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MCU fandom white feminism at its finest, lol

I’ve already discussed this before but, I just think it’s *funny* how these Black Widow stans have had literal YEARS to make Gnat a queen by marrying her to Thor and writing her a grand Asgardian wedding + coronation ceremony of epic proportions in this fantastic Anglo-Saxon setting a thousand times over… 

YET, they latch onto N*tT'Challa as a means to bestow queen status to their basic white fave. Oh, they’ll CLAIM to love T'Challa but it’s pretty transparent he’s merely a stepping stone for Gnat to claim the throne and rule over a highly advanced, powerful isolasionist African nation 

Sorry Beckys, but imma just have to go ahead and say 

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 You clowncars have had so many opportunities to make “Queen!1” Gnat happen since goddamn Phase 1 yet I’ve never seen you all go this hard for Nat/Thor (SpiderHammer or whatever you unimaginative lot would call it) 

Because it’s not just about making Gnat a queen. I mean, yeah you menstrual blood drinking in the name of (white) sisterhood lot DO love that type of shit, but it’s more than that. Since Asgard is whiter than the snows of Jotunheim, the prospect of Gnat ruling over them isn’t very satisfying 

Then you learn about Wakanda: an African nation that’s one of if not most technologically advanced civilizations on Earth and it’s blackity black, the kind of black you’re uncomfortable with, can’t ignore or gloss over but love to bulk up your college applications with when recount your TOTES selfless missionary trip to Africa 

It’s a new, fresh and exotic playground for you and white fandom as a whole. The new romantic backdrop for your distressingly white ship fic, the go to vacation destination for your fave white characters, a wild place of adventure for your white faves to outshine the natives as they kick ass™ . You get the (soon to be whitewashed) picture 

Nevermind the fact that just a week or so ago , you were SEETHING and foaming at the mouth as you aggressively typed away at your keyboard whipping up that think piece about how that Dora Milaje was ~rude~ to Becky with the red hair + thought up countless scenarios in which Gnat could avenge her (and your) wounded pride, probably in a nauseatingly violent manner. 

Now, you are OBSESSED with this quaint little African country or, what It COULD be under Gnat’s guiding hand. Decked out in her Wakandan regalia as the black natives kiss her feet and profess their undying love.

THAT’S what you want. A white woman presiding over a black nation. Picture white Dany from Game of Thrones being lifted up by the brown slaves she liberated, but like, a THOUSAND times more cringeworthy. You guys don’t give a shit about T'Challa, and water is wet 

He, just like all black people both in reality and fiction, are nothing more than your stepping stones to your exclusionary brand of Feminism™ 

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But it’s nap time and I’m sleep 😪😪😪 

If you have these symptoms, you may have OWS

or, Obama Withdrawal Syndrome, in which symptoms include:

- crying (specifically on January 20)

- crying (from anytime from 2017-2021)

- irritability hearing the name “Trump”

- mood swings which only range in various forms of anger/sadness

- crying

- nostalgia for the last 8 years

- withdrawal from upcoming national events

- crying

- allergic reaction to Cheetos, oranges, tangerines, the color orange

There is no cure, but treatment includes the videos listed below:

Obama’s last State of the Union Mic Drop

-  Obama’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner Mic Drop

- Obama Makes Baby Stop Crying

Kiss Cam Catches Obamas

- Michelle Obama Final White House Speech

- Medal of Freedom Ceremony

- The Farewell Address

- Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

- The First Victory Speech

- The Inauguration

Remember: You don’t suffer this alone. 

Thank you, Mr. President.


“Obama out” 🎤


Please, take the time to look at this, not humanly possible beauty.

Jensen at PhxCon

This is not possible