got nothing to worry about. Your HC with Lucio made me feel really happy to find some representation! It made my whole week! Thank you so much for your wonderful art!!

aaaaahhhhhh anon it is so, sososo great to hear that it made you happy!! the hc means a lot to me too so I’m really glad that so many people have been liking it..! this message in particular had me on the floor in a puddle of emotions because knowing that my doodles made people happy is just