no what is weird is the fact that i just thought about this out of the blue

A little TMR/TST theory

SOooo I was having little thoughts about TMR and TST, thinking about stuff, when I came upon some weird, but wonderful, things -intentional or non-intentional, and I have created a little theory  out of these weird but wonderful things. (this has spoilers for tst, so watch out if you haven’t watched it yet, which ya should’ve)

I was thinking about the Changing, and when Ben got stung and all that, and I remembered that horrific wound that he got where he got stung.

Which looked something like this:

Anyway, I thought that I saw a similar wound somewhere else, recently. Then I realised that it was like the wounds/ infections that characters got in the scorch trials when they got bitten by cranks, and honestly what cranks kinda look in general -the blue veins, the wounds and  their skin looking like it was peeling away from their body and all that yucky stuff.

So I thought that maybe, when the gladers got stung by a griever, they were actually infected with the Flare? Like its possible because when they go through the changing they had similar symptoms as the stages of the flare. I thought that this was maybe what lead to them regaining their memories, as the flare tampered with your brains and such, so it is possible that it has the ability to remove the swype.

And also, let us not forget the “Griever serum” (or whatever it was called), because if I remember correctly it was the colour blue. How is it relevant? Well when Aris and Thomas find all those munies hung up, the stuff that they extracted from them was a blue-ish liquid right? And that was the same type of liquid, near the end of tst, that the lady (mary was it? i dunno) extracted from Thomas that cured Brenda of the Flare, temporarily.

So, maybe the stuff in the Griever serum needle was the thing in the munies blood that made them immune to the flare, and what temporarily cured the flare.

Basically my theory is that when the gladers got stung by a griever, they were basically infected with the flare. Does that make sense?

What I never understood is how it is supposed to be socially acceptable to change for gym class in front of classmates.

In all my years of gym class I never once changed in front of others.  I always went in the showers or stalls.

How does nobody else see anything uncomfortable about it???  You are???  Changing in front of people that jUDGE YOU????