no wine for you!!

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That younger Damen and Laurent art is so cute!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Damen, internally: …actually, it was a copy of the whole photo album.
The king of Akielos’ grey hair has increased significantly since then.

Thank you so so much!! ( ゚▽ ゚)

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nathan is too cool for dan why does he even like him??? we're getting more than we deserve just knowing nathan actually likes dan i can't get my hopes up for a real life collab

nathan is of finer grain but sometimes you need to mix fine wine with the cheaper stuff for a better night

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HC: MC can't fall asleep [RFA]

- he sleeps like a rock so if you really want to wake him up, you gotta be loud
- when you tell him you can’t sleep he’d cuddle with you
- he’d stroke your hair and sing lullabies to you
- he wouldn’t stop until you were asleep

- he’d ask you if you’d want some wine lmao
- or he would read to you, his favorite book
- he’d hug you and rub your back
- and when you’d wake up the two of you were still in the same position

- he probably sleeps super late so he’d be up anyway
- he’d ask if you’d want to play some LOLOL with him
- If you would fall asleep he’d carry you to bed and look at you before falling asleep himself

Seven ✨
- he has nightmares from time to time so he has a lot of hacks on how to fall sleep
- he’d give you some warm milk and give you a back massage
- after that he’d lay beside you in bed and tell puns and made up stories until you’ve fallen asleep

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mauve, blush, and viridian bc you're great & wine + white + sage for an inukag drawing? ☺️

MAUVE = You are really talented
BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.
VIRIDIAN = I wanna hang out on your blog

Thought it’d be fun to use the colors you actually gave me! It was fun! Challenging too. Thank you for the super kind things you say to me, and to everyone else. We’re so happy you’re in our fandom!

Send me some colors (and I’ll make a drawing!)

I'm not gonna be sympathetic until you go and see a Doctor

Hey so I know I’ve been MIA for ages and this isn’t the best thing ever but at least its something. hopefully i’ll have more time to do more, hope you guys like it.

“Y/n i’m dying.” Michael wined from his spot on the couch.
“You’re not dying Mike.” you told him for the tenth time today.
“Well i feel like i’m dying and am in dire need of support as well as cuddles.” He said wrapping his blanket tighter around himself, making him the ultimate human burrito.
“Sorry no can do. I’m not gonna be sympathetic until you go and see a Doctor.”
“But y/nnnn;” He said dragging out the end of your name, “You know how much i hate Doctors, please just come cuddle me that’s all i want.”
“How about a compromise? You take some meds now and then i’ll come cuddle with you for one hour?” You offered still not feeling all that sympathetic for him since his cold was him own fault. You told him not to go out without a coat but of course he wouldn’t listen meaning he was now paying the price.
“What if i wanna cuddle for longer than that?” He asked before sniffling then wiping his nose.
“Then you have to Promise to go to the doctors tomorrow so you can get some better medication that is not only stronger but will work faster too.” You told him sternly not wanting to have to put up with a sick Mikey for longer than necessary.
“Is it my turn to counter offer now?” He asked sheepishly.
“You may proceed.”
“I agree to it all as long as you come to the Doctors with me, i don’t want go alone, it’s scary.”
“Of course i’ll come with you silly.” you reassured him with a big smile. “I’ll go get you some meds and order us a takeaway then we can cuddle for as long as you like, hows that sound?”
“Sounds perfect babe.” Mike replied smiling for the first time today.


Prelude: Dad, quit being mean to Nick!

Taz: Listen, squirt–

Prelude: I’m not squirt! Cadence is squirt!

Nick: [snickering] Getting a little senile, old man? Can’t tell your own kids apart?

Taz: Listen, I haven’t had nearly enough wine for this bullshit–

Toccata: Mama said you aren’t supposed to use that word, Grandpa.

Taz: Yeah, well – well, yeah.

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Kind of the same also goes for POC. I don't think she deliberately kills them off. I think, especially people like Garrett, were meant to die on the show. That was their fate and she knew that. Same with Maya, Shana, Lyndon, Yvonne, etc. Marlene knew their fate, and caster who she thought fit best. You can't please everyone. People were begging her to kill off sara, and then those same people were saying she was discriminating. Marlene is proudly married to a wine. She is extremely accepting.

Being LGBT does not mean that you can’t harm your community so let me just say that right now. I do believe that IMK is accepting, and I know she’s happily and proudly married to a woman. That does NOT mean that what she writes is not harmful and that she doesn’t have an ounce of social responsibility to really reflect on what she writes and how it could harm oppressed communities. 

I’m not going to get too big into the racism issue here because I’m white and I don’t want to speak over or for poc, but I will say that the last time this has come up, I had several poc come into my inbox and say that the show is racist and that characters who are non-white are treated VASTLY different. 

Again, take Shana for instance. She was demonized, to the point where she was seen as unforgivable. She stalked them for like what a month??? Ezra stalked those girls for literal years and spied on them. And unsurprisingly, the qwoc is the one that died. 

Don’t even get me STARTED on Yvonne, they did her real fucking dirty. 

And this isn’t about pleasing everybody. This is about lgbt characters and poc being treated differently. Most of the people I follow hated Sara but didn’t want her to die, and especially not in the graphic way she did. Autostraddle also mentioned that people hated Sara because she wasn’t a developed character, and she wasn’t. 

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I request a scenario of Eustass Kid watching his girlfriend feed their baby daughter, while he makes some smart remarks.

I hope you like!

You petted your child’s head as you breast fed the very young infant. Kid watched with a raised eyebrow. You wanted the baby to get a better reach and position you you slid your shirt sleeve down farther, exposing more of your shoulder and breast. You baby wined and hummed as they were hugged close to your chest. Kid came up and sat next to you, watching you feed his and your baby. “Can I try some?” Kid asked, putting his chin on your shoulder. You turned and slapped him, lightly. “Common, just a little.” He chuckled. “I’m gonna slap you. Again.” You threatened. “Common, just gimme a boob.” He begged. You turned and smacked his face again. He laughed hard.

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Dude i am so sorry! I like you! I think you're wonderful! Geeze I'm so embarrassed! I didn't mean it like that ohmygod 😖😖😖

well I don’t approve of you hating yourself either!!! Hahaha don’t be embarrassed! At least you didn’t have a wine hour last night! Haha

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I just lost someone potentially very important to me because of my HSV2 status and your blog has helped me feel ever so slightly less pathetic and gross about it. I was doing so well accepting this and now I just want to curl up in a ball for a year and sleep everything away.

If you can afford to take a mental health day I totally support that. Go buy yourself some wine (If you’re 21 and up haha) and ice cream or chocolate and binge watch your favorite show. Cry it out. Then get up the next day, look yourself in the mirror and say “I fucking got this because I am a bad ass bitch and anyone who leaves me because of a stupid skin condition didn’t deserve to be in my life in the first place!” And then go kick some ass.

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Oh it is definitely wine o'clock here! Now all you've got to do is put on deep red lipstick, crack open a bottle of merlot, and really channel Lena Luthor while you write. Can't wait to read the chapter!!

all my fanfic comes with implied lipstick and wine stains ;) this is important for the aesthetic hehehhehe

so I was talking with @gitwrecked about the Space Dad mentality and how rare it is that Shiro gets to have fun like the other Paladins do. A lot of fic and art either assume Shiro’s the responsible character, or leave him out completely while all the Paladins are having fun - and that’s always bugged me, a bit. Shiro so rarely gets a chance to play those games, or make mistakes, or be smol, or be taken care of in any way. In fandom, Shiro’s almost always the Responsible One, whether that’s in charge of the team, assisting with the team’s personal affairs/relationship woes Via the giving of Dad Advice, etc. etc. Even the mentality that back at the Garrison Shiro must’ve been tight-laced, Perfect, and Always Responsible is just…it doesn’t make sense, to me. Considering everything he’s been through, can’t our Shiro be allowed some fun?

Shiro would’ve been a COMPLETE troublemaker back at the Garrison. Hardworking and dedicated, sure, but once he proved himself and climbed up the ranks, so to speak? Kid could get away with ANYTHING. Nobody can keep a straight face quite like Shiro. Nobody knows why there’s always one particular flight-bike returned with just a bit less fuel than the others, nope, no sir. No, nobody knows how the doors to the hangars were left unlocked and a trio of cows slipped in last night. Nope, definitely not. Shirogane? Nope, definitely not involved. What kind of person would think that of Innocent, Responsible Shiro?

Shiro gets away with a lot of stuff like this. Matt only eggs him on, the little troublemaker. The two of them would make SUCH a pair, wreaking havoc, always messing things up, and the worst part is Iverson can NEVER PROVE IT. If Matt has even half the hacking skills of Pidge? Nothing would be safe. The rosters? Weird how Shiro and Matt are always in the same classes. Any type of list? Funny that the mess hall’s serving chocolate cake for dinner for the fourth night in a row, how odd. The simulators? 

Dear lord, the simulators.

Fake missions. Weird Easter Eggs left behind in mission logs, so the freshmen are running these simulations and that’s definitely a duck that just flew past us, sir, how is a duck faster than this ship? Weird loopholes, one set of canyons that definitely loops you back to the beginning just after you exit. Missions with heavy-loss scenarios that light up at the end with a huge message saying APRIL FOOL’S. Just messing with everyone.

Matt, deadpan, as the newbies running the simulation have to fly through a series of caves in a mountain that looks suspiciously like a nose (only access point is through the nostril): It’s my computer programming final, sir. 
Iverson, who didn’t check all the course syllabi: Shirogane, is this true?
Shiro, without batting an eye: Yes sir.]

In addition to the ability to lie their way out of every inquisition, Matt and Shiro are pretty clever at this. They don’t have to lie often because they don’t get caught. They’re extremely cautious, planning tricks weeks or months in advance, well worth taking the time to pull it off well and cover our tracks than it is to get caught and give up the whole game. (I’m not saying they were Weasleys of the Garrison, but.) 

I wonder if this is also one of the reasons Lance looks up to Shiro so much. Picture one night a very young and impressionable Lance sneaking out of his dorm after hours, trying to get a level up by gaining just one extra peek at the simulators (poor bab wants so badly to be fighter class), and in so doing caught the rarest of rare events: Shiro, sneaking out of the simulator programming room.

And Lance doesn’t mean to, but he stumbles right into a trashcan and makes a huge clatter and Shiro’s head whips up and the two of them just stare at each other. Lance’s heart is going a mile a minute, he’s going to get in trouble, that’s Takashi Shirogane, the straight-A Perfect Responsible Top Of His Class Pilot - 

Shiro draws breath. Lance winces, waiting for the reprimand.

“Can you keep a secret?” Shiro asks, and winks.

“Uh,” stutters Lance, floored.

And then the next day Lance is watching the simulator runs with his class, but for whatever reason the Simulator’s infected with some sort of weird bug. Anytime anyone fails at any part of the program the screen rains down confetti on them. Forgot to buckle your seatbelt? CONFETTI. Effed up that landing? CONFETTI. Turning to hurl into the main gearbox- 

“Shirogane,” Iverson growls, “Did you program this run?”

“Must be a glitch, sir,” Shiro says, completely straight-faced.

And Lance is a goner.