no wonder i hate the majority of humanity

Hey kids…is anybody out there? Idk, it’s just been feeling even more like a ghost town around here lately, and I saw this amusing post about pornbots following you and I realized the grand majority of activity lately has been from bots and, well. I hate to be that girl, but idk, like or comment or something if you are an actual living breathing human seeing this? Given my follower count vs. the people I actually see around, I’m really starting to wonder. So indulge a girl in an experiment, maybe? I honestly just want to know if y'all are out there.

skylights422  asked:

Hi! I was wondering, in 03 Envy hates Ed and Al because they're the living sons of Hohenheim, but what I always wondered how does he know that Hohenheim was his human dad if homunculi don't remember anything? [part 1]

Cont:  Did Dante just tell him and he got pissed off, or does he somehow have more memories than the other homunculli? Also, does he know Dante was his human mom?(the Envy - Dante relationship has always been fascinating to me)What are your thoughts?

I’m sorry this ask is so old!! I’ve had a really crazy month, and I did have the majority of an answer typed up for you, but my computer ate it.

I’m absolutely certain that Dante had a strong hand in Envy’s attitude toward Hoho and the Elrics. Dante may be a powerful alchemist, but it is her cold, hard, emotional manipulation that makes her a true threat. She maintains a careful balance of manipulation and abuse to keep the homunculi under control, because she needs for them to be, on some intrinsic level, convinced that they either need her, her methods, or that she can severely harm them if they do not comply. If the homunculi were to band together against her, she’d be completely screwed, and she likely knows that.

Her control over Envy manifests in his complete fixation on taking revenge on Hohenheim. Envy makes it clear when he’s speaking with Alphonse in the underground mansion that he knows that Dante isn’t doing anything for his benefit, but he also doesn’t care. Envy has been around longer than any of the others. He knows how Dante’s game works. The “you need me” narrative won’t work on him anymore, if it ever did, so Dante needs something else. Envy likes to think that he isn’t controlled by anyone, but he’s still under Dante’s thumb because she uses the rage that she has fostered over the past 400 years as a tool. This is best demonstrated in 46, when she is able to effortlessly incite a temper tantrum by telling Envy that she killed Hohenheim.

We know little of Hohenheim and Dante’s earlier life, other than the fact that they had a child together, the boy died of mercury poisoning, Hohenheim transmuted him, then left. It is highly likely that Dante loudly resented him for it, and as sometimes happens with children of split parents, Envy likely received constant reminders that Hohenheim had abandoned him. Dante most likely picked up over time that this would be an easy way control him, so somewhere along line, she made the active decision to foster this resentment, growing it into the blinding hatred that we see by the time the Elric brothers are actively involved with everything. Envy was conditioned from the start to despise not only Hohenheim, but also any representation of his new life. Envy, the screw-up, had been replaced. I’m sure that if someone were to ever point out to him in canon that hey, Hohenheim abandoned them, too, Envy would never listen. 

I get the feeling that Envy is aware that Dante is technically his mother, but I doubt that he views her that way. Once again, this is 400 years of relationship warping at work. Dante doesn’t watch over him out of the goodness of her heart or out of motherly obligation. She keeps Envy around because he is convenient and very easy to play. 

As far as Envy’s memories are concerned… I don’t really have much that I can say, here. Headcanon could go in various directions. Envy talks about his old life on multiple occasions, but we have no way of knowing how much of that was fed to him by Dante and how much is him remembering. Considering that he has always been around reminders of his human life, and memories seem to be triggered based on similar imagery, I’d say that he remembers quite a bit more than he would like to admit. Envy is a horrifying cocktail of defense mechanisms and emotional damage, so it’s hard to tell what’s the truth, what’s projection, and what’s fed information.

6-month update

I’ve been on Tumblr for nearly six months now and after half a year I’ve picked up on some things. When I first started out, people warned me that there would be rude people, mean people, on the site and in the Internet in general. That’s true. But Tumblr is still one of the most love-filled communities out there and I’m glad to say that.

That doesn’t discount my share of experiences with people of that other sort. And I could spend the length of this post calling out and talking about users who take a body of long-researched work and want nothing more than the satisfaction of proving it wrong, nothing else. Or those who engage with this blog and others like it with continuous demands. Creator blogs aren’t a community of slaves, but there are those who certainly believe so.

I could go on but I don’t want to. Because it’s always better to surround yourself with love and respect, and not pander to people who don’t understand that. Because of you guys, I have that and for that I’m really grateful. So here’s a really long thank you, the kind of sap that can only come from a pool of feelings that I really need to let out, while on mobile, while doing work.

Thanks to the users who’ve been there for me from the very beginning. It’s always your names I see first when I post something, and your names that have been showing up in my direct messages. You’ve lit up my day so many times.

Thanks to those who’ve been reading, liking, and sharing my posts. You may not comment, or ask, or chat, but it means a lot that you appreciate my work enough to do these things. It means a lot knowing that somewhere out there, someone is reading the things I’ve written. You know who you are.

Thanks to the followers I’ve managed to gain. Thank you for your patience with me and understanding that I have work and university and bunch of other things. It means a whole lot to me. You’ve given me a lot of fun things to see, share, and think about.

Thanks to the most civil and polite Anon askers you will ever see, who don’t let the guise of anonymity stop them from remembering we’re all people with feelings and dignity. It’s an urge to resist, but they manage it nonetheless. You’ve reaffirmed the reason why I keep my inbox open to Anons and you stall the dread I feel for rude asks when I open my inbox.

To a majority of Tumblr that vastly outnumbers the hate, thank you for appreciating my attempts at objective and analytical writing while being aware of a very human writer behind it all. Thank you for showing me that people still care about one another and spread so much love around. 

To the new blogs I’ve made friends with and had the chance to work with, thanks for giving me a productive push in the right direction. You are wonderful and inspiring.

To the users I’ve been communicating with, and messaging, and conversing with about everything not-SU, not analyses or theories, the people who have seen the person behind the words and the long text posts, thank you. You’ve kept me sane through my entire stay in the longest online blog I’ve managed to actively maintain. You’ve helped me work out how to stand up for myself online and have been nothing but constructive, even with feedback and criticism. It’s thanks to you guys that I’m still on Tumblr, alive and kicking.

Thank you to @radioactivesupersonic @squaremomgsquad @hoopsncats (who I can never seem to tag) @silverspinosaurus @lapisminaj @peri-space-dorito @ahunkahunkaburninlove @drawloverlala @meeeeeeeeeeeeeeep101 @the-harley-bear @onepersonsechochamber @wake-up-sneeple @imnotanerdlikeyou @pokepals052 and to the many others not on my recent tag list, but trust me I know who you are and you know who you are. Thank you for reaffirming by beliefs in myself, and in people like you, who are always patient and polite and just the best. Thanks for letting me hear from you and the chance to get to know you in this huge swath of online users.

These six months have been the most fulfilling I’ve ever had writing. Thank you SU for letting me rediscover something I thought I had to leave behind. I owe more than words can say to this show.

I have only excitement for the next six months and what they have to hold, knowing I get to do it with all of you.

anonymous asked:

I am literally so sad right now. The Internet is so full of people who blindly hate me, just for being fat, and they don't even know me. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety, and my mind goes to very dark places because I have always wanted nothing more than to feel pretty. I have no self worth, no self respect, all because the world has taught me I am not worthy of love and affection unless I am small. Please, help me, any small advice, just kind words. You are wonderful btw.

hey lovely<3  this is kinda long, but I go over a lot and I think the majority of what I say in this video is what I would end up typing out anyway:

I just want you to know that your worth, your value, your goodness as a human being…absolutely NONE of that is tied to your size or what you look like, at all.  that’s the part to remember - these people are hating us for no reason other than us being fat.  is that the kind of opinion we should be taking seriously?  they don’t know us.  they refuse to know us.  and you know what?  that’s good for us because we don’t need people like that in our lives.  people who judge other on such minuscule, shallow, petty things are not worth knowing.  what they value above all else means so very little in the grand scheme of things.  

one of the biggest things that’s helped me in terms of loving myself and being so absolutely certain of that…is cementing in that above all else, I am a good person.  I put out into the world what I want to see it give back.  I try to spread kindness, love, and awareness where I can.  I don’t set out to make the world a more volatile or harmful place to be in and if I notice any behaviors I’m doing that contribute to that, I try to correct them.  

on this whole journey to self love there is so much advice to see your body differently, to change your body image, but to REALLY change also have to change how you feel about yourself in general.  nothing really clicked and stayed for me until I realized that I couldn’t just love my physical appearance, I had to love myself entirely.  when I realized that I liked the most important aspects of myself rather than just how I looked - it made it far more easy for me to connect all these pieces and to finally solve the puzzle that was my self esteem and self worth.

you are beautiful and you deserve to feel that, but you are also so much more and you deserve to love that, too.