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Want To Bet?

Summary: What starts out as a game slowly shifts into a small whirlpool of jealousy. 

Members: Jimin x Reader

Type: Fluff/little angst

Length: 1,886 words.

I just want to thank the lovely @haniwritesbtsstuff for writing this for me because I honestly had writer’s block and didn’t know what to do for this request. If you don’t already follow her, you definitely should because her writing is amazing <3

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You tapped your fingers distractedly against your book, opened in half over your favorite table in your favorite café in Seoul.  It was the perfect day, nice temperature, cloudy skies and a hot and steamy chocolate in your hand. The only thing missing was your favorite person in the world in front of you, stirring that over sweetened-coffee he loved to order every single time.

‘Ah, this boy.’ You sighed, darting at the door, expecting to notice his faded orange hair cross the threshold and run towards you mumbling apologies. You returned your gaze to the book. You never minded waiting for him as long as you had something to read, and you had a really good book between your hands, so you just focused on the main character and her struggles to survive, and forgot about the rest of the world.

Two seconds after you started reading you felt his fingers on your sides, tickling you mercilessly.

You let out a yelp, turning around your body.

‘I was hidden, Jagiya~!’ He whispered, removing his face mask with a swift movement. Immediately, he flashed a wide smile and pouted at you.

‘You disappointed me… I thought our love was strong enough for you to recognize me anywhere’

You looked at him closely. There was no way you could have recognized him even if you looked for him attentively.

‘Park Jimin… How am I supposed to recognize you when you’re wearing a cap, glasses, a face mask and a huge scarf?’ You laughed wholeheartedly. He had taken his disguise pretty seriously.

‘You’re right, but what about my thighs? Aren’t they easily recognizable?’ He faked up indignation, letting himself fall on the chair with a deep sigh.

‘Jimin, sweetie… Do you really want me to check every man’s thighs out until I find yours?’ You looked intently at him, your lips curling in an impish smile.

He frowned, scrunching his nose in a cute way.

‘You don’t really have to… Why, do you want to check other people out?’ He teased, leaning over the table with a wide smile that reduced his eyes to beautiful crescents.

‘Actually I was talking before to a really handsome stranger…’

‘Jagi… Stop it, we both now that’s a lie.’ He chortled at you, and you gave him a death stare. In response he just smiled again and got up, running to the counter to order. He started talking animatedly with the barista, who had recognized him immediately and was fangirling out of control. You watched as he signed an autograph to her, even though he wasn’t allowed to do it. He brought his index to his lips, signaling her to keep it a secret.

He returned to your table and placed a piece of cheesecake in front of you, keeping a steamy mug on his other hand.

‘She was really pretty, right?’ You asked putting a hand in front of your mouth so he couldn’t see your amused expression.

‘Who?’ He answered distractedly.

‘That girl you just talked to, Jimin…’

‘Oh, I didn’t notic…’ He stopped halfway, lifting a brow. ‘I mean, yeah she was really beautiful. But, speaking of pretty girls… Today we started rehearsing again and… Seongdeuk included some major changes’

You looked at him repressing a smile while he stirred his coffee, taking a sip and closing his eyes with delight.

‘I still can’t believe how you keep ordering that disgusting thing’. He grimaced, mockingly offended. ‘I’m sorry, Your Highness; please do continue telling me what changes included Song Seongdeuk-ssi’

He positioned himself in the chair, expectantly. He was putting a great act.  

He lifted his hands theatrically.

‘Girls.’ He said, rejoicing in every single letter of the word. You raised your brows in disbelief. He looked like a little kid and you couldn’t help yourself so you just smiled at him.

‘Ah, Jimin-ah. Should I be worried?’ You pouted at him and for a moment he seemed to ponder whether you were serious or not. You tried to encourage him with your eyes, but he wasn’t really keen, so he just cleared his throat and continued.  

‘Y-yeah, believe me, you should.’ He snickered, brushing his hair nervously.

‘Well, so what are you doing in the performance? Is it a sexy dance or something?’

‘Yeah, it’s for House of Cards… it includes chairs and girls. So you can imagine… There’s a few of them that are really attractive, and their legs… wow, longer than… than…’

‘Please, do me a favor and don’t finish that sentence.’ You cracked up, unable to repress it.

‘You can laugh now if you want, but you won’t laugh when you see the performance. I don’t even know if you’re invited anymore’. He pouted, crossing his arms over his chest. You moved your chair closer to his, patting his tight softly.

‘You’re right Jimin, I don’t know if I can watch that… You change completely when you dance.’

‘I know. I’m really sexy.’ A wide smile immediately brightened his face and you just rolled your eyes. ‘All the dancers told me today that I have a great presence on stage’.

‘Oh, please. Don’t be so full of yourself… It doesn’t really matter how much you pretend you’re a lady-killer on stage, we both know the truth.’ You teased, winking at him.

‘I can pick up any girl in this room.’ He straightened his back, bringing his right hand over his heart.

‘Yeah, you can pick me. But I don’t think that proves a thing and Jigaemaewouldn’t like it either.’ You wondered at his enthusiastic expression, he was already looking around, searching for someone he could talk without causing too much of a ruckus.

‘Aren’t you a bit too excited at the perspective of flirting with another girl, Jimin?’ You said, taking your phone out of your pocket.

‘Why, are you jealous Jagi?’ He smiled satisfied, but you focused your gaze on the phone, scrolling down the contacts list.

‘Jagi? What are you doing?’

You looked up lazily, and you started typing a number.  ‘If you can pick up any girl from this room then I can call any guy in my contact list. I think I have Jackson’s name somewhere…’

‘Jagi, I’m getting up… and if I get up and start talking to a girl there’s no way back to how things used to be between us.’ He said, throwing back his chair dramatically and trying to hold up a burst of laughter.

You put the phone on your ear. ‘Jackson? Yes, this is Y/N!’

‘I am done; I am so done with you Jagi. You don’t know how to play this game.’ He took your phone and kept it in his pocket.

‘You’re mad because I know way too well how to play it, Jimin.’

‘Let’s make it more serious then! One round, Deathmatch.’ He stated with a serious face. ‘I’ll choose a random guy and you a girl. The one who gets their number first pays dinner.’

‘We have a deal!’ You accepted, shaking his hand vigorously. ‘But if I win we’re going to that restaurant you hate.’

‘No, we’re not. That’s off-limits.’ He whined.

‘Pick a boy… And stop complaining, you set the rules so you’re not allowed to object.’ You mocked him.

‘Ok! I choose the one in a blue shirt that is studying.’ He giggled as he pointed at him discreetly. ‘Good luck with that one!’

‘Then I choose the French girl in the table right beside us. Good luck with her!’ You patted his back and his mouth hung open.

‘This is foul play… she probably doesn’t even speak Korean!’ He moaned, begging you to change your mind, but you didn’t. You wanted to win.

Grumpily he got up, and went back to the counter to have some space to maneuver, you thought, since the girl was way too close to your table. You saw him buy some more cake and walk confidently towards her, a dashing smile illuminating his features.

You felt a prick in your heart.

It was jealousy.

You tried to recompose yourself, looking at the guy he had assigned you. He was completely absorbed in his books, and probably wouldn’t give you a second look even if you tried. You checked Jimin, who was already trying to communicate with the girl. She was smiling, and you had to repress the urge to go to their table and kiss him in front of her.

Grabbing your mug and your book, you headed in his direction, breathing deeply to control your nerves.

‘Excuse me.’ You said with a high pitched voice. You almost cracked up at that, remembering how Jimin used to say it, but you managed to keep a straight face.

‘Yes?’ He answered dryly, not even bothering looking up to you.

‘I saw you from my table. I know you’re studying… I didn’t mean to bother you but I am intrigued… ’ You giggled softly, with a mellow tone. He definitely looked up to you this time, his eyes gleaming all of a sudden.

‘Oh, please. Take a seat. I’m Kim Jeonguk.’ He offered his hand, smiling candidly. You darted at Jimin; he was looking at you too. He didn’t seem pleased, but kept talking with the girl, who was scribbling something on a paper.

From the corner of your eye you saw him twitch in his seat. You tried to focus on this Kim Jeonguk, but it felt terribly wrong. He was talking about the exam he was preparing and how you were saving him from a really boring afternoon. You just smiled and nodded, trying to forget about Jimin talking with another girl a few meters away from you.

You couldn’t do this.

This game was not fun anymore.

You got up, bowing and mumbling an apology to the guy, and walked towards Jimin quickly. You noticed he was doing the exact same thing, saying goodbye politely. You just reached him and grabbed his hand, leading him out of the café.

‘Did you get it?’ You asked out of breath.  

‘No.’ He said, pulling you closer in a tight embrace. You sighed nuzzling against his neck.

‘You’re a liar, but I love you so much.’ You noticed him giggle softly.  

‘I am not lying…’ He said in your ear, but you heard a rustle sound behind him. You just hugged hum tighter, he was too good. ‘But, does this mean you were jealous?’

You stepped back at him to look him in the eye, grinning widely.

‘Yes, Jimin. I was jealous.’

He bit his lower lip, and tilted his head back. He looked proud.  

You kissed him softly, and he squeezed you, lifting you in the air.

‘I’m so happy right now, Jagi.’ He confessed.

‘I am too.’ You recovered your mischievous smile, and he looked worried at you.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Now that I made you this happy… Does it mean you’re going to buy me dinner at that restaurant?’

‘Oh, hell, no. I won. I got her number, forget about that place and let’s just have dinner at home’.

‘Please, Jimin. You flirted with a girl right in front of me!’

‘The aegyo is strong with this one… But I won, so it’s a no-no’

‘Jim…’ He cut you off, placing a sweet kiss in your forehead.

‘Whatever you want, Jagi ~’

A Girl Worth Fighting For

WARNING: Complete and utter silliness. :)

Based off of this imagine from imaginexhobbit

               Bilbo trudged along grumpily. It was raining, hard. The water came down in cold, unforgiving sheets, drenching everyone in the Company. There was an overall air of unhappiness about everyone. The weather hadn’t been the best during the past few days—it had been nothing but rain and cold winds. The hobbit wished for nothing more than to be back in his hole, reading a book by his warm hearth, a cup of tea at his side while he listened to the rain outside rather than walking through it. Bilbo imagined that he’d catch a cold if the weather kept up like this.

               “For a long time we’ve been marching off to battle,” Bofur sang suddenly. Bilbo looked ahead of him at the virtuoso dwarf. Evidently he was trying to raise everyone’s spirits with a song. Bilbo’s spirits, however, were not risen. Battle? He wasn’t fond of the sound of that.

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No Matter Where I Run (The Past is Always There)

A/N: This was originally going to be a part of my still-needs-to-be-completed sequel to “A Fraction of Your Smile (A Fragment of Your Mind)” but I kept writing more and more, and before I knew it, I had cranked out almost 3000 words on this scene alone.

While I fully accept that Killian will be able to move past his well, past, with Emma, I truly believe he will hit his own emotional roadblock with any future children, even if his fears are all in his head. This explores that.


“What’s a My-lah?”

His daughter had been previously stuttering over words in her book, sounding out vowels and tripping over consonants as she attempted to read to him and her mother. Now she looks at his arm studiously, blue eyes squinting as she attempts to make out the name branded on his skin. Not even five, and her teachers have noted that she is ahead of the curve when it comes to her literacy skills, a fact that he boasts to anyone who would listen. In this moment, however, he curses her abilities, not at all ready to open that can of worms on this Sunday night. Killian’s eyes rise to meet Emma’s, silently pleading for help.

Emma, his hero – his Savior – rises to the task, wrapping her arms around their little girl, attempting to return her attention back to her book. “Eliza, honey, why don’t you finish telling me about Frog and Toad? I really want to know if they stop eating those cookies.”

“But I wanna know what a My-lah is…” Eliza whines, large blue eyes darting between him and her mother, confusion etched on her features.

“Um.” Emma Swan – the woman who broke countless curses, fought numerous monsters, and literally marched into the Underworld – is somehow felled by persistent preschooler.

Killian sighs. It’s a conversation he knew he couldn’t avoid forever. Eliza is at the age where almost every other sentence out of her mouth is a question, her favorite words being “why,” “how,” and “what.” She’s an inquisitive little thing, that daughter of his. It’s another trait of hers that he normally admires, one that seems to do him in at this moment. They long ago addressed his tattoos, leading to an adorable moment where she sloppily colored her arms with markers to be “just like Daddy,” but that was before she could read. Now her questioning nature is driving daggers into his heart.

But just as he is with her mother, he cannot deny his daughter anything.

“It’s Milah, little love,” he corrects softly, his voice just above a whisper. He feels Emma reach around and squeeze his hand in support. “Milah is the name of a person I once knew.”

“Oh. Okay.” Eliza nods, eyes returning to the book sitting on her lap. For a moment, Killian believes that his daughter is satisfied with his answer. He is wrong. Much like her mother, she does not make things easy for him. “Do you have a tattoo of Mommy?”

“No, I’m afraid I do not.” He isn’t sure where this line of questioning is leading, and is afraid to find out.

“Why not?”

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So I was watching the new episode of Once Upon A Time with my mom today and ...

I am going to rewrite 8 fairy tales with fairy tail pairings. 

One shots, of course. I cannot handle anymore multi chapters. 

I will die. 

So… Here is what you can expect:

Hercules/ Gruvia

  • Zeus & Hera: Silver and Mika
  • Hercules: Gray
  • Hercules’ brother (taking the place of Pegasus): Lyon
  • Hades: Mard Geer
  • Two little fuckers (demons): Jackal and Franmalth
  • Megara: Juvia
  • Meg’s shitty ex that got her into this whole mess: Bora
  • Phil: Ur
  • Phil’s daughter (because I fucking can): Ultear
  • Phil’s granddaughter (^^^^): Meredy
  • Hercules adoptive parents: Porlyusica and Makarov. 

Yep, I added some Lyredy too. Also, I will add that Lucy is Aphrodite and Natsu is Hermes but you wont see them more than maybe twice in the story.

Chendy/ Rapunzel

  • Chelia: Flynn Rider
  • Wendy: Rapunzel
  • Igneel: King of Corona
  • Grandine: Queen of Corona
  • Natsu: Rapunzel’s elder brother, prince of Corona
  • Porlyusica: Mother Gothel
  • Carla: Pascal
  • Happy: Maximus
  • Thug 1 & Thug 2: Zancrow and Azuma
  • Duckling Bar: Fairy Tail

Okay, so let me explain before you lose your shit. Mother Gothel’s role in this will not be evil, not intentionally anyhow. Indeed, she will kidnap Wendy, but not from the kingdom. She kidnaps her from the thugs as a baby and protects her in the tower. She has no idea that Wendy is the lost princess, but knows that her hair is special and coveted and doesn’t want harm to come to the child, so she keeps her. Chelia is hired by the king and queen to find their daughter. 

Gajevy/ Beauty and the Beast

  • Gajeel: Beast
  • Erza: Witch
  • Levy: Belle
  • Makarov: Belle’s father
  • Bora: Gaston
  • Juvia: Gaston’s previous victim of unwanted affections
  • Cogsworth: Gray
  • Lumiere: Lyon
  • Mrs. Potts: Porlyusica
  • Chip: Wendy
  • Foot Stool: Carla
  • Feather Duster: Meredy
  • Wardrobe: Mirajane
  • Vanity: Lisanna
  • Bed: Elfman

So, for this one it will be mostly the same, but I did add the strauss siblings as extra, plus the foot stool will not be a happy dog, it will be a sassy Carla. Juvia is going to help Levy and Gajeel with their Gaston problem, so Gruvia will happen, but it will be minor. lyredy will also happen and it will also be minor. 

Zervis/ Sleeping Beauty

  • Mavis: Aurora
  • Zeref: Maleficent
  • Natsu: Maleficent’s brother (replacing the crow)
  • Precht: King. Aurora’s father
  • Lucy: Merriweather
  • Erza: Flora
  • Levy: Fawna (I never knew how to spell her name)

There is no prince. Sorry. Zeref/ Maleficent is a good guy in this one. Mavis’s mother was a dark fairy and she fooled the king into marrying her. She became pregnant with his child and wanted nothing to do with her. The dark fairy only wanted to rule over the humans and other creatures and felt no love for anything let alone a child. The king planned to execute her, but this pregnancy spared her life at least until the child was born. Once the child was born, the king went through with the wicked fairy’s execution, however, she cast a spell upon the child, cursing her to eternal sleep upon her 16th birthday. Three young fairies offered to keep her far from civilization where she would never see a spinning wheel and the king agreed that this was best. They took the child to live in the moors, raising her as the fairy she was. There she met a young boy who also was a dark fairy, like her. Dark fairies were meant to be feared, but like Aurora he was kind and gentle. I think you see where this is going. Also, in this story, Natsu is older than Zeref for the sake of Nalu. Don’t judge me. 

Nalu/ Cinderella

  • Natsu: Prince
  • Zeref: Prince
  • Igneel: King
  • Layla and Jude: Ella’s parents
  • Lucy: Ella
  • God Serena: Wicked step father (bet you didn’t expect that one. )
  • Brandish: Wicked Step sister
  • Mavis: Step sister (non wicked.)
  • Erza: Fairy God Mother
  • Exceeds (Carla, Happy and Lily. Happy is totally Gus Gus): Mice

Okay, so Serena is like this power hungry fruit puff ass hat lady killer who goes around marrying and killing women. He first married Grammy and had Brandish with her, then murdered her, making it look like an accident. Then he married Dimaria and had Mavis with her and after, also murdered her. Now, you may wonder why keep the kids? Well, as it turns out, kids are wonderful little things. They can open doors and gain opportunities where a vain aging man simply cannot. And the fact that he had two lovely daughters only made things better for him. So, after Jude dies of heart failure, Layla takes over his business. On a business trip she unfortunately meets Serena and he charms a ring onto her finger. Lucy is delighted for her mother and is fooled into loving her new step father and sisters, but after her mother mysteriously dies, things go straight to hell. But Mavis cares for Lucy when her sister and father are away. ;)

Gajevy/ Aladdin

  • Gajeel: Princess Jasmine
  • Juvia: Jasmine’s sister
  • Metallicana: Gajeel and Juvia’s father, the King
  • Lily: Raja
  • Levy: Genie
  • Gray: Aladdin 
  • Natsu: (additional Aladdin type)
  • Happy: Abu
  • Lucy: Visiting Princess (offered to Gajeel as a bride)
  • Bora: Jafar (why the hell not)

So, Metallicana insists that Gajeel marry before he dies because he is next in line for the throne and to take the throne he needs a Queen. Lucy is summoned from the neighboring land to be his bride, but gajeel refuses. Lucy is glad. Juvia asks her father if a commoner would be acceptable. He says absolutely not, but Juvia is determined to change his mind. She disguises herself and Gajeel and they sneak out of the palace. She desperately points out lovely women, but Gajeel sees none he wants. He tells her he wants to know the woman he is marrying before he marries her. Juvia gives up and they sit on a roof top looking over the empty wasteland of desert below as far as the eye can see. This is where they meet Natsu, Happy and Gray and the lamp they just stole from an ancient tomb.

Lyredy/ Frozen

  • Gray: Elsa
  • Lyon: Anna
  • Erza: Olaf
  • Meredy: Kristoff
  • Jellal: (Replacing Sven)
  • Juvia: Prince hans
  • Neinhart: Duke of Wesselton
  • Crime Sorciere: Rock Trolls
  • Silver and Mika: Former King and Queen


I AM TAKING ALL OF THAT GOOD GUY POTENTIAL THAT HANS HAD AND I AM MAKING IT HAPPEN. There will be no treachery from our beloved little cinnamon roll. I promise. However, her intentions will begin as impure. So, there is potential for evil in her, but I am going to make her good. I don’t know why I chose Neinhart. maybe because he is a smug little fruit cup. 

And finally, a continuance of Lyon and the 7 Fairies (my twist on Snow White):

Rosilvia/ The Little Mermaid

  • King Triton: Gray
  • Queen: Juvia
  • Ariel: Silvia
  • Land King: Lyon
  • Land Queen: Meredy
  • Prince Eric: Rose
  • (replacing) Flounder: Luke (Queen Lucy and King Natsu of the Summer Kingdom’s son.)
  • (replacing) Sebastian: Charles (Happy and Carla’s son)
  • (replacing) Scuttle: Scarlet (Queen Erza and King Jellal of the Autumn kingdom’s daughter)
  • (I can’t fucking remember his name) old white haired guy that was always around Eric: Porlyusica 
  • Max: Snow fox named Violet. 

After regaining the Kingdom, Lyon and Meredy marry and have a snow fairy daughter whom they name Rose to honor Meredy’s Summer Fairy Rose born lineage. Gray decides to take back his father’s ocean and rule with Juvia at his side. Together they have a mermaid daughter, Silvia, named in honor of his father the former ruler of the Winter ocean. Gray creates a floating Castle near land out of a large iceberg. The iceberg is hollow and has many rooms just like a normal palace would. There are windows just above the surface where they can see the land without having to leave the castle. This is called the floating room and it is where Silvia discovers Rose. Silvia is friends with many people that visit her icy beach. After King Lyon Married a summer fairy, word spread across all the lands and people of all lands soon visited the Winter Kingdom in awe. 

I love fairy tale retellings. ^.^