no wonder he wears that tacky outfit

yes okay, i have to admit for a little while i was stuck on what exactly hed look like either but seeing as its been like more than a week and i still havent updated the fic i finally settled on a look

there he is!!!  yes its a standard superhero suit (which ill be explaining more in the next part) with pretty much just a jacket over it because Josh gets cold sometimes idk wouldnt you let him live

its honestly a wonder tyler hast realized its josh yet i mean seriously theyre best friends that mask doesnt even cover half his face

theyve kissed for god’s sake honestly these losers are hopeless.

(also note: i know i said in the first fic that his ensemble included a cape but since that was supposed to be a one shot i just pictured a standard hero outfit, for the sake of continuity though the suit does come with a cape josh just chooses not to wear it cause he thinks its tacky)

anyway the next part should be coming soon and ive gotta warn you its not very kind to josh so i hope those of you keeping up with the –> FIC <– enjoy this little bit of cute before the storm. im going to bed