no white border


*credit to wit sidemen* He Got HOTT!! “repost :p
ib; alley and deja
cc; charizzaard
qotd; black white or blurred borders?”

so i decided to try trimming off the white border on the gif and I’ve pretty much spent the last hour going pixel by pixel to erase the white from the layer

everything was going great 

until i realized I somehow accidentally erased half of masha’s tail and I don’t even know WHEN i hosed it up (I’ve been working on the left side)


masha [staring at the camera like in the office]: are you seeing this bullshit

watching the highrollers streams made me wanna paint a nice little (but also very self indulgent) trout-y, complete with flower crown 

gosh, absolutely love the highrollers streams so far guys ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

also, thanks for 1.2k followers!! dang thats a lot of people!! as a treat, would any of you guys want a request done? could be an oc, or a yog or whatever idk its ur choice folks

366 Days of Art Challenge

Day 25 of 366: Starry Skies 

//“My thoughts are stars I can’t fathom into constellations.”

//Okay, this is an unplanned dedication to @hiwaizumis because I wanted to test out my acquired color mixing skills and paint a galaxy but it morphed into a starry sky and there you go. Also, I wanted to say thank you for this wonderful edit that I still scream about whenever I see it in my blog.