no wonder he doesn't like me much

People hold hands a lot in LOTR and it’s really nice? It’s not just Frodo and Sam, but I never noticed before this reread. Pippin just now took Gandalf’s hand, and earlier he’d taken I think Bergil’s, a kid (ten, so old enough to walk around without help) he just met, as they walked around the city. So it’s apparently not weird, it’s just a Normal Thing.

Vaguely of relevance as well is the fact that Frodo says “he is very dear to me” of Aragorn after, what, about a fortnight of knowing him. I’m not saying he doesn’t have cause; it was a very crowded and busy fortnight. I too would probably call someone very dear to me if they had saved me from dying from stabbery and guided my friends safely through the wilderness.

It’s just all those ‘my dear Sam’ and ‘I love him’ that he and Sam do, even though they’re a product of extreme circumstances, aren’t even out of line with the culture they live in. They’re still just as meaningful, and I don’t think their power is decreased by that. I just think it’s notable that this isn’t even beyond the bounds of “propriety” for really close friends in high stress situations.

This isn’t where I meant this post to go, but I think this is why this story resonated with me so hard specifically as an aro and why I still don’t ship anything romantically in the Tolkienverse, because the world of Middle Earth is one where loving your close platonic friends and companions to the point of being physically and verbally affectionate is a normal occurrence. It’s just how things are. There’s a lot to be said about the cultural implications of that vs here and now, but I’m not really in a position to say it. But I think even before I knew How I Was, I knew that friends were much more important to me than romance seemed to be. And I feel, with the preponderance of love interests in most adult fiction, like Lord of the Rings was the first Grown Up Story where I saw that aspect of myself reflected.

  • person: what's on your mind?
  • me, internally: you ever sit back and think about Veronica and JD? like if she never went after him, if he never witnessed how bad Heather treated her because he had no real emotional attachment to her because "Dead Girl Walking" never happened what would it have done for him? Like we use love as a vehicle towards a happy ending but love didn't do jack for JD. He was already a loaded gun of mental instability, his love with Veronica gave him the nerve to pull it. Of course we can say it was a matter of time...but there is a sliver of a chance he would have lived his life, moved like his dad probably would have. Heather C, Kurt and Ram would still be alive. So would JD. Sure the school probably wouldn't have changed, it would have been a shit school. To be fair at the end it doesn't feel much has changed since Veronica wants to 'forget'. I just wonder what JD would have done if he was at 7/11 by himself and didn't have a girl break into his room.
  • me, out loud: I want a slushie.
He told me that we couldn’t fix what was already broken.
I told him that broken crayons still color.
He said no one wants to deal with that. It’s much easier to just find new crayons. Throw the old ones away.
And you wonder why I still feel like trash.
—  You threw me away.

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Omg I'm sooo happy that I found your account, I lllovelovelove your art and I COULD CRY I FOUND HADDOTIN ARTIST OMG. Nowadays is so hard to find people who draws haddotin omgggg! Do you draw nsfw? If not, just ordinary cute snuggle/kissing haddotin art would make me so happy<33

Ohh, thank you so much! 💛 And I’m always up for a bit of tintin fluff. Hope this tiny, incredibly vague comic suffices. 

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Okay, so here I am, an innocent lurker, having just found this blog, when I see: "what if the skywalkers were cthulu-type monsters." excuse me??? please elaborate you just wrote that and nothing else im dying ex p la i n y o ur s el f

  • The Force is everything that ever was and ever will be, every storm and every silence, the hunting krayk dragon and cowering bantha calf: it is huge, all-consuming, completely inhuman. How, then, could its children be anything short of monstrous? (Wonders, yes. But monsters all the same.)
  • Anakin Skywalker is boy-shaped, but Obi Wan cannot bear to look at him. 
  • A clarification: he can look at him with his human eyes; but he must clamp down the extra eyes his Force-sensitivity gives him, because when he doesn’t – well. The first time he met the boy he hadn’t closed those eyes; he’d open them, wide and curious and seen –
    • teeth and claws and roiling shadows, a slipslide of features and starfire, the white blur of warpspeed and it hurts –
  • Anakin Skywalker is the son of the Force, half human and half something extraordinary. There’s a reason the Jedi don’t like him, why Yoda mistrusts him; they all have to close their extra eyes around him; and even when they’re white-knuckled with effort, clamping down so the Force can’t so much as whisper to them (and that hurts Jedi, of course it does, it runs counter to all their training about opening up and trusting in the Force) and even then they still feel the velvet quiver of unseen limbs over their skin. 
  • And more. And worse. When he is angry – which is often – his shadow warps into something awful, and even the least Force-sensitive being quails at the profound wrongness of the sight. His features warp and melt, teeth spiralling out from his pupils, his mouth cracks open wide, his tongue growing scales and feathers and catching fire and he smiles, oh how he smiles and –
    • nothing like him should exist and
    • and you blink, lose the moment, he’s just a young man glowering at you, and his shadow is the same, but the memory of that horror is seared into the back of your brain.
  • It is no surprise that Padme dies in childbed. 
  • The first child’s cry makes Obi Wan’s bones rattle. It – you could not call it anything but an it – is a twisting, squirming mess of light and dark. There’s a wing, a thorned branch: you cannot focus on it. You cannot pin a shape to it. Obi Wan wants to run away, run and never look back. But the Med Droid is offering it to him; and it is a child, of a sort; and Obi Wan takes it, and it coalesces into a soft pink baby girl. He places it – her – against Padme’s white breast. Padme cradles it. “She’s beautiful.”
  • The second is just the same: pushed out like any human baby, but a roling mess of lightening and thick syrupy cloud, one moment tentacled and the next furred, pure power condensed. Obi Wan takes it in his arms and it solidifies into another fat baby, small and squalling. 
  • He’s not like the other babies, Luke Skywalker. He’s a funny one. When he smiles, you have the sudden absurd impulse that he’s got too many teeth for his face. His hair is corn-gold, but when you see it out of the corner of your eye you swear that it isn’t hair at all, but fire and teeth. Looking at him too long is like staring into the sun. 
  • The other children are scared of him, Behu says to Owen, once. And Owen says: children always know. And Behu says: he isn’t a bad kid. Owen says: he’s a wonder. And that’s the problem. 
  • Jabba’s goons go to the Lars farm to collect water once. Only once. They return to Jabba’s palace gibbering nonsense, with their eyes burned out. Both mumble something about there’s something wrong with the boy and then jump into the ragnar pit. 
  • Don’t do that again, says Owen, but he hugs his nephew all the same, pulls him close, kisses his temple. He feels something hot-cold run over his spine, like something far larger than the child is trying to embrace him back. That night, Behu runs her fingers over the new white scartissue on her husband’s back, and says, he’s a good kid. Owen says, I know.
  • If I was there I could have saved them, Luke says to Ben Kenobi, years later, and in that moment he has a thousand thousand eyes and all of them are burning, and he has no limbs but a dozen wings bearing him aloft, and each feather is molten gold and each feather drips blood. Ben thinks of Anakin, screws his Force-sensitivity closed. Luke is a monster. A wonder. But first and foremost he is a boy, and he is grieving. 
    • Ben Kenobi holds him while he weeps. 
  • When Leia comes, she turns into a celestial horror with more teeth than Han cares to count. “Huh,” he says, after their first time. She’s so little in his arms, but so vast. He feels something gentle his back. He says, “Next time, I’ll wear a blindfold, princess. Don’t want to blind me, do you? Then I won’t be able to see when you’re doing stupid shit.” She titters, presses her face into the curve of his neck. 
    • Love comes to everyone, including monsters. 

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I'm sure lots of people have said this but you are sooo inspiring! I knew I was bisexual for a while and was scared to tell my friends and family. I just thought about how amazing Magnus is and how his (and every other character) sexuality doesn't define them as a person. He is one of my favorites and helped me come out. Thank you for all the help you have given to all of us readers. I heard something about The Secret Treason being cancelled and I wondered if it was true. Have a nice day :)

It’s not so much cancelled as on hold. I’m pretty overwhelmed right now with three Shadowhunter series and I just can’t do another project, so it waits in the wings like a lonely ballerina.

When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

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okay but the kiss is so amazing like i love how you can see that, since lance doesn't remember anything, he's not used to this kind of things and he's such a blushing mess i love it!! but at the same time i love how tender keith looks and how you can understand that he's used to kissing lance. dude just tell me if i'm reading too much into it. anyway i just can't stop wondering how they both felt when they kissed for the first time since they met again aaaaah i love it so much it's amazing

this is so beautiful i’m crying

I was just drawing a kiss tbfh but ^^^^^^^^^

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Hi! I just recently found your blog and I have to say that I am so happy with how you write Hunk! I love him so much and I feel he doesn't get enough love at all! Anyways, I was wondering if you could do how team Voltron kiss their s/o or like what are their favorite kisses? Thank you in advance!

Hunk is my HUSBAND so I have to get him right lol but yes my sunshine deserves more love cause he is perfect and pure. I am so glad that you like him as much as me


- He isn’t into pda much besides holding hands occasionally but if he is feeling particularly comfortable he will kiss their hands

- When alone he is about long tender kisses, hands in hair and deep breathing

- He loves kisses in the morning! Kiss his whole face and neck to wake him up he loves it

- After a really troubling mission or something he will find s/o grab their face in his hands and just leave a long kiss on their forehead. Its become almost a calming ritual to him


- Surprise kiss this boy! He gets all flustered and freaks out and its adorable

- When relaxing together he will kiss their temples constantly, like watching tv together and just barely turning his head to give their temples a gentle brush with his lips

- His kisses when alone are hungry and he wants s/o to be able to understand all his emotions through that kiss cause he can’t bring himself to say it all out loud

- After a super long kiss he goes back for one more small kiss


- She is smol and because of this s/o is bound to be taller than her so bending over and kissing her on the nose is bound to happen and its so cute she dies

- When holding hands she will find herself kissing s/os hand periodically 

- She holds her breath while being kissed even after the 100th one

- She doesn’t care how embarrassed she makes herself she is hooked on the good luck kiss before going out on missions


- You know those kisses where its like five small kisses in a row and its loud? Yeah those are the kinds they are always doing

- Much like him his kisses are always loud and obnoxious to others but also sweet. That classic ‘mwuah!’ sound is pretty much what his kisses embody

- He loves to lean on his s/o and kiss the top of their head

- When hes not trying to be annoying to his friends he is actually a really good kisser. Possibly the best out of the paladins


- Any kisses. The sweet boy wants to be kissing his s/o any time they are close enough

- If he moves at all during the middle of the night he kisses them, its just a habit

- He loves to give and receive kisses on the neck. It sends shivers up his spine and he melts

- Not really a kiss but he will also raspberry his s/o to see them giggle cause he is all about hearing them laugh 

How much is too much?
  • INTJ: So, this sounds ridiculous but I think I got too many books at the library...
  • ENTJ: *spits out his coffee*
  • ENFP: I think my ears are playing tricks. Mind repeating that?
  • INTJ: Seriously though! When I was checking them out the librarian made a silly comment that alluded to the fact that I may have chosen too many.
  • ENTJ: Well, there has to be more than that. A single comment made in jest doesn't usually provoke a response like this. What else happened?
  • INTJ: Um... well... I started really wondering when he offered to help me carry them to my car so I didn't have to make a second trip...

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I feel like Naruto's emotional awareness plays a big part in differentiating him from just the stereotypical "loud brash clumsy main character". Like, he may not know what to *do* with his emotions sometimes, but that doesn't mean he's not exceptionally good at picking up what he or others are feeling. I've always felt like Naruto feels other people's emotions very deeply. He's emphatic to the extreme, he just... understands people so well. It's kind of amazing

Yes!! I agree so much with this, Naruto’s emotional intelligence right from the first is totally what kept me reading the manga no matter what. It’s so different from the Emotionally Constipated Manpain Hero and just. So wonderful to see. 

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Flocklander your opinion please on something. Do you think it's possible that this weekends photos (Sam's included) were meant not so much as a reveal but as a confirmation? Like maybe a confirmation to the OL fandom or something? Still doesn't make sense to me but I wonder why not one news organization has picked up on this fiasco or tried to sniff out shenanigans if that is what is going on. At this point privacy is gone (at least on Sam's end) so he had to make that choice himself right?

I personally don’t see it as a reveal or confirmation. There was far too much distance between the dots that needed to be connected. So contrived and exhausting even for the most diligent follower of all the players. And news outlets a) don’t care about Sam alone, b) don’t care about MM at all and c) would never have any of this bullshit on their radar because of who is involved and how much damn work it would be to blow the lid off a story none of their readers would ever care about. What would be a story and invite a tsunami of attention, both initially and continuing, would be the leads of a show like Outlander walking and talking the relationship line. Some grainy-ass pic at a wedding of a C-lister and a no-lister isn’t gonna do it.

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me again! i saw reading (again) the new perfect chapter and i noticed that the computer's mouse is on the left side, is GS left-handed? idky but i find this so cute!! actually everything obout him i find cute... another thing i love about the new chap i the heart-warming feelings that momo, his mom and their home are giving away and i bet even HT likes that too, so different from his empty and cold house aaaah i'm reading too much into this again THX @OLD XIAN!!!

you have such an eye for details HOW i would have never noticed the mouse being on the left side!!

okay, so, it took me a bit to reply to you because im nothing if not thorough (well, more like obsessed with tiny and useless stuff, but ‘thorough’ sounds better) and i went back to reread everything, trying to pay attention to which hand the characters use the most, and it turns out that all the main four use the right one to hold their chopsticks 

we’ve also seen zheng xi writing with his right hand, and both he tian and guan shan seem to favor that side to throw punches, so i think it’s pretty safe to say that they’re all right handed!!

which is actually a bit surprising to me?? i had completely forgot about those panels, so i spent all this time believing that he tian was a leftie, and i was debating on guan shan as well. in my defense, both he tian and guan shan use the left hand a lot (….this sounded better in my head……….), way more than jian yi and zheng xi: there are a lot of panels where he tian holds a cigarette with his left hand, and we see guan shan holding a spoon with that one too. they could both be ambidextrous, but i feel like that wasn’t really old xian’s intention and im just reading too much into things as usual: it’s more likely that they are right handed and not utterly incompetent with the left one (unlike me;;;;;;)

and this is already too long, but YES i absolutely agree with you on the heartwarming feeling that guan shan’s home and family give off, it’s the reason why i love guan shan’s relationship with his mom so much, because it’s just??? so playful and affectionate??? and i love how their house is small but full of things, unlike he tian’s apartment, which is huge but it’s all empty spaces and feels barely lived in. it makes me wonder if he tian will maybe feel……well, not envy exactly, but more like some kind of sadness, a mix of loss and longing for that particular warm that comes from the love of your family, and that he seems to have been missing for a while. thinking about this, im even more happy that he met guan shan: he tian is going to find his place beside guan shan and fit in his family and get all the love he deserves

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Please a request for MIdoriya, Bakugou and Kaminari (seperately). Their significant other is a natural underweight and is starting to feel awkward about wearing clothes that expose skin because people keep regarding them as if they doesn't eat or take care of themself, so they decide to comfort them (I'm naturally skinny and people never talk about it, at least if the person's not a jerk, so this would make me considerably happy)

Of course you can lovely! I very much hope I could do your request justice and that you’re going to like what I wrote. (and I hope you know that you’re absolutely wonderful the way you are <3)


When his partner tells him about their worries and why they hesitate to wear some of their clothes, he takes their hands in his. His gaze is honest and serious.

“I love you.” He says, his voice quiet and sure. His heart clenches a little at the thought that other people make his partner uncomfortable and he shuffles a little closer, to offer warmth and support. “And I’m here for you, no matter what you decide to do or wear.”

Midoriya lifts his other hand to brush his fingers along their cheek and leans his forehead against theirs. “Other people don’t know you; they don’t know how wonderful and attentive you are, to yourself and others.” He holds their gaze. “You do you and I will always have your back.”

He gives them a small, warm smile and squeezes their hand gently.  His partner exhales quietly and he shifts to give them a soft kiss. “I’m proud and happy to have you at my side.”


He’s quiet and listens to his partner’s concerns and feelings and when they trail off, looking down at their hands, he moves closer to them. Bakugou feels a bit angry that someone makes his partner feel that way. What is it with people needing to judge every fucking thing they see? It’s pissing him off.

“Those people can fucking shove it.” He says, clearly and directly and covers their hand with his, causing them to look up at him. “They know shit fuck all about you.”

“Listen, you’re fucking smart and you damn well know how to take care of yourself. If you want to wear something, then do it. Whatever you chose, it’s your damn decision and everyone else can fuck off. They don’t matter, you do and whatever shit you decide to do, I got your back.”

At his partner’s exhale he draws them into a tight hug. “Fuck, I love you the way you are, other people don’t count for shit.”


He sits beside his partner, their knees touching and he listens quietly and carefully to what they tell him, about how they feel when it comes to certain things. Once they finish, he reaches out and takes their hands in his entwining their fingers.

For a long moment, Kaminari is quiet, searching for the right words and he tries to sort the sentences in his head, before he speaks up.

“It’s wrong of other people to judge you, they don’t know you and they have no right to decide what is right or wrong for you.” His voice is quiet and sincere and he holds his love’s gaze. “You are entirely wonderful. You know what you’re doing, this is your body and you know how to take care of yourself.”

He gives their hands a gentle squeeze and then moves a little closer to draw them into a warm hug. “You can wear whatever you want, I’m happy to see you happy and comfortable, that’s the thing that counts for me. I love you and I’m here, you can count on me anytime and no matter what you decide to do.”

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Janeth sama, do you have head canons for what Mugiwaras do in their free time?

Hahaha, I’m a fan of those nicknames ❤︎

Hmm, I have never thought about it. But let’s try!!

  • Luffy 

Eat!!!?? Ok, I think he’s still the adorable dork who is playing with Usopp and Chopper on the swing of Sunny, making some stupid jokes or just fishing. Anyway, if he’s not with them becuase they might be busy, he would bother any of the Straw Hats to get distracted, like asking Brook to play a funny song, Sanji to cook some meat or Franky to show him some cool stuff.

  • Zoro

Training, sleeping and fighting Sanji, definitely. But let’s add more here, I think he gets distracted watching the lil’ bro trio (Luffy, Usopp and Chopper) from the crow’s nest (because they’re so funny and this is so cute) or enjoying the view of the sea. I think he’s a very calm person.

  • Nami

Studying most of the time like drawing some of her maps with her window open most of the time because she wants to being concious of the weather. Reading with Robin or taking the sun with her and picking some tangarines. Anyway, she always look up for Luffy because she’s sure that he’ll do something stupid.

  • Usopp

Playing with Luffy and Chopper most of the time, like I said. I’m sure he sometimes uses to train his aim or physical force, and why not? He sometimes asks Zoro to help him. He likes to paint!! So I’m sure he has a painting of all the Straw Hats, when they’re in their freetime, he asked them if he can do it and of course they all agree!! Also, he goes with Sanji to get a snack. So precious, isn’t it?

  • Sanji

Apart from cooking for all the crew. I think he’s always reading receipts or cooking books, even when he has already read them. Also, he’s always writing the process when he’s cooking, because maybe he wants to publish his own cookbook :’) He always make coffee for Robin, withouth asking her because he knows he always want some, and he always ask to Nami what she want (because she always wants something different). He does the same for all the crew, but he would never admit that. When all the crew are eating he stays quiet and smiling, watching how they’re enjoying his food. Also he enjoys to see the sea while he’s smoking. 

  • Chopper

Playing and studying! He’s a responsible child, to be honest. Trying some new medicine. He loves to listen the stories of Usopp and Robin. Also, he likes to sleep in Robin legs and always asks Sanji to make him some candies or just giving him some ideas for the dessert. Sometimes he accompanies Zoro to see him train, because he thinks he’s awesome!

  • Robin

Reading all the time. But when she finish a book, she goes with Luffy asking what he’s doing, because she always enjoy to see them playing (and if Luffy falls to the water she’s there to save him). Also, I imagine her telling some stories of the books she had read (she’s a mom ;w;).

  • Franky

I think he’s the one who’s always helping the lil bro trio with their ideas of creating some cool stuff (he’s a great father, ok?!), designing new ideas for the sunny or weapons, and helping Usopp with his inventions!! And, and, and always helping the crew with any necessity, like Robin needing another bookcase. He’s a wonderful person!

  • Brook

AH, always singing or creating new songs. Laughing at the lil’ bro trio. Also, I think he helps Sanji in the kitchen, like setting the table for the breakfast (he wakes up early, like Sanji, so yeah :’D) or washing the dishes!! Also I think he’s always playing the violin while he walks all over the Sunny (like here) and Robin likes it when she’s reading. This is so beautiful.

Anyway, most of the time it ends with an outdoor banquet ;) 

Oh god I enjoyed to write this so much ;w; Thank you anon!! Like you made me remember why I love One Piece!!!!? Thank you!!! This is gold. 

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Daddy Dick anon: Bruce definitely isn't a horrible dad but he isn't a+ plus dad either. But that's my opinion. It's peculiar actually because in Rebirth it seems like Bruce's neglect and bad parenting is being played up. I read a recent DC interview where they called Bruce a bad dad. Considering some (a lot of) fans are complaining about the batfamily portrayal (pretty much all from Snyder+King writing) I'm wondering if todays DC editorial doesn't like Bruce being a dad period. =/

oh yeah no, Bruce is absolutely not the best dad he could be. 

I’d have to agree that at least Snyder really destroyed the Batfam portrayal. Though Snyder’s Batman made me so upset about that kind of thing that when Rebirth came around I dropped the Batman title from my pull completely, even though someone else was writing it, so I have no idea what’s going on now. Though, I agree, and I hear Damian’s interacted with Bruce more outside of any Batman title, but even then - it’s not much. 

Like, fuck, right now? Damian has interacted with Superman and the Kent family more than Bruce. And that seems incredibly stupid. 

And it probably goes back to the same old thing - the stereotypical ‘fan boys’ think and want to believe that Bruce/Batman is a ~stoic loner~~~~~~ and DC seems to enjoy playing that up for them, despite it not being true like, at all. :/

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Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find a drarry fic? It's one where harry listens to erotic novels and he's in love with the narrators voice but he doesn't recognize that it's actually Dracos voice he's hearing until they meet at some sort of charity gala thing I think. Something like that?? If you could help that'd be so great but I understand if you don't :)) love you and your blog stay 💯💖

Hi friend, much love to you too! The fic you’re looking for is Aural Gratification by birdsofshore. :)

quick post-ep4 update: i’m getting such a felix agreste fix from yurio right down to the ballet training, and correspondingly minami is adrien after dying a red streak into his hair for that #ladybuglook and giving poor old gabriel a heart attack

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but imagine levi going on a date(idk hanji prob set him up on one bc "he needs to get out more") and he realizes he doesn't know how to kiss(u decide why) and eren is there(bc they're friends") and he's like "here, let me teach u" and he does and it isn't until levi is out of the car that he realizes how soft/warm the kiss was and how much he actually likes eren.(q flashbacks of all the sweet things eren has done for him) so he leaves bc u know...he wants eren and i just