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ehhh if you could give me some advice? i want to write a fic, but idk how to attract other people to read it. what should my title be like? what should the summary be like? how to tag? what to include? obv i gotta be funny and witty in the tags, and the title has to be decapitalised (i think?) but should the title be a single word, a poetic phrase, or what? should the summary be vague and abstract, or concretely explain the fic? what attracts you to read a fic tho?

This is a lot of questions haha I’ll try my best to answer them! Disclaimer: this is all from my experience/opinion so make sure to ask other people too!

For me, a short and interesting title is what attracts my attention! Song lyrics or a line from your story are always a good option! Don’t worry about capitalization, I personally don’t really pay attention to that! Personally, I would make it a bit longer than one word, but sometimes that can make you stand out, so just do what feels right!

The summary should NOT give away the entire plot, but should hit the main points of what your story is about. Here’s the great summary of The World Opened With You by DiAnna44, one of my favourite fics: 

“Despite the smiles famous violinist Victor Nikiforov puts on for the world, he’s been in a slump for almost two years, and no longer views himself as worthy of his fame. When he’s paired up to play a duet with esteemed pianist Yuuri Katsuki, he finds inspiration once again, and maybe even something more.”

What I love about this summary is that it’s short (two sentences!!) but I still am intrigued. You can already sense the tone of the fic, who the main characters are, what type of AU it is, and leaves on a cliffhanger: and maybe even something more. What does that mean? *opens fic to find out*

It’s a good idea to leave the reader with some sort of a question or cliffhanger, something that will make your reader want to find out more!

Another thing to note about summaries, do not write “I suck at summaries, sorry” or “I don’t know how to write summaries”. HAVE FAITH IN YOUR ABILITIES/WRITING!! I know people don’t mean to, but saying that can give the wrong impression on a possible reader. If you’re not great at summaries, take a quote/section from your story! I see that all the time, it’s an easy and effective way to grab people’s attention!

TAGS!!! Please, please, please tag your fic with the appropriate tags! If it’s nsfw, don’t mark it as gen or teen, mark it as explicit or mature! That goes the same for fluffy fics w/out sex. A lot of people think the safest rating is “not rated” but, in fact, if you mark it as that it will show up as “may contain adult content” when the reader clicks on it! Mark it gen or teen!

If your fic contains ANY graphic depictions of things that could be triggering, (abuse, non-con, major character death, etc.) please put it in the tags and/or in the archive warnings! This will let the readers know what they are getting themselves into! I have read so many fics where Yuuri and/or Victor die at the end and the authors didn’t put any warning. I was super upset, and as a result, I don’t have much trust in those author’s fics anymore. I understand that it may be a spoiler, but it can be very upsetting to someone who was not ready for it. I have read some amazing fics with that tag, (P.S. I Love You by c000kiesandcream, for example) that have the major character death tag and are truly beautifully heartbreaking. It still broke my heart even though I knew there was going to be death. Don’t be afraid that putting that tag will lessen the impact, I can assure you it’ll still be heartbreaking!

Like the summary, don’t put too many tags to the point where the reader can figure out your entire fic without even reading it! Try to hit a middle ground, not too many, but not too little.

What attracts me to read a fic is definitely the summary and the tags. If I see humor, fluff, domestic, and/or angst in the tags I’ll be sure to click on it! I love to read fics with a unique AU as well, but I equally love the fics in the more “popular” AUs too. It’s the summary that usually will determine if I read it or not. Think of your summary as the trailer for a movie! That’s what I think of when I write a summary for my own works.

I wish you the best of luck with your fic(s)!!

Whew! That was a lot! I hope this helped! If anyone else has any other/different advice, please feel free to share it in the replies!

Samwell University Campus Map

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I just want to tell you how much I love your backgrounds - they are so interesting and full, the time you take on them is really evident (and appreciated)

- - -

Thank you!! I’ve said it before, but I like the idea of places as characters, so environments are a big part of storytelling for me.

When it comes to places that characters inhabit often, defining a place helps us believe that characters have attachment to that place. Like imagine Ransom and Holster looking up at Faber’s windows at their final home game. Or Shitty graduating, walking out the Haus for the last time, and giving up his Haus key to some loser sophomore. Or in a less horribly nostalgic vein, if there were ever another scene where Jack and Bitty are having a Heart-to-Heart at the loading docks behind Faber, we as the audience–as well as Jack and Bitty–go into it with a ton of associations because of what we’ve seen happen there before. If we create places and define them, they can become abstract concepts that have equal impact on both the reader and the characters! Isn’t that neat? (I can go on about this for a while. I mean, Finn and Jake’s tree house is a great example of this, as well as Central Perk from Friends. (The Great Hall of Hogwarts–the list goes on.))

But an environment also includes the time of day, year, weather, and mood–all aspects which I’m working hard to better convey. And that’s already on top of working on perspective, level of detail, line quality, creating scale, *takes breath* LIGHT, COLOR SCHEMES, COMPOSITION, VALUE and ART IN GENERAL. That’s why I’m in school. OTL

So though I love drawing characters, floating heads, and writing witty Shitticisms, I could draw backgrounds all day. But if CP! turned into just pictures of the Haus in different decades I think people might get a little angry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Wouldn’t you want to see it back when it was the Theta Alpha Theta sorority house?)

TL;DR - I think about backgrounds just as much as I think about…IDK, Jack’s Rich White Boy Angst or whatever the hell this story’s about.


ETA: This is just central campus. There’s more north that’s not shown. (Mostly because I don’t know what’s up there. Dragons? idgaf.)

Yooooooo y'all didn even kno i was a LEGIT crazy person thooo lol

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I hope this influx of absolute scum in your asks ends soon. This page (and you) is way too lovely to be ruined by such rubbish. Are you okay?

Oh yeah I’m good there’s a whole bunch I didn’t publish because I couldn’t think of a witty retort. Sorry to all my followers who have to see it though I wish u could tag it on mobile!

Sorting Hat Tag Game

Monsters and villains and ghouls, oh my! This October, in the run up to Halloween, take a villain, monster, or ghoulish character (or maybe they’re just misunderstood!!!) and argue which Hogwarts House you think they belong in! Will they all end up in Slytherin??

Use #sortinghatgame or #sublurbia and tag your friends to play too :)

Character: The Darkling
Book: Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy)
Author: Leah Bardugo
Genre: Fantasy, YA
Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Why that house? How do you say duh in Ravkan? So originally I thought maybe we could give this guy a chance and sort him into Ravenclaw because he is so smart and witty and oh so creative. Buuuuuut then there was the whole taking over the world thing and killing anyone who went against him and the whole doing anything possible to get what he wants. So, sorry Darkling you should learn how to like green

What would be their Halloween costume? Oh shit this is hard. It took me like 4 days just to come up with a character and the damn house y’all think I can think of this? just kidding it would have to be something dark (duh) so I’m going to go with like Sweeney Todd because I feel like the Darkling would appreciate the matters in which he took care of his problems and his feelings.

Would they make it to the end of a horror movie? If it was Shadow and Bone Darkling yes for sure all the way. However crazy Darkling would not so lets focus on semi put together Darking shall we? He would so make it to the end. So much so that he would probably make the bad guy start doing his bidding.

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The Wayward Warriors

I dunno… I’m still on vacation so this is just me having fun… what if you were a Hunter? What if this was all reversed and someone was writing your fics? Would you be a ruthless hunter with a sordid past? A carefree hunter living the life she chose? Maybe your path is different altogether.

What if I made a page for us to have our own family? We always need the mom, the cook, the nerd, the librarian, the badass, the loner… what if we had a family of Hunters called the Wayward Warriors? I know there’s Wayward Daughters but hell… what if we’re all Hunters in our own way? Thoughts ideas?

I’m thinking… you come up with your own bio of who you’d be (based on who you are now!) and take a selfie being as badass as you can. The goal is motivation. It’d be saved, I’d make a new page, and we could see the badass Warriors we work with. So who’s our designated weapons specialist? What about language specialist? What about our lore specialist? And hey… we need a cook.

Who’s in?

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Countdown to Mockingjay: Day 74/100

Banner was made by the talented Nicole @peetasallhehasleft!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the countdown and finding it useful. I hope you found some new stories/authors to read. Remember, the authors are in no particular order.

If you’d like to follow my countdown you can track the tags #mjcountdown and #mjcountdownffauthors. You can also find the list on my blog here:  HAPPY READING!

Author 285: simply abbey

Story: Witches and Ice

  • Status: Complete
  • Type: One-Shot
  • Rating: M
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: lemons
  • Summary: “If you’re so hot, I’m sure I could think of better ways to cool you down.”
  • Why I chose this fic: A sexy one-shot with witty banter between Katniss and Peeta.


Author 286: eirenewrites

Story: Convince Me

  • Status: In Progress
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: M
  • Canon/AU: AU-Canon Divergence
  • Warning/Trigger: None provided by author
  • Summary: “You’ve subdued the districts, but nothing has changed. You are entertainment. Show up when they say show up. Sing when they say sing. Marry when they say marry.”
  • Why I chose this fic: A great CF AU in which the entertainment is Katniss’ singing.


Author 287: acciograce

Story: For the Movies

  • Status: Complete
  • Type: Multi-Chapter
  • Rating: M
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: None provided by author
  • Summary: In Hollywood, if you love a lot, you lie a lot.
    Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark are two of the biggest stars in Hollywood. When the president of Capitol Films forces them to pretend they’re in love, they have a choice: Play the part, or have their biggest secrets exposed.            
  • Why I chose this fic: This is my faaavorite slow burn fic.


Author 288: Everlark Pearl

Story: They Go to Hell Alone

  • Status: Complete
  • Type: One-Shot
  • Rating: E
  • Canon/AU: AU
  • Warning/Trigger: Underage
  • Summary: Orphaned and alone, Katniss Everdeen is forced to take desperate measures to ensure her sister Primrose is fed. But when the boy dressed all in black shows up in the dead of night, their bargain takes her on a journey that will change things forever.
  • Why I chose this fic: This story gave me nightmares for a few nights, but it’s really good!