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Missing Scene, 3x7

“He’s back.”

Lena’s eyes bulged. She must not have heard correctly. How could a person, part of a larger race she had basically exiled and executed with a puff of smoke be back.  

She regained her composure, remembering that she had to be the care-taker this time.  

“Oh, wow,” she offered, buying herself time to think of something better to say. “How are you doing with that, Kara?” 

She mentally kicked herself. Of course she wasn’t doing great, Lena thought furiously. Who is doing great after they see an ex just out and about, let alone one you thought was date after you sent them into space?

“I’m,” Kara began, trying to be brave. “I,” she exhaled shortly. “I could actually do with seeing you and just avoiding this for right now.  If you’re free?”

“Of course I’m free,” Lena responded a little too quickly and a little too eagerly. “Um, uh, where would you like to go?” 

“Can we go to your house?” 

She could almost hear her best friend’s pout. 

“Of course.”

Lena’s coffee table groaned under every take out food imaginable. If she was honest with herself, she panicked when picking out food for Kara, so she simply ordered one of everything. 

“Fanks fer da foo,” Kara mumbled while she alternated between bites of deep dish pizza and jumbo potstickers. 

Lena laughed. “We must really be spending too much time together, because I understood that perfectly.” 

Kara smiled lightly back at her best friend. She swallowed, sat up a bit more from her position criss-cross applesauce on the ground, and fixed Lena with a pensive look. 


“Hmm,” she responded idly, filling up her and Kara’s wine glasses. 

“Have you ever been in love?”

Lena’s heart pounded in her chest and she nearly knocked over her own glass, trying to raise it too quickly to her mouth. Had she ever been in love? The simple answer was yes, she had. She has, she is; she was in love in that very moment with the woman sitting across from her, shoveling pad see ew into her face. 

“Y-yeah, yes,” she took a healthy swig of her merlot.  “Yes, I have.” 

“How did it make you feel?” 

Geez, no easy questions tonight? No, what’s your favorite book type of questions? 

Lena closed her eyes to actually answer Kara honestly. She could be honest without telling her that the person she had those feelings about is Kara, right?

“They are always there for me,” she began, keeping her eyes closed tight, afraid to look at her best friend. “They just have a way of making me actually believe in myself. No one’s ever done that. No one ever cared enough to do that.” She opened her eyes, seeing Kara giving her a wistful look, like she was listening to her favorite book and longed to be a part of it. 

“We just, fit well together. I know I would do anything for them, and they would do anything for me. They’ve shown me a completely different way to look at the world, and they’ve seen me be ugly, be broken, and instead of running away, they stayed and helped me put myself back together again.” 

Silence hung between for a moment, both woman in their minds rather than in the room. 

“That sounds so wonderful,” Kara whispered. “Why aren’t you still with them?”

“Oh,” Lena chuckled, straightening up on the couch. “This is unrequited, I’m afraid.” 

Kara pouted, her signature crinkle forming just above the brow line of her glasses. “Who wouldn’t want to be with you?” she asked, exasperated. 

“I’m more likely to be on someone’s hit list than their Top 10 crushes,” Lena joked, taking another sip of wine. 

Kara frown deepened. “Lena,” she made sure to have Lena’s attention. “I’m sure there are quite a few people that have you on their crush list.” 

Lena blushed, not daring to ask who was on Kara’s crush list. 

“Crush list,” Lena repeated. “I don’t think I’ve heard that since high school.” 

“Ooh,” Kara’s eye brows danced mischievously behind her frames. “Who does Lena Luthor have on her list of Top 10 Crushes?”

Lena laughed loudly at this.  She couldn’t resist smiling when Kara put on her foe-reporter voice.  “No comment.”

“Oh, come on, Lena!” Kara pouted again, full on puppy eyes this time. “Just tell me one person on your list! It’s like the rules of best friendom that I know.”

Lena smiled slyly at Kara, now with a practically cheesy grin plastered on her face. “You really want to know that badly?”

“Yes!!” Kara whined, pulling her wine to her lips.  “Who’s top of your list?”


Kara choked on her merlot.

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Okay but Lena being convinced that she’s dating Kara and holding her hand and cuddling with her and Kara thinks that they’re just friends so she doesn’t think it’s odd until one day Lena pecks her goodbye and calls her “babe” and Kara practically combusts on the spot and is like “what? Oh ok...”

It’s not that she doesn’t want to be dating Lena.

She does.

Rao, she does.

But Lena’s called them friends before, and to Kara, that means that she only wants to be friends.


So Kara lets herself love Lena the best way she can. 

In all ways.

But only as her friend.

So certain things… certain things stay in her imagination.

And she thinks it’s her imagination when one day, Lena kisses her on the cheek – Kara’s heart leaps, as it always does – and tells her, “see you tonight, babe.”




Kara’s heart leaps and it twitches and for a moment, she’s flying. 

She must have misheard.

Or maybe she hallucinated.

Maybe there’s something in her brain that’s being attacked by some alien, maybe she should get herself to the DEO, maybe –

“Kara? All good?” Lena asks, and Lena is touching her arm, and her face is so close, and her breath smells of red wine and perfection and –

“Lena, I… did you… I… you know what, never mind, yes, yeah, later, dinner plans, our dinner plans, I’ll see you for them. For the dinner plans, yes.”

The skin behind Lena’s eyes scrunches slightly and normally Kara finds it attractive but today it’s increasing her panic, her confusion.

Her being convinced that she’s having some alien-induced visions, because Lena Luthor cannot possibly have just called her – 

“Babe, what is it? Did I… did I do something wrong?”

And now Kara’s stomach really sinks, because that’s worry in Lena’s voice, that’s panic in Lena’s eyes, and suddenly both of Kara’s hands are on her upper arms because no, no, no, she cannot panic like this, question herself like this, not because of Kara.

“No, Lena, of course not, I just…” She steels herself and she breathes and she lets herself fall, just for a moment, into Lena’s eyes. “You called me ‘babe.’ And I… no, no, shh, it wasn’t wrong, you didn’t do anything wrong, Lena, I… it felt nice, but I… maybe it felt… too nice, or… I don’t know what I’m saying, I’m sorry, I – “

“No, Kara, please, tell me. Whatever it is you’re thinking, I want to know, so we can deal with it. That’s what relationships are built on, right? Communication, and… and trust?”

“Rela… friendships. Friendships, huh?” Kara chuckles and adjusts her glasses.

Lena squints.

“Kara, if calling you babe is too fast, that’s fine, that’s okay. Or… or if you’d prefer another pet name… I often think of you as… as my darling, in my head, if you’d prefer that to babe… I just… I thought… I’m sorry, Kara, truly, I didn’t mean to – “

“Wait, Lena, I… what – what?”

“Kara, you’re my girlfriend. You’re allowed to tell me what you like and don’t – “

But Lena doesn’t finish her sentence, because Kara’s lips are on hers, and Kara’s breath is her own, and Kara’s pulse is her own, and…

“You can call me babe all you want,” Kara whispers into her mouth, and Lena swoons, and Kara steadies her with strong hands and a trembling heart and soft, soft lips.

“Excellent,” Lena smiles into Kara’s mouth, and they dive into their first kiss with just as much synchronicity as they dive into everything else.


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That scene with Valencia just makes me wonder about her and how all of her friendships have probably been really shallow her whole life and the closest thing she had was Josh and his friends, but at the end of the day they were Josh’s friends—not hers. And then Rebecca comes along and tells Josh that Valencia is a leader and she was probably the first person to see that there’s more to Valencia than a pretty face and now they’re real friends and this is such a tiny scene, but it says so much! 😭

YES EXACTLY!!! And let’s not forget Josh’s friends all viewed Valencia as Josh’s scary, bitchy girlfriend and not much else. Rebecca was there to help her and boost her up. Yes, in the beginning she didn’t have good intentions, but she did come to genuinely care for Valencia and recognizes her as the gorgeous, talented, badass goddess that she is. 

Seriously, for Valencia to finally have somebody (MULTIPLE somebodies!!!) who actually view her as a person and want her around and not just because she’s hot is so so important and her newfound friendships with the ladies mean the world to me. 

Jonerys One Shot - Dialogue Request

“I heard you once thought that I was ‘too little’ for you…what did that mean?“ 

Requested by @instantbouquetface-me

The men gathered inside Jon Snow’s study the night of his return to Winterfell. They settled around the map in the center of the room, wooden sigils littered its surface. They were tallying up all their forces to prepare for the tactical meeting that awaited them on the morrow. Jon had told Daenerys it was not very important for her to be there, as no actual planning would take place. She had thanked him with a quick kiss, and hurried off to his chambers before anyone could see her. Jon was trying to end the meeting quickly so her could return to her side, but he recognized the importance of their task. 

“Your Dragon Queen, how many men does she have?” Tormund asked.

Tyrion moved the wooden sigils into the spot that marked Winterfell, “Forty thousand Dothraki, and eight thousand Unsullied.”

Tormund clapped Jon in the back, “I didn’t think she would march all her armies North, well done Snow! ‘mazing what a pretty face and raven curls can do to a woman.”

Jon was grateful that there were very few people in the room to hear his comment, but even so, he scowled. 

“Daenerys saved our lives beyond the wall,” he reminded him, “You were there- how could you speak that way about-”

“Oh, settle down, Snow,” Tyrion mused, “We know our Queen would never relent her power merely because someone seduced her. I’m sure your wildling friend here didn’t mean to upset you.”

“Jon Snow has good honor,” Grey Worm stated, “He is right, no one should speak ill about Queen Daenerys Targaryen.”

Tormund grunted, “The dwarf speaks true, eunuch. Anyhow, I’m sure her grace is too good for a northern bastard with a small pecker. Then again, I’m sure a small cock is better than no cock at all!” 

Tyrion, however, let out a bark of laughter. Jon wanted to refute him, but thought it wiser to bite his tongue. 

The imp poured himself some wine, “Well, she did say you were ‘too little’ for her.”

Jon couldn’t help but to whip his head around, “I don’t believe that.”

Tormund snorted, “I thought good King Snow didn’t like us talking about his Dragon Queen.”

Tyrion smirked and sipped his wine, “Alright, well, I think thats all for tonight, Your Grace, if you would please excuse us?” 

His words were dripping with sarcasm, but Jon nodded all the same, “We’ll meet here tomorrow morning. For the sake of ur Queen, come sober.”

“Of course,” Tyrion agreed, sipping the last of his wine. The rest of the men left at his dismissal, though he wasn’t King anymore.

He made his way into his room. He considered knocking before entering, but he thought it would look queer to an outside eye if the King knocked on his own room. Jon entered, and bolted the door after him. 

Daenerys didn’t look up at his arrival. She was inside a tub, her back to him, and steam rising elegantly all around her. It was the first time Jon had seen her silver curls loose and wet, sticking to her skin. He stepped closer and crouched behind her, curling his hands on her bare shoulders. Dany let out a soft giggle and rested her head on his chest, her eyes closed. 

“I thought I was going to wait all night,” she purred. 

Jon moved her wet hair away from her neck and kissed under her ear. Daenerys moved her hand back to his hair and pulled him closer. He chuckled.

“Tyrion said something interesting tonight,” he murmured in her ear. 

"Really?” she hummed.

“Mhm,” he said, unclasping his iron gorget, “I heard you once thought that I was 'too little’ for you,” He stood up to take off his boots, then proceeded to unlace his leathers, “What did that mean?”

Daenerys chuckled and turned faced him, “Well, if I must say it, you’re slightly shorter than most men, Jon, but then again, most you’re, uh-” she smirked, “-A bigger man, in your own way.”

Jon laughed, throwing the cotton shirt over his head and stepped out from his breeches. Daenerys moved aside on the tub eagerly, and allowed him to climb in. She settled herself over his legs and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him sweetly. He broke away, smiling.

She smiled back, “What?”

“Well, you’re smaller than me,” he pointed out, running his hands down her back.

“A small dragon is more powerful than a grown man,” she teased, shifting her weight on his lap, “or, say, a wolf.” 

Woods or fields; moon or stars; trains or ships; early mornings or late nights; autumn or summer; Victorian or classicism architecture; wine or champagne; mountains or beaches; velvet or silk; roses or lavender; paintings or sculptures?

so I was talking with @gitwrecked about the Space Dad mentality and how rare it is that Shiro gets to have fun like the other Paladins do. A lot of fic and art either assume Shiro’s the responsible character, or leave him out completely while all the Paladins are having fun - and that’s always bugged me, a bit. Shiro so rarely gets a chance to play those games, or make mistakes, or be smol, or be taken care of in any way. In fandom, Shiro’s almost always the Responsible One, whether that’s in charge of the team, assisting with the team’s personal affairs/relationship woes Via the giving of Dad Advice, etc. etc. Even the mentality that back at the Garrison Shiro must’ve been tight-laced, Perfect, and Always Responsible is just…it doesn’t make sense, to me. Considering everything he’s been through, can’t our Shiro be allowed some fun?

Shiro would’ve been a COMPLETE troublemaker back at the Garrison. Hardworking and dedicated, sure, but once he proved himself and climbed up the ranks, so to speak? Kid could get away with ANYTHING. Nobody can keep a straight face quite like Shiro. Nobody knows why there’s always one particular flight-bike returned with just a bit less fuel than the others, nope, no sir. No, nobody knows how the doors to the hangars were left unlocked and a trio of cows slipped in last night. Nope, definitely not. Shirogane? Nope, definitely not involved. What kind of person would think that of Innocent, Responsible Shiro?

Shiro gets away with a lot of stuff like this. Matt only eggs him on, the little troublemaker. The two of them would make SUCH a pair, wreaking havoc, always messing things up, and the worst part is Iverson can NEVER PROVE IT. If Matt has even half the hacking skills of Pidge? Nothing would be safe. The rosters? Weird how Shiro and Matt are always in the same classes. Any type of list? Funny that the mess hall’s serving chocolate cake for dinner for the fourth night in a row, how odd. The simulators? 

Dear lord, the simulators.

Fake missions. Weird Easter Eggs left behind in mission logs, so the freshmen are running these simulations and that’s definitely a duck that just flew past us, sir, how is a duck faster than this ship? Weird loopholes, one set of canyons that definitely loops you back to the beginning just after you exit. Missions with heavy-loss scenarios that light up at the end with a huge message saying APRIL FOOL’S. Just messing with everyone.

Matt, deadpan, as the newbies running the simulation have to fly through a series of caves in a mountain that looks suspiciously like a nose (only access point is through the nostril): It’s my computer programming final, sir. 
Iverson, who didn’t check all the course syllabi: Shirogane, is this true?
Shiro, without batting an eye: Yes sir.]

In addition to the ability to lie their way out of every inquisition, Matt and Shiro are pretty clever at this. They don’t have to lie often because they don’t get caught. They’re extremely cautious, planning tricks weeks or months in advance, well worth taking the time to pull it off well and cover our tracks than it is to get caught and give up the whole game. (I’m not saying they were Weasleys of the Garrison, but.) 

I wonder if this is also one of the reasons Lance looks up to Shiro so much. Picture one night a very young and impressionable Lance sneaking out of his dorm after hours, trying to get a level up by gaining just one extra peek at the simulators (poor bab wants so badly to be fighter class), and in so doing caught the rarest of rare events: Shiro, sneaking out of the simulator programming room.

And Lance doesn’t mean to, but he stumbles right into a trashcan and makes a huge clatter and Shiro’s head whips up and the two of them just stare at each other. Lance’s heart is going a mile a minute, he’s going to get in trouble, that’s Takashi Shirogane, the straight-A Perfect Responsible Top Of His Class Pilot - 

Shiro draws breath. Lance winces, waiting for the reprimand.

“Can you keep a secret?” Shiro asks, and winks.

“Uh,” stutters Lance, floored.

And then the next day Lance is watching the simulator runs with his class, but for whatever reason the Simulator’s infected with some sort of weird bug. Anytime anyone fails at any part of the program the screen rains down confetti on them. Forgot to buckle your seatbelt? CONFETTI. Effed up that landing? CONFETTI. Turning to hurl into the main gearbox- 

“Shirogane,” Iverson growls, “Did you program this run?”

“Must be a glitch, sir,” Shiro says, completely straight-faced.

And Lance is a goner.